1. Grammar

    Parallel construction in writing means using similar forms of words, phrases, or clauses in sentence patterns and structures. A) True B) False my answer is A
  2. ece

    It's difficult for a young child to experience true empathy until he or she A. reaches the age of 8. B. is able to see things from another person's perspective. C. has been taught about it by his parents. D. has experienced difficulties himself.
  3. World history 201

    After years of extensive study, scholars have concluded that the olmecs of southern Mexico originally emigrated from Africa. True or False
  4. art

    Titles of works and company names should be treated as singular nouns. For example: “The Secret Life of Bees is a novel that was made into a movie last year.” true or false
  5. Chemistry

    What is true about the element francium (Fr, atomic number 87)? Choose all that apply. A) It has seven valence electrons. B) It is likely to form ionic bonds. C) It is in Period 7. D) It is nonmetal. E) It is a metal. I think it is B, C, and E?
  6. childcare

    Children should not be served drinks in containers made of A Styrofoam. B uninsulated paper. C treated ceramic. D stainless steel. The answer correct is A .. Is it true?
  7. Math (functions)

    If we have the function f(x) = (ax + b) / (cx + d) with a,b,c,d real numbers for which values of a,b,c,d is the following true f(f(x)) for all x I do a whole lot of algebra and get that that a,b,c,d must satisfy some conditions : c*(a+d) = 0 (d^2) - (a^2) = 0 -b *(a+b) = 0 But...
  8. maths

    When conducting an inferential statistical analysis, and applying a conventional “critical p- value” of .05, the odds of making a Type I Error and “rejecting a true Null Hypothesis” is…?
  9. US History

    True or False...For several decades into the eighteenth century, American colonists continued to lead rather backward lives, isolated from British society and culture.
  10. space science

    In blackbody radiation, the energy is radiated uniformly in every region of the spectrum, so the radiating body appears black in color. true or false?
  11. trigonometry

    can someone check the first one and help me with the last two find the values of s in the interval [0,pi/2] that make the statements true. 1. sin s = 0.75438373 i got 0.8547148 2. cos s = 0.74241049 is it .83666126?? 3. cot s = 5.6394377 :)
  12. writing

    Which of the following is true of the memo format? A. There is a closing B. Text is handwritten C. Paragraphs are aligned with left margin D. Language is always informal and jargon is always acceptable. I'm stuck between B and C?
  13. math

    An analysis of the ledger detail is required to differentiate owner's equity beginning balance from the amount of additional investments made during the period. True
  14. S.S.

    5. Which of the following was true of the Know-Nothing party? A. It gained the widespread support of new immigrants. B. It focused on containing the expansion of slavery. C. It wanted to undermine immigrant voting strength. D. It rejected nativism. C?
  15. Science

    What is true about the element francium (Fr, atomic number 87)? Choose all that apply. A) It has seven valence electrons. B) It is likely to form ionic bonds. C) It is in Period 7. D) It is nonmetal. E) It is a metal. I think its B, C, E. Am I right? Please help.
  16. health

    Which of the following is true of psychosocially healthy people? a. They are uncomfortable when put in new social situations. b. They frequently experience guilt. c. They value human diversity. d. They avoid new experiences.
  17. Computer Security

    Hackers use data input forms to add scripts to the server that then steal user information. This is known as buffer overflows. True or False
  18. Biology

    Which of the following . is true about the DNA molecule during transcription? A- It opens up all of the way, one gene at a time. B- It unwinds from both ends. C- It makes a copy of itself. D- Only a small area is opened. My choice is C.
  19. social studies

    write an essay on: "Descendants of A frica slaves have experienced a higher standard of living if they had been born in Africa" .How true is this statement?Elaborate.
  20. World Studies

    True or False. A democratic form of government is one in which a president holds the most power. http://www.answers.com/democracy Read carefully. =)
  21. American Gov

    According to the text, when economic or occupational self-interest is at stake, most people press for programs that serve the broader interests of the nation as a whole. True or False
  22. Interpersonal Communication

    True or False: Americans tend to look at others above the neck or below the knees. Looking at other parts of a person’s body is considered impolite, while looking at anyone for more than three to five seconds can be interpreted as staring.
  23. communication

    6. Americans tend to look at others above the neck or below the knees. Looking at other parts of a person’s body is considered impolite, while looking at anyone for more than three to five seconds can be interpreted as staring. (Points : 1) True False
  24. math

    Shawnee is putting $3,500 into an account earning 4.85% interest compounded quarterly. She estimates that it will take just over 11 years for this investment to grow to $6,000. Which of the following is a true statement?
  25. english

