Why must the centre of the satellite orbit coincide with the centre of the Earth?

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In defining the sizes of orbitals, why must we use an arbitrary value, such as 90 percent of the probability of finding an electron in that region?


For my question about the carton's speed must I do each step you laid out or just the last one? I got the wrong answer. Thanks for your help.


why must the release of energy during the cellular process in which ATP is made from glucose take place in small steps?


how quickly must a 54.7 g tennis ball travel i order to have a de Broglie wavelength that is equal to a photon of green light?


How fast must a 138 g baseball travel in order to have a de Broglie wavelength that is equal to that of an x-ray photon with A = 100. pm?


How fast must a 144 g baseball travel in order to have a de Broglie wavelength that is equal to that of an x-ray photon with = 100. pm?


calculate the horizontal force that must be applied to produce an acceleration of 1 g for 1 kg. puck on a horizantal frictiom-free air table.


What are three major stages that must occur in order for glucose to be converted to carbon dioxide and water in aerobic conditions?


how many liters of CH4 measured at 23.4C and 768mmhg must be burned to provide the heat needed to vaporize 3.78L of water at 100C


how much salt must I put into a 100mls of water to stop it freezing when left overnight in a home freezer


How fast (in rpm) must a centrifuge rotate if a particle 9.00cm from the axis of rotation is to experience an acceleration of 115,000g's?


1. How far apart must two protons be if the electrical force of repulsion acting on either one is equal to its weight?


How far apart must two protons be if the electrical force of repulsion acting on either one is equal to its weight.


With what tension must a rope with length 2.70 and mass 0.150 be stretched for transverse waves of frequency 43.0 to have a wavelength of 0.850 ?


Paul has grades of 73 and 86 on his first two tests. What must he score on his third test in order to have an average of at least 70?

Ap Chemistry

Calculate the wavelength of light that must be absorbed by hydrogen atom in its ground state to reach the excited ste of E=+2.914*10^(-18)


Hey Can Any one Help me With Problem Statement But it Must include the Independent and dependent variable. the topic is How Does Iron react with water.

Chemistry Problem!

What weight of sample containing 8.00 % Fe3O4 must be taken to obtain a precipitate of Fe(OH)3 that, when ignited to Fe2O3, weighs 150 mg?

Discete Math

Show that there must be at least 90 ways to choose six integers from 1 to 15 so that all choices have the same sum.


In order for a reaction to occur, particles must ______ in the proper _____ . What are the 2 words would be correctly fill in the blank? Thanks


How fast must a spaceship travel to reachthe center of the Galaxy (26,000 ly away) in 100 years "ship time"?


What mass of iron must react to produce 3600 kJ of energy? 3Fe+2O2 →Fe3O4 ∆H=-1120kJ


How long must a current of 1.20 A pass through a sulfuric acid solution in order to produce 25.0 mL of H2 gs at 25 degrees C and 1 atm pressure?

element of design

graphic designer sometimes must adjust the spacing between letters so that the results looks right to them. this is called


A continuous function, f, has domain all real numbers. If f(-1) = 5 and f(1) = -5, explain why f must have at least one zero in the interval [-1, 1].


A continuous function, f, has domain all real numbers. If f(-1) = 5 and f(1) = -5, explain why f must have at least one zero in the interval [-1, 1].


A 67.5 kg hoop rolls along a horizontal floor so that its center of mass has a speed of 0.090 m/s. How much work must be done to stop it?


How much water must be added to 482. mL of 0.201 M HCl to produce a 0.147 M solution? (Assume that the volumes are additive.)

problem solving

Assuming that you breathe once in every 12 seconds, how many breaths do you take in 4 weeks? You must show the use of units.


What mass of sodium carbonate must be used to produce 10.36L of carbon dioxideat 24°C and 103kPa aaccording to neutralization reaction.


Three resistors 2.5 Ù, 3.5 Ù and 4 Ù are connected in parallel. What is the equivalent resistance? I know you must use 1/Req = 1/R1 + 1/R2 + 1/R3 But then I get .935 and I don't think that's correct. What am I missing? Thanks


what must the crane work against in order to lift the box upward? . wind . friction . gravity . cable tension

ap chemistry

To what temperature must a sample of helium gas be cooled from 123C to reduce its volume from 3.7 L to 0.27 L at constant pressure? Answer in units of K


Evaluate the expression, reducing to simplest form log(log1000^10000)= BLANK +logBLANK Your answers must be integers.


