1. Please Help me with a Finance - Loan problem

    A company borrows $170000, which will be paid back to the lender in one payment at the end of 5 years. The company agrees to pay monthly interest payments at the nominal annual rate of 7% compounded monthly. At the same time the company sets up a sinking fund in order to repay...
  2. crt 205

    Identify and name any rhetorical devices used by the author. If none exist, explain how you determined this. "President Obama's decision to force American taxpayers to foot the bill for abortions in the District of Columbia will cause the deaths of at least 1,000 more unborn ...
  3. Gudiance and Discipline

    It is important for a child to be able to identify with a role model. Therefore, the best role model for a five-year-old boy would be: a)a female teacher. b)another five-year-old boy. c)a dad who is a room volunteer. d)a fifth grade female peer counselor. Is it B?
  4. College Scholarships

    I plan on attending a college in the fall with a tution of $26,000, needless to say I cannot afford this and my parents are in no situation to assist. If anyone knows of any websites that have info/applications for scholarships I would be most greatful. I do not mind writing ...
  5. Math

    hollis is paying off 2 student loans. One loan charges 7% interest, per year. The other loan charges 9 % interest per year. He owes $1500 more on the 7% loan than he does on the other. Last year he paid a total of $617.00 in interest. what does he owe on each loan what is 2,...
  6. social studies

    i am asked to plan a port town like William Penn did however, I am not sure how the original layout of such a town may have looked like? Where can I see an actual early town plan(1700's)that might have been located near river?
  7. accounting

    You can invest in 10 corporate bonds paying 7 percent interest 20 conservative stocks that pay substantial dividends(typically 5 percent of the stock price every year) and 30 growth oriented-technology stocks that pay no dividends. Analyze each alternative and select one.
  8. Literature

    I was asked to compare and contrast two authors writing styles and their use of dramatic devices. But isn't the use of dramatic devices part of their writing style? If I am missing something please explain?
  9. Statistics

    A physical therapist wants to determine the difference in the proportion of men and women who participate in regular sustained physical activity. What sample size should be obtained if he wishes the estimate to be within four percentage points with 99 ​% confidence, ...
  10. corporate finance

    Bunyan Lumber, LLC Closing Case: When should the company harvest the forest? Can you help me get started on this assignment? Bunyan Lumber, LLC, harvests timber and delivers logs to timber mills for sale. The company was founded 70 years ago by Pete Bunyan. The current CEO is ...
  11. Finance

    Suppose two athletes sign 10-year contracts for €80 million. In one case, we are told that the €80 million will be paid in 10 equal installments. In the other case, we are told that the Euros €80 million will be paid in 10 installments, but the installments will increase...
  12. statisticsbob

    Perform a one-way ANOVA analysis, testing at the 0.05 level. Also, calculate the mean number of sick days for each group. Describe your results. But equally important, also explain what you would do if you owned your own company. Would you pay for your employers to receive Flu...
  13. Social Studies

    Dave is an executive at a large company. He is concerned that other businesses in his industry have been moving some of their operations to foreign countries in order to cut down on labor costs. The CEO has asked Dave to make a recommendation on what the company should do. ...
  14. college- accounting

    We just starting the chapters in accounting in school. We have about 10 problems to do. I will post one problem here and i need someone to show me how exactly they got it, so i understand and it could help me work on the other 9. here it is- The comparative Balance Sheets of ...
  15. english

    I don't know if my experience would be considered good or bad, but it really taught me a lesson. A few years ago, I was working a bank, and they had a representive from a cell phone company come and talk to everyone about getting a cell phone. I did not have a cell phone at ...
  16. math

    Solve the following problems related to automobile insurance. Jerry Adams normally pays $875 for bodily injury and property damage insurance. His insurance company increases premiums by 150% for 1 accident, 200% for 2-3 accidents, and 250% for 4 accidents. Find his premium for...
  17. Algebra

    A man has a daughter and son. The son is three times older than the daughter. In one year the man will be six times as old as the daughter is now. In ten years the man will be fourteen year older than the combined ages of his children at that time. What is the mans present age?
  18. English

