U.S. History 5th grade

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how did geographic conditions shape mesopotamia and egypt


What was family life like in Indian society? Please help.


What was family life like in Indian society? PLEASE HELP ME!

Core World History

How was the early Roman Republic founded?


Jacksonian Democracy would appeal most to which group


What diseases were originated or were most common in the 12th century?

World history

How did the Hun invasion weaken the Roman empire


Why were the English claims father north than those of the Spanish

african american history



How did Andrew Jackson view his relationship with the native Americans?


Why would a free market economy flourish in Louisiana?


What was king george's reaction to the boston tea party?


how did america's economy change after the civil war.


how do hobbes locke rousseau and montesquieu define liberty

development studies

Namibia's economic history from the 19th century


Why didn't the Soviet Union put a veto on the United Nations?


How did the development of a written language change feudal China?


What is one way that Japanese Americans resisted internment


which constitutional issue was president lincoln addressing in this excerpt?


what was the relationship between politics and religion in medieval Europe.

World history

What issue,of the Industrial Revolution, in this image is addressing?


the reign if terror was a necessary evil .discuss this assertion


Why did the police not stop the La riots of 1992 why did they just let it happen


How many officers were considered not guilty for the Rodney king beating


what is the bloodline of most winning fighting chicken in the world.

American History

What were some of the social and political changes of the 1960s?


why would colonists resist the end of salutary neglect?


Do you think Natural Rights have remained the same?


Lesson 3: Becoming a Territory connectin academy assesment help

7th grade LA

Can you check the following? 1. I didn't know what time it was so I was very late to class indep = I didn't know what time it was indep = I was very late to class Ans: compound 2. I'll help you if you help me. indep = I'll help you dep = if you help me Ans: complex 3. I've ...


I got this homework assignment from my seventh grade teacher I don't understand how to do it. It is Classifying the States using a taxonomic key.


what would be a simplified reason to tell grade ones why there is valentines day? What does it mean? why do people receive cards?

7th grade health

If you get a pian in your calf while walking down the block and it is relieved by resting what is this condition called ?

Science 8th grade

How does a blood clot in you right leg turn into a pulmonary embolsim? any help would be great thanks

3rd grade trivia contest

In the 2008 World Book Encyclopedia what are the guide words on the page with Komodo dragon?

12th grade

In statistic: How to construct a duble steam display for the minutes it took the mailperson to deliver mail as listed: 80 68 56 64 69 70 64 70 62 73 69 82 62 58 63 65 67 54 71 61 67 75 70 66 62 73 59 58 78

11th grade ETHICS

Compare and contrast absolute and relative approaches on culture and morality. PLEASE HELP I AM SOOOO STUCK !!

7th grade

Are teacher gave us an assignment that is due tomorrow it is Re-writing Fairy tales From The ANTAGONIST'S pOINT OF VIEW

8th grade

Speculate about how the invention of the microscope might have helped doctors to understand what caused diseases?

4th grade

a special set of rules, called the...blank..., can be used to solve expressions with more than one operation

2nd grade

i want know ,swan,deer,seal,hare,kangaroo,ladybird,fish,fly,and lion,babys names

Science 6th grade

I need a 20 question and ansawer about simple machine please send me some answer.

Grade 11 Physics - Light Unit

Why must rays be shone in the centre of a flat surface? Describe the difficulty that's results if this is not done.

9th grade geography

What are some motives for conflict that have affected the balkan paninsula for centuries? I need four

7th grade math

I need help solving the equation {5x[(4+9)-2]+3}/2= PLEASE DON'T GIVE ME THE ANSWER WITHOUT GIVING ME THE ORDER OF OPERATION.

3rd grade Shurley english

This is all new to me how would you classify the sentence: Ouch! That bee sting hurts!

8th Grade Algebra

Rewrite each polynomial as the product of two binomials. 1. y^2 + 6y + 9 2. 25x^2 - 10x + 1 3. 36 - y^2 Can someone please help me do these correctly?

8th grade Science

I need help really bad. What are the three ways that unbalanced forces can cause an object to change it's motion?

6th grade Social Studies

Crossword- 3 DOWN The most common type of land in Russia. 6 (Six) boxs.

4th grade language

We are working on sequencing events. What comes next VI, VOI, VOIVI and ______. Would the answer be VI?

12th grade

Ode on a Grecian urn What does "all breathing human passion far above" mean in line 28?

science grade 9

even though carbon dioxide puts out a burning splint it does not confirm the presence of the gas why?

science grade 9

even though carbon dioxide puts out a burning splint it does not confirm the presence of the gas why?

3rd grade, social studies

What is the "Middle Period" of China? Where can I find pros and cons of communism that an 8 y/o can understand & discuss?

7th grade reading

A child is possessive she a.cries when visitors come. b.does not share her toys. c.is happy most of the time.

6th grade math

How can you draw a line that is 5 inches long using only one sheet of 8 1/2 in X 11 in notebook paper?

