U.S. History 5th grade

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What is total fertility rate


How many Latin American countries are there


What were the 4 goals of the Manhattan Project?


how is benjamin o davis jr a hero?


What does the UK call the word hardware


What do they call the word hardware in the UK

US history

Who is the above statement referring to ?


how was world war 1 started?


How did the early israelites survive ?


why was hillary clinton so successful?


this quotation presents a justification for


What caused the progressive Era?


The biggest secret of rizal is?

World History

What is the brezhnev doctrine?


What are the impact of war on literature?


When did world war ll end


Was Ban Zhao a feminist?


What was the reason of congo war?


what did the zipper help invent? Give 2 or 3


Where are the econimic centers in the northeast


how were the south and the north the same?


What were the details of the Great Compromise?


What do goods and services satisfy?


What did the Edict of Nantes do for the Economy?


What did the Edict of Nantes do for their culture?


what is restrictive immigration laws

US history 8th

what is the grandfather clause?


What century was capitalism founded


What is the purpose of ancient myths?

P.E 2

brief history of pandanggo sa ilaw


course of religious wars in buganda


What inventions were made because of the telegraph?


Who was the REAL "first" president?

Information Technology

Develop an algorithm, flow chart and pseudocode that accept as input three unit test scores and a project score for seven students. The algorithm, flow chart and pseudocode should accept seven examination scores. The students's overall score comprised of their weighted mid-...


What type of society & government is Brave New World by Aldous Huxley? And what aspect from the novel is relatable to history or modern society? I need to find something to challenge(a topic/idea/argument Huxley made in his novel) and write a research paper to back up my ...

Written Communication

How do you rewrite this sentence : The article about American history stated , " The revolution began over a beer ( during Prohibition ) and ended with a bang First of all, which revolution are you talking about. In US history, "the revolution" usually refers to the events in ...


What do you think about what I wrote? Please give me feedback! And what grade would you give it? (This homework question was removed due to a copyright claim submitted by K12 Inc.) My answer: The biggest art movement that came out of World War One was the Dada movement. The ...

Challenging a Grade?

I'm taking a science class in university. On an exam, there's a question marked down to half points that I believe is completely correct and confirmed with a classmate. I think the grader just made a mistake. Usually, in these scenarios, my reaction is that whether right or ...

Ap History

Hi i had these questions wrong :/ The North and South held different views toward slavery in 1850. What were they? a) The North believed in a free labor system and the South believed in a slave labor system. b)The South believed that black people were inferior and the North ...

FACS - Pen Pal Letter Project HELP!!!

Name ________ Period 5 FACS - (teacher's name) (Space down 5 lines) *Tab 5 across for HEADING/ADDRESS & DATE (what does this means?) (Space down 2 times after date) GREETING (Space down 2 times after greetings THIS IS THE INFO. FOR FRIENDLY LETTER/PEN PAL LETTER - Margins: ...

Texas History

Which of the following list of eras in Texas history in the correct order? a). Early Statehood,Spanish Texas,reconstruction,era of reform. b). mexican texas,spanish texas,civil war texas,the republic of texas. c). spanish texas, the republic of texas,reconstruction,era of ...


Dominic collects sports science fiction and history books. He has 21 books about sports, 35 books about science fiction, and 14 about history. He wants the same number of each type of book on each shelf. What is the greatest number of each type of book on each shelf?


Is there any websites for teens to read short stories (or long), then you answer ONLY multiple choice questions, grade you, and to have a profile or something to see all of your grades if your making progress each time (to see if your improving). I want to improve my reading ...


24 1c coins are set out in a row on a table. Then every 2nd coin is replaced by a 2c coin every 3rd coin is replaced by a 5c coin every 4th coin is replaced by a 10c coin every 5th coin is replaced by a 20c coin every 6th coin is replaced by a 50c coin every 7th coin is ...

biology o science

Very few fossils of jellyfish or their close relatives have been found. This makes it hard to trace the evolutionary history of jellyfish using the fossil record. What explains this? (1 point) Jellyfish fossils are buried deep under the ocean floor, not in land areas where ...

Help Mrs.Sue plz

Which sentence uses italics, quotation marks, and punctuation correctly? (1 point) The article called “A Persistent Rebel” in American History magazine told about Elizabeth Blackwell. The article called A Persistent Rebel in American History magazine told about Elizabeth ...


Find each product or Quotient. Express using exponents. 1. The quotient of a to the 8th power and a to the 8th power? a 2. The quotient of -x to the 5th power and -x? -x to the 4th power 3. (15/5)(n to the 9th power/ n)? 3n go the 10th power Neutral water has a pH of 7. Each ...


1.Which of the following graphics would add the most relevant information to "The Deadliest Tsunami in History"? A.a photograph of an animal that escaped to high ground B.an illustration showing the kinds of food that victims received as aid C.a chart listing dates and ...


What should the format be for a time line. for a fourth grade student. this ismy firstassignment of this naure. Help Thanks

PreAP English Grade 10

Ok. I am having major problems with the homework questions about King Arthur. Does anyone want to help me?