    When presenting the school we missed an an important detail I need you to check: 1) Among the experiences realized in cooperation with the Politecnico of Turin (It is a well-known Applied Science Faculty in Turin. I would like to leave the name in Italian. What do you think?) ...
  19. investing

    (Dividend discount Model) Assume RHM is expected to pay a total cash dividend of $56.60 next year and its dividends are expected to grow at a rate of 6% per year forever. Assuming annual dividend payments, what is the current market value of a share of RHM stock if the ...
  20. English

    1. I grew 5 cm since last year! 2. I grew by 5 cm since last year! (In #1, was 'by' omitted before '5 cm'? Then, 'grew' was used as an intransitive verb. If not, 'grew' was used as a transitive verb and '5 cm' is the object of 'grew.' Would you let me know about that?)
  21. math (Ms. Sue plz help)

    Plz help my dad dose have time for me my mom die when i was a little girl plz do help me and i am not lieing a 4x4 grid with 5 blocks shaded (1 point) one over five, 25% *** five sixteenths, 31.25% one over four, 20% one over four, 25% 2. Model 32% on a 5 × 5 grid. (1 point) ...
  22. mathematics

    Ginger earns $18,500 annually and has 22% of her gross earnings withheld. What is the net amount of her paycheck each pay period if she is paid biweekly? 2)Zack deposited $1,200 in a savings account that paid 7.75% simple interest. What was the balance in his account at the ...
  23. Algebra 1

    Can Someone Check My Answer The table shows the amount of money (in dollars) spent by a household on plants and flowers for certain years. Describe the rates of change in the number of dollars spent during the time period. Year 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 Amount 127 134 139 137 ...

    : The Crescent Corporation just paid a dividend of $2 per share and is expected to continue paying the same amount each year for the next 4 years. If you have a required rate of return of 13%, plan to hold the stock for 4 years, and are confident that it will sell for $30 at ...
  25. U.S/history AP

    The french and indian war began in the colonies in the year 1754 and ended in the year 1763 in the colonies,the main reason for conflict between the french and colonists was over the Ohio river valley.After this war the english began the practice of -- ----- troops at the ...
  26. Math

    I am trying to work this problem out. I know that the systematic counting principle is used. However, I cannot get the right answer. For the first part, I took R=2 N=6 6!/(6-2)! (Permutation). Answer: 30 choices for the Chair/Vice The second part, I took R=2 N=8 Combination ...
  27. Math Help

    I am trying to work this problem out. I know that the systematic counting principle is used. However, I cannot get the right answer. For the first part, I took R=2 N=6 6!/(6-2)! (Permutation). Answer: 30 choices for the Chair/Vice The second part, I took R=2 N=8 Combination ...

    I am trying to work this problem out. I know that the systematic counting principle is used. However, I cannot get the right answer. For the first part, I took R=2 N=6 6!/(6-2)! (Permutation). Answer: 30 choices for the Chair/Vice The second part, I took R=2 N=8 Combination ...

    I am trying to work this problem out. I know that the systematic counting principle is used. However, I cannot get the right answer. For the first part, I took R=2 N=6 6!/(6-2)! (Permutation). Answer: 30 choices for the Chair/Vice The second part, I took R=2 N=8 Combination ...
  30. calculus

    writing an exponential equation The function gives the value of a home in dollars in the year 1980 + t. Write an equation that can be used to determine the year in which the value of the home reached $100,000? Use ^ to denote an exponent. Do not solve the equation and do not ...
  31. geometry 10

    Type a counter-example that would have to exist in order for the conclusion to be false. Every map that has ever been drawn can be colored with four colors so that no two regions colored alike touch at more than one point. Conclusion: Every map can be colored with four colors...

