1. physics

    A particular amplifying device supplies electrons in a manner such that the current passing out of the device is given by I(t) = (Io)e^kt, where I(0) = Io = 2A.The current measured 12 seconds later is 3.4 A.Find (a)The charge Q that passes out of the device as a function of ...
  2. math

    what distance formula would you use to solve this problem? A boat starts at point A, moves 3 km due north, then 2km due east, then 1 km due south, and 4km due east to point B. Find the distance AB.
  3. Physics

    Any help pleeeze!! I'm totally lost on these!! 1. A 14 g coin slides upward on a surface that is inclined at an angle of 16° above the horizontal. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the coin and the surface is 0.23; the coefficient of static friction is 0.31. Find ...
  4. Physics 11

    A 1.2x10^4-kg truck is travelling south at 22m/s. What net force is required to bring the truck to a stop at 330 m? What is the cause of this net force?

    Sue and Jenny kick a soccer ball at exactly the same time. Sues foot exerts a force of 40.6 N to the north. Jennys foot exerts a force of 84.8 N to the east. What is the magnitude of the resultant force on the ball. Answer in units of N. What is the direction Of the resultant ...
  6. Physics help

    I'm preparing for a test. Can anyone check my answer for all these questions? These are my questions: 1. A stationary curling stone is struck in a glancing collision by a second curling stone of equal mass. If the first stone moves away at a velocity of 0.92 m/s [N71oW] and ...
  7. Physics(Please help)

    A force, F1 of magnitude 2.0N and directed due east is exerted on an object is F2=2.0N due north. What is the magnitude and direction of a third force, F3, which must be exerted on the object so that the resultant force is zero? I am not sure how to start this problem!! Thank ...
  8. Science-8th Grade

    5. Volume is an object is how much ________ it takes up. 6. When we measure the temperature of an object in the metric system, we use _______ 7. Scientist say that measuring mass of an object means measuring how much matter something has. What is matter? 8. You are a space ...
  9. physics

    need help with physcis vector problem Using combining vectors to find displacement problem(BEST answer)? tourist on a jet ski move 1.2km 55 degrees North of E and then 3.15km 70 degrees south of east. determine the jet ski's displacement.
  10. physic

    a plane aims north at 450.0km/hr. the wind blows from the south at 100.0km/hr. what is the planes ground velocity.
  11. physics

    An athlete swims from the north end to the south end of a 50.0m pool in 20.00s and makes the return trip to the starting point is 22.0s
  12. Physics!

    The following four forces act on 4.00 kg object: F1 = 300 N east F2 = 700 N north F3 = 500 N west F4 = 600 N south What is the acceleration of the object?
  13. One more thing!

    Day had broken cold and gray, exceedingly cold and gray, when the man turned aside from the main Yukon trail and climbed the high earth-bank, where a dim and little traveled trail led eastward through the fat spruce timberland. It was a steep bank, and he paused for breath at ...
  14. Physics

    A crate is pulled right with a force of 82.0N to the left wtih a force of 115N upward with a force of 565N and downward with a force of 236N Fine the net external force in the X direction Find the net external force in the y direction find the the magnitude and direction of ...
  15. Science

    How does sea-floor spreading occur? A, New materials are being added to the asthenosphere. B, Earthquakes break apart the ocean floor. C, Sediments accumulate at the area of spreading. D, Molten material beneath Earth's crust rises to the surface. •• 2, Which features form...
  16. general physics question

    Whenever I read my science textbooks, they always say that "electrons were fired" or "stream of electrons were fired to the target" during an experiment my question is, how to they generate a stream of electrons to fire in a line?? sorry if this is a dumb question, i'd just ...
  17. science (conversion)

    At the time of this books printing the national debt is about $8 trillion. (a) If payments were made at the rate of $1000 per second, how many years would it take to pay off the debt, assuming no interest were charged? (b)A dollar bill is about 15.5cm long. If 8 trillion ...
  18. College Physics

