Write down a sentence in a contraction in each box. Write down a sentence having a contraction in each box. Write down a sentence with a contraction in each box. Write down a sentence in a shortened word in each

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  1. computer science

    How would you write this program? We are using Java in Netbeans IDE.. Write a program to enter the year (ex 2004) and month number (1-12) then compute the number of days in that month. Example Enter the Year: 2004 Enter the Month: 2 There are 29 days in that month
  2. History

    Read the sentence. The movement of British families from rural areas to cities during the Industrial Revolution was caused by __________. Which most accurately completes the sentence? encloser acts passed in parliament that closed farms to peasant works higher taxes enacted ...
  3. Physics

    Superman rushes to save Lois Lane, who has fallen (has been pushed?) from a window 120 m above a crowded street. Superman swoops down in the nick of time, arriving when Lois is 2.0 m above the street and stopping her just at ground level. Lois has a mass of 65 kg. Ignore air ...
  4. Art

    Could you please have a look at these sentences? Thank you very much, Writeacher. 1)We'll go on a bus sightseeing tour on which we'll admire the most famous attractions. 2) We are given a lunch box (by the hotel). 3) In the afternoon we'll go to the newly opened theme park "...
  5. Algebra 2

    1)Write an equation for the parabola with focus (4,0) and directrix y=2 4c(y - k) = (x - h)^2 4(-1)(y - 1) = (x - 4)^2 -4y + 4 = (x - 4)^2 -4y = (x - 4)^2 - 4 y = (-1/4)(x - 4)^2 + 1 2)Write an equation for the ellipse with end points of the major axis at (7,1) and (-7,1) and ...
  6. English

    1. Select the letter of the sentence in which the correct pronoun is used. A. The trip led to an argument between Helen and I. B. It was we who demanded an apology from the newspaper. C. We appreciated him writing a personal letter to explain his stand on the issue. D. The ...
  7. English-Native speakers

    Need help with one sentence structure. I don't know if I am going to be able to explain it good. It goes like this "the measures will have to be much more drastic than if they were conducted today" I need help with this part "than if they were conducted today". I want to say ...
  8. trig

    8. Write the equation for simple harmonic motion given that the amplitude is 5 centimeters and the frequency is 2/ ð cycles per second. Assume that the maximum displacement occurs when t = 0. a. y = 5sin4t b. y = 5cos2t c. y = 5cos4t d. y = 5sin2t 9. Write the equation for ...
  9. English

    Can you check my answers to see if they are right and if not, help me on it? These questions begin with the paragraph starting with "Now was heard again the clangor of music ...." 1. In the first two paragraphs, the narrator conveys his mood of the market-place by means of all...
  10. Biology

    You are given the following protein sequence: NH2-Met-Trp-Trp-Met-Trp-Met-COOH What was the sequence of the mRNA? You must write your answer 5' to 3' direction, starting with the first nucleotide of the mRNA and ending with the last nucleotide of the mRNA. DO NOT INCLUDE "5...
  11. physics

    A golf bounces down a flight of steel stairs, striking several steps on the way down, but never hitting the edge of a step. The ball starts at the top step with a vertical velocity component of zero. If all the collisions with the stairs are elastic, and if the vertical height...
  12. Physics

    You set up a ramp with a length of 1.15 m, raising one end to a height of 0.4 m. You then roll a 0.300 kg toy car down the ramp, starting at rest a)What is the change in potential energy of the toy car rolling down this ramp? b)If all of that energy is changed into kinetic ...
  13. Math - Another question to check, sorry... =/

    7. 72 is what percent of 480? Write and solve an equation to solve the problem. Step 1. First, I will write out the equation. part = percent x whole Step 2. Now, fill in the parts… 72 = p x 480 Step 3. I will simply divide 72 by 480, which will be 0.15. Step 4. The decimal ...
  14. Language Arts

    Based on context clues, what is the meaning of deemed in the following sentence? The teacher deemed it necessary that all students turn in their reports before vacation, or they would receive half credit. (1 point) • voted • ruled (this one) • decided • clarified 9. ...
  15. algebra

    simplify:(3x0 ynegative 4)(2x2 y)3 this is hard to break down but i got 6x6/y but my sister said it could either be 24x6/y or 216x6/y6 if not any break it down and tell me which one is right thank u please keep it clear and simple so i can understand Responses algebra - ...
  16. English

    I am a bit stumped here. Working on syllogisms. To be a valid syllogism, the conclusion must be proven by the reasons. We are to decide if te following are valid or invalid. 1. All zebras are striped animals. No zebras are polar bears. Therefore, no polar bears are striped ...

