Write down a sentence in a contraction in each box. Write down a sentence having a contraction in each box. Write down a sentence with a contraction in each box. Write down a sentence in a shortened word in each

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  1. calc help

    consider the function f(x)= x^2/4 -6 Rn is the Riemann sum where the sample points are chosen to be the right-hand endpoints of each sub-interval. Calculate Rn for f(x)= x^2/4 -6 on the interval [0,4] and write your answer as a function of n without any summation signs. Rn= ? ...
  2. English

    Can you please tell me if the term "overreacher" is appropriate is sentence 4 and if the word choice in the other sentences is correct? I need your help in expressing 5-6. 1) When considering your dissertation there is a link to the theme of the double which we dealt with in ...
  3. English

    1. What are people in the Netherlands hoping for? 2. What are people of the Netherlands hoping for? -They are hoping for another cold weather. -------------------- Which is right, 'in' or 'of' before the Netherlands? 3. How long didn't the race take place? - It didn't take ...
  4. Math

    Use sets to verify that 8>6. Here is how I answered this question: I will use sets A and B with eight and six elements. A={8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1} B={6,5,4,3,2,1}. Using the symbol 8 to represent n(A) and the symbol 6 to represent n(B), I will write 8>6 (read eight is greater ...
  5. Language Arts

    7. Which sentence uses the italicized word incorrectly? 1 The dragonfly (SKIMMED) the surface of the pond. 2 When Aunt Hazel was young, no girl would ask a (FELLOW) on a date.**** 3 The young boy (SKIMMED) his knee on the pavement. 4 That (FELLOW) is rarely happy. 8. Which ...
  6. English (Check)

    Write A if the verb is in the active voice and P if it is in the passive voice. Then, rewrite the sentence using a verb in the opposite voice, adding or dropping words as necessary. 1. The ship took in all the cargo. A: A = active voice. All the cargo was taken in by the ship...
  7. Public Administration

    I need to write a research paper. I picked the economic impact of illegal immigration. I am having trouble figuring out what the independent, dependent, and control (if any) variables could be. I need to have at least one of each. I am thinking one variable is the economy from...
  8. Sources of error for lab

    Hey! So I need help coming up with a source error for this lab I did. We rolled a car down a wooden board and timed the cart rolling down at different distances on the board. So far I have errors dealing with friction, the stopwatches, and the wooden board (kept on falling). I...
  9. English

    Why is the telephone convenient? 1. We don't have to talk face to face. 2. We don't have to write letters to someone that is far away from us. 3. We don't have to write letters to people who are far away from us. 4. We don't have to visit others' houses to talk with them. 5. ...
  10. physics

    bill and bob are both on the roof of a building 176.4 m high. bill drops a penny straight down at the same instant, bob throws a dime vertically upwards. the dime is thrown over the age when it comes back down it misses the roof and follows the penny to the street below. how ...
  11. physics

    bill and bob are both on the roof of a building 176.4 m high. bill drops a penny straight down at the same instant, bob throws a dime vertically upwards. the dime is thrown over the age when it comes back down it misses the roof and follows the penny to the street below. how ...
  12. English, please help

    I'm having a brain freeze. Is this sentence right: "Dad, you promise to come watch me in the play, right" said Ryan? I forget does the ? go after right and a period after Ryan. Thanks
  13. Math

    There are 39 books in the Old Testament an 27 books in the New Testament. Write a ratio in lowest terms to compare the number of books in the Old Testament to the number in the New Testament. I don't quite remember how to do ratios, could someone please help? A ratio is a ...
  14. Algebra 1

    So I have this problem: Dave can vote. (18 or over.) Dave is 5 years older than Jim. Jim is not old enough to vote. Write a mathematical inequality expressing Dave's age. (Hint: determine Dave's maximum and minimum age.) So I have his minimum age as 18 and his maximum age as ...
  15. English

    1. I am looking for a big house which I can live in. 2. I am looking for a big house to live in. 3. I am looking for a big house which to live in. 4. I am looking for a big house in which to live. (Sentence 1 is a complex sentence. The others are simple sentences. Are all the ...
  16. English

    Original sentence: The members of Congress would rather stonewall the proposal rather than to pass the new law. Here is my corrected sentence: 3. The members of Congress would like to stonewall the proposal and not pass the new law.
  17. English

    1. It was thought that the pupil was a round object much like an apple. 2. It was thought that the pupil was a round object which was much like an apple. ------------------- What is the meaning of "much like"? What other expressions can we use instead of 'much like'? Is ...
  18. college - computers in operation managment

    It’s lunch time and you’re at Subway. You would like to get a 6” sub sandwich and a beverage for sure and are deciding whether or not you would also like soup and/or a cookie. You only have $13 on you. You also have certain nutritional requirements that your meal choice ...

