1. Chemisty

    Using the equation Zeff = Z - S and assuming that core electrons contribute 1.00 and valence electrons contribute 0.00 to the screening constant, S, calculate Zeff for the 2p electrons in F^- and Na^+ Repeat this calculation using Slater's rules to extimate the screening ...
  2. Chemistry

    I don't understand what valence electrons and core electrons are. Ex: Se = 1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p6 4s2 3d10 4p4 What makes 4s2 and 4p4 valence electrons and the rest core
  3. chemistry

    What does electron affinity depend on? A. Both the effective nuclear charge and the number of shells in the atom containing electrons B. Attraction between the protons and neutrons C. Only the effective nuclear charge D. Attraction between the valence electrons and core electrons
  4. Physics Please check my answers

    It's possible for a body to have both rotational and translational motion at the same time. True. << False. 2. The moment of inertia of an object would be different on the surface of the earth than on the surface of the moon. True. << False. 3. The moment of ...
  5. Chemistry

    What is the magnetism of F2+, and how many unpaired electrons does it possess? Would F2+ act the same way as F+? In that case it would be paramagnetic and have 2 electrons.
  6. Biology

    Hydrogen= 1 proton, 0 Neutrons, 1 Electrons and 1 electrons in outer shell. is correct!
  7. physics

    how many electrons drift past a point on for 10 minutes current is 0.2 A.the charge on one electrons 1.6*10^-1
  8. Chemisty Please Help

    I still don't understand how to caluculate the number of electrons in the p-orbital. Where do the other two electrons come from to make it three
  9. science

    When determining the mass of an atom, the electrons are not considered. Why can scientists disregard the electrons?
  10. chemistry

    when atoms collide, what determines whether they will react by transfering electrons or by sharing electrons
  11. Science

    The geologic time scale originally ordered Earth's rocks by: A. absolute age B. relative age*** C. composition D. decades and centuries Where did scientists originally get their information to develop the geologic time scale? A. They collected and studied rock samples in ...
  12. science

    A swimmer travels from the south end to the north end of a 30.0 m pool in 15.0 s and makes the return trip to the starting position in 19.0 s. What is the average velocity for the roundtrip?
  13. Geography

    What is the capital of the landlocked country that borders Russia to the north and China to the south. Also, is this correct? Eastern Brazil has a higher elevation that western Brazil. Thanks!
  14. physics

    A wave that is travelling due west causes particles of the conducting material to ibrate "north/south". This wave is best described as: a. longitudinal b. transverse c. translute d. permute
  15. physics

    If an 75-kg baseball pitcher wearing frictionless roller skates picks up a 0.145-kg baseball and pitches it toward the south at 40 m/s, how fast will he begin moving toward the north?
  16. World History

    The boundary line between North and South Korea was set at: a. the 17th parallel. b. the Yalu River. c. the 38th parallel. d. the city of Seoul.
  17. Physics

    Two electrons are fixed 2cm apart. Another electron is shot from infinity and comes to rest midway between the two fixed electrons. A)Find the energy of the system initially( unknown quantity leave as a variable) B) Find the final energy of the system?( unknown quantity leave ...
  18. Physics

    In the figure, a chain consisting of five links, each of mass 0.100 kg, is lifted vertically with constant acceleration of magnitude a = 2.50 m/s2. Find the magnitudes of (a) the force on link 1 from link 2, (b) the force on link 2 from link 3, (c) the force on link 3 from ...
  19. chem

    ive tried the ice method but i keep on getting it wrong please help. If the initial pressure of NH3(g) is 3.168 atm, calculate the % decomposition of NH3(g) when the reaction comes to equilibrium according to the balanced equation. The value of Kp at 427.0 °C is 12800.00. The...
  20. physics

    A spring scale being used to measure the weight of an object reads 12.8 N when it is used on earth. The spring stretches 4.95 cm under the load. The same object is weighed on the moon, where gravitational acceleration is 1/6g. Find the reading of the spring scale on the moon. ...
  21. chemistry

    how many proton and electrons does Fe+2 have? 26 protons 26 electrons 26 protons 28 electrons 26 protons 24 electrons 24 protons 26 electrons
  22. physics

    A thin, light string is wrapped around the rim of a 4.00kg solid uniform disk that is 30.0cm in diameter. A person pulls on the string with a constant force of 100N tangent to the disk. Find the linear acceleration of its center of mass. If the disk is replaced by a hollow ...

