Trig check my work please?

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Hello. Please help me to check the sentences: 1) His sister or his brother hasn't any bank accounts. 2) His sister and his brother haven't any bank accounts. Thank you for your help.

Question & Work

Can somebody tell me how come my work doesn't get posted with my question.


how many minutes are there in 10 days? show work i know the answer but i don't get how to show work?


Find the verb. Exactly how does the brain work? verb: work


I have been researching, but I find no reliable sources. I want to check with you if these are true.... Are we actually not touching the ground due to the repulsion of the electron clouds between our feet and the ground? Same with the clothes we wear and our body?? Are we not ...

statistics check my work..thank you

Use “service” to assess if there is any difference in duration of hospital stay based on what type of service medical or surgical the patient received during the 25 days in hospital (Key medical=1, surgical=2) what is the sample size, mean and standard deviation? Duration ...


1. He has as many books as Tom. 2. He has as much money as Tom. 3. He is as strong as Tom. 4. He runs as fast as Tom. 5. He jumped rope more than Jane. 6. Tom jumped rope as many as Mike. (Are they all grammatical? Would you check the sentences, please?)

6th grade math

We are learning probability and can you please check my answer. Question: Enrique has 3 dimes, 2 quarters, and 5 nickels in his pocket. He takes one coin from his pocket at random. What is the probability that the coin is either a dime or a nickel? My answer is 8:10 which ...

exceptional children

a naturalistic language-learning environment a occurs mostly in the home b. is created whenever a child is communicating with others c. occurs mostly in speech therapy d. excludes speech therapy I chose "c" as my answer can someone please check

chemistry(Please check)

1) In comparing the phase diagram for water with that of a solution of sugar in water, all of the following decrease except a) the vapor pressure b) the boiling point c) the freezing point d) the triple point I chose the boiling point as the answer. Is this correct? Thank you.

Chemistry(Please check)

1) The reaction: A + 3B = D + F was studied and the following mechanism was finally determined A+B=C (fast) C+B=D+E (slow) E+B=F (very fast) Which step has the largest activation energy? I chose the second step because it is slow and should have the most energy. Is this correct?

Science 7R - HW Qs. Check (Q2)

why are there fewer organisms as you move toward the top of the energy pyramid? answer - As you move up the pyramid the transfer of energy (10 pct per level is transfered) is less efficient & each level becomes smaller. am i correct???? (please be honest)


Ok, so I have this worksheet due, and it's for a lot of points, so can you check over my answers please? Can you leave your email so I could forward the scan to you? The worksheet has a lot of labeled shapes, so it's hard to describe in text. These are the answers that I got: ...

Chem Check Please!!!

Calculate for the electrochemical cell below, Ag(s) | AgCl(s) | Cl–(aq) || Cu2+(aq) | Cu(s) given the following standard reduction potentials. Cu2+(aq) + 2 e– -> Cu(s) E = +0.337 V AgCl(s) + e– -> Ag(s) + Cl–(aq) E = +0.222 V a. –0.115 V b. –0...

Physics please check repost

In exercising, a weight lifter loses 0.100 kg of water through evaporation, the heat required to evaporate the water coming from the weight lifter's body. The work done in lifting weights is 1.30 x 10^5 J. (a) Assuming that the latent heat of vaporization of perspiration is 2....

Chem 1

Use the following data (in kJ/mol) to estimate the standard enthalpy of formation (in kJ/mol) for hypothetical compound CsF2 in the solid state. Lattice energy of CsF2 -2347 First ionization energy of Cs 375.7 Second ionization energy of Cs 2422 Electron affinity of F -328 ...

Chemisty-Freezing Points

The freezing point of benzene is 5.5°C. What is the freezing point of a solution of 8.50 g of naphthalene (C10H8) in 425 g of benzene (Kf of benzene = 4.90°C/m)? delta T = Kf m m = mols/kg solvent. Change 8.5 g naphthalene to mols and 425 g benzene to kg. That will get delta...

dog behavior

please check answer thanks Modeling is a training technique that involves A. providing one dog as an example for another dog to follow B. giving positive reinforcement for correct behavior C. using dependent and independent variables in an experiment D. habituating a dog to a ...

Physics help again!

A ball is thrown horizontally off a 35 m tall building. It hits the ground 80 m from the bottom of the tower. a. what is the balls time in the air [i got 2.67] b. what is its initial velocity? [i got 0] c. What is the magnitude and direction of its velocity as it strikes the ...

Physics, Collisions

A pendulum of a given mass is pulled back through a given vertical height and released to swing back down to a 'wall' where it impacts. Can i use mg delta h to get E kin; and then use E= half mv^2 to get the collision impact velocity? Would someone check my thinking please? ...


