U.S. History 5th grade

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  1. MAth

    Make a tally chart for the numbers of students in the third-,fourth-,and fifth-grade classes:26,25,27,27,26,28,27.
  2. 10th grade

    The ultimate goal of all the explorations launched by the Europeans from the fourteenth century onward was
  3. Social Studies 6th grade

    Why don't scientists agree on when and how the first people settled in North America?
  4. 3rd grade

    juan says "when you put together unequal groups, you can only add." is he correct?
  5. MATH

  6. 8th grade

    why do teachers give us esay projects and make it seem harder than it is when it really is not neccessary?
  7. 8th Grade Math

    Can somebody help me solve this problem? Simplify and evaluate the expression for y = 0, z = -1.5. -0.8z +0.005z(-0.001y - 3.1 + (-1.5z + 3))
  8. 8th grade

    what is the area of a regular hexagon ABCDEF if AB= 2 units? express your answer in simplist form.
  9. 12th grade

    The kinetic energy of a 50 newton object resting on the edge of a cliff 30 meters high is?
  10. 8th grade science

    Describe the motion of a bicycle in a race in terms speed,velocity,acceleration.
  11. 11th grade

    What measures does henry say the colonists have already tried in the dealings with england?
  12. 12th grade

    If you consider The Call of the Wild to be an allegory, which one of the following statements would be true?
  13. 7th grade Math

    Find the next three numbers in this sequence and explain the reasoning; 2/3, 2/5, 6/25, 18/125,...
  14. 10th grade

    If a circle has a diameter of 7inches, what is the circumference rounded to the nearest whole number? Use pi=3.14
  15. 6th grade

    what value of p makes this equation true?44*73=44*(p+3)? a)41. b)47. c)70. d)73 if you got it right give your self a clap.
  16. Mathematics

    What is the best website to practice some free maths worksheets for grade 7 ? (NSW curriculum)
  17. English (Grade 6)

    What is the best website to practice direct and indirect speech, adjectives and verbs for free? Thank you
  18. 1st grade

    write the sentence correctally. the name of that girl who painted that daisy is joann reed
  19. 7th grade Science

    will an object with a density of 0.79g/mL float, sink, or remain suspended in water
  20. 11th grade

    How much electricity is needed to produce 120g of Calcium metal from molten CaCl2.
  21. 8th grade

    Please suggest a few topics to present in micro-soft power point
  22. 6th grade

    explain how you would decide whether the product of three numbers is positive or negative
  23. 9th grade

    find two powers that have a product of 96, with at least one power greater than 1
  24. fourth grade math

    1\2,4\9,4\18 find equivalent fractions with a common denominator and order from least to greatest
  25. 9th grade chem

    estimate the freezing point of an aqueous of 10.0 g of glucose dissolved in 500.0 g of water
  26. 11th grade math

    Using the formula 4.9t^2... A object is dropped how long will it take it to fall 92 meters
  27. 4th grade

    spider plants,tulips,and potatoes can grow seeds.how are their otherways of ruducing alike?
  28. percents

    at anthoney's school,25% of the 72 sixth grade students wearv either glasses or contact lences.
  29. 6th grade Math

    How to convert 4.65 into a fraction but in simpilest form while showing your work?
  30. Eight grade science

    How can satelite telephone user communicate if radio waves reflect off the ionsphere
  31. 7th grade math

    what is te best numbers for the base of a trapezoid that has a aarea of 4 square units and a height of 1
  32. math

    what is a sixth grade divison problem with the number 17 in it plz help working on this since 8:15AM thnx u
  33. 3rd grade math hw help!

    Please help! Name three ways the Roman and American coins are alike? Thanks.
  34. 3rd Grade Science Definicions

    It tells the location of somethind.It is spesific.Every place on a map has this.What is it?
  35. 4th grade math

    explain why it can be better to use compatible numbers to estimate rather than rounding.
  36. 7th Grade Science, Plz help due tomorrow!!!!

    What are tetrahymena thermophila's primary source of energy??
  37. 4th Grade Science

    How much time will it take for Earth to reach the opposite side of the Sun?
  38. Reading

    5 things to tell a 4 grade about math mcas?*2 pieces o advice for getting ready?
  39. 7th grade science

    All organisms can________________,or produce offspring that are similar to the parents. Please help! Thank you!
  40. 3rd grade math

    How would you use a number line to round 148 to the nearest ten?
  41. Math Grade 3

    Write a subtraction problem involving regrouping that has ted reading 304 pages?
  42. 7th grade Math

    I'm supossed to cme up with a real world problem and then solve it with decimals... HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO DO THAT??? Can anyone help me???
  43. tenth grade science

    What can you conclude about the effect of the thermal expansion of water on sea level?
  44. science

    Im 13 in the 8th grade and i need help on figurinmg out simularites between mitosis and meosis please help thanks :]
  45. 7th grade science

    what are two ways a population may increase in number? what is the main way? Please help!!! Thank you!!!
  46. 6th grade ELA

    Main ideas are __________________. Can someone please help me with this fill in the blank question???
  47. 6th grade ELA

    supporting ideas such as statistics and _______________ help explain the main idea.
  48. 3rd grade math

    looking at the table of 9's facts. do you see another number pattern in the multiples of 9? explain.
  49. math

    make a tally chart for the number of students in the third, fourth ,and fifth grade classes : 26,25,27,27,26,28,27.
  50. math

    make a tally chart for the number of students in the third,fourth,and fifth grade classes:26,25,27,27,26,28,27
  51. 4th grade

    Explain how you would use front-end estimation to subtract 189 from 643.
  52. science 7th grade

    How is it possible that a can with a calculated density greater than 1.00g/ml could have floated (in water)
  53. 7th Grade Science Regents

