Which of the following is NOT true about persuasive speaking compared to informative speaking?

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  1. Calculus help

    f is a function that is differentiable for all reals. The value of f ′(x) is given for several values of x in the table below. x –8 –3 0 3 8 f ′(x) 5 4 0 –2 –4 If f ′(x) is always decreasing, which statement about f(x) must be true?
  2. biology

    i have to write an persuasive essay on wolves and i have to decide whether the federal government should change the status of the gray wolf
  3. Literature

    5. A personal essay presents not only the subject but also a. a persuasive argument b. the writer's personality c. a detailed history of the subject d. figurative language B? Thanks -MC
  4. Chemistry (Check)

    Classify each of these statements as always true, sometimes true or never true. __NT___11. The SI base unit of mass is the milliliter. __AT___12. A decigram is 100 times smaller than a gram. ___ST__13. The SI unit of volume is derived from the unit of length. __NT___14. There ...
  5. english

    Relax. The kid’s been delivering the paper for, how long? Three, four years maybe? And not once has she missed us. The paper will be here, just wait and see. She’s just been delayed for some reason. a) true beyond a reasonable doubt b) probably true c) possibly true or ...
  6. English1A

    I'm still having a bit of trouble with my introduction and thesis. This is what I have, I hope it's any better. Greetings and Gestures All culture groups have various ways of communicating with each other whether it is through speaking, sign language, or body movement. ...
  7. critical thinking

    Can you help me define persuasive thinking?
  8. writing

    I need help in writing a persuasive paper?
  9. social studies

    which of the following statements about the state executive branch system of departments and agencies are true? A.The system is comparable in purpose to the legislative committee system in many ways. B.All state agency heads are constitutional officers. C.All agency heads are ...
  10. economics

    some study guide questions i am stumped on 1 uncertainty about the future is likely to a increase current spending b either increase or decrease c decrease current spending d no impact on current spending think it's d 2 as the general price level increases the amount of goods ...
  11. Chemistry

    Hey guys I was wondering if you guys know the answer to this: Which of the following is NOT true of colligative properties? Colligative properties are... A. independent of the chemical identity of the solute. B. responsible for lowering the vapor pressure of a solution versus ...
  12. math

    7. Classify each of the following as true or false. If false, tell why or give an example showing that it is not true. (a) For all sets A and B, A – B = B – A (b) For all sets A,   A (c) For all sets A, A  A   (d) The set {r, s, t...
  13. spanish

    How do I translate my spanish Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. First of all you need to determine the vocabulary in the sentence. When you actually post some work here we can help you use the dictionary. The very BEST way is to look up the English word, ...
  14. Socil Studies

    Which of the following statements about the state executive branch System of departments and agencies are true? Mark all that apply.(2 points) (A)The system is comparable in purpose to the legislative committee system in many ways (B) All State agency heads are constitutional ...
  15. PHYSICS` HELP!! Please

    Really lost on how to explain these whether true or false!! HELP! Much appreciated Write True or False. If False, Explain why! 1. In a position vs. Time graph, a line whose slope is negative represents an object that is slowing down. Answer: I circled True but it's not. Can ...
  16. Education

    Which of the following statements about discipline is true? A) High SES parents spank more than low SES. B) Latino parents spank more than African American parents. C) African American parents spank more than White parents. D) Most cultures teach children to look the ...
  17. World History

    True or False The historian Herodotus wrote about the persian Wars. I got False.
  18. math

    about 7 tenths of the us population in 1991 believed saying 175,104,000 to be true. what was the population?
  19. Big Data

    The edit distance is the minimum number of character insertions and character deletions required to turn one string into another. Compute the edit distance between each pair of the strings he, she, his, and hers. Then, identify which of the following is a true statement about ...
  20. Technology

    Which of the following statements is true about a plumbing system? a. The potable water system carries used water away from the building b. The potable water system carries water that is safe for drinking c. All potable water that enters a building feeds the water heater d. ...
  21. Chemistry

    I could use some help on this question. I think the answer is choice E, but im not sure. Alcohols can function as both nucleophiles and as electrophiles in various reaction conditions. Which of the following statements is/are true. a)When R-O-H is a nucleophile, the O-H bond ...
  22. Geography

    19. All of the following statements about Brazil's economy are true EXCEPT: a. Because of the development of gasohol, Brazil no longer has to import expensive foreign oil b. Industrial developments have destroyed the middle class c. Jobs in service industries usually pay more ...
  23. Math Ms. Sue please