    You currently drive 288 miles per week in a car that gets 24 miles per gallon of gas. You are considering buying a new fuel-efficient car for $15,000 (after trade-in on your current car) that gets 48 miles per gallon. Insurance premiums for the new and old car are $800 and $...
  33. Math(College Algebra)

    I'm having trouble how to set up this math problem: Rebecca Herst received a year-end bonus of $17,000 from her company and invested the money in an account paying 6.5%. How much additional money should she deposit in an account paying 5% so that the return on the two ...
  34. investing

    you plan to go back to school for 4yrs . You plan to save 6,400/yr beginning immediately . 4 deposits are made in an account that pays 5.7% interest. How much will you have 4yrs from today
  35. Managerial Accounting

    Doughboy Bakery would like to buy a new machine for putting icing and other toppings on pastries. These are now put on by hand. The machine that the bakery is considering costs $78,000 new. It would last the bakery for ten years but would require a $9,000 overhaul at the end ...
  36. Newest College Essay

    1) At the University of Maryland, we value a diverse community. How have your life experiences and background shaped you into an individual who will enrich the University of Maryland community? The Indian students were unaware of me standing on the balcony, watching them with ...
  37. Algebra

    Consider the following apportionment problem for College Town. Suppose each council member is to represent approximately 2,500 citizens. Use the apportionment plan requested in the problem, assuming there must be 10 representatives. North: 5,500 South: 9,000 East: 6,400 West: ...
  38. MATH

    24 1c coins are set out in a row on a table. Then every 2nd coin is replaced by a 2c coin every 3rd coin is replaced by a 5c coin every 4th coin is replaced by a 10c coin every 5th coin is replaced by a 20c coin every 6th coin is replaced by a 50c coin every 7th coin is ...
  39. Math

    1. First of all, pick the number of times a week that you would like to have chocolate (try for more than once but less than 10) 2. Multiply this number by 2 3. Add 5 4. Multiply it by 50 5. If you have already had your birthday this year add 1761 ; If you haven't, add 1760 6...
  40. kindergarten

    Johnny is a 5-year-old kindergarten student starting school for the first time. What changes do you expect to see Johnny go through in the course of his first year of school? Be specific in your response, addressing changes in his physical, emotional, and cognitive domains. ...
  41. Math

    Because of a recession, the value of a new house depreciated 10% each year for 3 yr in a row. Then, for the next 3 yr, the value of the house increased 10% each year. Did the value of the house increase or decrease after 6 yr? Explain. I feel that the house did not increase at...
  42. Calc

    Year 1940 1950 1960 1970 1980 Rate of change (million people per year) 29 49 67 76 98 If the population in 1940 were 2158 million and if the population in 1980 were 4846 million, what would be the true total change in population?
  43. math

    How long to the nearest year, will it take an investment at a rate of 12.7% to double its value if the interest is compounded every 6 months? I keep getting 568 years, I know this is not right. Could you please show me how to do this, do I take the log of both sides or just ...
  44. math 101

    Find each quotient. 7. 31  1,798 8. 81  7,776 9. 27  8,775 10. 96  31,776 11. 72  4,032 12. 78  12,168 13. 48  10,608 14. 56  31,136 15. The town collected $43,556 in park fees over the past year. The town has 12 parks. About how much in ...
  45. To Ms. Sue

    Vavenby citizens have decided that they don't want the community to take away their school. For the first time School Board Trustees have confronted the parents of the children who might be moved as part of a district reorganization plan. In late August trustees had 27 ...
  46. business math

    Please help me to solve the question below. An electrical appliances shop owner estimates that his sales will increase by 5% every month. The sales for the first month were $30,000. Find: a)The sales for the 10th month b)the total sales for the first year
  47. Bio

    Why do doctors recommend that people get a flu shot each new flu season? The vaccine wears out over time. The body eliminates the vaccine. The flu virus changes every year. The flu virus becomes immune to the vaccine.
  48. Stats

