Two electrons are placed; one at north pole and other at south pole of earth. Find the force between them. Given diameter of earth= 12800 km.

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  1. US History

    I need help with a cartoon. I can't find it online so I know it'll be hard to understand. Any help is appreciated! In the cartoon there's two men laying in bed one is Uncle Sam(the hat he wears is on the bed post) and I'm not sure who the other is, just a man wearing a hat. On...

    A proton (with a mass, mp = 1.673 x 10^-27 kg & electrical charge, e = 1.602 x 10^-19) and an electron (with a mass, me = 9.109 x 10^-31 kg & electric charge -e = -1.602 x 10^-19) are not moving & at a distance of 1.000 x 10^-10 m apart.... (assuming the electrical constant, ...
  3. geometry

  4. Quick science question

    In the newspaper one day, you read that the highest tides of the season are expected in the next month. What can you infer about the positions of the Sun, Earth, and the Moon? What phase of the Moon will probably be visible?
  5. 5th grade science

    In the newspaper one day you read that highest tides of the season are expected in the next month. What can you infer about the positions of the sun, earth, and moon? what phase of the moon will probably be visible?
  6. Religion

    Many Christians seem to accept modern cosmology - Galileo's view that the earth is not the center of the Universe - while at the same time disagreeing with the theory of evolution. For this discussion, we will focus on the following questions (in 250 words total): 1. Why do ...

    WHY CAN'T HUMANS LIVE ON VENUS? Too hot, no oxygen and very high atmospheric pressure. But this doesn't mean that we could live there, it only means that we can't walk on the surface without protection. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Well, life on Venus "...
  8. laws of motion

    1Objects fall toward earth at a rate of 9.8 m/s^2 because of ______________ 2According to ________________________________ momentum lost equals momentum gained. 3The force keeping a ball on a string moving in a circle is _________________________. 4Anything that's thrown or ...
  9. physics

    two forces with magnitude of 25N and 18N respectively are inclined at an angle of 120degree to each other. calculate the resultant force and the angle it makes with the 18N force.
  10. Physics (please check)

    A 6.0kg block is released from rest 80m above the ground. When it has fallen 60m its kinetic energy is: I got 1200J as my answer mgh=(6.0*9.81* 60m)=3531.6 PE + KE= (ME + KE) 3531.6 + KE= (6.0*9.81*80m) KE= 1177.2 is that right A 6.0 Kg block is thrown up from a point 20m ...
  11. Geog

    In one Minute of time, how does the earth rotate in minutes or seconds of longitude? rotation=360 degrees/ number minutes in the day. 360/1440 = 0.25 is that the right answer
  12. physics

    consider two asymptotic behaviors, what will happen if the two masses are equal to each other, that is, m1=m2? As a second matter of interest, what if one of the masses is much larger than the other: m1 >> m2? in regards to an atwood's machine. i don't understand what i'...
  13. Science

    During beta-particle emission, a neutron splits into _______? a proton and an electron two protons two electrons two neutrons
  14. 1question last one plz help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    5. Identify the benefits that your space mission might provide for modern society. Explore the possibility of connecting your space mission with satellites that are already gathering information as they orbit Earth. I DON'T UNDERSTAND THIS ONE QUESTION I UNDERSTAND THE REST...
  15. Calculus

    4. A gas station stands at the intersection of a north-south road and an east-west road. A police car is traveling towards the gas station from the east, chasing a stolen truck which is traveling north away from the gas station. The speed of the police car is 100 mph when it ...