    What is the factoring by grouping? When factoring a trinomial, why is it necessary to write the trinomials in four terms? I will be happy to critique your thinking on this. I do not understand to even answer it? (Broken Link Removed) (Broken Link Removed) How do we determine ...
  18. Accounting urgent

    Ellis Co. sold merchandise to Rather Co. on account, $7,150, terms 2/15, n/30. The cost of merchandise sold is $4,290. Ellis Co. issued a credit memo for $850 for merchandise returned and later received the amount due within the discount period. The cost of the merchandise ...
  19. English please help thanks

    1.Identify the complete sentence. A.Chocolate milk, chocolate fudge, ice cream, and candy. b.The average American nearly twelve pounds of chocolate each year. C.The scientific name for chocolate is Theobrina cacao. D.Loosely translated to "the food of the gods." 2.Identify the...
  20. com170

    Write five sentences about the role of education in successful financial planning in the spaces on the following page. Correctly use a different verb tense in each sentence. Highlight each verb in yellow and identify the tense in parentheses. 1. Education "plays" (simple ...
  21. math

    A computer store charges a $40 service fee plus $35 for each hour it takes to repair a computer. Write an expression that gives the total cost of a repair that takes h hours. 40+35h A fitness club charges a $100 activation fee and $33 for each month. Write an expression for ...
  22. Physics

    A block slides down a frictionless plane having an inclination of 14.3°. If the block starts from rest at the top and the length of this incline is 1.77 m, find the acceleration of the block.
  23. Science

    How does having William's Syndrome have a impact on peoples daily life? I cant find anything on Williams syndrome. i found down syndrome but i don't want that. please help
  24. Physics

    A block slides down a frictionless plane having an inclination of 13.0°. If the block starts from rest at the top and the length of this incline is 1.62 m, find the acceleration of the block.
  25. Restate Thesis

    i realize this; i write them all the time. Last year i had to write an essay per week... that a lot of essays. =] Lady Macbeth and Ophelia are integral parts of these plays, yet they are polar opposites in characteristics and personality. I need a new way to restate this... ...
  26. grammar

    Does the following sentence contain any grammatical errors? Those are the kinds of people whom I will never talk to. Thanks, Leo Although it ends with a preposition, which some purists consider poor form, I see nothing wrong with the sentence. It also used "whom" correctly ...
  27. French

    Translate the sentence you see in to French. We see you. (familiar) Smart Text Plain Text HTML Preview Question 2 2 points Save Which of the following sentences is the sentence you see below, with a direct object pronoun replacing the direct object noun? Vous préparez le ...
  28. grammar

    Identify the appropriate punctuation for the phrase in () in the sentence; The song (You Are My Sunshine) always cheers me up. italics quotation marks (my choice) single quotation marks none of the above Identify the sentence in which the word or words in () are punctuated ...
  29. Math

    Solve each inequality by using algebra. 24. x 2 - 11x + 13 ≤ 25 25. -2x 2 + 3x + 4 ≥ -1 26. x 2 - 5x - 4 < -9 27. Sports A football thrown by a quarterback follows a path given by h(x) = -0.0095x 2 + x + 7, where h is the height of the ball in feet and x is the ...
  30. Math

    Hobbies: A book club charges a membership fee of $20 and then $12 for each book purchased. a. Write and graph a function to represent the cost y of membership in the club based on the number of books purchased x. b. what if...? Write and graph a second function to represent ...
  31. Math

