U.S. History 5th grade

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  1. history

    True or False? We are fortunate to have much reliable information about Homer and his history.
  2. History

    Legacies (Short and long term impacts/consequences) in history regarding Nelson Mandela
  3. Geography History Life science English Xhosa Lifeo

    If I'm doing History can I be able to study nursing
  4. history

    what part was played in history of french revolution down to 1795.a;peasants b;paris mob
  5. History

    i was thinkin of why people study history in coellege like as amajor and how does history apply to current events? like this economic depression right now how does that relate to the first american revolution like what lessons from the economic transformation durin the 1800s ...
  6. history

    are there any popular Us history debates that i could write my thesis statement on?
  7. Us History

    What is the period in american history from 1901-1914 called?
  8. art history

    examine the view that history has no important to the scientics.
  9. history

    Creat a timeline of the major events in houston's history
  10. History

    Any info about Liberals and conservatives? (mexico history)
  11. History 203

    What is the purpose of studying American history? What do we gain from doing so?
  12. science

    History as a process and history as a study are interdependent. Explain
  13. math (find my grade)

    1% of my grade 82% 4% of my grade 76% 2% of my grade 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 82% could you please find my average. thank you!!!!
  14. 5th Grade Math

    Question:Percy is coloring a flag he made for class. He can use the colors blue, green, yellow and red.He can paint the rectangle part (backround) of the flag one color, the triangle one color, and the star one color. For example, Percy could make the star yellow, the ...
  15. 5th grade English

    1. Many useful tools are made from metal. 2. Steel is an important metal for buildings and tools. 3. An iron bar will rust over time. 4. Oxygen from the air mixes with the metal. 5. That orange deposit on the outside surface is called rust. 1. tools---simple subject are made--...
  16. Pre-Calculus

    A road sign at the top of a mountain indicates that for the next 4 miles the grade is 12%. Find the angle of the grade and the change in elevation for a car descending the mountain.
  17. math

    a student is selected at is the probability the the randomly selected stundent is neither a 10th grade nor an 11th grade express your answer in fraction in simplest form
  18. programming

    create a program using java that calculates the current grade in a classroom. the program should ask for 5 grades as well as the total point value per grade available.
  19. Maths

    This is KINDA a homework question, but would it be a good idea to review the topics learnt in seventh grade for maths before going into eighth grade? Thanks :)
  20. English/History

    Our history teacher requires us to write out numbers from 1-100 in our history essays. However, if I were writing something such as "The September 11 attacks" would I have to write "September eleventh"? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Yes, you would, in ...
  21. History

    Would someone please give some reputable sources for history of smallpox in Europe and China. I am writing a paper on it. My thesis is There are similarities in the devastation, experts and vaccination in the regions of both China and Europe as it relates to the history of ...
  22. writing/history

    what's the difference in writing style between a history paper and an english paper? i use the same style for both classes and in english i get great grades and history not so much.
  23. Science

    how do you find the degrees for a pie graph (ex) 1st 19 2nd 15 3rd 20 4th 15 5th 22 6th 15 ??? plz help!
  24. 5th math

    560.1/3 0.1s,1s, 10s ,100s. How I estimated? Answer___________. please! help me i'm total lost with this.. thanks!I knew it's division.
  25. 5th

    Explorig adding Fraction. 3/4+1/8=? 1/4+ 1/8= 7/8+3/4= please show me how to do this problem.. thanks! next find the sum of 2/5and5/10.____.
  26. Biology

    What is the 5th characteristic for all living things? I already have: 1. Heredity 2. Metabolism 3. Reproduction 4. Homeostasis
  27. math

    A number line starts with 7 and ends with 9. in between are 7 marks. The letter A ia above the 5th mark. What is the value of A
  28. Math

    If the 2nd and 5th term of a geometric progression are -6 and 48 respectively. Find the sum of the first four terms.
  29. history

    What was the Columbian exchange and what impact did it have on the Old and New worlds? I left me history book at school...
  30. U.S history

    at what earlier period in American history, before World War 2, had there been a Red Scare?
  31. history

    I need urgent help finding good history websites for information on government during the turn of the century
  32. US History II

    Would the fall of European countries ( Soviet Union) be considered a turning point in American History?
  33. U.S. History

    Describe the policies of our government regarding immigration during the first 100 years of U.S. history.
  34. US history! (NEED IT TODAY)

    on my US history worksheet it asked for hardships for when England came to the Americas, and i can't seem to find it!
  35. English

    She does need preferential seating in the front of her classes, which she is not getting in history currently. Is "history" capitalized in this sentence.
  36. History

