Trig check my work please?

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A 2000 pound car is parked on a street that make an angle of 12 degrees with the horizontal figure Find the force perpendicular to the street.

Math Trig

Find the Cartesian form of the parametric equation. x = (2a)(cot T) y = (2a)(sin^2 T) how? lol here's what i got y = (sin^2 T) y = (2a)y^2 y = 2a then? do the same for X? i'm stuck there


A car travels around a circular track at 185 miles per hour. Is this a linear velocity or an angular velocity? Explain.


a vertical pole 3 meters tall casts a shadow 1.8 meters long. what is the angle of the elevation of rhe sun to the nearest minute?


Write the equation of the cosine function with an amplitude of 1, a period of 3pi/7, a phase shift of -pi/5, and a vertical shift of 2 units down.


{Given: cos(A)=\frac: sqrt{203}/{18} {Find: tan(A) Find the positive value of the above in simplest radical form.


draw the graph of 4sin(x+30) and 2+tanx for values of x from 0 degree to 360degree and obtain the solution within the range of the equation 4sin(x+30)-tan x=2


Solve the equation for cos(3theta/2).tan(3theta/2)for greater than or egual to zero but less than 2pi. Write your answer as a multiple of pi.


Suppose that the point P(13,-30) is on the terminal side of the angle theta in standard position. What is sin(theta)? Give your answer to the nearest thousandth


If θ is an angle in standard position and its terminal side passes through the point (20,-21), find the exact value of sec(θ).


what is the amplitude, period, phase shift, and vertical shift of each equation? 1. y= A cos(B(x-3))+4 2. y=-2sin(2piX/3) 3. y=4cos(3pi(x+3)) 4. y= -3cos(2(x-pi/4))+0.4 thank you so much!

algebra-trig help asap

An isosceles triangle has a base 36 cm long and a base of 65 degrees. Find its perimeter. I'm not sure if this is right but my answer is 1250.4 in^2

algebra-trig help asap

Write an equation I'm not sure how to do this though. The sine of x with an amplitude of 4, period of 3(pie) and phase shift to the right of pie/4


A tree casts a shadow of 27 meters when the angle of elevation of the sun is 26 degrees. Find the height of the tree to the nearest meter. a. 24 m b. 15 m c. 320 m d. 13 m


two intersecting sides are 250ft and 170ft, angle between is 55 degrees. use the 250ft side as the base, what is the height of the triangle


Given BC = 53 cm, BD = 62 cm, CD = 80 cm, ABC = 53°, and ACB = 66°, find the following. (Round your answers to the nearest whole number.) (a) the length of the chainstay, AC AC = cm (b) BCD BCD = °


Three circles with radii of 4, 5, and 6 cm, respectively, are tangent to each other externally. Find the angles of the triangle whose vertexes are the centers of the circles.


Solve the multiple-angle equation. (Enter your answers as a comma-separated list. Let n be any integer. Enter your response in radians.) sec 9x = 2

(pls help) Trig

point P and Q are respectively 24m north and 7m east of point R. What is bearing of Q and P to the nearest whole degree.(a)52(b)164(c)134(d)159


if 60 m of fencing is available for a rectangular garden, one side of which is against a barn, what areb the dimensions of the garden that will give the maximum area?

Trig Identities

Explain why Sin of theta= -The square root of 1-cos^2 theta is not an identity, using either graphical or numerical reasoning.


Given angle x, where 0 <= x < 360 (degrees), cos(x) is equal to a unique value. Determine the value of to the nearest degree. Justify your answer.


Given angle x, where 0 <= x < 360 (degrees), cos(x) is equal to a unique value. Determine the value of to the nearest degree. Justify your answer.


Given angle x, where 0 <= x < 360 (degrees), cos(x) is equal to a unique value. Determine the value of to the nearest degree. Justify your answer.

Trig. Math

A circle of radius 2 inscribed in a right triangle. Find the simplest expression possible for the triangle's area as a function of its hypotenuse.