How much water must be added to 440. mL of 0.204 M HCl to produce a 0.139 M solution? (Assume that the volumes are additive.)

basic english

Dolly must clean up her room before she goes out. In this sentence, what word begins the subordinate clause?


Information which comes to a neuron must arrive through its: A. axons. B. glial cells. C. prefrontal area. D. dendrites. I believe it is D..

College Chemistry

What must we know a given ionic salt to be able to predict whether is is a good or poor conductor, w/o testing its conductivity?

physical science

how many kilojoules of heat must be transferred to a 480-g aluminum pizza pan to raise its temperature from 22c to 234c


How many calories of heat must be added to 455 g of steel to raise its temperature from 20 °C to 192 °C? (Note: csteel = 0.115 cal./g. °C.)

discrete mathematics

how many baseball games of single elimination must be played by 421 teams in a tournament before a winner is determined

office finances

accountants must record,analyze,and interpret a.sales b.inventory c.financial data d.library books my answer is a

general chemistry

How much 6.0M NaoH must be added to 0.5L of a buffer that is 0.0200M acetic acid and 0.0250M sodium acetate to raise the PH to 5.75

criminal justice

How a warden must address ethical issues between the correctional officers and the inmates. Can you help me with where to locate information for this question


An analytical procedure requires a solution of chloride ions ,How many grams of CaCl2 must be disolved to make2.15L of 0.0520 M C

work with parents and families

To succeed, a parent-caregiver relationship must be based on mutual A. Trust B. Wariness C. Doubt D. Ability A.


How many grams of nitric acid (HNO3) must be dissolved in 590 ml of water to make a solution with a pOH = 10.1? Select one: a. 2.9 x 10-9 g b. 7.9 x 10-3 g c. 4.7 x 10-3 g d. 7.9 x 10-6 g e. 7.4 x 10-5 g


genes are specific sections of ___ To pass its traits on to the next generation, organisms must ____


How much ethyl alcohol, C2H5OH must be added to 500mL of water so that the solution will freeze at -10C? KfH2O = 1.86 C/molal

Algebra 1

{3x+y=-9 {-3x+-2y=12 What is the y-value of the solution to this system of equations? A. -7 B. -3 C. -2 D. -1 I tried them all and I must have did something wrong because none of them worked. Help please!! Thanks.

Child Development

What must teachers consider when striving to support children’s experience and sense of self in the early childhood classroom?


Tony£¬a 110kg football player£¬has a fever of 39celcius. What mass of water must evaporate from his body to cool him to 37celcius£¿

life orientation

what are five interview guestion must be used to evaluate the understanding of service delivery protests by the learners in schools


How many grams of oxygen gas must react to give 2.70 g of ZnO? 2Zn(s)+O2(g)→2ZnO(s) Express your answer with the appro


how even numbers greater than 40,000 may be formed using the digits 3,4,5,6,and 9 if each digit must be used exactly once in each number?


What must be the radius of an unbanked (flat) curve so that a car can safely travel at a maximum speed of 39 m/s? The coefficient of static friction is 0.70.

maths history goagraphy naural science lo ca english affrikaans ems

must i not do phiscal sicence when i am doing those subjects at school


Determine the total time that must elapse until only ¼ of an original sample of the radioisotope Rn-222 remains unchanged.


with what minimum speed must a ball be thrown straight up in order to reach a height of 34 meters above the launch position?

math-4th grade

12+2/2+4= just want to double-check: first we must do the 2/2 as the multiplication and division is affecting the number directly before it.. so 12+1+4=17


If 10.0 L of hydrogen collected over water at 20' C and 750 mm Hg are produced, how many grams of iron metal must react with excess steam?