    Let R be the region bounded by y = ln x, x-axis, and x = 3. Answer the following. a) Write, but do not solve, an integral expression that will find the volume of the solid that results from rotating R about x = -2. b) Write, but do not solve, an integral expression that will ...
  32. Algebra

    In the mall you receive a coupon for 5 dollars off a pair of jeans. When you arrive at the store you find that all jeans are 25 percent off Let x represent the original cost of the jeans 18a.Write a function F(x) that represents the effect of your original coupon 18b. Write a ...
  33. Finance

    What minimum reduction in the time to collect and process each check is needed to justify use of the lock-box system?
  34. statistics

    One hundred draws will be made at random with replacement from the box 1, 1, 2, 2, 2, 4... The chance that the sum will be bigger than 250 is what percent?
  35. math

    Construct a box-and-whisker plot for the set of numbers.? 0.16, 0.08, 0.27, 0.20, 0.22, 0.32, 0.25, 0.18, 0.28, 0.27 I'm not looking for anybody to my work for me, I just really need some help.
  36. physics

    what is the force required to start moving a 25kg box across a concrete floor with a coefficient of static friction of .65?
  37. geometry

    How much foil is required to cover a rectangular box that is 4in. by 8in. by 5in.? use 3.14 as an aproximation for pi. where appropriate.
  38. Algebra II

    Complete the box to illustrate the product (x+8)(x+7) __x__________8____ | | | ? | 7x | ? | | | | |__________| ______| | | | | | | x | x^2 | ? | | | | |_________|________| Help me please! I do not know where to even begin.
  39. math 5TH GRADE

    how many boxes can you find that will hold two times as many cubes as a 2 by 3 by4 box.record each of the dimensions
  40. computer

    For askink which printer you shold use when printing a document, which type of dialog box would be most approprate and why?
  41. math

    Observe the patterns in the sequence below. What is the missing algebraic expression in the box? Express your answer in terms of c. 5 4 5a 2a 10b b 40 2 6 ? 2 5c
  42. calculus

    Find the dimensions of the largest rectangular box with a square base and open top that can be made from 300cm^2 of metal.
  43. maths

    find the surface area of a cuboidal box whose lenght breadth and height are 40cm 30cm and 20 cm respectively.
  44. Physical science

    A box with a mass of 2,ookg rests on a horizontal surface.Calculate the maximum static friction if ms=0,4oo
  45. Physics

    a horizontal force Pushes a 80 N box up a frictionless 37 degree incline at a constant velocity as shown.? What is the magnitude of P in newtons?
  46. Physics

    If the coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.25, how much work do you do when you slide a 45 kg box at constant speed across a 5.8m -wide room?
  47. physical

    A box slides downwards at a constant velocity on an inclined surface that has a coefficient of friction uK = .58 The angle of the incline, in degrees?
  48. math

    If you had 9 quarters, 6 dimes, 2 nickels and 3 pennies in a box, select on coin at random. What is the expected value of this experiment?
  49. physics

    a box of treasure with a mass of 92 kg and volume of 0.031metrecubic lies at the bottom of the ocean.how much force is needed to lift it?
  50. physics

    The edges of a shoebox are measured to be 11.9 cm, 17.3 cm, and 29 cm. Determine the volume of the box retaining the proper number of significant figures in your answer.
  51. Physical Education

    What is a player assigned when he/she serves a ball outside the service box? a. Point b. Stroke c. Hazzard d. Fault***
  52. Math word problems

    Sally has 108 muffins,which he needs to box up, 6 of which are blueberry, into dozens. How many boxes does he need
  53. Math help plz?!!