    From the thirteenth to the sixteenth century, the Inca empire flourished in the Andes Mountains. It maintained an eleven-thousand-mile network of stone-paved roads. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1) Which of the following, if ...
  24. physics

    On your first trip to Planet X you happen to take along a 200g mass, a 40.0 cm long spring a meter tick and a stop watch. You're curious about the acceleration due to gravity on Planet X, where ordinarty tasks seem easier than on earth, but you cant find this info in your ...
  25. math

    Complete the following: (2 points per answer) Celestial Body Equatorial Diameter (km) Scientific Notation Earth 12,700 Moon 3.48 X 103 Sun 1,390,000 Jupiter 1.34 X 105 Mercury 4800 2. Theater ticket prices (in dollars) x years after 1997 are described by the polynomial -0....
  26. Physics

    Observing electron interference through an ordinary macroscopic two-slit experiment would be extremely difficult and would require very slowly moving electrons.  (Slow for an electron means < 10^3 m/s.)   How slowly would electrons have to move through slits spaced 6.53...
  27. Language Plz correct me

    Grandma sands says it's quiet down where they are, but we think it's time Byron got an idea of the kind of place the world can be, and be maybe spending some time down south will help open his eyes. What can the reader most likely conclude about dad,s point of view? A. He is ...
  28. Physics

    A spring scale being used to measure the weight of an object reads 17.1 N when it is used on earth. The spring stretches 4.40 cm under the load. The same object is weighed on the moon, where gravitational acceleration is 1/6g Find the reading of the spring scale on the moon. ...
  29. physics

    A 55-kg woman contestant on a reality television show is at rest at the south end of a horizontal 148-kg raft that is floating in crocodile-infested waters. She and the raft are initially at rest. She needs to jump from the raft to a platform that is several meters off the ...
  30. Chem for Dr.Bob

    I still don't understand how to caluculate the number of electrons in the p-orbital. Where do the other two electrons come from to make it three
  31. Chemistry

    Which of the following are excited in ultraviolet photoelectron spectroscopy? A. Valence electrons B. Core electrons C. X-rays
  32. chemistry

    Which of the following are excited in ultraviolet photoelectron spectroscopy? A. Valence electrons B. Core electrons C. X-rays

    1. Why is an electric field considered to be a vector quantity? 2. Draw the electric field around an electric dipole of +1 µC and -1 µC 3. How many electrons have been removed from a positively charged object if it has a charge of 1.5 x 1011 C? 4. A particle with a charge - ...
  34. Physics

    A nichrome wire of diameter 5mm and length 5m has resistivity of 10^-4 ohm meter. If wire is compressed to double it's diameter. Find the resistance in its new form. Also find the resistance of the wire originally ?
  35. Physics

    A bus travels 340 km south along a straight path with an average velocity of 88 km/h to the south. The bus stops for 22 min, then it travels 230 km south with an average velocity of 75 km/h to the south. How long does the total trip last? Answer in units of h
  36. Physics

    A bus travels 270 km south along a straight path with an average velocity of 89 km/h to the south. The bus stops for 25 min, then it travels 250 km south with an average velocity of 68 km/h to the south. How long does the total trip last? Answer in units of h
  37. Physics

    If you stood atop a ladder that was so tall that you were twice as far from Earth's center, how would your weight compare with its present value?
  38. physic

    What does “seven earths" as mentioned in surah at-Talaq actually mean?. what is each cointing on earth? please give detail answer.
  39. physics

    Earth is approximately a sphere of radius 6.37 × 106 m. What are (a) its circumference, (b) its surface area, and (c) its volume? please help
  40. astronomy

    Why could the mass of Venus not be deduced from Earth-based observations in the same manner as the masses of most other planets?
  41. Chemistry help

    Write a descriptive text and a word equation on how silicon is extracted from earth's crust' .
  42. Science

    How do you think the changing environment of the earth influenced the adaptations that allowed a class of vertebrates to thrive?
  43. Earth Science

    Describe how the principle of superposition was used in determining the relative ages of the cross-sections?
  44. Algebra

    An object weighs 10 lbs and is 200 miles from the center of the earth. Solve for the constant
  45. Biology

    Is this the correct order for what appears on earth first? Fish, Amphibians, Reptiles, Dinosaurs, Birds.
  46. Physics

    Does the period of a satellite in a circular orbit increase or decrease as its distance from earth increases? Thanks :)
  47. Physics

    Determine Centripetal Acceleration acting on the person standing at the equator? (the radius of earth is given)
  48. English

    What is the meaning of "Once you have flown, you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been, and there you long to return."?
  49. earth space science

    A substance that cannot be broken down into simpler substances by physical or chemical needs is called an
  50. earth science

    The table below the C-14 Decay curve and the Correction curves contains the % Modern values for 4 samples.
  51. Soil Chemistry

    how is carbon dioxide different than water in terms of the behavior of each compound in Earth's atmosphere?
  52. Science

    What are reasons you should pick up trash of the ground if the someone leaves it. I have 2, 1. less pollution and 2. keeps earth healthy and clean. I need 2 more
  53. science

    in this place Friday comes before Thursday,fall comes before spring,and Mars is closer to the moon than earth?
  54. Astronomy and Space

    Using a telescope, which planets acn be observed from Earth in a crescent moon phase?
  55. science

    if a ball falls 3 meter and bounds 1/2 seconds on the earth, what would happen on the moon if the same happened?
  56. english 1

