1. History

    Which one of the following would be a primary source??? A) Your history book B) A letter from a soldier C) A picture of pyramaids D) A website about history HELP!!!
  2. science

    multiple select Select all of the items that are true about a sample of water vapor at 101°C as it cools. 1) Its temperature will fall continuously until it condensed into a liquid. 2) Its temperature will fall steadily until reaching 100°C. 3) The molecules of water gain ...
  3. science

    A group of wind turbines operates in an open field. Which statement about the wind turbines is true? Answer A. The wind turbines produce movement of air that does work. B. The wind turbines do work by using electricity to produce power. C. The wind turbines cannot do work ...
  4. Math

    If line A is a perpendicular bisector of MN, then which of the following statements is NOT true? 1)line A and MN intersect at a right angle 2)line A splits MN into two congruent segments 3)MN splits line A into two congruent segments 4)line A intersects MN at the midpoint of ...
  5. nutrition and wellness

    HACCP are guidelines and regulations for food safety standards. True False As a matter of fact, the government has implemented a system for commercial food preparation, and the word “critical” is part of that system: it is called “Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point...
  6. Journalism

    Ok, I am writing two articles for my journalism class. We write the newspaper. So my first article is about what type of dog Obama is going to get for the white house and his kids. I talk about the two breeds of dogs they are choosing and a little about each of them. What else...
  7. chemistry

    When compared to compound B, compound A has lower melting and boiling points and vaporizes more readily. Is compound A an ionic compound or a molecular compound? A. Ionic B. Molecular I say B
  8. Science

    glass bottles in a recycling plant move along a conveyor belt up to a crushing machine at a constant speed of 0.5 what statement is true about the net force on the bottles as they move A. The force on the bottles are balanced B.The forces on the bottles are unbalanced C.The ...
  9. physics

    Which of the following statements is a true statement? A. A vector can have positive or negative magnitudes. B. A vector's magnitude cannot be more than the magnitude of one of its components. C. If the x-component of a vector is smaller than its y-component then that vector ...
  10. Chemistry(please check my answer)

    Which of the following is true concerning gamma radiation? A. The mass number of the radioisotope decreases by four. B. The atomic number of the radioisotope decreases by two. C. The atomic number of the radioisotope increases by one. D. Neither the mass number nor the atomic ...
  11. 20 question please check my answers

    1. A sickness resulting from eating food that is not safe to eat empty-calorie foods nutrition foodborne illness nutrient density 2. A nutrient that helps control the amount of fluid in your body sodium calorie protein nutrition 3. A measure of nutrient content relative to ...
  12. home economics

    Suppose that 200 gallons of gasoline are demanded at a particular price. If the price drops by 1 percent, the quantity demanded of gasoline increases to 200.5 gallon. which of the following statement is true? a) The elasticity of demand is equal to 0.5 b) Demand is elastic c) ...
  13. grammar

    1. Select the sentence that has correct subject-verb agreement. (Points : 1) Applied mathematics was my major in college. Applied mathematics were my major in college. 2. Most singular nouns that end in “s”—such as politics, news, measles—take plural verbs. For example...
  14. Direct way to improve yield of ball mill

    The Ball Mill as a general grinding equipment, is widely used in dressing, building materials and chemical industry, ball mill can be divided into dry and wet type two kinds of grinding way. According to the row of ore in different ways, and can be divided Grate Ball Mill and ...
  15. English

    1. It's no use worrying about it. 2. It's no use to worry about it. 3. It's of no use worrying about it. 4. It's of no use to worry about it. --------------------- Which ones are grammatical? What does 'it' in the front refer to in each sentence?
  16. physics

    four masses of 2 kg,4kg,3kg, and 6 kg are kept at the corner of square ABCD are side 1 m then (A) find moment of inertia about an axis which passes through a point of intersection its diagonal and perpendicular on it . (b) about the axis AB. (C) about diagonal
  17. physics

    A galvanometer best makes use of the fact that there exists a magnetic field in which of the these?. A) about aligned magnetic domains.B) wherever a change of voltage occurs.C) about a current-carrying wire.D) between the poles of a U-shaped magnet.E) about a pivoted compass ...
  18. Physics

    reword each statement about friction to make it true. For very small objects, the friction from the object to the surface is less than the friction from the surface to the object. If the mass of an object increases, the kinetic friction on the object will increase. The faster ...
  19. Math- Multi-step word problems

