Why must the centre of the satellite orbit coincide with the centre of the Earth?

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  1. science

    when brought to the surface of the moon will a mass have more or less weight than it did on the surface of earth or stay the same ?
  2. Earth Science

    Please determine the noon sun angle at the given latitudes on April 11: 40 degrees north 0 degrees
  3. science

    if an astraunout could jump 40 cm on jupiter how high could he ir she jump on earth how about the moon also????? pleese help me im stuck on this question
  4. science

    if you weigh 100 pounds on earth than how much would you weigh on each other planet in our solar system
  5. physical science

    At the bottom of a well one quarter of radius of the earth deep your weight compare to your normal weight would be
  6. physics

    How high above the earth’s surface would you have to be before your weight would be only 0.6 its current value?
  7. mechanics

    at what altitude above the earth's surface is the free fall acceleration equal to three quarters of its value at the surface ?
  8. earth

    If a person has a weight of 145 lb at sea level, by how much is their weight reduced when flying on an airplane at an altitude of 10700 m?

    Find the period time of the moon from the following values, R=6400km,the distance between the earth and the moon=384000km,g=9.8m/s2
  10. Earth Science

    If you started with 100 grams of Potassium-40 how much would reamin Potassium-40 after 3.9 x 10 to the 9th years?
  11. Earth Science

    Environmental Sustainability” refers to the ______________ of vital human ______________ support systems. fill in the blank
  12. Math

    the speed of a point A due to the rotation of the earth is twice that point of B.if A is on latitud 22 degree to the north calculate the latitude of B
  13. earth

    i have an acrostic poem i have to do for school on describing warm and cold fronts, but i can't think of some of the words

    Estimate the length of venusian year using the fact that the earth is 1.49*10'8km and venus is 1.08*10'8km from the sun on average.
  15. astronomy 101

    Given that the angular size of Venus is 53ŒŒ'' when the planet is 47000000kmkm from Earth, calculate Venus's diameter (in kilometers).
  16. physics

    A (1.35x10^2) kg box is falling near Earth’s surface. It is accelerating at (7.3000x10^0) m/s^2 [D]. What is the force of air resistance on the box?
  17. Earth Science

    What color will a star be with a surface temperature of 5000–6000 K? A. blue B. yellow C. white my choice is B yellow
  18. Chemistry!

    1. If the distance from the earth to the moon is 3.82 x 10^8 m, how many times could the paper stack reach to the MOON AND BACK? 1 mole of papers=1.505E20
  19. Science

    About what percent of all of Earth's fresh water is found in ground water, streams, lakes, and rivers?
  20. Physics

    The average distance of sun is 1.496 ×10^11m from the earth.Express the distance in light year and par second.
  21. earth and science

    what continent lies between 20 and 60 degress north lattitude and between 160 and 50 degrees west longtitude
  22. Physics

    At what altitude above the Earth's surface is the gravitational field strength equal to g/7? .981 = -(1.0003322(6,371/6,371+h))^2)
  23. Earth Science

    How do increased understanding of the hydrosphere, watersheds and human uses of water support the phrase, "Water is life?'
  24. earth science

    What does -morph stand for in science terms?
  25. Science

    Why is the earth's temperature different in different places?
  26. math

    If I am 11 years old on Earth,how old will I be in Mercury?
  27. earth

    the blank is located between the island? what is in the blank?
  28. earth and space

    the grams on the moon is different then space ?
  29. physics

    How does your mass on Earth compare to your mass on Mars?
  30. Science

    If a man has a mass of 90 kg on earth, what is his mass on the moon?
  31. earth

    how does the water cycle ensure that we have water.
  32. Geography

    which layers of the earth move? Why do ther move?
  33. earth

    What is an elipse of the sun and what is lunor elipse of the moon
  34. Science

    what the definition of age range in earth science?
  35. Orbital Mechanics

    Some help with this exercise please. If you could give an explanation and not only the answers it would be great!!! Besides the 3-2-1 rotation sequence, another very common sequence in spacecraft applications is the 3-1-3 rotation sequence in which the z axis is used twice. ...
  36. ap chem