Hi Just wanted to thank you again for all of your help with Spanish my grade was an A ... Now I am working on to kill a mockingbird -

8th grade Science

How does the behavior of atoms and molecules differ between solids liquids and gasses?

Science 8th grade

A cell digests proteins through a ___________ process? Where I can I get some information on this thanks

3rd grade math

which would be most appropriate unit to measure the width of a river? miles

8 grade math Ms Sue

I am sorry A&D patients who have been admitted and dischared the same day

6th grade

what are the pronouns in this sentence: Doris Cooksey works for the American Family Insurance company

9th grade

explain how each value in the addition table changes when you move up 5 rows and left 3 columns

10th grade

Engineering Foundations 2 Calculations converstions How do I put this combination in the correct SI form? MN/ks2 kN/ms

12th grade

Given that x is an inetger, state the relation representing each equation by making a table of values. y=3x+5 and -4<x<4

8th grade

metric conversion 240millimeters to centimeters, decimeters, meters, decameters, hectometers, kilometers

11th grade

your pet dog runs around in circles, chasing his tail. Does this mean acceleration?

8th grade Science

The density of salt(sodium chloride) is 2.16g/mL. What is the volume of 216g of this solid?

6th grade advanced math

in paper pool, what is a basic table and what are two family tables?

11th grade

where can i find a simple map of the original 13 colonies showing french and spanish territories

7th grade

we are re-teaching the metric system and i forget how to do any of it! can you help me with like convertic and things? thx - k gurl

Algebra 1: 8th Grade

How many values of x make each statement true? Explain your reasoning. a) 3x+3=3(x+1) b) x-4-x=0 I don't get what the question is telling me to do. Help?

8th grade home economics

what are the aims in cereal cookery and why do you have to eat so much fibre?

8th Grade Algebra1

The question is... Name the identity element for union. I really have no idea...thank you for any help!!!

4th grade

What a constants? This is my daughters word study question for english and I have no idea and can't remember.

7th grade

how does osmosis explain the fact that a watery syrup forms when you put sugar on strawberries?

3rd grade math

how do you tell what compatible numbers you would use and theh add example $2.75+$5.35

12th grade

I'm having trouble ordered triple in algebra 2 w/ trigonometry, could someone please hellllllllllllllllllp me!

11th grade

what is the difference between a student loan, a grant and a scholarship and how would you go about applying for each of them.

4th grade-science

what is the connection between air pressure and the weather.show it also with a diagram

science-grade 4

what is the most important number on the scale(regarding a thermometer that shows the weather forecast)

9th grade

English: I need help writing a skit on a greek myth, primarily about Thesis.

12th grade calculus

find the derivative of y with respect to the appropriate variable. y=sin^-1ã2t ã =radical

6th grade

what tree grows by streams out of these cedar, mahogany, sycamore, magnolia, or juniper?

6th grade geography

What nfl team other that the cardinals will be returning to a city from whence they came

8th grade science

why is diffusion important to living things? (organisms) u get full credit no worries! =]

9th grade earthspace science

how do you decribe condinsation on a glass of a cold beverage on a warm day as?

3rd grade

juan says, When you put together unequal group, you can only add. is this correct

7th grade math

Write the ratio of 1 silver dollar to 3 quarters in simplest form is the answer 1/3

7th grade

i need help on estimatin fractions. Don't just give me the answer tell me how you got it. Problem: 6 5/8 - 4 5/6=

6th grade

the process of grouping of objects at random is called classification.whether ture or false.

4TH grade

if your geting a bank loan of 100,000 how much would you be getting payed

6th grade science

How does your body look like after forty days without food?

4th grade English

Could someone tell me the possessive form of these words? foxes, monkeys, and pony

4th grade English

a book titled an Apple a Day, would an and a be lower case or capital?

3rd grade music

In the song, "Just My Imagination" by the Temptations, what is the main idea? Supporting details?

3rd grade, social studies

What are some of the accomplishments of the Olmecs, Mayan? Why are they considered to be advanced communities?

English 11th grade level

Whaat was on santiago's small line in old man and the seaa?

9th grade chemistry

Is the name for CuH2PO4 copper dihydrogen phosphate? I don't really understand the ones with the H2 in them... thanks

4th grade

If a car is traveling 60 miles per hour, how far does it travel in one minute? Thanks

7th grade

Can anyone help with some ideas in constructing a food web of the organisms found in a landfill site. Thanks.

11th grade

what were the most significant tecchnological innovations of the medieval period? need help this subject kills me!!!!!!

8th grade algebra

same slope?? y=-3x+7 y=3x+33 and what type equation? dependent consistant? independent? inconsistant?

3rd grade math

It say set 12: subtracting 2; differences of 2. A triangle has a 3 on top and a 2 on the left bottom?

3rd grade math-help

It say set 12: subtracting 2; differences of 2. A triangle has a 3 on top and a 2 on the left bottom?

10th grade/ business studies and communication sym

difference between formal and informal mettings?


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