U.S. History 5th grade

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2nd grade math

I wrote my question wrong - Tell how to make 10 when adding 8+5

Math Grade 11

Solve for d in this triangle |\ 1 | \ M| \ I | \ d L | \ E |___ \ | 90| x\ ------- x Is 60 Degrees The 90 Box is a right angle. THank you!

7th grade

Can u show me a timeline for social studies starting with events from 1914

6th grade

if a lawnmower is 45 % off and the sale price is 114.95-what is the original cost?

4th grade

explain how you could show five less than a number using and expression?

2nd grade

spatial thinking which number comes 10 after 76 on the 100 chart? a- 77 b- 85 c-86 d- 87

grade 10 social studies

why was italy the forst to use indo arabic numerals?

11th grade

Find the lowest common denominator of the rational expression: 1/m = (m-34) / 2m squared

7th grade

is there a way i can be one step ahead of my teachers so im never behind

9th grade

if 478 watts of power are used in 14 seconds, how much work was done?

8th grade science

When forces are ______ they are equal and opposite and their is ________ ___________.

geography grade nine

Does eco tourism and sensitive tourist the same thing?

8th grade language arts

how do i use the word cantankerous as a mispaced modifier?

7th grade

how many millimeters of hcl are in a 60 millitmeter bottle thst is marked 75 percent

6th grade

what is the adjectives in this sentence: The runway was visible at night because it was lit very well.

9th grade

at 20 degrees celsius, how much sodium chloride could be dissolved in 2 L of water?

11th grade

a yo-yo has a mass of 0.20kg and i attached to a string 0.8m long. what isthe velocity of the yo-yo?

12th grade

What is the thesis of how would Bryan evaluate the ambitions of Albert Beveridge?

9th grade

a object has a mass of 30 grams and a volume of10 cm^3. what is the density of the material?

11th grade

I need help interpreting a quote...." in this world goodness is destined to be defeated ".

11th grade

If 720.0 mL of liquid water absorbs 80.0 kJ of heat, what will be its increase in temperature?

11th grade

If 720.0 mL of liquid water absorbs 80.0 kJ of heat, what will be its increase in temperature?

11th grade

determine the gram formula (mass of one mole) KMnO4

Language arts 7th grade

how would you write a 2:2 Jane Schaeffer paragraph?

8th grade algebra

write a function to describe each statment buying apples for $.89 a lb

10th grade

How many grams of water vapor (H2O) are in a 10.2 liter sample at 0.98 atmospheres and 26°C?

8th grade math

I have no idea how to solve this problem. Can someone help me??? 3x+3y=-6(this is a negative 6) 7x+4y= 1

8th grade science

when you bring your bicycle to a stop where does he kinetic energy it had go?

6th grade

car traveling 20m/s brakes and takes 3s to stop. what is the acceleration in m/s2?

Algebra 1 8th grade

Can a graph that is in a complete circle possibly have a function

8 grade social studies

how did the federalists and democratic republicans interpret the constitution differently?

third grade math

How do I answer this......Write three ways to find 3x2x4.

math 4th grade

n divided by 5 equals 105 how do you no that the tens place in n is less than 5

12th grade calculus

How do I find the area bounded by the curver y = x^1/2 + 2, the x-axis, and the lines x = 1 and x = 4

9th grade biology

How can you tell, using a microscope, that an onion cell has depth?

math 3rd grade

what kinds of angles do you see in the letters E,F, and L? Is right correct

7th grade science

I keep asking ...Ms.Sue, could you possibly help? Can flying fish communicate and how?

6th grade english

Can you recommend a site where I can get some examples of prepositional prases?

8th grade honors english

How do I properly site sources on my research paper?

grade 7 math

how can you figure out the length of a shadow if you walk closer to a lamppost?

grade 5 math

what is 11 7th as a mixed number please i need help and its due tomorrow

4th grade math

what is the prime factorization of 24? f.)8x3 g.)4x3x2 h.)2x2x2x3 j.)2x3x2

6th grade math

Find the sum of the angle in each regular polygon. (Pentagon)

10th grade chemistry

How many grams of CuSO4.5H2O are needed to prepare 100. mL of a 0.to M

English 12

I need a 12th grade level complex sentence using a metaphor

4th grade math

Still confused. let's try this: word forms for: 9.035 9.35 Thank you.

8th grade math

List the integers that can replace n to make the statement -|8| < n < or = to - |-5| true.

fourth grade math

round this number to the nearest thousand 409,614

earth space science grade 11

what is Microbiologist ? I have to name 4 things that tell me what it is

2nd grade math homework

does the broken key 5 means not to use the number5

4h grade math

Hi How can making small groups helps you estimate large numbers?

