Which of the following is NOT true about persuasive speaking compared to informative speaking?

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  1. History

    1. Malayan traders and settlers: A. brought oranges and rayon to East Asia. B. may have introduced yams and bananas to Africa. C. were the first Khoisan speakers in southern Africa. D. composed just under half of the population of Zanj. im confused between A and B 2. In ...
  2. Business English

    How do you outline informative and positive message and negative message and persuasive messages? http://www.google.com/search?q=how+to+outline&rls=com.microsoft:en-us:IE-SearchBox&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&sourceid=ie7 An outline is an outline. Whether it's outlining positive, ...
  3. English

    1. He lives in a Spanish-speaking country. 2. He lives in a Spanish-spoken country. 3. He is a Spanish-speaking person. 4. he is a Spanish-spoken person. (Are #1 and # 3 right? The others are incorrect. Am I right? Why is that, then?)
  4. public speaking

    when researching for supporting materials about the impact of violence in the media, it is a good idea to get assistance from this resource. a. television b. call-in radio c. librarian d. personal interview i chose d. but it wasn't correct
  5. Spanish

    2. Working on the school newspaper and literary magazine are popular extracurricular activities amoung Guatemalan teenagers. -False? 3. The currency of many Spanish-speaking countries contains the images of literary characters, political leaders, and animals from that region...
  6. English

    1. He will must go to Japan. (X) 2. He will have to go to Japan. 3. She will may go to the amusement park.(X) 4. She will be allowed to go to the amusement park. 5. He must can speak Chinese.(X) 6. He must be able to speak Chinese. 7. He may must parctice speaking German.(X) 8...
  7. spanish

    1. What is the correct way to respond to the following question? “¿Haces mucho ejercicio?” (1 point) Sí, haces mucho ejercicio. Sí, hago mucho ejercicio. Sí, hacemos mucho ejercicio. Sí, hacen mucho ejercicio. 2. How would you say “I prefer ice cream” in Spanish...

    5.0 Points What nonverbal communication technique usually communicates best your honesty about your message?   A. Good posture   B. Body movement   C. Eye contact   D. Hand gestures
  9. Spanish

    Help. I need in Spanish! Write a short paragraph explaining some details about school practices and/or activities in schools in the Spanish-speaking world. Thanks, Kaai97
  10. public speaking

    Mandy interviewed a source who told about how she was illegally treated by the police. using her information in the speech is an example of: a. facts and statistics b. narrative c. testimony d. hypothetical example i chose b
  11. English- Mrs. Sue

    So I have my thesis statement down but now I just need examples about speaking up and why you need to address things in this world today. Can you please help. Thanks soooo much:))
  12. history

    im working on persuasive essays, the question is asking me to write a response showing where his essay proves to be more persuasive. Could i get some help on which points were more persuasive than others? i didn't think his speech was meant to be persuasive.
  13. civics

    1. Every month congress passes public work bills. I put true 2.In a roll call vote,is a speaking vote to decide if a bill should be added. I put false 3.A standing vote is when those in favor of a bill stand up and explain why they think it should be added. I put true 4....
  14. Spanish 1

    46. Mañana voy al parque con _________ abuelos. a. ochenta años b. mi c. mí d. mis B 47. "¿Quién está es casa?" "No hay _______." a. gemelos b. cuántos c. nadie d. personas pelirrojas Not sure... 48. As in the United States, hyphenated surnames are quite common in ...
  15. Health

    All of the following are examples of communication skills that can affect your health status except: Innerupting to make a point* Conflict resolution Speaking clearly Resistance/Refusal
  16. public speaking

    for communication to take place there has to be?
  17. ics

    basically speaking,a contingancy plan is
  18. SP180.1.2 Principles of Public Speaking: Lesson 8

    SP180.1.2 Principles of Public Speaking: Lesson 8
  19. Public speaking

    An example of an objective test is
  20. public Speaking

    The speaker is the ____________ of the message.
  21. English

    When a character has an aside, he or she is speaking dirextly to another character. True or False? I know that aside is something a character says to either the audience or another character, which the rest of those on stage are not supposed to hear. So is it False? Just ...
  22. Spanish