  26. physics

    You overindulged on a delicious dessert, so you plan to work off the extra calories at the gym. To accomplish this, you decide to do a series of arm raises holding a 5.5kg weight in one hand. The distance from your elbow to the weight is 36cm , and in each arm raise you start ...
  27. writing

    what does it mean when it asks if you qualifed any generalization in your essay It is asking you to provide details (data, specifics) to prove that the generalization is true or reasonably true. =) thank you does the same thing apply when it asks for evidence for all key ...
  28. calculus

    A man launches his boat from point A on a bank of a straight river, 3 km wide, and wants to reach point B, 2 km downstream on the opposite bank, as quickly as possible. He could row his boat directly across the river to point C and then run to B, or he could row directly to B...
  29. Chemistry

    The values of Ksp for silver bromide, AgBr is 7.7x10^-13, and silver chloride, AgCl is 1.6x10^-10. A solution containing a mixture of 2.0x10^-2 M Br^- and 2.0x10^-2 M Cl^- is a candidate for separation using selective precipitation. Solid AgNO3 is added without changing the ...
  30. Chemistry

    When 4.0 mol of CCl4 reacts with an excess of HF, 3.0 mol of CCl2F2 (Freon) is obtained. The equation for the reaction is CCl4(l) + 2HF(g) --> CCl2F2(l) + 2HCl9g) State which of the statements are true about the reaction and make the false statements true. (a) The ...
  31. english

    Have you ever wanted to give up on something before you even started? That’s how Raja felt as he squinted up at the looming mountain crowned in clouds. Then he looked back at the group of boys behind him. “Are you all ready?” one of their leaders, Max’s dad, shouted....
  32. 5th grade math

    What missing number makes the number sentence, 28.02=20+8=?, true?
  33. Algebra

    Can you please explain this problem to me? Determine whether 30 is a solution of the equation x-13=14. Is 30 a solution? My answer is no. x-13=14 30-13=14 No, not true. Thanks.
  34. physical science

    speed decreases as distance decreases for the same time true or false
  35. physics

    Is it true or false that momentum is conserved when total mechanical energy is conserved?
  36. Math

    is this statement always, sometimes, or never true: the absolute value of a positive integer is a negative integer. i think never am i correct
  37. Strategic Management

    A multidomestic strategy is similar to a transnational strategy. True or False?

  39. biology

    TRUE OR FALSE all mutations in a gene would have an effect on the protein encoded by that gene. please help! :)
  40. Science

    Does the tilt of the earth cause one hemisphere to be closer to the sun? True or false False.
  41. Health and public communications

    Do you think that health care delivery in the US has been a success or a failure? I think its not true
  42. algebra

    Replace each equation with constants to complete the square and form a true equation x^2+2x+--=(x+---)^2
  43. probability

    What is the probability of getting 80% or more of the questions correct on a 10-question true-false exam merely by guessing?
  44. Calc

    The tangent line to the graph of y=f(x) at both x=3 and x=4 is y=-x+5. Which of the following statements must be true? The function f(x) is the line y=-x+5 f(3)=f(4) f'(3)=f'(4) f(x) is not differentiable at x=3 and x=4 None of the above
  45. science

    when wood burns, the ashes have different chemical properties from the wood.true or false?
  46. Supply Chain Technology

    It is always better to define a technology broadly so one can learn as much as possible? True or False
  47. Math

    What unknown number makes these equation true. 447+99 =447+100-
  48. Computer

    Diagnosing is solving the problem, and troubleshooting is figuring out what the problem is. True False
  49. math

    Explain whether the following statement is true or false: “The ordered pair (1,5) is the same as the order pair (5,1).”
  50. physics

    Is it true or false that momentum is conserved when total mechanical energy is conserved?
  51. Math

    Write an algebriac expression 1. the quotient of m and two Tell rather the statement is true or false: 2. quotient of 3 and 12 is 4
  52. soil science

    True or False: for a particular soil, pressure just under the water table is negative
  53. American History

    True or false? After the American revolution, Americans came to view themselves as equal to each other
  54. Math Pre Calc Help

    (cos^4x -sin ^4 x)/(sin^2x)=cot^2x -1 How to prove true?
  55. Math

    Students can improve their math performance by putting forth additional effort when necessary. Is this true?
  56. Geometry

    Why is this statement NOT always true?: The longer diagonal of the rhombus is perpendicular to two sides of the rhombus.
  57. Critical Reading

    Critical readers would not ask the same questions of themselves that they ask of the writer's work. true or false thanks!
  58. Computers

    True or False? RAM is the electronic holing area on the computer. False???
  59. Science 2

    Young open clusters appear blue in color. True or False FALSE
  60. Calculus

    Why is this statement true or false the magnitude of vector a + b is greater than and equal to vector a
  61. Statistics

    True or False As sample size increases, the value of the standard error also increases.
  62. Algebra

    To convert from centimeters to inches, multiply the number of centimeters by 2.5. True or False?
  63. math

