1. Statistics

    By definition, a Type I error is ____. a. rejecting a false H1 b. rejecting a false H0 c. rejecting a true H0 d. rejecting a true H1
  2. geometry- is this right?

    The question is a true and false. Two concurrent lines can never be perpendicular. Concurrent lines I thought were three or more lines that intersected at the same point. I think this is true because a perpendicular line has to intersect at a point that makes the angle ninety ...
  3. geometry

    Which of the following statements is true?Select one of the options below as your answer: A. A 25o angle is congruent to a 25o angle. B. Two intersecting lines form two pairs of congruent angles. C. It is possible for congruent angles to add up to 90o. D. All of the above are ...
  4. geometry

    Which of the following statements is true?Select one of the options below as your answer:A. A 25o angle is congruent to a 25o angle. B. Two intersecting lines form two pairs of congruent angles. C. It is possible for congruent angles to add up to 90o. D. All of the above are ...

    True or False Native American cultures generally had no concept of private property. I'm not sure whether to say true or false but I want to say false because Native Americans were aware of private property, they just weren't obsessive and greedy with it like the Europeans.
  6. science

    Phytoplankton are not the only primary producers in the oceans. true or false I think this is false but am not certain. True. However, the great majority of primary producers is phytoplanton, however, there are sea grasses, and floating seaweed. There is a tiny amount of ...
  7. Chemistry

    Could someone answer this question so I understand it. Thanks Alcohols can function as both nucleophiles and as electrophiles in various reaction conditions. Which of the following statements is/are true? A)When R-O-H is a nucleophile, the O-H bond is broken B)When R-O-H is an...
  8. English

    Could someone please check the following questions for me? 1. In a soliloquy there will only be one person on the stage. T/F? I think it's true as soliloquy is a speech a character gives when he or she is alone on stage. 2. Text written in blank verse has a definite pattern. T...
  9. Math

    True or false (check) A. All integers are natural numbers FALSE B. All rational numbers are integers TRUE C. All natural numbers are whole numbers TRUE D. All rational numbers are roots FALSE
  10. Biology

    The endosymbiont hypothesis offers an explanation for how eukaryptoc cells could have obtained mitochondria and chloroplasts through a symbiotic relationship with prokaryotic cells that changed over time. What structural feature of prokaryotic cells might you expect to have ...
  11. Math/ Science

    If you squeezed all the air in a large living room into a small, lightweight box, you would have a hard time trying to lift it true or false Hints Volume of room is 125 meters 2.2 pounds per meter 8x10 box I think this is true because you have alot more air in the room than ...
  12. math

    can some one solve this Ex 1: -2x+7>22 -2x+7-7>22-7 -2x>15 -2x/(-2)<15/(-2) Switching the order of the inequality here is essential to keep the solutions true for the inequality since I divided by a negative #. x<-7.5 Check: Try -8. It should work since it is ...
  13. medical billing

    for medicaid cases there is no assignment of benefits unless the patient has other insurance in addition to medical. true or false 2. a two or three form that incorporates a bill, insurance form,and routing document used both computer and paper based system is called an ...
  14. difference between 10k, 14k, 18k gold

    I am in the process of ordering a class ring and the options for the gold are 10K, 14K, and 18K. I know the price is different, but I was just wondering if anybody knows if you can actually tell a difference between them when you look at them or do they all look the same? I do...
  15. pysics

    Suppose I hold a 5 pound weight with my arm extended parallel to the ground holding the weight stationary for 15 minutes. What is the work done on the weight ? Explain why this answer seems illogical compared to what you “feel” is going on.
  16. Science

    The relative age of a rock is... A. It's age based on how much carbon-14 it contains. B. It's age compared with the ages of other rocks. C. Less than the age than of the fossils it contains. D. The number of years since it formed. I think it's D but my friend says I'm wrong...
  17. English

    Although the old bow seemed frail and weak compared to the arrow, its sinewy strings shot the arrow more than 1,200 yards. strong flexible tight soft Strong?
  18. Math

    Find the equation of a sine wave that is obtained by shifting the graph of y=sin(x) to the right 6 units and downward 6 units and is vertically stretched by a factor of 5 when compared to y=sin(x)
  19. Algebra

    a submarine was cruising at a depth of 1,375 feet. The captain gave an order to climb 450 feet. Compared to sea level , find the depth of the sub
  20. physics

    If you have 2 objects of diferrent densities and you want them to have equal masses,what ratio of the volume to each other The answer I think the object with the greater density must have low volume compared to the other with small density
  21. Science Help

