Trig check my work please?

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  1. trig

    if cot(- theta) = 7.89, find tan(theta- pi/2)
  2. trig

    solve for all solutions sin(x)=sin(2x)
  3. trig

    prove 1-cosB divided by 1+cosB= tan^2B/2
  4. Trig

    What is the exact value of sin^-1(sin(8pi/15)?
  5. trig

    In triangle XYZ, angle X = 90°, angle Y = 38°, and z = 4'5". Find y
  6. trig

    1. if sin 2A = Psin2B, prove that tan(A+B)/tan(A-B)=P+1/P-1.
  7. trig

    If sin T = 1/2, then the value of sinT ( sinT - cosecT ) is
  8. trig

    Solve the following equation for È <= È <= 2(pi) 2 tan È + 3 = tan È
  9. trig

    If theta =( -7pi )/( 3) , then sec(theta) equals...?
  10. trig

    4cos^2 theta = 3 where 0 degrees < theta< 360
  11. trig

    if sin theta equals 3/7, what is tan theta?
  12. trig

  13. Trig

    True or false? tan x = tan(x-6pi)
  14. Trigonometry

    What is -6i in standard form? It is originally in trig form.
  15. trig

  16. trig

    Find minimum value of 2cos x + 2cos y
  17. trig

    Find minimum value of 2cos x + 2cos y
  18. trig

    Find minimum value of 2cos x + 2cos y
  19. Trig

    If the period of a cosine function is 1/3 what is the frequency of the function?
  20. trig

    cscx+1/cscx cosx = secx+tanx
  21. Trig 3

    Why does 1 - COS2(Squared) _________________ COS2 = tan2
  22. trig

    Solve (1+tan square A)(1-sinA)(1+ sinA)
  23. Trig

    I need to the steps to get (1-sinx)(1+sinx)=cos^2 x
  24. Trig

    If tan x = -sq rt3/3 and cos x = -sq rt3/2, the measure of <x is?
  25. Trig

    Given tan(A) = 2 and A is in Quadrant I, find tan(2A). A. -1/3 B. 2/3 C. -4/3 D. -2/3
  26. Physics

    A person pushes a 16.0-kg shopping cart at a constant velocity for a distance of 18.0 m. She pushes in a direction 20.0° below the horizontal. A 40.0-N frictional force opposes the motion of the cart. (a) What is the magnitude of the force that the shopper exerts? (b) ...
  27. Language arts please check this

    I'm not sure which sounds better? as best that I can --------------or----------- as best as I can Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. The 2nd sounds better ( or you could even leave the "as" out = as best I can. THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!!!! ;)
  28. Algebra II-Please check

    Did I do this correctly? Use log laws to write the following expression as a single logarithm. 3/2 ln25 + 3 ln2 = ln25 3/2 + ln2^3 = ln125 + ln2^3 =ln125 + ln8 =ln(125*8) =ln1000
  29. Stat/trig question, please help me, thanks

    In 1995, more than 1.1 million students in the U.S. took the SAT. On the mathematics section, the mean =507, s=112 (standard deviation). Students receive scores rounded to the nearest 10. What is the interval of student scores that lie within one standard deviation of the mean...
  30. Algebra-check my answers

    can you check my answers please? Find the zeros for the polynomial function and give the multiplicity for each zero. State whether the graph crosses the x-axis or touches the x-axis and turns around, at each zero. f(x) = 2(x - 2)(x + 4)^4 2, multiplicity 1, crosses x-axis; -4...
  31. Social Studies

    Please check! Thanks!!! How did business owners use the large profits made during the 1920s? a. dramatically increased wages for workers b. significantly reduced the cost for consumers c. reinvested into the business expanded production*** d. purchased additional stock in ...
  32. Accounting 10 PLEASE HELP ME!

    Oscar Corp. applies manufacturing overhead to production at 150% of direct labor cost. During 20x5, manufacturing overhead of $180,000 was applied to production; actual manufacturing overhead was $199,000. Beginning Work in Process Inventory was $20,000 and ending Work in ...
  33. Math

    Time and money are always significant. Look at this scenario. You can either do your own yard work or you can pay someone to do it for you. You find that it takes you about 50 minutes to clip, mow, and otherwise clean up your yard each time you do it. You do it four times each...
  34. MATH

    Time and money are always significant. Look at this scenario. You can either do your own yard work or you can pay someone to do it for you. You find that it takes you about 50 minutes to clip, mow, and otherwise clean up your yard each time you do it. You do it four times each...
  35. Career Explorations - Please Check my Answer

    Please help me with the following question: Which statement describes the relationship between being a waitress and being a restaurant manager? A. Being a waitress is a job, while managing a restaurant is a career. B. Being a waitress and managing a restaurant can be different...
  36. AP Chemistry

    Hey guys! I have answers, but am confused. Please and thanks for any help! A) Which of the following is false? 1.A spontaneous change occurs by itself without assistance. 2.The greater the statistical probability of a state, the greater is its entropy. 3.A non-spontaneous ...
  37. physics

