Trig check my work please?

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  1. dog behavior

    please check my answer thanks Which of the following is an example of an explanatory fiction? A. worry and sadness are the cause of most serious behavior problems B. Dogs fear some places and things because they are not famillar with them C. Dogs are trained to obey commands ...
  2. Geography

    I've been trying to post this question for an hour but it won't let me because it says I'm posting a website adress. So I'm going to do it in parts... Here are all the hints and all my answers. Can someone please check if they're correct? "Guess where we are? We spent two days...
  3. writimg-please check

    for my birthday, i asked for an MP3 player, but instead, my parents got me a telescope. When I finished my dinner, I went in my room to try it out. When I looked through it, I could see a girl that looked just like me but bigger and older. for a moment, i sat down and thought...
  4. Physics

    A 100 lb block of ice slides down an incline 5.0 ft long and 3.0 ft high. A worker pushes up on the ice parallel to the incline so that it slides down at constant speed. The coefficient of friction between the ice and the incline is 0.10. Find (a) the force exerted by the ...
  5. Physics

    A 100 lb block of ice slides down an incline 5.0 ft long and 3.0 ft high. A worker pushes up on the ice parallel to the incline so that it slides down at constant speed. The coefficient of friction between the ice and the incline is 0.10. Find (a) the force exerted by the ...
  6. Physics

    A 100 lb block of ice slides down an incline 5.0 ft long and 3.0 ft high. A worker pushes up on the ice parallel to the incline so that it slides down at constant speed. The coefficient of friction between the ice and the incline is 0.10. Find (a) the force exerted by the ...
  7. In-class presentation (history)

    Hi Look, I'm stuck. I've been trying to get an idea all week. The last thing that I want to do is use a powerpoint as my visual aid. In fact i've removed it from even being considered. At one point I thought about doing a video confrence or asking people-on-the-street what ...
  8. Geometry help

    Points EC bisects points AD at C. For each of the following, find the value of 'x' and the measure of the indicated segment. Please correct me if I'm wrong! 1. AC= 3x+6 and CD=2x+14 x=_______ AC=______ Answer: x=8 AC= 30 2. AC= 5x-8 and CD=16-3x x=______ AD=_____ Answer: x=3 ...
  9. lal check my work

    tell whether the capitalized word is a subject, direct obect, object of preposition , or predicate noun 1. pay close attention to WHAT I DO.(object of preposition) 2. this is HOW STUDENTS SELECT THEIR MAJOR.( predicate noun) 3. WHO SENT THE YELLOW ROSES is a mystery to me. (...
  10. Grammar

    Please check my answers, they have a (*) next to the ones I chose. Thanks! 1. I ran into a door [see the bump on my head]? Correct *Incorrect 2. Several children (that is, five) came down with chicken pox. Correct *Incorrect 3. Several students—twenty in all—auditioned for...
  11. math(CHECK ASNWERS)

    PLEASE CHECK MY ANWERS THANKS 1.The length of the driveway shown on a blueprint is 2 inches. If the actual length of the driveway is 20 feet, what is the scale of the blueprint? 1 in. = 1 ft 1 in. = 2 ft 1 in. = 10 ft (I PICK THIS) 1 in. = 40 ft 2.Marcus built a model car that...
  12. physics

    The plates of a parallel plate capacitor each have an area of 0.40 m2 and are separated by a distance of 0.02 m. They are charged until the potential difference between the plates is 3000 V. The charged capacitor is then isolated. How much work is required to move a –4.0 ìC...
  13. Diversity

    Young children are more likely to demonstrate early literacy skills when a. they are read to on a regular basis. b. they watch tv for over an hour c. they see their parents reading or watching tv d. they play video games on computer i chose "c" they see their parents reading ...
  14. precal

    The smaller of 2 numbers is 10 less than 4 times the greater number. The bigger number is 19 more than the smaller one. If x is the smaller number one equation is: a)x+y=19 b)x=19-y c)y=x+19 d)x=y+19 I'm almost positive it is c I just want to check. A second equation is: a)x=...
  15. algebra ineqUALITIES

    can you check these tell if the number after the: color is a solution x < 7; 7 i say yes p > -3;3 i say yes k is greater than or equal to 5; 0 i say no 3z is less than or equal to 12;4 i say yes n - 5 > 3; 6 i say no 2g + 8 is geater than or equal to 3;-1 i say yes ...
  16. Math-which is correct