    Why is there a higher rate of obesity amongst Hispanics compared to that of African-American young children? I am trying to find articles on the above topic... I found a few but I really need some more articles... could u help me find some? Thx
  22. math

    an airplaine has an altitude of 20,000 feet. it climbs another 5,000 feet to avoid a storm. What integer expresses the position of the airplane compared to ground level?
  23. Chemistry

    what are two general properties of molecular compounds? Generally they are soft and have a low melting point (when compared to ionic compounds). There are exceptions, of course. For exmaple, diamond is not soft.
  24. biostatatistic

    is it more difficult to reject a null hyputhesis if we use a 10% level of significance compared to 5% level of significance.?
  25. calculus

    How do you find the x-intercept of a cubic graph? For example y=2x^3+2, also, how does the 2 in front of the x influence the graph when compared to having a one in front?
  26. Civics

    Compared with political parties in multiparty democracies, American political parties are __________.
  27. chemistry

    a contaminated water sample has a H of 3. How many times more acidic is this sample compared to neutral water of 7
  28. Hawaiian Farming

    What is the percentage of land used by farmers compared to farming land avalible in Hawaii? Thanks!
  29. physics

    compared to the period of a wave of red light the period of green light is... A)less B)greater C)the same D)none of the above
  30. Science Check answer

    Key: ☺ = My Answer! 1. The thermal energy of an object is _____. its potential energy its average kinetic energy ☺ its potential energy minus its kinetic energy its kinetic energy plus its potential energy 2. A device that can be used both for cooling and heating ...
  31. Statistics

    Which of these statements is not true about the variance in a binomial distribution B(n, p)? __________ A. For a fixed p, the variance increases as n increases. B. For a fixed n, the variance is maximum when p = 0.5. C. The variance depends only on n. D. The variance is ...
  32. Calculus

    Let f be a function defined for all real numbers. Which of the following statements must be true about f? Which might be true? Which must be false? Justify your answers. (a) lim of f(x) as x approaches a = f(a) (b) If the lim of f(x)/x as x approaches 0 = 2, then f(0)=0. (c) ...
  33. History

    Is this true or false. If it is true were can I find the web site to verify the answer. I am having a difficult time interputating what the statement is trying imply. Please could you help me. Thank you. American colonies were born out mass slaughter of native Indians and ...
  34. health

    1. Compared to early childhood teachers, the National Health and Performance Standards recommend that directors have (1 point) the same qualifications. more advanced educational degrees. more experience teaching children. more pediatric and CPR training.
  35. history

    Hamilton / Jefferson Readings Quiz can someone help me check my answers the answers with an (*) at the end them are the ones i think are right 1. Alexander Hamilton thought that having a virtuous citizenry was a necessity in a Repulic. A) True * B) False 2. Who said "The ...
  36. history

    Hamilton / Jefferson Readings Quiz can someone help me check my answers the answers with an (*) at the end them are the ones i think are right 1. Alexander Hamilton thought that having a virtuous citizenry was a necessity in a Repulic. A) True * B) False 2. Who said "The ...
  37. Chemistry: Potentiometric Anyalysis

    If the pH probe was miscalibrated and reports the pH to be 1 unit higher than the true pH of the solution it is in, would the molar mass you report for the solid acid be higher, lower, or equal to the true molar mass of the acid? This for my post lab write up. I think that the...
  38. Written Analysis

    I am in desperate need of some help with these questions? Can you identify which theory of life's origin is "true"? By what basis do you make your decision. Should one theory or the other or both be taught in acts that are left school? If so, should they be examined in science...
  39. English

    1.) Which of the following topics is the clearest example of the informative purpose a.) A short essay describing a recent trip to new Zealand b.) A eulogy for a deceased friend c.) A glowing movie review d.) A dialogue between two characters in a play A or B…both are kind ...
  40. Diversity

    Would someone please check my answers to make sure I've chose the best possible answer? 1. An example of ________ can be found in the gradual immersion of early Irish immigrants and their descendants across decades as they become a part of and contributed to the middle class ...
  41. Science-3 questions.