    A mole of helium gas contains 6.02x10^23 helium atoms. How many helium atoms are there in a micromole of helium? How many moles of helium does 1.25x10^20 atoms of helium represent? ~I have no idea how to start or what the value of a micromole is? Constructive help would be ...
  37. science

    can you please help me put these events in order from latest to earliest?: -pangea, the supercontinent, begins to divide -trilobites -dinosaur extinction -first crocodiles -archaeopteryx (early bird) -first flowering plants -protozoa (single-celled, microscopic animals) -first...
  38. Criminal justice

    1. Which of the following is one of the limitations placed on felony murder? A. The felony must be independent of the homicide. B. The rule is limited to inherently dangerous felonies. C. The felony and the homicide must accompany each other in close temporal proximity. D. All...
  39. Math

    If y = sin−1 x, then sin y = x,−π/2 ≤ y ≤ π/2. Therefore, to find y = sin−1(−3/22, we must find an angle y whose sine is -3/2. There are many possible angles with this sine, but the range of y = sin−1 x is restricted to...
  40. Abnormal psychology

    what are the tenets of pharmacology I found more then three "basic tenets of pharmacology" online: The dose should be no larger than that necessary for the desired effect The drug molecules must get so close to the cellular molecules that the function of the latter is altered ...
  41. Logarithmic Function

    A spacecraft is approaching a space station that is orbiting Earth. When the craft is 1000 km from the space station, reverse thrusters must be applied to begin braking. The time, t, in hours, required to reach a distance, d, in km, from the space station while the thrusters ...
  42. English

    I included the things I really didn't know. 1) May I borrow your high heeled shoes? (Give permission) Yes, you can (may?) 2) keep far (move away, stay away are possible?) from rocks and trees. 3) Hamlet doubts whether or not to kill Claudius. 4) The theme of false appearances ...
  43. geometry

    If a rectangular solid has a volume of 27 and at least one edge the length of 3,which of the following Must be true? My thoughts lead me to think D is the answer,but I,m not sure?? a.The solid is a cube b.Exactly 4 edges of the solid have a length of 3 c.Exactly 6 edges of the...
  44. English

    1. You must blow up buildings one street away from the fire. 2. You must blow up buildings one blodk away from the fire. ========== Does #1 mean #2? Does 'street' mean 'block' in the sentence?
  45. chem

    DrBob222, thank you for answering my question(s). Sorry for asking repeatedly, I am new to this "posting" stuff. I thought I was asking different persons. Let me rephrase my question. How do I determine which roman numeral to place between the cation and the anion of a metal-...
  46. physics

    A stunt driver wants to make his car jump over eight cars parked side by side below a horizontal ramp a)With what minimum speed must he drive off the horizontal ramp? The vertical height of the ramp is 1.5m above the cars, and the horizontal distance he must clear is 20m . ...
  47. Literature

    Write an essay on "Do You Agree with Capital Punishment? This essay should have 5 paragraphs. In the 1st paragraph it must contain: Attention-grabbing beginning. Description of issue. Opinion Statement. In the 2,3, 4 paragraph should contain: Different reasons for each ...
  48. Science (again)

    Can Somebody plz help me with me question below, I didn't really get Mr. James's explanation for further reading. Precession means the axis of the Earth is changing, so North changes.
  49. science

    what site would i go to to summerize the climate changes that have accured from the past to the present and predict what you think the Earth will look like into the 21st. century????
  50. earth science

    Most New York State sandstone bedrock was formed in a delta from sand grains deposited, buried, and cemented together by minerals. Explain.
  51. Physics

    If a 20 kg object fell to the surgace of the Earth from a height of 30m, what would its final velocity be? (work from the energy standpoint) I know that you said it is F * X and I'm just confused. Can you help me walk through this?
  52. Physics Problem 6.12

    Estimate the acceleration due to gravity at the surface of Europa (one of the moons of Jupiter) given that its mass is and making the assumption that its density is the same as Earth's

    The earth is a______.It has four different layers, some thicker than others.? a) spiral b) rotunda c) sphere d) globule Just need to know if my answer or right or wrong. Thanks! :) C
  54. Astronomy

    Imagine that the Earth's axis were tilted parallel to the ecliptic plan like that of the planet Uranus. Describe how the seasons would be different in this scenario than what we currently experience.
  55. earth

