Why must the centre of the satellite orbit coincide with the centre of the Earth?

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40 degrees north runs along 146th street on the north side of Indianapolis. What is the rotational velocity of the surface of the earth at 40 degrees north?

3 grade english ms sue

vowels: r-controlled riddle read a clud and write the list word. when you have written all seven word, the answer will appear in the boxes. THIRD,EARLY, WORLD, CERTAIN, DIRTY, HERSELF, EARTH, WORD, PERFECT, VERB, NERVE, WORM, THIRSTY, WORKOUT, EARN what building has the most ...


Suppose f(x) is a differentiable function with f(-1)=2 and f(2)=-1. The differentiable function g(x) is defined by the formula g(x)=f(f(x))' A. Compute g(-1) and g(2). Explain why g(x)=0 must have at least one solution A between -1 and 2. B. Compute g'(-1) and g'(2) in terms ...


Assume that the normal blood buffer contains 0.00080 M carbonic acid and 0.0085 M hydrogen carbonate, the pKa = 6.35 for carbonic acid and the volume of blood in the body is 7.00 L. The blood pH, due to disruption is now 7.20. What is the ratio of [HCO3−]/[H2CO3] now ...


A 6.4 ton military fighter must land on a flight strip. If the plane lands at a speed of 368 mph, and the coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.72 between the wheels and the ground. If the runway must be at least 150% as long as the shortest possible landing distance of the ...


Why is it important to simplify radical expressions before adding or subtracting? How is adding radical expressions similar to and different from adding polynomial expressions? Provide a radical expression for your classmates to simplify. In your own words, explain the first ...

Structure of Earth

Differences between Lithosphere and Asthenosphere. Im contrasting the two layers. Lithosphere: -rigid -cool -contains crust and upper part of mantle -brittle -doesn't flow -divided into tectonic plates -consists of heavier oceanic basalt -consists of lighter continental rock -...


The difference between energy radiated from the sun and energy radiated from the Earth has to do with ____________________. A) Neither of these.B) Both of these.C) radiation frequencies.D) the amounts of radiant energy.


The difference between energy radiated from the sun and energy radiated from the Earth has to do with ____________________. A) Neither of these.B) Both of these.C) radiation frequencies.D) the amounts of radiant energy.


if a rock undergoes high temperatures and high pressures deep within Earth, what new type of rock will be foremed? Assume that the rock does not melt


istance of a planet from sun is four times the distance of the planet frpm earth.How many years will the planet take to complete one revolution of sun?


Party hearing. As the number of people at a party increases, you must raise your voice for a listener to hear you against the background noise of the other partygoers. However, once you reach the level of yelling, the only way you can be heard is if you move closer to your ...


Party hearing. As the number of people at a party increases, you must raise your voice for a listener to hear you against the background noise of the other partygoers. However, once you reach the level of yelling, the only way you can be heard is if you move closer to your ...


I don't know how to start the rephrase of Chapter 1 of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. Can you please have a look at it? I didn't include all the details. Thank you. 1) Chapter one opens with what seems to be an aphorism by the author herself: it is a universal truth that...


An object that weighs 10 ib on earthwould weigh only 4 ib on mars. If you weigh 95il on earth, how much would you weigh on mars?

earth science

If the temperature at the surface is 230 C, what is the temperature at a height of 2 km under average conditions (when temperature decreses with height by 6.50 C per km)?


how do you write and solve an equation to determine the radius of mars the radius of earth is 6378.1 km, which is 2981.1 km longer than the radius of mars


why was Copernicus model accepted over the geocentric model, even when it did not predict stellar event any better than the geocentric model


As an object get farther from earth is A. its weight increase B.it weight decrease C. it mass decrease D. it weight remains the same I am not sure but is it A(or b)


What are the elements in Group A1 on the periodic table? alkali metals alkali earth metals inner transition metals ** halogens


(continued from yesterday) Eastern Europe. Where on Earth? Sept. 18: Traveled south and arrived today in the town associated closely with Hans Christian Andersen. Weather here a bit rainy, but we're having too much fun to care! (Odense, Denmark?)


A military helicopter on a training mission is flying horizontally at a speed of 60.0 m/s and accidentally drops a bomb (fortunately not armed) at an elevation of 350 m. You can ignore air resistance. Find the horizontal and vertical components of its velocity just before it ...

Social studies (Update answer)

I think its B. ? If its wrong I swear I wont ask again. What is a limitation of any map? A. It shows only a part of the Earth. B. There is always some distortion. C. The scale affects what can be shown accurately. D. The seas are never in exactly the right location


Calculate the mass of the solid you must measure out to prepare 100 mL of 0.025 M CuSO4. Note that this salt is a hydrate, so its formula is CuSO4⋅5H2O. You must include the waters of hydration when calculating the formula weights. Would the following set-up yield the ...