    Which of the following best describes the climates of Europe and North America during the 1.8 million years of the Quaternary period? hot and dry cool and rainy periods followed by droughts warm and mild a series of ice ages followed by periods when the glaciers melted Which ...
  42. English

    Do you believe in love at first sight? Romeo and Juliet evidently did. The play covers the time-span of only a few days. In this short period of time, Romeo and Juliet fall in love so passionately that they are willing to die if they cannot be together. craft a thesis about ...
  43. Biology check my answers

    Please check to see if my answers are right: we need to list the 6 kingdoms with their characteristics and an example each Eubacteria -"true bacteria": bacilli Monera- prokaryote ,: Cyanobacteria Protista- single cell, true nucleus :amoeba Plantae- photosynthetic :roses Fungi...
  44. Chemistry

    Consider a sample of helium and a sample of neon, both at 30ºC and 1.5atm. Both samples have a volume of 5.0 liters. Which statement concerning these samples is not true? a- each weighs the same amount b- each has the same # of atoms of gas c- the density of the neon is ...
  45. Geometry

    On September 3, 1970 a hailstone with diameter 5.6in fell at Coffeyville, Kansas. It weighed about 0.018Ib/in^3 compared to the normal 0.033Ib/in^3 for ice. About how heavy was this Kansas hailstone?
  46. biology

    Most homeostatic mechanisms are controlled with a negative feedback loop. Explain why this mechanism may be more efficient at maintaining homeostasis as compared to positive feedback mechanisms. Provide examples of both
  47. biology

    Most homeostatic mechanisms are controlled with a negative feedback loop. Explain why this mechanism may be more efficient at maintaining homeostasis as compared to positive feedback mechanisms. Provide examples of both.
  48. Math Algebra

    The natural numbers are closed under division. true or false? the integers are closed under division. true or false? please explain, my teacher did not explain it at all!
  49. english (please answer soon)

    Hi, I have to compare Crossing Brooklyn Ferry by Walt Whitman to modern day time. The last couple of journal entries I've compared to well known songs and their lyrics. I'm thinking of comparing it to an important event or movie, but I'm not sure what to write about. Any ideas...
  50. comm 156

    Read pp. 290–291 in Ch. 18. Those pages provide an overview of writing that persuades. Ch. 4 provides ideas for choosing a topic. Based on those ideas and knowing that your final paper will be a persuasive essay, what topic from Appendix B will you choose for your paper? ...
  51. Children's Literature Question

    Which statement is true? 1.Setting is a backdrop that can be changed without affecting the plot. or 2.Good plot builds logically and plausibly with casual relationships connecting all the events. I say 2 is true, my friend says 1 is true. Who is correct? I would go with #1 ...
  52. English Song

    Oh, Susanna Oh, I came from Alabama with my banjo on my knee, And I'm going to Louisiana, my true love for to see It rained all night the day I left, the weather it was dry. The sun so hot I froze to death, Susanna don't you cry Oh, Susanna, Oh, don't you cry for me I came ...
  53. English

    Which choice effectively combines these two sentences? 'The plainer rooms are more sparsely furnished. Their architectural features, furnishings, and decorations are just as true to the periods they represent.' A. The plainer rooms are more sparsely furnished, whereas their ...
  54. 6th Grade Math

    If you are given a true equation and you add the same number to each side, the resulting equation is also a true equation. If you are given a false equation and you add the same number to each side, will the resulting equation be a true equation or a false equation?
  55. economics

    I really have to figure out the answers to these questions and i don't know where to start. I don't know how to draw the marginal benefit and marginal cost curves for this question. a.Sketch a marginal benefit and marginal cost diagram, with “billions of units of security ...
  56. criminal justice

    The harshest diposition that a juvenile judge can impose is? - Assignement to a diversion program - Incarceration <--- ? -Commitment to a residential facility -Probation The authority of both of the adult court system to hear juvenile cases is referred to as? -Prosecutorial...

    True or False In 1778 Parliament adopted a legislation which granted all American demands prior to independence. Not sure if it is true or false because I don't understand the question completely. I know that Parliament did grant all American demands expect for independence.
  58. Spanish

    I would appreciate it if someone could check my answers immediately please!!!!!!! I don't need answers, I just need someone to see if mine are correct. 1. Translate the following into Spanish: "Where is the door?" A-Dónde es la puerta? B-Dónde están la puerta? C-Dónde est...
  59. English

    I Have an oral presentation to do on how past wars have affected our lifestyles today can you help? If you give us an outline of what you've thought about for your presentation, we'll be glad to add our comments. Depending upon how long the presentation needs to be, you want ...
  60. Statistics

    The correlation coefficient between X and Y is the same as the correlation coefficient between Y and X: True or False - I believe it is True because calculating the correlation coefficient for X and Y and Y and X will give you the same answer.
  61. Calculus

    True or false. 1. If f(x) has a vertical asymptote at x=a, then the limit of f(x) as x --> a from the left is negative infinite and the limit of f(x) as x--> a from the right is positive infinite. I think this is true. Take for instance, a rational function. the two ...
  62. Biology

    When the CO2 concentration in the cells of a C3 plant is low compared with the O2 concentration, an enzyme combines RuBP with O2 rather than with CO2. What effect would this enzymatic change have on photosynthesis? Under what environmental conditions would it be more likely to...
  63. Science

