1. Economics

    What are ten labor positions that you need in order to run a stained glass window company? NOTE: The type of stained glass window the company is making are made the old fashioned way not the new way.
  2. stats

    Five percent of all items sold by a mail-order company are returned by customers for a refund. Find the probability that, of two items sold during a given hour by this company, neither will be returned for a refund.
  3. Finance

    Investment X offers to pay you $5,500 per year for nine years, whereas Investment Y offers to pay you $8,000 per year for five years. Which of these cash flow streams has the higher present value if the discount rate is 5 percent? If the discount rate is 22 percent?
  4. Math

    When did you first start a saving plan? What is the purpose of the saving plan? How will having a saving plan benefit someone?
  5. Tecnology

    Alex works at his computer for several hours a day. He is careful to sit up straight at the computer with his feet on the floor and to keep his muscles relaxed, and stays off his computer after 6 p.m. For what kind of computer-related health problems is Alex still at risk? A. ...
  6. English

    What are specific rhetorical devices…? How did the speaker address arguments and counter arguments? Were the speaker’s arguments effective? Kane: with one purpose only: to point out and make public the dishonesty, the downright villainy, of Boss Jim W. Gettys' political ...
  7. Math

    1. Write a ratio and a percent for the shaded area. a 4x4 grid with 5 blocks shaded (1 point) one over five, 25% five sixteenths, 31.25% one over four, 20% one over four, 25% 2. Model 32% on a 5 × 5 grid. (1 point) a 5 by 5 grid has 8 cells shaded. a 5 by 5 grid has 6 cells ...
  8. Physics

    rotating space station has radius 1380 m, measured from the center of rotation to the outer deck where the crew lives. What should the period of rotation be if the crew is to feel that they weigh one-half their Earth weight?
  9. Mangerial accounting

    1.April Green Company has budgeted the following amounts for its next fiscal year: Total fixed expenses $832,500 Sale price per unit $40 Variable expenses per unit $25 By how much will breakeven increase/decrease in units if April can reduce fixed expenses by $27,000?
  10. English

    Read the passage. (1) Long ago, the Everglades were a broad expanse of shallow water covering the southern tip of Florida. (2) Over the years, however, land development has reduced the Everglades to less than half its original size. (3) In fact, development and the resulting ...
  11. calc

    The price in dollars of a house during a period of mild inflation is described by the formula P(t)=94000 e0.03 t, where t is the number of years after 1990. Answer the following questions: B. In the year 2000 the value will be increasing at a rate of dollars per year. (Round ...
  12. math

    The price in dollars of a house during a period of mild inflation is described by the formula P(t)=94000 e0.03 t, where t is the number of years after 1990. Answer the following questions: B. In the year 2000 the value will be increasing at a rate of dollars per year. (Round ...
  13. Managerial finance

    Superior Manufacturing is lauching a new product, that is expected to sell $950,000 of its new product the first year alone, and $1,500,000 each year thereafter. Direct cost labor and materials will be 55% in sales.indirect cost is $80,000 a year, the project requires a new ...
  14. English

    Writeacher, could you please check the very last things. It's really late here and I need to go to bed. Thank you. 1) Unfortunately, we have just sent in our Comenius proposal for a science project on biodiversity in water with both a German and a French school. 2) However, ...
  15. Recycling speech

    Hello, I am writing a recycling speech and I am almost done. I just need to use three stylistic devices. I know what it is, like metaphors and them. So, what would be good examples of stylistic devices that i can put into my speech. My topic is mainly encourages people to ...
  16. human resource

    I am writing a paper on this subject and I need help can someone please help . Introduction – Performance Management Process II. Purpose of Employee Performance Appraisals a. Evaluating employee’s skill levels b. Feedback Opportunities i. Employee performance ii. Company ...
  17. math

