U.S. History 5th grade

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6th grade math

does the word difference mean minus and if so..... am i correct to say 0-12 = 0 ? PLEASE ADVISE. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR HELP.

chem grade 12

Consider the following substance: Al2(SO4)3 What is the oxidation number of: a) aluminum b) sulfur c)oxygen

11 grade english

the oicnic was postponed because the rain ruined the grounds is the sentence with an adverb clause punctuated correctly

7th grade social studies

what was the Texas-Santa Fe expedition, and what were the results? Please explain, help, and thank you very much.


Liola drives 13 km up a hill that is at a grade of 10 Degrees what horizontal distance to the nearest tenth of kilometer has she covered

Calculus Grade 12 University

Determine the critical numbers and find the absolute maximum and minimum values of the function y = 8x^3 + x^4 for x e [-8,2]

7th grade Lang. Art

Meager is best defined as a) slight c) ample b) lavish d ancient Please help me thank you! :)

6th grade geography

Why do you think Russians have almost always had a centralized, authoritarian government?

8 th grade math

length and width of a 3in x 5 in photo are tripled what scale factor is used i put 9 id that right

Calculus Review for exam grade 12, please help.

use the derivatives of y=sinx and y=cosx to develop the derivative of y=tanx


What does nonessential appositives and appositive phrase or phrases mean? (It's the common rules 3a.. Untit 5, 7th Grade.)

math grade 12

i need to know the mathematical model for finding the cooling of a hot liquid. and what the letters mean. pls help thanks

math advanced functions grade 12

Find the solution set to the following rational inequality, 240/x+8 > 20x/x+1

6th Grade Math: Proportions

14/38=X/29. I'm still confused about figuring out what x is and getting X on its own. Please Help!!!



7th Grade Help

where can I find short story Golden Kite Silver Wind by Ray Bradbury online?

7th Grade Science

when the temperature is constant the volume of a gas will decrease as the pressure decreases. True or false

Geometry 9th grade

One of two supplementary angles is 4 times the other. Find the larger angle.

6th grade math

I had to convert 2500 millimeters to centimeters.I think it's 250,please check. Thanks!

Pre-Algebra(7th Grade)

I don't know how to do area on a shape if it has missing numbers.. .also i need help on division with decimals...

7th grade math Ms. Sue

I still cannot figure this one out can you please tell me... 11/12 + (-2/3) = ? The answer choices are 1/4 13/12 -1/6 -7/12


HI, MY dughter is studying 3rd grade.how to prepare Tsat test in math,english.can u tell me any links

Algebra Grade 7

suppose that a car normally sells for $16,500 and is now on sale for $14000. what is the percent of discount. 17.9%??

6th grade Math

Please help me with this problem, i don't understand how to do it. Thank you How many rectangles can you build with a prime number of square tiles?

7th Grade Math

Help!!! If a den has 0.5 by 0.6 dimentions , what will be the dimensions after the house is built; 1/2 in = 10 ft Can any one help me figure this out???? Thanks!!

Geo 7th Grade

About half of the acid rain in Canada comes from the United States. true?

7th Grade Math

how many possible solutions are there to five questions and the answer to each question is either true or false?

Grade 12 AP calculus

You are using Newton's method to solve x3-5x-2=0. If your first guess is x1=2, what value will you calculate for the next approximation x2?

8th grade science

Good hypothesis for does the human tongue have definite areas for certain tastes

Environmental Science 11th grade

The process of separating 238-U to produce material containing a higher concentration.

11th grade math

find the length of arc if an angle measuring 25 degrees is in the circle of radius 6 feet

3rd grade mah

mrs. rothenberg bought a bag of 6 pears for $5.40. what was the unit price per pear?

Calculus Grade 12

Find the equation of the plane that passes through the point (3,7,-1) and is perpendicular to the line of intersection of the planes x-y-2z+3=0 and 3x-2y+z+5=0

4th grade...math

It says: Find two numbers the exact answer is between. 6 times 7,381

8th Grade Physical Science

Calculate the density of a sample of gas with a mass of 30 g and volume of 7500 cm3.

6th grade science

How do the differences in the way land and water absorb and release energy cause local winds?

7th grade math

Your team dives for 28 lobsters over 7 days. What is the average daliy lobster catch?

7th grade English

Use the correct pronoun in parentheses. The book ( it, itself) is a collector's item. Please help. Thanks.


how do the 4th grade girls weight in principal ben's school compare to the national mean weigh = 90 sd=15

Language arts 7th grade

Using the image of a dove to represent the idea of peace in a peom is an example of


Steve earned scores of 96 and 87 on his first two exams. What will his average grade be if he gets a 72 on his third exam?

Math 4 grade

Use the digits 1 though 9 once each. Fill in the 3x3 squares to make the sum of 777. Thanks.

6th grade math

Determine whether each value of x is a solution of the inequality 4x-5<3 a. x=0 b. x=2 c. x=-2 d. x=4 Help please *show the work and answer!!

8th grade math

in a catalog a jacket was marked down from $75 to $48. what was the percent of discount on the jackets original price?

SS 7th grade

1. In The AD 600s north Africa was conquered by this is the test and if anyone can give me all the answers that would help a lot

6th grade

Pet Parade: Mr. James has 14 cats, dogs and guinea pigs. What are all the combinations he could have?