    Write a short paragraph explaining some details about school practices and/or activities in schools in the Spanish-speaking world. I am a bit confused about what they mean for the activities, do they want after school Spanish activities or what?
  23. English

    2. Analysis a. The students are not much interested in English class . About 68% of the students responded "They are a little bored or bored." On the other hand, about 9% of the students are interested in the English class. The teacher should try hard to make many students be ...
  24. Speech

    Why is dialect important to effective public speaking?
  25. Public Speaking

    what is the key of organizing your speech material?
  26. 9th grade

    good public speaking topics?
  27. English

    boys should not help in the kitchen speaking for the motion
  28. debate

    boys shoulld not help at the kitchen speaking for the motion
  29. public speaking

    when deciding on the topic, it is important to consider
  30. Public Speaking

    To persuade employees to commit to recycling” is a:
  31. English

    1. When is the report due? It is due on Monday. 2. When is the book due? It is due on March 10th. (Are the short dialogues correct?) 3. What are you saying? 4. What are you speaking? 5. What are you talking about? (Are the three commonly used and grammatical?)
  32. Creative writing

    I want to write a story that is told ONLy through one person's mind; what this one person is thinking and saying, with no other characters speaking. How would you go about formatting it?
  33. Statistics

    A statistical test is performed, and its P-value turns out to be about 3%. Which of the following must be true? Pick all that are correct. The null hypothesis is true. There is about a 3% chance that the null hypothesis is true. The alternative hypothesis is true. There is ...
  34. History

    Would this be considered a shortcoming for Rosa Parks? I'm still having trouble finding somethings for this part of my presentation. She lost her job at the department store when the department store she worked at heard about her arrest, and her husband lost his after his boss...
  35. Geography

    I have to write an essay on this topic: 54. Compare and Contrast Switzerland and France in terms of language and culture. Before the 1500s, French was only spoken in Paris but as the kings in France expanded their control, they decreed that French be used in all of France, not...
  36. Public Speaking

    What is the purpose of using a program like PowerPoint?
  37. history

    when did Aryan-speaking people come to the Indus valley?????
  38. public speaking

    What are some moderen examples of speech styles?
  39. critical thinking

    What are three approaches to effective writing and speaking
  40. public speaking

    communicating effetively helps us to succeed in areas of
  41. Living Environment

    Generally speaking,What is the female reproductive cycle??
  42. Principles of Public Speaking: Lesson 8

    nonverbal communication includes:
  43. public speaking

    Communicating effectively helps us to succeed in areas of?
  44. speech

    When speaking about the awareness of breast cancer, the most important thing to consider when analyzing your audience is: A. beliefs B. religion C. age D. gender I choose a. age. but I'm second guessing it might be d. gender
  45. Spanish

    Which statement is not true about friendships in the Spanish speaking world? a. Close friends of the family often attend family gatherings b. Close friends of the family are treated like family members c. Family members call close friends tia or tio even though they are not ...
  46. Social Studies Homework (About USA And Canada)

    I need help with one question and I need one question answer checked! Social Studies Homework: 1)What are the two main languages of USA? Answer: English and Spanish 2)What are the two main languages of Canada? (Please give an direct answer for question 2 and don't write ...
  47. English

    topic suggestions? Informative topics? persuasive topics? entertainment topics?
  48. English12

    Below, you will find a list of sentences. After each sentence, select true if the topic of the statement is suitable to form the basis of a single persuasive paragraph. If the topic of the statement in your textbook is unsuitable for a single persuasive paragraph, select false...
  49. speech

    how does your own nonverbal communication affect you while speaking to a qroup?
  50. Foreign Language

    What are some french speaking countries, besides france?
  51. speech28394691283741290

    what does a explain, narrate, describe speaking and listerning test need in it?? thanks
  52. APUSH