7th grade algebra

the sum of the weights of twin brothers if one weighs four more pounds than the other

7th Grade Life Science

Which of the following is a hard covering that protects an anthropod? a)exoskeleton b)endoskeleton c)mantle d)segment

1st grade

can i used this as a sentence? Mike joins our soccer team today. Their family has alot of wealth.

8th Grade Algebra

(b^2-10b+21)/(b^2-11b+28) I need help trying to figure out how to factor each quantity or parentheses. and then simplifying it.

10th grade Physics

What experiment(apparatus can be made) can be used to determine the relationship between period and frequency of vibration?

10th grade

How many unit volume cubes of 1cm squared will fit into a 3cm x 4cmx 10cm shape?

12th grade

is there any sites that can you can suggest for an essay that I'm doing on how young people who believe in their words and ideas can change our world?

social studies

my daghter is in 4th grade and has a test on universal address and she has to study words for it and i don't know how to help cause i don't unterstand how she is going to be tested

6th grade

would you please, picturise GCF Wedding cake method or in drawing ? rather than explaining in words. Thank you.

Grade 7 Math

All the numbers from 1 to 99 are multiplied together. Use a pattern to determine the last digit of the product. Justify your answer.

9th grade

I need an answer to my question in spanish Que vas a hacer despues de las clases hoy?

8th grade

on my homework it say . on your paper write the word or words that are being moodified by the adverbs in italice in each sentence. how do i do this

10th grade

On very hot days or when you are exsercising, it is better to drink tap water than sugary drinks. Explain why.

4th grade

i have to pick a letter, i chose G and make adesin with counters on grid paper and then show a t-chart . how do i do this

10th grade algebra

How many kg of pure salt must be added to 8 kg of a 30% solution to obtain a 35% soltution? Round to the nearest tenth.

multiplying metrics

im in 6th grade--we have a math problem to multiply 3km x 200m x5 can you walk me thorough how to get the answer? Thanks

8th grade

wich of the following stated that the United states would not tolerate European intervention in Latin America?

10th grade

How did early labor unions in the United States differ in their organization and in the methods they used to achieve their goals?

chemistry grade 10

i don't really get the idea of what a poly atimic ions is. i couldn't understand the meaning from my textbook. can u plz explain it to me. thanks alot!!!

6th grade science

I am having trouble with getting focused on WANTING to do my schoolwork. I want good grades and I am just not motivated!!

7th grade science

what type of muscles make up the majority of mucsles in your body ? (please no websites only answers)

CP Science 9th grade

A Sample of Air at 35 degrees Celsius has a relative humidity of 15%. How do you find the dew point temperature?

grade 8 math

when i divide the circumference of a circle by its diameter i get the value of pi and this also happens when i use different units. why does this happen?

7th grade science

what wedsite can i find pictures and info. on a arab , chinese and native american astronomer from the 1054.

12th grade

would you expect an H2Se molecule to have a shape similar to that of water? Give a reason for your answer?

10th grade

What were the effects of the Balkan Wars that led to the Revolution during the Age of Nation States? (OTTOMAN EMPIRE)

maths-9th grade

ahexagon have the apothem of 6cm,the side length of6.93,and the height of 12cm. what is the volume?

6th grade MATH

WHICH equation describes the relationship between X and Y as in the table below x y 3 5 4 9 5 13 6 17 a. y=4x-7,b.y=x+12,c.y=2x-5,d.y=3x-5 can you give me the answer and explane it for me please!!!!!!!!!!!!

7th grade

I need general info on the Versailles Palace in France. I can't seem to find any sites that are easy to understand.

12th grade math

What is the distance between the origin and the point (5, 12)? If necessary, round your answer to two decimal places.

12th grade

Find the equation of the line through the point (3,4) which cuts from the first quadrant a triangle of minimum area.

9th grade

what qualities do people in todays society consider barbaric or monstrous? give a real life example

6th grade science (physics)

explain and describe Law of Universal Gravitation in relation to force, mass and distance


what are some ideas for a compound machine for my 7th grade invention project that can be useful in people's daily lives

6th grade language

please help.diagram the adjective modifier in this sentence. The red tuplis and yellow daffodils are pretty. thanks

11th grade

Calculated how many grams of methane (CH4) are in a sealed 80 mL flask at room temperature (22ºC) and 780 mm Hg of pressure.

10th grade

Bert viewed the hot dog provincial, beliving that to eat such a disgusting food was beneath him

11th grade math

The equation Ax^2 + 4y^2 = 16 represents an ellipse. Find all values of A such that its intersection with y = |x| has coordinates (x,y) which are integers.

6th grade English

What would be an example of a complete sentence using the phrase "wishing for a way to make this happen"?

3rd grade

What if Ali only had tens and ones? How could she have modeled 624 without using hundreds?

6th Grade Math

How can you find an unknown factor in a multiplication problem? Is the answer: divide the two numbers that you have?

9th Grade Algebra

Okay, I just need the steps for simplifying this type of radical: 5 -- 3√2 thats all one problem. thanks!

9th grade

If a 10.0 g piece of metal required 100 cal to raise its temperature by 20°C, what would you report as its specific heat?

7th grade math

order these numbers from greatest to least mass 0.05kg,32g,and 430,000mg Thanks alot


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