a certain reaction has the following generaln form

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  1. physics

    What does it mean when they say that action equals reaction?
  2. Chemistry

    What compounds can be formed by the reaction of K2SO4 and BaCI2?
  3. chemistry

    How do you balance a chemical reaction word equation?!
  4. chemistry

    questions related to yield of chemical reaction.
  5. chemistry

    Write a balanced reaction for the formation of Fe2O3 (s)?????
  6. Chemistry

    What is the Net Ionic Reaction for NaOH(aq) + H2SO4(aq)-->
  7. physics

    reaction of lead nitrate with sodium iodide
  8. GSGS

    what is a limiting reagent of the reaction CuSO4 and Pb(NO3)2
  9. Chemistry

    What is the value of K for this aqueous reaction at 298 K? A+B<==> C+D delta G= 23.41 kJ?
  10. chem

    what volume of 1M NaOH is needed for the reaction with 1L of 1M HCl?
  11. Chemistry

    which sign of chemical reaction is not detectable by sight?
  12. Chemistry

    What is the ionic equation for hydrolysis reaction of NH4C2H2O2 ? Thanks.
  13. Chemistry

    If ions O^2- are added to water, what reaction, if any, occurs?
  14. Chemistry..

    Reaction type that is being represented? S D SR DR C C3H6 + O2 --> ?
  15. Chemistry

    Can the reaction 2Ni(s)+MgSo4(aq) occur.Explain why?
  16. Chemistry

    What is the equation for the reaction of potassium soap with HCL?
  17. Chemistry

    Is Cl2 + 2e- -> 2Cl- an oxidation half-reaction?
  18. Chemistry

    Is Cl2 + 2e- -> 2Cl- an oxidation half-reaction?
  19. chemistry

    balanced equation for the reaction of HNO3 + STARCH +KI
  20. chemistry

    What is the balanced equation for a reaction of iron with chlorine?
  21. science

    what is the product or reaction between H3O + AgNO3?
  22. science

    what is the product or reaction between H3O + AgNO3?
  23. Chemistry

    Provide the products for this reaction: CH3O- +CH3SH -> ????
  24. Chemistry 10

    reaction of AgNO3 with BaO... Would it be Ag^+ + O^---> AgO (s)
  25. chemistry

    Is CO2 a product of an acid/base reaction?
  26. Science

    The action and reaction forces in any situation will always be ----- and ----.
  27. Chemistry

    A+2B--->2C Kc=2.27 2c--->D Kc=0.144 Calculate the equilibrium constant for the reaction D--->A+2B
  28. Chem

    Bronsted reaction HCO3-+HF<--> acid?+base?
  29. Chem

    What is the oxidation half-reaction for Mg(s)+ZnCL2(aq)>MgCL2(aq)+Zn(s)?
  30. Chem

    What is the product for the reaction of Ni(s) + 2Na^+(aq)? I don't think this is possible no?
  31. Chemistry

    Chemical reaction for converting polythene to ethanol
  32. chemistry

    Not sure how to complete this chemical reaction: Li + Fe(NO3)3 --->
  33. O-Chem

    Draw the mechanism of the reaction of (E)-stilbene with Br2.
  34. chemistry

    Balance redox reaction. Fe(s) + O2(g) + H2O(l)-->Fe2+(aq) +OH-
  35. chemistry 30

    Calculate the enthalpy of reaction for the combustion of ethene.
  36. biology

    Does Aspirin do something to the reaction of amylase with starch ?
  37. Chemistry

    In which condition(s) can I get this reaction: Fe + H2SO4 = Fe2(SO4)3 + H2
  38. Chemistry

    Explain why a catalyst speeds up a chemical reaction.
  39. Science

    How do I write the correct dissolution reaction for BaCl2
  40. Chemistry

    How much heat (in kilojoules) is released on reaction of 5.30 g of Al?
  41. chemistry

    what can be separated into atoms with a chemical reaction.
  42. english

    dyslexia-'please describe a typical reaction'
  43. chemistry

    what is the reaction between potassium chloride and bromine?
  44. Science, chemistry

    Electrophilic substitutions reaction of pyrrole
  45. Chemistry

    Which reaction below represents the second ionization of Lr?
  46. Chemistry

    If a chemical reaction uses 140 g of N2. How many moles is this? n=m/M
  47. science

    2Zn+O2=2ZnO. What type of chemical reaction is it
  48. Physics

    When presented 1/4 N as data in a problem is this considered to be one significan figure becasue it is presented in the form of a fraction were there's only one significant figure. I'm asking this becasue if you converted it to a decimal you would have .25 N which would would ...
  49. chemistry

    1. A student wanted to measure the amounts of (Ca2+) in the human blood. She got 1.00ml which she treated with Na2C2O4 solution. The resulting Ca2C2O4 precipitate was filtered and dissolved in dilute H2SO4 to release C2O42- into solution and allow it to be oxidized. The ...
  50. Mathematics 1 of 3

