1. Chemistry

    I have a statement that I have to answer either always true, sometimes true, or never true: A decigram is 100 times smaller than a gram. In my book it says deci - 10 times smaller than the unit it precedes. So that would mean decigram is always only 10 times smaller, right? ...
  2. Ed Tech. HELP PLZ ASAP

    1.How can you identify the values portrayed in a story? A.by reading old versions B.by reading descriptions C.by focusing on what the character**** thinks,say,and do D.by focusing on the setting of the story 4.Which of the following is true about hidden slide? A.they can only ...
  3. Reading

    Hibernation One of the mysteries in the world of nature is hibernation. By what process, with the coming of autumn, do some animals go into the deep sleep that sees them through the unfavorable environment of winter? The question has baffled mankind for centuries. The little ...
  4. business

    Which of the following statements is generally not true about state intermediate appellate courts? A. Appellate court decisions are final and further appeal is not possible. B. The appellate court reviews the record of the trial court. C. The appellate court allows the parties...
  5. Statistics

    If the population is normally distribution then the sample must be normally distributed even for small sample size? True or False. The variance of the standard normal distribution is always equal to 1.? True or False. A continuous random variable may not be normally ...
  6. Statistics

    Chi-square tests are nonparametric tests that examine nominal categories as opposed to numerical values. Consider a situation in which you may want to transform numerical scores into categories. Provide a specific example of a situation in which categories are more informative...
  7. Calculus

    So, yet again, I am confused! State whether or not the following statements are true. Justify your reasoning. a). a• ( b+c ) = a• b + a • c b.) a × ( b+c ) = a × b + a × c c.) a × ( b•c ) = a × b • a × c Thanks, again!
  8. math

    Explain whether the following statement is true or false: “The ordered pair (1,5) is the same as the order pair (5,1).”
  9. Calculus AB

    If f(x) is continuous on the interval [4, 7], how many of the following statements are true? A. f(x) has a maximum value on [4, 7]. B. f(x) has a minimum value on [4, 7]. C. f(7) > f(4) D. lim f(x) = f(6) ᵡ¨6
  10. math please help

    can apple weighs 350 grams a pear weighs .04 kilograms.which of the following statement are true
  11. Economics

    I think I get this but could use some guidance to make sure, I am having problems with 2e). 1)In an article about the financial problems of USA Today, Newsweek, reported that the paper was losing about $20 million a year. A Wall Street analyst said that the paper should raise ...
  12. communication

    Which alternative indicates the message(s), if any, which can spend considerable time discussing negative aspects of a situation? Direct requests Persuasive problem-solving messages Sales messages Clearance messages
  13. history

    1. What was one emphasis of the Constitution of 1845? (1 point) fiscal responsibility freedom of former slaves importance of high taxes increasing state debt 2. Why was the Texas Constitution of 1845 twice as long as the one written before it? Select all that apply. (2 points...
  14. Physics

    The acceleration of gravity on the moon is about 1.6 m/sec2. An experiment to test gravity compares the time it takes objects to reach a speed of 10 m/sec after being dropped from rest. How long does an object dropped on the moon have to fall compared to an object dropped on ...
  15. physics

    Which of the following statements is true about a mass, which is attached to a spring and moves with simple harmonic motion on a frictionless horizontal surface? Choose one answer. a. The kinetic energy of the mass is maximum at the end positions. b. The kinetic energy of the ...
  16. Statistical concept 68-95-99.7

    1. A student taking a midterm exam in Ancient History comes to two questions pertaining to a lecture that he missed, and so he decides to take a random guess on both questions. One question is true-false and the other is multiple choice with four possible answers. What is the ...
  17. history

    Hamilton / Jefferson Readings Quiz 1. Alexander Hamilton thought that having a virtuous citizenry was a necessity in a Repulic. A) True B) False 2. Who said "The goodness of a government consists in a vigorous execution?" A) Thomas Jefferson B) Alexander Hamilton 3. Who ...
  18. PHI103: Informal Logic