    In 1898 L. J. Bortkiewicz published a book entitled The Law of Small Numbers. He used data collected over 20 years to show that the number of soldiers killed by horse kicks each year in each corps in the Prussian cavalry followed a Poisson distribution with a mean of 0.63. (a...
  49. Business

    what are the essential lessons to be gleaned from these writings? what does President Obama's speech mean to you? what about Bill Maxwell article? I'm suppose to write a lyceum for my first year seminar class using this topic based off the president speech to the NAACP at ...
  50. math

    a new car depreciated by 20% in its first year. each succeeding year it depreciated by 10% assume the car is still in good working condition after 10 years. if the car costs $25,000 calculate the value of the car after 10 years. express your answer to the nearest $10. please ...
  51. Math

    The Bookholder Company manufactures two types of bookcases out of oal and walnut. Model 01 requires 5 board feet of oak and 2 board feet of walnut. Model 02 requires 4 board feet of oak and 3 board feet of walnut. A profit of $75 is made on each Model 01 bookcase and a profit ...
  52. AP Calculus AB

    A river boat company offers a 4th of july trip to an organization with understanding that there will be at least 400 passengers. each ticket is $12, and company agrees to refund $.20 to every passenger for each 10 passengers in excess of 400. find the number of passengers that...
  53. math

    You are offered two different sales jobs. The first company offers a straight commission of 4% of the sales. The second company offers a salary of $ 500 per week plus 2% of the sales. How much would you have to sell in a week in order for the straight commission to be equal to...
  54. English

    1. He had the man fix the computer. 2. He had the computer fixed by the man. 3. The man was had to fix the computer. 4. The man was asked to fix the computer. 5. The man was got to fix the computer. 6. The man was gotten to fix the computer. (Does #1 mean #2? What about #3? Is...
  55. English/Science

    I urgently need to talk to one of your science teachers. In particular, I need help to define the objectives for our two-year Comenius project concerning biodiversity in water. This comparative study will be carried out in English. 1) As you know, it will involve 17-year-old ...
  56. English/Science

    urgently need to talk to one of your science teachers. In particular, I need help to define the objectives for our two-year Comenius project concerning biodiversity in water. This comparative study will be carried out in English. 1) As you know, it will involve 17-year-old ...
  57. Nutrition

    I am in a Nutrition class and I have to develop a realistic nurtition and exercise plan to sumarize in a 1,400- to 1,750 word paper. The plan should be plausible enough to be initiated within the next 30 days and continue thoughout life. I have to describe briefly a current ...
  58. accounting 2

    allen company sells flags with team logos. Allen has fixed costs of $588,000 per year plus variable costs of $ 5.50 per flag. Each flag sells for $ 12.50.
  59. math

    Option A $5.75 for each visit Option B Yearly membership for $99, plus $.50 for each visit write an inequality that can be used to determine the minimum number of times a person would need to visit the gym in a year in order for option B to be less expensive than option A. $5....
  60. Environmental Science

    A nuclear burning power plant produces a total power of 1.1kW. It serves a community that requires 2.85 x 107 kJ of power over the entire year. How many days per year does the power plant need to operate to provide all this power? 300 days 250 days 365 days 200 days 150 days
  61. Algebra

    A company has determined that when x hundred dulcimers are​ built, the average cost per dulcimer can be estimated by ​C(x)=0.2x(squared)−2.6x+9.950​, where​ C(x) is in hundreds of dollars. What is the minimum average cost per dulcimer and how many dulcimers should be...
  62. accounting

    By Saturday, January 5, 2013, submit the following assignment: As a financial consultant, you have contracted with Wheel Industries to evaluate their procedures involving the evaluation of long term investment opportunities. You have agreed to provide a detailed report ...