Create a number line model that represents the equation below. -5 x -2 = 10 Can some help me please?

life orientation(grade 12)

hey um given the same assignment can some one answer me for nunber 1.7plz

7th Grade Math.

I have been trying to work this out but just cant. Find the function rule. X -2 -1 0 1 2 Y 9 4 -1 -6 -11 Thanks, ~JH

4th grade Science

explain how your circulatory and immune systems work together to keep you healthy. Pleaseeeee help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The __________ Ocean brings much seafood to this region. a. Pacific b. Indian c. Arctic d. Atlantic

8th Grade Pre-algebra

3. Select all of the numbers that are correctly written in scienctific notaton A)42 x 10^5 B) 1.1 x 10^4 C) 7.0 x 20^4 D) 6.01 x 10^-4 E) 18.0 x 10^3 4. Simply (2.0 x 10^4)(3.0 x 10^3) A)6.0 x 10^7 B) 6.0 x 10^12 C) 6.0 x 10^5 D) 6.0 x 10^43 5. (7.0 x 10^6)+(2.0 x 10^6) A)9.0 ...

8th grade maths

The dimensions of rectangle is 40*25if the breadth and length are increased by 15% what is their new area in percentage

maths lit , business studies , life sciences en geograph

if i'm doing this subjects which courses must i do after grade 12?

3rd grade math

write a subtraction problem involving regrouping that has Ted reading 304 pages THANK YOU

3rd grade math

Bryan has 3 nickels, 3 dimes, and 2 quarters. What fraction of the coins is either a dime or a quarter?


Can someone give me a summary of one of the books they read for the 8th grade unit? Ex: The Mazerunner ? This will help me with my answer. Thank u


And which situation what do you need a percent less someone to solve a problem? 7th Grade Pre Algebra


Can anyone give me the answers to the Connexus Lesson 10:Structures and Properties of Matter Unit Test 8th grade

grade 9 physics

A runner jogs 12km North then turns and runs 16km East three hours


Does anyone know any songs that have a history behind them/explain an event in history? (ie Sweet Home Alabama, American Pie) Much thanks! Check these sites for a few songs that have a history and/or explain an event. http://bensguide.gpo.gov/3-5/symbols/yankee.html http://www...


Does a propaganda poster have to be opposing the cause? for example, propaganda poster for the 2012 elections Would this work... If i made some kind of propaganda poster to make people want to vote for Obama? (like some vote for obama propaganda poster)...Of would that not ...


Hi, I have to make a Fijian recipe for my history class; I have chose to do Fijian banana scones, but unfortunately the recipe that I have found is not very good. I would greatly appreciate if someone helps me find clearer ingredients so I can make it. Thank you How about this...


Lungs were clear with an occasional cough. verb = were,lungs = subject He was discharged on the fourth hospital day. verb = discharged hospital = subject After 24 hours in the hospital he was much improved. improved is a predicate adjective but now is the verb = was and the ...


i have a history essay that needs to be done by wednesday next week. its wednesday today the week before so it would really help if someone could do it for me! the title it as follows: "The main reason for heavy casualties on the western front is because of the tactics used by...


when did the surgeon general issue the first report indictating that secondhand smoke is dangerous to nonsmokers http://www.surgeongeneral.gov/library/history/biokoop.htm See if this helps any. I see the date of 1964 as the beginning of the Public Health Service warning ...


Can someone please tell me some important dates in the US in the 1800s? Please and thank you. http://www.google.com/search?as_q=us+history+1800%27s&hl=en&num=10&btnG=Google+Search&as_epq=&as_oq=&as_eq=&lr=&as_ft=i&as_filetype=&as_qdr=all&as_nlo=&as_nhi=&as_occt=title&as_dt=i&...

U.S History

Forming the united States, what were the two plans that arose at the Convention and who were the people responsible for each plan? Just a minute! Have you asked us all your questions? What have YOU done to find the answers? We HELP but we don't DO the work for you! Yes. I'm ...

World History

What was the effect of expanding voting rights?


an ancient greek astonomer and mathematician named_________


why was self rule initally diffiult for the congo?


what is Australia's role in the founding of the united nations


What major event occurred in Europe in 1453?

world history

How did Buddhism spread beyond India?


What types of history are most important to the world?

world history

Who are the people in line to be elected for president?


Where the dutch the first to establish a colony in Maryland?


what are some of the natural resources found in maryland?

A.P. U.S. History

What role did George Washington play in the 1750’s?

social studies (history)

When was the american constitution written?


Who is the only woman currently on the U.S. supreme court?


what were the 3 foreign policies during the cold war?

African History

I need help analyzing the atlantic slavetrade.


Ok please help me.. President Jackson complained that the bank of the u.s. ...


how are drought desertification and overpopulation related to darfur?


How long were the Americans able to hold the Alamo?


How did president Jackson change the power of the presidency?

Design Technology

What is nylon threads and can you tell me the history of it?


list some advantages to Rome's location. thanks for the help =]


In what year does Andrew Jackson's presidency begin?


according to the myans, when is the world schedueled to end


What is the conflict and compromise of the Persian Gulf War? =D thank you.


Why were family ties important to the Shang people?


What cultural contrubution did the Shang leave to the world?


What states currently have a Puritan population?


Describe the delegates who attended the Constitutional Convention.


Was Tudor the last royal house of the Middle Ages?


what motivated martin luther to start the reformation?

World History

What does it mean to "analyze patterns of trade"?


How did the Constitution address the failures of the Articles of Confederation?


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