Could you please check these thanks god bless. Directions: Match each word in the left hand column with it's opposite in the right hand column. 1. -------- large A. au- dessous 2. -------- long B. noir 3. -------- sport C. serré 4. -------- au-dessus D. plus cher 5. -------- ...

world history

Which civilizations were likely to have contact with each other?Why? _answer: Indus valley and Shang because they are close geographically B)Between which lines of latitude did early civilizations develop? Why? _Between lines of 20N and 40N. Because at this latittude they have...

Foreign languages

I left out this short paragraph. Could you please check it? 1) I really hope everthing is Ok with you. My students are really looking forward to starting the email partnership. I would be therefore be extremely grateful to you if you could let me have all the email adresses by...

check my science hw please.

18. Which of the following would be a cost of drilling for oil in Antarctica? A. The supply of heating fuel would be increased. B.There would be a greater opportunity to study wildlife there. C. An oil spill could harm food sources for penguins. D. Many new jobs would be ...

Math Please Help

In a recent survey of middle school students about pizza toppings, it was found that 25 students like pepperoni pizza, 31 like banana peppers pizza, and 5 likes both pepperoni and banana peppers on their pizza. if 66 students were surveyed, how many students do not like banana...

College Algebra

OOPS I got the zeros wrong in the last post...please show work. Find a polynomial of the specified degree that has the given zeros Degree 4: zeros -2,0,2,4


In a subdivison, 67% of homes have detached garages, 32% have a patio, and 13% have both. What is the probability that a house has a pation if you know that it has a detached garage? Please explain how you did the work, thanks.


In a subdivison, 67% of homes have detached garages, 32% have a patio, and 13% have both. What is the probability that a house has a pation if you know that it has a detached garage? Please explain how you did the work, thanks.

3rd grade math

Robert is writting a poem. The poem is divided into 5 stanzas and is on 2 pages. There are 60 lines in the poem. How many lines are in each stanza? show work please


1. a force of 30n with a direction of 35 degrees northwest acts on point p. Find: a) the northward component on the force b) the westward component of the force Please show work. Thanks!


use the given zeros to find the remaining zeros of the function h(x)=x^4-9x^3+12x^2+138x-1360 zero:3-5i enter the remaining zeros of f please show work


7x + 5 = y 3.5x + 20 = y Solve the system of equations. What method did you use to solve the system and why? Show your work. Can someone please explain to me the process of solving the system? That would be nice. Thanks! (=


In 1989, Carl Lewis established a world record when he ran the 100 meter dash in 9.92 seconds. What was his average speed(in m/s) for the race? Remember to include your data, equation, and work when solving this problem. I am not sure how to do this problem. Please help!!


A piece of metal of mass 20.0g @ 100°C is placed in a calorimeter containing 50.7g of water at 22.0°C. The final temperature of the mixture is 25.7°C. What is the specific heat capacity of the metal? Assume that no energy leaves to the surroundings. Not sure how to work ...

human services

I can not find the answer to this question;Does the Association of Social Work Board offer qualified referrals or suggest community based programs which may benefit your client base. could you please help me find a site that may have the information that I am looking for?


I know that there are a whole bunch of proxy servers out there but I can't seem to find one that will help me get around the system. I am wanting to use this proxy address to help me access school resource websites, but they're all blocked. HELP!!!! Please reply soon so I can ...


Consider the decomposition of a metal oxide to its elements where m represents a generic metal. M2O(s)<->2M(s)+1/2O2(g) the delta G is 10.30 I need to find K and PressureO2 at 298K I know the equations but i keep getting the answer wrong could you please help me. Could ...


A race car moving at 157km/hr decelerates at -7.00 m/s^2 to a speed of 75.0km/hr A) how long did this take? B) how many meters did the car travel during this deceleration? I attempted this problem many times and i don't seem to get the correct answer please show all work thank...


Sally the bug has an initial speed of 20.0cm/s. She then accelerates at 8.00cm/s^2 for 5.00s. calculate sallys total displacement? which i did and got 200 cm Displacement during the 5th second? can you please help and show all work


Simplify. 3 - 2(4 - 7) ÷ 9 i don't know what ta dooooo after i subtract 4 and 7 which is -3 then multiply 2 which is -6 then i don't know what to do afterwards, i know pemdas so -6 divided by 9 cannot be so please help on that. the integers from -3 to +3 can be used in the ...


How many g of H2 is formed from 2.4 g H20 according to the following reaction. 2H2O--->2H2O+O2 I believe the answer is .27g However, I can't understand how to work the problem completely out or one like it, if someone could please explain the formula it would be appreciated.