    A positive and a negative charge are positioned as shown: + | 3.00 meters - _______| 4.00 meters Q1 = 4.00 microCoulomb Q2 = -4.00 microCoulomb 1. What is the distance between the charges? 2. What is the angle of West of south? 3. What is the force of + on -? 4. What is the ...
  19. College Physics

    A positive and a negative charge are positioned as shown: + | 3.00 meters - _______| 4.00 meters Q1 = 4.00 microCoulomb Q2 = -4.00 microCoulomb 1. What is the distance between the charges? 2. What is the angle of West of south? 3. What is the force of + on -? 4. What is the ...
  20. Physics

    A camel sets out to cross the desert, which is 42.7 km wide in the north-south direction. The camel walks at the uniform speed 3.81 km/hr along a straight line in the direction 51.9◦ north of East (only the camel knows why he chose that particular direction). A.) How ...
  21. science

    I'm stuck on the following questions 1)The geocentric model of the universe states that the Earth is the center of the universe. This is an example of a A)scientific conclusion B)pseudoscience C)scientific law*** D)Scientific method Through process of elimination i know its ...
  22. ap physics

    The acceleration due to gravity on the moon has a magnitude of 1.62 m/s. deal with a placekicker kicking a football. Assume that the ball is kicked on the moon instead of on the earth. Find (a) the maximum height H and (b) the range that the ball would attain on the moon.
  23. physics

    A 2.99 kg ball is dropped from the roof of a building 161.9 m high. While the ball is falling to Earth, a horizontal wind exerts a constant force of 12.3 N on the ball. How long does it take to hit the ground> The acceleration of gravity is 9.81 m/s2. Answer the units in s...
  24. Science

    Which of the following shows fossils as evidence of continental drift? A. Limestone layers in the Appalachian Mountains of North America were exactly the same as the limestone in Scotland's highlands B. Mesosaursus, an ancient reptile, had been discovered in South America and ...
  25. chemistry

    what is the total number of electrons shared in a double covalent bond between two atoms, and why? four. One covalent bond is two electrons, a double convalent is twice that. why wouldnt it be 8? Because 2*2=4. Reread Bob Pursley's answer. Two electrons is a single bond; ...
  26. Language

    Which of the following statements best illustrates the social and political climate of the United States during the 1960s? a. The economy was strong and poverty in big cities was declining. b. The auto industry was faltering and it was difficult for trade workers to find jobs...
  27. science

    I have a US History project that's due... I have to make a map of North America in 1756 with: -20 major European settlements -French, Spanish, English colonizations -Native American Tribes -20 major geographical features And, I'm in really big trouble. I've never been great in...
  28. physics

    A tank contains mercury, whose density is 13 600 kg/m3. Find the force exerted by the mercury on a circular plug at the bottom of the tank. The plug has a diameter of 2.54 cm, and is located 37.6 cm below the surface of the mercury. The answer is 25.4 N but I don't know how to...
  29. Physics

    A 4.0 kg block is stacked on top of a 12.0 kg block, whcih is accelerating along a horizontal table at a = 5.2 s^-2 m. Let Mu k = Mu s = Mu. (a) What mininum coefficent of friction Mu between the two blocks will prevent the 4.0 kg block from sliding off? (b) If Mu is only half...
  30. physics

    horizontal and vertical component of earth's magnetic field at a place are 0.22 tesla and 0.38 tesla respectively then find the resultant intensity of magnetic field
  31. Torque and shear stress

    A solid shaft of 65mm outside diameter and a hollow shaft of 85mm outside diameter are connected by 6 bolts with the mean pitch of thread being 155mm. The shear stress due to the torque on the shafts is equal to the shear stress on the bolts. a) Find the diameter of the bolts...

