U.S. History 5th grade

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  1. us history

    what factor encouraged an american policy of neutrality during the 1930's?
  2. history

    Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, and Communist Russia were similar in that each
  3. World History

    What exactly is nationalism and why did it grow as much as it did in the 19th century?
  4. 11 th World History

    What exactly is nationalism and why did it grow as much as it did in the 19th century?
  5. History Ms. Sue

    What is one positive benefit of global peace and economics?
  6. History

    How would global peace cause the lack of intellectual humility in individuals?
  7. History

    How would global peace cause the lack of intellectual humility in individuals?
  8. history

    how did progressivism affect the role of the federal government in the early 1900s?
  9. History opinion repost for Kate

    Is the Bayeux Tapestry an accurate source? Why or Why not?
  10. History

    In what ways did the renaissance humanism draw upon the classical heritage?
  11. world history

    How did Weimar art reflect the times and how was it not welcome by some Germans?
  12. History

    What role did the economic objectives play in founding New England?
  13. History

    Name of the Union soldier who spotted the Confederates first at Gettysburg.
  14. world history

    What caused the rapid population growth of Homo Sapiens?
  15. World history

    how did human life change when the ice age ended?
  16. history

    does anyone know of a police raid in 1969 that spurred gay and lesbian activism?
  17. History

    Should powerful nations control other parts of the world?
  18. world history

    what set the stage for vietnamese resistance againts the french?
  19. history

    What was the role of the Mayflower Compact in creating the New Plymouth society?
  20. U.S. History 1865

    Can someone please explain to me why the War of 1812 was significant? Thanks.
  21. History

    What questions could you ask a person about there life story if you had to interview them?
  22. World History

    Compare and cotrast the Tang and Song dynasties in China.
  23. World History

    Critique Peter the Great's methods of "westernizing" Russia.
  24. World History

  25. history

    so i don't unerdstand then how were there differences important to the international state of affairs in 1450?
  26. history

    What was the role of the Mayflower Compact in creating the New Plymouth society?
  27. History

    How did the North, South, and West contributed to the Civil War outcome?
  28. US History

    What was the cotton gin and what effect did it have on American economy and culture
  29. world history

    similarities between Mesopotamia, Mesoamerica, Shang, Indus
  30. world history

    what are the similarities between Mesopotamia, Mesoamerica, Shang, Indus ?
  31. the american vision volume

    need help with finding answers to my history worksheet
  32. US History

    What are some of cultural arts used in the new england colonies?
  33. world history

    Can someone help me find an example of a timeline with symbols/pictures? Thanks:)
  34. world history

    what were the basic features of christanityduring 8000 BCE - 600 CE?
  35. World History

    How did Marin Luther brake away from the Catholic Church?
  36. AP US History

    does anyone know where to find the answers for The American Pageant, chapter 9 study guide?!?
  37. history(social studies)

    What cost the british empire 60 million pounds?
  38. history

    I have already been to this site and I cannot find an answer to this question.
  39. World History

    What are some of the physical(natural or artificial)characteristics of Uniondale?
  40. world history

    how was politics durning 8000bce-600ce in east africa?
  41. history

    please give me the american technologies and he pictures of old techologies
  42. U,S History

    What would George Wallace do if he were alive during Reconstruction of the South?
  43. ap world history

    How did religion in India change from 2000 to 500 BCE?
  44. world history

    What exactly is nationalism and why did it grow as much as it did in the 19th century?
  45. world history/economy

    In your opinion could you cope without the invention of the hybrid?
  46. world history

    Was plato's ideal form of government philsopher kings.
  47. History

    Bootlegging meant boom,time for the bahamas explain what this means.
  48. History

    List the Causes stated by Historians for the American War of Independence.
  49. History

    Why did parents pressure local governments to reform public schools?
  50. world history

    What dominated Nubia during the period of the New Kingdom.
  51. world history

    What is a good picture or symbol for the second continental congress
  52. History

    Do you think Coureurs De Bois were good or bad for New France? Why?
  53. U.S. History

    Give a brief summary of the book, Birth of the Republic 1763-89.
  54. history

    how did the lives of slaves differ from those of the free in the united states
  55. history

    how did the lives of slaves differ from those of the free in the united states
  56. world history

    How did the french revolutionary army help to create modern nationalism?
  57. us history

    how did Roosevelt,Taft and Wilson differ as architects of American imperialism

  59. history

    the six major concluding principles Mendel hypothesized from his work
  60. Texas History

    I need help trying to write my own declaration of independence
  61. world history

    how did cultural diffusion occur between Europe and Asia?
  62. world history

    my book does not talk about that can you help me with some websites that might help me
  63. us history

    How did the early people of California change their ways of life as their environment?
  64. us history

    Give three reasons why immigrants left their own countries for the US?
  65. history

    Why did Andrew Carnegie want to achieve both horizontal and vertical integration?
  66. us history

    the president can check congress through?? a lobbying b overriding c vetoing
  67. Social Studies

    How does the movie The Lion in Winter relate to World History? thanks
  68. history

    how the arrival of Europeans in north america affected native cultures
  69. AP U.S. HIstory

    What bias did the FOunding Fathers demonstrate in their procedure for electing senators?
  70. us history

    i need a congressional debate question and 4 quick and easy answers to go with it
  71. history

    what are some acheivements on islamic scientists,astronomers, geographers and mathematications?
  72. World History

    Who is the man whose locomotive won an important contest in 1829?
  73. world history

    how did the furtrade in th west bring various peoples together?
  74. World History

    What were Thomas Edison's most significant inventions or innovations?
  75. just want 2 know

    if people don't think troy was a real place why is it in so many history books...
  76. history

    what are some civil rights strides of the past ten years?

    How were classical civilizations different from river valley civilization?
  78. history

    are there any more details to what americans were afaid of during the cold war
  79. World History

    The first permanent agricultural community was located on what river?
  80. Us History

    please describe the actions abolitionists took to free slaves
  81. history

    what do they mean by describe the social,composition of the decade of corporate greed
  82. world history

    How geography features did helped civilization grow in Nubia?
  83. Health

    Identify and give a brief history of a critical care nurse
  84. history

    what was the situation of african americans in e united states from 1800 to 1860.
  85. history of technology

    Is a mimeograph machine a copy printer? If yes, can you tell me more?
  86. Global History

    How does the Enlightenment reflect societal values of the ancient Greeks?
  87. history

    A formal, systematic essay or book on some subject is called a
  88. Global History

    Japan fights an imperialistic war with Russia Called the?
  89. World History

    how does John Locke's ideas reflect the feelings of the enlightenment
  90. History

    i need a good website to find stuff on catherine the great
  91. American History

    New England factories were initially located in the countryside because? Why
  92. AR History

    Hi. I have to make up a short comic for the 13th amendment. Any ideas?
  93. Global History

    What was the role of the Nazi party? Why were Jews denied citizenship?
  94. History

    Which Native American tribe were the traditoinal alliis of New France
  95. History

    factors that led to the creation of Isreal and the outbreak of the 1948-49 war
  96. history

    why did people think they could be free from suffering through buddhist teachings?
  97. Global History

    Last question i promise. Describe Hitler's blitzkrieg tactics.
  98. world history

    What single event set in motion the start of WW1?
  99. Global History

    How did the Treaty of Versailles contribute to the outbreak of world war 2?
  100. us history

    during the american revolution, the _______ remained loyal to england.
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