    A gas station stands at the intersection of a north-south road and an east-west road. A police car is traveling towards the gas station from the east, chasing a stolen truck which is traveling north away from the gas station. The speed of the police car is 100 mph when it is 3...
  17. science

    A 30 kg satellite and a 2,000 kg meteorite are 21 m away from each other. How much force exists between them?
  18. Physics

    What is the magnitude of the electric force between a proton and an electron when they are at a distance of 2.63 Angstrom from each other?
  19. physics

    A boat is traveling on a bearing of 25 degrees East of North at a speed of 4 knots (a knot is 1.852 km/h). After traveling for 3 hours, the boats heading is changed to due South and it travels for an additional 2 hours at 5 knots. Using a Vector diagram, what is the resultant...
  20. university

    Three point charges are placed on the x-axis. A charge of +2.0 ¦ÌC is placed at the origin, −2.0 ¦ÌC to the right at x=50 cm, and +4.0 ¦ÌC at the 100cm mark. What is the magnitude of the electrostatic force that acts on the charge at the origin? (k=1/4¦Ðϵ0=...
  21. Physics

    calculate the magnitude of electrostatic force on a charge placed at a vertex of a triangular pyramid (4 vertices, 4 faces), if 4 equal point charges are placed at all four vertices of pyramid of side'a.
  22. Physics

    can someone help i'm stuck on two questions??? 23. On a velocity-time graph, when is the object not moving? when the slope is a straight line rising to the right when the slope is a straight line falling to the right when the slope is a line curving upward to the right at the ...
  23. English

    I left out these few statements on the themes I would like you to check. Thank you very much. 1.Macbeth is the shortest of S’s tragedies; it is simple in its plot but complex in its psychological analyses of what takes place in the mind of the criminal. 2. The hero starts ...
  24. physics HELPP!!!!!!!

    A beam resting on two pivots has a length of L = 9.00 m and mass M =89.0 kg. The pivot under the left end exerts a normal force n1 on the beam, and the second pivot placed a distance 4.00 m from the left end exerts a normal force n2. A woman of mass m= 48.0 kg steps onto the ...
  25. Science

    Four equal point charges each 16 microcoulomb are placed on the four corners of square of side 0.2m.Calculate the force on any one of the charge.
  26. physics

    A small cork with an excess charge of +5.0 ¦ÌC is placed 0.14 m from another cork, which carries a charge of −3.2 ¦ÌC. What is the magnitude of the electric force between the corks? The Coulomb constant is 8.98755 ¡Á 109 N ¡¤ m2/C2. Answer in units of N
  27. College Physics

    Find the magnitude of the magnetic flux through the floor of a house that measures 21m by 13m . Assume that the Earth's magnetic field at the location of the house has a horizontal component of 2.4×10−5 T pointing north, and a downward vertical component of 4.3×10&#...
  28. Physics

    An oil droplet with a mass of 3.50 x 10^-15 kg accelerates downward at a rate of 2.50 m/s2 when it is between two horizontal charged plates that are 1.00 cm apart. Assuming that the excess charge on the droplet is negative and the top plate is positive, how many excess ...
  29. Physics

    A 37.0-kg crate rests on a level floor. A horizontal force of 50.0 N accelerates the crate at 1.00 m/s2. Calculate the frictional force on the crate. Calculate the coefficient of kinetic friction between the crate and the floor. I got the normal force, 363 N. Now just need ...
  30. Physics

    One volt is the potential difference between two points if 1 joule of energy is needed to move _____ coulomb of charge between the two points.
  31. astronomy

    The distance from Earth of the red supergiant Betelgeuse is approximately 643 light-years. If it were to explode as a supernova, it would be one of the brightest stars in the sky. Right now, the brightest star other than the Sun is Sirius, with a luminosity of 26LSun and a ...
  32. physics

    A light rigid bar is suspended horizontally from two vertical wires, one of steel and one of brass. Each wire is 2.00m long. The diameter of the steel wire is 0.60mm and the length of the bar AB is 0.20m. When a mass of 10.0kg is suspended from the centre of AB the bar remains...
  33. physics

    A light rigid bar is suspended horizontally from two vertical wires, one of steel and one of brass. Each wire is 2.00m long. The diameter of the steel wire is 0.60mm and the length of the bar AB is 0.20m. When a mass of 10.0kg is suspended from the centre of AB the bar remains...
  34. Physics