    If you borrow $1000.00 at 6% for one year, how much interest will you owe. how much will you have to pay back
  18. health

    can any one give 10 sun saftey quistions please answer they have to be yes/no quistions for my year 8 brochere
  19. statistics

    many states are considering steps that would help them collect sales taxes on items purchased through the internet. how many randomly selected sales transactions must be surveyed to determine the percentage that transpired over the internet? assume that we want to be 99 ...
  20. Computer Networking

    Your company expanded recently to include two new buildings for a total of three, roughly arranged in a triangle with each building 500 meters apart. Previously, these buildings were wired with Category 3 UTP running 10BaseT Ethernet. The IT director mandates that your company...
  21. Computer Harware

    You have a single hard drive on your computer that contains two NTFS partitions. Your computer's operating system alerts you that the C partition is running out of room. Your E partition still has 75 gig of free space. What is the least intrusive way to alleviate this problem...
  22. quantitative methods for business

    Cress Electronic Products manufactures components used in the automotive industry. Cress purchases parts for use in its manufacturing operation of different suppliers. One particular supplier provides a part where the assumptions of the EOQ model are realistic. The annual ...
  23. math

    Hill crest public elementary school was recycling their copier paper after the students had completed the worksheets.They found that when they filled a barrel with paper,it weighed an average of 225 kilograms if they collected 16 barrels of paper during the year.What was the ...
  24. Math

    A Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) earns interest at a rate of 5% per year, compounded annually. Jasmine’s parents invest $4000 in the account today. a) Determine an explicit formula to represent the value of the investment. (2 marks) b) Use your formula to write the...

    A3. A Retailing Entrepreneur sells sophisticated running shoes whose weights are assumed to be normally distributed with a mean of 12 grammes and a standard deviation of 0.5 grammes. (a) What is the probability that a shoe weighs more than 13 grammes? [3] (b) What must the ...
  26. Corporate Finance

    1) A typical use of managerial accounting is to: a) help investors and creditors assess the financial position of the company b) help management get a clean audit report c) help the marketing manager decide which product promotion to implement d) help the SEC decide whether ...
  27. English

    Tomorrow we have several events. I'd like you to know the schedule of our school. From June 2 through June 4, second year students have a school excursion (trip), which is a kind of study tour. They have a day off on June 5th. So you don't need to go to their classes for ...

    8. Net-4-You is an Internet Service Provider that charges its 1 million customers $19.95 per month for its service. The company's variable costs are $.50 per customer per month. In addition, the company spends $.50 per month per customer. or $6 million annually, on a customer ...
  29. Letter to Teacher

    Dear Mrs. Gebbia, Hi! You may not know me but my name is Laruen Jean-Baptiste. I’m currently in the 7th grade & it will be an honor for me to join the school’s newspaper this year. I love writing a lot, it’s part of my life. When I join the school’s newspaper I have ...

    Maria just inherited $10,000. Her bank has a savings account that pays 4.2% interest per year. Some of her friends recommended a new mutual fund, which has been in business for three years. During its first year, the fund went up in value by 12%; during the second year, it ...
  31. MATH

    Okay am kind of lost, how will i compute the cost for tuition for the following years for public and private collegesin the years 2027, 2028, 2029, and 2030. The chart is listed below. Table I: Average Earnings of Year-Round Full-Time Works by Gender and Education Attainment ...
  32. computer programming

    Design the pseudocode for a program that allows a user to enter 10 numbers, then displays them in the reverse order of their entry
  33. University Chemistry (first year)

    I'm working on a first year chemistry lab where we synthesized alum from alunimini foil and I'm doing the report and one of the questions is as follows: Based on your findings, what volume of water can be cleared of suspended solids by one beverage can (give a range in L)? (...
  34. Public Financial Management

    Analyze the following scenario: The Hospital for Ordinary Surgery uses pharmaceuticals for its patients. It started the year on January 1, with an inventory of 1,000 doses of an antibiotic drug that cost $17 per dose. On January 2, it purchased another 300 does for $21 each. ...