    2. Find the outlier in the data set and tell how it affects the mean. 4, 4, –6, –2, 14, 1, 1 (1 point) –6; it raises the mean by about 1. –6; it lowers the mean by about 1. 14; it raises the mean by about 1.9. 14; it lowers the mean by about 1.9. 5. 22.6 is an outlier ...
  24. 6th grade

    what is a good web site to find a fill in the blank persuasive essay format! please reply ASAP this is due thursday......i only have 2 more days!!!!!!!!
  25. english

    Edwards struck fear into the hearts of his listeners in order to persuade them to act to avoid everlasting torment. Which specific metaphors and similes in the sermon were probably the most persuasive?
  26. Statistics

    A private medical clinic wants to estimate the true mean annual income of its patients. The clinic needs to be within $100 of the true mean. The clinic estimates that the true population standard deviation is around $2,100. If the confidence level is 95%, find the required ...
  27. physical science

    Which one of these statements is true about Copernicus? a. His model included planetary orbits that were circular. b. He believed that Ptolemy's ideas about the shape of orbits were correct c. His model could not account for retrograde motion of Mars. d. His model of the ...
  28. Science 1

    Shock waves from supernovae disrupt an interstellar cloud and prevent it from forming stars. True or False TRUE
  29. Health law

    please check my answer the right to privacy is in the first admendment True or False I said True
  30. Health

    please check my answer thanks True or False Dry heat is the best method of sterilzation I said True
  31. True/False question

    When phosphate groups are joined together to make ATP, it gives off energy. Is this true?
  32. civics

    the senate power of advice and consent does not apply to the federal judges true or fales . and what's the right answer. is it true
  33. is this true?!

    animals and other organisms that eat the food in an ecosystem are called PRODUCERS. i wrote true ami i right?!
  34. Math

    Let s and t be any two whole numbers excluding 0. True or false. The statement s/t = t/s us always true? what did you do first to answer this question?
  35. Math

    Let s and t be any two whole numbers, excluding 0. True or false. The statemnt s/t = t/s is always true? What did you do first to answer this question?
  36. science

    true or false taxonomy is the preservation of dead animals please provide a proof(i.e. website if the answer is true)
  37. World History

    True or False An archipelago is a large land mass that juts out from a continent. I got True ?
  38. Science

    True or false? decomposition is an important part of only two of the three nutrient cycles I think it's true. Thanks
  39. SS

    In a region as dry as the Sahara Desert, an oasis is often the only place to find water. True False True?
  40. Science

    Is this correct. True or False. You can produce lower pressure by decreasing the area a force acts on. I think it is true.
  41. Algebra

    Is 4X - 3 = 19 true false open My answer is true because only one number can satisfy both sides of the equatuion
  42. Math

    Can someone tell me if I have this right? Thanks! Question: P varies directly as Q can be written as P = kQ. True Or False. My answer: True
  43. Philosophy

    According to David Hume, there is no continuous, permanent self. Select one: True False I think true
  44. English

    It is best to create a working thesis statement before you make your outline. True***** False I think this is true...
  45. Science

    Meteoroids can form when comets break apart, creating dust clouds. True or False? I think it's true.
  46. Social Studies

    Hernando de Soto's mission accomplished its original objectives. True or False? I think true? Not sure?
  47. Criminal Justice

    There is a national standard that all states follow when handiling juvenile offenders? true or false True?
  48. biology

    A positive control group contains the dependent variable under study. true or false i guess it's true
  49. U.S. History Question

    True or false? Stokely Carmichael was the leader of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC). A: True
  50. English

    A topic sentence should be very long. 1. True 2. False Please recheck my answer. I say True
  51. Grammar

    An introduction must contain a thesis statement. 1. True 2. False I answered true. Please check my work
  52. eng 122

    Academic writing uses regular conversational language. (Points : 1) True False ANSWER TRUE
  53. English

    Subject guides contain sources that have been selected by humans. True False I say True
  54. computer

    The term composite would be used to describe an image that was altered by the Crop tool. True False True?
  55. Philosophy

    Write an informative 700-1050 word letter in the persona of one Eastern philosopher to one of his pupils. In the letter, describe your chosen philosopher's viewpoints concerning one of his philosophies. f needed, cite secondary sources according to APA guidelines to help you.
  56. pholosophy

    Write an informative 700-1050-word letter in the persona of one Eastern philosopher to one of his pupils. In the letter, describe your chosen philosopher's viewpoints concerning one of his philosophies. If needed, cite secondary sources according to APA guidelines to help you.
  57. Math