Use the given information to evaluate sin (a-b). Exact answers. No decimals. Sin a = -7/25, cot b = 8/15; neither a nor b are in quadrant III.


Use the given information to evaluate sin (a-b). Exact answers. No decimals. Sin a = -7/25, cot b = 8/15; neither a nor b are in quadrant III.


Use Green's Theorem to evaluate F(x, y) = y cos x − xy sin x, xy + x cos x , C is the triangle from (0, 0) to (0, 4) to (2, 0) to (0, 0) I kind of understand how to do this , but I am having trouble with the trig


I need help setting this problem up. A force of 36lb is required to hold a 70lb toolbox on an incline. What angle does the incline make with the horizontal?


1. The sides of a triangle, in centimetres, are given by 3n-4, 3n+9, 4n+5. Draw a diagram to show the information. If the perimeter of the triangle is 114 cm, find the length of each side.

algebra 2 and trig

The scores on a chemistry test are normally distributed. Approximately 95 percent of the scores fell between 78 and 92. What is the standard deviation for this distribution?


Find the exact value of csc 4pi/3 What I have determined thus far: 4pi/3 = 60 degrees sin = square root of 3/2


a road is inclined at an angle of 45degrees. After driving 300 feet along this road, find the driver's increase in altitude.


Rewrite as single trig function: sin(8x)cosx-cos(8x)sinx I know I can simplify sin(8x) into 4sin2xcos2xcos4x, but I'm stuck after that

Intro to Trig

Which of the following best corresponds to the x-value where the function f(x)=cos x is a minimum in the interval x = [25,30]? A) 25.1 B)26.7 C)28.3 D)29.8 Can someone show me how to solve this step by step? Thanks :)

Trig help

Find the cos(Θ) of an angle in standard position if the terminal side passes through the point (4, -8). -2 -2/sqrt5 1/sqrt5 2 I think it is C but I am not so sure.


Find the derivative. {sqrt(x+8)}*(x^2+20x) (x+8)^1/2(2x+20) minus (1/2)(x+8)^-1/2(x^2+20x) I'm not feeling confident I am on the right track and I have a quiz tomorrow over this.


If a triangle has an area of 50 square units and has angles that measure 15, 65, and 100 degress, find the length of the shortest side to the nearest tenth. Do not round till the final answer.


If a triangle has an area of 50 square units and has angles that measure 15, 65, and 100 degress, find the length of the shortest side to the nearest tenth. Do not round till the final answer.


What is the shortest possible length of a triangle side facing an angle of 20 degrees, if one of the other sides is 5? (answer should be a decimal number, correct within 0.001)


in right angled triangle ABC, angleBis90 degree and C is an acute angle of60degree. Also sin m<C=c/b. Find the following trig ratios.(a)mBC/mAB (b)cosec30degree


Verify the following identity. 1) sin(x+y) __________ = tanx+tany cosxcosy 2) Write cos3x in terms of cosx I cannot figure out how to solve for identities they are so hard. Any help appreciated!:)


Simplify and write the trigonometric expression in terms of sine and cosine: cot(-x)cos(-x)+sin(-x)=-1/f(x)=f(x)=____________ I've tried everything, I think that the "-1/f(x)" part is screwing up my answer but I'm not sure what it's asking me to do with that?


Please check if my memo is correct MEMORANDUM To: Managers of Semper Absum Insurance From: Walter smith Date: October 29, 2008 Re: Increase Employees work efficiency Effective from one week from today, all employees must have their one-hour lunchtime away from their desks. ...


A child pushes a toy box 4.0m along the floor with a force of 6.00N directed downward at an angle of 37.0 degrees to the horizontal. a. How much work does the child do? b. Would you expect more or less work to be done if the child pulled upward at the same angle? a) The work ...