    1) In the truth table for an invalid argument, Student Answer: on at least one row, where the premises are all true, the conclusion is true. CORRECT on at least one row, where the premises are all true, the conclusion is false. on all the rows where the premises are all true, ...
  19. psychology revised

    How accurately do you think these exercises evaluate self-concept and self-esteem? How do self-concept and self-esteem influence your self-identity? How do self-concept, self-esteem, and self-identity differ? When it comes to accuracy, self-esteem and self-concept are always ...
  20. science-biology help

    knowing that as the steepness of a concentration graident increases, the rate of diffusion increases, explain how a single celled organisms would respond in an oxygen rich pond compared to an oxygen poor pond. I'm not really sure but in an oxygen poor pond there is a small ...
  21. Health/ Basic Clinical Procedures

    please check my answer thank you True or Faise I said True Cilia prevent the entrance of pathogens into the body by providing an acidic envioroment
  22. science

    Newton applied his laws of motion to the problem of the motions of the planets. He assumed that it was gravity that held them in their orbits, true false Just need to know if my answer or right or wrong. Thanks! :) true
  23. science

    Newton applied his laws of motion to the problem of the motions of the planets. He assumed that it was gravity that held them in their orbits, true false Just need to know if my answer or right or wrong. Thanks! :) true
  24. 7th Grade Math

    In an addition problem the answer should have the same number of significant figures as the measurement with the mot decimal places. True or False? I say True.
  25. Grammar

    Topic sentences in body paragraphs should usually show some relationship to an idea from the introduction or thesis statement. 1. True 2. False I answered true. Check my answer for me and thanks.
  26. English

    All citations listed on the Reference page must have at least one corresponding in-text citation within the body of the paper. True False I say True
  27. Physical Education 8A

    Will someone please check my answers? I starred my answers. 1. A person who does not recognize the signs of mental illness may not know he needs help. A. True* B. False 2. Which of the following is not a sign of psychotherapy? A. insight B. cognitive* C. medications D. group 3...
  28. Science

    5. Which of the following types of pollution cannot be attributed to car and truck emissions? A. acid rain B. sedimentation C. ozone D. photochemical smog 6. Which of the following is a source of photochemical smog? A. fossil fuels B. wind energy C. biomass fuels D. nuclear ...
  29. English

    Could you please explain to me why the first sentence is wrong? How can I improve it? Obsesses or haunted in sentence 2? Can you please check the rest? 1)As for Shelley's Frankenstein, both Doctor Frankenstein and his creature are complementary: they both suffer from a sense ...
  30. English

    Which of the following describes literary analysis? Need help Please. A.writing that is vague and uncertain B.a central message about life C.determining the meaning behind events and characters’ actions D.written directions about how the actors sound and behave
  31. business communications

    You have completed a research project and have come up with some interesting and persuasive content. Although your ideas are spot-on, the format of your final report is difficult to read and a little confusing. This __________.
  32. Science

    Description of each transition or step of the cycle Here are a list of the steps to include: a. EXTRACTION b. COMBUSTION c. RESPIRATION d. PHOTOSYNTHESIS e. DIFFUSION f. DECOMPOSITION g. SEDIMENTATION Persuasive explanation of why the carbon cycle is so important to our planet.
  33. Statistics

    When red blood cells are counted using a certain electronic counter, the standard deviation (SD) of repeated counts of the same blood specimen is about .8% of the true value, and the distribution of repeated counts is approximately normal. For example, this means that if the ...
  34. Case Study

    Gladys is a 25-year-old Vietnamese stay-at-home mother who has been married for 7 years and has three children by her husband. They are all girls with the oldest being 6 years old followed by a 4-year old and now a 3-month old. Gladys reports that her husband always wanted a ...
  35. Statistics

    Which is true about a 99% confidence interval for a population proportion based on a given sample? I. We are 99% confident that the population proportion is in our interval. II. There is a 99% chance that our interval contains the sample proportion. III. The interval is wider ...
  36. Comp