    A canoe in still water travels at a rate of 10 miles per hour. The current today is traveling at a rate of 3 miles per hour. If it took an extra hour to travel upstream, how far was the trip one way? about 14 miles about 15 miles about 16 miles about 17 miles
  20. Chemistry

    Water has an extremely high boiling point compared to other compounds of similar molar mass because of ? Hydrogen Bond Adhesive force Covalent bonding Dispersion Forces I believe the answer is A since hydrogen bond is a strong bond and thus require most energy to break them. ...
  21. Grammar

    Determine if the following sentence employ the correct use of commas and apostrophes.TRUE=correct FALSE=wrong 1.The patient is a 41-year-old, white female with a several-month's history of biliary colic. ANSWER: False Thinking comma after old can be eliminated and put after ...
  22. religion

    "The Will to Believe," contains William James' response to Clifford. You are to write 200-300 words explaining James' response to Clifford's position. Be sure to include the following: 1. Explain James classification of hypotheses as alive or dead and the types of options used...
  23. poetry/ english

    4. In "The New Colossus," the Statue of Liberty is compared to alan A. European queen. C. immigrant. B. mother. D. door 7. Describing the chariot that bears the human soul as "frugal" is an example of A. paradox. C. epiphany. B. denotation. D. realism 9. Who is the speaker in ...
  24. allied health

    which of the following is true in regard to limited data sets> a. Patients must authorize the use of limited data sets. b. those who receive limited data sets can pass them on without restrictions c. limited data sets can't include a patient's city, state, age, and birth ...
  25. Science

    1. A ___ has a definite shape and a definite volume. (1 point) solid•• liquid gas molecule 2. Why is a gas able to flow? (1 point) Its particles have melted and can move around. Its particles have high viscosity and can move around. Its particles have enough energy to move...
  26. Physics

    A 49-N force is applied perpendicular to the portion BC of the bent bar. Determine the moment of P about point B and about point A. The image shows a bar that is straight from point A to B but then bends at a 42 degree angle to the left from point B to point C. The distance ...
  27. physics

    Gradually increase the angle of the incline, but keep the angle low enough that the block does not slide. Select all the phrases below that would make the following statement true: For this situation, as the angle is increased the maximum possible value of the force of static ...
  28. Consumer Math

    Which ones of these are true about a living trust. (there can be more than 1) 1. A living trust is established while the owner of the property or money put in trust is still alive. 2. When the minor children reach a certain age, the living trust is always discontinued. 3. The ...
  29. English Essay REDONE

    You’ve applied for a specific job in your field of study. The Human Resources Department arranges an interview and tells you to bring with you a polished piece of writing for them to evaluate your writing skills. The paragraph must describe one particular experience you’ve...
  30. Science help! URGENT. Check answers

    1. True or False? A model train traveling at a constant speed around a circular track has a constant velocity. (False) 2.Which of the following would be affected if a soaring eagle changed direction but remained at a constant speed? acceleration only velocity only acceleration...
  31. Government

    Would someone mind checking my answers? Thanks! (Answers at bottom) And if anyone is willing to explain the final two questions to me and maybe help, thatd be much appreciated. 1.) "In the late nineteenth century, political leaders in the United States gradually became ...
  32. Math

    5. Which of the following statements is NOT true regarding an expression written in scientific notation in the form of a x 10^n ? A.)The value of "A" must be greater than or equal to 1 and smaller than 10. B.)The value of "N" must be an integer. C.)Doubling "N" results in a ...
  33. Math help

    Which of the following statements is NOT true regarding an expression written in scientific notation in the form of a x 10n ? A.)The value of a must be greater than or equal to 1 and smaller than 10. B.)The value of n must be an integer. C.)Doubling n results in a doubling of ...
  34. animal science

    Which of the following is true of the function of glucagon? A. Glucagon regulates insulin secretion. B. Glucagon increases glycogen breakdown into glucose. C. Glucagon inhibits glycogen breakdown into gluclose. D. Glucagon regulates somatostatin secretion.
  35. chemistry