Polynomial Function

Could you please check my answers? Find an nth degree polynomial function with real coefficients satisfying the given conditions. 1. n=3; 3 and i are zeros; f(2)=20 -I got: f(x)=-4^3+12x^2-4x+12 3.n=3;4 and i zeros;f(-3)=60 -I got:f(x)=6x^3+24x^2+6x+24

Math yeild on stocks

please check my answer thanks :) The Klien company paid a diividend of $.42 per share last year . The current selling price of the stock is $27.38. the current yeild on the stock is... my answer is 6.5%

Algebra ...Please check this to see if I am corect

For the following equation, state the value of the discriminant and then describe the nature of the solutions. 6x^2-3x+2=0 I came up with the value of the discriminant as 35. Then I came up with it has two real solutions. Is this correct?


Which of the following is stressed by the APA professional code? A. high levels of competence, integrity, and responsibility B. use of the scientific method in testing hypotheses C. application of scientific research methods to the study of human and animal behavior Please ...


Find sin(s+t) and (s-t) if cos(s)= 1/5 and sin(t) = 3/5 and s and t are in quadrant 1. =Sin(s)cos(t) + Cos(s)Sin(t) =Sin(1/5)Cos(3/5) + Cos(-1/5)Sin(3/5) = 0.389418 Sin(s-t) =sin(s)cos(t) - cos(s)sin(t) =sin(-3/5)cos(1/5) - cos(1/5)sin(3/5) =Sin-3/5 cos-3/5 = -0.46602 HELP ...

Calc Help

q=2500+(600/r+2)-40p Find dq/dp q=3000-100z+(400/p+5) Find dq/dp Please help. Final tom and can't figure this out. I know it's simple. Yes, they are simple. Show your work, I will critique it.


Can someone please help? I have to solve.... An employee produces x units per hour earns an hourly wage of y = 0.50x + 11 (in dollars.) What is the wage? How many hours does the employee work?

need help in math

Please show your work thanks for your help. A children's store sells a toy racetrack for $94.25. The owner uses a 45% markup based on cost. What was the whole sale cost of the racetrack?


On vacation, your 1500 kg car pulls a 540 kg trailer away from a stop light with an acceleration of 1.60 m/s2. (a) What is the net force exerted by the car on the trailer? please show work


Could you please tell me how to work out the net balanced equation of 'aqueous solutions of sodium sulfate and barium nitrate when they are mixed?' *Do we just ignore sulfate and nitrate???????


At the speed of 2.5 m/s, how many seconds will it take the kayak to run a 4,500 m course? What is the speed of the kayak inn kilometer per hour? I want to work it on my own, just need help with formula please thanks


What would happen the the wavelength of an organ pipe if you fill it with helium instead of air? What would happen to the fundamental frequency? Explain Please show all work, Thank you

College Algebra

Solve the logarithmic equation. Express your solutions in exact form only. Please show all of your work. log base 6 (64x^3+1)-log base 6 (4x+1)=1

Physics wavelength problem! Please Help!

A communications satellite transmits a radio wave at a frequency of 5 • 109 Hz. What is the signal’s wavelength? Assume the wave travels in a vacuum. Show your work Thank You!

Intermediate Algebra

I am having trouble with these two. Can you please help me?? Find the following product: -4x^2y (-4x^3y^5) Essy, Show all work. Find the following quotient: 16x^2-25y^2 ___________ 4x + 5y


solve the polynomial inequality and graph the solution set on a real number line. express the solution set in interval notation x^3+x^2+64x+64>0 show work please


Find the change in the force of gravity between two planets when the masses of both planets are doubled, but the distance between them remains the same. Please include your work!


If the total cost function for producing x lamps is C(x) = 90 + 36x + 0.1x^2 dollars, producing how many units will result in a minimum average cost per unit? PLEASE EXPLAIN YOUR WORK Thank you


The sum of two numbers is 15. Three times the second number minus four times the first number equals 4. What are the missing variables? Please show your work.