    How do I identify the number that' makes this number sentence true 4000_ hundreds
  64. science

    Is this true, animal cells are squire/rectangular and plant cells are circular? If so, why?
  65. theology

    there are no variations within the catholic liturgy. all liturgy is identical worldwide. true or false?
  66. physics

    True or False? An iron bar has the same density as an aluminium bar that is twice as large
  67. World History

    True or false Siddartha Gautama was the founder of Hinduism. I got False ? Is that right ?
  68. Math

    A true-false test consists of 10 items. What is the probability that Chris gets 80% or more for the test?
  69. math

    math : write an equation that uses 18-?and 10+2.explain how to decide which numbers would make it true.
  70. Math, identities and equalities

    Determine the value of a, b, and c so the following equalities become true for any value of x. x^3 - 6x^2 + 15x - 7 =(x+a)^3 + bx + c If possible, could you please show how you solved it.

    an appositive is a noun that is placed after another noun in order to tell more about it and it's usually set off with commas. TRUE
  72. cal

    future value compounded continuously is B(t)=P(1+r/k)^kt and the present value compounded continuosly is P(T)=B(1+r/k)^-rt True or false and why
  73. English-The Wager

    true or false: once wager has been made protagonist and antagonist are in conflict.
  74. TO: SraJMcGin

    I replied to the true/false question. I meant atp is the answer false.
  75. Accounting

    Even when the trial balance is in balance, there may be errors in the individual accounts. True or False?
  76. Chem

    Is this true? The molar mass of nitrogen gas is 14.0 g. Nitrogen occurs in nature as N2
  77. Biology

    "wherever in the universe life exists, some of those life forms must be colored" is this true? if so please explain
  78. chemistry

    the idea of the atom was first proposed by john dalton. true or false false
  79. Physics (HELP)

    A converging lens is thicker at the center of the lens than the edges. True False
  80. Equation

    I do not understand this question?? Give five ordered pairs that make each equation true. y = 20 + x/3
  81. English

    True or False? An appositive is a noun that is placed after another noun in order to tell more about it and it's usually set off with commas.
  82. media

    True or False Newspapers are among the most heavily regulated media in the United States.
  83. Algebra

    True or false. 1. The system (2x - y = 3) and (x + 3y = 5) is consistent and independent. 2. There are infinitely many solutions to the system (2x - y = 3 and y = 2x + 5).
  84. American Government

    The Virginia Plan and the New Jersey Plan were substantially the same True or False
  85. Math

    If you had an equation zero is less than or equal to 2 would you say that's true because 0 is less than 2 or false because it isnt equal to 2? What would I write down if it asked for T or F
  86. chemestry

    true or false the equivalence point is the point at which a neutraliztion reaction has occured
  87. english

    in "The Wager" is it true The banker was probably motivated to make the wager by his hatred for the jurist?
  88. Writing

    I am trying to write an essay on What ideas are true/untrue of the North.What do it means by ideas. Help??
  89. economic

    A price set above equilibrium price creates a shortage. True or False
  90. Physical Science

    If a force of 10 N is applied to a 4.5 kg object, then the object will accelerate at 2.22 m/s2? True or false
  91. Algebra

    True or False and please explain so that I can understand. Thank you. 1. (1,0) is always a point on the graphy of y = logb (x). 2. If x=b^2y for b > 1, then y = 1/2 logb (x).
  92. statistics

    True or False For a sample with M = 20 and s = 1, a score of X = 17 would be considered an extremely low score.
  93. Set and relations

    Help me understand: {5} is a subset {0,2,5} The way I read it is the only element in {5} is 5 and it is a member of the set {0,2,5}. I s this true?
  94. American Gov

    Was The Virginia Plan and the New Jersey Plan were substantially the same. True or False
  95. geography

    Culture is seldom a factor in world conflict. A)True B)False i think its false
  96. Math

    Which word describes the equation 17= t - 5? A. TRUE B. FALSE C. OPEN D.NOT GIVEN I know it's not a or b and I'm not sure what an open sentence is
  97. math

    1. Select all the values of x that will make the following inequality true. 2(3x − 6) ≥ 5x − 10 x = -5 x = 1 x = 0 x = 2 x = 13 x = 7
  98. Finding Job

    cold calling is best to do first, and if there is a possible job, then research the company true or false
  99. finance (total asset turnover)

    Total asset turnover indicates the firm's? A. liquidity B. debt position C. ability to use its assets to generate sales D. profitability I read about a asset turnover ratio in the text book. this ratio by itself is useless but when compared to the company and industry ...
  100. nutrition and wellness

    The over-all purpose of a food guide is to separate food into groups. calculate your dietary needs for calories. to be used as a tool to implement healthy dietary guidelines. to give examples of portions for food groups. Computing your food intake means that you will be ...
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