    What is the difference between asexual and sexual reproduction? I don't get can someone help me please!!!!
  54. business communication

    revise sentence on a 10 grade level. It is imperative that consumers be unrestrained in determining their preferences.
  55. 5 grade english

    write about your actions your abservations and your thoughts. remember you are the person.(Michael Jackson)
  56. 4th grade math

    How could you find the measurements of the garden with a perimeter of 60 feet and the greatest possible area?
  57. math

    How do you show this as a unit rate 360 jars in 18 cases I'm in sixth grade and need help now!!!!!!!!!!
  58. 12th Grade Life Orientation

    In 15 lines discuss 5 ways in which health problem impacts on the community
  59. 3rd grade math help

    which one has two right angels square trapazoid rectangle or parrallegram??
  60. 4th grade social studies

    how did the marquette and joliet expedition affect the great lakes region?
  61. math grade 12

    What is the arc length if the central angle is 225 degrees and the radius of a circle is 3 cm? pls help. i don"t get it
  62. 10th grade honors chemistry

    1.3 pounds of a material with a density of 3.7 g/mL would occupy what volume in liters?
  63. English

    i've got to do research on these questions..grade 9 What does a learner do? What does a communicator do? What does a problem-solver do? What does a community member do?
  64. 3rd grade math

    your teacher has told you to subtract by adding on to find the difference in this problem: 71-36. what do you do first?
  65. 7th grade math - scientific notation help

    12. 0.00581 13. 0.00105 14. 0.0000078 15. 0.000027 16. 0.000000132 17. 0.000000009
  66. 6th grade math

    how many hours dose it take for a rino to run 158,400 feet
  67. 3rd grade

    erica counted 45 fingers when the students were asked who wants to play kickball.how many hands went up?
  68. Senses- Science Grade 7

    The semicircular canals sends impulses to the cerebellum? If false what is the correct answer? I do not know.
  69. 9th grade honors algebra

    please help! I can't figure out the function rule for a table that says x=0,1,4,5 and y=9,6,-3,-6
  70. 7 th grade math

    Input 1 2 4 5 10 12 Output 3 5 9 11 21 25 What is the rule for this function ? If adding add what tried 2 Need help please
  71. 7 th grade math

    Input 1 2 4 5 10 12 Output 3 5 9 11 21 25 What is the rule for this function ? If adding add what tried 2 Need help please
  72. math

    The grade 5 class sold cheese for a fundraiser. What fraction of the orders did each of the four students take?
  73. Math 7th grade

    Katya bought 2 gallons of juice. she drank 2 quarts. how much was left?
  74. math 6 grade

    A discount store is having a sale on CDCs.7 CDs cost $65.45 ,what is the price per CD?
  75. grade 12

    describe the life style disease/ behaviour and explain 5 factors that contribute to cancer of the gullet.
  76. life orientation grade 12

    in 10-15 lines critically discuss 5 ways in which global warming impacts on the community
  77. math

    how many ways can you make 45 cents with pennies, dimes, nickels,and quarters????? help me as fast as you can this is worth 1/2 my grade
  78. 10th grade english honors

    i need help making up a story base on any topic using allusion in them
  79. 7th grade Math

    Please, help me how to solve this problem 21% of 82 how do you use a fraction to estimate the percent of each number? Thank you
  80. math

    Make a tally chart for the number of students in the third-, fourth, and fifth-grade classes: 26, 25, 27, 27, 26, 28, 27.
  81. 9th Grade Math

    How to write 0.023494751 and 0.040381247 as a percent rounded to one decimal? Would it be 2.3% and 4.0%?
  82. math 6th grade

    a tiger can eat 15% of his body weight he eats 75lbs how much does he weigh
  83. Grade 10 English

    Based on the movie, The Red Violin what are 3 ways it differs from most Hollywood blockbusters?
  84. 3rd grade math

    what is the next number in the sequence 1,3,9,27,______ I'm confused on the skip counting they use.
  85. 6th grade math

    Elisa is writing an algebraic expression for the phrase 5 less tan a number.
  86. 4th grade math

    find the median: 116,119,121,122,124,128
  87. 7th grade math

    Solve the inequality then graph the solution set on real number line. (2/5x)>7 2(x+7)-4>5(x-3)
  88. 1st grade

    This is for my cousin Kara planted seeds in her garden.that summer, many tomatoes grew. cause: Effect:
  89. 2nd grade math

    It is greater than 43 and less than 52. If you add the digits, the sum is 8. Write the number word
  90. Chemist - Grade 9 - Urgent.

    Predict the physical properties and relative reactivity of Ba and Sr Cs and Br ( elements from periodic table )
  91. sixth grade math

    How to express 12/15 as a fraction, percent, and decimal. Someone please show me how to solve.
  92. chemistry grade 11

    which of the following has lowest vapour pressure ? 1 water 2 bromine 3 ethyl alcohol 4 ether
  93. math 2nd grade

    Write a sentence using words that compares the crayons in the two boxes
  94. 7th grade math

    i am having a hard time understanding the venn diagram can someone explain it to me
  95. Math

    I am lost helping my 3rd grade granddaughter... This is what this problem shows and nothing else What property does this show? ****=* * * *
  96. 7th grade science

    how much work is done on an object with 25 kg on earth if it moves 13m? i really need help
  97. 12th Grade

    What career can I study if I am doing this subject: Mathamatical literacy ,Accounting , Economics And Business studies anyone who can help?
  98. stastic

    Given the following information about a sample, calculate a z score for a test grade of 91. = 87, s = 4.01 (Points
  99. Science 8th Grade

    In what ways can outside forces affect an object's motion, position, and shape?
  100. chemistry

    What is the density of propane gas, C3H8, when measured at 18 grade celcius and 744 torr pressure?
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