    1 euro is worth 1.2 U.S dollars if I budget 150$ per night for a hotel room. What is the maximum number of euros I should spend for a room? My answer is 108 euros as a maximum (with an actual number of 107.425) Correct??? * Math-check my answer - DrBob222, Tuesday, September ...
  17. Basic: Demand and Supply

    Question: Can you please check whether or not my answer is correct? If not, can you please correct it? Scenario: The market for peanut butter in New York where over 1 million stores that sell peanut butter at any given amount. Suppose the price of bread increases (Assume that ...
  18. ccd

    Did Jesus raise Lathyrus from the dead? i need to know by 2:00p.m. Please check this site for your answer. Note that the original story is told in John 11:1
  19. physics

    please check this: When a glass rod is rubbed with silk and becomes positively charged, a. electrons are removed from the rod b. protons are removed from the silk c. protons are added to the silk d. the silk remains neutral A Charge is most easily transferred in a. ...
  20. physics :thinking check please

    I think that: psi= A sin kx; is a solution to Schrodinger's time independent eqn for a particle confined: a) within an infinite pot well, and b) within the walls of a finite well;but psi= B exp(-kx) would only be a solution for outside the walls of a finite well. Am I close? ...
  21. Chemistry(Please check)

    The decomposition of an aldehyde solution in carbon tetrachloride is a first order reaction with a rate constant of 1.20 x 10-3 min-l. If we start with [aldehyde] = 0.0500 molar, what will the concentration be 150 minutes later? 1.20e-3(150) = 0.18 0.18(0.0500)=0.009M The ...
  22. Algebra

    terry earns $6.50 per hour babysitting. a. write a rule to describe how the amount of money m earned is a function of the number of hours h spent babysitting. b. how much money does terry earn if she babysits for 4 hours and 15 minutes? A. m(h)= 4h+ 15:$26.15 B. m(h)= h/6.50;$...
  23. 7th grade health please Ms. Sue?

    Hi! Sorry, I don't know what subjects you teach, but can you check my answers please? 1. Starches and sugars that provide energy (1 point) kidneys enzymes carbohydrates vitamins 2. The system that removes waste from the body and controls the body's water levels (1 point) ...
  24. English

    This morning I finally said to Mom, "Please come to the game this Saturday. It's the first play-off game, and I'll be the catcher." But Mom said, "Well... I'd like to, but I'll be busy that day. Maybe next time, Sangho." I'm disappointed because this is a very important game ...
  25. Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards (plz help)

    I need help and I'm a bit confused. How to Submit Your Work Regional Programs Students first submit work to regional programs administered by affiliates of the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers. Students and teachers can connect with their regional programs HERE. Deadlines ...
  26. English

    Songpyeon is a traditional Korean food. Koreans usually eat it on Chuseok, the Korean Thanksgiving Day. Songpyeon is made with rice, chestnut paste, and sesame seeds or beans. It is tasty.Therefore, we Koreans like this food very much. (Would you check the passage? Please ...
  27. Chemistry(Please check)

    I need to calculate the valueof Kc for 5 test tubes for an experiment that I completed on determination of Kc. The equation used was Fe^3+ + SCN^-= FeSCN^2+ After creating an ice table for the first test tube my values for Fe and SCN were 6.5e-4M and for FeSCN I got 5.7e-5M. ...
  28. Physics-can someone please check this

    John is fired horizontally from a cannon with the speed of 24.5 m/s. In 3.0 seconds he strikes the earth down range. A net will be located on the ground to catch him. a) what is his initial position above the ground? b) What is the horizontal range to put the net? a)+ upward ...
  29. chemistry

    How do you find the half-life of an element? Please explain and show me how to do this. I know the answer is 14.3 days, but I don't know how to work it. thank you! the problem is: After 42 days, a 2.0-g sample of phosphous-32 contains only 0.25g of isotope. What is the half-...
  30. Math

    I have this application that I cant figure out how to work. Please help without giving me the answer. A tree casts a shadow that measures 5 m. At the same time, a meter stick casts a shadow that is 0.4 m long. How tall is the tree?
  31. College Algebra

    Find a linear equation in the form P = mt + b (y = mx + b), which gives the population, p, t years from 2010. This scenerio is based on a population of 6,000 in the year 2010, and increases by 200ppl every year. Please show the work too
  32. chem

    you have 100 mL of a saturated solution of Pb(NO3)2 at 0 degrees celsius. If the solution is evaporated to dryness how many grams of Pb(NO3)2 do you expect to remain in the crucible? Im not sure how to do this because i don't have a number to work with besides the 100ml. Help ...
  33. math