    Enter the value of arcsin(0.89) as a decimal to the nearest hundredth of a degree in the box. The answer I got was 1.097º
  54. Early Childhood Education

    I am so unclear how did do this assigment Choose two different countries and write about the differences parents might have in dealing with the following scenario. In your writing (one to two pages), list the three things a parent may do differently in one country than in the ...
  55. English

    Writeacher, I really hope you are there today because I have a lot of things to check. Thank you very much in advance. 1)It took many decades to build the capital. (True, False). In the extract it is said that "It took over 30 years to build the capital" (so it's true). 2) The...
  56. Help! Desperate, physics

    a 40 kg child slides down a frictionless playground slide from a height of 2.0m. What is her speed at the bottom of the slide? Would the answer to part A change if she jumped straight down instead of sliding? How would the answer to part A change if the slide were not ...
  57. Physics-Mechaincs

    The suspended 2.29 kg mass on the right is moving up, the 1.3 kg mass slides down the ramp, and the suspended 7.7 kg mass on the left is moving down. There is friction between the block and the ramp. u=0.15 The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s2 . The pulleys are massless and...
  58. physics

    A uniform solid sphere rolls down an incline. (a) What must be the incline angle if the linear acceleration of the center of the sphere is to have a magnitude of 0.20g? 1° (b) If a frictionless block were to slide down the incline at that angle, would its acceleration ...
  59. English

    Correct the sentence or choose D if it is complete. Bring money for snacks. A.Bring money for snacks when we go to the zoo. B.Will you bring money for snacks? C.You should bring money for snacks. D.This is a complete sentence. No correction is necessary I think it is A
  60. Physics

    Read the activity 2-1:Force and Pressure in the lab manual (pages 167-168). As described in the manual, consider a 10 cc syringe is connected to a 50 cc syringe. Information of the syringes are as follows: (mass of 10 cc piston) = 16 g (mass of 50 cc piston) = 60.6 g (diameter...
  61. Excel

    I'm trying to format a database, but I am having this problem- I use the "format as table" feature, but then when I use the drop-down menus that appear, one column will format, but when I go to the next column, the previous change disappears. Does anyone know what to do so ...
  62. English

    Hello everybody! I have posted a question yesterday on creative classroom.Thank you for the answers.I have checkqued those web sites and picku out the activity with shoe box diorama.So my learners could make a shoe box dioramas (the topic would be different plants and animals...
  63. English- please check

    I need to re-write a poem into a free verse, but I'm not very good at poems. This is what I have to re-write: We saw the months of wicked weather, As day to painful night did turn, Waiting, huddled close together For the frozen sun's return This is what I have, but I don't ...
  64. ss

    can somebody help me pick out key topics for the begginning of the cicil war Best thing to do with stuff like this, since you already have a textbook, is learn how to scan for the information. Look through and see if you have titles for subsections in the chapters. You're ...
  65. Ethics Applied

    I have to watch a movie of my choice and then write a paper consisting of 4-5 paragraphs about 2 characters and a major moral issue they each face and then identify the moral approach (egoism, religious ethics, and contractarianism) each uses to resolve the issue. I need help ...
  66. Info Tech

    Write a pascal program that will accept the names of all sales staff members and their total sales for the month. The algorithm must calculate the commission at 3% of their total sales amount. It should also display the name, total sales and commission of the member with the ...
  67. Economic

    After two quarters of increasing levels of production, the CEO of Canadian Fabrication & Design was upset to learn that, during this time of expansion, productivity of the newly hired sheet metal workers declined with each new worker hired. Believing that the new workers were ...
  68. English

    How do you write a thesis statement that doesn't sound like a roadmap. My teacher wants us to have a hook, which I have, then a thesis, and then the roadmap. I don't know how to write a thesis that doesn't sound like the roadmap.
  69. grammar

    How would I correct this sentence if it is a fused sentence: The creature sat upright and tugged at the shackles binding his ankles, Frakenstein uttered a piercing scream The creature sat upright and tugged at the shackles binding his ankles, and uttered a piercing scream is ...
  70. Chemistry

    Zn(OH)2 was saturated in a solution of sodium hydroxide. The following equilibra exist under these conditions Zn(OH)2 -> Zn2+ +2OH- Ksp Zn2+ +OH- -> Zn(OH)+ K1 Zn(OH)- + OH- -> Zn(OH)2 K2 Zn(OH)2 + OH- -> Zn(OH)3- K3 Zn(OH)3- +OH- -> Zn(OH)42- K4 a) Sum of which...
  71. Physics

