1. Pre-Algebra

    1. Write the fraction 8/9 as a percent. Round to the nearest hundredth of a percent where necessary. A. 88.89% B. 1.13% C. 44.44% D. 66.67% 2. Write 0.063 as a percent. A. 0.63% B. 6.3% C. 63% D. 630% 3. A study in your town found that 54 in 1,762 people have a post office box...
  2. physics

    A 33.0 kg box initially at rest is pushed 5.95 m along a rough, horizontal floor with a constant applied horizontal force of 145 N. If the coefficient of friction between box and floor is 0.300. find: the work done by the applied force the increase in internal energy in the ...
  3. College Physics

    Box M2 sits atop M1. (M1=25kg M2=15kg). The coefficient of friction between boxes and between M1 and the ground is Uk=.4 and Us=.5. I found that 353N is the maximum force you can apply to box 1 so that box 2 doesn't slip off. Now it asks for the acceleration of M1 and M2 if ...
  4. Physics

    The 3.1 kg box shown below slides with a constant speed down an incline at an angle of θ = 28.0° to the horizontal. What is the coefficient of kinetic friction?
  5. Math

    A box company produces two sizes of pizza boxes. The smaller box has a surface area of 260 square inches. The larger box has a length, width, and height that are twice those of the smaller box. What is the surface area of the larger box? Choices are: A. 520 square inches B. 1,...
  6. English

    Read each sentence then write whether the sentence is simple or not simple My dog Buddy fetches the paper in the morning Simple The subway which runs under the city is a fast way to travel Not simple Cici sings in the school choir simple Jen talks on the phone and does her ...
  7. math 5TH GRADE

    The factory wants you to build a box that will hold twice as many cubes.What are the dimensions of a box that contains two times as many cubes as a box that is 2 by 3 by 4 ? W rite the dimensions and explain how you found your answer.
  8. physics

    A 5.21 box sits on a ramp that is inclined at 37.8 above the horizontal. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the box and the ramp is 0.29. What horizontal force is required to move the box up the incline with a constant acceleration of 4.00 ?
  9. physics

    A 5.84 box sits on a ramp that is inclined at 35.2 above the horizontal. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the box and the ramp is 0.27. What horizontal force is required to move the box up the incline with a constant acceleration of 4.30 ?
  10. physics

    A box rests on a frozen pond, which serves as a frictionless horizontal surface. If a fisherman applies a horizontal force with magnitude 48.0 N to the box and produces and acceleration of magnitude 3.00 m/s squ, What is the mass of the box?
  11. Math

    Write 15% as a decimal 1.5 0.15•• 0.015 0.0015 Write 5.6 as a percent 56% 5.6% 560%•• 0.56% Write 0.5% as a fraction 1/2•• 1/20 1/200 1/500 Write 3 3/5 as a percent 360% 335%•• 36.0% 33.5%
  12. science

    write down the wave equation in symbol form?
  13. preschool

    write down the name of five dimensionals shapes
  14. To Ms. Sue urgent

    So do I have to write every country down??
  15. math

    write an equation that represents a way to break down 18
  16. english

    whats a tip to write down on improving a newspaper?
  17. geometry

    write down two properties of the diagonals of a rhombus
  18. math

    write down four odd digits that summ up to 19.
  19. Math

    How many digits are needed to write down all from 1-100?

    Write down the ORDER OF MAGNITUDE for the numbers given: a)4.72*10^-7 b)8.65*10^4 C)7.59*10^-5
  21. maths

    Write down the general rule/term in the sequence of (1a). T5=4(5)-1 T5=20-1 T5=19
  22. Pre-Algebra

    7 • 68 Use distributive property and write it down.
  23. chemistry

    How many sig figs do i write down for this: (2.06/5.999)+156.5?
  24. pre-algebra

    Solve an equation- 4r-6+2r=6 Write an equation and solve it- Thirty-six sections of fencing,all the same length,are joined to form a fence 180m long. How long is each section of fencing? Write an inequality for the sentence. The total t is greater than five. Get all the letter...
  25. math

    Reza is helping En Shah to make a box without the top.The box is made by cutting away four squares from the corners of a 30cm square piece of cardboard as shown in Figure 1 and bending up the resulting cardboard to form the walls of the box.
  26. Physics

    A 39.0 kg box initially at rest is pushed 4.50 m along a rough, horizontal floor with a constant applied horizontal force of 135 N. If the coefficient of friction between box and floor is 0.300, find the following. (a) the work done by the applied force J (b) the increase in ...

