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  1. trig

    I need HELP Verify the identity Cot3X/CSCX=cosX(csc2X-1)
  2. Trig

    Determine the quadrant in which each lies: sec0<0,cot0<0 sin0<0,tan0>0
  3. Trig

    Find the area of the triangle. b=125 c=162 <B=40 (b and c are the sides) (<B is the angle)
  4. trig

    find all soultions of the equation sec^s x-1=0 in the interval{0,2pi}
  5. Trig

    Give the exact value of the trigonometric function: arctan(√3)
  6. trig

    Verify the identity: sin(x+y)/cos(x-y)=cotx+coty/1+cotxcoty
  7. trig

    how do i find the corresponding function formula and check the symmetry algebraically
  8. trig

    Complete the general solution to y = arcsin -. y=____±2k IM lost please help
  9. Math (trigonometry)

    Find the value of each of the remaining trig functions. Cscè=-4, ð<è<3ð/2
  10. Trig

    (2-2i)^5 find the given power write answer in rectangular form
  11. trig

    (2-2i)^5 find the given power write answer in rectangular form
  12. trig

    solve the equation 2 sec x- tan x = cot x for the interval 0 to 360
  13. trig

    Find the focus, directrix and axis of the parabola with equation x= 2y^2+3? Thank you for helping me!
  14. Maths 3u trig

    If sinA = 1/3 and cosA<0 find the exact value of tan2A
  15. Trig

    verify following trigonometric identities. 1/sec0tan0 = csc0 = sin0
  16. trig

    when finding consecutive odd integers why would you use n, n+2 and n-2 rather than n, n+2 and n+4
  17. Calculus....

    can you show me how to maniplate this using Trig subtitution... integral dx/4+x^2 x is bounded on [-2, 2]
  18. trig

    determine an exact expression for the trigonometric function sin(13pi/12).
  19. math Trig

    find each ratio to 3 decimal places cot245degrees sec74degrees how do i do this?
  20. Algebra 2 with Trig

    what is the index of three with the square root of negative 432
  21. trig

    triangle has sides 200,172 and155 find area
  22. trig

    How do you write the quadratic equation with integer coefficients that have the roots 7-3i and 7+3i?
  23. math

    what is 7-2i in trig form? and if u=3j and v=7i+j what is the dot product of u times v don't get this one because there are no i terms for u thanks
  24. Trig

    Determine the frequency of y = 2 - 3 cos 10x. (nearest tenth) Please help
  25. Math/Trig

    Convert 2pi/3 radians into degrees please
  26. Trig

    f(x) = -cos(3x + pi). Find the amplitude, period, and phase shift of the function.
  27. trig/functions

    what does y=2 sin (x-pi/ .5) -1 look like on a graph with the 3 phases of the function?
  28. trig

    convert to degrees, minutes and seconds 3pi/2 radians can u plz help
  29. trig

    using the given point (9, squareroot 19) find the value of cosx
  30. trig

    If an equilateral triangle has a side of 10 ft what is its altitude to two significant digits
  31. Math calculus-Trig

    Find the area bounded by the curve and the lines y = -x^2 - 4x; y = 1; x = -3; x = 1
  32. trig

    solve for exact value for x between 0 and 2 pie 3sin2(x)-cos2=2?
  33. Trig

    Rewrite cos(tan^-1(v)) as an algebraic expression in v. Can someone help me with this problem? Thanks
  34. trig

    find the least positive value of @. sec (4@+10)cos(3@+17) @=theta
  35. trig

    Find the solutions to the equation cos2x=sinx and 2cos^2x-3cosx-3=0
  36. Trig

    Evaluate (if possible) the sine,cosine, and tangent of the angle 10pi/3
  37. Geometry

    30-60-90 triangle has a hypoteneuse of 10 use trig to find the short side
  38. trig

    find the value of alpha cotalpha=1.3692847 is 0.023903 correct?
  39. trig

    Help find the general solution to:sin^2x-3cosx+sinxcosx-3sinx=0
  40. trig

    Help find the general solution to:sin^2x-3cosx+sinxcosx-3sinx=0
  41. alg2/trig

    Which expression is defined for all real numbers? a) x + 3/x^2 b) 5/(x + 2)^2 c)4/(x − 2)^2 d)7/x^2 + 3
  42. trig

  43. Trig

    Find all real numbers that satisfy the equation. 2 cos x + 1 = 0
  44. trig

    Find exact value of the expression. sin( 27pi/4 + 17pi/6)
  45. trig

    find all the values of x that satisfy the equation: 2sin^2(x) + 1 = 3sin(x).
  46. trig

    -Find sin(x+y), cos(x-y), tan(x+y) and the quadrant of x+y sinx=-3/5, cosy=-7/25, x and y in Q3
  47. trig

    find sin of theta if cos is less than 0 and cot equals 3
  48. trig

    cos t=.7, tan t<0. find the values of the other 5 trigonometric functions.
  49. trig

    find all solutions of 2sinx=1-cosx in the interval from 0 to 360
  50. trig

    Find the exact value of the trigonometric function. -cot(pi/4 + 16pi)
  51. trig

    Find ALL solutions to the equation on the interval [0, 2pie]: 2sin(1/2X) = 1
  52. Trig

    sinAsin2A+sin3Asin6A+sin4Asin13A/sinAcos2A+sin3Acos6A+sin4Acos13A = tan9A
  53. trig

    in this right trianlge ABC, m<c=90, m<a=63, and AB=10. if BC is represented by a, then which equation can be used to find a?
  54. Trig

    Solve Sinx=Cos2x-1 for all values between 0 and 2pi
  55. TRIG

  56. Trig

    y=sin(2pi*x-pi) find the amplitude, period, and phase shift
  57. algebra-trig help ASAP