    1. Simplify and write in standard form. Then, classify the polynomial by degree and number of terms. (5x^3 + 3x^2 - 7x + 10) - (3x^3 - x^2 + 4x - 1) 2. Simplify and write in standard form. Then, classify the polynomial by degree and number of terms. (9w - 4w^2 + 10) + (8w^2 + ...
  51. English

    How can a certain narrative show originality? I have to write an essay about how the story we read in class narrative shows originality...
  52. Maths

    A certain number is halved, then increased by 3. The result lies between 5 and 7. Between which two values does the number lie? Write an inequeality for this?
  53. Physics

    A certain spring stretches 5.3 cm when it supports a mass of 0.65 kg . If the elastic limit is not reached, how far will it stretch when it supports a mass of 10 kg ?Answer in units of cm
  54. Physics

    When certain a force is applied to a 2kg standard mass, its acceleration is 5m/s^2.When the same force is applied to another object its aceleration is 2m/s^2. The mas of the objects is:
  55. geography

    Why are lines of latitude and longitude important? My answer--- They are important because they help you locate exactly where a certain location is. Do you think this is the answer my teacher is looking for?
  56. chemistry

    A certain substance has a molar heat of vaporization of 54.2 kJ/mol. How much of the substance is in a sample that requires 80.0 kJ to vaporize? Answer in units of mol
  57. chemistry

    a certain radioactive nuclide has a half life of 5.00 hour. Calcuate the decay rate for 1.000 mole of this nuclide __________ decay s-1
  58. accounting

    If the cost of, C(x), for manufacturing x units of a certain product is given by C(x)=x2-70x+4400, find the number of units manufactured at a cost of $7400?
  59. physics

    A certain car is capable of accelerating at a rate of 0.57 m/s^2.How long does it take for this car to go from a speed of 56 mi/h to a speed of 66 mi/h? 1mi/h = 0.447 m/s.Answer in units of s
  60. physica

    If a certain spring stretches 4.32221 cm when a load of 15.3617 N is suspended from it, how much will the spring stretch if it is cut in half and 18.2451 N is suspended from it?
  61. math

    At a certain grocery store, "a" customers each spend an average of $30 every "b" hours. How much revenue , in dollars, does the store collect in "c" hours?
  62. math

    answer if its going to be impossible, unlikely,likely,as not likely or certain 1. rolling an even number on a number cube labeled 1 through 8
  63. Physics

    A certain automobile engine delivers 2.24 ✕ 10^4 W (30.0 hp) to its wheels when moving at a constant speed of 31.0 m/s ( 69 mi/h). What is the resistive force acting on the automobile at that speed?
  64. physics

    A 22-N force, parallel to the incline, is required to push a certain crate at a velocity of 6.1 up a frictionless incline that is 55° above the horizontal. The mass of the crate is:
  65. physics

    A 36-N force, parallel to the incline, is required to push a certain crate at a velocity of 9.1 up a frictionless incline that is 45° above the horizontal. The mass of the crate is:
  66. Science

    1 mole of chlorine combines with a certain weight of a metal giving 111g of its chloride. The atomic weight of the metal (assuming its valency to be 2) is-
  67. basic algebra

    the tens digit of a certain number is 4 more than the units digit. the sum of the squares of the two digits is 26. find the number.
  68. Physics

    A certain spring stretches 6 cm when a load of 30 N is suspended from it. How much will the spring stretch if 50 N is suspended from it (and it doesn't rsach its elastic limit)? I don't understand what to do for this problem.
  69. math

    The difference between compound interest and simple interest on a certain amount for1.5 yes at 12% per annum is ₹ 150.calculate the amount.
  70. stats

    The probability is 0.7 that a person shopping at a certain store will spend less than $20. For groups of size 13, find the mean number who spend less than $20.
  71. Chemistry

    A stp a certain mass of gas occupies a volume of 790cm3, find the temperature at which the gas occupies 1000cm3 and has a pressure of 726mmhg
  72. Maths

    Difference between the compound interest and the simple interest on a certain sum for 2 years at 6% per annum is rupees 90 .find the sum
  73. Chemistry

    The work function for a certain metal is 3.00 eV. Calculate the speed of the electrons in m/s ejected by light of wavelength 209 nm. If it is not ejected, report a speed of 0.0.
  74. PHYSIC

    what are the workings of this question? A brass rod is 2m long at a certain temperature.what is the length for a temperature rise of 100k, if the expansivity of brass is 18x10-6k-1
  75. Science

    1.The images above show particles in a medium. Which of the following shows the worst conditions for a sound wave to travel? A B C D 2.Which of the following correctly describes a radio wave? A.long wavelength and high frequency B.long wavelength and low frequency C.short ...
  76. Trig

    4. Asked to simplify the expression sin(180−è), Rory volunteered the following solution: sin(180−è) = sin 180−sin è, and, because sin 180 is zero, it follows that sin(180−è) is the same as −sin è. Is this answer correct? If not, what is a ...
  77. Chemistry

