U.S. History 5th grade

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  1. 9th grade

    wich one is the (SI) unit temperture? kelvin fahrenheit joules celsius thank you
  2. 4th grade english

    What part of speech is enlighting? Thank you so much! I wasn't sure because of the ending (ing)
  3. 8th grade

    i need three traits of Spitz from call of the wild by jack london.
  4. science

    I need some suggestions to help me get started on designing a robot for my 1st grade class.
  5. 4th grade English

    We (ate) pizza after the game.Would this be past tense?
  6. grade 3 spelling

    what paper do you call that sounds like ten gram and it is in a shape of a square
  7. 3rd grade

    Is a nickel 6 grams or 6 kilograms? A watch 25 g or 25 kg? a dog 22 g or 22 kg? A backpack 4 g or 4 kg? A pencil 6 g or 6 kg? radio 2 g or 2 kg?
  8. 8th Grade Algebra

    How can you tell if these three equations have a common solution? 3x - 5y = 1 4x - y = 24 2x - 3y = 2 Please help ?
  9. 3rd grade

    if sam has 5 dollars and buys something for for 4.28, what would the dollar amount be of the change?
  10. 7th grade science

    i need help creating acrostic puzzles for the 6 differant land biomes.
  11. 8th grade

    Need some info on the Battle of New Orleans I can't find it in my book
  12. 6th grade Science

    What relationship exists between high tides and phases of the moon?
  13. 8th grade science

    Explain if it is possible to have a dilute solution of a strong acid? Thanks.
  14. 7th grade

    Does anyone know what renewable resources are unquie to the country of Aruba. For example plants and animals Thanks
  15. 10th grade Living Environment

    Explain the roles of helicase and polymerase in DNA replication.
  16. 10th grade Living Environment

    What causes an increase in the diameter of woody dicot stems?
  17. 4th grade-english

    "It's a tuba toothpaste." he grined. Did I use the correct punctuation in the sentence?
  18. 7th grade

    What zone of latitude does Aruba fall into? How does it affect its climate and weather?
  19. 4th grade

    How can I find if I use interpolation or extrapolation when i estimated the volume of three marbles?
  20. Math 4th grade

    How can I know If I use interpolation or extrapolation after I estimated the volume of 3 marbles?
  21. 4th grade-Science

    What is a double lever? Is a screw an inclined plane or a wedge or is it both?
  22. 10th grade

    Have any ideas for writing a type sketch about point guards?
  23. 8th Grade Algebra

    Simplify each rational expression. 1. (x^2+1)/(x+1) 2. (y^2+4)/(y+2) Check Answers: 3.(2t^2+6t+4)/(4t^2-12t-16) Answer: (t+2)/2(t-2)
  24. 10th grade american lit.

    Do the letters "UDM" stand for "Usage Determines Message?"
  25. 11th grade

    write a factual description of the scene at the park in your locality in the morning hours
  26. 11th grade

    did the roman catholic church have a great influence to new spain?
  27. 6th grade algebra & functions

    the formula of a triangular prism is ________________________________ . hope u can answer me
  28. 3rd grade

    write in order from least to greatest the six numbers whose digits are 2, 8, and 9
  29. 4th grade

    Placement chart for thousands millions write each number in standard form
  30. 9th grade

    what is the study of interactions of biological, cultural, geographical and historical aspects of humankind?
  31. 9th grade biology

    a fatty acid with the maxium number of hydrogen atoms possible is
  32. 7th grade

    waht is used to mix substances, like a spoon, is two words?
  33. 3rd grade English

    the greatest City in the Midwest Is the words above capitalized correctly?
  34. 10th grade english

    what is the climax in the book the bass the river and shelia mant by w d wenthrell
  35. 9th grade

    what are some effective transition words that would usually start a sentance??
  36. 7th grade

    I have a worksheet and it says change each measurement to the given unit 43 km 14 m to kilometers
  37. Language Arts (2nd Grade)

    Question: Name 10 Community Things You Can Do To Help The Earth. I Cant Think of Any!! Help
  38. 8th grade

    I am working on order of opertaion Iget stuck with the() this is one of the problems (17-12)-(-15)divded(-6)+3+6
  39. math 6th grade

    What is the name of an angle that has equak length sides and equal angles?
  40. 4th grade

    explain how you could show five less than a numer using an expression. 5-x, is this correct?
  41. 2nd grade math

    How do you count the digits using the base-10 block place value?
  42. 7th grade english

    I know that pauperize means to recluse to beggary but can you help me use the word in a sentence?? Thanks
  43. eng

    need a word that has all these letters d, l, b, a , e, e, n, b plz been stuck for a while grade 2
  44. 3rd grade

    How would you use a number line to round 148 to the nearest ten?
  45. grade 9 geography

    which era was the western cordillera formed in(precambrian, paleozoic, mesozoic, or cenezoic)?
  46. 7th grade language arts

    What are some introduction techniques for writing a persuasive letter?
  47. 6th grade

    how do you draw a diagram to find the solution to 2.6 devided by 0.4 ,and explain what the quotant means?
  48. 6th grade

    how do you get the answer 105 by putting parentheses in this equation 9+8x7-6x5+4x3+2
  49. Pre- algebra Math 6 th grade Gifted

    what is the sum of the numbers 1 to 1000? ans:500500
  50. 6th grade

    earths diameter is approxametly 8000mi at th equator.how fast is the earth spinning?
  51. 7th grade

    english: how are you supposed to make a person that bribes people to a character trait
  52. 4th grade science