    Assume the speed of a nerve impulse is 100 m/s. How does this compare to the speed of electricity in a copper wire (approximately 3.00*10^8 m/s)? What does this tell you about the flow of electrons in a wire compared to the movement of ions in a membrane?
  64. biology

    Most homeostatic mechanisms are controlled with a negative feedback loop. Explain why this mechanism may be more efficient at maintaining homeostasis as compared to positive feedback mechanisms. Provide examples of both to illustrate.
  65. chemistry

    Compared to the particles of a gas, the particles of a liquid are not in constant motion collide with the sides of the container, but not with each other do not completely fill their container can move longer distances have more space in between the molecules
  66. Computer Science

    After reviewing an algorithm that allowed a user to enter 3 different numerical values, if statements were used to find the smallest value. Smallest of five: The assignment is to determine which method (either nested conditions, sequential compound conditions, nested and ...
  67. Direct way to improve yield of ball mill

    The Ball Mill as a general grinding equipment, is widely used in dressing, building materials and chemical industry, ball mill can be divided into dry and wet type two kinds of grinding way. According to the row of ore in different ways, and can be divided Grate Ball Mill and ...
  68. Calculus (lim)

    consider the statement lim x³-6x²+11x-6 / x-1 = 2 x->1 Using the definition of the limit, state what must be true for the above limit to hold, that is, for every ..., there is ..., so that.... Use a specific function and limit not just f and L.  Verify the limit is true ...
  69. Math

    Compared to Jenny,Sally is 7/8 as tall and May is 6/7 as tall. How many times taller is Sally than May?
  70. algebra

    making linear equation from word problem An airspeed indicator on aircraft is affected by changes in atmospheric pressure at different altitudes. A pilot can estimate the true airspeed by observing the indicated airspeed and adding it about 2% for every 1,000 feet of altitude...
  71. L.A help

    Which statement is true about facts and opinions? Facts can be proved true or false, but opinions are always false. Facts can be proved; opinions express a person's judgement or belief. *** Both facts and opinions an be proved true or false. Facts are supported by evidence, ...
  72. maths

    Suppose a student guesses the answer to a true or false Question on a test by tossing a coin: if the coin lands Heads, she answers True, and if it lands Tails, she answers False. What is the chance that she gets the right answer?
  73. Ethics

    please check my answer thanks :) Answer True of False to the following... 1. All pt authorzations to relase medical info are sufficient authorize relase I said True 2. All jurisdictions require both a subpoeana ansd a relase from the pt to relase medical records I said false
  74. algebra

    1. is he equation true , false, or open 5x+2=6x+11 open, there is a variable *** true, he expression are the same for all values of the variables false, the expressions are never the same which value is a solution of the equation 2-8x= -6 1** 1/2 -1 8 which ordered pair is a ...
  75. Diddle....

    My teacher says that I "diddled" on last week's exam, and so he is taking away half of my points. What is "diddle?" In this case, "diddled" probably means that you wasted time or cheated on the exam. Because this word has many different meanings, please ask your teacher to ...
  76. office practices/ medical

    please check my answer thank you for all of your help in advance. If you know of any web-sites that may be helpful that would be great. True or False When medical records are moved forward to the most recent assigned medical record number a gap is generated. The type of ...
  77. Math Check

    Which nonterminating decimal can be converted into a rational number? 0.818118111... 0.020304050... 0.010110111... 0.321321321... *** George has a square sandbox in the backyard. The sandbox has an area of 160 square feet. To the nearest foot, what is the length of one side of...
  78. Health

    The three lines of defense your body has against disease include all except? A. physical and chemical defenses B. inflammation C. immune system D. scarring True or false B cells and H cells are two important cells in the immune system that help fight infection. Antibodies are ...
  79. i

    Guns aren’t necessary. Guns endanger people. They give people confidence which leads them to do dangerous things they wouldn’t otherwise do. They also make violence more lethal than it would be with other weapons. True or False: “Guns endanger people,” is the ...
  80. Mental & Emotional Promblems

    mental or emontional promblems may cause physical promblems True or False i put put true ,am im correct?
  81. calculus

    true or false: if the sum from n=1 to infinity of a(n) converges, and the sum from n=1 to infinity of b(n) diverges, then the series from n=1 to infinity of (a(n)*b(n)) diverges i said this was true... is this correct?
  82. s.s

    what difficulties did the U.S faced in preparing for war with Britain? select all that apply > France backed out after offering to help the U.S >Britain had a much larger navy then the U.S*** > Enslaved African Americans refused to help fight > The U.S had a small ...
  83. Science