    WHAT ARE THE VERBS IN THE FOLLOWING SENTENCE: THE GIRL WAS NEVER ON TIME FOR SCHOOL. There is only one verb in that sentence: was. Here is a good webpage that can help you with verbs: http://members.cox.net/lenco1/grammarpractice/verbs/verb.htm =)
  20. Math ASAP please

    13. Mia charges $2.25 per hour when she babysits, plus $5.00 for transportation expenses. Write a function rule to represent the amount y Mia charges to babysit for x hours. (1 point) y = 2.25x + 5.00 y = 5.00y + 2.25 y = 5.00x + 2.25 y = 7.25x 14. The sale price of ground ...
  21. Statistics

    Can anyone tell me how to use TI-84 calculator to solve this problem??? A company has developed a new type of light bulb, and wants to estimate its mean lifetime. A simple random sample of 12 bulbs had a sample mean lifetime of 692 hours with a sample standard deviation of 30 ...
  22. Resume

    A link to a how to page please. Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "resume write" to get these possible sources: http://jobstar.org/tools/resume/index.php http://www.how-to-write-a-resume.org/resume_writing.htm http://www.soyouwanna....
  23. Geometry

    Describe in words the translation of X represented by the translation rule T < -7, -8 > (X). A. 7 units to the right and 8 units up B. 8 units to the left and 7 units up C. 7 units to the right and 8 units down D. 7 units to the left and 8 units down***** If I am wrong, ...
  24. English

    Here are some more sentences I need you to check. 1) Translate the following verbs then write the past simple and the past participle of each verb. 2) Write four questions each including a verb mentioned above. 3) Witches were suspected of casting spells on cattle and of ...
  25. English

    I have to underline the word or phrase or clause that is not parallel sentence and then rewrite it The dog had to choose between jumping over the fence or he could have dug a hole underneath it. Is this correct: I would underline between and to rewrite the sentence as follow ...
  26. Algebra--please help!

    Here are some more questions I'm having trouble with. Please walk me through them so I can fully understand them. #2: Let A be (5,9), B be (-3,-5), and C be (1,1). The median of a triangle connects a vertex of a triangle to the midpoint of the opposite side. *Another note: ...
  27. Chemistry

    A solution made up of 1.00 M NH3 and 0.500 M (NH4)2SO4 has a pH of 9.26. a. Write the net ionic equation that represents the reaction of this solution with a strong acid. b. Write the net ionic equation that represents the reaction of this solution with a strong base. c. To ...
  28. Science

    it is now 8:59am but when the bell rings at 9:00am Suzete will be late for Science class. She must get from one side of school down three different hallways. She runs down the first a distance of 35.0 m at a speed of 3.50m/s. The second haallway is filled with students and she...
  29. Physics help!

    An extreme skier, starting from rest, coasts down a mountain that makes an angle of 26.7 ° with the horizontal. The coefficient of kinetic friction between her skis and the snow is 0.248. She coasts for a distance of 10.5 m before coming to the edge of a cliff. Without ...
  30. English

    I hear the mournful wail of millions, whose chains, heavy and grievous yesterday, are to-day rendered more intolerable by the jubilant shouts that reach them. Which definition of rendered is most likely suited for this line? Caused to be a certain nature Melted down Repeated ...
  31. help with solving

    x^2+(x-2)^2 = (2x-6)^2 solve for x. thanks so much. Please keep in mind that tutors here won't simply do your work for you. I'm sure you'll get a better response if you show your work as far as you can get, so tutors will know where you get stuck. =) it was a word problem and ...
  32. grammar

    I have to annotate the text of Martin Luther King Jr Letter from Birmginham Jail. Look for: •Appeals (ethos, pathos, logos) •Call to actions •Structure of text •Diction •Sentence structure •Any other rhetorical device employed by King How do I annotate structure of...
  33. environmental science

    How should I write my notes. For what class? It depends on what class you are speaking of. Oh..ha..the post title. Okay.. For a science class you could write in outline form. This is not the only correct way to write your notes but it's how I organize mine. Another suggestion ...
  34. English