    William Shakespeare recorded early English History as a historian for the Tudor line True False
  37. History/ English

    What does the novel 1984 by George Orwell teach us about history? In what ways is Winston a historian?
  38. focused high

    What are the careers requires yhe following subjects:geography, maths lit, history and history?
  39. HISTORY I got limited time

    ESSAY: Compare the ways that herodotus and thucydides approached the writing of history.
  40. art history college level

    Is there anybody out there who really knows art history or anyone who is at least aware of some helpful art history resources out there? For comparison and contrast purposes, I need to know more about some individual French academic artists and their specific works with ...
  41. programming

    2-5 Grade Determination is says " Write a program that will input three test scores. the program should determine and display their average. the program should then display the appropriate letter grade based on there average. the letter grade should be determined using a 10 ...
  42. history

    I have a 5 minute presentation on Gregor mendel. i already have the speech done and a poweporint. I am wondering what I could do that would be unique and out of the ordianary like something that I could bring that would make my presenation better than everyone elses beause it ...
  43. math

    Ted must have an average of 70 or more in his summer course to obtain a grade of C. His first three test grades were 75, 63,and 68. Write an inequality representing the score that Ted must get on the last test to get a C grade. Let X be the grade on the next test. The average ...
  44. 8th grade history

    1. which of the following helped to increase and improve agriculture in Georgia after the revolutionary war 2. which of the following was an effect of new advancements in transportation 3.which of the following was an effect of new advancements in transportation
  45. classroom instruction

    • Write a 200- to 300-word response describing how you might teach this concept to students in a lower elementary grade and to students in a middle school grade. i picked problem solving i have this so far. i guess for each grade level (elem and middle school) i would ...
  46. History 9th grade.

    Hey guys! I have a hard time on this question. I would really appreciate it if you could help me :) The question is: How did conflict and cooperation within early civilizations relate to the use of resources? The hard part is finding the details about this question.. maybe ...
  47. 8th grade science

    What is the reprodution in bacteria, prokaryotic cells, called? A. Mitosis, B. Binary fission, C. Interphase, or D. Fusion. Thank you for helping! I need this because it's for my 9 weeks exam study guide which counts for a whole lot of my grade. Thanks!
  48. Algebra 2

    A grocer mixes x kg of Grade A and Y kg of Grade B nuts to get 60 kg of mixed nuts. Write and equation involving x and y to represent this information. The grocer sells all the mixed nuts at 9.00 per kg. He receives the same amount of money as when he sells the Grade A nuts ...
  49. 3rd grade

    in the book " how to be cool in the third grade. Do you think Robbie was cool and why
  50. 3rd grade

    what does property mean in 3 rd grade math example 4+8= 12 find the property
  51. 3rd grade

    3rd grade Explain how to add with carrying give example
  52. 12th grade

    There are 300 students in 12th grade. What is the total population of the school?
  53. History

    How did human history in North America during 12,000BC - 1000BC differ from the events of Asia, Eurasia, and Europe?
  54. Ameician History

    responding to an earlier post that was not clear, I am interesed in a time line of the development of early Americian history of the US. Thank you
  55. History

    Historians often encounter difficulties when researching and interpreting the past. How does this influence the way people view history?
  56. history

    how might the study of history of the United States help you become a better citizen ( i need 3 people's opinions/views )
  57. History

    Why is studying the history of Western ideas helpful for understanding your ideal of social (and/or, political) and aesthetic developments today?
  58. History

    Why is studying the history of Western ideas helpful for understanding your ideal of social (and/or, political) and aesthetic developments today?
  59. History

    How did human history in North America during the period described in the Prologue differ from the events of Asia, Eurasia,
  60. US History

    What is the New Deal's importance in conveying a major theme of our history at the time? Would it be that U.S. can recover from depression?
  61. history

    Describe how the Kushans, Sakas, and other inner Asian groups played important roles in world history.
  62. greek philosophy and history

    This first historian was the author of the "History of the Peloponnesian War": a. Herodotus c. Thucydides b. Plato d. Socrates
  63. history

    Hello.I need some advice with my history homework...Change and continuity in Britain before 1066....Thank you for yours help.
  64. history

    help on ideas of a person in Black History that you think helped to bring about a POSITIVE change in America today.
  65. history

    My history Textbook did not clarify how the U.S decided to go to war with Britain in 1812. can anyone explain? that would clear up alott for me thx:)
  66. AP History