    An effective persuasive essay involves developing an outline, planning topic sentences, and identifying supporting points. How will you using these three concepts in planning and writing an essay?
  37. law

    A senior federal agent is assigned as the division training officer responsible for providing/coordinating in-service training for the agents in the division along with the local police officers assigned to work on a federal task force. You are assisting in preparing the ...
  38. Science

    Getting Oxygen 1) Name the components of the respiratory system in the order incoming air would encounter them during breathing. :Trachea,pharynx,larynx,alveoli,bronchi. :Bronchi,larynx,alveoli,trachea,pharynx. :Larynx,trachea,bronchi,pharynx,alveoli. :Pharynx,larynx,trachea,...
  39. Algebra II

    1) There is a solution to x = -(y-5)^2 and x = (y -5 )^2 + 7 a) true b) false 2) There is no real solution to y = -1 and y = x^2 + 9 a) true b) false 3) the vertex of the graph of y = 3(x+ 9)^2 + 5 is a minimum value ? a) true b) false 4)find the center and radius of the ...
  40. Physics

    Pick whether each statement is true or false. ------------------------------------------- A liquid is more compressible than a gas. -- My Answer: False A fluid can do work on a solid object. -- My Answer: True Both liquids and gasses are fluids. -- My Answer: True The force ...
  41. Business

    In the following statement, a business owner attempts to explain and justify his slow growth in his business. I limit my growth pace and every effort to service my present customers in the manner they deserve. I have some peer pressure to do otherwise by following the advice ...
  42. English game

    Find a Person Who Game (1) Directions : Hello, class. Today we are going to play the Find a Person Who Game. I have prepared a sheet of paper for you each. Write the numbers 1 through 16 in the squares above. You can put them in any order you would like. Ask your classmates ...
  43. Science pplzzz!!

    Which of the following is true about rocks? Rocks are composed of only one mineral. Rocks do not contain any nonmineral matter. Coal is not considered a true rock. Most rocks are a mixture of minerals. 2. If granite undergoes high temperatures and high pressures within Earth, ...
  44. Science

    Is the following sentence true or false? Acceleration refers to increasing speed decreasing speed or changing direction
  45. geometry

    I'm having a hard time with this question: "AB has endpoints A(n,4n) and B(3n,6n). Which of the following is true? A. AB=4n B. The midpoint of AB is (2n,2n). C. AB=n√8 D. The midpoint of AB is (4n,10n)". PLEASE HELP!!!!!
  46. SAT Math

    True or False: The least common denominator of each denominator in the following rational expression is (z-4)(z+4)(z-1)(z+1): 8 / z^2+5z+4 = 1 / z-4 + 1 / z-1 I am stuck on this one...
  47. math

    Indicate whether the following statement is true or false. If a figure can be translated, then it will tessellate. I say false am I right?
  48. Maths

    Use proof by contraposition to prove that the following statement is true for all positive integers n: If n2 is a multiple of 3, then n is a multiple of 3.
  49. trig/algebra

    if p is a multiple of 3 and q is a multiple of 5 which of the following is true?
  50. Algebra

    If f(a)=K, then which of the following must be true? f(K)=a f inverse(k)=a f inverse(a)=K
  51. Psychology

    Is my answer correct I said the correct answer is D Regarding cultural differences in self-esteem, which of the following statements is/are TRUE? a. People from Eastern cultures are more likely to engage in self-criticism. b. The self-esteem for people from Eastern cultures is...
  52. Social Studies

    Asha lives in a nation that has a legislature and a prime minister. Citizens in her country vote in elections to elect their legislative representatives. Then parliament appoints the prime minister. 1: Does Asha's nation have a limited or an unlimited government? - Limited, ...
  53. 2nd grade Math

    The following is a table Range in lb Number Under 50-54 4 55-59 7 60-64 6 65 and higher 2 1. Write a simple comparison problem about the weights in the above table. 2. Weite an addition proble about weights. 3. Write an addition problem about the table as a whole.
  54. philosophy