It takes 445.76 J of heat to increase the temperature of a 50.0 g piece of metal from 20.0 °C to 65.0 °C. What is the specific heat capacity of the metal (assuming the phase doesn\'t change)? Also please show work


I had to answer the questions in the negative please check 1.Hay alguien en la puerta? No, no hay nadie en la puerta. 2. Hay algo en la mesa? No, no hay nada en la mesa.


Please check-I had to correct the first sentence to make it correct in the second No hablé con alguien en la escuela No, hablé con nadie en la escuela.


Please check-I had to correct the first sentence to make it correct in the second No hablé con alguien en la escuela No, hablé con nadie en la escuela.


A graph is given with the line going from (-2, 2) to (2,8). a) Find the length of this line. b) Find the midpoint of the line. c) write an equation for this line. my answers- a) 2√10 b) 0,5 c) y = 1.5x + 5 please check these answers.

U.S History (Please Check)

Which factor contributed most to the increased importance of literature in American culture during the 19th century? The success of major social-reform movements***** The spread of utopian communities throughout the nation The migration of European intellectuals to the United ...


Can you please help me check these sentences? Some of them don't make sense at all.I tried to check some of them though. 1) Brutus has a strong sense of republican liberty 2) Brutus fears what Caesar could (would/may) become if he were crowned. 3) He is not sure about this: he...


Hey, Im trying to find lots of compliments. For example, if someone makes a really nice drawing or whatever, and enhances it with their own techniques and stuff, what comments could I give to them? Here is my list: *Very creative work *Like the blend and flow of all the ...

intermediate algebra

Hello, I am so stuck...I even watched two hours of videos, but it didn't really help me:( I am working on these kinds of problems... 3x-4|+5>32 part of our homework, we have to enter it on the computer in interval notation. So I know that I solve it for both sides ...


For my science class I have to make a machine that attempts to convert heat energy into work. I'm not really sure how to do this, but I do have some ideas, however I'm not all the way there. If you told me your opinion of my ideas or if you gave me one of your ideas that would...

Chemistry: please help, I am stumped

When nitroglycerin (C3H5N3O9) explodes, it decomposes into the following gases: CO2, N2, NO, and H2O. If 239g of nitroglycerin explodes, what volume will the mixture of gaseous produces occupy at 1.00 atm pressure and 2678oC? a. Write a balanced equation for the reaction. b. ...


PLEASE LOOK IN THE BOTTOM OF THIS MESSAGE...... solve for x: 3x - 2y = 6 i need help in solving this: the possible answers has to be one of these: A)2y +6 divided by 3 b)3x -6 divided by 2 C) 2 + 2y D) 2/3y + 6 but how i keep trying and i don't get non of these. For Further ...


At 58.8 degrees C and at a total pressure of 1.00 atm the mole percent of acetone in the vapor state above a solution of acetone and water containing 70. mol % acetone is 87.5%. Assuming the solution to obey Raoult's Law, determine the vapor pressure of pure water at this ...

Math Analysis

Can someone check my answers please? Thank you! If tan x = 3/5, evaluate: 1) tan 2x 2) tan 3x ==> For #1, I got 15/8; for #2, I got -99/5. Are these answers correct?

powers of exponents math

simplify each expression: can you check and help me please a) 3*3*3 i got: 27 b) (-2)(-2) i got: 4 c) (-125)(-125)(-125) i got: -1953125. d) -(2)(2)(2) i don't know: e) (-1) (-1) i got : 1 f) -4*4 i don't know:

Write each expression using a single exponent.

Write each expression using a single exponent. 34.) 5^10/5^7 36.) 76^11/76^5 Please, Please, show work.


If 1/2 of a number, 1/3 of the number, 1/4 of the number, and 2/7 of the number are added together, the sum is 575. What is the number? Please show steps/work.