    Which statement is true regarding nuclear energy? (Points : 1) Since 2005, global private investments in nuclear energy totaled $100 million dollars. Nuclear plants cost 2-3 times as much as new windpower to build. Nuclear energy currently produces 50% of the U.S.’s energy ...
  84. math

    suppose you are in a room that has two identical doors. Behind one door is riches, wealth and fame beyond your wildest dreams. Behind the other door is a firing squad that does not miss. Youdo not know which door is which, however there are two identical twins in the room that...
  85. Math

    Exercise 30: Velocities have both direction and magnitude and thus are vectors. The magnitude of a velocity vector is called speed. Suppose that a wind is blowing from the direction N45◦W at a speed of 40 km/h. (This means that the direction from which the wind blows is 45...
  86. ENG 101

    Im taking my first college class in ENG 101 and i need to write an persuasive essay and Im having a hard time. I was wondering if anyone can help me come up with an outline or what I reasons that I can provide and I can come up with minor details. Here is the assignment: Final...
  87. Chemistry!!!!!!

    a correction needs to be made to the calculations for real gases as compared to ideal gases. apply these corrections and calculate the real pressure expected for 5 mole of nitrogen in a 1.5L container at a temp. of 20C.
  88. Chemistry

    Calculate the work done in joules when 1.0 mole of water vaporizes at 1.0 atm and 100C. Assume that the volume of liquid water is negligible compared with that of steam at 100c, and ideal gas behavior
  89. College Chemisty

    Given following reduction potentials in solution. Which is weakest oxidising agent in the list. List of numbers on right is for Eo/V. Al3+(aq)+3e- = Al(s) -1.66 Sn4+(aq)+2e- = Sn2+(aq) +0.14 Is(s)+2e-=21-(aq) +0.53 Why is a certain substance weakest? Is it -1.66 because this ...
  90. Maths

    If a plane travels halfway round the world at an altitude of 11300m, what extra distance in km, will it fly compared with the distance measured at the surface of the Earth? The radius of the earth is approximately 6400km
  91. US history

    Can you check if my answers are correct? Martin Luther King, Jr.’s eloquence hid the fact of his lack of formal education beyond the eighth grade. is it true? When black students tried to enter Little Rock’s Central High School in 1957, the governor called out the National...
  92. English

    i am trying to write a paper on Frankenstein. the question is "Is Frankenstein a work of science fiction?"....i have to write a persuasive essay...i believe that it is a work of science fiction...but as ussuall i need sources and proves from the book to prove my opinion....so ...
  93. Algebra

    The equations for two functions are shown below. f(x) = x + 3 and g(x) = 2x - 5 Which intercept is farthest from the origin compared to the other three intercepts? A) x-intercept of f(x) B) y-intercept of f(x) C) x-intercept of g(x) D) y-intercept of g(x)
  94. Statistics

    When red blood cells are counted using a certain electronic counter, the standard deviation (SD) of repeated counts of the same blood specimen is about .8% of the true value, and the distribution of repeated counts is approximately normal. For example, this means that if the ...
  95. CRT

    Identify at least two arguments in the article. Outline the premises and conclusions of each argument you find. Then, answer the following questions for each argument, making sure to explain how you arrived at your answers. o Do the premises sufficiently support the ...
  96. Earth science

    Can you please correct me if I am wrong or let me know what you think Thanks Y-A 1. Trees keep water in a watershed from accumulating silt before it empties into river. (i got true) 2. Permeable means capable of absorbing water. (i got false) 3. Old rivers are characterized by...
  97. English composition 1

    Read “Letter from Birmingham Jail” by Martin Luther King, Jr. 2. Write the introduction for an essay that critically analyzes “Letter from Birmingham Jail” for the presence of persuasive techniques. 3. Label the major parts of your introduction: a. Hook b. Title of ...
  98. philosophy

    • Write a persuasive, formal letter (750-1000 words) to a specific Continental philosopher featured in chapter 8. In the letter, describe the key ideas of that philosopher’s views, and then provide a critique of his or her views. Which of his or her ideas do you agree with...
  99. math

    A) If the AEI increases by 3.0% a year and the RPI increases by 11.0% in the same year, then real earnings have gone down by 8% B) A new baby's parents are given £400 to invest for the baby, to be left untouched until she is 18 years old, in an account which has a guaranteed ...
  100. Stat Help

    A researcher wishes to be 95% confident that her estimate of the true proportion of individuals who travel overseas is within 4% if the true proportion. Find the sample necessary if in a prior study, a sample of 200 people showed that 40 traveled overseas last year. If no ...
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