    I am to identify a belief that I or someone in my community believe to be true. I was considering writing about the existence of God. Do you guys think it is a good topic or do you think I should choose something else.
  55. Math

    Insert parenthesis in each expression to make a true equation. A) 5-2*6-4+2=5 B) 22-32-5*3-6=30 I really need help I have been doing this homework for about 2 hours and me and my mom never found where to put parenthesis Thank you in advance
  56. books

    In chapter 9 of The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle, where does Charlotte go for the first time since she has been aboard the Seahawk? For what does she go there? What might this suggest about her character? Of what literary device is this example?
  57. Geometry

    There is a flagpole in the school parking lot. Which of the following is true about the angle of depression from the top of the flagpole to the parking lot, and the angle of elevation from the parking lot to the top of the flagpole? Choose two of the following. They are ...
  58. Calculus

    True or False If F(x) and G(x) are antiderivatives of f(x), then F(x)=G(x)+C If f'(x) = g(x) then integral g(x) dx = f(x) + C Integral f(x) * g(x)dx = integral f(x)dx * integral g(x)dx I have a feeling it's False True True
  59. I have some questions

    Hello, My name is Chandra Mukhi. I am a girl. I am new in America.This is my first time using Jiskha.I have some questions. My questions are: In school how do you make friends? In school how do you get to know if someone becomes your friend? Be your true self. Let others know ...
  60. Social Studies 8

    1.Describe the effects of the Great Depression on Georgians. a.Georgians were forced to barter rather than use cash.**** b.Women returned to the workforce. c.Georgians who worked in industry lost jobs and homes.*** d.It was easier for minorities to find work than it was for ...
  61. Bible - Amos

    Hi, I'm in a social studies class and we're studying the Bible, which I have trouble comprehending. I need to write on why Amos chose to single out the "cows of Bashan" as his scorn subjects. Would this be because women appeared to be the main cause of sinning (as in the ...
  62. Economics question

    14. Inflation increases the prices of all goods by 20%. At the same time, Ina’s income increases from $50,000 to $55,000. Compare the situation after both of these changes have happened with the situation before any of these changes have happened. a. After these changes, has...
  63. Supportive Learning Environment

    Which of the following statements is true about stress in young children? A. Children who experience high stress in the early childhood years develop coping skills that result in a higher threshold to stress in later years. B. Stress isn't as harmful in very young children ...
  64. biology (true or false) cells

    True or false. A cell whose membrane potential is zero is in an ISOTONIC environment
  65. physics repost

    True/False The thermal energy of the particles in a gas is related to the temperatureof the gas. answer:true
  66. History

    What does it mean to be a true idealist? In my book it said Roosevelt considered himself to be a true idealist, not President Wilson.
  67. math

    To add numbers using scientific notation, multiply the coefficients and then add the exponents. true or false true
  68. Science

    Waves carry energy from place to place without carrying matter. true false I think it is true??
  69. Vocabulary

    "If you forgot your favorite pillow, you packing was hasty" is this true or false? . . I think it is true because you can forget your pillow by rushing
  70. character education

    A solution should consider higher values more than lower values. True/False True
  71. Fashion design

    Determine if the statement is true or false. The tertiary colors are a mixture of three primary colors. True?
  72. Science

    1) Which of the following is true about photosynthesis? A. It is an exothermic reaction B.It is a endothermic reaction ***** C.It produces carbon dioxide D. It occurs in animals 2) Atomic Theory is A.Subject to change if new information is discovered B.A solution to the ...
  73. Sociology

    Which is true about conducting research? a) It is easy and anyone can do it b) The problem you pick is less important than how you study it c) It is a sophisticated art that scientists learn as they gain professional insights and skills d) It is usually quick and inexpensive I...
  74. Science

    What is true about the element francium (Fr, atomic number 87)? Choose all that apply. A) It has seven valence electrons. B) It is likely to form ionic bonds. C) It is in Period 7. D) It is nonmetal. E) It is a metal. I think its B, C, E. Am I right? Please help.
  75. Pschology 202