    On a velocity-time graph of a person's walk, if a person is slowing down in the positive direction, then acceleration is in the negative direction.For example, the positive direction is [E]. If a person's acceleration is -1m/s^2, then it is 1 m/s^2 [West]. But that doesn't ...
  72. science

    When 10grams of sodium chloride, NaCL,dissolves in 100grams of water, the freezing point of the water gose down to -5.9C. when 10grams of table sugar C H O, dissolves in 100grams of water, the freezing point only goes down to - 0.56C. how do yo0u account for this difference?

    A 970kg car is at the top of a 38m -long, 2.5 ∘ incline. Its parking brake fails and it starts rolling down the hill. Halfway down, it strikes and sticks to a 1280kg parked car. Ignoring friction, what's the speed of the joined cars at the bottom of the incline? What the...
  74. Lang. Arts

    4. Which of the following would not always require a citation in a research paper? A.quotation of a phrase B.quotation of a sentence C.sentence paraphrased from a book D.thesis statement I think this is C or D...? any suggestions? Thanks 5. Which of the following shows the ...
  75. psychology

    I need help bascially i didn't have time to jot down the homework so i'm not sure what the homework is about so...the only solution to this is to email my teacher but i don't know how to say it to her? Shall i say to her hello, I'm not sure what to do for homework as i did not...
  76. Composition and Communication I

    write a one paragraph analysis of about 150 words, in which you do the following: oIdentify which of the two selected paragraphs was more effective, focusing on the writing elements rather than the opinions presented. oAnalyze why one paragraph was more effective than the ...
  77. Physics

    A rat with mass 0.5 kg is sliding down an inclined plane. The plane is at an angle of 34⁰ with respect to the ground, and the coefficient of friction between the rat and the plane is 0.2. Simultaneously, a cat is giving the rat a push UP the hill, with a force equal to 0...
  78. English

    Okay we are doing work from the texas write source skills book pages 61-70. The directions say: write the correct word for each word in parentheses that is used incorrectly. This is it: I will Number them . Please tell me if any are wrong. Thank you! 1(Accept) for 2(ringing)my...
  79. Business-EASY

    5. Click on the Show Chart link to the right of the company name and description. Select the monthly share price graph and take a screen shot. Include the screen shot in your submission. Describe what has happened to the share price in the last year I chose the Company Avon, ...
  80. Spnaish- Translation

    Hi, I am trying to translate "It is still an everyday struggle to compete in this male dominated world, but there are many women who are defying adversity." Is this accurate: Es una problema para hoy a competir en este mundo de hombres, pero hay mujeres quien estan equivocados...
  81. English

    Write the gerund phrase in each sentence. Then indicate whether the phrase functions as a subject (S), an object of preposition (OP), a direct object (DO), an indirect object (IO), or a predicate nominative (PN). 1. Pablo Morales became known as the comeback kid of Olympic ...
  82. English

    1. People were lining up in front of the pay phone. 2. People were standing in line in front of the pay phone. 3. People were standing in a line in front of the pay phone. (Are they all correct?) 4. I am ready to go out. 5. I am ready for going out. (Are both grammatical?) 6. ...
  83. Ap Physics

    Read the activity 2-1:Force and Pressure in the lab manual (pages 167-168). As described in the manual, consider a 10 cc syringe is connected to a 50 cc syringe. Information of the syringes are as follows: (mass of 10 cc piston) = 16 g (mass of 50 cc piston) = 60.6 g (diameter...
  84. English

    Are these complex sentences???? =/ help. 1. Although my friend did not believe, I am a devout Christian. 2. If i remain diligent, I will succeed. 3.Unless he gets the defiant behavior under control, he will be expelled. 4.Because I hate spending my money, shopping makes me ...
  85. managerial economics

    After two quarters of increasing levels of production, the CEO of Canadian Fabrication & Design was upset to learn that, during this time of expansion, productivity of the newly hired sheet metal workers declined with each new worker hired. Believing that the new workers were ...
  86. managerial economics