    Write a TRUE equation and explain why it is true. Ex.) 4+3=7
  58. statistics

    A research article included the following table: Mean Score on Four Questionnarie Scales Before and After the Experimental Manipulation. Questionnaire Before After Change Dominance 18.42 16.31 -2.11 Independence 17.25 21.38 4.13** Conformity 18.97 17.20 -1.77* Nurturance 16.11...
  59. computer science

    Which of the following is *not* a reason why a transmission signal might be corrupted or lost? 1. The protocol for the transmission is TCP/IP. 2. The cabling does not have any kind of shielding. 3. The copper used to connect the systems is contaminated. 4. The distance between...
  60. Science; Solar System

    True or False 5. The outer planets are small, rocky planets with iron cores. true false 6. It is unlikely that the sun formed alone. It probably formed with a cluster of stars like the sun. true false
  61. Physics: true or false

    Doubling the amplitude of a wave will double the amount of energy the wave can transfer. A. True B. False <---answer (not sure) The medium determines the speed through which most mechanical waves will travel. A. True <---answer (not sure) B. False
  62. statistics

    When red blood cells are counted using a certain electronic counter, the standard deviation (SD) of repeated counts of the same blood specimen is about .8% of the true value, and the distribution of repeated counts is approximately normal. For example, this means that if the ...
  63. Spanish Foreign Language

    Hi, My current Spanish class is performing an oral presentation on advice for losing weight or being fit. I was wondering if somebody could proofread my Spanish speaking portion and point out the obvious errors? I'm terrible at Spanish so there's probably quite a few ...
  64. Applied Reseach

    For my research paper I wrote about the affects of music on standardized test scores. Basically I tracked scores of elementary and middle schoolers. I compared those who participate in music and those who didn't (quantitative research). Then i wrote a questionnaire with 10 ...
  65. Physics: true or false

    A convex mirror forms a virtual, diminished, and upright image for all real objects regardless of the location of the object. A. True B. False Is it true? A convex mirror of focal length 10 cm forms an upright and magnified image of a real object places at a distance of 20 cm ...
  66. difference between 10k, 14k, 18k gold

    I am in the process of ordering a class ring and the options for the gold are 10K, 14K, and 18K. I know the price is different, but I was just wondering if anybody knows if you can actually tell a difference between them when you look at them or do they all look the same? I do...
  67. History

    I'm writing an essay based on the question "to what extent did world war 2 shape the identity of Canada" I wrote the introductory paragraph (down below) but I was just wondering if someone could proofread it and let me know if there was anything else I could add/take and if it...
  68. Algebra 1

    Which of the following statements is true about the function ? It has 4 real zeros It has no real zeros As x approaches positive infinity, y approaches positive infinity As x approaches positive infinity, y approaches negative infinity
  69. Chemistry

    1. The delta Hf of an element in its standard state is defined to be a) 0 kJ/mol b) 10 kJ/mol c) -10 kJ/mol d) greater than 0 kJ/mol e) a unique value for each element I am assuming its a? 2. Which of the following statements are true? I) The reaction vessel cools when an ...
  70. chemistry

    Identify the true statement(s) regarding the entropy of chemical substances. a. All pure substances have a positive entropy at room temperature. b. The dissolution of an ionic salt in water usually leads to an increase in entropy of the system (salt + water). c. So(one mole O3...
  71. social studies

    Which of the following is Not a reason why Americans won the war, despite having many disadvantages compared to Britain? A. the Americans had the advantage of fighting in their own land. B. aid from France and Spain was important to american success. C. the British depended to...
  72. Math

    1.) Which of the following inequalities is true for all real values of x? a.) x^3≥^2 b.) 4x^2≥2x^2 c.) (3x)^2≥4x^2 d.) 2(x-3)^2≥2x^2-3 2.) Which following inequalities is true for all real values of x? a.) x^5≥x^4 b.) 5x^2≥2x^3 c.) (5x)^2&#...
  73. US history HELP

    All of the following statements about the Battle of Midway are true EXCEPT that: 1. ( They never retreated :S ) the Japanese navy was forced into retreat less than six months after Pearl Harbor 2.(possible) the battle began with another Japanese surprise attack on American ...
  74. algebra

    How do you write equations for 4 lines that intersect to form the sides of a parallelogram? What must be true about such lines?
  75. PHYSICS !!