    Because she wants to go to medical school, Becky will need to take extra science classes, and she also wants to learn Latin. The sentence above is a A. compound sentence. B. complex sentence. C. compound-complex sentence. D. simple sentence. I think..... it's A.... or C I ...
  28. math

    a cubical wooden box of internal edge 1m is made of 5cm thick wood.The box is open at the top . if the wood costs Rs. 9600 per cubic metre, find the cost of the wood required to make the box?
  29. Grammar and capitalization

    Select the sentence with the correct capitalization. A) While driving his Mercedes down Main Street, he was rear-ended by a Toyota. B) While driving his Mercedes down Main street, he was rear-ended by a Toyota. C) while driving his mercedes down Main Street, he was rear-ended ...
  30. math

    How do I write complex and real roots? For example, if the real roots are 1, -1 and the complex roots are -i, i how do I write those down? It'd be x:1, x:-1, x:-i, x:i, correct? Or am I wrong?
  31. suranthi

    . Write a program which ask the user to enter a sentence (character by character) and when user press full stop (.) character program should display the full sentence and exit.
  32. Physics

    A student pulls on a rope attached to a box of books with a mass of 35.0 kg and moves the box up a ramp at 12 degrees with the horizontal. If the box starts from rest at the bottom of the ramp and is pulled at an angle 25.0 degrees with respect to the inclince and with a 185 N...
  33. English 102

    I am not asking anyone to do my homework, i am just asking for some gudies. I need to do a full-sentence outline on same-sex marriage. i have some ideas i would just like some adivce. I. Main point 1 in a complete sentence. What Christians are saying about same-sex marriage? A...
  34. english

    Identify the question word that is answered by the underline word pr phrase in each sentence.Then write a question below the sentence using the correct question word. ____1.Drivers should drive carefully to avoid accidents? underline carefully
  35. Simile & Hyperbole

    Complete the sentence with a simile. 1. His tail wagged like.... 2. The old man petted him as tenderly as he would..... Help with these. I can't think of anything. --------------------------------------- Write two hyperboles to complete each sentence. 1. My lawyer is so smart...
  36. writing skills

    Sentence 3: One of the approaches taken by these psychologists has been -------- to investigate the foundations for a happy marriage Which of the following is the best way to write the underlined portion of this sentence? If you think the original is the best way,choose option...
  37. English

    hello, I have to write a research paper on a paticular author. I chose Mary Shelly since we just finsihed reading Frankenstein. I need to narrow down my topic to make it more specific. I don't know how to start. I want to somehow relate her life with Frankenstein. By what her ...
  38. Science help please

    My homework asks of me to write a sentence for each word reflecting the scientific meaning and showing how I understand what the word means. I am so puzzled and stuck. I have figured out the definition for the words, but I don't know how to write the sentences. The words are ...
  39. math, word problem

    How do I write the equation for this problem in order to solve it.I can solve it as long as someone shows me how to get the equation. (1)Science. Solve the following application. Jose rode his trail bike for 10miles. Two-thirds of the distance was over a mountain trail. How ...
  40. math

    A toy baseball bat comes with 3 plastic balls in a box that is a rectangular solid. The box is just big enough to hold the 3 balls. The radius of the balls is 1.9 in. What is the volume of the air in the box surrounding the balls?
  41. physics

    A wooden box weighing 281 N is pushed across the floor by a workman who exerts a horizontal force of 166 N. If the force of friction between the box and the floor is 21 N, what is the acceleration (in meters/second^2) of the box?
  42. physics

    wooden box weighing 271 N is pushed across the floor by a workman who exerts a horizontal force of 144 N. If the force of friction between the box and the floor is 28 N, what is the acceleration (in meters/second^2) of the box?
  43. physics

    A wooden box weighing 271 N is pushed across the floor by a workman who exerts a horizontal force of 144 N. If the force of friction between the box and the floor is 28 N, what is the acceleration (in meters/second^2) of the box?
  44. Science Math

    2) How much force was used to move a box 42m if 13,734 J of work was done on it? 3)If the same amount of work was dodne as in problem #2, and the force on the box was 121 N, how far would the box be moved?

    A plane flying horizontally at 180 m/s drops a box just as it crosses a coastline. The box lands 3 kilometers from the coast. - At what height is the plane flying? - How long it takes to the box to reach the ground ?
  46. Physics

    A 6.08 kg box sits on a ramp that is inclined at 37.4 ∘ above the horizontal. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the box and the ramp is 0.30. What horizontal force is required to move the box up the incline with a constant acceleration of 4.30 m/s2 ?
  47. Physics

    A box is sent up a frictionless inclined (34.2 degrees) plane at an initial speed 3.9 m/s. (a) How much time, in seconds, does it take for the box to stop? (b) How far did the box travel up the plane before it came to a stop?
  48. physics

    A box of mass 18.8 kg is pulled to the right with a horizontal force of 9 N. If the box moves to the right with a constant velocity of 1.06 m/s, what is the frictional force acting on the box?
  49. geometry

    a rectangular box has dimensions 9cm by 6 cm by 24 cm. a second rectangular box has volume one-half of the first and has a base 6 cm by 4 cm.what is the height of the second box
  50. Physics