    After two quarters of increasing levels of production, the CEO of Canadian Fabrication & Design was upset to learn that, during this time of expansion, productivity of the newly hired sheet metal workers declined with each new worker hired. Believing that the new workers were ...
  87. managerial economics

    After two quarters of increasing levels of production, the CEO of Canadian Fabrication & Design was upset to learn that, during this time of expansion, productivity of the newly hired sheet metal workers declined with each new worker hired. Believing that the new workers were ...
  88. Algebra Grade 7

    A cat likes to play on stairs. Starting at the bottom landing, the cat jumped up 4 steps, then down 2 steps. Then the cat jumped up 5 steps and fell down 3. In two more jumps of 4 steps and then 2 steps, the cat reached the top of the stairs. How many steps are in the staircase?
  89. English

    Hello everybody! I've got some problems with my english homework,and I'd really appreciate our help! My homework is : name a stressfull job eg.:doctor,manager than describe why this job is so stresfull,what can be the causers of sress.Why is this bad if you work as an xxxxx ...
  90. algebra

    ^ = exponent **show work please A sheet of 67-pound paper has a thickness of 100^-1 inch. a. write and evaluate an expression for the total thickness of 5 sheets of 67-pound paper b. write and evaluate an expression for the total thickness of 2^3 sheets of 67-pound paper. I've...
  91. English

    1. The earth goes around the sun. 2. The eatth moves around the sun. 3. The earth goes round the sun. 4. The earth moves round the sun. (Which one do I have to use?) 5. Many boys were sitting around the lake. 6. Many boys were sitting round the lake. (Do I have to use 'round' ...
  92. Math

    tacy is going to buy a new Kia Saturn for $17900. After a 5% down-payment the dealership will offer a loan for the remaining value of the car at 2% APR for 5 years. Round all answers to the nearest penny. How much will Stacy have to have for a down-payment? $ How much money is...
  93. Algebra

    A veterinarian uses 300 feet of chain-link fencing to enclose a rectangular region and also to subdivide the region into two smaller rectangular regions by placing a fence parallel to one of the sides, as shown in the figure. (a) Write the width w as a function of the length l...
  94. Physics

    Physics Report! What should i write..please help me need ideas !best answer!? Well First my report should be focused on Circular Motion OR Energy and momentum All the report says is to spend a day or two analysing the world around you in terms of Linear Motion / Newton's Laws...
  95. Language Arts (Please check!)

    Choose the type of punctuation that is missing from this sentence. The pet store shelves were filled with items I wanted for my pets. a. apostrophe b. semi-colon c. colon d. hyphen ** Choose the type of punctuation that is missing from this sentence. Were invited to the movies...
  96. PsyDAG please help me.

    Secondary Vignette for Cognitive Learning Theory The state department of education requires that all high school teachers in the state receive training in Structured English Immersion methods (SEI). The purpose is to provide teachers with instructional ideas that help their ...
  97. math:order of operation

    TWO PART Ellen is playing a video game in which she captures butterflies. There are 3 butterflies onscreen, but the number of butterflies doubles every minute. After 4 minutes, she was able to capture 7 of the butterflies. A)LOOK FOR A PATTERN. Write an expression for the ...
  98. economic help please

    whats the effect of current economic on foreign companies and factory closures and what do they also mean? plus i need articles to write about each one of them... Im having a hard time looking for the right one
  99. bu

    You are the Purchasing Manager reporting to the Managing Director of a company organized on a functional basis. Write a memo to the managing Director outlining the benefit of having regular meetings between the heads of design, marketing, production and yourself
  100. Chemistry

    Consider the following electrochemical cell: Al(s) | Al^3+(aq)(0.155 M) || H^(aq) (0.00233 M), MnO4^-(aq)(0.0377 M), Mn^2+(aq) (0.0168 M) | C (graphite) Write a balanced equation for the redox reaction taking place in this cell. i am having trouble with the cathode half reaction.
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