You and your friend are sledding on two sides of a triangle-shaped hill. On your side, the hill slopes up at 30.0° from the horizontal; on your friend's side, it slopes down at the same angle. You do not want

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  1. Trigonometry - Slopes stuff

    Point A is the terminal point of angle phi and point B is the terminal point of angle theta. Point A is in the first quadrant and point B is in the second quadrant, while tan phi = 1 and tan theta = -7. Find the slope of AB. Ok so since A is in the first quadrant and tan phi...
  2. communicate

    consider an artifact that is prominently displayed by a friend or co-worker - either at home or in some other space. In 1-2 paragraphs, explain how this artifact has influenced your interpretation of this person's identity. Is your perception more positive or negative because ...
  3. Physics

    A car parked on a hill. The driver starts the car, accelerates until the car is driving at constant speed, drives at constant speed, then brakes to put the brake pad in contact with the spinning wheels. How is static friction, sliding friction, rolling friction, and air ...
  4. English

    Could you help me check these sentences, please? They refer to the same theme as yesterday's ones. (Can you say that?) 1) We met my son’s ski instructor at the baby ski lift (?) at two sharp. 2) Most ski slopes are very simple and therefore suitable (right) for families with...
  5. Math

    5)Solve 2x2 +6x = 4 by completing the square. 6)Solve 3x2 - 6x- 24 = 0 using the quadratic formula. 7)The area of a circle is 25 in2. What is the radius, including the units? Area of a circle is ¢³r2. 8)The triangle has an area of 14 in2. Determine the lengths of the sides ...
  6. english helpp please

    i need to know how to find the whole appositive phrase. Then write just the word that is the appositive. how do i find them its reall confusing.... thankss in advance This webpage gives a clear definition and some excellent ...
  7. social studies essay

    Need help w/7 pg paper debating the pros and cons of year round schools. I've found the basic reasons for each side, but I find it's too difficult to write about both sides in one paper. Can you help me get started and give me some kind of outline to follow so I can fill in ...
  8. English

    Can you check the word choice in the following sentences? 1. We never did make to the stadium that day. 2. When the dog was jumping back on his pillow, he dragged the laptop with him. The laptop fell into the dustbin, which overturned spilling everything on the floor. 3. Once ...
  9. Calculus

    A home owner wants to fence in his yard of 600 sq. feet. Three sides are to be constructed with chain link fence at a cost of 3.25 per linear feet. The fourth side is to be constructed with a wood stockade fence at a cost of $5.45 per linear foot. A) what is a complete model ...
  10. Math

    Bren sets the table. He takes a square napkin and folds it in half. He makes a triangle. What two names can you use to describe the triangle?
  11. Physics Drwls

    I was wanting help with my physics post and since no one replied I thought there wasn't a physics tutor on Jiskha, but came back on today cause I really need to get a hang of my physics stuff and luckily seen you Drwls. A bike rider approachea a hill with a speed of 8.5m/s. ...
  12. math

    1) A rancher wants to enclose two rectangular areas near a river, one for sheep and one for cattle. There is 240m of fencing available. Express the area of the enclosures as a function of its dimension. No there is no common side (lets say.) Thanks
  13. math

    1) A rancher wants to enclose two rectangular areas near a river, one for sheep and one for cattle. There is 240m of fencing available. Express the area of the enclosures as a function of its dimension. No there is no common side (lets say.) Thanks
  14. accounting

    Event: One stockholder reported to the company that 330 shares of his East Hill stock had been sold and transferred to another stockholder for $3,700 cash. what effects does this event have on the balance sheet of a company? How do I input this in the balance sheet (asset= ...
  15. algebra 1

    Marla begins walking at 3 mi/h toward the library. Her friend meets her at the halfway point and drives her the rest of the way to the library. the distance tho the library is 4 miles. how many hours did marla walk?
  16. Math

    Marla begins walking at 3 mi/h toward the library. Her friend meets her at the halfway point and drives her the rest of the way to the library. The distance to the library is four miles. How many hours did Marla walk?
  17. Art

    I left out a sentence. Can you help me better express the following instruction? 1) Complete the following sentences with the past simple, past perfect, and past continuous. 1) My friend..... (be) upset because someone.....(steal) ........
  18. Math

    Marcus plays basketball for nine hours each week his friend Louis spends 5/6 as much time playing basketball who plays more basketball? I think you multiply 9x5/6, is that correct?
  19. statistics

    I visited a beautiful flower garden yesterday and counted exactly 90 flowers. Each flower was either red or yellow, and the flowers were not all the same color. My friend made the following observation: No matter which two flowers you might have picked, at least one was bound ...
  20. Math HELPP!!