    Can someone please help me understand how to graph y=3cos(x/4)-5
  58. trig

    Determine whether the vectors are parallel, perpendicular or neither. 1) v = (4,1), w = (1,-4) 2) v = (2,3), w = (4,6) 3) v = (2,3), w = (3,-3) Please and thanks!
  59. trig

    write y=sinx-cosx in the form y=ksin (x+a), where the measure of a is in radians.
  60. trig

    how can you find points of a tri equation at orgin 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, and end of the period
  61. trig

    determine the amplitude,period and phase shift of y=-2cos(pix-3)
  62. TRIG

    Given that tan¤=3/4 and ¤ is in the second quadrant find sin2¤ (¤=theta)
  63. TRIG

    Given that tan¤=3/4 and ¤ is in the second quadrant find sin2¤ (¤=theta)
  64. Trig

    verify the following identity: cos(A-B)/cosAsinB=tanA+cotB
  65. Trig

    verify the following identity: tanx+cotx/cscx=secx
  66. Trig

    verify the following identity: 2sinxcos^3x+2sin^3cosx=sin(2x)
  67. Caculus:Integration Inverse Trig

    integral of (4/(x times the square root of( x^2-1)) + (1+x+x^3)/(1+x^2)dx
  68. Calculus 1 Integration Trig Inverse

    integral of (4/(x times the square root of (x^2-1)) + (1+x+x^3)/(1+x^2)dx
  69. Precalc/Trig

    what angle does the line y=6/7x make on the xy plane with a positive x axis?
  70. Precalc/Trig

    what angle does the line y=6/7x make on the xy plane with a positive x axis?
  71. Precalc/Trig

    Find the smallest positive number t such that e^sin(t)=1/2
  72. trig

    use an angel sum identity to verify cos2theta = -2cos^@-1
  73. Math

    What is the inverse trig function cotangent of square root of 3/3? What is the value?
  74. trig, math

    Which of these functions has period 7? A)y= cot 7/pi x B)y= tan pi/7 x C)y= sin 7/pi x D)y= cos pi/7 x
  75. Trig

    Determine the number of triangles with the given parts. b=24 c=29 B=40deg I got 1
  76. trig, math

    Given triangle ABC with a = 16, b = 14, and β = 54°, find the value of c.
  77. Trig

    If sec A =5/4 and A is an angle in Quadrant IV, find the value of cos A. A. -4/5 B.4/5 C.-5/4 Is it choice A
  78. Trig 2

    What is the smallest value for x where y = sin 2x reaches its maximum that means.
  79. trig

    what is the angle of elevation of a 15 foot ladder leaning 12 feet up a building?
  80. Pre-Calc/Trig...

    Use the discriminant to determine the nature of the roots. 1. 2x^2+5x-3=0 2. -x^2+x+1=0
  81. trig

    if x is a positive acute angle, then express tan(180+x) as a function of x
  82. Pre-Calc/Trig...

    Write the equation y = log x in exponential form.
  83. Pre-calc/Trig

    For each parabola, find the vertex and focus. x= (1/400)y^2 y= 1/8(x-3)^2-1
  84. trig

    If cos A= -6/7, in quadrant 2, determine the exact value of tan 2A I don't understand how to do this?
  85. Calculus

    1. integral (x^3 * sqrt(x^2-4)) dx I'm confused on how to start this problem, if I am doing trig substitution.
  86. Maths trig

    Sketch the graphs of f(x)=3overx+1 and g(x)=-2x-4 on the same set of axes
  87. Pre-calculus/ trig

    Given the vectors a= (-1,9) and b= (4,2) explain the difference between a-b and b-a. Thank you for your help! :)
  88. trig

    2(sinx)^2-5cosx-4=0 Solve for all solutions between [0,2pi]
  89. Trig

    Just confused. Given tan(A) = 2 and A is in Quadrant I, find sin(2A). A. 0 B. 1 C. 1/2 D. 4/5
  90. Trig

    Use the half-angle formula to simplify (sin4theta)/(1+cos4theta)
  91. Trig

    find all solutions of 2sinx=1-2cosx in the interval from 0 to 360
  92. Trig

    2+1/3tan(theta)=2 I know that tan=0 0,180 But i don't know how to figure it out. Please help.
  93. trig

    Find all solutions in the interval [0, 360) 8cos^2x+6cosx+1=0
  94. Trig help

    Which of these is equivalent to 3π/5 rad ? A) 108° B) 150° C) 216° D) 300° I'm thinking A
  95. alg

    Sound intensity (loudness) varies inversely as the square of the distance from the source. If a rock band has a sound intensity of 100 decibels 25 feet away from the amplifier, find the sound intensity 50 feet away from the amplifier.
  96. Alg 1

    The owner of a hair salon charges $20 more per haircut than the assistant. Yesterday the assistant gave 12 haircuts. The owner gave 6 haircuts. The total earnings from the haircuts were $750. How much does the owner charge for a haircut? Solve by writing and solving a system ...
  97. Alg 1

    Factoring to solve quadratic equations: Use the Zero-Product Property to solve each equation. Write your solution in roster form: The volume of a storage tub shaped like a rectangular prism is 24 ft^3. The height of the tub is 3 feet. The width is w feet and the length is w+...
  98. alg

    a garden has width ã13 and length 7ã13. whats the perimeter of the garden in the simplest radical form a) 14ã13 units b) 16ã13 units c) 91 units d) 8ã13 units
  99. alg

    solve equation g+4/g-2=g-5/g-8 another qustion an elliptical track has a major axis that is 80 yrds long and minor axis 72 yards long find an equation for the track if its center (0,0) and the major axis is the x axis
  100. trig

    Determine the height of a tree which casts a shadow of 13.7m when the sun is at an angle of 28 degrees.
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