Find the dimensions of the rectangle with the largest area if the base must be on the x-axis and its other two corners are on the graph of: (a) y=16-x²,-4<=x<=4 (b)x²+y²=1 (c)|x|+|y|=1 (d)y=cos(x),-pi/2<=x<=pi/2


I want to make quilt with an area of 42 sq.feet. what are its possible dimensions if they must be whole numbers? Please show his you got your answer


In order to make healthy choices you must learn to what risks? A. Ignore B. Advocate For (C.) Evaluate (My Answer) D. Take More


How many moles of air must be pumped into a 4.8 L tire to give it the pressure of 47.1 psi at 25°C ? I'm not sure how to even start doing this problem.

Life Management

In Florida, a Lemon Law booklet must be given to the purchaser of all new automobiles. a. True*** b. False


(a)Determine the number of degrees the axis must be rotated to eliminate the xy term of the conic x2+6xy+y2-6=0. tan2θ = B/(A-C) how do I answer the question?

U.S. History (help)

In the U.S. House of Reps. When California gains a representative, then another state must have what? How often can the number of representatives be adjusted? After a what?


How much 10.0 M HNO3 must be added to 1.00 L of a buffer that is 0.0100 M acetic acid and 0.100 M sodium acetate to reduce the pH to 5.05 help please :(


calculate the horizontal force that must be applied to produce an acceleration of 72 m/s^2 for a 0.034 kg punk on a friction less air table


So this is the problem: A comet is in an elliptical orbit around our Sun. At its point of closest approach, it is moving at 6.3x10^4 m/s and is 4.2x10^10m away from the sun. When it is at the farthest distance, 7.5x10^12m away, how fast is it going? This is what I did K1+U1=K2...


the pringles manufacturing company tells you that they are switching to a potato supply that has a higher moisture content than those used previously. The new supply, after being mashed an cooked, prior to drying for pringles production, now contains 70% moisture content. they...

object oriented programming

Let’s consider there will be 5 delicious food available at your new restaurant which will open by the end of 2016. To make the cashier's job easier, build a C++ console application to automate the process of billing on a daily basis. Specifically, the billing system must...


The highest natural atmospheric temperature ever recorded on Earth was 58°C (136°F), at El Azizia, Libya on September 13, 1922. The record low temperature was −89°C (−129°F), which occurred at the Soviet Vostok Station in Antarctica on July 21, 1983. What is ...


An accelerating voltage of 2.46 * 10^3 V is applied to an electron gun, producing a beam of electrons originally traveling horizontally north in vacuum toward the center of a viewing screen 34.0 cm away. What is the magnitude of the deflection on the screen caused by the Earth...


A researcher collects high-resolution photographs of the Earth taken from outer space at annual intervals for the last decade. This data would be most useful to analyze which of the following? A. Human movement during crises B. Migration patterns of large whales C. ...


What is the angular speed in rev/min of the Earth as it orbits around the sun? I'm confused with this problem. I know we have to convert from rad/s to rev/rad to s/min in order to get the units as rev/min. But I don't know what to use for rad/s


Two particles move along the x -axis. For 0 is less than or equal to t is less than or equal to 6, the position of particle P at time t is given by p(t)=2cos((pi/4)t), while the position of particle R at time t is given by r(t)=t^3 -6t^2 +9t+3. 1. For 0 is less than or equal ...


Two particles move along the x -axis. For 0 is less than or equal to t is less than or equal to 6, the position of particle P at time t is given by p(t)=2cos((pi/4)t), while the position of particle R at time t is given by r(t)=t^3 -6t^2 +9t+3. 1. For 0 is less than or equal ...


Fact 1: "The substitution effect(SE) must ALWAYS be negative (i.e. goes in the opposite direction to the change in PRICE). The income effect(IE) can be either positive or negative." Fact 2: "SE and IE can go in the same direction or they can go in opposite directions...

earth science

A fault is observed in a road cut, but there are no obvious rock units to correlate on either side of the fault to determine relative movement. How else might you determine or even infer whether the hanging wall has moved up or down relative to the footwall? (Hint: Think of ...

Physics with work, pls help

A proton is moving in a circular orbit of radius 11.8 cm in a uniform magnetic field of magnitude 0.232 T directed perpendicular to the velocity of the proton. Find the orbital speed of the proton. Answer in units of m/s. I came up with .118/2.83x10^-7 and it was incorrect. (...