    A cold front traveling at an average speed of 35 km/h eastward is 280 km due west of you. Appoximately how long will it be before your location experiences a sudden temperature drop?
  56. physics

    Find the rotational kinetic energy and angular momentum about its axis of the earth due to its daily rotation. Let ME = 6 x 1024 kg, RE = 6.4 x 106 m and ùE = 1.157 x 10-5 rev/sec.
  57. physics

    Find the rotational kinetic energy and angular momentum about its axis of the earth due to its daily rotation. Let ME = 6 x 1024 kg, RE = 6.4 x 106 m and We = 1.157 x 10-5 rev/sec.
  58. Astronomy/Physics

    I cannot calculate the gravitational force between these two objects. I am confused. Jupiter (R=800 million km, M = 2 x 10 to the 27th power kg and a 100 kg person on earth. Please help!
  59. Earth Science

    Near shore, larger sand and gravel particles are moved along the ocean bottom by ____. a. deposition b. turbulence c. spits d. density currents
  60. science

    1. What was wrong or why do you think people rejected Wegner's idea of continental drift? 2. Explain why some partly molten lava rises toward Earth's surface.
  61. Physical Science

    The string of a certain yo-yo is 80 cm long and will break when the force on it is 10 N. What is the highest speed the 200 g yo-yo can have when it is being whirled in a circle? Ignore the gravitational pull of the earth on the yo-yo.
  62. Physical Science

    The string of a certain yo-yo is 80 cm long and will break when the force on it is 10 N. What is the highest speed the 200 g yo-yo can have when it is being whirled in a circle? Ignore the gravitational pull of the earth on the yo-yo.
  63. Earth science

    of the three "local winds" types discussed in the text book, which do you think could be most easily harnessed for the generation of electricity by a huge wind farm?
  64. biology

    Explain how life on earth is dependent on both polarity of covalent chemical bonds and hydrogen bonding. Reference water, proteins and nucleic acids in your answer.
  65. english

    Please show me this, on a A4 sheet paper paste a cutout of a picture of earth and write 8 adjectives in capital letter inside rectangular block( any coloue ink)
  66. Physics

    What would our seasons be like if the rotation of the Earth's was aligned with the plane of the ecliptic so that the north pole pointed directly at the Sun once per year.
  67. math

    The fastest car on earth a Thrust SSC would win every NASCAR race in America. If it takes 0.5 hours to travel 380 miles, what is its speed?
  68. Earth Science

    1.   What measurement best describes the results of a scientific experiment regarding distance?  A. 57 miles B. 500 kilograms C. 523 inches D. 51 kilometers      My answer is D. Am I correct?   
  69. differencI also equation

    An object of mass 100g is thrown vertically upward from a point 60cm upabove the earth's surface with an initial velocity of 150cm/sec
  70. math

    A40m deep well with radius 3.5m is dug and the earth taken out is evenly spread to form aplateform of dimension 28m by 22m.find the height of the platform.
  71. Science

    What does Asimov predict will happen to earth in billions of years? a. it will be burned up by the sun b. its population will increase*** c. it will shrink slightly in size d. it will change position in the galaxy Am I correct?
  72. Physics- LOST!

    If the air temperature is the same as the temperature of your skin (about 30.0 C), your body cannot get rid of heat by transferring it to the air. In that case, it gets rid of the heat by evaporating water (sweat). During bicycling, a typical 70.0 kg person's body produces ...
  73. Socials

    What effect did the highland clearances and the Irish potato famine have on canada? What effect did the highland clearances and the Irish potato famine have on canada? The highland clearances and the Irish potato famine had an overwhelming effect on Canada. Pretend you're an ...
  74. physics

    Hydrogen atom is initially in the ground state. It is excited by a photon bombardment and it then undergoes a transition from n = 3 to n=2 state. a) What is the frequency of the bombarding photon? b) What are the energy, momentum and the wavelength of the emitted photon? c) ...
  75. physics

    For a particular type of wave in a particular medium why must f and lambda be inversely proportional. Frequency deals with the number of waves per second, while wavelength deals with the distance from peak to peak. It would be inversely proportional because lambda deals with ...
  76. physics

    A trapeze artist sailing through the air rotates with a rotational speed of 0.9·rev/s. If she contracts to reduce her rotational inertia to one sixth of what it was, what will her new rotational speed be? _____ rev/s? Can she completely stop her rotation while still airborne...
  77. physics

    a motorist runs out of gas and must push his 3000kg car across a flat road 200m to the gas station. ignoring friction how much work must be done in order to get the car to the gas pump? if the motorist accomplishes this in 10 minutes, how much power has he applied? what if the...
  78. physics

    As a civil engineering intern during one of your summer in college, you are asked to design a curved section of roadway that meets the following conditions: when ice is on the road, and the ceefficient of static friction between the road and rubber is 0.080, a car at rest must...
  79. hmmmmm...........