    Michelle attended a Canadian University on a full-time basis for eight months in 2014. Her only income for that year was $14,000 of employment income earned during the summer. She paid tuition fees of $7,000 in that year. Required: Determine the amount of tuition, education ...
  36. math

    During one school year, Billy Bob earned $25 for each Math test he passed and was ined $50 for each Math test he failed. By the end of the school year, Billy Bob passes 7 times as many Math tests as he failed and he had a total of $375. How many tests did he pass?
  37. Psychology need to know if i have correct answer

    What is the best explanation of the universal perspective in culture? a. Survival is related to the degree that people can adapt to their environments and to the contexts in which they live b. Evolutionary theorists believe people have evolved a set of motives and strivings ...
  38. accouting

    Company E December 31, 2010 Assets $42,000 $32,760 $26,880 $74,760 $114,660 Liabilities 34,440 22,932 14,515 51,584 ? December 31, 2011 Assets 45,000 32,400 ? 81,900 124,200 Liabilities ? 22,032 14,773 39,312 98,118 During year 2011 Stock issuances 6,000 1,400 9,750 ? 6,500 ...
  39. Calculus

    After t years, the value of a car that originally cost $16,000 depreciates so that each year is is worth 3/4 of it's value for the precious year. Find a model for V(t), the value of the car after t years. Sketch a graph of the model and determine the value of the car 4 years ...
  40. Advanced Accounting

    Time had a bad year in 2001; the company suffered a net loss. The loss pushed most of the return measures into the negative column, and the current ratio dropped below 1.0. The company's debt ratio is still only .27. Assume top management of Time is pondering ways to improve ...
  41. English

    We had a health checkup at school. We had to go to hospital. My hearing was OK. My eyes had no problem. So I don't need to wear glasses. I grew 5 cm from last year! The only problem I had was that I have to go to the dentist's. I have two decayed teeth. I have to have a wisdom...
  42. Investing

    Cliff Swatner is single, 33 and owns a condominium in New York City worth $250,000. Cliff is an attorney and doing well financially. His income last year exceeded $90,000, and has sufficient liquid assets to supplement his condominium and other tangible assets. Several years ...
  43. AP Environmental Science

    I'm confused about how to do these problems, I thought I was doing it right, but I think I might be wrong. The Honda Civic Hybrid is a compact car. It gets a combined highway and city fuel efficiency 17.8 kilometers per liter (42.0 miles per gallon). Calculate each of the ...
  44. algebra

    3. Suppose a student wants to be a millionaire in 40 years. If she has an account that pays 8% interest compounded monthly, how much must she deposit each month in order to achieve her goal of having $1,000,000? What is the present value of this annuity?
  45. Algebra

    Suppose a student wants to be a millionaire in 40 years. If she has an account that pays 8% interest compounded monthly, how much must she deposit each month in order to achieve her goal of having $1,000,000? What is the present value of this annuity?
  46. algebra

    Suppose a student wants to be a millionaire in 40 years. If she has an account that pays 8% interest compounded monthly, how much must she deposit each month in order to achieve her goal of having $1,000,000? What is the present value of this annuity?
  47. math

    Suppose a student wants to be a millionaire in 40 years. If she has an account that pays 8% interest compounded monthly, how much must she deposit each month in order to achieve her goal of having $1,000,000? What is the present value of this annuity?
  48. math

    Suppose a student wants to be a millionaire in 40 years. If she has an account that pays 8% interest compounded monthly, how much must she deposit each month in order to achieve her goal of having $1,000,000? What is the present value of this annuity?
  49. Math grade 6, 4 operations

    The sum of mr. brown's age& his sin's age is 38 yrs old this yr.4 yrs ago,mr. Brown was 5 times as old as his son. A. How old is his son this year? B. How old is mr. Brown this year?
  50. Sixth Grade Math

    Last year, Mark was 46 inches tall. This year, Mark's height is 3 inches less than Pter's height. Peter is 51 inches tall. How tall is Mark? Write an equation to represent the situation. Then solve the equation. Answer: 51-3=I I=48 inches tall I=number of inches Did I do this ...
  51. accounting

    As in previous homework, assume you work for a company that has to pay an obligation of USD 1 mln in 1.5 years from today. There are two bonds on the market - one is a 3%-coupon bond, has one year to maturity and is traded at price 101.7854. Another has 2 years to maturity, ...
  52. Accounting

    R company putchased many tools during 2007 at a total cost of $8,100. Some tools were expected to last a few weeks, some for several months, and some for several years. R companys income for 2007 will be about 4.5 million. How should R company account for the tools in order to...
  53. For Ms. Sue!