    Does anyone know a web site where I can get answers to an AP History packet?
  67. history!!HELP

    how has the iron age had an impact on history
  68. History

    Why is the Hudson river so important to America history?
  69. us history

    what was the first big business in american history?
  70. history

    THese events in english history were similar in that they all
  71. history

    Why is Marcus and Narcissa Whitman important to history?
  72. World History

    History and Geography Activity 12 what page is this on?
  73. history

    why is the columbian exchange and pilgrims important to the U.S history? thank you!
  74. US History

    Why was 1776 a turning point in American history?
  75. history

    What is a good way to end a history essay?
  76. history

    Why did Marx call communism "the end of history"?
  77. World history

    What role did caliph play in history ?
  78. History

    Need help on looking for article on jstor in history
  79. 5th Grade Math/Making a Duplicate

    I need help with a worksheet that has a line going down with a y with positive numbers at the top and negative numbers at the bottom and the it has a line going across with an x with negative numbers on left and positive on right. It has a tic tac toe looking box in the middle...
  80. 6th Grade World History Help Please!

    What was the role of the Roman Assembly? A. It consisted of eight judges who enforced the law B. It formed the executive branch in the Roman Republic C. It allowed plebeians to have a voice in government D. It expanded the role of the Roman noblemen I don't have a clue which ...
  81. u.s history

    I have a test tomorrow in US history that I am studying for. My teacher told us that on the test we will have to put 10 of the most important and relavent things that happened from prehistory to 1824. I have a hard time learning history. I know the first and last thing she ...
  82. Math

    In a class of 30 students,all of whom study history or geography,20 passedo history and 18 passed geography. If xerox is the numBerlin who passedo both history and geography. What is the greatest possible value of x? And the least possible value of x?
  83. 7th grade math

    indicate the measure and the measure unit. 1. there are four windows in the room each 36 inches wide. 2. luisa received a gift of $100 from a relative when she graduated from 8th grade.
  84. First grade social studies

    my son is in first grade and has to do a project as the curator for the american symbols. I am looking for a reputable website and having difficulty sorting out which ones to use. Can anyone help?
  85. Staistics

    Give the numerical value for each of the following descriptions concerning normal distributions by referring to the table for N(0,1) The 5th percentile of N(20,36)
  86. 5th gr ade social studies

    what is the fact of Each European gropup that set up colonies settled in a specific part of the Americas.
  87. 5th math

    What is the measure of each side of a square with a perimeter of 60 inches? this one I'm total lost . please ! show me how you do this problem. thank you!!
  88. Judicial

    Due Process: Relate the 5th/4th Amendment, procedural, substansive, police power, right to privacy.
  89. science

    Is venus the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th or 9th smallest planet?
  90. Math

    A number line starts with 7 and ends with 9.There are 7 marks in between. The letter A is above the 5th mark. What is the value of A as a fraction
  91. Calculus

    Which of the following functions does not satisfy the conditions of the Mean Value Theorem on the interval [-1, 1]? a. 5th root of x b. 2x arccosx c. x/(x - 3) d. sqrt(x + 1)
  92. Math

    A ball is dropped from a height of 16 feet and always rebounds 0.25 of the distance fallen.How high did it rebound the 5th time?
  93. physics

    i'm in 5th grade and i really need some help. in science, we got this science packet that's really hard. it's really hard. the question is: Jarrod measured the temperatures of two containers of water with two different thermometers. The water in Container A was at 80 degrees ...
  94. History

    So I am doing a power point assignment for my history class on Needle Distribution Programs and need some help. I need to have what it is, basic background of it,How it is important, and how it is/has changed American history. I have a lot of the information but need some more...
  95. computer science

    ineed help with c++. i am using code blocks and i have a problem with the compiler. when I run this code ¡é # include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() { cout<<"Hello World!"<<endl return(0); } this message keep pops up. ¡é "It seems that this ...
  96. Algebra

    In his mathematics class, John has taken 3 tests, each worth 20% of his total grade. His grades on those tests were 92%,83%,and 85%. He has an 100% average on his homework, worth 10% of his grade. All that remains is a final exam worth 30% of his total grade. To the nearest ...
  97. World History

    I fogot to bring home my history book, and I can't find this answer anywhere! What were 5 results of the Peace of Westphalia? Please help me!
  98. History

    How did human history in north america during the period described in the prologue differ from the events of asia,eurasia,and europe
  99. History

    What is the history of the Temple Mount? I've been looking up a lot of information for this but some of it is too much and I need a more condensed infomation.
  100. U.S. History

    How did human history in North America during the period described in the Prologue differ from the events of Asia, Eurasia, and Europe?
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