U.S. History 5th grade

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  1. life orientation grade 11

    social and environmental issues that cause ill - health
  2. 6th Grade

    What influence did Anne Frank have on the community,the country,or the world?

  4. science

    I need some suggestions to help me get started on designing a robot for my 1st grade class.
  5. 3rd grade

    how can i subtract and fid the diference on 1500 - 1132 can you show me
  6. 6th grade Social Studies

    What are some current events going on in Peru today!!??
  7. 7th grade math

    How do you write each fraction as a decimal and as a percent? How do you get the answer? a] 2/5 b] 3/4
  8. 9th grade

    A 5-kg rock is lifted 2 meters in 5 seconds. How much work is done? How much power is done?
  9. 7th grade

    The Diameter of a cone is x, in., the height is 12 in and the volume is 36piin cube what is x
  10. 6th grade

    What were the top 15 most populated countries in the year 2002........Also. what were their populations???????? Please help.....
  11. 8th grade

    what is the density of an unknown liquid that has a mass of 44.0g and volume of 55.0mL
  12. 4th grade science

    What sea animal you get when you unscramble the letters gsntoe
  13. 8th grade Social Studies

    How did the Cotton Gin effect slavery?
  14. 9th grade

    In triangle ABC, centroid D is on median line. AD=x+4 and DM=2x-4. Find AM
  15. 8th grade Clinton Junior High School

    What is Dividing Powers mean?
  16. 1st grade

    Phone organize two wrod.letter.list.word how do I do it
  17. Math grade 6, quadrilateral logic

    All trapezoids are parallelograms. True or false?
  18. grade 10 social studies

    why was italy the forst to use indo arabic numerals?
  19. 2nd grade

    find island in the world,describe where it is and write some facts about it
  20. 4th grade

    I am a number between 75 and 150, my tens is three times my ones, my sum is 5 and my hundreds and ones are the same.
  21. 7th grade

    I need to write a paper entitled Heritage Research Project, but I am not quite sure how to do this.
  22. 7th grade

    I have a science essay on the rainforest due tommorow. Need help fast!!!!
  23. 9th grade

    must there be an unbalanced net force acting on any moving object?
  24. Math 3rd grade

    List fractions in order from largest to smallest, 1/3,1/6,1/2
  25. 8th grade science

    what contents in magma affects a volcanos explosive?
  26. 6th grade

    Is there a web site that helps make sentences with the words that I have?
  27. 6th grade Science

    Scientists can use what to test an area for oil without drilling?
  28. 9th grade chemistry

    fill in the name or formula for the oxyanions of chlorine the only one i need help with is the name for [ClO4]-
  29. 4th grade

    i have a question on my son homework explain why 36/9 is not a number sentence.
  30. 6th grade

    if a lawnmower is 45 % off and the sale price is 114.95-what is the original cost?
  31. 6th grade

    How do i solve this algebra problem? (5-a)divided by (a+7)=1/4 with 1,2,3, as solution set
  32. science

    my grandson is in 4th grade. he has to invent something and it has to work. we are stumped, any ideas?
  33. 8th grade

    is charles v of the holy roman empire catholic or protestant?
  34. 3rd grade math

    explain how you can use the basic fACT FOR 9+6=15 TO SOLVE THE NEXT EQUATION
  35. 8th grade

    i need three traits of Spitz from call of the wild by jack london.
  36. STATS

    A student's grade on an examination was transformed to a z value of 0.67. Therefore, we know that she scored approximately in the top
  37. 9th grade

    Name 3 of the factorsleading to greater imperialistic activity troughout the world
  38. 6th grade science

    What two parts of the earth system is a paleontologist involved in? Thanks
  39. 7th Grade Literacy

    What are 3 IMPORTANT characteristics that a class president needs? Please answer!!
  40. 8th grade Social Studies

    Which colony was the first to promote religious tolerance?
  41. 10th grade chemistry

    How many grams of kno3 can be dissolved in 100g of h2o at 50°c
  42. Geography (grade 8)

    In my atlas, it lists Caspian Sea as a lake. I'm confused
  43. 8th grade science

    Explain if it is possible to have a dilute solution of a strong acid? Thanks.
  44. 6th grade math

    i need some help with determing surface areas of rectangular solids please. thank-you
  45. 2nd grade math

    Which number sentence completes this fact family? 3+2=5 2+3=5 5-2=3 is it 5+2=7, 5+3=8, 5-1=4 or 5-3=2?
  46. 4th grade

    1) write one or two theories you have about this myth[Enana and tamuzz]this book
  47. 4th grade Science

    why are acids that are found in the stomach and sweat important? HELP
  48. 11th grade

    why do biologists use a classification system to study the diversite of life?
  49. 8th grade

    what role does lena play in the book copper sun
  50. 8th grade Social Studies

    Which colony was the first to promote religious tolerance
  51. 2nd grade math

    How do you count the digits using the base-10 block place value?
  52. chemistry grade 12