    Literature- cont. from last night. Here are the paragraphs surrounding and containing the hyperbole (which is "In a year or two when the war's over they'll be traveling to mars and back."): He proceeded to explain. "If you get a pain in your stomach, whether it's a little one ...
  54. investment

    AviBank Plastics generated an EPS of $2.75 over the last 12 months. The company’s earnings are expected to grow by 25% next year, and because there will be no significant change in the number of shares outstanding, EPS should grow at about the same rate. You feel the stock ...
  55. Finance Accounting

    Vanity Press, Inc., has annual credit sales of $1.6 million and a gross profit margin of 35 percent. a. If the firm wishes to maintain an average collection period of 50 days, what level of accounts receivable should it carry? (Assume a 365-day year.) b. The inventory turnover...
  56. finance

    You are considering an investment in a one year government debt security with a yeild od 5% or a highly liquid corporate debt security with a yeild of 6.5%. The expected inflation rate for the next year is expected to be 2.5%. A. what would be your real rate earned on either ...
  57. maths

    can you replace the stars with figures **** x 3 ______ ***** the whole calculation uses each of the digits 0-9 once and once only the 4 figure number contains three consecutive numbers which are not in order. the third digit is the sum of 2 of the consecutive numbers the 1st,...
  58. Mathematics

    a retailing entrepreneur sells sophisticated running shoes whose weights are normally distributed with mean of 12 grams and a standard deviation of 0,5 grams. (a) what is the probability that a shoe weighs more than 13 grams (b) what must be the standard deviation of weight be...
  59. Chemistry

    In the analysis of a sample of drinking water, a rate of 25.00 mL of the water requires 16.04 mL of AgNO3 to 0.05647 M in order to achieve an end to the Mohr method. What is the concentration of chloride ions in the sample?
  60. math

    of 500 employees, 200 participate in a company's profit- sharing plan (P), 400 have major-medical insurance coverage (M). and 150 employees participate in both programs. Construct a Venn diagram and find out the probability that a randomly-selected employees will be a ...
  61. Grammar

    Need help with these two questions....I just need to know if I'm right or wrong- Choose the subject of the sentence: 1.Tuesday morning, the RWGC will open. A.morning B.Tuesday morning C.RWGC D.Center C? 2.Last year, wasn't Carson City in Nevada near our campsite? A.year B....
  62. history, and your opinion

    The songs Lift Every Voice and Sing and America the Beautiful both have religious refernces in the first stanza. Our current national anthem, The Star Spangled Banner does not. Traditonally only the first stanza is sung at baseball games and events. I need to come up with ...
  63. English

    I left out a few other things I would like to include in an email. Thank you very much. 1) Unfortunately, we have just sent in our Comenius proposal for a science project on biodiversity in water with a German and a French school. 2) However,being an English teacher myself, I ...
  64. Accounting

    The following information was made available from the income statement and balance sheet of Lauren Company. Item 12/31/10 12/31/09 Accounts Receivable $53,400 58,600 Accounts Payable 35,600 32,700 Merchandise Inventory 85,000 79,000 Sales (2010) 243,000 Interest Revenue (2010...
  65. Math

    A real estate salesperson bought promotional calendars and date books to give to her customers at the end of the year. The calendars cost ​$0.750.75 ​each, and the date books cost ​$0.500.50 each. She ordered a total of 500500 promotional items and spent ​$275275. How ...
  66. Physics

    A laptop computer requires 24 volts to operate properly. A transformer with 500 turns in the primary needs to have how many turns in the secondary to operate the computer from a 120 V source?
  67. financial management

    a) An investment gives you $10,000 from years 1 through 4 and 40,000 in year 5. If the interest rate is 7.5%, what is the present worth of this investment? (2 points) b)You need $150,000 to buy a new car in 5 years’ time. How much should you save at the end of every quarter ...
  68. Happy Christmas and Merry New Year!!

