1. Math

    Write these in factored form? 12 +6x x+x+x+6 x^2 + 3x x^2 + 4x +3 Combine like terms? 3x + 4x 11 + 5 + 2x + 6x 3x -2 - x + 9 7x - 8 - 11x x^2 + 2 + 7x + 4 - x x + 5x + x^2 + 3 + 2x^2 I don't really understand it so if you could help me, thaanks c:
  2. math

    Find the geometric mean of the pair of numbers below. If necessary, give the answer in simplest radical form. 5 and 18
  3. pre calculus

    Write the complex number 100(cos240°+ i sin240°) in standard form.

    What form of the word in parenthesis would make sense? Clara (go) for the doctor in plenty of time.
  5. English Help

    Write the plural possessive form of each noun for questions 1–3 1. friend 2. box 3. house
  6. algebra

    simplify the following expression, and rewrite it on equivalent form with positive exponets. -16x7y4z ---------- 20x2z3
  7. Calc

    Find the derivative of the following function using the appropriate form of the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus. intergral s^2/(1+3s^4) ds from sqrtx to 1 F'(x)=?
  8. 7th grade

    The diameter of a spider's thread is 1.0 x 10 -3 inch. Write the number in standard form.
  9. English

    What is the relationship between literature and place in these narratives "from A Journey Through Texas" and "form of Plymouth plantation"
  10. pre calculus

    Use Gaussian elimination to write the system of equations given below in row-echelon form 2x+4y+z=-4 2x-4y+6z=13 4x-2y+z=6
  11. algebra

    9.6*10^2/3.2*10^5 please evaluate this expression and show answer in both scientific notation and in standard form. Thank you so much for helping me.
  12. chemisry

    compare and contrast the abilities of carbon, sodium, and neon to form chemical bonds?????
  13. chem

    magnesium hydroxide is added to hydroiodic acid to form maagnesium iodide and water
  14. statistics

    800 people where asked what sport they liked 120 said football what is this as a fraction in its lowest form ?
  15. English

    In what form of poetry are the poems shaped to look like their subjects? A) limerick B) haiku C) concrete D) narrative I THINK D
  16. Math

    Determine if the given regular figures form semiregular tessellations. Triangle, decagon, 15-gon? Yes or No
  17. Pre-calc

    Find the standard form of the complex number shown below 5(cos7pi/6 + isin7pi/6)
  18. Math

    Write an equation of a line perpendicular to y=1/2x-5 in slope-intercept form that passes through the point (2, -7).
  19. algebra

    Choose the equation in slope-intercept form for the line passing through each pair of points (1/2, 1) and 1, 5) y=1/8x+39/8 y=1/2x+9/2 y=2x+3 y=8x-3 (*)
  20. algebra II

    Choose the equation in slope-intercept form for the line passing through each pair of points. (-4, -2) and (2, 3) y=-5/6x+14/3, or y=5/6x+4/3
  21. Science 4th grade

    where do the seeds of a fruit-bearing plant form? pollen cell.
  22. chemistry

    How many kilograms of water must be added to 75.5 grams of Calcium nitrate to form a 0.500 m solution?
  23. Algebra 2

    (5+3/x^2y)/(3+x/x^3y) Simplify. Leave in factored and reduced form. Put () around polynomials in numerator and denominator
  24. Math

    Which of these equations would not be in quadratic form? A.X^4-13X^2+36=0 B.2X^(2/5)+X^(1/5)-6=0 C.6x^3+2x^2-8X=0 D.3(2/x-4)^2+5(2/x-4)-2=0 I think its between C or D. C because the exponents are different not doubled and D because its set up is completely the opposite from ...
  25. math

    Perform the operation and write the result in standard form. 8 + 20i over 2i Please explain, I am very confused!!
  26. math

    Perform the operation and write the result in standard form. 1 + i over i - 3 over 4 - i Do I have to multiply top and bottom by i?
  27. Math

    Write an equation in slope intercept form for the line describe Through (-5,6), perpendicular to x= -2 I got x= -5 which i got wrong
  28. geography

    What does the Lena River form as it empties into the Laptev Sea in the Arctic Ocean? Delta?
  29. Math

    Write the slope intercept form of an equation for the line that passes through (5,3) and is parallel to x+3y=6 . Please help me solve!!!!!!!!!!
  30. 8th grade math

    How do you express 3.16 x 10 to the 3rd power in standard decimal notation form.
  31. spanish2

    what is the correct form of verb in this sentence " Hola, Carlos, que (hacer) esta tarde?
  32. 4th grade

    Placement chart for thousands millions write each number in standard form
  33. Math