    Which excerpt from the passage best allows the reader to infer that the Maori people felt cared for by the earth?
  57. i need help on science

    please somebody smart answer this question like Ms.Sue or anybody else. how are earthquake vibrations used to study earth's layers?
  58. chemistry

    The escape velocity from earth is 2.5 x10^4 miles per hour. What is this speed in m/s? (1 mile 1609 m)
  59. geology

    list down six techniques used to transfer heat from the earth crust to the surface by fluid circulation
  60. Physics

    How long would it take for a beam of light to travel around the earth in an ideal fiber-optic cable?
  61. Science: physics

    Why does the moon not require a push to keep it along its orbit around the earth? -I have to use Newton's first law of motion.
  62. science

    Which planet by itself contains the majority of mass of all the planets? saturn jupiter uranus venus earth
  63. Earth Science to DAmon

    Give positive and negative effects of climate change in Canada..
  64. Science

    Earth travels around the sun at a spreed of 30,000 meters per second. Express this in kilometers per hour.
  65. 7 Science

    If earth was larger what would happen to it's atmosphere? It would expand It would evaporate It would be sucked into space It would become more dense

    A dark gray cloud that blankets the sky and often generates precipitacion is called
  67. Earth Science

    2. To make observations, an observer must always use (1)experiments (2)the senses (3)proportion (4)mathematical calculations Is it (2)?
  68. college physical science

    how much would a 80.0kg person weigh on earth where the acceleration of gravity is 1.63m/s2
  69. Biology

    Which is the most common complex carbohydrate on earth? A. Starch B. Glycogen C. Cellulose D. Hemicellulose E. Chitin
  70. science

    Does the total amount of oxygen adoms on the earth increase or decreace over time? Explain.
  71. science

    If Deneb and Rigel were located at alpha Centauri's distance from earth, how would they appear? PLEASEEE HELPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!
  72. English

    I have to list the verb or verbs. Could someone please check. 1. The plant Venus seems more like Earth in appearance than any other planet does. seems like
  73. Physics

    If a man weighs 900 N on the earth, what would he weigh on jupiter, where acceleration due to gravity is 25.9 m/s^2?
  74. physics

    what is the acceleration due to gravity at a distance of 2 earth radii abouve earths surface?
  75. Earth Science

    What causes the intensity and duration of solar radiation received at any place to vary throughout the year?
  76. physics

    light from the sun travels 1.5x10km to reach the earth .how long does it journey take in minutes?
  77. Physica Science

    Describe the movement of the Earth based upon the perceived change in positions of the stars
  78. Science

    What would be a good way using the terms mass and weight to explain how to measure gold so it's the same on earth and on the moon?
  79. Science

    Assume that a spacecraft can travel at the speed of 100,000 km, how many days will it take to get from Earth to Mars?
  80. English

    Are there any deeper ideas in Journey to the Center of the Earth by Jules Verne? i.e. irony, symbolism, or anything like that
  81. Earth Science

    What are the primary heat absorbing gases in the atmosphere? What wavelength of radiation do they absorb?
  82. Chemistry #4

    How long does it take (in minutes) for light to reach Earth from the Sun, a distance of 1.589 × 108 km?
  83. Physic

    While surface conditions differ greatly, name the three ways that Venus and Earth are indeed sister planets.
  84. earth science

    Hello another question: why is yellowstone national park thought to be significant relative to volcanoes. thanks
  85. Earth Science

    Hello, I need help with this question: When and why did eruptions occur with the volcanoes Pinatubo, Tambora, and mount toba. thanks

    Calculate the radial acceleration of an object on the ground at the earth's equator in m/s2, turning with the planet.
  87. earth science

    what kind of air mass weather is likely to follow the passing of a warm front?
  88. science

    Both a globe and flat world map can model features of Earth. Give an example of when you would use each of these models.
  89. Earth Science

    Write a paragraph explaining the connections between plate boundaries, forces and faults.
  90. Science

    Why is the angle of rays of sunlight so important in determining the amount of energy collected by the earth
  91. Chemistry

    Assume earth travels in UCM in orbit around the sun R=1.50 x 10 to the 11th power m T-365.25
  92. Physics

    How far from the center of the earth must a person be located in space so t hat his/her weight would be the same as when he/she is standing on the moon?

    When the water level of a stream or river exceeds its natural banks, it has reached its
  94. Science

    How would earth move if the sun including its gravity suddenly disappeared? Explain your answer.
  95. earth`s changing surface

    land formed by a river`s deposition of eroded soil and others materials
  96. Earth Space

    What is fission? How is Einstein's theory of special relativity expressed? What does each letter stand for?
  97. gaya ,college science

    Which one of the following is an alkaline earth element? a) carbon b)sodium c)zinc d)iron
  98. science

    Why are the coldest temperatures at the 50 km height from the surface of the Earth, occur generally at tropical tropopause?
  99. English language arts IV

    Which words should be capitalized in the sentence " Hawaii has some of the most beautiful beaches on earth"
  100. science

    Why was the discovery of microspheres and coacervates an important contribution to the understanding of how life might have originated on Earth?
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