U.S. History 5th grade

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  1. History

    What is revolution
  2. history

    what is a mongoloid
  3. history

    who is grahamini
  4. history

    who was the 3 priesident of th u.s
  5. history

    What is socialism?
  6. History

    who is the KKK?
  7. history

    where is the mississippi?
  8. history

    what is the watergate
  9. Ms. Sue (History)

  10. History

    What is liberalism?
  11. History

    Who are the amerindians
  12. history

    the huguenots were
  13. History

    What is a consul?
  14. History

    Who was Archimedes ?
  15. History

    What is fascism? Thank you!
  16. History

    Who was Hitler?
  17. American History

    Compare and contrast Bourbon and Habsburg rule. What in general should i talk about? ty These sites will give you lots of ideas for contrasting the Bourbon and Habsburg rules. http://history.berkeley.edu/faculty/Taylor/H8A/lectures/lecture20/8A_lecture20.pdf http://dictionary....
  18. history

    im taking two history test today and i wasn't really prepared for it. 4. which regional quality of the south help explain why there were more slave owners in the southern U.S? A. with rocky soil, southern farms needed more hands to clear land. B. With large cities, southern ...
  19. US HISTORY - Help please

    Which answer best explains how the Articles of Confederation addressed the question of creating a court system? The Articles established the trial-by-jury system for the first time in history. The Articles created state, regional, and national courts throughout the land.*** ...
  20. Pre-K class needs your help

    I noticed that someone posted this question before but I wanted to see if there were anymore ideas...... I am a pre-K teacher, as well, and my class will be doing a unit on Community History.... what activities and worksheets could I give my students (pre-k) that connects to ...
  21. 7th Grade Poetry

    what poetic term is "a quarrel of vines"? Thank you! That could be a metaphor Thank you so much for your help!
  22. Grade 9 maths

    Use a prime factor to determine squre root of 225
  23. 4th grade question

    How do I draw a picture to show how my government system is organized?
  24. 3rd grade math

    The instructions are to Round each number to the greatest place. The add. 21+34=
  25. Math - 3rd grade

    Multiplication: What does it mean to use front-end estimation?
  26. Science

    How do speakers work I am in 8th grade and have to write a 5 pargaph essay
  27. science

    I'm making a 3-d model of a plant cell what can i use to represent the cytoplasm? i'm in the 6 grade.
  28. social studies

    i'm looking for 1st grade activities on the topic of rights and responsibilities
  29. math

    do you know any good sites that have polynomial word problems for people in grade 9?
  30. 12th grade government/economics

    what are two ways that amendments to the constitution can be proposed?
  31. 12th grade government/economics

    what are two ways that amendments to the constitution can be ratified?
  32. 7th grade pre algebra

    What is the difference between bar graphs and histograms.
  33. 7th grade

    how do you write an equation for the number of gallons in 128 fluid ounces?
  34. 7th grade math(the metric system)

    56L=_kL plz explain
  35. math 2nd grade

    It is less than 60 and greater than 55. if you add the digits, the sum is 13. What is the number
  36. 7th grade

    How do I find the muscial notes for doe, rae, me, fa, sol...on a staff?
  37. 4th grade science

    What kind of machine could you compare a glacier to? How are the two alike?
  38. 10th grade

    What were the differences between the Whigs and Tories in the seventeenth-century England?
  39. 6th grade

    The large landmasses on Earth are called continets,oceans, or plateaus
  40. 7 grade math

    <,>,or = 1/6_1/3 please don't just give me the answer. I need you to explain it to me.
  41. 9th grade

    ineed help! why did robert hooke's cork cells appear to be empty?
  42. 8th grade Social Studies

    Which colony was the first to promote religious tolerance
  43. 8th grade Social Studies

    Why were slaves in high demand in the southern colonies?
  44. 8th grade Social Studies

    Which colony was the first to promote religious tolerance?
  45. 10th Grade Math

    Why is it important to understand rational exponents? How does it work with radicals?
  46. 6th grade science

    Discribe the advantage and limitation of the three tyeps of models?
  47. 11th grade

    why do biologists use a classification system to study the diversite of life?
  48. grade 4 math

    round off to the bracketed digit. supposed to be underlined but can't on here 1(2)34
  49. education

    How can the state standardseffect your planning and instruction for 7th grade language Arts?
  50. Science-8th Grade

    In metric, we use_______to measure volume. is the answer mass ??
  51. 9th grade

    How do you calculate the velocity of a quarter dropped from a tower after 10 seconds?
  52. 7th grade

    when Muslims settled in Spain, they adopted the local religion and customs.
  53. 8th grade math

    if you have a minus sign outside of the parenthesis what does it mean
  54. 6th grade

    what are pareleleo lines this is math jiskha ,please answer thankyou
  55. 11th grade

  56. 7th grade

    What is the subject and verb in the sentence "Past the large sign is a windmill?"
  57. 7th grade

    explain how oceanic lithosphere forms at mid-ocean ridges
  58. 7th grade math

    write each decimal as a percent. 2.687 0.015 0.64 please help me with these!
  59. 10th grade

    how does steinbeck prapare the reader for curleys wifes death by leenie
  60. 12th grade calculus

    find the derivative of y with respect to the appropriate variable y=sec^-1*5s
  61. 3rd grade, Social Studies.