    A 80.0 N box of is pulled 20.0 m up a 30.0 Degree ramp by a force of 115 N, if the coefficient of kinetic friction between the box and the ramp is .22 what is the box's kinetic energy?
  51. physics

    When a mover pushes with a constant sideways force of 20 N on a 15 kg box, the box moves along the floor at a constant speeed of 2m/s, What is the net force on the box?
  52. Algebra

    A rectangular box is x feet long and x feet wide. The volume of the box is (4x^8 + 3x^6) cubic feet. What polynomial represents the height of the box in feet? A. 4x + 3 B. 4x^6 + 3x^4 C. 4x^8 + 3x^6 D. 4x^7 + 3x^5 Please Help!!
  53. possessive nouns

    Write the noun in this sentence so it shows possession. The bus driver is named Mr. Ed. Would it be? The bus's driver is named Mr. Ed. I personally think the sentence should be rewritten to read, The bus driver's name is Mr. Ed The second sentence is definitely the better one...
  54. English

    1. The other robber forced me back to the safe. (What is the part of speech of 'back' in the sentence?) 2. He was carring the glass necklace and started down the stairs. 3. He was carring the glass necklace and started coming down the stairs. 4. He was carring the glass ...
  55. physics

    A car rolling at 18m/s when the driver hits the breaks after 5 seconds the car has slowed down to 3m/s find the cars acceleration you most write down all given information and show all work WHat does this acceleration tell us about the motion of the car?
  56. Health part 2

    Diastole is the ________ phase of the cardiac cycle. A. Contraction B. Relaxation C. Monitoring D. Termination
  57. math

    Arrange the fractions in order from smallest to largest. , , , 5/8,3/4,9/16,7/8 Add. Write the answer in lowest terms. 3 2/7 + 5 3/7 Subtract. Write the answer in lowest terms. 6 4/5 - 2 1/5 Evaluate. Write the answer in lowest terms. 8/15-4/15+1/15 Add. Write the answer in ...
  58. microsoft office aplication-computers

    what is an advantage of inputting text on a slide via a text in powerpointx a )any font can be selected within a text box b)text within a text box can be formatted by color or style c)you can position the text anywhere on the slide by dragging the text box d)you can add smart ...
  59. English

    1. Write the names of the four parts of an English letter using the words in the box. (What does 'using the words in the box' modify? Is it an adjective phrase?) 2. Look at the photos and complete the sentences using the relative adverb, where. (What does 'using the relative ...
  60. algebra

    HELP!! It takes 64 inches of ribbon to make a bow and wrap the ribbon around a the box. The box takes 30 inches of ribbon. The width of the box is 12 inches. What is the height of the box?

    A 100 kg box on the right and a 50 kg box on the left are tied together by a horizontal cable. The 100 kg box is acted upon by an external force of 500 N to the right. The frictional force exerted by the floor on the 100 kg box is 30 N and the frictional force exerted by the ...

    i was taking a test online, and i think they gave me the wrong answers. Here take a look at the test and the answers if the answers are wrong, please cahnge them for me so i know the corrects answers!!! THANKS Fragments and Run-ons Post test Identify whether each group of ...
  63. math

    Box A has 3 red marbles and2 yellow marbles. Box B has 2 red marbles and 1 yellow marble. If you have to pick a re marble to win a prize and you can not look in the box, which box would give you the best chance of winning the prize?
  64. English

    Identify the part of speech or the form of a part of speech in the underlined portion of each sentence. The yellow house down the street from me is for sale. a. preposition b. conjunction c. adjective d. adverb I think it's A, since down is followed by a noun, but want to be ...
  65. English

    Which word correctly completes the sentence? To (blank) did you write the card? A. Who B. Whom I thnk the answer is B. Whom. Which meaning of the vocabulary word steep is used in the sentence below? The steep rise in gas prices angered the population. A. Vertical B. Sudden C. ...
  66. 3 grade english

    rewrite the sentence, adding the missing helping verb. (in the paper is) That make a lot of children unhappy. my son rewrite the sentence and he write That will make a lot of children unhappy.
  67. math

    a blue box has 5 times as many marbles as a red box. the blue box has 24 more marbles than the red box. how many marbles are in each box?
  68. arithmetic

    If a blue box has 5 times as many marbles as a red box and the blue box has 24 more marbles than the red box how many marbles are in each box?
  69. English

    Select the term that correctly identifies each sentence or underlined part of a sentence. 1. James Joyce was a great master of stream of consciousness. (1 point) *simple sentence compound sentence complex sentence compound-complex sentence 2. Joyce, however, owed much to a ...
  70. 5th grade

    write a sentence about report cards using the word "lows" in it.
  71. human services