    Merry New Year all you Americans And happy Christmas!!!
  69. math

    Cola Company is offering its preferred customers a 25% discount on its most popular product normally listed at $40 each. a) What is the net price of each product to Cola Company's preferred customers? For full marks your answer(s) should be rounded to the nearest cent. b) ...
  70. college> The American Democracy

    for these questions pick a,b.c or d. #6 in recent decades,lobbyists in washington d.c. have incressingly: A. targeted executive branch in their efforts to influence policy decisions. B. worked to defeat incumbent members congress in order to replace them with member who would ...
  71. Pre-Algebra

    A survey about the student government program at a school finds the following results: 190 students like the program 135 students think the program is unnecessary 220 students plan on running for student government next year. If a circle graph were made from this data, what ...
  72. statistics

    According to U.S. News & World Report data, in 1995 tuition costs at Indiana University, a public university, were $2,984 per year, while the tuition costs at the University of Evansville, a private university in Indiana, were $11,800 per year. In that same year the average ...
  73. Math for pharmacy Tech

    My daughter Kim teaches and notes that the average student uses 75 sheets of paper every week. A) How many sheets will a student use in a 42-week school year? B) How many sheets will a class of 26 students use in a week? Not sure how to approach the problem. Do I first ...
  74. Calculus

    A deposit of $1000 is made at the beginning of each month in an account at an annual interest rate of 3% compounded monthly. The balance in the account after n months is An = 1,000(401)(1.0025^n - 1). (a) Compute the first six terms of the sequence {An}. (b) Find the balance ...
  75. science/biology

    how many years do 9 year old girls have iregular periods? at what age a woman's period stop? PLEASE HELP ME WITH THE HOMEWORK THANK YOU! i'm pretty positive there is not an exact age or amount of years-- are you supposed to have a time frame?
  76. Math

    In a suburb of Houston, housing costs have been increasing at 5.2% per a year compounded annually for the past 8 years. A house with a current value of $26,000 would have been worth how much 8 years ago?
  77. math

    Ranch home is 2100 sq ft (70 x 30) Assume the climate yields 30in of rainfall per year. Baths, showers, faucets use 40% of this water, of which 80% is recycled to the indoor garden (50 ft x 20 ft) How much water in INCHES will the 50ft x 20 ft indoor garden receive per year ...
  78. Math

    Sales of a video game released in the year 2000 took off at first, but then steadily slowed as time moved on. The table below shows the number of games sold, in thousands, from the years 2000–2010. Year 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 Number Sold (thousands) 142 149 154 155 ...
  79. Essay

    Essay: How I surprised my friend on her birthday part. A birthday party is the one day a year, which is very special and unique to everyone in their life. It is a day that should be celebrated with lots of joys and some surprises. Basically, I thought I was a perfect person in...
  80. Algebra

    How do you find the function to a problem quickly? For example: A tennis club holds a doubles tournament every spring. This year the club has 40 teams involved. At the end of each round half of the teams are eliminated. How many rounds must be played to determine the winner? ...
  81. English

    Could you please check these sentences I wrote containing phrasal verbs? Thank you. 1) I'll come with you as soon as I get through with my homework. We'll have to get together and choose a textbook for next year's students. 2) I gave away all me school books when I moved into ...
  82. Finance

    Tuttle Buildings Inc. has decided to go public by selling $5,000,000 of new common stock. Its investment bankers agreed to take a smaller fee now (6% of gross proceeds versus their normal 10%) in exchange for a 1-year option to purchase an additional 200,000 shares at $5.00 ...
  83. literature