    Eric Drew and up to's triangle. Which of the following could be true for Eric's triangle. A: all three angles have equal measures B: possible angle measures of the triangle are 92, 48, and 40•• C: two of the angles are equal, and the third angle has a measure of 70. D: One...
  21. physics

    A vehicle with a mass of 2 tons travels on a horizontal road at a speed of 126km/h.The driver notices a donkey at the side of the road and decides to reduce speed. The brakes are applied and the vehicle slows down to 72km/h after 5 seconds. Calculate the distance travelled ...
  22. math pls help!!!!!

    these are the few i don't know/im not sure. pls help! The distance from Newtown to Oldtown on the highway is (6x^2 + 2x – 2) miles. Using the back roads, the distance is (5x^2 – 8x – 6) miles. How many miles shorter is the second route? A. 11x^2 + 10x - 8 B. -x^2 - 6x + ...
  23. Math

    1. Based on the given information, what can you conclude, and why? Given: m angle P= m angle T ; PR=TR. A) Triangle QRP is congruent to Triangle TRS by SAS. B) Triangle QRP is congruent to Triangle SRT by SSS. C) Triangle QRP is congruent to Triangle SRT by ASA. D) Triangle ...
  24. Physics

    A small lead ball of mass 2kg is suspended at the end of a light string 1m in length. A small peg, 0.5m below the suspension point, catches the string in its swing. The ball is set swinging through small angles. A) What is the period of the pendulum? B) The ball has started ...
  25. Math

    Triangle RST has angles measuring 38° and 75°. Triangle R′S′T′ has angles measuring 67° and 38°. The sides are proportional.. Is it dilation? If not what is it??
  26. fdr

    a rectangular fence is constructed that will enclose 100 ft sq of land. three sides will be built from fencing that costs 10 dollars per foot and the 4th side will be built from fencing that costs 23 dollars per foot. find the dimensions of the rectangular fence that minimizes...
  27. Calc

    Hello everyone! Could you please help me with this one, I do not even know where to begin D: Show that of all isosceles triangles with two equal sides L and L, the one with the largest area is the one whose two equal sides are perpendicular. The only thing I can think of is ...
  28. Physics

    An escalator is 20 m long. If a person stands on the 'up' side, it takes 50 seconds to ride to the top. a) If a person walks up the escalator at a speed of 0.5 m/s relative to the escalator, how long wil it take to get to the top? b) If a person walks down the 'up' side at the...
  29. Math

    On a centimter dot grid, draw all pissible rectangles with area of 12 sq cm and sides whose length s are whole centimeters. Label the lengths of two adjacent sides of each rectangle.
  30. Algebra

    Please I need some help for this problem below please show the full solution thanks:Two angles of a triangle have the same measure and the third one is 51 degrees greater than the measure of each of the other two. Find the measure of the LARGEST angle in the triangle.
  31. Physics

    A motorcycle has a constant speed of 24.0 m/s as it passes over the top of a hill whose radius of curvature is 103 m. The mass of the motorcycle and driver is 347 kg. (a) Find the magnitude of the centripetal force that acts on the cycle. (b) Find the magnitude of the normal ...
  32. physics

    A motorcycle has a constant speed of 24.0 m/s as it passes over the top of a hill whose radius of curvature is 103 m. The mass of the motorcycle and driver is 347 kg. (a) Find the magnitude of the centripetal force that acts on the cycle. (b) Find the magnitude of the normal ...
  33. Math

    If two angles of one triangle are congruent to two angles of another triangle, then?
  34. Math

    Find the areaof the triangle having the indicated sides and angle. B = 72 degrees 30' a = 105 c = 64
  35. math

    #2 Determine whether the triple of numbers can be the sides of a right triangle. 2)9,12,16 Answer choice: a.) yes b>) no
  36. geometry

    find the radius of the circle inscribed in a triangle whose sides are 15cm, 17 cm and 8cm?
  37. Math - Please Help

    Okay, Assume the triangle has the given measurements. Solve for the remaining sides and angles. A = pi/6; a = 17.4; b = 19.6
  38. Geometry

    a triangle has vertices A, B, and C, and the respective opposite sides have lengths a,b, and c. If a=1, b=3, and C=60, then sin^2(B) is equal to ?
  39. Geometry

    To find the perimeter of the triangle do I add all the sides together? L1 = 12.5in, L2 = 10.6 in, and L3 = 9.5 in Is the answer 32.6?
  40. Math--Please help