    How can moving contiental plates change the surface of earth http://www.google.com/search?q=moving+continental+plates&start=0&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-a&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official Good websites linked here. =) what plate is iceland on how can moving continental ...
  80. english

    For my assignment I have to find an advertisement, analyze it, and write my interpretation of it. I've done this, but I'm coming out short on words for the assignment. And I feel like there's nothing else that I can mention. I'm supposed to write 500 words and I have 379. Can ...
  81. Science

    Associate each item in the table with at least one field of science and one area of technology/engineering. Choose from the terms given at the bottom. Automobile aspirin shirt computer pesticide satellite robot atomic bomb vaccination can of soup polyester wrapper skyscraper ...
  82. social studies

    Mary Lou must complete a research project to get her associate degree. She has just one year left to finish her degree and must spend as little time and money as possible on her research. She plans to compare stress levels of 8th graders to stress levels of 9th graders. What ...
  83. Math

    an 8% solution, a 10% solution, and a 20% solution of sulfuric acid are to be mixed to get 100 milliliters of a 12% solution. How many milliliters of each must be mixed if the volume of the 20% solution must be 25 milliliters less than the volume of the 10% solution
  84. Health Information

    What is the best answer to this question. I have read, and read many times and can't figure it out. Please help! Judge Jones is hearing a motion to order release of substance abuse records pursuant to a subpoena. The hearing: A. must be in open court because the records were ...
  85. Physics

    A stunt driver wants to make his car jump over 8 cars parked side by side below a horizontal ramp. A)With what minimum speed must he drive off the horizontal ramp? The vertical height of the ramp is 1.5 m above the cars and the horizontal distance he must clear is 22..(I got ...
  86. Earth Science REPOST

    A seismograph station is located 2000 km from an earthquakes epicenter. Explain the order that the S and P waves will arrive at the station.
  87. Science-Please Help!

    name two devices that we use on earth, which use the same principles as space capsules. Explain for each one.
  88. solar systems

    if the earth rotated every 16 hours how would this affect solar eclipses, the phases of the moon and our tides
  89. physics

    It takes Pluto a longer time to travel around the sun than the Earth because Pluto: a. has farther to go b. goes slower c. a and b d. none of these
  90. Science

    I am a large mass of frozen water. I can move rocks and boulders. I move very slowly, but i cause great changes on Earth. What am I?
  91. science

    forget that question its done.! When earth passes through the moons shadow, we see words lunar eclipse,or, solar eclipse
  92. science

    what are the layers of the earth's interior in order??? Please send asap I am making a science study guide for my huge exam!
  93. Astronomy

    If stars should always be visible, where should you be located on earth? Can I answer this considering the celestial sphere and the ecliptic? I am not sure how...
  94. Earth Science(Please check)

    Around what tectonic plate are most of the worlds volcanoes located. The Pacific plate. Is this correct?
  95. science

    Geocentric" means that the earth is the center of the unvierse, including the sun, the moon, the planets, and all the stars. Is the universe geocentric? yes no yes
  96. chemistry

    When brought to the surface of the moon, will a mass have more or less weight than it did on the surrface of the earth, or will it be the same weight? explain
  97. Earth Science

    If the date was March 22 and one saw the noon sun at 35 degrees south above the horizon, what latitude is one at?
  98. physics

    on a planet whose mass is twice that of earth and whose radius is same, with what acceleration will a body fall at sea level?
  99. science

    on a planet whose mass is twice that of earth and whose radius is the same, with what acceleration will a body fall at sea level
  100. English

    Is this sentence correct? I sat down with him and helped him with the layers of the earth worksheet. Or do I need to take out the before layers
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