    A beam of electrons is moving in a horizontal circle in a uniform magnetic field that is directed downward. The speed of the electrons is 1.0*10^7 m/s and the magnitude of themagnetic field is 1.0*10^-3 T. As seen from above, are the electrons moving clockwise or counter ...
  33. physics 1

    Bob has a helicopter and from the launch pad he flies the following path: First he travels from the launch pad a distance of 24 kilometers at heading of 60 degrees East of South. Then he flies 48 kilometers heading 75 degrees West of North. After this he flies 35 kilometers ...
  34. Physics (torque)

    The steering wheel of a certain vehicle has a diameter of 38.9 cm, and it turns a shaft that is 8.3 cm in diameter. If a 85.9 N force is needed to turn the steering wheel, what torque is exerted on the wheel?
  35. algebra

    the diameter of a small pizza is 16cm. this is 2 cm more than two fifths of the diameter of a large pizza. find the diameter of the large pizza?
  36. Physics 1

    In recent years, scientists have discovered hundreds of planets orbiting other stars. Some of these planets are in orbits that are similar to that of earth, which orbits the sun (Msun = 1.99 × 10^(30) kg) at a distance of 1.50 × 10^(11) m, called 1 astronomical unit (1 au). ...
  37. Science 8R - HW Qs. Check (#2)

    How long does it take the earth to revolve around the sun? my answer - 365 days right????
  38. earth space science

    how are each of the air masses related and/or different from each other? Are you talking about the various layers of the atmosphere?
  39. surface processes on earth

    What is the most significant factor that ontros yhe development of soil.
  40. science

    Why does Earth get more energy from the sun than from all the other stars in the universe combined? BTS ARMY
  41. 7th grade science

    Does the bending (folding and faulting) of Earth create sound?
  42. earth science

    state the mostly reason for the differences in the weathering rate of the three rock materials
  43. earth science

    What is the most abundant fossil fuel? A:Coal B:Gas C:Wood D:Oil
  44. science

    if i am 11 how old will i be when the life that is leaving the star arcturus reach the earth and how far in kilometers will it have traveled
  45. world history

    where on earth is a place that is uninhabited by humans... in other words... where can a civilization not exist???
  46. science

    if Earth's axis were not tilted,could any area have both a hot summer and a cold winter?
  47. Science

    If the Earth was tilted so that the Arctic and the Antarctic were in the equator's location, how would it affect the climate?
  48. physics

    A stone is dropped from a ledge 45m high. What will its speed on reaching the Earth be?
  49. Earth Science

    Renewable resources can be replaced as fast as they are consumed? It is true or false?
  50. Science 8R - HW Qs. Check

    How long does it take the earth to rotate on its axis? my answer - 365 days right????
  51. Science

    Your journey to the centre of the earth took 64 hours at 100km/h. What was the total distance you traveled??
  52. Physics

    A projectile is shot straight up from the earth's surface at a speed of 1.20×104 km/hr. How high does it go?
  53. physics

    How might you determine the age of a star from an Earth-based telescope? What measurements might you make?
  54. physics

    At what height above Earth's surface is the gravitational acceleration reduced from its sea-level value by 0.60%?
  55. earth

    i have an acrostic poem i have to do for school on describing warm and cold fronts, but i can't think of some of the words
  56. science

    what type of eclipse would you expect to see if the moon passes directly between earth and the sun
  57. science

    why an astronaut would be able to lift heavy equipment more easily on the moon thanon earth?
  58. earth

    When combining atoms, how do i use the balloons and letter notations to show the product formed?
  59. physics

    Calculate the effective value of g, the acceleration of gravity (in meters/second^2), at 8600 km above the earth's surface.
  60. Physics

    What thrust does a 350 model rocket need in order to have a vertical acceleration of 14.0 on the Earth?
  61. miami dade

    a student designed an experiment to demonstrate the interactions between earth systems
  62. science

    1. Earth's capital includes all of the following except a. wildlife. b. nutrients. c. water. d. soil. e. sunlight.
  63. Earth Science