    Prove that no isosceles right triangle exists whose sides are integers.
  41. tfryu

    a triangle has a base of 18in. , sides of 14in. and 16in. with a height of 4in. What is the area?
  42. math

    Can a right triangle have sides of length 1, 7, and 5 to the square root of 2? Justify your answer.
  43. Math

    Find the perimeter of a triangle with sides 2ft 4in, 3ft, and 4ft 6in.
  44. math homework

    What is the perimeter of a triangle whose sides measure 21cm, 16cm, and 19cm?
  45. Analytic Geometry

    Find the bisectors of the interior angles of the triangle whose sides are the line 7x+y-7=0, x+y+1=0 and x+7y-4=0.
  46. Math

    a right angled triangle has a perimeter of 96.22. if the hypotenuse is 40 cm. how long are the other 2 sides. The answer is 25 and 31.22
  47. math

    a circle of radius r is inscribed in a right triangle of sides 5cm,12cm,and 13cm.r
  48. math

    find the length of the hypotenuse of a right triangle, the other tow sides of which measure 9 cm and 12 cm.
  49. Maths

    Construct a triangle ABC IN WHICH BC= 5.5 CM ,ANGLE B=60DEGREE AND SUM OF OTHERtwo SIDEs is 8.6cm
  50. Geometry

    The circle touches the sides of triangle ABC at X,Y and Z. If BC=11cm, CA=10cm and AB=9cm,find AY and BX
  51. Geometry

    the sides of triangle abc are ab=5, bc=12 and ac=10. find the length of the line segment drawn from vertex a and bc.
  52. math

    Classify the triangle with sides measuring 11 cm, 5 cm, and 10 cm. equilateral isosceles scalene none of the above
  53. 6th Grade Math

    Formulas for a Triangle perimeter- a + b + c (add all sides) semiperimeter- a + b + c ÷ 2 (add all sides the divide by 2) area- base • height ÷ 2 (multiply base by heighth divide by 2) base- 2 • area ÷ height (2 by area divide by heighth) height- 2 • area ÷ base (2 ...
  54. maths-constructions

    Construct a rhombus ABCD in which AB= 6 cm and angle ABC= 60degree. Divide it into two triangle ABC and ADC. Construct a triangle AB 'C ' similar to triangle ABC with scale factor 2/3. Draw a line segment C 'D ' parallel to CD, where D ' lies on AD. Is AB 'C 'D ' a rhombus
  55. Psychology

    If a negative correlation between two sets of scores is displayed as a scatterplot, the points are clustered in a pattern that Question 5 options: resembles a bell-shaped curve. extends from the lower left to the upper right of the plot. resembles a U-shaped curve. extends ...
  56. English

    Hey, I was wondering if I could get some help looking for figurative language in this poem, like simile, assonance, alliteration, personification, metaphor, onomatopoeia, ext. Thanks! What do I care that the stream is trampled, the sand on the stream-bank still holds the print...
  57. 6th grade pre-ap LA

    We are writeing a letter to seniors in a retirement home. these people have no familey and no friends. what would be an apropitate way to adress the letter if it is personal but we don't know them? It can not be dear resident or dear friend or anything like that
  58. Social Studies

    I asked my son to visit a sick friend, his favourite film is on tv that night. He's form, but decides to visit anyway. Am I correct when I say according to G.H. Mills 'the generalised other' governed his behaviour. or is the the significant other
  59. Physics

    Two blocks of masses m1 = 6 kg and m2 = 6 kg are on either side of the wedge shown in the figure above.(m1 on ramp of 30 degrees and m2 on ramp of 60 degrees) Find their acceleration and the tension in the rope. Ignore friction and the pulley.
  60. physics

    a boy on a small hill aims his water ballon slingshot horizontally straight horizontally at a second boy hanging from a branch of a tree at a distance of d away . at the instant ballon is released the second boy let go and fall off froom tree to aviod eing hit will his plan ...
  61. Science

    which of the following statements is true as the moon goes from new moon to full moon phase? (2 points) A:We see more of the lighted side of the moon B:We see less of the lighted side of the moon C:The time it takes to go from new moon to full moon is 2 weeks D:The time it ...
  62. Pre-calc Math

    The path of a satellite orbiting the earth causes the satellite to pass directly over two tracking stations A and B, which are 95 mi apart. When the satellite is on one side of the two stations, the angles of elevation at A and B are measured to be 87.0° and 84.2°, ...
  63. Pre algebra