Biology (Please Help: Urgent)

The Hardy-Weinberg formulas allow scientists to determine whether evolution has occurred. Any changes in the gene frequencies in the population over time can be detected. The law essentially states that if no evolution is occurring, then an equilibrium of allele frequencies ...


Directions: Be sure to make a copy of your answer before submitting it to Ashworth College for grading. Unless otherwise stated, answer in complete sentences, and be sure to use correct English spelling and grammar. Sources must be cited in APA format. Your response should be ...

Maths Ms sue

Select the TWO options that are TRUE statements about survey sampling. Select one or more: (1)Cluster sampling usually increases the sampling error compared to a simple random sample of the same size. (2)In stratified sampling, each member of the population must be in exactly ...

Linear Programming

We produce two products: product 1 and product 2 on two machines (machine 1 and machine 2). The number of hours of machine time and labor depends on the machine and the product as shown in Table 64. The cost of producing a unit of each product is shown in Table 65. The number ...

social studies

the task of economic policy is to create a properous america. The unfinished task of properous Americans is to build a Greta Society. Our accomplishment have been many; these tasks remain unfinished:> to achieve full employment without inflation;> to restore external ...

social studies

The task of economic policy is to create a prosperous America. The unfinished task of prosperous Americans is to build a Great Society. Our accomplishments have been many; these tasks remain unfinished: > to achieve full employment without inflation; > to restore ...


Hello. Can someone clarify this sentence for me? "I, who must have drunk of it in my twice seven years' wanderings, am assured that it is worth while." Does it mean that "I drank it twice over the course of 7 years?" Or "I drank it (once), during which I've been wondering ...


Near the surface of the Earth, a startled armadillo leaps vertically upward at time t = 0, at time t = 0.5 s, it is a height of 0.98 m above the ground. At what time does it land back on the ground?


At a given time, Saturn was 9.1 x 10 to the 8th miles from the sun and the earth was 9.3 x 10 to the 7th miles from the sun. by what distance is one planet closer to the sun than the other planets?


If earth rotates at about 1000 mph and it rotates constantly each day. How many rotations will it complete after 4th hour, 8th hour and 24th hour.


The Earth receives radiation from the Sun as if the Sun is a blackbody emitter at the temperature near 6000 K, although the temperature inside the Sun is about 15 million K. Explain why?


When an automobile moves over a wide, closed loop of wire embedded in a road surface, is the magnetic field of the Earth within the loop altered? Is a pulse of current produced? Can you cite a practical application for this at a traffic intersection?


i tried doing this on my calculator but i keep getting the wrong answer..can someone try it on theirs and tell me what they got? thanks Substitute the period in seconds, T = 86,400 s, the gravity constant G = 6.67 multiplied by 10-11 kg-1 m3/s2, and the mass of the Earth, ME...


When an automobile moves over a wide, closed loop of wire embedded in a road surface, the magnetic field of the Earth within the loop altered? Is a pulse of current produced? Can you cite a practical application for this at a traffic intersection?


captain iplanet measures the magnetic forces on a proton which is vertically falling at 1996 m/s at the equator (take the earth's field to be .4 Gauss horizontal and pointing northward). what force would she measure? Give both force and direction.

Physics Help, Please

In the final stages of the landing process, a spaceship decelerates at a constant rate of 5.3 m/s2 heading towards the Earth. A 3kg lamp is hanging straight down, attached to the ceiling of the ship cabin by a chain. What is the tension in the chain?


Imagine a giant dry-cleaner's bag full of air at a temperature of -31 floating like a balloon with a string hanging from it 15 above the ground. Estimate what its temperature would be if you were able to yank it suddenly back to Earth's surface.


Is these sentences are correct. Even though we have discovered thousands of dinosaur fossils, we still don’t know much about these creatures. While they dominated the earth longer than humans have, they suddenly died out for unexplained reasons.

Earth Science

Unlike most road maps, topographic maps can be used to find 1: the best route to a town 20 km away. 2: the temperature at any place on the map 3:the elevation above sea level. 4:the distance between two locations

Man My Algebra must be annoying

3m __ for m =20 and m = 1 5 __ 3 A. 3m = 320 / 5 = 64? b. 3m - 3 1/3 / 5 = 0.666?


you've made your bed now you must lie in it

5th grade

why must a scientist estimate a measurement?

6th grade



why must stock control be closely monitered ?


why must a business manage information as a resource?

social studies

What freedom goverment must orotect?


what must designers consider when planning a project?


What is meant by saying that a hypothesis must be testable


How do you solve this problem. Answer must be simplifyed 4/5+5/6-3/10

Health Physics

What must a muscle do in order to work?


how do we know a song thrush must have ears???


