U.S. History 5th grade

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u.s. history

what were the similarities and differences of the reform movements of the early 1800??? This site may help you find the similarities and differences. http://home.earthlink.net/~gfeldmeth/lec.reform.html This is a general overview of reform. http://www.sparknotes.com/testprep/...


Identify the main ideas of the paragraphs. My answers are in parentheses. It informs our history — New York City isn’t where it is because of dumb luck. Verrazzano and Hudson both stumbled into the greatest natural harbor on the Atlantic coast. Boston started as a ...

Math word problem

Patsy has cheerleading practice on every fourth school day. She wants to be in the school play, but they have practice on every sixth school day. If both started on September 5th, what would be the first date that she has to choose between cheerleading and play practice? I ...

American History

For history, I have to discuss a topic similar to this one: Would you say women achieved more (as far as Level of freedom, interests, and political activism go) in the 1920's or in the 1960's? I'm torn between two decades (the 20's and 60's).... Because, in the 20's, women got...

Linear Programming

Riverside oil company in eastern Kentucky produces 3 different grades of gasoline. They are regular, premium, and supreme grades. Each barrel of regular grade sells for $77 while premium grade sells for $82 per barrel and supreme grade sells for $89 per barrel. Petroleum ...


History of Japan questions? Could someone give some information on the following topics about the history of Japan. Please just write one or two sentences for each. This is not a homework assignment, it's just for my own research. I need answers ASAP. Note: This not about ...

World History

Which accurately describes causes and effects of the French Revolution? French citizens revolted against Napoleon Bonaparte, sending him to live in exile on St. Helena. French citizens revolted against their monarchy, causing one of the most violent uprisings in history. The ...

Survey Math

A survey of 240 10th grade students in a local High School found that there were 140 girls and 100 boys in the grade. Of the 140 girls, 100 preferred gym class while 40 preferred art class. Of the 100 boys, 40 preferred gym class while 60 preferred art class. Construct a data ...


A student’s final grade in chemistry is determined by the following weights: Quizzes 5% Exam 1 20% Exam 2 20% Lab Reports 15% Research Paper 15% Final Exam 25% The student received the following grades: Lab reports: 75 80 70 75 85 69 90 75 Quizzes: 85 60 70 0 75 80 80 80 ...

log 101

An 80% learning curve has been observed for the production of the MEERKAT system. If the 5th production unit''s recurring cost is $1 million, what will be the recurring cost for the 10th production unit? Assume that the production line is continuous and that the learning curve...


It was thought that students who dressed more neatly received better grades. To test this idea, a researcher rated each student on neatness of dress and obtained their grades on a standard school achievement test. The data are presented below. Higher scores indicate higher ...


Answer the problems below and show or explain how you arrived at your final answer. 1. You sell premium toasters and are making a pricing decision. At a price of $100 (or “p = $100”) you predict that you can sell 30 of these premium toasters at your Scottsdale, Arizona ...


4) Jack is buying gift bags for his daughter’s 5th birthday party. His budget is between $20 and $30. He has a choice of $2, $3 and $4 bags. If he buys $4 bags he will have $3 remaining, if he buys $3 bags he will have $2 remaining, and if he buys $2 bags he will have $1 ...


4) Jack is buying gift bags for his daughter’s 5th birthday party. His budget is between $20 and $30. He has a choice of $2, $3 and $4 bags. If he buys $4 bags he will have $3 remaining, if he buys $3 bags he will have $2 remaining, and if he buys $2 bags he will have $1 ...


Every era in American history has had notable men and women who shaped their times, for better or worse. Identify one person from this week’s reading who you believe had a significant impact on the years from 1945 to 1974. This could include a president who introduced ...


In your biology class, your final grade is based on several things: a lab score, scores on two major tests, and your score on the final exam. There are 100 points available for each score. However, the lab score is worth 15% of your total grade, each major test is worth 22.5...


24. Characteristics that biologists use to classify organisms are a. convergent evolution, cladogram, reproductive isolation b. reproductive isolation,evolutionary history, shared derived characteristics c. binomial nomenclature, shared derived characteristics, evolutionary ...


the 1st branch produced 1 orange. the 2nd branch produced 2 oranges, the 3rd branch produced 4 oranges, the 4th branch produced 8 oranges and the 5th branch produced 16 oranges. how many oranges will the 10th branch produce?


Dr. Allen is trying to determine the best method by which to draw a comparison between the amount of time his students spend in the library to the grade point average of his students across the spectrum. Which research design should Dr. Allen follow, and why? Answer ...


plz proof read The book "We are all welcome here” by Elizabeth Berg relates to the time era of Elvis Presley and his home town. The narrator and the protagonist of the book is a 14 year old girl named Dianna Dunn. In my opinion, she has similar characteristics that could ...