    Convert $e^{-\pi i}$ to rectangular form. Not sure how to start this problem, should I use Euler's formula? Can anyone help provide the steps please? Thanks
  34. spanish 1

    durante el dia (pasar) tiempo con mis amigos, what would be the form for the subject
  35. Math

    In how many ways can 5 of 14 different sized and different colored beads be put on a string to form a necklace. would the answer be 14!/!9 ?
  36. science

    calculate the mass of carbon which is required to form 44,8dm of methane gas at STP
  37. fornt class

    what are the steps of the registration process form the viewpoint of front desk agent?
  38. COM 135

    three forms of technical writing used in the corporate environment.Then I need to explain why each form of communication is important.
  39. math

    Simplify each expression. Your answer should still be in exponential form. Make sure that you combine all numbers with the same base. y^a/y^b
  40. Government

    What are the three methods special interests groups might use to win favorable votes form legislators ?
  41. math

    Write the slope-intercept (y = mx + b) form of the equation from the information given. 3. The line goes through the points (8,5) and (9, 6) ~ Can someone please help me? I really don't know how to do this one
  42. Algebra URGENT

    Write an equation that is in slop-intercept form of the line that passes through the points: (-1/2, -1) and (3, 5/2).
  43. precal 2

    Reprenesent the complex number 5/2(square root of 3-i) graphically and find its trigonometric form.
  44. math

    Find the complex zeros of the polynomial function, and write f in factored form: f(x)= x^3 - 8x^2 + 30x - 36
  45. Algebra

    Write the expression in descending exponent form. -7y + 8y3 - y6 I think I have to combine like terms but I don't know how. Please help?
  46. Algebra 2

    Find the vertex of each of the following parabolas by averaging the x intercept. Then write each equation in graphing form. Y=(x-3)(x-11)
  47. Math

    Simplify the following expression, and rewrite it in an equivalent form with positive exponents. -14xy / 42x^5y^8
  48. chem

    Indicate the type of crystal (molecular, metallic, covalent-network, or ionic) each of the following would form upon solidification. 1. B
  49. Inter algebra

    Simplify the following expression, and rewrite it in an equivalent form with positive exponents. (10x-5)-5
  50. chemistry

    Disilane gas undergoes combustion to form solid silicon dioxide and water
  51. math calc

    The equation of the tangent line to f(x) =sqrt{x} at x = 25 can be written in the form y = mx+b where m =.1 b =? i don't know how to find the value of b
  52. Org. Chem.

    If you were relying on IR data alone,could you determine if you had the (+) or (-) form of carvone? why or why not? suggest one other method for detection.
  53. human resources

    "Is OB Mod a form of manipulation? And if it is, is it unethical for managers to manipulate the behavior of employees?"
  54. Science

    The compound which will form the strongest dipole between CCl4;CO2;BF3;HCL;PF3
  55. Precalc

    Write the complex number z = 2 + 5i in polar form, rounding to the nearest hundredth if needed.
  56. Math

    what is the perimeter of a right triangle with legs 6 cm and 3cm , leave the answer in simplest radical form
  57. algebra2

    Write the expression (2x)(4y) + 9x + 10y + (8x)(4y) in a simpler form, if possible. I've tried this problem several times, and have gotten the wrong answer. Someone help?
  58. pre-calculus

    find the cube roots of -216 answer in polar form and complex
  59. Math

    Write the equation of the line in slope intercept form that is parallel to y=-2+11, and passes through the point (4,2).
  60. math

    Find the standard form of the equation of the circle having the following properties: Center at the origin Containing the point (-4,1)
  61. Math

    Can someone explain relating metric units. going form liters to milliliter and kilograms to grams?
  62. Math

    What is standard form? I searched it online, but I found multiple different answers. Thanks to the dudes and girls who help me out ;)
  63. Maths

    Check my answer please? Not sure if I did this right. Let y = f(x) be a cubic polynomial with leading coefficient a = 2 and f(-2) = f(1) = f(2) = 0. find the factored form of f. I got: f(x) = 2(x + 2)(x - 1)(x - 2)
  64. Calculus

    Find an equation of the plane orthogonal to the line: (x,y,z) = (5,-6,-1) + t(3,10,-3) which passes through the point (-6,-1,5). so i got so far: x=5+3t y=-6+10t z=-1-3t Should be in form ax+by+cz+d=d Not sure where to go from there...
  65. Geometry

    how do you find the orthocenter of a triangle with the vertices A(4,0) B(-2,4) C(0,6)? Please explain to me how you get x after doing point slope form for the two slopes.
  66. medical

    youre the chairperson of the forms committee discuss the basic specifications for designing a form
  67. english

    choose the inflected form that is most likely to appear in a dictionary entry and why fastest craziest dogs taller
  68. Math(is this correct?)