    Which one of the following sentences is grammatically correct. A. I really need to lay down. B. Sit it down over there by the window. C. I thought it would be best if I were to rise the curtin. D. The men came today to lay the carpet in the living room. (Broken Link Removed) (...
  35. MATH

  36. COM220

    Strategies for gathering information Appendix D Is the source the name of the article or the reference who wrote it. What goes in the source box?
  37. English

    Type the correct pronoun in the box. Each of the students must give ___?___ presentation next Tuesday
  38. physics

    A horizontal force of 25 newtons pushes a box a distance of 30 meters across the floor. How much work is done by the force?
  39. math

    The volume of a ball is 288 pi cm^3. Find the dimensions of a rectangular box that is just large enough to hold the ball.
  40. math

    Express the volume of a rectangular solid (box) whose height, width and length are x,2x and 3x, respectively, as a function of its width.
  41. physics

    You can lift a box up a vertical distance of 1 meter or you can slide it up a frictionless 2-meter ramp. How do the amounts of forces compare?
  42. Math

    a box contains 3 yellow socks, 4 blue, 1 orange, and 2 green....what is the probability of picking 2 blue at the SAME TIME!!!
  43. math puzzle

    How do you add up numbers between 1 to 8 to get the sum of nine across, diagonally and horizontally in a box of nine squares?
  44. mah

    a sewing box is 24cm by 18cm by 9cm. it is to be completely covered with silk material. what is the total surface to be covered?
  45. physical science

    A ramp is 2.8m long and 1.2m high. How much power is needed to push a box up the ramp in 4.6s with a force of 96N
  46. calculas

    Suppose that the box height is h = 2 in. and that it is constructed using 193 \text{in.}^2 of cardboard (i.e., AB = 193). Which values A and B maximize the volume?
  47. Geometry: Area and Volume Math

    What is the volume of a cube shaped box with edges 6 cm. in length? A. 1,296 cu. cm. B. 36 cu. cm. C. 18 cu. cm. D. 216 cu. cm. please help
  48. physics

    A 40-N box is suspended in the ceilingusing two ropes . Each ropes makes an angle of 45° with the vertical . How much is the tension in each rope?
  49. math

    six boxes of twinkies are in tent.Seven people want to equally share them. what faction of a box of twinkies will each person get?
  50. Phsics

    HOW MUCH WORK IS DONE With a HORIZONTAL FORCE OF 50.0 N AT AN ANGLE OF 24 degrees over a level distance of 5.0 m. What net work is done on the box?
  51. physical science-asap

    If you perform 10 joules of work lifting a 10-N box from the floor to a shelf how high is the shelf? a. 1 m b. 2 m c. 10 m d. 100 m
  52. volume

    Estimate the volume of a box that is 7 cm long on each side.
  53. math

    each box has 10 pencils . how many pencils do 3 boxes have ?
  54. Algerbra

    Q1. Solve the system of equationd by addition method. -2x+y=6 -3x-4y=20 Select the correct choice below and, if necessary, fill in the answer box to comlete your choice a)The solution is__(simplify your answer. type an ordere pair) b) Infinitely many solutions c) No Solution ...
  55. Twelfth Night

    This is a request. I am not sure how to write a formal essay. I have handed one in and I do not think it was write. Could you make up a good introduction for why, "And thus the whirligig of time brings back his revenges," is true. True, meaning that you agree with the meaning ...
  56. Language

    Let me introduce Javier Solas, who is running for president of the student council. As than Liu, last year's president, said " I can't imagine voting for anyone but Javier. He's clearly the best-qualified candidate. Nearly every other member of last year's student council has ...
  57. history

    Please check my history. Some of them I don't know. If the statement is true, write "true". If it is false, write the word or words that would replace the underlined words to make it true. 1. The assasination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand sparked the beginning of World War I. ...
  58. ELA - English

    1. Choose the correct part of speech for "my" from the sentence below: my friend cooper needs to go to the orthodontists office on wednesday because one of his brackets is loose * common noun objective pronoun possessive pronoun nominative pronoun 2. Choose the correct part of...
  59. English Check!