    A jumbo jet must reach a speed of 360 km/h on the runway for takeoff. What is the least constant acceleration needed for takeoff form a 1.80 km runway? I couldn't figure out which equation to use I think there are a couple of equations involved here. You're given s=1.8km and ...
  38. social studies(CHECK ANSWERS PLEASE)

    please check these answers please 1. Which region of Mexico are sinkhole most likely to be found? A. Mexico plateau B.Baja California C.sonoran desert D.Yucatan peninsula(I PICK THIS) 2.what effect does altitude have on Mexico's climate? A. as altitude decreases, the ...
  39. phy

    potential difference=40v b2n plate A & B. find work done if q=+3C from a) B to A b) A to B *i already know the ans but i need the explanation for the formula. -this is my work a)w=-qv b)-120J =-3(-40) =120 J what i want to ask is: 1-why must we add - sign for v is not that if ...
  40. Math/Algebra

    A painter earns $15 per hour. what is the minimum number of hours he must work to earn at least $200 write an inequality to represent this situation and solve show your work Im not sure =-=
  41. chemistry (please check/help)

    How would you make a serial dilution if you have a starting value 100mM of X The are the values of X show different dilutions. Volume variables (x) mL 0 1 3 1 10 30 100 We starting out with 100mM of X which would be considered its concentration. In order to describe how to do ...
  42. maths and english

    i have trouble with my subtractioin i also have problems with my spellings please help Please check these sites for games to help you improve your spelling. Please post a subtraction problem that ...
  43. Work History Answer Check (Ms. Sue)

    According to Aristotle, what makes the rich and downtrodden poor rulers? A: According to Aristotle, the rich and downtrodden would make poor rulers because they would be greedy and selfish and treat each other unfairly due to pride or rascality. Furthermore, Aristotle believed...
  44. diversity

    If a child say "i be sick yestiddy wif a cole" a qualified teacher wil conclude that the boy a is using black english dialect b. comes from a poverty levelhome environment c. requires special education assistance d. cannot speak standard american dialect i chose "d" please check
  45. English

    Could you please check these two sentence? Thank you. The deposit I paid for the hotel room will be retained (??) by the hotel if I cancel my booking a week before due/arrival. 2) In Coleridge's The Rime of the Ancient Mariner (in italics) the storm, for example, is ...
  46. English

    Could you please check these sentences, too? Thank you. 1) There was a shifting of the population from South to North. 2) You reported my notes without changing a single word. A paragraph mustn't be the exact repetition of my summaries. 3) Furthermore, some sentences are ...
  47. Spanish

    Can someone please check if my answers are correct? combina las palabras lógicamente. 1. la langosta 2. la salchicha 3. el ají 4. el caldo 5. el sacacorchos 6. hornear 7. los ingredientes 8. la sal 9. el durazno 10. el aderezo a. el vino b. la toronja c. la sopa d. la receta...
  48. english

    4. In both the Gettysburg Address and “Letter from Birmingham Jail,” the writers (1 point) comment on the tribulations faced by a nation at war. honor those who have fought for freedom. demand the revision of the nation’s unjust laws. expound on the notion of tolerance ...
  49. French Cuisine (Check)

    Can someone check my work? The evolution of French cooking has seen many different changes, where French Medieval cuisine involved great preparation and presentation. Sauces at this time were thick and full of seasonings. The French cooked very ornate and lavish food that was ...
  50. check my work

    3. Which of the following is an advantage of a presidential government? (1 point) The president is elected independently of the legislature. The president is part of the legislative branch of government. A system of checks and balances increases legislative power. A system of ...
  51. Chemistry

    Consider an ideal gas encloesd in a 1.00 L container at an internal pressure of 10.0 atm. Calculate the work, w, if the gas expands against a constant external pressure of 1.00 atm to a final volume of 20.0 L. w = ____ J now calculate the work done if this process is carried ...
  52. marketing

    Binomial probability distributions are used in business, science, engineering, and other fields. Suppose you work for a marketing agency and have to create a television ad for Brand A toothpaste. The toothpaste manufacturer claims that 40% of the toothpaste buyers prefer Brand...
  53. Physics/Math

    What work is done by a force (in newtons) F = 3.1xi + 3.1j, with x in meters, that moves a particle from a position r1 = 2.1i + 2.5j to r2 = - -4.9i -3.9j? Work is the dot product of Force and displacement. Change in displacement is r2 minus r1. I will be happy to critique ...
  54. chemistry

    10.0 moles of NH3 and 10.0 moles of H2 are introduced into a 1.00 L flask. At equilibrium, 3.0 moles of NH3 gas remain. Calculate Kc for this reaction. N2(g) + 3H2(g) < > 2NH3(g) sorry i forgot to say show all the work please! We usually don't do the whole problem. The ...
  55. College Algebra and Trig

    a rancher has 12,000 feet of fence to enclose 5 adjacent pens. determine the outer rectangular dimensions that result the maximum enclosed area.
  56. Trig

    Find all solutions of the equation in the interval [0,2pi). sqrt(3)cottheta-1= 0 Write your answer in radians in terms of pi. If there is more than one solution, separate them with commas.
  57. Trig

    Whats the height of a flagpole if a student stand 37feet from it and determines the angle of elevation to be 34degrees and her eyes are 5.3 feet from the ground(round to the nearest whole number)
  58. Trig

    Solve the equation for the given domain. 4cos^2 θ = 1 for 0 to 360 degrees. I get 60, 120, 240, and 300. Are these correct? If so, how would I represent them with some sort of expression?
  59. Trig.