    Why do authors use rhetorical devices in essays? a) to simplify the meaning of the main idea B)to increase the credibility of the essay C)to evoke a personal response from readers E)to show their skill as diverse writers F)to compare two or more essays about the same topic I ...
  84. business Maths

    On September 14, Jennifer Rick went to Park Bank to borrow $2,500 at interest. Jennifer plans to repay the loan on January 27. Assume the loan is on ordinary interest. Refer to Days in a year table. (a) What interest will Jennifer owe on January 27? (Use 360 days a year. Do ...
  85. Social Study - Check

    1.) In what year did the english establish Jamestown their first permanent settlement? 1607 *** 1630 1675 1718 2.) In 1619, the Virginia Company in London agreed to let the colonists have some say in their government. What was the name of the assembly that had the right to ...
  86. english

    I have to give the following feedback to this paragraph: (Evaluative, Interpretive, Supportive, Probing and Understanding). I don't know how to start or if I have to use all the 5 types of feedback. This is the paragraph I have to read and give feedback on: The fear of using ...
  87. business law

    Please give me some insight on a law hypo...? This is the hypo: Joe received an advertising brochure from X Corp. in the mail. The brochure contained a photo of a Peach 442 computer, and above it the statement, "While supplies last. All Peach computers on sale at 25% below ...
  88. math word problem

    The owner of a rental house can depreciate its value over a period of 27 1/2 years, meaning that the value of the house declines at an even rate over that period of time until the value is $0 a. By what fraction does the value of the house depreciate the first year? b. If the ...
  89. Psychology

    Select one theory of personality and use this theory to tell Michael how this theory explains his or her situation. Here is the case study: Michael is a 40-year-old airline pilot who has recently begun to experience chest pains. The chest pains began when Michael signed his ...
  90. History

    1. A decline in the number of U.S. manufacturing jobs was in part the result of *globalization. biotechnology. entrepreneurs. superstations. 2. The first modern computer was designed to benefit universities. the economy. *the military. corporations. 3. Which company developed ...
  91. Math

    I need to design a site plan for a wildlife centre. In order to save money, I must design the plan using the least amount of fencing possible. The plot of land is 80 m wide by 100 m long, and it must be fenced off. Each section for each animal must be fenced off. The building ...
  92. math

    The physical plant at the main campus of a large state university receives daily requests to replace florecent lightbulbs. The distribution of the number of daily requests is bell-shaped and has a mean of 58 and a standard deviation of 11. Using the Empirical Rule rule, what ...
  93. Maths

    hello my name is lauren and I am in year 6. I don't no how to spell goodly do you have any tips on how to spell better? Thank you very much.
  94. thanks

    Excited for the Christmas holidays and I have no homework!!!! Thanks for helping me with everything in the past! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!
  95. MATh

    JERRY invested $650 at a simple interest rate of 3.5% per year. How much will Jerry have in 8 years.
  96. Probability

    If three people are randomly selected, find the probability that they will all have birthdays on the same day of the year.
  97. statistics

    17. A newspaper article reported that the typical American family spent an average of $75 for Easter candy last year. A sample of N=16 families this year reported spending a mean of $85, with a standard deviation of $20. What hypothesis testing technique should be used to ...
  98. math

    A cell phone company charges by the minute (and partial minute) for a phone call. Arionna’s plan includes 300 minutes in the $20 base cost. If she uses more than 300 minutes, there is a $5 overage fee and an additional charge of $0.25 per minute. Which graph represents the ...
  99. grammar

    I need help with highlighting the adverbs and underlining the adjectives. Use at least five adverbs and five adjectives to write a 150- to 300-word review of a movie, sporting event, musical performance, or television show. o Bold each adverb. o Underline each adjective The ...
  100. Math! Pls Help!

    You exercised 24 hours each month for a year. How many hours did you exercise by the end of the year? 1. Show you Calculation using Distributive Property 2. Show you Calculation without using Distributive Property Pls Help!
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