    Underline the figurative expression(s) in each sentence. Identify the type of expression by writing S for simile or M for metaphor next to the sentence. Sentences might contain both a simile and a metaphor. Can someone chek my work thanks! 1. The glare of the desert sun seemed...
  60. 7th grade math Ms. Sue please last questions

    19. Julia is allowed to watch no more than 5 hours of television a week. So far this week, she has watched 1.5 hours. Write and solve an inequality to show how many hours of television Julia can still watch this week. 20. You are a member of your local movie theater’s club. ...
  61. Alegebra

    The mortgage department of the company is selling two model homes that are located on the same block. The square footage, as well as the type of model, determines the cost of these homes. e) The second home has 200 square feet more than the square footage of the first home. ...
  62. Physics

    A thickness planer is a machine that uses a rotating blade to shave a thin layer of wood off the top of the surface. While operating, a piece of wood is inserted such that it causes the machine to struggle and slow down due to resistance of the lumber. Curiously, the 15 amp ...
  63. physics

    An asteroid is moving along a straight line. A force acts along the displacement of the asteroid and slows it down. The asteroid has a mass of 4.9 × 104 kg, and the force causes its speed to change from 7600 to 5400 m/s. (a) What is the work done by the force? (b) If the ...
  64. grammar

    2. The patient was brought to the operating room, general endotracheal anesthesia was induced by the anesthesia service. which of the following is true for the above sentence a. This is a comma splice that can be fixed by removing the comma. b. This is a comma splice that can ...
  65. Math

    Write a false conditional statement. Is it possible to insert the word "not" into your conditional to make it true? If so,write the true conditional. -False-If all male are human, then all human are male. -True-If all male are human, then all human are not male. Does this make...
  66. math

    A steel ball is dropped from rest from the roof of a building. An observer standing behind a window that is part way down the building 120 cm high notes the ball takes 0.125 s to fall from the top to the bottom of the window. The ball continues to fall, makes an elastic ...
  67. English 7 - Perserverance Poster Project

    I have this project that my english teacher assign the class to do. Since we are on our perserverance unit this have something to do with perserverance. She gave the class guildelines sheet for the poster. Also we have to work in a group of three so me and 2 others boys (...
  68. grammar

    I need help with correctly punctuating this sentence. I am not sure where the period goes. Should it be inside or outside the parenthesis in this sentence? The textbook had recently been revised. (The last revision took place in 1992). Thank you This site will give you ...
  69. English

    Homework Help: English Posted by rfvv on Tuesday, October 27, 2015 at 9:18am. 1. Tomorrow, we're going to go to hike. 2. Tomorrow, we're going to go hiking. =================== Which one is grammatical? Are both grammatical? Then, what is the differencein meaning?•English - ...

    Assignment problems: Write Java programs for each of the following. 1. Students in a university class are being organized into groups of three for an upcoming research project. To model this situation: a. Write a Student class that stores the name, email address and phone ...

    Assignment problems: Write Java programs for each of the following. 1. Students in a university class are being organized into groups of three for an upcoming research project. To model this situation: a. Write a Student class that stores the name, email address and phone ...
  72. Calculus

    In order to express the function y=12^19x+7 as a composition of two functions the outer of which is an exponential function,we would let u be equal to the inner function, u=19x+7, and then write y as a function of u, as follows: y= ??? . (b) In order to express the function P=...
  73. essay- any ideas?

    I have to write an essay about the importance of accepting others as they are. Any ideas?? You could write about stereotypes (pick two or three) and how they keep us from seeing people as individuals. Sometimes the stereotypes fit (or should I say, people fit the stereotype ...
  74. BOOKS.. english

    Explain how John Hersey blended characteristics of fiction and nonfiction in Hiroshima. How does this combination of genres help Hersey convey his feelings about the atomic attack on Hiroshima? Write a short essay that explains your answer. Support your ideas with details from...
  75. Spanish

    This writing assignment has two parts (A and B). Make sure to complete both parts. A. Write a conversation in which you catch up on things with a friend you've run into on campus. Mention how you're feeling, what classes you're taking, what days and times you have classes, and...
  76. Physics

    A 10 m long frictionless ramp is inclined at an angle of 30 degress to the horizontal. A boy of mass 57 kg coasts down the incline on a skateboard of mass 3.0 kg. The acceleration due to gravity may be taken as 9.8 m/s^2 and the effects of air resistance can be ignored. a) ...
  77. algebra 2

    im studying radicals and im having trouble....i need help on this one....i really don't know how to write but here it goes... the nth root is 4square root of 5 times the nth root is 4 square root of 5...i need to simplify the expression
  78. Grammar