    Write the standard form of the equation of the circle that passes through (0,4) and has its center at (-3, -1) (x+3)^2+(y+1)^2=sqrt34
  69. 6th Grade Grammar

    Underline the form of to do or to have in the sentence. Today, many do their best to learn about Einstein's work. Also, what does the "to do" and the "to have" mean?
  70. algebra 2

    Write an equation in slope-intercept form for the line that satisfies the following condition. passes through (11, –15) and (16, 5)
  71. Spanish 1

    Complete the sentences with the correct form of ir. todos Los Dias, yo ____ a la escuela
  72. math

    Dtermine an equation, in simplified form, for the family of cubic functions with zeros 2 and 4+-sqrt. 3.
  73. Algebra

    Write the slope-intercept form of the equation of the line parallel to y = 5x + 2 which passes through the point (4, 9)
  74. writing

    Hi. Can someone help me to form a thesis statement for an argumentative paper on the topic " How do migratory birds navigate?"
  75. algebra 2

    If y is directly proportional to x, and y = 16 when x = 12, find the constant of proportionality, k. Give the answer in the form of fraction if necessary.
  76. math

    Calculate the following, leaving your answer as a fraction (lowest) or in decimal form. Show work. 8(2+3)² ------- 2(5)²
  77. chemistry

    does any solid pbcl2 form when 3.5mgNacl is dissolved in 0.250L of 0.12M of lead nitrate?
  78. powell

    (TCO 1) Identify and describe the four basic rights that form the foundation of capitalism. (Points: 20)
  79. litature

    the greek combining form -nomy means: 1.pertaining to. 2.act of. 3.rule by. 4.science of.
  80. Math

    Write a linear equation that is not a direct variation in word problem form. I need help how to make one
  81. geometry

    find the volume of an industrial tank in the form of a horizontal cylinder whose radius is 2.6 yd, and whose length is 8.4 yd. rr=3.14
  82. Math

    Form the differential equation of the family of curves y^2-2xy+x^2=a^2, a=arbitary const. I really need to know the answer!!
  83. Chem

    Does any solid PbCl2 form when 3.1 mg NaCl is dissolved in 0.228 L of 0.12 M Pb(NO3)2. Find the Qsp.
  84. Precalc

    Why the polar form(2.83,45) is written a rectangular complex number like this: 2.83*cos45 + j*(2.83*sin45) I would like some explication please. Thanks!
  85. chem

    when two layers form during an ether/water extraction, what would be an easy, convenient way to tell which layer is which if the densities were not available?
  86. Precalc

    Hello, i need help doing a proof, im pretty sure on how to do it but not that way my teacher wants it. He wants it in a chart form by taking splitting up both side. i have to show that |a-b|=|b-a|
  87. math

    Calculate the following, leaving your answer as a fraction (lowest) or in decimal form. Show work. b) 3(12+2+1) ---------- = 3(4 + 1)
  88. trigonometry

    rewrite each equation in rectangular form and describe the graph. solve for y if possible. a. theta = pi/6 b. r=8costheta
  89. math

    what is the greater common factor of 6/12 need all divisible numbers for both and put in lowest form as a fraction
  90. math

    Calculate the following, leaving your answer as a fraction (lowest) or in decimal form. Show work. a) 2(5+3+2) -------- 2(2+3)
  91. english

    which of the following genres is defined by form rather than theme: tragedy, sonnet, comedy, satire, or drama.
  92. Algebra 2

    "The Discriminant; Equations in Quadratic Form" Solve over the complex numbers. 1/e + 1/(square root of e) - 6 = 0
  93. chemistry

    Which metal can be obtained form the ore by heating alone Can you pls write down the word equations for these
  94. Bio

    describe the general body form of a fungus when growing and at time of sexual reproduction...
  95. English

    In Scotland and Northern Ireland, is the contracted form 'amn't' used? In a book, I read such a story? Is it right?
  96. math

    Which list shows rational numbers ordered form least to greatest? A:-1.5, -3.0, -7.1 B:-2.5, -1.0, -1.2 C:-3 3/4, -2 1/4, 1 1/8 D:-3/4, -1 3/4, 1 I chose A am i correct
  97. history

    Do you think a totalitarian form of government would have formed in Germany if the Great Depression had not occurred? Explain
  98. english

    Both editors in chief asked for leave of absences at the same time. would the correct form be.... leaves?
  99. algebra

    f(x)=2x+5, find f(3) would this be worked out liek this 2(3)+5=11 Your answer is correct but improve your mathematical form and write is this way: f(x)= 2x+5 f(3)= 2(3)+5 = 11
  100. vet asistant

    which is a combining form not a prefix or suffix A patho b centesis c opsy d retro
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