Can someone please check my work? These students are at school. Put the senence in the correct order using the correct form of the verb ir. 1. Sandra y Pablo/gimnasio (ir) Sandra y Pablo van al gimnasio. 2. yo/todos los dís/a la escuela (ir) Yo estoy a la escuela todos los d...


5L= ?cL 102mL= ?L 1895g= ?kg 2.3kg= ?g What is the square root of 36/49? Please check this table to find the equivalents. (Broken Link Removed) Using my calculator, 36/49 = 0.7346938 Hitting the square root button gives us 0.857148 << What is the square root of 36/49?>...

check chem!

Can u please check. Would this answer be right? #1) In reference to the information given above, determine the following. A 0.10 mol/L solution of H2Te(aq) is prepared and found to have a pH= 1.85. Calculate the Ka value for H2Te(aq). The Ka value for H2Te is 0.002279mol2/L2...


Compare and contrast how public versus a private organization might address the immigration policy differently. include an explanation of how the delivery system of a public organization would be different than that of a private organization. for placement agency and private ...

Health info

please check my answer thanks :) Mr. Jones, angry at Dr. Bob , throws a punch at him but misses. Dr Bob sues for battery. why will Dr Bob lose? 1.There was no physical contact 2. Dr Bob was not harmed I picked #1 no physical contact

How dogs learn

Please check my answer thanks True or False The statement below describes classical conditioning... Classical conditioning involves the paring of a conditioned stimulus with an unconditioned stimulus I picked True

Math(Please check)

The following function is one-to-one; find its inverse f(x)=x^3+5 I know that the first step would be to set y = to x so I did y=x^3+5 Then you swap x with y so x=y^3+5. Then you solve for y and this is where I think i messed up. I did y^3=x-5 = y=x^3-5 Then the inverse would ...

Spanish 8th grade-Could someone please check this

Mexico DF is the word for Mexico City in Spanish I think that is false because they either say Mexico or el DF referring to Districto Federal, correct? They never say Mexico DF do they?

Trigonometry, can someone check this please

A sled travels from point A at the top of a hill to point B at the bottom. If the sled travels 120 m from A to B and the vertical descent AC is 50 m, what is the angle of depression to the nearest degree? arctan=50/120

Social Studies (Check, Please!)

With that policy is John Foster Dulles associated with? A: John Foster Dulles is associated with brinkmanship—the willingness to go to the brink of war to force the other side to back down.


Please check my answer. Are all the accent marks, grammar, and spelling correct? ¿Qué hago para ponerme en forma? Para ponerme en forma hago ejercisios y como bien.


I used your synonym link. I included the words I found in parentheses. Can you check if they are appropriate, please? Thank you. ) The festival is held in Park City, Utah and represents one of the world’s premier showcases (synonym: main settings?) for new, independently ...


English is my second language; please help me to solve few sentences Which one is a complete sentence? Yesterday in the morning while I was asleep Cornered by deer in late evening while talking on my cell and listening radio Because I finished my home work, I may go out. I ...

Physical Science

How much work is needed to raise a 110-kg load of bricks 12 m above the ground to being under construction? work in joules= weight*height where weight is mass*9.8m/s^2

Algebra 2 help

1. (3ã6 * 4ã6)^12 Answer :6^7 2. 3ã9 * 3ã6 / 6ã2 * 6ã4 Answer: 3 Can you guys show me how to work those? I got the answers from back of the book, but I have no idea how to work it. The number behind the square root sign is the nth.


A survey of 2,000 people was given to find their mode of transportation to work each day. The pie chart below gives the results. Of the people surveyed, how many travel by bike to work?

Intergrated science

I need help... I don't know where to begin to answer this question. We are working in force/work ok... This is the question: A pole vaulter weighing 175 lbs leaps 16 ft over a bar . How much work is done?


how do you calculate the missing variable in work and power;example:you must exert a force of 4.5N on a book to slide it across a table .if you do 2.7J of work in the process,how far haveyou moved the book


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