    100.0 mL of a dilute NaCl(aq) solution is heated in an open beaker. After 15 minutes the burner is turned off. Which of the following is true of the resulting solution? a more concentrated than the initial solution b less saturated than the initial solution c less concentrated...
  36. Geography

    Are these correct: Although Brazil is rich in natural resources, a. the government has done little to foster economics growth b. poverty is prevalent among its population c. the country has not yet begun to industrialize d. the location of these resources makes it almost ...
  37. Math

    List the common multiples from 1 to 100 for each pair of numbers. Then find the least common multiple for each pair. 8 and 12, 3 and 15, 7 and 11, 9 and 10, 24 and 36, 20 and 25, 42 and 14, 30 and 12 Then find pairs of numbers for which the least common multiple equals the ...
  38. Grammar and Composition

    i have to write a five-sentence paragraph with varied sentence beginnings on a topic. topic: place you would like to visit: Dubai it can either be descriptive, narrative, expository, or persuasive. i think i'm doing descriptive Part 1--Brainstorm List -place i'd like to visit...
  39. Ashford

    Often, after graduation, students report that they can barely remember some of the concepts they studied in school. This is particularly true if a difficult concept is introduced. As asymptotic notation is perhaps one of the most difficult concepts to grasp and apply in this ...
  40. Civics

    10. Which of these statements about the Cuban Missile Crisis is true? A. President Kennedy removed nuclear missiles from Turkey to resolve the crisis. B. Fidel Castro's government had manufactured guided missiles. C. President Kennedy called Nikita Khrushchev on the hotline. D...
  41. Geography

    8. China is now reporting at least 650,000 infected with HIV/AIDS and the number in India may well exceed 5 million infected. True False Answer : True 9.what is not an example of how governments affect population change? A. Expansive population policies encourage large ...
  42. science

    Hi! Please help as soon as possible! This is my science connections academy test that I took but it restarted. I really don't want to do it again! THANK YOU! 1. Box A is hotter than Box B. After the heat is transferred, they become the same temperature. Which of the following ...
  43. science

    Hi! Please help as soon as possible! This is my science connections academy test that I took but it restarted. I really don't want to do it again! THANK YOU! 1. Box A is hotter than Box B. After the heat is transferred, they become the same temperature. Which of the following ...
  44. Chemistry

    Solution x has a pH of 4.35. Solution y has 10- times high [OH-] compared to solution x. Solution z has a pH 4.0 units higher than that of solution x. calculate the ration of [H3O+] between solutions x&y and between x&z. What is the pH of solutions y and z? classify each ...
  45. language arts

    this question is from "The Watsons go to Birmingham- 1963" Read the following quote from Byron to Kenny from Chapter 15. “Today is the day you check out of the World-Famous Watson Pet Hospital. Don’t let me catch you back there no more. You ain’t got no cause to be ...
  46. social studies

    Which of the following is true of the Supreme Court's decision in Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka? A. It established that all citizens should have access to public education. B. It ruled that segregation should proceed with "all deliberate speed." C. It declared that ...
  47. American History

    11. Which of the following is true of the Supreme Court's decision in Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka? A. It ruled that desegregation was a state issue, but that segregation was a federal issue. B. It established that all citizens should have access to public education. ...
  48. Business Law

    Which of the following is true regarding religious discrimination? A. Only monotheistic religions are covered under Title VII. B. An employer need not accommodate the religious observances or practices of its employees in the workplace. C. An employee who claims religious ...
  49. English

    In our text discussion, we compared a two-way conversation with a top-down situation, such as that which students encounter when listening to a lecture. What was this comparison intended to illustrate? A. The need to pay attention to an instructor’s lecture B. The value of ...
  50. Chemistry

    For the reaction: H2(g) + I2(g) 2HI(g) , Kc = 12.3 at some temperature T. If [H2] = [I2] = [HI] = 3.21 x 10-3 M at this temperature, which one of the following statements is true? 1. ) Not enough information is given to answer the question. 2. ) The concentration of HI will ...
  51. Spanish