    When solid magnesium nitride reacts with water the reaction produces solid magnesium hydroxide and ammonia gas. If 22.9 grams of magnesium nitride are added to 31.0 grams of water, how many liters of ammonia should be produced (assuming standard temperature and pressure)? ...
  78. Chemistry

    I did a lab for Organic Chemistry I did a simple distillation for an unknown and found that it boiled at 76 degrees. I also found out that the unknown was ethanol since we knew what the 4 possibilities were and mine was closest to ethanol. I also did a fractional distillation ...
  79. Biology

    The diversity of chemical reation occuring in a cell depends mostly on certain molecules present in the cells are called? It's one of these proteins, coenzymes, or enzymes. i believe it is enzymes, but i could be wrong. correct
  80. math

    The minimum daily values (MDVs) for certain foods are given. They are based on a 2000 calorie per day diet. Find decimal and fractional notation for the percent notation on each sentence. a)
  81. math

    The minimum daily values (MDVs) for certain foods are given. They are based on a 2,000 calorie per day diet. Find decimal and fractional notation for the percent notation in each sentence.
  82. math

    The minimum daily values (MDVs) for certain foods are given. They are based on a 2,000 calorie per day diet. Find decimal and fractional notation for the percent notation in each sentence.
  83. Spanish

    Not really a homework question, but more of asking for advice... I'm doing a skit tomorrow with another classmate in spanish and we had to write and memorize(sort of) lines according to a certain scenario. Are there any good techniques to help with my performance?
  84. child psycology

    We see indications that a child's role in perceptual development is passive when we observe? A. irrelevent information made relvant. B. selective attention. C. a preference for certain stimuli. D. systematic search.
  85. Calculus

    I am supposed to find when there will be 40 berry bushes. I am given the function p(t)=(16t+50t^3)^1/3. P is the population of a certain type of bush in a conservation area and t is time in years. I know that i am supposed to make p(t) = 40, but i don't know how to solve for t...
  86. Physics

    A car is traveling counterclockwise along a circular bend in the road with an effective radius of 200 m. At a certain instant, the car’s speed is 20 m/s, but it is slowing down at a rate of 1.0 m/s^2. What is the magnitude of the car’s acceleration?
  87. electrical

    6.A resistor R1 dissipates power P when connected to a certain generator with voltage V. If a resistance R2 is put in series with R1 the power dissipation by R1 A) Decreases B) Increases C) Remains the same D) Any of the above depending upon the value of R1 and R2
  88. math

    If the hourly sales at a certain register in a supermarket are normally distributed with a mean of $650 and a standard deviation of $60, find the probability that the sales during a randomly selected hour are greater than $800.
  89. Word Problem

    In a certain individual the resting diastolic pressure at time t is given by B(t)= 80+7sin((pi)(t)/(12)) where t is measured in hours since midnight and B(t) in mmHg (millimeters of mercury). Find this person's pressure at 6:00 am, 10:30 am, noon, and 8:00 pm.
  90. College Algebra

    The concentration C of a certain drug in a patient's bloodstream t minutes after injection is given by C(t)=50t/t^2+25. Determine the time at which the concentration is highest. Round your answer to the nearest tenth of a minute.
  91. calc

    find the volume of the solid generated by revolving around the x-axis: y=e^(x-8), y=0, x=0, x=10 So I know you can use the washer method, but the shell method can also be used and it should be better. The issue is I'm not certain how to actually do it. Any help is appreciated!
  92. Sociology

    This is the reason an employer might restrict employee internet access? a. Employees waste too much time on the internet b. viewing certain kinds of sites could lead to a hostile work environment
  93. physics

    i know this is stupid most likely but i missed a few weeks of lecture bc i was in hospital and i caught up on most of the notes but certain parts have me confuse, does anyone know how to tell if an electric force is negative or positive?
  94. calcullus

    Suppose the quantity demanded per week of a certain dress is related to price by the demand equation p=√75-2x. In order to maximize revenue, how many dresses should be made and sold each week?
  95. Math

    Suppose the quantity demanded per week of a certain dress is related to price by the demand equation p=√75-2x. In order to maximize revenue, how many dresses should be made and sold each week?
  96. Calculus

    It requires 8 inch pounds of work to stretch a certain spring 2 inches from its rest position. Assuming that the spring follows hooke's law, what is k? Please answer this question. Thanks for your answers in advance.
  97. Math - Variation

    under certain conditions, the thrust T of a propeller varies jointly as the fourth power of it's diameter, d, and the square of the number, n, of revolutions per second. What happens to the thrust if n is doubled and d is halved?

  99. homework

    The number of bacteria in a certain population increases according to a continuous exponential growth model, with a growth rate parameter of 3.9% per hour. How many hours does it take for the size of the sample to double?
  100. math

    A certain medicine requires 10 mg per 10 kg of weight. How much medicine is required for a patient that weighs 273 pounds? Round answer to the nearest 10th. Use Unit Abbreviations for Units.
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