1. Physics II

    A man weighs 0.80 kN on Earth. What is his mass in kilograms?
  2. social studies

    What is the base for the earth's hills and mountains?
  3. biology

    how does the extinction of dolphins affect the sustainability of the Earth?
  4. biology

    What are the major reservoirs of organic carbon on earth?
  5. Quick Physics Check

    2. Which of the following examples does not show projectile motion? A. a tennis ball bounces across the net B. a ball is thrown at a downward angle toward a target on the ground C. a feather drifts to the ground D. a horseshoe is pitched at a stake Is it C? 3. Which of the ...
  6. Science

    How do clouds form? (No links, please, just a few facts, I've done half of this question) All weather occurs in Earth's _______. thermosphere troposphere*** stratosphere exosphere Because of their shape when seen from the ground, tornadoes are sometimes called _____. V clouds ...
  7. Technology

    Say you have a financial consulting corporation that has four satellite offices in the US and employs 300 fulltime employees and 20 of those travel 2 to 4 days a week. These 20 employees do not have access to email or other company programs while they are traveling. The ...
  8. Algebra

    If you have these three origins: (0,0) (0,952) (863,0) How do you find the last point where the two lines intersect? Would really appreciate the help. Thanks. Parker, I'm not quite sure what the question asks. Three origins? Is this standard analytic geometry we're doing? I ...
  9. earth

    Atmosphere Homework! 1.Which of the following layers of the atmosphere is closest to space? 2.A barometer measures? 3. The atmosphere contains tiny solid particles called what? 4.The process by which the atmosphere slows Earth's loss of heat to space is called the ..? 5.Almost...
  10. kw university

    You want to get an idea of the magnitude of magnetic fields produced by overhead power lines. You estimate that a transmission wire is about 11 above the ground. The local power company tells you that the line operates at 16 and provide a maximum of 83 to the local area. ...
  11. Science

    An alien spaceship is revolving around a spherical asteroid in a very low circular orbit. The period of revolution of the spaceship is 15 minutes. A research party of the alien students lands on the steroid and drills a tunnel through it along a diameter. They then launch a ...
  12. Math

    Please help with this problem! Planet Pemdas is a perfect sphere that does not rotate. If a rocket flies in a path following the circumference of Pemdas, and maintains a constant altitude of 25,000 feet above the surface for one orbit, how many more feet than the planet's ...
  13. Physics

    A pulsar is a rapidly rotating neutron star that continuously emits a beam of radio waves in a searchlight manner. Each time the pulsar makes one revolution, the rotating beam sweeps across the earth, and the earth receives a pulse of radio waves. For one particular pulsar, ...
  14. physics

    Two stars in a binary system orbit around their center of mass. The centers of the two stars are 7.78x1011 m apart. The larger of the two stars has a mass of 4.19x1030 kg, and its center is 1.75x1011 m from the system's center of mass. What is the mass of the smaller star?
  15. physics

    A neutron star and a black hole are 5.650e+12 m from each other at a certain point in their orbit. The neutron star has a mass of 2.78×1030 kg and the black hole has a mass of 9.94×1030 kg. What is the magnitude of the gravitational attraction between the two?
  16. science

    what can you infer from the fact of all life on earth is related f you go back far enough?
  17. Science-Please Help!

    name two devices that we use on earth, which use the same principles as space capsules. Explain for each one.
  18. science

    what factors should be kept constant when comparing your weight from mars to earth
  19. Science

    What percentage of the sun is shine on the Earth in Maine during Spring
  20. geography

    what is the theory that helps explain how the earth's topography is formed and how it changes?
  21. physics

    why one cannot find the north pole of the earth using only a simple compass
  22. 2nd grade

    what is a part of the earth that is shaped in a special way, is that a landform
  23. Science

    If Sam weigs 114kg on earth what is his mass on the moon
  24. earth

    At what reading on the Richter scale are classified mas major?
  25. science

    At what height above the earth is the acceleration due to gravity 12% of its value at the surface?
  26. Science

    If Sam weights 114kg on earth what is his mass on the moon

  28. geography

    What is the Earth System that includes the Continental and Oceanic crust?
  29. earth geology

    What are the main differences between topographic and geologic maps?
  30. natural science

    What are the structural zones within the Earth? How are they detected scientifically?
  31. Science

    how would tides be different if the moon revolves as fast as the earth rotate
  32. science

    what is the main source of energy for all living things on earth

    What is the mass of 4.2 kg of gold when it is transferred to a planet having twice the gravity of earth?
  34. science

    at what altitide(height above earth's surface) would temperatures be 22 degrees C?
  35. Science

    what are some possible effects of climate change resulting from a warmer earth?
  36. Grammar

    I sighed as I went down the stairs, thinking what on earth does this woman want me to do now. How do i say this correctly?
  37. Geography