    What is this asking? ¿Cómo eres? choices would be: This question asks about about a person's health about what a person is like how a person is feeling today what a person is wearing I think it is about a person's health or how a person is feeling today? Thank you
  52. Physics

    Four particles in the xy plane have the following masses and coordinates: 1 kg at (3 m, 3 m), 2 kg at (-2 m, 4 m), 3 kg at (3 m, -2 m) and 4 kg at (-3 m, -4 m). Find the total moment of inertia about: x-axis? y-axis? z-axis?
  53. Science

    Four particles in the xy plane have the following masses and coordinates: 1 kg at (3 m, 3 m), 2 kg at (-2 m, 4 m), 3 kg at (3 m, -2 m) and 4 kg at (-3 m, -4 m). Find the total moment of inertia about: x-axis? y-axis? z-axis?
  54. econ (economyst)

    The real exchange rate between Canada and U.S. must be unity if LOOP is found held for all the common goods that are consumed in both countries. True or False? Economyst, last time you said it is false, but if LOOP holds for each good in the basket, it will also hold for the ...
  55. health

    All of the following are true regarding smoking EXCEPT: - Smoking inhibits the T cells from working properly in the lungs - Smoking is viewed by many today as being socially unacceptable - Research shows that the nicotine patch is no no more effective than a placebo - Ninety ...
  56. math

    The length of the tropical year us 365.24220 days, as compared to the length of 365.2425 days used by the Gregorian calendar. How many years will it take for this difference to amount to 8 days? Round to the nearest year.
  57. math

    The length of the tropical year us 365.24220 days, as compared to the length of 365.2425 days used by the Gregorian calendar. How many years will it take for this difference to amount to 8 days? Round to the nearest year.
  58. Math

    Morgan rolls a number cube, twice. If the number 1 shows up at least once, Morgan wins. Otherwise, Jaclyn wins. How much greater is the probability that Morgan will win compared to Jaclyn winning? A)1/3 B)7/18 C)4/9 D)2/3
  59. 6th grade Lang Arts

    Can you explain why the comma used in sentence 1 is not correct as compared to the comma used in sentence 2? (from homework) 1. The stadium, that my favorite team plays in, seats over 81,000 people. 2. My father, who is an excellent reader, finished a 500 page book in one day!
  60. English

    Identify the prepositional phrases in the following sentnces. When the servers arrived, Zach gave them the information on todays specials. He talked enthusiastically about the fresh blackberies. " They look fantastic! I want to serve them with shortcake."
  61. Reading Help

    Think about the rites of passage that individuals confront in the following literature The bass, the river, and Shelia Mant by W.D Wetherell Oranges by gary Soto I have no idea what im supposed to do here. Please help me.
  62. english help please!!

    Which of the following is an example of an informational text that explains? A pamphlet that disputes a point A written account of events in war An instruction manual for a computer An argument about the use of exams Is it b pls help me
  63. astro

    ProximaCentauriisapproximatelythesamedistancefromEarth(slightly less than 4.3 light years) as Alpha Centauri A, but it has an apparent magnitude of +11.05, compared to Alpha Centauri A’s magnitude of -0.01. How much more luminous is Alpha Centauri A than Proxima Centauri?
  64. English

    Which of the following is a pitfall that students often making when writing about literature? analyzing summarizing to support a point including needed information writing a plot summary
  65. physics

    A plum is located at coordinates (-4.0 m, 0.0 m, 6.0 m). In unit-vector notation, what is the torque about the origin on the plum due to force F whose only component is indicated by each of the following equations? (a) Fx = 8.0 N ô = N · m (b) Fx = -5.0 N ô = N · m (c) Fz...
  66. chemistry

    Balance the following redox reaction occurring in acidic solution. H+ + Cr --> H2 + Cr3+ H+ --> H2 do I add H+ to this side since H2 = 0? Also what about electrons. Cr -> Cr3+ + 3e- Hope I make sense
  67. math 2

    Write a single algebraic notation for an image that has been rotated 180 about the origin and has undergone the following translation: 3 units down and 5 units left(pleasee help)
  68. can u help me

    Which of the following statements is always true of similar polygons? (1 point) Corresponding angles of similar figures have the same measure. The lengths of corresponding sides form equivalent ratios. The lengths of corresponding sides have the same measure. both (a) and (b)
  69. Science

    4: Which of the following is true of an object in a circular motion at a constant speed? A: The net force on the object is zero B: The object is not accelerating as the speed of the object remains the same C:the object is accelerating as the direction of the object is changing...