Mathematical Methods

Following completion of your readings, complete exercises 35 and 37 in the “Real World Applications” section on page 230 of Mathematics in Our World. For each exercise, specify whether it involves an arithmetic sequence or a geometric sequence and use the proper formulas ...


Calculate the magnitude of the linear momentum for the following cases. (a) a proton with mass 1.67 10-27 kg, moving with a speed of 4.00 106 m/s (b) a 16.5 g bullet moving with a speed of 270 m/s (c) a 70.5 kg sprinter running with a speed of 12.5 m/s (d) the Earth (mass = 5....


A Chinook (King) salmon (Genus Oncorynchus) can jump out of water with a speed of 6.75 m/s. If the salmon is in a stream with water speed equal to 1.65 m/s, how high in the air can the fish jump if it leaves the water traveling vertically upwards relative to the Earth?


An astronaut on the Moon fires a projectile from a launcher on a level surface so as to get the maximum range. If the launcher gives the projectile a muzzle velocity of 23 m/s, what is the range of the projectile? [Hint: The acceleration due to gravity on the Moon is only one ...


If you were in an elevator what should the acceleration of the elevator be in order for you to feel what you would weigh on the martian surface(remember that acceleration is a vector, so it has both magnitude and direction)? (weight on earth=130 lbs, weight on mars=49 kg, ...


Your artist friend's new work is a simple, high-impact kinetic sculpture called 'Destruction.' A 200-kg steel block is hung from the ceiling by an 8-foot-long rope. A second rope is attached to the side of the block. The other end of this second rope is attached to a motor ...

global warming

hi im doing a debate tomorrow on global warming, i am arguing that it DOES exsit. the opposing side who don't believe in global warming want to say that increases in temperatures don't cause sea levels to rise, instead the tectonic plates of the earth cause changes in sea ...

Forces Within and Deciphering Earth's History

If you find a large piece of granite that, upon inspection, contains smaller fragments of sandstone, which would you say is older, the granite or the fragments of sandstone? A. Sandstone B. It's impossible to tell. C. They're both the same age. D. Granite My answer is d.


Figure 5-53 shows a man sitting in a bosun's chair that dangles from a massless rope, which runs over a massless, frictionless pulley and back down to the man's hand. The combined mass of man and chair is 95.4 kg. With what force magnitude must the man pull on the rope if he ...

physical science

Consider a 100-kg box of tools in location: A: on Earth B: on the Moon C: on Jupiter. Rank from greatest to the least the a) masses of the 100 kg box of tools and b) the weights of the 100-kg box of tools.


Please check for commas errors, speling and any other grammar error. Please provide the correc answer. The quality in the air in our community interests all of us. We must all work together to keep the air safe for our children. During the past six months we have observed that...


An electron is relased into a uniform electric field of magnitude 8.35 N/C. How many times larger is this electrons acceleration than the acceleration due to gravity on the surface of Earth? Is it just F= qE = ma (for the electron, and using E for electric field), and then ...


if diameter of the circle is 100 cm. and length of the arc forming the angle is 360 cm. Assume that the earth is a perfect sphere of diameter 8000 miles. Find the distance between: Rome, Italy: latitude 42 degrees north Copenhagen, Denmark: latitude 54.3 degrees north


Unless otherwise stated, all objects are located near the Earth's surface, where = 9.80 . A 3000 truck tows a 1500 car by a chain. Part A If the net forward force on the truck by the ground is 3500 , what is the acceleration of the car? Part B What is the tension in the ...


On the Apollo 14 mission to the moon, astronaut Alan Shepard hit a golf ball with a golf club improvised from a tool. The free-fall acceleration on the moon is 1/6 of its value on earth. Suppose he hit the ball with a speed of 33m/s at an angle 28∘ above the horizontal.


If the giant blue star R136a1 has the diameter 35 times our sun, how many times bigger is it? example: our sun is 1.3 million times bigger than the earth. thanks for the help!

Earth Science

Which of the following organisms is most likely to survive? A. the top carnivore in a food chain B. a herbivore in a food chain C. the top carnivore in a food web

Earth Science

1. In the classroom during a visual inspection of a rock, a student recorded four statements about the rock. Which statement about the rock is an observation? (1)The rock formed deep in Earth’s interior. (2)The rock cooled very rapidly. (3)The rock dates from the ...


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