    7When you finish your homework, please take the dog for a walk. The part of the sentence that is underlined is When you finish your homework. I believe that this is a dependent clause because it cannot stand alone and When is a dependent marker. 8. After Juan completed the ...
  79. Algebra

    I needed help with these problems: 1.Charles wants to dig a rectangular flower bed which is twice as long as it is wide. Let x be the number in feet in width. If you are given a width for the rectangle, would you evaluate the expression or write an equation and solve in order ...
  80. probability

    The lifetime of a type-A bulb is exponentially distributed with parameter λ. The lifetime of a type-B bulb is exponentially distributed with parameter μ, where μ>λ>0. You have a box full of lightbulbs of the same type, and you would like to know ...
  81. physics conclusion

    im not quite sure what to write for my conclusion for this physics experiment. The aim is to record measurements and carry out calulations with the correct number of figures. We had to take a brass rod and measure its width with vernier calipers which was 19.0 mm and its ...
  82. writing

    i have a writing topic i have to write a 3 paragraph essay on it. The topic is: "Think about other animal stories you have read or seen. What purpose do such stories often serve? Are they written merely to entertain, or to teach a lesson? Write a (minimum 3 paragraph) essay ...
  83. algebra

    you are going to the Maryland state fair and would like to play some carnival games with the hopes of winning a prize .your mom said you are allowed to play one game only .your task is to analyze two carnival games and predict the probability of winning each game. you will ...
  84. algebra

    Coulld someone take the time and check my answers please. 11) without graphing is the system independent, dependent, or inconsistent? y=-x+5 -3x-3y=-15 (my answer; dependent) 12) your club is baking vanilla and chocolate cakes for a bake sale. they need at most 19 cakes you ...
  85. English/History

    "The photographs which the man brought showing bridges and cities, trains, boats, big buildings, were not impressive to us...Having had no experience with the diminished scale of things in a photograph, we gained no magnitude." Does this sentence say that the people were not ...
  86. English

    Could you please check these sentences? Thank you very much, Writeacher. 1) Your paragraphs show a good knowledge of the literary contents. As to the grammar, you are still unsure in the use of tenses and prepositions. 2) As to cohesion, you failed to write an introduction or ...
  87. math

    the game of Razz is played by 2 people using number cards,each card containing a number between 10 and 50.These cards are placed face down.In turn,each player turns up 4cards,chooses one and turns the other 3 back down.The winner is the first player who obtains 3 cards with ...
  88. health ethics

    Paula doesn't want her violent boyfriend to know she's getting an abortion, so she ask her Dr. to send all communications to her to a post office box an to phone her only at work. What should the Dr. do legally?
  89. Algebra

    A 3 inch thick slice is cut off the top of a cube, resulting in a rectangular box that has volume 128in^3 .Round your answer to two decimal places
  90. Math

    A manufacturer uses a 28 x 41 metal sheet to construct an open box by cutting out squares from each corner. What length square should be cut to maximize volume?
  91. josh

    A cardboard box without a top is to have volume 500000 cubic cm. Find the dimensions which minimize the amount of material used. List them in ascending order.
  92. calc 3

    A cardboard box without a top is to have volume 500000 cubic cm. Find the dimensions which minimize the amount of material used. List them in ascending order.
  93. Probability

    With her box of 64 crayons, your little sister decides to draw a picture of the family: herself, you, and your parents. How many different ways could she find to give you all hair colors?
  94. Probability

    With her box of 64 crayons, your little sister decides to draw a picture of the family: herself, you, and your parents. How many different ways could she find to give you all hair colors?
  95. Geometry

    If the ladder extends to a length of 158 inches, what is the height of the house rounded to the nearest hundredth of an inch? Type the numeric answer only in the box below.
  96. Physics Grade 11

    12kg box is placed on a rough surface. A force of 20N is applied at an angle of 30 degrees. Calculate the magnitude and direction of the normal and friction forces
  97. Physics

    Use the concepts of acceleration, force and yield strength to explain why delicate goods shipped in a cardboard box are often first packed in polystyrene foam.
  98. Math

    A marble is 12mm in diameter what is the smallest height of a box that is 96mm square that can hold 200 marbles and still have the lid fit on without interference?
  99. math

    a box has a surface area of 184 sq in give the dimensions it could have for its length width and height hint find three areas that add up to 92 square inches
  100. science

    which of the following boxes below represent a stable system and describe how a disturbance to this box would affect it and use the terms center of mass and equilibrium in your response.
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