Grade 12- Advanced Funtions

what about this question: Determine the roots algebraically by factoring. a) x^3-8x^2-3x+90=0



7th grade social studies

what was Fray Marcos de Niza famous for? Please help! Thank you!!

6th grade math

Put these numbers in order from least to greatest. 2 7/10, 2.07, 127%


Ok so im in 7th grade and can somone help me with pizzazz worksheet #40? Pretty please?

fifth grade math

Daughter has homework problem. P(3,6) is only thing listed. ?

8th grade Physical Science

What is the potential energy of a 3 kilogram ball this is on the ground?

5 grade science

what was your hypothesis? explain the process that your followed to determine the results for your experiment.

3 grade math

write to explain- when you divide 24 by 6, what fraction of 24 are you finding? find the answer.


total points of the semester you can earn 170 but i scored 140 what is my grade

7th grade science

what is the gravitational potential energy of a 0.1 kg apple sitting on a 12.5 m flagpole?

6th grade math

A stray dog ate 12 of your muffins.That was 3/10 of all of them! with how many did you start???

6th grade science

what would happen if cytokinesis occurred without mitosis???

6th grade Social studies

What was the main effect of the repeated exiles of the Jews ?


To the nearest degree, what angle does a hill with a grade of 11% make with a horizontal line?


Explain in writting how to divide .12 by 8. (without using fractions) fifth grade

6th grade science

How do the surface proteins on a virus help it to invade a host cell?


who is lady justice? Please i don't want any words that are huge. I want it in a 7th grade level.

6th grade geography, Italy

What are the different types of Italian industries? thanks to any and all help.

Calculus grade 12

Determine the derivative of each function A1) y = e^x(Sin²x) A2) y = e²Sin²x B1) y = (x³ + 1)e^-2 B2) y = (x² + 1)e^-2 C) y = x²(theta^Sinx)

Calculus grade 12

Determine the equation of the tangent line to the function f(x) = x + Sinx at x = pie

to Damon

thanks.its okay. wanna be friends?we can talk to eachother online here.im available from 4:00 to 10:00. what grade are you in?

Chatam County

Jerry posted his grades in English as 85, 87, 96, 100, 85, 99, 93 and 85. What is his median grade?

Calculus grade 12

Explain why three directional vectors of the plane cannot me mutually perpendicular .

Calculus grade 12

Explain why three directional vectors of the plane cannot me mutually perpendicular .

8 th grade math

3in.x 5in. photo are triped what scale factor is used

12 grade

Chaucer accuses the doctor and the apothecary of dishonesty. what exactly does he say about them?

English 12 grade

which pilgrim had the false holy relics? The caterbury Tales.

Calculus Grade 12 University

8. Find the vector equation of the line in which the 2 planes 2x - 5y + 3z = 12 and 3x + 4y - 3z = 6 meet.


if the mean is 85 and the SD is 8 what percentage of students will receive a grade less than 58 and greater thAN 110

10th Grade Math-Algebra 2

How do you multiply algebraic expression such as..... (5x^3)(4xy^2)

7th Grade Math

a nanosecond is 0.000000001 of a sec. what is the length as a power of 10. Please help me. Thank ya.

6th grade science

What two parts of the earth system is a paleontologist involved in? Thanks

7th grade math help

I need help figuring out the square roots of: 1/36 1/121 4/24

Algebra Grade 7

if a pair of shoes has an original price of $80 and they were on sale for $48, what is the percent of discount? 40%?


why there's no # 54-72 on pg. 214 on the 7th grade math textbook??? if you can't tel why it's ok and thanks by the way


Hello! say i got 54 out of 75 points on a test... what would my grade be (A,B,C,D,or a F). thanks!

7th grade math

how do I write an equation for "fifteen decreased by twice n equals 13"

Geo 7th Grade

What would you say is the biggest influence on Mexico's economy?


what is the answer to 8,580 words in 2 h 45 min in unit rates for 7th grade


What is the simple subject in this sentence Who cares if she's in 3rd grade and I'm just in 1st.


This is a 8th grade question: Given C+C=D, D+E=17, A+2C=D, and 2B+C=8, what is the value of A+B+C+D??? Can you also show how you got it?

math 6th grade

if one side of a cube is 1/6. what are the lengths for the other sides?

4th. grade english

what is the rule for why "achieved' is spelled that way instaed of "achieveed"?

math 4th grade

I donot under stand about decomposing these 7/9 and 4/10 please help

math 4th grade

will those same steps work if the problem is x/12=2/6 will the answer be 4/12

3rd grade math

write greater than, lesser than, or equal: 25 cents --------------- 3/10 of a dollar.

3rd grade

you have 3 dimes. you need a quarter to use a public telephone. what can you do?

4th grade math

bryan bought a car that is 14 feet long, how many inches is this?


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