    What kind of heat transfer cause Earth's najor wind pattern?
  53. 9th grade

    what is the velocity of someone running if he takes 120 seconds to run 200m
  54. 12th grade

    How do I teach Paradox to my fellow classmates? what activities can I do to involve them while I;m teaching?
  55. english grade 12

    what are 2 examples of emjambment in the poem "vancouver-courtney-calgary" by george bowering
  56. 10th grade algebra

    the volume of a pyramid with a rectangular base is v=1/3LWH. find W if V=500 L=15 and H=4. a) W=25 b) W=20 c) W=18 d) W=15
  57. 11th grade

    Where have canadians been involved in peacekeeping missions? where was their first mission?
  58. 11th grade

    Where have canadians been involved in peacekeeping missions? where was their first mission?
  59. STATS

    A student's grade on an examination was transformed to a z value of 0.67. Therefore, we know that she scored approximately in the top
  60. 7th grade science

    a capital letter stands for what type of allele in a punnett square?
  61. 7th grade science

    compare and contrast phenotypes and genotypes (give a paragraph answer)
  62. 7th grade

    If more water gets added to a river, then does it move faster or slower???
  63. 3rd grade grammar

    In the question "Are you going to the ballgame tonight?", how would you classify the word "are"?
  64. 8th grade math

    if I know the volume of something how do I find out what the length width and height are?
  65. 11th grade psychology

    does anyone have a current event that i can some how make a psychological tie to ?
  66. 9th grade

    What is the equation in point slope from of the line that passes through the given points (9,1),(5,2)
  67. Grade 8

    what is a narrative mean in CASI work and can i have a example of a non fiction story
  68. grade 11 physics

    what is the index of refraction of a medium in which the speed of this radiation is 2.54X10^8 m/s? I don't even know where to start...
  69. 12th grade

    which of the following contributed most to the fish population dying during the 1970's
  70. 12th grade

    i need information about the virginia plan but it has to be more on a college levle
  71. 9th grade

    what is the formal and functional regions of seattle washington and Las Vegas Nevada?
  72. 8th grade

    how long would a tulip live if it had salt mixed in with its water?
  73. 7th grade Literacy

    What are the characteristics that make a good class president? Please answer!!!
  74. 12th grade

  75. 7th Grade Literacy

    What are 3 IMPORTANT characteristics that a class president needs? Please answer!!
  76. 6th grade

    why did the romans add volcanos to the fire that vulcan (roman god) can control
  77. 6th grade

    how can writing change how people view themselves, other ppeopleand the world????
  78. 12th grade

    what are the rhtorical devices used in Bernice Bobs Her Hair and what effects did they create?
  79. 10th grade

    how much heat does it take to convert 20g of water to steam at 100c?
  80. grade 11 math

    Given f(x) = 2root x+7 and g(x) = 5x^2 – 9, evaluate (f/g)(2) . I don't understand how to do this, can someone please explain the process??!! thanks!
  81. 9th grade

    At what height is an object that weighs 490 N if it gravitational potential energy is 4900 N-m?
  82. 9th grade

    At what height is an object that weighs 490 N if it gravitational potential energy is 4900 N-m?
  83. 10th grade

    What were the complications of decrees in the Ottoman Empire during the Age of Nation States?
  84. 4th grade

    Use geometric terms to describe how a rectangular prism and a cube are different.
  85. 10th grade

    what chemicals are being added together in the chemical equation of 2HCL + Ca -> CaCl2 + H2
  86. grade 12 trig

    If cos A-1=0, where 0<or= A< 2pi, then A=? The answer I got was pi/3,5pi/3. I don't know where I went wrong can you please help. thanks
  87. 8th grade

    what are large groups of stars, gas, and dust held together by gravity?
  88. math 4th grade

    how do i put the following fractions in order from least to greatest: 3/7, 3/50, 3/2, 3/3, 3/4 please help
  89. 8th grade

    how do you solve ths problem?? 78mi on 3gal (find the unit rate)
  90. 12th grade government

    micromanagement of party goals a possible weakness of political parties?
  91. 12th grade

    find the max and min values of f(x,y)= 3x+y for the polygonal convex set determined by x ¡Ý 1, y ¡Ý 0, and x+ .5y ¡Ü 2
  92. 4th grade

    What generalizations can you make about the temperature that is read on the thermometer and the heat index?
  93. 7th grade english

    Is there a free grammar check website that I don't have to sign up for or download?
  94. 10th grade Biology

    Why is diffusion insufficient to meet the oxygen requirement of multicellulars like us?
  95. 7th grade

    How can hardware,software,and the user of a computer work together to complete a task?
  96. 4th grade

    what is a command, statement, question, and exclamation sentences please show me some
  97. 9th grade - Civics

    Name the first state to issue license plates for their automobiles.
  98. 8th grade

    in sierra leone and liberia, many WHAT have to leave their homes because of civil wars?
  99. 6th grade

    how do you scale down 46x24 picture to fit 6x4 post card
  100. math 2nd grade

    Need to find the rule for the following letters: AEFHIKLMN BCDGJOP
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