    For the following questions, you are provided with two statements. Choose the two economic goals THAT ARE MOST IN CONFLICT when considering the difference between the two statements. 1) In a market system, a person is entitled to earn as high an income as possible with no ...
  71. environmental engineering

    Coal has about 2% sulfur. How many kilograms of sulfur would be emitted from coalfired power plants in the United States in 1 yr? (U.S. electricity production is about 0.28 × 1012 watts, and coal has an energy content of about 30 × 106 J/kg. Note that 1 J = 1W-sec.)
  72. Information Literacy

    which of the following is true regarding doing online search for information A. If your search turns up no hits, you need to use a more specific keyword B. You'll get better results if you choose a single, general keyword . C. Using one or two specific key words save time. D. ...
  73. Business

    Please check my answers: #7-A firm's marketing mix decision areas would NOT include: A. Price B. Promotion C. Product *D. People* #8-The marketing mix: *A. Helps to organize the marketing strategy decision areas* B. Includes four variables-People, Place, Promotion, and Price C...
  74. physics

    If you have 2 objects of diferrent densities and you want them to have equal masses,what ratio of the volume to each other The answer I think the object with the greater density must have low volume compared to the other with small density
  75. Social Studies

    The decades around the year 50 B.C. saw the end of the Roman Republic and the rise of the Roman Empire. What factors led to the decline of the Roman Republic? Do you think there was any way for the republic to be preserved? What are the disadvantages of an empire compared to a...
  76. chemistry

    MF17041: A hot penny is dropped into cold water inside a polystyrene foam cup. Assuming negligible heat loss to the cup and to the surroundings, which of the following statements would be true, if any? | DSpenny | = | DSwater | | DSpenny | > | DSwater | | DSpenny | < | ...
  77. Math

    Ms. Allison drew a box-and-whisker plot to represent her students scores on a midterm test. These are the numbers on the box-and-whisker plot. Lowest value=44 Lower quartile=47 Median=52 Upper quartile=81 Highest value=96 Jason received 81 on the test. How does Jason's score ...
  78. Philosphy

    Hill claims that a fruitful way to think about the badness of destroying the environment is: To think about what kind of human would choose to destroy the earth. To appeal to theories about God and care for the earth. To examine people’s intuitions about whether it is right ...
  79. research writing as a process

    Question 1 What is one of the first steps in a research project? to think about the purpose of the research project. to consult a writing center tutor to formulate a thesis statement to find all the research you'll need Question 2 Which of the following is a goal you may want ...
  80. Physics please check

    For the highest accuracy, would you choose an aluminum or a steel tape rule for year-round outdoor use? a. steel tape rule b. either of the two c. aluminum tape rule Why? I am not quite sure what this question is asking. I took an educated guess of steel because all the number...
  81. physics

    An athlete at the gym holds a 4.33 kg steel ball in his hand. His arm is 68.7 cm long and has a mass of 4.69 kg. What is the magnitude of the torque about his shoulder if he holds his arm straight out to his side, parallel to the floor? I got an answer of 45 N*m (which is ...
  82. Government

    which is true statement about the North American Free Trade Agreement? NAFTA is the most successful of the world's largest free trade zone in the world. NAFTA has established the largest free trade zone in the world. NAFTA was created after world war 2 to promote fiscal ...
  83. Abnormal Psychology

    Which of the following is not true of the meta-analytic findings of research therapy with children? A. Changes achieved by children receiving treatment are greater than those for children not receiving treatment. B. Treatment effects are larger for problems that are ...
  84. Maths

    true/false 1. a cubic polynomial has at least one zero.............. 2. a quadratic polynomial an have at most two zeroes.......... 3. if r(x)is the remainder and p(x) is the divisor, then degree r(x) < degree p(x)............ 4. if zeroes of a quadratic polynomial ax^2+b^x...
  85. economics