    What are the next three terms in the sequence? –1, 9, 19, 29, … (1 point) 38, 37, 32 40, 51, 62 39, 49, 59 38, 47, 56 2. Geoff planted dahlias in his garden. Dahlias have bulbs that divide and reproduce underground. In the first year, Geoff’s garden produced 6 bulbs. In ...
  64. finance

    Not sure how to solve the following problem. Suppose two athletes sign 10-year contracts for $80 million. In one case, we're told that the $80 million will be paid in 10 equal installments. In the other case, we're told that the $80 million will be paid in 10 installments, but...
  65. economics

    A company is considering a plan that has different profit results under different conditions. Assuming there is a 20% chance of a boom and 10% chance of a recession, compute the expected value of their plan. Condition Result Boom $2,000,000 Profit Average $800,000 Profit ...
  66. economics

    A company is considering a plan that has different profit results under different conditions. Assuming there is a 20% chance of a boom and 10% chance of a recession, compute the expected value of their plan. Condition Result Boom $2,000,000 Profit Average $800,000 Profit ...
  67. math

    The enrollment in a university is now 52,500, an increase of 5% over the enrollment last year.By how many students did the enrollment increase this year? a. 2500 b. 47,500 c. 50,000 d. 55,000 e. 57,750 f. 60,000
  68. algebra

    In a recent year, the total sales at restaurant A were $25,000 more than at restaurant B. The total sales at the two stores were $500,000,000. What were the sales for the year at each store
  69. intro to computer

    Search: Your boss is very skeptical about the idea of storing his files up in the cloud rather than on a local storage drive. He asks you to give him the various advantages of cloud storage. Which of the selections below would not be a reason you give him? A. He won’t ...
  70. pre cal

    you decide to buy a car for 25000. each year your car depreciates in value by 5% from its original value. After 15 years though, your used car will only be worth $500 to a dealership. Write a piece wise function for C(t), car value over time, for this scenario Graph the ...
  71. Healthcare finance

    Lansing Surgical Supplies Inc, sells on terms of 2/10, net 30. Gross sales for the year are 1.3 million and the collections department estimates that 30 percent of the customers pay on the tenth day and take discounts, 40 percent pay on the thirtieth day, and the remaining 30 ...
  72. algebra 1

    A company manfactures an alarm clock. Three weeks ago the company had 250 on hand. Two weeks from now it will have 500. Assume the company will continue to make the clocks at the same rate.
  73. Business Managment

    Problem 11.3 -- Kelly is a 35 year old single parent with a one-year-old son. She earns $45,000 a year as a marketing analyst and has employer paid group life insurance worth twice her annual salary. She also participates in her employer’s 401(k) program. She has the ...
  74. Algebra

    Bayside Insurance offers two health plans. Plan A pays $90 + 40%. Plan B pays $140 + 35%. Giselle would savfe with plan B if she had more than ---in bills.
  75. Math - Trig

    if the diameter of a tire is 3.5 m and makes one rotation every 5 seconds, how far does the tire rotates in one minute?
  76. Finance

    Given an interest rate of 6.25% compounded annually, how much would you accumulate if you started with $3,250 and then contributed $1,950 per year (at the end of each year) for 13 years? Is this correct? Calculate each FV and sum? PV1 = 3,250 i = 6.25% N = 13 FV = PV2 = 1,950 ...
  77. Business Math

    Being inventory of 12 sets of paints at a cost of $1.50 each. During the year the store purchased 4 sets at $1.60, 6 sets at $2.20, 6 sets at $2.50, and 10 sets at $3.00. By the end of the year, 25 sets were sold. Caculate the number of paint sets in stock and the cost of ...
  78. english

    correct any errors. Please check my answers. Question: 12) Every player on the team, must give their best effort in the championship game. Every player on the team, must give his or her best effort in the championship game. Question: 13) Each person in the seminar must submit ...
  79. English

    posted by rfvv Tuesday, April 10, 2018 at 11:42pm 1. He is sitting at the computer. 2. He is working at the computer. 3. He is eating at the computer. [Are they all grammatical? Is he doing the activities near or in front of the computer?] Reed Wednesday, April 11, 2018 at 1:...
  80. Introduction to computers

    Your boss is considering a BYOD program for your company. He asks you if there are any negatives to such a program. What do you tell him? A. It limits the freedom of the user to access websites and applications. B. It introduces security and control problems. C. It requires ...
  81. finance