    How do we set up this problem. The product of a number and 6 is decreased by 8. The result is 13 greater than the product of 4 and the same number increased by 3. What is the number? He set it up like follows: 6N-8=4N+3 6N-4N=8+3 2N=11 N=11/2 but I can't figure out where the ...
  64. Algebra word difficult

    Last three year kemi who happens to be my sister was 2wice as old as my lovely brillant primary school friend femi,last three years when i was two less than femi age now.the sum of kemi age in the next 9years and femi age noe and my age in the next three year will be equal to ...
  65. Math (HELP PLEASE)

    1) An elevator goes down 7 floors, up 3 floors, up 6 floors, down 8 floors, up 1 floor, and down 6 floors. It is now on floor 3. Which floor did it start on? 2) Megan bought a book for $12.00, received an allowance of $15.00, paid back a loan of $7.00, bought lunch for $8.50,...
  66. Physics 12

    how to calculate the tie when the initial velocity of and object (rock) is given ( 12m/s 42 degrees above the horizontal. The object land at the other side of say a moat at a level of 9.5 m below the initial level. Air resistance is negligible. What is the time of flight? (the...
  67. physics

    A sports car of mass 1300 kg (including the driver) crosses the rounded top of a hill (r = 86 m) at 23 m/s. Determine the normal force exerted by the car on the 74 kg driver. Determine the car speed at which the normal force on the driver equals zero.
  68. 7th grade math

    My friend is in the 7th grade and broke his wrist so he cannot type. Wat is the square root of pi.He said he knows pi=3.14 but he doesn't know how to work it out. He said thanks.
  69. Math

    Eric's friend Dawn said that she could make a larger number of different designs with 15 tiles with Eric's 13 tiles. Do you agree with Dawn? Explain.
  70. math

    lori recently rode her bike to her friend's house, 8 miles away. On her way back she rode 15mph faster than on her way there. She spent a total of 2 hours biking. What was her average speed each way?
  71. Math

    You and your friend ordered a 12 inch pizza to split for lunch. How many square inches of pizza do you each get to eat? Round answer to 2 decimal places. 37.68 square inches
  72. PSY

    In an English class last semester, Foofy earned a 76 1X 5 85, SX 5 10). Her friend, Bubbles, in a different class, earned a 60 1X 5 50, SX 5 4). Should Foofy be bragging about how much better she did? Why?
  73. Language Arts

    Which sentence has correct subject - verb agreement a) casey or robbie are coming to the movies with us b) swimming and skiing is my favorite sports c) sandwhiches or pizza both sounds good for a quick dinner** d) either your brother or his friend is making a lot of noise ...
  74. Geometry

    #4 Which could be the scale factor of the following similar figures? (1 point) The first triangle's sides are 9,9,12 The second triangles sides are 6,6,8 A.) 2/3 B.) 3/4 C.) 1 D.) 3/2 E.) 4/3 My answers: b & c _______________________________ #5 The rectangles in the figure ...
  75. IT

    I was told to Select 2 common processors – one Intel and AMD. What is the Maximum Operating Temperature (report in both F˚ and C˚). I have searched everywhere and can not find anything. My friend uses this a lot and he said that maybe I should try. Can someone ...
  76. English

    choose from For example or therefore 1. Most listeners don't simply absord your message of thier own called feedback._______, when you phone a friend to say you'll be late, you may hear,"Hey, you really need to get here on time!" That is feedback. I am a bit confused. Thanks
  77. algebra

    Peter is throwing a surprise party for his friend Tammy. He has a budget of $350. If the restaurant charges $20 per person for drinks and food and a cleanup fee of $35, what is the maximum number of people that he can invite to stay within budget? Write and solve an inequality.
  78. English

    hi im working on same poem ice storm; the hill a pyramid of black crystal down with the cars slide like phosphorescent beetles while I, walking backwards in obedience to the wind, am possessed of the fearful knowledge my compatriots share but almost never utter: this is a ...
  79. Pre-Calc

    1. Determine the quadrant in which the terminal side of the angle is found and find the corresponding reference angle. theta = 4 I know how to find the terminal side when theta has pi in it (for example: 4pi/3), but I don't understand what just "4" means. 4 pi? 2. Find an ...
  80. Chemistry

    Problem If 1500 white blood cells are lined up side by side, they would form a row 1.0 inch long. What is the average diameter of a single white blood cell? (1 inch = 2.54cm) Set up a proportion. 1500/2.54 = 1/x x is the length of 1 white blood cell. Seems like a large number ...
  81. MATH