What must be true for a pentagon so that it will tessellate a plane?


What conditions must be satisfied by vectors u and v for this to be true? |u + v| >|u - v|


4y^2-y^2/y-2x x^2-4/X^2+3x+2 could someone help me. Please I must turn this in tongiht.


when must a notice of use and disclosure be provided


4) Why must a geostationary satelite be above the equator?


what taxes must be paid only by the employer?


why must a clean rod be used each time?


HOW MANY LITERS OF H2 must react to produce 75.0g of PH3


:Explain why a prime number must be deficient.


what type of datat must you collect for a t test and why?


Why must an organic layer be washed with NaOH?


why is that when it comes to diagonal it must be divided into 2


Can you help with questions that have diagrams you must use?


If ON=2x-3, LM=7x+2, NM=x+6, and OL=6y-3, find the values of x and y for which LMNO must be parallelogram.


what are two things that you must know to determine speed?


Please help exponent questions =[ If 2^x = 10, then 2^2x = If 2a^2 + 3a - 5a^2= 9, then a-a^2= If 9^x = 25, then 3^x+1 = If b^3=4 then b^6 If 2= p^3, then 8p must equal if 5 = a^x then 5/a =


explain why the equation x^(5)-3x+1=0 must have a solution with 0 < x <1


what are four examples of solution for which the concentration must be known?


How many grams of KClO3 must react to form 42.0 mL?

SAT math

If a-b<0, which of the following expressions must be true? A) -ab>a B) b+5>a-5 C) b^4>a^4 D) b^3>a^2 E) 2a>b


if y=(x +3)2, then (-2x-6)2 must equal which of the following: a) -4y2 b) -2y2 c) -4y d) 4y


can you me the answer from fraction must be in simplest form!!!!


how many twenties must be added to 3 tens to equal £2.10


Assume that f(3)=4. Name a point that must be on the graph of y=f(x)+4


Assume that f(3)=4. Name a point that must be on the graph of y=1/2f(x/2).

intro to psychology

To gain acceptance, a hypothesis must be:

Life orintation

Which subject i must learn if i want to be a doctor?


first, we must find 2z(dz/dt)=2x(dx/dt) + 2y(2y/dt) simplifying, we get: dy/dt=???(dx/dt + dy/dt) What is that simplified?

English 3

A verb must agree with its subject in number


what must b added to 183÷11 to make it a integer?


if x...y=(x-y)^2 for all integers which are the following must be true? 1)x...y=y...x 2)x....y=x...(-y) 3)x...(-y)=-x..y


11 divide 100 was difficult for me i think it must be 0.11


things people must have to survive

lab chimistry

Why we must mix the compound with MnO4?


what number must be added to 7/12 to get two wholes


what is the minimum work that must be done to raise a 30.0 kg object from h 7.0 m to h=11.0 m?


Appendix E Store Operations Messages Iam not sure how to write a message using this: You are a public relations manager called upon to present information regarding changes in retail store operations to three sets of stakeholders of a clothing store chain. The stakeholders ...

how concepts develop

Which of the following is the crux of the interrelationship between mathematics and science? A. About half of the basic math concepts are related to science concepts. B. The basic concepts of mathematics are the basic process skills of science. C. Basic mathematics process ...

To ? -- English

Q.Each line contains a mistake and error>Find error and replace it with suitable words>>> Bernard Shaw or Chesterton were known to having jokes at each other‟s expense. Once they faces one other in a corridor. Chesterton stood her ground and firmly said, “I...


Couze The water in the buket has some energy (tempreture) it is absorbed by the water and the ice melts this way water cools...now if you consider the ice outside the bucket water will no longer be in tuch with ice ,since energy of water since must be absorbed the ice first ...


You are standing on a planet with a radius 10,000kilometers. It's mass is 10^26 kg. What is the planet's escape velocity from where your standing? Ignore rotation of the planet.

MACROeconomics - Game Theory

I don’t get anything from below except for (c). Please help me! Thanks. Consider the following game matrix: ....................................................Player B............ ............................................Left............Right....... Player A.........Top...


1An object is thrown upward at an initial velocity and caught at the same level as it was thrown. What should the maximum height be if the hang time is 6.4? (please report numerical value to 2 decimal places- unit will not be necessary to report) 2An object is thrown upward at...

yr 8 re

what are genesis 1 & 2? i've never been a great bible reader and i thought genesis was just when God created the Earth and so on, but I'm supposed to know the difference in WRITING,like calling God 'Lord' amd stuff... please help!


i have just started physics, can someone please show me step by step how to do this: The radius of Earth is 6 370 000 m. Express this measurement in km in scientific notation with the correct number of significant digits. thank you for your help


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