Thank you for answering my question!! Im in 7th grade and i 4got how 2 do Algebra! thank u again

11th grade algebra

Determine the nature of the roots of this question (1/4)x^2+x+1=0

3rd Grade Math

Rounding to the greatest number Question 21+34=


What is part and total number stories? 3rd grade

Math grade 6

2 ---- 104 3 ---- 158 4 ---- 210 x ----? Write expression


how do you do lcm i know i did it in like 1st grade but i need helpp!!

3rd grade math

Name the months with exactly 31 days.

7th Grade Math

What are two square roots of ten?

grade 11 english

what are the dominant poetic forms for the romantic period


I am looking for ideas for 3rd grade recycleable inventions.

11th Grade A&P

What is GERD? Is it the same as acid reflux disease?

Health 8th grade

What the two main forms of UTI ?

9th grade

solve the rational equation 4/x-2=x/12 would the answer be -1,3

8th grade

what is the difference between a birthday cake and a buffalo

10th grade

what is the relationship between potential differance and resistance

grade 12 math

find the first 5 terms in the expansion of (r-2s) power of 8

8th grade

unscramble the work riday it is a literature word

4th grade

if you have 4 animals how many difeent ways can you feed them

6th grade

what is topic sentence, and what are words theycan not start with

6th grade math

28 x 15 simplify by using distributive property,

4th grade science

Where do you find the most debris on a glacier?

6th grade

oratorical piece example on general science


why is a good grade in algebra like a puppy in antartica?

7th grade

Why do scientists use the measure of light years?

10th Grade Math

Why is it important to understand rational exponents?

10th grade

In addition to sight how else do fish sense their surroundings?

4th grade science

does a lobster use gills to breathe


How to write a contrast poem on a Senior 12 grade level?


What is an integrative sentence? Explain please. Thanks. I'm in 4th grade!

9th grade

what is nickel's state of matter at room temperature

9th grade

why did miss muffet need a road map

Grade 8

Why does Great Britian have colonies in North America??

6th grade

How can you make an input output division chart

7th grade

what is a process used to investigate the world around you?

3rd grade

Who found a way to kill germs in what year.

6th grade social studies

What is the population density of Wauwatosa, WI?

9th grade- ART

What are the good and bad uses of clay?

8th grade

what is the scramble word for eisuss for election unscramble?

4th grade

______ differences produce a variety of ecosystems

9th grade english

Can you help write an extended metaphor comparing me to an m & m?

seventh grade science

what is a monomer what is a polymer what is the structure of a protein

3rd grade

what are 10 different types of liquids,solids, and gases.

grade seven

A scale on a map is 1cm to 250km. What does this mean?

8th grade

what is your average spped if you ran 50 meters in 10 seconds?

4th grade-English

Could someone tell me if his and their is a common noun?

10th grade honors algebra

I can't figure out how to simplify this: 3x/2 + 3 - x

6th grade English

How does point of view affect a story?

6th grade English

Why is diversity healthy within a culture?

7th grade

explain the usefulness of algebra in modern mathematics.

7th grade science

make a word out of the letters P A M O U S E E N

11th grade

How did Gandhi demonstrate an appreciation for other faiths?

4th grade

what 2 bordering states use to be apart of virginia

11th grade

What is meant by the quote "Hunger is the best pickle"

8th grade MATH


4th grade

Life Cycle Defininition of Stimulus and variable

8th grade

The panthers could drive to their game on I-_ _, "The Backbone of the Pmont".

8th Grade

The USS Midway is what type of ship? ______________

2nd grade english

what is the verb in this sentence: He's very smart.

8th grade

what is the theme of the book "hatchet" by Gary Paulsen

9th grade : Algebra

How would you work out this problem? 2x+5y=10

3rd grade

how do I write the time in three different ways for 3:50

7th grade

how woul you solve a problem like ths (9x-5y)(2x+3y)

8th grade

How can the American people continue to protect their rights?

9th grade science

balance Al+CuSO2=Al2(SO4)3+Cu

2nd grade

do you know how to say I want to play in german please. answer it if you can.

6th grade

Why does a bouncy ball bounce in spite of gravity?

12th grade chem

wats the dif betn. H3PO3 and P(OH)3

8th grade

What federal officials are elected for the longest terms?

7th grade pre-alge

what is the answer to -40== -5p respond asap

6th grade Social Studies

What are the major accomplishnments of the Incas?

7th grade

how do check to see if your caluator does order of opreations

6th grade

Combining like terms - 1/2x+2/4x=16+1/2 how would you combine this

7th grade

why would some one want to read your paper.

7th grade

features that define the performance of a system are called what?

9th grade science

what do you call a female bug that floats?

9th grade chemistry

what is the study of substances containing carbon?

9th grade science

For examples of carbohydrates if eggs one of them

7th grade

Can someone help me unscramble this Spanish word: sssatlfrieeu'

6th grade

What lessons can we learn from Martin Luther King, Jr.?


Does anyone know any free online website that will grade ones essays?


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