    Which triangle is not possible to construct? A a right isosceles triangle B an acute equilateral triangle C an obtuse scalene triangle D a right equilateral triangle Would it be A
  82. Math

    In a standard set of dominoes, a face of each domino has a line through the center, with 0 to 6 dots on each side of the line. Each possible combination of dots is used exactly once, one combination per domino. What is the probability that a randomly selected domino will have ...
  83. Math

    In a standard set of dominoes, a face of each domino has a line through the center, with 0 to 6 dots on each side of the line. Each possible combination of dots is used exactly once, one combination per domino. What is the probability that a randomly selected domino will have ...
  84. math

    everybody help!!!!!!!!!!!!i cant post it but its a graph and it do tomarow tell me wut a variable and wat i will dooooooooooooooooooo neeeeeeeee Well we'll need to know what the question is before we'll be able to help. So what is your question? well the indepentant variable ...
  85. math

    A rectangle has one side on the x-axis and two vertices on the curve y=6/{1+x^2}. Find the vertices of the rectangle with maximum area. Vertices =
  86. ap calc

    I have solved the problem but am not sure it it is right. I would appreciate if you would check to see if my answer is right. The height of the ball thrown upwards from the top of a 20 foot hill is given by h(t)= -16t^2+90t+20 ft (where t is measured in seconds). how high ...
  87. math

    Hill crest public elementary school was recycling their copier paper after the students had completed the worksheets.They found that when they filled a barrel with paper,it weighed an average of 225 kilograms if they collected 16 barrels of paper during the year.What was the ...
  88. math

    1.) The first person who requires your assistance is Tina the bearded lady. Tina’s side job is to look after the elephants (she double majored at circus university.) a. Tina must fill the semi-circular trough shown above with peanuts. Tina knows that the store bought peanuts...
  89. Physics

    On a recent trip to a water park, you notice there is a new slide that you ride down a steep hill, then it carries you back up another ramp and shoots you into a pool. All the kids around you are saying that you leave the ramp at 50 m/s. If the initial height of the slide is ...
  90. MGT repost with rt. questions

    HELP ASAP>>>> here it is: Incident 14–1 No Extra Effort You are the supervisor of nurses in the pediatrics section of a 700-bed hospital in a metropolitan area. You have been in your job for six months, having moved from a similar position in a much smaller rural...
  91. math

    lisa made a long-distance telephone call to her friend Jane. the cost was $.42 for the fist minute and $.19 for each additional minute. what was the total length of the call if it cost $2.89
  92. Physics

    You run a race with your friend. At first you each have the same kinetic energy, but then you find that she is beating you. When you increase your speed by 21.0%, you are running at the same speed she is. If your mass is 77.0 kg, what is her mass?
  93. Psychology (statistics)

    In an English class last semester, Foofy earned a 76 1X 5 85, SX 5 10). Her friend, Bubbles, in a different class, earned a 60 1X 5 50, SX 5 4). Should Foofy be bragging about how much better she did? Why?
  94. Math

    There are 4 brownies to share among 7 friends . How many brownies woukd each friend get ? A) solve this problem with a diagram and with a equation . B) describe the connections you see between the diagram and the equation
  95. Electr. and Magnetism

    1) A charge of 80nC is uniformly distributed along the x-axis from x= 0 to x= 2.0m. Determine the magnitude of the electric field at a point on the x-axis with x=8.0m. a] 30 N/C b] 15 N/C c] 48 N/C d] 90 N/C e] 60 N/C 2) 3 point charges, 2 positive and one negative, each ...
  96. MATH

    Henry had x oranges. he gave 12 to his sister and 6 fewer to his friend. He remained with twice as many as he gave away. How many oranges had he at first
  97. Math

    You are designing a rectangular dog pen off the back of your house. The House will form one side of the dog pen. The pen is to have an area of 800 ft.² but you want to minimize the amount of fencing that you need for the three sides of the pen not against the house. This will...
  98. English

    Imagine that you are an agent who is interested in publishing new authors. Choose any book you like and present the book to a publisher in New York. How's this; To whom it may concern, A very great friend of mine decided to begin writing the bible for kids. He just completed ...
  99. trigonometry - maths

    The difference between the two acute angles of a right angled triangle is 2pie /5 radians . Express the angle of the triangle in degree and grade .
  100. Calculas

    A box lid is to be made from a rectangular piece of cardboard measuring 72 cm by 216 cm. Two equal squares of side x are to be removed from one end, and two equal rectangles are to be removed from the other end so that the tabs can be folded to form a box with a lid. Find x ...
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