    A person carries a plank of wood 2 m long with one hand pushing down on it at one end with a force F1 and the other hand holding it up at 50 cm from the end of the plank with force F2. If the plank has a mass of 20 kg and its center of gravity is at the middle of the plank, ...
  35. physic

    Six roller-coaster carts pass over the same semicircular "bump." The mass M of each cart (including passenger) and the normal force n of the track on the cart at the top of each bump are given in the figures. Iam given the force in N of the cart at the peak of the loop and the...
  36. MAth

    Find the smaller angle given the following: The angles are adjacent and form 120° angle. One is 5 times as large as the other.
  37. ROCKS :D just want to make sure.

    knowing nothing else, what could the relative age of two rocks tell you about them? one rock is 10,000 years old, and the other is 8,000 years old. one rock is older than the other they both have fossils in them one rock is closer to the surface than the other.**************
  38. Physics

    A uniform magnetic field points north; its magnitude is 3.5 T. A proton with kinetic energy 6.0 × 10-13 J is moving vertically downward in this field. What is the magnetic force acting on it? This is what I've done. The answer is incorrect. Please help me find out why. 3.5T ...
  39. Physics

    A person is carrying a plank of wood 2.00 m long with one hand pushing down on it at one end with a force F1 and the other hand holding it up at 50.0 cm from the same end of the plank with force F2. If the plank has a mass of 20.0 kg and its center of gravity is at the middle ...
  40. physics2

    A charge of +q is placed at y = 0 m. Another charge of +2q (twice the other charge) is placed at y = +6.52 meters. Where on the y axis is the total electric field zero?
  41. HISTORY HELP plsssssssss

    How did the success of West African kingdoms contribute to the development of kingdoms in western and southern Africa? As the populations of western kingdoms grew, overpopulation caused citizens to migrate east and south to build new empires. As people from other continents ...
  42. physics

    Given that V=[ð*D^2]*h/4 and fractional error in W leading from the errors Äa, Äb and Äc from the measurement of a, b, and c is given by ÄW/W= sqrt((nÄa/2)^2+(mÄb/2)^2+(pÄc/2)^2) where one has a quantity W proportional to a^n* b^m* c^p,where a, b, and c are variables ...
  43. trig

    two poles of height 25 cm & 20 cm are are parallel to each other with a distance of 12 cm between them. what is the distance between the top of the two poles?

    the arithmetic mean of two numbers exceeds their geometric mean by two. find the numbers if one is 40 less than the other? help me please to solve this...

    How are carbon dioxide and other trace gases thought to be potentially related to global warming? Are the levels of these gases in our atmosphere increasing or decreasing? Why? Finally, what are some of the observed climatic trends and possible consequences associated with ...

    the arithmetic mean of two numbers exceeds their geometric mean by two. find the numbers if one is 40 less than other? please help me to answer this homework.
  47. Physics

    Two oppositely charged spheres, with a centre to centre separation of 4.0 cm, attract each other with a force of magnitude 1.2x10^-9N. The magnitude of the charge on one sphere is twice the magnitude the charge on the other. Determine the magnitude of the charge on each. I ...
  48. physics

    two tall buildings are 80 m apart. A ball is thrown at 100 m/sec from one building toward the other but at an angle of 37 degrees below the horizontal. Find the vertical distance through which the ball falls before it hits the other building.
  49. math

    Two cars leave at the same time from towns that are 460 miles apart and travel toward each other. They meet after 4 hours. Find the rate of each car if one car travels 13 miles per hour faster than the other.
  50. physics

    Suppose a cylindrical habitat in space 7.70 km in diameter and 25.0 km long has been proposed. Such a habitat would have cities, land, and lakes on the inside surface and air and clouds in the center. They would all be held in place by rotation of the cylinder about its long ...
  51. Geography (Ms. Sue)