    . Given the following function, f(x)=-x^2 -8x find: (a) vertex, (b) axis of symmetry, (c) intercepts, (d) domain, (e) range, (f) intervals where the function is increasing, (g) intervals where the function is decreasing, and (h) the graph of the function. Please show all of ...
  34. finance

    13. A project has the following cash flows. What is the internal rate of return? Year 0 cash flow -$443,600 1 $224,800 2 $224,800 3 $ 67,200 (Please calculate the solution and show your work)
  35. math

    Figure your age in months, days and hours. since I am 9 years old I found out that i am 117 months, 3,563 days and 85,512 hours. The problen is that I do not know how to show my work. Please respond soon.
  36. Algebra II

    John can clean an attic in 11 hours. DeShawn can clean the same attic in 17 hours. If they worked together how long would it take them? Please solve and show the work. Rounding the answer to the nearest hundredth.
  37. Physics

    A pendulum clock is accurate on earth, where the period of its pendulum is 1.00 s. (a) Find its period on the moon, where gravitational acceleration is 1.6 m/s2. (b) During a 2 h interval, what would be the elapsed time shown on the clock? CAN YOU PLEASE PROVIDE AN ANSWER WITH...
  38. Science

    Hello :) For my assessment tomorrow, one of the things I have to think about is this: "Explained how the ear defenders will work using the Big Idea of Energy Transfer." I have no idea about this at all, please help!
  39. Algebra

    The length of a rectangle is 3 times the width. If the length is increased by 4 cm and the width is decreased by 1cm the parimeter will be 102 cm. find the dimensions of the original rectangle. I don't know the equation, please show the work. Not just the answer. So I can ...
  40. statistics

    I have tried for days to figure out how to work this problem. Please help show me how to find the answer. A particular radioactive isotope decays from 210 mg to 182.7 mg in 15 days. Find the half life of the isotope.
  41. Microbio

    Can someone check my answer please? How does the antibiotic penicillin kill bacterial cells? Is it more effective against gram positive or gram negative organisms? Explain. Most bacteria produce a cell wall that is composed partly of a macromolecule called peptidoglycan, made ...
  42. trig

    Graph three periods of the function. (identify period and phase shift and intercepts) y = f(x) = √3/2 sin(2x) - 1/2 cos(2x) if you can't graph it can you at least get it into that simpler form which is graph able.
  43. trig with enough info?

    Two oil Wells are 4 km and 6 km from the river. The points along the river are 8 km apart. Find the common loading point on the river, using the shortest amount of pipe.
  44. Algebra

    I have a few questions that I need help with. Solve the radical equation, and check all proposed solutions. 5. x- square root 3x-2=4 I don't understand this problem. Solve and check the equation. 10. (x^2+14x+49)^3/4-20=7 would I have to multiply each number by 4/3? Solve the ...
  45. calc.- trig substitution

    s- integral s 1/ [ (x^4) sq.rt(x^2+9)] i know x=3tanx sq.rt(x^2+9)= 3 secx dx= 3/[cos^2(x)] so far i know: = 1/ (3tan^4(x)) 3secx cos^2(x)) dx =1/ 81 [ (sin^4 (x)/cos^4 (x)) (1/cosx) (cos^2(x))] then i'm not really sure what to do next
  46. Trig help

    How would I state the phase shift of y=cos(θ-pi/3) & then graph it? Step by step would be awesome, I was out sick and needed to do a worksheet to catch up!
  47. Advanced Functions

    Consider the trig equation: 4sinxcos2x + 4cosxsin2x - 1 = 0 in the Interval [0, 2 pi] Either show that there is no solution to the equation in this domain, or determine the smallest possible solution.
  48. Trig

    The diameter of the wheels on your car (including the tires) is 25 inches. You are going to drive 305 miles today. Each of your wheels is going to turn by an angle of how many degrees.
  49. TRIG

    Solve this equation on the interval 0 θ < 2π. Round your answer(s) to two decimal places. 2 sin θ + 3 = 2 (smaller value) (larger value)
  50. trig

    Find the indicated trigonometric function, given that è is an angle in standard position with the terminal side passing through the given point. 2) (15, 20); Find csc è. A) 5/3 B) 3/4 C) 5/4 D) 4/3
  51. trig

    y= sin x/2, 0 less than equal to x less than equal to 4pi... the question says state the amplitude and period for each equation and graph it over the indicated interval
  52. Trig