    A car weighing 10,000 newtons is parked in a garage. Which statement is true about the forces acting on the car?
  76. math

    about what percentage of the population believe saying F to ber true? = what percentage of 250148571.0 = 136,800,000?
  77. Alg 1

    Reasoning: The equation 3x^2 + bx + 3 = 0 has one real solution. What must be true about b? I think it is: b must be the same as -4(a)(c). What are your thoughts?
  78. Algebra

    The equation of a function is y= 4x+3. A second function contains the table of values below. Which is true about the X Y two functions? -1 1 1 5 3 9 5 13
  79. Physics

    How Many Capillaries? The aorta has an inside diameter of approximately 2.1 cm, compared to that of a capillary, which is about 1.0×10−5m (10 μm). In addition, the average speed of flow is approximately 1.0 m/s in the aorta and 1.0 cm/s in a capillary Assuming that...
  80. Geometry (Checking)

    2.) Which is true about both Pappus's Theorem and Desargues' Theorem? Each theorem applies to spherical geometry. Each conclusion states that three points are collinear. <---- Each hypothesis is based on triangles. Each theorem involves a dilation. 3.) How many degrees are ...
  81. Geography

    [THESE QUESTIONS ARE NOT THE SAME AS MY PREVIOUS POST) I am working on my take home quiz questions now...and i am not sure about the answers of the folowing questions...can anyone please help me to check???? THANKS A LOT!!!! (The "*" represents the answer I chose) The primary ...
  82. science(check answers)

    1.A 2.A 3.D 4.C 1.Is the following statement true or false?Solar panels collect energy from the sun that can then power a lamp in a home. A.True B.False 2.Harvesting energy from water,wind,and geothermal vents requries the use of A. aquaculture B.engines C.mines D.turbines 3....
  83. math

    Please explain how you would use a mathematical property to make the following number sentence always true: a x 9 = a x 7 + 2
  84. chemistry

    Which of the following is true for the gas phase reaction shown below? 4NH3(g) + 5O2(g) ¨ 4NO(g) + 6H2O(g), ƒ¢H = -0.905 kJ
  85. business law

    A purchaser who is injured by a product has a cause of action by demonstrating all of the following are true except one. The exception is:
  86. math

    Determine all possible digits to fill in the blanks to make each of the following true. a) 9 482__ b) 6 24__35 c) 4 63__
  87. Science

    Is the following statement true or false? Solar panels collect energy from the sun that can then power a lamp in a home.
  88. Math

    In a coordinate plane points (2,4) and (3, -1) are on a line.Which of the following must be true? A.)The two are intersecting B.)They are all above the x axis
  89. math

    I need help with this please it is urgent! : ok so 1 what are accomplishments of the Incas? 2 what did not contribute to the Spanish victory over the Aztecs. 3 the first European colonies to win independence4 in the Americas was, 4 two leaders that contuted to the independent ...
  90. Computers

    Which of the following experiences is considered a simulation? A. reading a chapter about dissecting a frog with bright pictures and graphs B. listening to a narrator about dissecting a frog in vivid detail C. using a computer program to dissect a frog*** D. watching a video ...
  91. English

    Thank you very much! As to the linguistic objectives, I included a few more things but I don't know if the logical sequence is correct (I think some points could be omitted). As you are also an English teacher, I really hope you can help me organize the linguistic objectives ...
  92. Professional communication

    similarities and differences between routine and positive messages, negativr messages, and persuasive messages.
  93. Spermatogenesis

    Which of the following is true of spermatogenesis? Sperm production occurs several degrees above body temperature. The sperm cell consists of an acrosomal unit, which carries enzymes to penetrate the egg cell, a haploid nucleus, a coiled mitochondrion, and a corpus luteum. ...
  94. Science 4

    M type stars usually have some molecular lines, such as TiO, well in their spectra. True or False TRUE
  95. The US constitution

    Please check my answer thanks :) The constitutional basis of the right to privacy is in the First admentment true or false I said True
  96. Law

    An order setting a date is more likley to be entered at pre trial conference True or False I said True
  97. Science 8th grade check answer

    The cellular process involves mitosis is fertilization ? True or False I picked True
  98. dog behavior

    please check my answer thank you for your help :) True or False Systematic desensitization can be used to reduce fear I said True
  99. economics

    at any giving time,if the demand for a product is greater than the supply available,the price will be higher? true or false , true right.
  100. Hunting Training for Dogs

    Please check my answer thanks :) True or False field trials are noncompetitive events I say that it is True
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