    1). How do the North Atlantic Drift and the prevailing westerlies affect Europe's climate? A: The North Atlantic Drift, which is carried by the prevailing westerlies, brings a moderate temperature to much of Europe--from northern Spain across most of France and Germany to ...
  52. Physics

    A river flows due East at 0.979 m/s. A boat crosses the river from the South shore to the North shore by maintaining a constant ve- locity of 12.8 m/s due North relative to the water. The river is 306 m wide. What is the velocity of the boat relative to shore? Answer in units ...
  53. physics

    A light spring with force constant 3.00 N/m is compressed by 6.00 cm as it is held between a 0.350 kg block on the left and a 0.700 kg block on the right, both resting on a horizontal surface. The spring exerts a force on each block, tending to push them apart. The blocks are ...
  54. Math

    The distance btwn two stations A and B is 230km.two motrcyclst start simultaneously frm A & B in opposite directn and the distance btwn them aftr 3hour bcm 20km.if the speed of one motorcyclst is 10km hr les thn that of the other,find the speed of the two motorcyclsts
  55. Probability

    Oscar has lost his dog in either forest A (with probability 0.4) or in forest B (with probability 0.6). If the dog is in forest A and Oscar spends a day searching for it in forest A, the conditional probability that he will find the dog that day is 0.25. Similarly, if the dog ...
  56. History

    Select two groups of Native American people from two different areas within the United States. The area you can select from include the North, West, Southwest, Plains, and East/Southeast. Explain how environmental factors influence their homes and food. I chose the North and ...

    A beam resting on two pivots has a length of L = 9.00 m and mass M =89.0 kg. The pivot under the left end exerts a normal force n1 on the beam, and the second pivot placed a distance 4.00 m from the left end exerts a normal force n2. A woman of mass m= 48.0 kg steps onto the ...
  58. History

    Which of the following best describes why the port of New Orleans was so important to the South during the Civil War A) it was the last stronghold left in the south in 1864 when it became the capital of the Confederacy B) it was one of the largest Ports in the south and ...
  59. Physics ASAP

    A block of weight 20 N is pushed with a force of 30 N through a horizontal distance of 5 m using a stick which is at an angle of 37° from the horizontal as shown. The coefficient of kinetic friction µk between the table and the block is 0.25. For your own reference, draw a ...
  60. physics

    Only two forces act on an object (mass = 4.20 kg), as in the drawing. (F = 73.0 N.) Find the magnitude and direction (relative to the x axis) of the acceleration of the object. magnitude m/s2 direction ° counterclockwise from the +x axis The angle from the block is pointing ...
  61. Physics

    Item 10 Two equally charged, 1.00 spheres are placed with 2.00 between their centers. When released, each begins to accelerate at 225 m/s2 Part A - What is the magnitude of the charge on each sphere? =
  62. Physics

    An object of mass 10kg is placed on an inclined plane at 30 degree to the horizontal. Calculate the reaction between two surface and what is the coefficient of static friction.
  63. Chemistry

    In the Lewis structure for SF4, there are: a. 12 electrons surrounding the S. b. 10 electrons surrounding the S c. a total of 42 valence electrons. d. Both a and c are correct. e. None of the above are correct
  64. physics

    1. A 100N block lies on a frictional surface. A force of 50N was applied horizontally where the block had moved 5 m from the positive direction. Find the work done by the applied force and the work done by the weight of the block. 2. Using Example 1, if the applied force is ...
  65. Physics Urgent!!!!! I really need help with this

    Sorry to repost this, again, but I still don't understand. Newton’s Law of Gravity specifies the magnitude of the interaction force between two point masses, m1 and m2, separated by the distance r as F(r) = Gm1m2/r^2. The gravitational constant G can be determined by ...
  66. 7th grade science help the solar system Ms. Sue

    1. Most likely, ____ were formed when lava from the moon's interior flooded bowl-like regions on the moon's surface. (1 point) maria highlands craters basins 2. Depressions on the moon formed by large meteorites are called ____. (1 point) maria mountains craters highlands 3. ...
  67. Geometry

