U.S. History 5th grade

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Who was alvars and nayanars


May and Bill took 49 hours to complete their History project. They worked separately on their own project. If May had worked 5 hours less and Bill had worked 6 hours more, May would have put in 2 hours more than Bill. How many hours did May put in for the History project?

U.S. History

I have a question for someone. I need some help in getting started on this paper for my History class. I need to assume the role of a Radical Republican Senator and argue the Radical Republican position of Reconstruction in the first part of my paper and in the second part I ...


Editing grammar. Review of the sleep questionnaire indicates that the patient had a Trend Oximetry done 2 years ago, and was placed on 9 cm of sea pap. The patient notes that he has not seen much change with the use of it. His Father has a history of the same. He still ...

8th Grade English

Basic Skills Survey???? I went on my school's website for 8th grade this what we be doing in september: English Diagnostic Basic Skills Survey Summer Reading Assessment Friendly Letter Review Business Letter i already know about the summer reading and friendly letter thing I ...


The distribution of lifetimes for a particular brand of lightbulbs has a mean of 110 hours and a standard deviation of 20 hours. Suppose a random sample of 35 lightbulbs is taken for observation. What is the probability that the sample mean lifetime will be between 105 and 115...

Logic Research

Mrs. Orlof teaches two history classes, one in th morning and one in the afternoon. Yesterday she gave the same test to both classes. Anyone who failed the test must take a retest. Since a greater percentage of students who took the morning test failed the test than students ...


If a financial institution is backed by any government program or indirect guarantee, any bonds purchased must be "rated" at investment grade or better. The rating agency is a third party with no connections with the bond issuer or the bond investor. Which of the following is ...


Please Help Me Check My Work :) 1) Find the 5th term of - f(n)= 3(n-3) My answer- -279 2) Find the third term if the first term is 4 - f(n)= 2f(n-1)+2 My answer- 16 3) Find the third term using the explicit rule - f(n) 4-n/n+3 My answer- 1/6 4) Recursive Function- 1, -2, -5, -...


Write an essay on "Do You Agree with Capital Punishment? This essay should have 5 paragraphs. In the 1st paragraph it must contain: Attention-grabbing beginning. Description of issue. Opinion Statement. In the 2,3, 4 paragraph should contain: Different reasons for each ...


about how many diffrent rocks are there Directly from the site I gave you: "The three classes of rocks: the igneous, the sedimentary and the metamorphic — are subdivided into many groups. There are, however, no hard and fast boundaries between allied rocks. By increase or ...

Environmental Science

David Hassenzahl discusses the relative risks of eating peanut butter contaminated with aflatoxin and apple juice contaminated with UDMH, a degradation product of Alar, in the Power Point presentation in the Week Five, Module 5 Conference. The following Table shows his input ...


elow is a function the represents the sales for tickets to battle of the Bands Phoenix Music Festival. Student council needs students to buy ticket early in order to book a venue. In order to do this they made a piece scale as follows, where x is the days since February 10th. ...

microeconomics 3

. As tradition has it, Santa Claus is coming on the 5th of December from Spain to the Netherlands to bring gifts to Dutch children. Help is needed to distribute the gifts for which the Santa Claus committee is hiring helpers, so-called Zwarte Pieten. There are two types of ...


In order to gain popularity amongst high school students the local coffee shop is delivering coffee to sell at lunch. Below is a function that represents the prices of coffee where t is the days since January 10th. Piecewise function c(t) = 2; 1<= t<=3 2 +t; 3<= t<...


Writing about movies - Hi, my name is Jen. I need some help with my film history class. I need to choose two films that represent the development of American Film History that were made AT LEAST 50 years apart. My paper needs to use these two films to identify the filmic, ...


[+3]+[+1] (-10)+(-2) You need to help us a little with this problem. Tell us what you don't understand about it and indicate your grade level.

3rd grade math

My daughter brought home this question: How does knowing 28=30-2 help you find 13+28? Any ideas?

8th Grade Science

Here is another one: "The interval between two events is the ______________."

3rd grade Math

Write afact family with the sum of 17. Explain how you picked the addends.


I'm trying to help my daughter that is in the 6th grade, but I have no idea what a variable is, please advise.

6th grade math

medians, least and greatest values, where can I get help the homework makes no sense


please send acomposition on 'my memory box' urgently.the composition is according to grade 5.thanks

Fourth Grade Geometry

Could someone tell me what the definitions of translation, reflection and rotation mean?

math 3rd grade

1. At what Celsius temperature does water boil. 2. How many days are in the month of August.


wut should i study for a social studies unit test in the 8th grade????

8th grade astronamy- apparent magnetudes

whats the differences in magnitudes of the sun and sirius?

7th grade health

Where could i find the correct order of how sound waves or sent to the brain ? thanks

7th grade health

please help I need to get information on how to correctly describe the location of the heart

7th grade science

what is the protective sheild covering what segment of the thorax? its in grasshopper dissection

12th grade

determine the number of ways arranging the letters in the word handle if there are no restrictions?

Science 4th grade

where do the seeds of a fruit-bearing plant form? pollen cell.

Science 4th grade

What is the green pigment that plants use to make food? fungi

6th grade

What of the following is a wordrocessing program? a.Internet Explore b.FrontPage c.QuckBooks d.Word

Pre-Algebra 7th Grade

how do I simplify the following expressions by collecting like terms? x+2+x= x+x+x+4+8+x= 2x-9+x

6th grade

six members of the team looked for a good place to watch the animals.