    Explain how you are a consumer, what goods and services do you use?
  62. 9th grade

    tell how each of the follwoing pairs of terms are related. mass: matter
  63. 4th grade english

    WE have homework with irrregular verbs. Mom is not sure what that is...can you help?
  64. 6th grade

  65. 9th grade

    i need more infor on literal equations solve ofr s: y= 3(t - s)
  66. 6th grade

    Write a number equivalent to 100 using only the digit 9
  67. math

    I don't get this fraction; seven-thirds minus three-nineths 6th grade
  68. 6th grade

    how many different bracelets can be made from 7 white beads and 2 grey ones//?
  69. 8th grade

    why did a policy of isolation suit most americans in the early 1800s?
  70. 6th grade math

    two thirds minus five ninths equals?
  71. 7th grade science

    Does the bending (folding and faulting) of Earth create sound?
  72. 6th grade Science

    illustrate a plant label the use of xylem and phloem
  73. 1st grade

    please help me with easy comments about sulpur and iron reaction
  74. 4th grade Math

    What does it mean when you are asked to find the product of two numbers?
  75. 7th Grade Math

    z/6 + 11 > -49 This is my problem for homework and I don't know how to do it. My teacher showed us but I guess it didn't get throw to me. ?????????????? Help
  76. Eighth Grade Math

    What are two ways to find the answer to 237 times 76 ?
  77. Eighth Grade Math

    What are two ways to find the answer to 168 times 55 ?
  78. 6th grade social studies

    What are some interesting current events in PERU??
  79. 1st grade

    Write the names of places and shelters.Drow kinds of transportation.
  80. 9th grade chemistry

    what is the name for CsF? i had cesium flouride but it's wrong... help?
  81. 9th grade

    Name 3 of the factorsleading to greater imperialistic activity troughout the world
  82. 9th grade math

    what is the most precise name for the quadrilateral with the given vertices of A(1,4), B(3,5), C(6,1), D(4,0)???
  83. Grade 11 chemistry

    Describe why the incomplete combustion of a hydrocarbon in an enclosed area can be dangerous.
  84. 4th Grade Social Studies

    What landform in Mexico is compared to the Grand Canyon in the U.S.?
  85. 4th grade english

    Yesterday some people (was, were) practicing musical numbers.
  86. Science-7th grade

    the sides of the DNA ladder are made up of molecules of the sugar______and_______.
  87. 6th grade

    How did the greeks influence our world today in areas of education?
  88. 8th grade pre algebra

    i am having trouble with solving inequalitys... how do you solve t+6>-3
  89. 2-nd grade-sentence

    Hi!Can somebody help me to meke asentences with this words?Thank you! she shut the that chin chimp
  90. 8th grade

    what government imposed barriers stop or hinder the export of automobiles?
  91. 4th grade

    i need help with a sentence in future tense (it clins to branches and twigs)
  92. 4th grade

    Which item has the capacity of about 5 milliliters< a juice glass or soda can
  93. 6 grade math

    my teacher wants me to find 3 common multiples for each pair, for example 15 over 30
  94. 9th grade

    must there be an unbalanced net force acting on any moving object?
  95. Social Studies for 7th grade

    What kind of designs are on the bills and on the coins of euros?
  96. 6th grade

    Is there a web site that helps make sentences with the words that I have?
  97. science

    my grandson is in 4th grade. he has to invent something and it has to work. we are stumped, any ideas?
  98. 9th grade

    My question is on Distributive Property, I need help on the following questions. 1. 3(u+v) 2. 4(2+5s)+3 3. 1(a+2j+12k) 4. 15(ab+3c) 5. 2(a+2b)+3(2a-b) 6. 3(e-4f-ef) Thanks
  99. 12th grade Data

    In this sequence, tk is a factorial number, often written k!. Show that tk=k!=k(k-1)(k-2)...(3)(2)(1)
  100. 2nd grade Social Studies

    Name 4 things that link countries together.
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