    Asset-liability management is the term where the maturity of an asset is similar to the time that the liability expires. Which of the following is not good asset-liability matching? -Brand new quality car financed by a 5-year loan. -Retirement fund for a 35-year old containing...
  82. English

    I still have some more sentences I need to check. Can you please have a look at them, too? 1) Hamlet arranges a play at court in order to expose his father's murdere. So in the third act there is the-play-within-the play that is paradoxically the only true thing in the play. 2...
  83. English

    Today we had a medical/physical checkup at school. A doctor and three nurses came to our school. I was 60 cm tall last year. Now I am 65 cm tall. I grew 5 cm from last year. My hearing was good. However, my teeth and eyes were bad. The doctor said I'm in bad health. I need to ...
  84. Math III

    1. Traci purchases a car for $16,000. If its depreciates by 12% per year, what will be the car's value in 5 years? 2. The population of flies in Mr. Bunn's classroom doubles every 5 days. If there where 10 flies on the first day of school, when will the population reach 2,000,...
  85. physics

    A stunt driver starting from rest needs to achieve a speed of 26.2 m/s. If her vehicle accelerates at 8.3 m/s/s, what distance (in m) must she travel to achieve the desired speed?
  86. 5th grade

  87. English 101

    Is this memo correct (semi-colon) in right sentence and time/date correct? Thanks! There were no punctuations at all when we were given this. We are going to make a few changes in the health plan we now offer; The Economy Plan and the Standard Plan—both of these will be ...
  88. accounting

    Olympic Sports Wear estimates its Annual Federal Income tax as $10,000. It has paid the tax in four installments of $2,500 each. However, at the end of the year, the actual tax amount is $11,200. Therefore, the company needs to pay $1,200 to the government. Instruction: ...
  89. Word Problem - Check Answer (geometric Seq)

    1) Suppose five people are ill during the first week of an epidemic and that each person who is ill spreads the disease to four people by the end of the next week. By the end of the tenth week of the epidemic, how many people have been effected by the illness? A - 1477625 b - ...
  90. Accounting

    A company using the periodic inventory system has the following account balances: Merchandise Inventory at the beginning of the year, $4,000; Transportation-In, $450; Purchases, $12,000; Purchases Returns and Allowances, $2,300; Purchases Discounts, $220. The cost of ...
  91. economics

    the smith company made and sold 10,000 metal tables last year. when output was between 5,000 and 10,000 tables, its average variable cost was $24. in this output range, each table contributed 60 percent of its revenue to fixed costs and profit. what was the price per table?
  92. accounting

    The following information is available for ABC Company for the year ended December 31, 1997: Ending Inventory …………………………. $7,500 Purchases …………………………………. 31,000 Transportation-in …………………………. 1,500 Beginning ...
  93. Happy New Year!

  94. finance

    Smith Technologies is expected to generate $125 million in free cash flow next year, and FCF is expected to grow at a constant rate of 3% per year indefinitely. Smith has no debt or preferred stock, and its WACC is 14%. If Smith has 45 million shares of stock outstanding, what...
  95. Political science

    Given the concerns of national Republican leaders, why is immigration reform having such a hard time winning a majority of Republican votes in the House? We were supposed to use data we found - we had to find the population percentage of Latinos in every republican represented...
  96. algebra

    please help with the following problem I have been stuck on this for 3 days now and cant grasp the concetp of what to do. bayside insurance offers two health plans. under plan a giselle would have to pay the first $120 of her medical bills, plus 40% of the rest. under plan b ...
  97. Economics question

    How much more output will the average American have next year if the $11 trillion U.S. economy grows by: a.
  98. economics

    Is it possible for a female only 21 years old and 1 year of work experience to have an income of $92560 US in the 1980s?
  99. Economics

    You have $1000. You can spend it on a TV or put the money in the bank at 4% interest for a year. What is the opportunity cost of buying the TV today?
  100. MATH HELP

    which of the following is likely to have a mass of 2 kilograms 1.a grown elephant 2. a pineapple 3. a 3 year old child 4. or an acorn
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