    Set up a system to solve. Two angles are complementary. Four times one angle is equal to the other angle plus 10. Find the two angles.
  68. math

    if out of two numbers, one number is increased by 10% and other number by 20%,find percentage increase in the product of the two numbers
  69. physics

    In Figure 12-68, two identical, uniform, and frictionless spheres, each of mass 4.1 kg, rest in a rigid rectangular container. A line connecting their centers is at 45° to the horizontal. Find the magnitudes of the forces on the spheres from (a) the bottom of the container, (...
  70. math

    find the missing length in this diagram showing a T-square. (reduce the radical to simplist form. 6 cm (one side of triangle) 3 cm ( other side of triangle) the third side (diagonal line conecting other two sides)= x cm.
  71. Math

    In a right angled triangle, the length of a hypotenuse is 10 cm. Of the two shorter sides, one side is 2 cm longer than the other side. i) Find the lengths of the two shorter sides. ii)Hence, find the area of the triangle.
  72. Physics

    Obi-Wan lands his spacecraft on an unknown planet. Visibility is poor, so he isn't able to exactly determine on which planet he has landed. He finds someone on a local communications channel and asks for directions to Earth. "You are already on Earth," is the reply, "Wait ...
  73. Physics

    The two blocks (m = 13 kg and M = 89 kg) are not attached to each other. The coefficient of static friction between the blocks is μs = 0.50, but the surface beneath the larger block is frictionless. What is the minimum magnitude of the horizontal force (F) required to ...
  74. Math

    In a group of 9 coins, one is fake and weighs slightly less. What is the fewest number of times you need to use a pan balance to find the counterfeit coins? (A pan balance is a scale used to measure weights, where weights are placed in two pans. The heaviest pan will go down ...
  75. math

    Two people start at the same point One walks east at 2mph and the other walks southwest at 3mph. How fast is the distance between them changing after 30 minutes?
  76. Physics

    The electrostatic force of attraction between two small spheres that are 1.0 meter apart is F. If the distance between the spheres is decreased to 0.5 meter, the electrostatic force will be a) F/2 b) 2f c) F/4 d) 4F I know when the distance is decreased the Fe would decrease ...
  77. American History

    1. All of the following played a major role in causing the depression of 1837 except a. pet and wildcat banks. b. land speculators. c. Van Buren's 1840 reelection. d. the Specie Circular order. 2. Which of the following was not one of the three convictions underlying Jackson's...
  78. physics

    Two point charges of -86.5 mC and 36.3 mC are held fixed on an x axis at the origin and x = 24.4 cm, respectively. What are the magnitude and direction of the total electrostatic force on a third charge of 18.8 mC placed at (a) x = 48.8 cm (b) x = 97.6 cm I've tried everything...
  79. Physical Science

    Two parallel transmission wires are laid between electrical towers. The distance between towers is 200 m, while the separation between the parallel wires is only 2.5 m. If the wires carry each a current of 1000 A, the magnitude of the force between the wires is closest to ... ...
  80. Physics 141

    A 45.0-kg skater is traveling due east at a speed of 2.85 m/s. A 72.5-kg skater is moving due south at a speed of 7.35 m/s. They collide and hold on to each other after the collision, managing to move off at an angle θ south of east, with a speed of vf. Find the following...
  81. stats

    Particles are a major component of air pollution in many areas. It is of interest to study the sizes of contaminating particles. Let X represent the diameter, in micrometers, of a randomly chosen particle. Assume that in a certain area, the probability density function of X is...
  82. Physics

    Two point charges of 8.7×10−6 C, on the left, and −2.7×10−6 C, directly to its right, are separated by 0.071 m. Find the electrostatic force acting on the charge on the left. A force to the right is taken as positive, while one directed to the left is ...
  83. English