    True or False? Based on your learning from this week’s Mindsets YouTube video (2011), an example of fixed mindset about intelligence would be if a teacher sat her students in a classroom according to IQ. (Points : 1)
  76. Proof by contradiction

    Prove that there exists no positive real number such that: 4x^2+1/4x <1 Can I simplify this inequality in the following way: multiply both sides by 4x so we have. 4x^2+1 <4x+1 Which renders the original statement false as 4x^2+1 cant be less than 4x+1. Even further can I...
  77. math

    find the sum of 2 1/2 and 2/5 which of the following makes the statement true? 1/5^0 the area of a certain state is 840,000 square miles. what is this area in scientific notation? which is irrational? A. 0.11711711711... B. o.8596873205... C. 0.812812812812... D. 0....
  78. Statistics

    When the purpose of sampling is to detect when a process becomes too variable, the chart of choice will be an R chart. True False I picked True.
  79. Statisitics

    When the purpose of sampling is to detect when a process becomes too variable, the chart of choice will be an R chart. I picked true on this? True False
  80. Economics

    The demand for cosmetic surgery is more elastic than the demand for Botox treatments, would this be true or false? My thoughts are true.
  81. P.E. help

    Cleaning up waste sites and improving waste management are ways to protect land and water True False Is the answer true
  82. Math

    1.a. 123five + 34five b. 1010two - 101two c. 23five * 34five c. What is the contrapositive of r → q? d. The statements p → q and q → r are given. If we know q is true, is p necessarily true? Explain.
  83. Statistics

    Multiple Choice Which of the following statements is true about the 95% confidence interval of the average of a sample? A) 95 of 100 avgs of samples will be within the limits of the confidence interval. B) There is a 95% chance the avg of the population to be within the limits...
  84. physics

    True/False The thermal energy of the particles in a gas is related to the temperatureof the gas. answer:true

    TRUE OR FALSE José Martí died in a battle against the United States ??
  86. Art

    Nonrepresentational art does not represent or refer to the visible world. True or False. I put True I'm I right?
  87. science true or false

    True or False: Only at the equator are all the stars visible over the course of the year.
  88. Vision Math

    Explain to me how this is true: Six people are given 1/10 of a veggie pizza and 2/5 of the pizza is left how is that true?
  89. Statistics

    The p-value is the probability of the observed statistic given the null hypothesis is true. A) True B) False False?
  90. PHI 103

    If P is true, and Q is false, the truth-value of "P v Q" is (Points : 1) false. true. Cannot be determined All of the above
  91. Health

    1. each meal must include a food from each food group in MyPlate A. True B. False Answer True
  92. Pschology 202

    True or False? occupational achievement is a newer phenomenon for women than for men? True False
  93. English

    true or false: Shakespeare followed the Elizabethan structure of a four act play. A) True B) False***
  94. math

    Any figure that has line symmetry must also have rotational symmetry. true or false TRUE?
  95. Math

    ) Form a conjunction from the following two statements and determine if the conjunction is true or false. Explain. Two is an even number. Two is a prime number. A) Two is an even number or two is a prime number.; False B) Two is an even number and two is a prime number.; True ...
  96. Reading

    38. From Laurencaville, take highway 9 for 20 miles (about 30 minutes) until you reach the third katetown?? Exit (exit 116). Turn north on Park Street and drive for 3.1 miles, past six stop lights. Take a left on 3rd Avenue and drive six blocks. The store will be on the right ...
  97. Physics

    Which of the following is true about electric field lines? A) They point tangentially around a circle centered on a charge. B) They point away from positive charges and towards negative charges. C) They point away from negative charges and towards positive charges. D) None of ...
  98. Physics true false

    true false The speed of a particle is always positive. True False The average speed of a particle is equal to the magnitude of its average velocity. True False The acceleration of a particle can be non-zero when its speed is constant. True False When the average velocity of a ...
  99. History

    How much is an Italian Florin worth, compared to current American Money?
  100. science

    liquids diffuse slowly as compared to gases.Whether ture or false.
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