A 1200 kg sedan is traveling at 10m/s when it is hit from behind by a 1000 kg convertible. The bumpers of the cars crush and lock. Their combined speed just after the crash is 16 m/s. What is the velocity of the convertible before the collision? Please show your work.

Spanish-8th please check for errors

¿Cómo se llama tu maestro de español? Mi maestra se llama es Señora Johnston. Mi maestra se llama es Maestra Johnston.


Machines A, B, and C do the same amount of work, but they each take a different amount of time. Machine A takes more time as compared to machine C. Machine B takes the maximum time to do the same amount of work. Which machine expends the most power doing this work?

need help please

solve each system graphically. be sure to check your solution. if a system has an infinite number of solutions, use the set-builder notation to write solution set. if a system has no solution, state this. where appropriate, round to the nearest hundredth. 6x-2y=2 9x-3y=1


What mass of KIO3 is needed to convert the copper in 0.200g of CuSO4.H2O to Cu(IO3)2? my answer is: 0.828g Cu(IO3)2 x (2*214.003 MolarM KIO3/ 413.36 MolarM Cu(IO3) = 0.857g KIO3 could you please check if i got it right

Drivers Ed.

What conditions determine an open rear zone? What are the three stopping positions? When turning, where should your last check be? When must you check your mirrors? When turning left, what should your searching procedure look like? When entering a roadway from an alley, ...


The number of a fraction is three more than twice the denominator. The fraction simplified is equal to 9/4 Find the fraction


in proving trigonometric identities if cot theta sin theta = cos theta. what is the correct answer?


what is the correct answer in proving trigonometric identities if tan theta/sin theta = sec theta


what is the correct answer in proving trigonometric identities if tan theta / sin theta = sec theta


Solve for theta, giving a general formula for all of the solution: tan(theta)=-1 sin(theta/2)=1/2


use basic identities to simplify the expression. csc θ cot θ / sec θ

college trig

find the radius of a pulley if rotating the pulley 108.03 degrees raises the pulley 37.3mm


evaluate the expression under the given conditions tan 2 theta; cos theta=7/25, theta in quadrant I


The hypotenuse of a right triangle has length 8. The area of the triangle is also 8 units squared. What is the perimeter of the triangle?


Help me please. Which of the following accurately depicts the transformation of y=x^2 to the function shown below? y=5(x-2)^2+1 A. Shift 5 units right, stretch vertically by a factor of 2, then shift up 1 unit. B. Shift up 1 unit, stretch horizontally by a factor of 5, then ...

Language Arts

Directions. Identify the tense of each underlined verb. Write past, present or future. In this assignment there is nothing underlined. 1. You will enjoy this book about inventions. -Future 2. Inventors create new machines. -Present 3. Each machine does a different task. -...


I have to find the subjects and verbs in all these sentences, please let me know if I did it correctly. Thank you. A guy whom I work with has a theory about college students. (Verb=work, has) (Subject=guy, theory) He believes that students' majors reflect their personalities...

math 30 Trig

If sin theta = -7/8, then the value of 1/cot theta in the interval 3pi/2 <theta <2pi is:


In ΔXYZ, ∠X=47° and ∠Y=29°. ∠XWZ=90° and XY=3.9. Find the length of WY to the nearest 100th.


Given that theta is a quadrant 3 angle with cos of theta=-7radical65/65, determine tan of theta


A 115 foot foot casts a 147 foot shadow, what is the degree of elevation to the sun


Find the smallest positive value of x(in degree) for which tan(x+100°)=tan(x+50°)*tanx*tan(x-50°)


Suppose that 0degrees<theta<180degrees. what is the sign of each of the following? a) cos theta/2 b)sin(-theta)


Suppose that 0degrees<theta<180degrees. what is the sign of each of the following? a) cos theta/2 b)sin(-theta)


write sec theta in terms of sin theta when theta lies in quadrant III

Trig Maths

solve the equation 5sin(θ -pi/6)=8cosθ for values of 0<=θ <=2pi

Trig Maths

solve the equation 5sin(θ -pi/6)=8cosθ for values of 0<=θ <=2pi

Trig help

What values for theta(0<_theta<_2pi) satisfy the equation? 3sin theta = sin theta-1


If tan theta = a/b, where a and b are positive, and if theta lies in quadrant III, find sin theta


If cot theta = -12/5 and the terminal side of theta lies in quadrant II find secant theta


find the algebraic expression that is equal to sin (-theta) sec(-theta) cot(-theta)


The economy consists of the following: - working-age population: 20M - full time employment: 8M - part-time employment: 2M (1M of whom wish they had full-time jobs) - unemployment: 1M If 0.6M of those unemployed are frictionally, structurally, and seasonally unemployed, what ...