    What were the white Southerners of the Reconstruction era referring to in speaking of "redemption"?
  53. Public Speaking

    what is an example for negative interpersonal communication skill working?
  54. Human service

    how can you identify gestures in nonverbal communication when the person is not speaking.
  55. public speaking

    when using the internet to conduct research,it is most important to?
  56. public speaking

    Your central idea is a statement that captures in a single sentence:
  57. public speaking

    the process of changing peoples beliefs and actions is called
  58. Stats

    A statistical test is performed, and its P-value turns out to be about 3%. Which of the following must be true? Pick all that are correct. a) The null hypothesis is true. b)There is about a 3% chance that the null hypothesis is true. c) The alternative hypothesis is true. d) ...
  59. English (urgent)

    can you give me 4 examples of informative texts..or websites where can I look for informative texts--4 paragraph informative texts...(i need it now)really urgent...please...
  60. SS-1 question

    Which of the following was Daniel Webster speaking of when he declared, "Liberty and Union, now and forever, on and inseparable!"? regional differences international differences improved transportation improved industry My answer is A
  61. 10th grade English

    Persuasive writing. How to write a persuasive paragraph about women choosing their own destiny to a person of the jewish faith
  62. I need advice!

    I have troblem in reading speaking and viewing I was wondrieng what I can do to improve in these areas? For reading: http://english.glendale.cc.ca.us/speed1.html For speaking: http://library.thinkquest.org/C001146/curriculum.php3?action=item_view&item_id=98 http://esl.about....
  63. Histroy

    '' Which of the following was Daniel Webster speaking of when declared, ''Liberty and Union, now and forever, on and inseparable!"? A. Regional differences B. International differences C. Improved transportation D. Improved industry I got, D. Is that correct?
  64. English

    What kinds of unwanted reactions might you get from readers of your messages? What steps would you take to ensure that the purpose of your message (whether informative, positive, negative, or persuasive) is conveyed to your readers?
  65. Literature

    In "Young Goodman Brown," Hawthorne reveals his feelings about his Puritan ancestors when A. the dark man reveals that he helped Brown's forebears persecute others. B. Faith expresses her anxieties about young Browns departure. C. Brown discovers his catechism teacher is on ...
  66. Business Communication

    Which of the following would NOT be an informative or positive message? a.Summary b.Claim adjustment c.Transmittal d.Direct request I'm shure that Summary and Transmittal could be positive and informative.But I'm really confused about Claim adjustment and Direct request.
  67. Public Speaking

    A speaker talking about the benefits of cosmetic surgery to an audience primarily of women is appealing to which level of needs in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs? A. Physiological needs B. Esteem needs C. Belongingness and love D. Safety needs
  68. public speaking

    What are some ethical considerations that should be maintained when giving a speech.
  69. language arts

    can u help me with my prompt it is: i will explain why it rude to speak when a adult is speaking in 5 paragraph
  70. public speaking

    The speaker is the ____________ of the message. A. decoder B. encoder C. transmitter (NOT C) D. channel
  71. public speaking

    Medium that carries message signals from senders to receivers of communication is
  72. Public Speaking

    The speaker is the ____________ of the message. A. decoder B. encoder C. transmitter D. channel It's not C
  73. Student teacher needs your help

    Hello, I am planning to teach my 5th grade class how to write a persuasive letter to the President of the United States. However, I need to show them a few examples of how other students wrote their persuasive letters about particular issues. Where online could I find sample ...
  74. English

    Thank you very much. I need to wrie instructions of an MP3 player, a video recorder and a CD-player. Could you help me? I included a few more sentences. 1) I must be silent during teachers' explanations. I hang the clothes in the sun so that they get dried sooner (?? or more ...
  75. Social Studies

    10. Which of the following was Daniel Webster speaking of when he declared, "Liberty and Union, now and forever, on and inseparable!"? A) regional differences*** B) international differences C) improved transportation D) improved industry Is my answer correct?
  76. english

    The room was quiet enough for her to slip into a sound sleep usually their was a constant commotion, her roommates coming and going or someone on the phone speaking loudy as if the one on the other end of the line was deaf. What is your question about this passage? If you need...
  77. PHI 105 critical thinking and problem solving

    explaining the relationship between informative, explanatory and persuasive statements and critical thinking
  78. Critical thinking