    A 12-foot ladder reaches 9 ft 6 in up a wall. How far up would a 20-foot ladder reach when placed at the same angle? Write the answer in feet with inches.
  53. trig

    To the nearest degree, all of the following angles are solutions of the equation 2sin x + 4 cos 2x =3 except: (1) 40 degrees (2) 150 degrees (3) 166 degrees (4) 194 degrees
  54. trig

    if 5cos A plus 3=0 and 180<A<360..without using a calculator and with the aid of a diagram,determine the value of 1.1 sinA plus cosA 1.2 tanA *sinA
  55. Math - Trig

    The equation y = 20sin(0.5θ - 2) + 40 models the monthly temp for a certain city. Use the equation to predict the temperature in the city during December. Thanks
  56. trig

    The angle of depression of the top and bottom of a tower as seen from the top of a 100m high cliff are 30degree and 60degree respectively. find the height of the tower
  57. trig

    A pilot is flying at 10,000 feet and wants to take the plane up to 20,000 feet over the next 50 miles. What should be his angle of elevation to the nearest tenth?
  58. Pre-Calc/Trig...

    A ball is thrown upward with an initial velocity of 4ft/sec from a height of ten feet. what is the maximum height that the ball will reach. h(t)= -16+vt+s
  59. Trig

    A playground slide starts 107cm above the ground and is 250cm long. What angle does the slide make with the ground? Give the answer to the nearest degree.
  60. Trig

    Solve, algebraically or with justification (no graphing calculator solutions allowed), the following equation: tan⁡7x-sin⁡6x=cos⁡4x-cot⁡7x
  61. Math Trig

    use a double-angle formula to find the exact value of cos2u when sinu=5/13 , where pi/2<u<pi So far I went cos2u=1-sin^2 =1-2(25/169) =1-(50/169)
  62. Physics :D

    An electric motor is tested and found 76% efficient. if the input work is 400 J, what is the motors output work? A ramp has a length of 4m and a height of 1.5m. If a man pushes a 40N crate to the top of the ramp with a force of 60N, what is the efficiency of the ramp? How do I...
  63. Check a chemistry answer

    So I think I have done this problem right, I was just wondering if anyone would check over it for me. What mass (in grams) of P2O5 contains 1.20 x 1023 atoms of phosphorus? 1.20E23 atoms of P x (1 mol/ 6.022E23 atoms) x (5 mol O/ 2 mol P) x (1 mol P2O5/ 5 mol O) x (79.995g/ 1 ...
  64. HISTORY- Check my answer!

    Check my answer and if it is not right, what is it?: How did China become a communist nation? The communists were elected. The communists gained control after a long civil war. The communists gained control in a swift coup d’état. The emperor appointed a communist prime ...
  65. Maths

    If z=(x^n) f(x/y), where f is an arbitrary function, show that: x(partial z/partial x) + y (partial z / partial y) = nz Can someone please show me how to work it out? Thanks!
  66. Math - logarithmic equation

    Solve the logarithmic equation. Please show all of your work. Loga(x+3) + loga(x-3) = 3
  67. Physics

    A block of mass 2.50 kg is pushed 2.40 m along a frictionless horizontal table by a constant 10.0 N force directed 25.0° below the horizontal. (a) Determine the work done by the applied force. J (b) Determine the work done by the normal force exerted by the table. J (c) ...
  68. trig

    sinx = 4/5 and x terminates in Quadrant II Find sin2x and cos2x How to get the answers, which are sin2x = -24/25, cos2x = -7/25?
  69. trig

    If a, b are the solutions of the equation log base 3 (5-2x)+ log base 3 (5+2x)=2 find the value of the product ab.
  70. trig

    how do i get the degree for (tan+1)(tanx-2)=0 in the interval of 0 is less that or equal to x and x is less then or equal to 360
  71. Trig problems

    Part 1) Evaluate tan 7.5 Part 2) Evaluate exactly cos (-(45pi(4)))
  72. trig

    Find all solutions of the equation: 2 cosx + sqrt2 = 0 A) x = ð/4 + 2nð or x = 7ð/4 + 2nð B) x = 3ð/4 + 2nð or x = 5ð/4 + 2nð C) x = ð/4 + nð or x = 7ð/4 + nð D) x = 3ð/4 + nð or x = 5ð/4 + nð
  73. trig

    verify the identity: sec(beta)+ tan (beta)= cos(beta)/ 1-sin(beta)
  74. trig

    {tan^2x+cotx divided by tanx-cotx} is equal to {1 divided by sin^2x-cos^2x}
  75. Trig