    According to the condensation theory, the most important factor for the formation of our planets was _____.
  64. Chemistry

    5. The elements are related by properties in groups.- F? 7. In Earth's environment, hydrogen is a metal.- T? Thanks -MC
  65. physics

    How might you determine the age of a star from an Earth-based telescope? What measurements might you make?
  66. science

    why does an person in space craft orbiting earth experiance a feeling of weightless?
  67. Physics urgent

    What is the weight of a 76 kg astronaut on the Moon where the value of 'g' is only 17% the strength of 'g' on the Earth? (Answer should be expressed in N).
  68. sience

    Which of the following can be expected to occur as climate change continues on Earth? HELPPPPPPPPPPP ASAP!!!
  69. grade nine space

    What is the difference between the terms rotation and revolution? I need to use the Earth to support my answer.
  70. english 9th grade

    What are some symbols in 'a journey to the center of the earth' by jules verne
  71. space

    in whgich group are the spheres of earth listed in order of increasing density?
  72. physics

    calculate angular momentum and rotational kinetic energy of earth about its own axis
  73. Physical Science

    Explain the importance of the water cycle to survival of the earth's organisms?
  74. Physics

    A projectile is shot straight up from the earth's surface at a speed of 1.20×104 KM/HR. How high does it go?
  75. earth science

    The Mororovicic Discontinuity marks the change in rock density and elasticity between the:
  76. Physics

    What must be the orbital speed of a satellite in a circular orbit 740 km above the surface of the earth?
  77. Earth Science (Geography)

    In what way can the soils, geology and slopes affect river flow?
  78. wireless communications

    what is the period of the space shuttle traveling at 250km above the earth and what is its velocity
  79. earth space

    What man made or natural features can interfere with the weather radar?
  80. 6th grade

    The large landmasses on Earth are called continets,oceans, or plateaus
  81. Physics

    Calculate the tangential speed of the earth around the sun (assuming a circular orbit).
  82. science

    why is it important that the tumble dryer's plug has properly connected earth wire?
  83. earth science

    if continental crust were thinner than its average thickness of 40 km, would it depress the mantle more or less than it does now?
  84. earth science

    how did the extinction of the dinasaurs allow for the evolution of more complex creatures, such as human beings?
  85. earth science

    how did the extinction of dinasaurs allow for the evolution of more complex creatures, such as human beings?
  86. Biology 1

    Briefly describe the basic characterisitics that all living things on Earth have in common.
  87. Physics

    A projectile is shot straight up from the earth's surface at a speed of 1.20 x 104 km/hr. How high does it go?
  88. Earth Science

    Two meanings for the horizontal lines on the geologic History NYS chart.
  89. Earth and Environmental Science

    The solar wind can be thought of as evidence for which theory of light?
  90. Earth Science

    12.   The original location of an earthquake is also known as the  A. horizon. B. epicenter. C. hotspot. D. magnitude. B?
  91. Physics

    What is the amount of CO2 added to the earth's atmosphere each year from fossil fuels?
  92. science

    Name some ways the wind and rain change the Earth's top layer(soil).tell why?
  93. english-what would you wish for

    This was the question of the day What would be one wish that you would wish for if you had a chance. I would wish for Earth to stay as our home forever. Can I have your outlook on this?
  94. earth Geology

    This is just a question that I was curious about, why do mountain belts run parallel to coastlines? Thanks
  95. science

    If you Weighed 360 pounds on Earth with your space suit on, what would you weigh on the moon? Why?

  97. Physics

    Calculate the speed in m/s at which Earth revolves about the Sun. You may assume the orbit is nearly circular.
  98. science

    which types of lava eruptions cover the largest area on Earth's surface?
  99. Chemistry

    Why are the alkali and alkaline earth metals more reactive than other elements on the periodic table?
  100. earth

    When burning coalin a stove, which kind of energy transformation is taking place?
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