    In my class we're doing abbreviations, and I'm entirely stuck on this one. The abbreviation is NAmlnd. I'm guessing the first two words is North America, and I'm not sure what the last four letters stand for. Since this came from a crossword puzzle, in all, the total number of...
  84. physics

    Island A is 500km east and 320km south of Island B. Island C is 75km east and 1015km north of island A. find the components of the (delta)r vector value pointing from island B to island C
  85. Geometry

    2.Given two segments with lengths x and y (x does not equal y), which three special parallelograms meet the three sets of given conditions? a. One diagonal has length x, the other has length y. b. The diagonals intersect at right angles. c. Both diagonals have length y and do ...
  86. English

    Two of your friends are fighting with each other. What could you say to help them? Why don't you sit down with each other? Each person can hear the other one's side of the story. 1. Why don't you sit down with each other? (What is the action of each person? Are they required ...
  87. math

    The sum of two numbers is 31.2/3 of one of the numbers is equal to 5/8 of the other.find the two numbers
  88. Ela and this is my last question

    At the Earth’s Core Edgar Rice Burroughs 1 “Let’s have a look beyond that door, David,” he cried. 2 Together we stepped out to stand in silent contemplation of a landscape at once weird and beautiful. Before us a low and level shore stretched down to a silent sea. As ...
  89. english

    Treat the Earth and all that dwell thereon with respect. Remain close to the Great Spirit. Show great respect for your fellow beings. Work together for the benefit of all Mankind. Give assistance and kindness wherever needed. Do what you know to be right. Look after the well ...
  90. science

    The movement of the earth around the sun____. a) is one of the reasons for seasons b) results in the formation of day and night c) makes the sun rise in the east d) causes earthquakes e) cause the ice ages to reoccur Just need to know if my answer or right or wrong. Thanks! :) a
  91. Eletrostatic

    Three charges q, 2q, and 3q are arragend to form a equileteral triangle. A charge Q is placed at the center of the triagle. What´s the Net Force about Q. Give the modulus and the direcction of the force.
  92. geography

    Which statement below are examples of human geography "Except"! A. interaction patterns between people B. People's minds and thought processes C. people's interaction within the community. D. Earth's various climates and multiple layers of atmosphere.
  93. math

    two cylindrical tanks have the same height, but the radius of one tank equals the diameter of the other. if the volume of the larger is k% more than the volume of the smaller, k= ? a)50 b)100 c)200 d)300 e)400 small tank volume: pi*(r/2)^2*h big tank volume: pi*r^2*h factor ...
  94. physics

    The gravitational force between two metal spheres with the same masses are in outer space is 60 N. How large would this force be if the masses of each sphere were cut to a fourth of its original value? F_{attractive} =_____________ N (no rounding up)
  95. History!

    Can someone Please help me!? 1. What resulted from Parliament’s lack of understanding of the needs of the colonists? (1 point) a study to prioritize the needs in the colonies sending more British representatives to America the beginnings of self-government in the colonies ...
  96. math

    if a 3-foot -tall child casts a shadow that is 2 feet long, how tall is a telephone pole that casts a shadow that is 40 feet long?
  97. Geography

    Okay, I think I have the correct answer for this question. Please let me know if I am correct. Which Sea is largest? North, Mediterranean, Caspian, or South China? I find it to be the Caspian Sea at 371000 sq km. Am I correct????
  98. Chemistry

    Is dissolving salt in water an example of reversible? I don't think so because once salt is in water, the water is not clear anymore. Pls help. thanks. Yes, it is reversible. One ca physically separate the salt and water (evaporation) What do you mean by not clear? When salt ...
  99. earth science

    discuss stellar evolution(briefly describe each stage). what forces are opposing one another throughout the life of a star and how do they influence the various stages in the life cycle of a star?
  100. Physics

    I don't know how to solve this problem. In it, I am given the mass (4 kg), acceleration (0), velocity (20 m/s), coefficient of friction (.2), and the applied force (10 N downwards with an angle of 30 degrees above the horizontal). I must find the displacement of the object if ...
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