    Sin theta = 4/5 i got 53.1 as an answer but on my answer sheet is also has 126.9 How do i get that 126.9?
  76. trig

    how do i set this problem up? Find tan (s + t) given that sin s = 1/4, with s in quadrant 2, and sin t = -1/2, with t in quadrant 4.
  77. trig

    If sec(4 = csc(6 ) and Theta is an angle in radian measure determine m angle theta
  78. Trig

    Solve for 0≤x≤2π ---> (2√2)cos²(x)-(√2-2)cos(x)-1=0 much thanks .
  79. trig

    the shadow of a tower is 2y meters longer at 30 degree than when it was at 45 degree. find the height of the tower
  80. Math/Trig

    Solve: 2 sin x - 1 = 0 for 0 degrees is less than or equal to x is less than 360 degrees.
  81. Trig

    Solve: cos2x(2cosx+1) for 0degrees is less than or equal to x is equal to or less than 360degrees
  82. trig

    Determine the value of cos(theta) given that cos(pi − theta) = .2 (A) p.96 (B) .2 (C) −.2 (D) −p.96 (E) None of the above.
  83. trig

    Given Tangent theta = -5 on 4 and cos theta >0, find sine theta and sec theta
  84. mth, trig

    Given cos a=-7/25 in quadrant II , and sin b=-12/13, in quadrant IV , find cos(a+b) and sin2a
  85. trig

    find the angle between vector U=<2,3> and V=<1,-5> answers: 88 degrees, 45 degrees, 135 degrees, or 92 degrees...?
  86. Calc- Trig Substitution

    integral of dx/square root(x^2-64) My answer is: ln (x/8 + square root(x^2-64)/8) +c is this right?
  87. Trig

    Verify the identity. (secx + tanx)/(secx - tanx) = (1 + 2sinx + sin(^2)x)/cos(^2)x
  88. trig

    Choose the expression that is equivalent to the given expression. sin 6x tan 3x I got 2 sin^2 3x
  89. Inverse Trig

    Using -pi/2 ≤ y ≤ pi/2, what are the following solutions? y=arcsin root3/2 y=arcsin 1/2
  90. trig

    Establish the following identity: CosA/1-TanA + SinA/1-CotA = CosA-SinA
  91. Trig

    A jet is 115 mi east and 88.3 i north of Niagara Falls. What is its displacement from Niagara Falls?
  92. Trig

    Solve each equation for the given domain. cos^2 theta + cos theta - 1 = 0 for 0-180.
  93. Trig

    Given Tan(A) = 5 in Quadrant III and Sin(B) = ⅔ in Quadrant II, find Sin(A-B).
  94. Trig

    Solve equation for 0 less than or equal to theta less than 360. 3-1/5*tan(theta)=16/5
  95. English, Business English, Communications

    I revised this memo to approve the you-attitude. Can someone tell me if I did it correctly? If I didn't what did I do wrong. I worked on this for 3 hours! Subject: Status of Building Renovations We are happy to announce that the renovation of the lobby is not behind schedule. ...
  96. English

    Can you please help me rephrase a poem by Whitman or at least check if my sentences are correct? 1)We were holding each other tightly without ever leaving each other (??) 2) We enjoyed going up and down, making excursions, being powerful (??) 3) We streched our elbows and held...
  97. chemistry

    I am trying to work out the abbreviated structure formula of the products of the complete hydrolysis of tocainde together with any new functional groups formed. I am somewhat stuck and have got only as far as identifying the functional groups in tocaine. please can you help
  98. physics

    The nucleus of a copper atom contains 29 protons and has a radius of 4.8*10^-15m. How much work (in electron volts) is done by the electric force as a proton is brought from infinity, where it is at rest, to the "surface" of a copper nucleus? I really got no clue to do it. Can...

    A fair coin is tossed ten times in a row. What is the probability that "heads" comes up at least eight times? I got an answer of 7/128, but I lost the paper with the work I showed. Can someone refresh my memory please?
  100. social study

    Hi everyon I need help with my home work pls help me. I have to write aboot surfing competition. Like I am a reporter and I have to write artical about that. where and when, who won and how, what happend to looser and what kind of outfit surffer wear ( discribe). Please help ...
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