Mrs. Smith drove at a rate of 45 mi/h from her home to her sister's house. She spent 1.5 hours having lunch with her sister. She then drove back home at a rate of 55 mi/h. The entire trip, including lunch, took 4 hours. How far does Mrs. Smith live from her sister? I set it up...


I forgot to add the following sentences. Can you please check them fo me? Thank you very much. 1) Would you like anything to drink? Yes, please. I'd like some grapefruit juice and a one-litre bottle of fizzy water, please. 2) I need two bags of frozen vegetable soup, a tub of ...

Math please explain how to do this

Please explain how to work the formula for the following. Quarter Warehouse and Transportation Expense 1/2009 $12,500 2 11,300 3 11,600 4 13,700 1/2010 12,900 2 12,100 3 11,700 4 14,000 1/2011 13,300 2 12,300 3 12,100 4 14,600 The results of a simple regression analysis using ...

Foreign languages

Writeacher, can you please check these sentences? 1) Joyce's Dubliners focus (or focuses/focusses??) on two recurrent themes:... 2) The epiphany is caused by a trivial gesture, an external event, or a bad situation, (is the comma necessary?) which leads them to a more profound...


How does one cite from this form in APA form? I want to use something that would work for me but I don't know how to cite from this form. Please help.

pre-calc help !!!!!!!

#1 cos x+sec x=2 #2 (1+tan x)^2= 2 tan x+2 #3 cos^2x-sin^2 x+1=cos x please show all work & thanks

Math - Logarithm

Solve the following logarithm equation. Please show all of your work. log (5 + x) – log(x – 2) = log 2

Pre-Calc Help!!!

Prove the identity. (show your work please) tan(x − π/4)= (tan x − 1)/(tan x + 1) Thank you!


the ratio of boys to girls in class is 2:3. If Ms. Wise has 24 students in her class, how many girls are in the class. Please show work

Algebra 2

Simplify each expression. 1+sqrt(3) ______________ sqrt(3)-sqrt(2) *this is a division radical expression please show work!!


Lydia is comparing two checking accounts, one has a monthly fee of $10 and a per-­check fee of $0.10, and the other has a monthly fee of $5 and a per­-check fee of $0.25. What is the minimum number of checks Lydia needs to write for the first bank to be a better option?

Math 11

I need help on this math problem. The width of a certain painting is 5cm less than twice the length. The length of the diagonal distance across the painting is 107cm. Find the length and width. Round your answer to 2 decimal places. Substitute: diagonal distance: 107cm length...

Chemistry(Please check)

Delta G^o for a reaction can be calculated from? 1. delta G^o f data 2. Delta H^o f and delta S data 3. equilibrium constants I chose that delta G can be calculated from H and S values. Would you agree?


There are 20 teachers and 705 students in Corey's school. What is the ratio of teachers to students? Answers: A. 4/141 B. 141/4 C. 5/141 D. 141/5 My Answer: A: 4/141 Please check if I am right. Thanks!

Alg II/Trig

A parabola has a vertex at (0,0); a horizontal axis; and the point (12,6) is on the parabola. Write the equation of the parabola in standard form.


Use a compound angle formula for sine to show that sine2(theta) = 2sine(theta)cos(theta)


Find all values of [theta] in the interval 0°<=X<= 360° that satisfy the equation cos2[theta]-cos[theta]=0


If b=5 , the angle C=50 and the angle A=50 find the other angle B and the remaining sides and . Give your answer to at least 3 decimal places.


Let be an angle in quadrant II such that sec(theta) -4/3 . Find the exact values of cot (theta) and sin (theta).


Suppose that the point P is the point on the unit circle that is associated by the wrapping function with the number 31. In which quadrant is the point P located?


given that sin alpha/2 = 2/3, and that alpha/2 is in quadrant II, determine the exact values of all trig functions for alpha.


ABC- with angles AB, and C and sides AB,BC, and AC, angle B is right 90degree angle, if sin of angle A is 0.5, side BC 8in., what is length of AC


the population of a certain city is 1.3 million people. if the population is growing at the rate of 4% per year what will the population be in 8 years


suppose tan theta equal 4 and theta lies in the third quadrant. find the values of sec theta


A vertical tower is on a 12° slope. from a 50 m down the hill, the angle of elevation of the top of the tower is 30°. find the height of the tower


Find all values of theta where 0degrees<theta<360 degrees when csc theta = square root 2


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