    Explain the relationship between informative, explanatory, and persuasive statements and critical thinking.
  79. qualities of persuasive business messages

    How do you organizing information in informative, positive, negative, and persuasive messages? Assuming that the audience is not in favor of the change, the message is most effective when the pro agruments are given fist, then the con arguments followed by the anti-con ...
  80. English

    Hello, may I speak to Tom? 1. Who's calling? 2. Who's speaking? 3. Who's talking? (Are all the answers correct?)
  81. English

    If someone speaks candidly, she is most likely speaking ; ~honestly ~quietly ~sarcastically
  82. COM 215 written communication

    I need to write an informative message,positive message,negative message, and persuasive message. any suggestions??? These have to be business related
  83. Social Studies

    What was a great contribution of the Islamic golden age? West African trading empires traded what commodities? Why did the Bantu-speaking people migrate? How did Kilwa and Aksum become powerful? How did the Inca keep records? What did the Maya farmers do when the soil wore out...
  84. writing (persuasive essay)

    Hi. I'm in 10th grade and our teacher assigned us a persuasive essay to write in class over a topic that we debated about for the last two weeks. Every team had a different topics (mine was school should start from 11 am. to 5 pm), but now we're going to write a persuasive ...
  85. German

    I have to write a 250 word essay in German. You are going to talk about a trip you took to all four German-speaking countries. (Don't forget Liechtenstein!) Can someone help me i don't know what to write? Plus my german isn't good enough.
  86. Public Speaking

    Do you think that we can have to ability to manipulate and control our non-verbal messages?
  87. physics

    Strictly speaking, you weigh a tiny bit less when you are in the lobby of a massive skyscraper than you do at home. Why is this so?
  88. public speaking

    According to Aristotle, ethos refers to: A. emotions. B. logic. C. ethics. D. none of the above
  89. public speaking

    according to aristotle, ethos refers to: A. emotions B. logic C. ethics D. none of the above
  90. Public Speaking

    Interpreting during the listening process is the same as: A. encoding. B. receiving. C. decoding. D. responding. It's not C
  91. Public speaking

    Nonverbal communication includes A.posture B.clapping C.eye contact D.all of the above
  92. Social studies

    Which of the following is an example of acculturation? speaking a blend of English and another language living in a neighborhood with others from the same country replacing cultural traditions with new ones*** preferring to speak your own language over others
  93. overview of teaching techniques

    which of the following statements about student centered education is correct? (a)students play an inactive role in deciding what should be learned (b)the student provided the resources needed for learning (c)students take responsibility for evaluating their activities and ...
  94. English 10 Check

    Below, you will find a list of sentences. After each sentence, select true if the topic of the statement is suitable to form the basis of a single persuasive paragraph. If the topic of the statement in your textbook is unsuitable for a single persuasive paragraph, select false...
  95. english

    Can someone please check my work? Which of the following is Not a good idea for choosing a subject for a persuasive speech? Choose an issue important to you. Choose a subject that people disagree on. Choose a subject that you have little personal experience with or facts about...
  96. spaniiiiisssshhh

    1. With what materials are most houses in Mérida built? A. wood and plaster B. stone and concrete blocks C. wrought iron 2. Which of the following is the correct Spanish word for "bed"? A. la cama B. el closet C. el dormitorio 3. What is not true about modern advances in ...
  97. Education

    I was wondering how sub teachers survive during the long summer months when there is no pay, especially if you live alone and must pay rent. If you are a sub who lives alone, what plans do you have for YOUR future, financially speaking? Do you save money during the school year...
  98. Management

    Which of the following is not one of a manager's four areas of responsibility? A. Being a competent subordinate B. Being a good boss C. Maintaining good relationships with other managers D. Speaking one's mind always D
  99. Speaking

    How can you create an effective climate when discussing matters of importance with co-workers, clients, vendors, superiors and employees
  100. literacy ece

    the first language arts skill that children learn is A) speaking B)reading C) writing D) listening
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