    If air contains 78% in water at 25degree centgrad .what is the concentration of nitrogen?
  53. 6th grade math

    Use exponents to write the prime factors of 32 and 81, I have no idea???Help
  54. chemistry 12th grade

    can carboxyl groups undergo controlled oxidation...why or why not??? thanks
  55. 8th grade math

    The sum of three numbers is 81 and their ratio is 3:7:17. What is the value of the smallest number?
  56. 4th grade science

    What kind of machine could you compare a glacier to? How are the two alike?
  57. 9th grade

    ineed help! why did robert hooke's cork cells appear to be empty?
  58. Language arts 7th grade

    how would you write a 2:2 Jane Schaeffer paragraph?
  59. Science 8th grade

    what gets hot and cold faster, solid or gas and why?
  60. 6th grade math

    Put these numbers in order from least to greatest. 2 7/10, 2.07, 127%
  61. 7th grade

    How long has Aruba been a country I've been searching and I think it's 1986 does anyone know if this is correct.
  62. 7th grade science

    what are two ways a population may increase in number? what is the main way? Please help!!! Thank you!!!
  63. Third Grade Math

    When you put together unequal groups, you can only add. Is this correct please explain.
  64. 4th grade

    How do you "write an equivalent representation" 2 thousands, 6 hundreds, 2 tens, and 1 one.
  65. 7th grade science

    a group of similar cells that work together to do one job
  66. 4th grade

    What was the Geography and Climate in 1600-1700 Colonial America?
  67. 6th grade science

    Discribe the advantage and limitation of the three tyeps of models?
  68. math 2nd grade

    It is less than 60 and greater than 55. if you add the digits, the sum is 13. What is the number
  69. math 12 grade

    find two positive number X and Y such that their sum is 35 and the product X2 Y5 is maximum?
  70. 11th grade

    What is the most important reason that sediments at beaches are usually rounded and smooth?
  71. Grade 12- Advanced Funtions

    what about this question: Determine the roots algebraically by factoring. a) x^3-8x^2-3x+90=0
  72. 9th grade Eng. Honors

    How does the mood of a story affect the outcome?
  73. 6th grade math

    Find three pairs of positive fraactions whose product is 15/56
  74. 9th grade Earth Science

    What factors do you believe influences the weather of Rochester, NY?
  75. Calculus grade 12 lines and planes

    Find the value of k so that the line [x,y,z] = [2,-2,0]+ t[2,k,-3] is parallel to the plane kx +2y - 4z= 12
  76. 11th grade English

    What is the timeline of chapters 13 through 18 of The Scarlet Letter? Please i need this by Tomorrow.
  77. 3rd grade math

    Write in expanded form 17,045 17,000 + 40 + 5 ? is this right
  78. 4th grade math

    Find two mixed numbers so that the sum is 8 4/8 and the difference is 2 2/8
  79. 9th grade algebra

    How do I sketch the graph of this equation? h=-08t2 + 10t
  80. 9th grade

    what is the point called where the lithosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere overlap?
  81. 12th grade chem

    why is it that only the first hydrogen bond in a polyproptic acid strong?
  82. 10th grade

    how can a U.S. citizen whose income is in the top one percent talk about scarcity ?
  83. Pre-Algebra

    Ok so im in 7th grade and can somone help me with pizzazz worksheet #40? Pretty please?
  84. math

    anyone in connections academy that's in 8 grade were your on lesson 4: Classifying Polygons? if so could i have the answers?
  85. 8th grade

    what is the unit price of a 12 oz.bag of doritos on sale for 3.oo dollars
  86. Poetry Grade 9

    A rhyming poem can be "abcb" right? and it doesn't matter about syllables?
  87. 6th grade

    what is the difference between the uk, England,Great Britain and the British Isles?
  88. 3rd grade math

    The lengths of the sides of a garden are 24 ft, 14 ft, and 35 ft. What is the gardens perimeter?
  89. 7th grade

    Does anyone know why chef's stick metal objects into potatoes when they cook them?
  90. grade 11 english

    where can i find a website with the poem beowulf? i need to read it for tomorrow
  91. 8 grade math

    how can you express a number in expanded form and in scientific notation?
  92. 6th grade geometry

    If the area of a triangle is64 is the base 16 and the height 32?
  93. 7th grade

    Thanks for the websites still a little confused on what animals would be considered a renewable resource?
  94. 7th grade

    10 careers in home economics the qualifications duties & salary
  95. 10th grade

    What would be the percentage composition of carbon in 10g sample of methane is?
  96. Honors 7 grade science

    2 ways that bacteria can change. (harmless to harmfull)
  97. 3rd grade math

    The question reads: Reasoning: How can counting by 10's help you multiply by 10's?
  98. 9th grade science

    A landslide may be caused when friction is ______ by moisture
  99. 6th grade

    how can writing change how people view themselves, other ppeopleand the world????
  100. 11th grade

    determine the gram formula (mass of one mole) KMnO4
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