    Write a sentence outline describing how an agency determines goals and objectives
  72. University Composition

    How do you write a sentence about the role of education in successful financial planning?
  73. social studies

    write a sentence that explains how the terms tributary and drainage basin are realated
  74. English

    With the election so near, the mayor became RETICENT about..... what could i write to finish the sentence?
  75. 3rd grade math II

    I need to write a sentence for the following Reasoning: How can counting by 10's help you multiply by 10's?
  76. math

    Write a missing addend addition sentence to help solve 78-49.explain how you would use it.
  77. Math

    Write an inequailty for the sentence and solve it. 1. The sum of a number w and 3 is less than or equal to ten
  78. reading

    what sentence can I write using the words pageant and restless?It also has to make sense.
  79. Math

    The dividend is 5600. The divisor and the quotient have a difference of 10. Write the division sentence
  80. phl103

    Write the arguments in symbols using sentence letters and truth, functional connective
  81. Math

    5. Write an inequality for the word sentence: k is less than zero. Help please I don't get this one at all
  82. math

    represent the number 24 by making equal groups (write the multiplication and addition sentence for each)
  83. algebra

    multiply (-1)9= evaluate 84+(-99) +44-(-18)-43 Use < or> for ____ to write a true sentence. 0.001____ 0.0010
  84. math

    Write the set of integers that satisfy the sentence: I had 10 question for this,anybody can show this one how to do it. 4 > n > 0
  85. Geometry

    Write a mathematical sentence to compare each pair of measures. 32. GB and GF 34. AC and AD Coordinates: G(10, -1) B(5, -1) F(3, 5) A(2, 3) C(-3, -3) D(-2, 4) I don't understand. Please help!!
  86. Algebra

    Write an inequality for this sentence: The height h is greater than 15 feet. MY ANSWER h>15ft Is this correct?
  87. English

    Becoming a doctor is potentially one of my careers. Does this sentence sound awkward? If so, how else can I write it?
  88. Math

    Write the missing digits to make each number sentence true 7□7 <713
  89. Math

    Translate the sentence into an inequality. The sum of a number times 10 and 27 is at least −20..... How do I write this????
  90. English

    Write two possible interpretations of this sentence: Fish makes best sandwiches !
  91. Physics

    A 21.6-kg box rests on a table. A 19.3-kg box is placed on top of the first box, as shown. Determine the total force in N that the boxes exert on the table. Calculate both F=m a for both masses and add them together? Assuming A=9.8
  92. physics

    A 15kg box is resting on a hill forming an angle of a horizontal surface. The coefficient of static friction for the box on the surface is 0.45. Calculate the maximum angle of the incline just before the box starts to move.
  93. calculus

    the volume of a rectangular box with a square base remains constant at 500 cm^3 as the area of the box increases at a rate of 3cm^2/sec. find the rate at which the height of the box is decreasing when each side of the base is 18 cm long.
  94. geometry

    a rectangular box is to be constructed with its length four times the size of its width, and its height one half the size of its length. the volume of the box must be 1000 cubic centimeters. find the dimensions of the box
  95. Physics

    A box slides along a rough floor with initial kinetic energy of 7 J. A person pushes on the box, in the same direction as its velocity doing 25 J of work. The velocity of the box is doubled. Find the magnitude of the work done by friction.
  96. physisc

    A force in the +x-direction with magnitude F(x)=18.0N−(0.530N/m)x is applied to a 7.40 kg box that is sitting on the horizontal, frictionless surface of a frozen lake. F(x) is the only horizontal force on the box.If the box is initially at rest at x=0, what is its speed ...
  97. English Writing

    The explain in one paragraph for each website why you think the website is good for academic work. Structure: Topic sentence 2-3 reasons why it is good or bad, or a little of both. Concluding sentence. Make sure to use the evaluative word "because" in your writing. In this ...
  98. Math

    The table below shows the number of students from different classes of two schools who participated in a sports competition: School A 25 21 2 22 20 21 20 23 1 School B 3 2 1 5 4 2 3 4 3 Part A: How can you use box plots to compare the median and interquartile range of the data...
  99. algebra

    1.)If the airline charges $320 per passenger, find the profit made by the airline for flying 10,000 passengers from New York to Atlanta. Use the equation editor to show all work. Write a sentence to explain your answer. Remember: Profit = Revenue - Cost 2.)Approximate the ...
  100. Grade 12 Physics

    This question came up on my review package tonight, and it has me stumped. "A box of mass 14.5kg slides at a constant speed of 4.70m/s down a ramp at 35.3 degrees below the horizontal. What is the force of friction on the box?" I can calcuate force of friction on accelerating ...
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