    How does the movement of tectonic plates shape the earth's surface?
  38. earth

    A word for ater that flows downhillafter it rains 6 letters
  39. social studies

    name the five oceans of the Earth according to size, largest to smallest.
  40. earth science

    please define and describe deep ocean trenches...
  41. earth

    3. What can scientists learn from the rate at which radioactive elements decay?
  42. Physics

    Find the gravitational force between the sun and the earth in newtons?
  43. Earth science

    how does the temperature of ocean currents affect climate?
  44. science

    if something big from outerspace hit earth, then where would it have least human impact?
  45. Science -CLIMATE

    Explain how different temperatures on earth create winds.
  46. physics

    an object weighs 180N on earth, how much will it weigh on the moon?
  47. reading

    Why do you think the earth's crust is thicker under land than under bodies of water?
  48. earth science

    What evidence do astronomers use to detect black holes? please help and thank you :)
  49. physics

    What is the weight of a 0.2kg toy on or near the surface of the Earth? (g = 9.8m/s2? in newton
  50. physics

    What is the weight of a 0.2kg toy on or near the surface of the Earth? (g = 9.8m/s2? in newton
  51. Physics

    Could someone explain to me about how live, earth and neutral wires work?
  52. science

    What moves and picks up rocks and is one slow change to the earth?
  53. science

    How can we measure the Gravitational field intensity of any place on earth ?
  54. science

    Explain the main factors that affect the Earth’s temperature.
  55. Earth science

    the youngest part of ocean floor is found
  56. Earth Science

    How tall in miles would a stack of 4.5 billion pennies be?
  57. Science

    Why does Earth exert a stronger gravitational force than the Moon?
  58. physical science

    As an object approaches the Earth’s surface, what will its acceleration be?
  59. maths help!

    find the mass of the earth assuming the radius is 6400km
  60. Science

    How does the sun's gravitational attraction to the earth compare to that of the moon?
  61. Physics

    What is the weight (in Newtons) of an object with a mass of 25 kg on the surface of the Earth?
  62. earth science

    The process to convert seawater into fresh water is known as
  63. science

    How are Earth and Venus similar ? How are they different? give 2 similarities and 2 difference thanks
  64. science

    Describe at least 5 ways that earth's ocean affect our life.
  65. earth science - urgent

    What are the differences between asteroids and meteoroids? What are the similarities?
  66. Science

    What are the reasons why human being is considered the most intelligent animal in the earth?
  67. Science

    If you weigh 300 N on earth, then what is your mass and weight in mars?
  68. earth science

    which type of mountyain is found on island arcs?
  69. phisecs

    `filling the blanks: sun_________________ than moon. earth is__________________mercury.''.
  70. Science

    How does the Sun's rays hitting the Earth affect the seasons?
  71. Science

    What role does induction play when lightning strikes Earth?
  72. Social Studies

    What are the physical features of the earth's surface called?
  73. science .. urgent

    what are some conditions on Earth that make it possible to live and survive?
  74. earth science

    what are the landscape regions that the hudson river flows through
  75. 7th grade

    Why cant petrol driven cars we use on earth be used on moon?
  76. science

    calculate the mass in kg of an object that weighs 1225 n on earth
  77. Astronomy

    What are two pieces of evidence that the earth is a highly differentiated body
  78. Physics

    At what distance from the earth's surface will a mass of 40.0 kg be just 385.0 in weight?
  79. earth science

    Why do deciduous trees lose their leaves in the fall?
  80. 9th grade

    what divides the earth into the northern and southren hemispheres
  81. eave Earth

    any one object which you would like to sell in market and prepare 5 lines on it
  82. science

    What is the acceleration of a 7kg rocjet if a force of 68.6 kg m/s/s (N) is used to move it away from the earth
  83. Advance Biology

    What is the relationship between CFCs and the Earth's protective layer?
  84. high school

    why is clean water important to life on earth
  85. Science

    How do Scientists know the Sun is 93 million miles from the Earth? (How do they measure it)
  86. english

    how would you describe some who is crazy to jump from outer space to earth
  87. science

    what keeps earth from falling into the sun ? gravitational pull or inertia
  88. 4th grade

    how does the cycle of day and night of our earth work?
  89. earth science

    what do two of the stars in the bowl of the big dipper point to ?
  90. Earth Science-9

    What test is performed to determine the hardness of a mineral?
  91. earth`s changing surface

    the process that changes the size and shape of rock
  92. Grammar

    God created the heavens and the earth. What are the verbs in this phrase
  93. Academy of Hospitality and Tourism at Erasmus

    What is the earth science tables?
  94. physics

    An 80kg astronaut has a weight of 120N. How many radii above the earth is he?
  95. earth science

    The area where precipitation and storms occur is a ? syestem.

  97. Biology

    How does the structure of Earth’s interior affect seismic waves?
  98. Earth Science

    wat is the difference between a hypothesis and a question? plz help and thank you
  99. social studies

    what is one of the earth's seven large bodies of land is called what?
  100. Earth Science

    What are the effects radiation has on the heating of land and water? Thank You.
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