    Suppose a monopolist faces an inverse demand function P=100-1/2Q, and the monopolist has a fixed marginal cost of $20. How much more would the monopolist make from perfect price discrimination compared to simply producing where marginal revenue equals marginal cost?
  86. Managerial Economics

    If the price of computers falls 6 percent during a period when the level of average prices falls 12 percent, the relative price of computers compared with other goods: a) Stays the same. b) Increases. c) Decreases. d) More information is required to answer this question.
  87. geography

    Can you check my answers please? 1. How does the continent you live on rank in land area when compared to all other continents? North America has the third largest land area of all the continents. 2. Port-au-Prince is the capital of what Caribbean Sea country? Haiti
  88. maths

    The data in table below gives marks for an exam of a particular tutors students in 2005 and 2006. Year students marks on the exam 2005 75 86 91 65 83 75 88 90 66 99 2006 60 78 75 98 79 90 80 88 81 90 from the following choose two options which are true about the table above. a...
  89. English

    1. What do you thinks about watching TV? 2. What is your opinion of watching TV? 3. Do you think watching TV is good or not? 4. What is your viewpoint of watching TV? 5. What kind of viewpoint do you have about watching TV? 6. What viewpoint do you have about watching TV? 7. ...
  90. Geography

    Can someone please check if my answers are correct? 16. Although most of South America lies within the tropical latitudes a. climate and vegetation differ greatly in the region b. cold ocean currents keep the air cool and dry c. there is little tropical vegetation on the ...
  91. Language

    Using Comparative or superlative adverbs which is correct grammar? Of all players, Kate moved the ball down the floor faster or fastest? When comparing her with one other person (so that two people are being compared), use the -er word. When comparing her with two or more ...
  92. Math

    I'm confused about a question on a math test. The question is: Which statement is a true statement? The answer choices are: A. All rectangles are squares B. All squares are rectangles C. Every rhombus is a rectangle D. Every rectangle is a rhombus. I really need help. Thanks!
  93. Phil103 Informal Logic

    1. Question : "~ P v Q" is best read as Student Answer: Not P and Q INCORRECT It is not the case that P and it is not the case that Q CORRECT It is not the case that P or Q It is not the case that P and Q Instructor Explanation: The answer can be found in Chapter Six of An ...
  94. physiology

    Which of the following is TRUE regarding the small intestine? The small intestine secretes roughly the same volume of fluid as it absorbs Segmentation is responsible for mixing the chyme and bringing it in contact with the intestinal wall for absorption The most common form of...
  95. Check my answers for world history

    I put a star* by my answer. 1. The early 20th century Progressive Era was a response to many of the problems and issues which arose during the Gilded Age in America. True or False*? 2. Socially conscious journalists who dramatized the need for reform were known as? Social ...
  96. Reading Comprehension

    "The steady wash of the waves, the bobbing and swaying of the ship, the creak and groan of timbers, all told me the Seahawk was plowing toward home...Nervously,I glanced over my shoulder through the steerage cabin...I had neglected to consider something about the voices I had ...
  97. Physical Science

    A block of iron is transported to the moon . Which of the following is true 1) Both its mass and weight remain unchanged. 2)Its mass remains the same, but its weight decreases 3)both its mass and weight decreases 4)Its mass decreses, but it weights remain the same
  98. Chemistry

    The ethylammonium ion, CH3CH2NH3+, has a pKa of 10.81. It reacts with water to form ethylamine, CH3CH2NH2 and H3O+. Which of the following statements is true at pH 7? A.) ethylamine predominates B.) ethylammonium ion predominates C.) the pH is higher than pKa of the ...
  99. Algebra

    Which of the following statements is NOT true regarding an expression written in scientific notation in form of a x 10^n ? a. The value of a must be greater than or equal to 1 and smaller than 10. b. The value of n must be an integer. c. Doubling n results in a doubling of the...
  100. math(help)

    1.23/40-9/30 A.0 B.1 C.1/2 2.simone measures the width of one cardboard strip as 1/2 yd.a second cardboard strip measures 5/6 yd in width.estimate the combined width of the cardboard strips. A.about 1/2 yd B.about 1 yd C.About 1 1/4 D.about 1 1/2 yd for questions 3-8 find the ...
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