7th grade science

a group of similar cells that work together to do one job

12th grade

Which one of the following items is an example of a symbol in "Bernice Bobs Her Hair

11th grade

is separating water into hydrogen and oxygen a physical or chemical separation?

4th grade science

What parts of the world were covered with glaciers during the Ice Age?

biology 9th grade

trying to find information on why the six kingdoms classifications changed to 5?

6th grade

this is my question: how to find the unit rate of 600 people per sq mile?


I need help completing a story on Mrs. Brown went to town...2nd grade.

6th grade math

Use exponents to write the prime factors of 32 and 81, I have no idea???Help

10th Grade English

what is the central human tradgedy of the Iliad? what is its most important theme?

11th grade physics

im not procrastinating i really don't understand it. im not asking for the answers im just asking for a little more help??

3rd grade

what is the predicate for the following sentence: China is one of the worlds biggest countries

S.S 8 grade

Why do you think King George III refused to consider the colonist' Declaration of Rights?

12th grade calculus

find the lines that are (a) tangent and (b) normal to the curve at the given point x^2 + xy - y^2 = 1

10th grade math

solve each equation for y. do x and y vary directly? if so indentify the constant of variation. 1.4x=5y 2.2x+3y=6

6th grade

I need to come up with some math questions about the solar system.

Physics- 8th Grade

What force is needed to accelerate a 10 kilogram shopping cart 3 m/s^2 (squared)?

6th grade geography

What types of grain are grown at battle creek or cereal city, mi


I have to develope a new food product,grade 4 heathly eating... any ideas?

4th grade

what do i find answer to this question how much time has passed? start 11:05 am end 3:20 pm

7th grade math

Write the ratio of 1 silver dollar to 3 quarters in simplest form

10th grade

how does the individual influence world events?give a current event example

6th grade

if i have 152 dollars with a discount of 20 percent whant would the total be?

8th grade

In chemistry what is the practical applicaiton of scientific principles to solve everyday problems?

6th grade Social Studies

What are some current events going on in Peru today!!??

4th grade English

Would the word an be capital or lower case in an Apple a Day

3rd grade social studies

american indians met european explorers and shown them what?

11th grade

why did the religons of buddhism and christianity spread when and as it did in africa during 300 bce?

6th grade Science

Scientists can use what to test an area for oil without drilling?

2nd grade

find island in the world,describe where it is and write some facts about it

4th grade english

inside=________+__________ head top from (compound words)

8th grade honors class (math)

Why did they call the duck who became a test pilot?

3rd grade

would you use 1000 as a benchmark to estimate the number of shoes in your classroom?

9th grade

using only 15 of these letters,tlpuytsiaaganbrnlrog,what do you call a female bug that floats?

9th grade science

What foods have all 3 organic compounds and are good for health? And why?

4th grade

what volume of helium would be in a balloon the size of a 2liter soft drink?

7th grade

Why does air flowing down toward the Earth create high pressure?

4th grade social studies

What happened to the native Americans after the Treaty of greenville

11th grade Art

What is keyhole painting? Could you help me with analysing an artwork. What information should I give.

9th grade

wich one is the (SI) unit temperture? kelvin fahrenheit joules celsius thank you

4th grade english

What part of speech is enlighting? Thank you so much! I wasn't sure because of the ending (ing)

8th grade

i need three traits of Spitz from call of the wild by jack london.


I need some suggestions to help me get started on designing a robot for my 1st grade class.

4th grade English

We (ate) pizza after the game.Would this be past tense?

grade 3 spelling

what paper do you call that sounds like ten gram and it is in a shape of a square

3rd grade

Is a nickel 6 grams or 6 kilograms? A watch 25 g or 25 kg? a dog 22 g or 22 kg? A backpack 4 g or 4 kg? A pencil 6 g or 6 kg? radio 2 g or 2 kg?

8th Grade Algebra

How can you tell if these three equations have a common solution? 3x - 5y = 1 4x - y = 24 2x - 3y = 2 Please help ?

3rd grade

if sam has 5 dollars and buys something for for 4.28, what would the dollar amount be of the change?

7th grade science

i need help creating acrostic puzzles for the 6 differant land biomes.

8th grade

Need some info on the Battle of New Orleans I can't find it in my book

6th grade Science

What relationship exists between high tides and phases of the moon?

8th grade science

Explain if it is possible to have a dilute solution of a strong acid? Thanks.

7th grade

Does anyone know what renewable resources are unquie to the country of Aruba. For example plants and animals Thanks

10th grade Living Environment

Explain the roles of helicase and polymerase in DNA replication.

10th grade Living Environment

What causes an increase in the diameter of woody dicot stems?

4th grade-english

"It's a tuba toothpaste." he grined. Did I use the correct punctuation in the sentence?

7th grade

What zone of latitude does Aruba fall into? How does it affect its climate and weather?

4th grade

How can I find if I use interpolation or extrapolation when i estimated the volume of three marbles?

Math 4th grade

How can I know If I use interpolation or extrapolation after I estimated the volume of 3 marbles?

4th grade-Science

What is a double lever? Is a screw an inclined plane or a wedge or is it both?

10th grade

Have any ideas for writing a type sketch about point guards?

8th Grade Algebra

Simplify each rational expression. 1. (x^2+1)/(x+1) 2. (y^2+4)/(y+2) Check Answers: 3.(2t^2+6t+4)/(4t^2-12t-16) Answer: (t+2)/2(t-2)

10th grade american lit.

Do the letters "UDM" stand for "Usage Determines Message?"

11th grade

write a factual description of the scene at the park in your locality in the morning hours

11th grade

did the roman catholic church have a great influence to new spain?


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