    Hey I am doing test corrections and need help, Which of the following inverse functions are defined for x=-1/2 ? Select all that apply. Y=tan^-1 x Y=cos^-1 x Y=sin^-1 x Y=csc^-1 x Y=sec^-1 x Y=cot^-1 x
  60. physics

    A theoretical gasoline engine runs with 76 percent efficiency. It is calculated that it expels 3.25*10^4 J of heat. a. Find the heat absorbed in one cycle. b. Find the work output in one cycle. All this comes from the definition of efficiency. percentefficiency*100= work out/ ...
  61. English Check answers

    Transportation Strike Disrupts Westridge Thousands unable to get to work or school WESTRIDGE, Ohio—More than 600 transportation employees went on strike at midnight last night after the Westridge City Council rejected their demand for a 10% pay increase. The strike affects ...
  62. English

    1. The radio is out of order. 2. The radio doesn't work. 3. The radio is out of work. 4. He is out of work. 5. He is unimployed. ------------------------------- #1 is #2, right? What about #3? Does #3 mean #1? Does #4 mean #5?
  63. Ethics

    please check my answer thanks :) Dr. Jones made an mistake is on of the medical records Three years later Nurse Bonnie noticed the mistake and corrected it This was an improper action because A. Too much time passed B The doctor did not make the correction C. The correction ...
  64. French- check-over please

    Imagine that you spent a day in the country taking pictures of animals. Make a list of 8 different animals that you saw. J'ai pris des photos de (d'): 1. un ecureuil 2. un oiseau 3. une poule 4. un lapin 5. une vache 6. un cochon 7. un canard 8. un cheval
  65. Confidetiality of Health information

    please check my answer thanks :) True or Flase You are allowed give access to someone if they need a patients records for a research project. I said True I have seen in my local hospital nursing students taking a look at a pt chart for research
  66. U.S. History

    please check this how did the Nationalists regard Shay's Rebellion? a. as proof that the states had too little power b. as an example of how governments abuse their power c. as proof that only a strong national government could prevent social disorder d. as a demonstration of ...
  67. Physics-Please check

    Do charged particles always experience equal but opposite electrical forces? My answer is The electric forces are directly porportional to the quantity of the charge on the objects. Is that correct-we just started learning this and I'm trying to answer this question and sound ...
  68. English

    Can you check these last two sentences, please? 1)The old man’s eye was open, which made the narrator angry. However, he kept still and said nothing. 2) When he wakes up he can see the size of his prison and realizes that the pit is about half the size he had calculated (OR ...
  69. social studies

    I need help on this problem: Cash crops raised on Southern plantations included _____________, rice and indigo. Please check: Eliza Pinckey is known for developing a type of [indigo] for dyeing cloth. The [Southern] English Colonies were located along the [East] Coast.
  70. History: Please check answer

    3. The CIA participated in the Cold War by helping design efficient weapons systems. carrying out secret operations in other countries. spying on the Soviet Union. helping the president determine foreign policy. I think the answer is B. Thank You
  71. please check(Social studies)

    can anyone explain the advantages and disadvantages for interdependence ANSWER:It is your ideology which makes things good or bad?Good and bad will go along each other and can not be separated because nothing is absolute in this world.Unless you realize your self every body ...
  72. English

    Hello. I will be very grateful for your help. Please check the sentences: 1) "He was a great man whom I cannot remember without grief nor write about without tears." 2) "Even the animal world demonstrates more understanding than does human society." Thank you very much for ...
  73. Chemistry (please check my answer)

    Identify a false statement about how to protect iron from corrosion. A. Coat the surface with oil, paint, or plastic. B. Attach a metal that is more easily reduced. ******* C. Exclude air and water. D. Attach a metal that is a better reducing agent.
  74. social studies

    please check my answer: why did african americans go from the rural south to northern cities starting in the late 1800s? - so they could be around other races and cultures - to change identities - to escape the discrimination and to find better jobs ** - religious persecution ...
  75. Math Word Problems

    Roger bought a sandwich with half of his money and a candy bar with one fifth of his money. How much of his money did he spend ? Please show all the work.
  76. math!!

    I have no idea how to do this!!! Let ΔABC be a triangle such that b=sqrt(3), c=sqrt(10), and cos(B)=3/sqrt(10). Find all possible values for side length a. Please show work
  77. american history

    1. Which of the following was not part of Britain's new imperial system after 1763? The Sugar Act The Molasses Act The Stamp Act The Currency Act The Quartering Act Please check the date for the Molasses Act.
  78. Dog Hunting Training

    Please check my answer thanks :) True or False The Rhodesian Ridgeback in not considered a versatile hunting breed ( however Pointer Weimaraner and Bruttany are versatile hunting breeds) I said that is True
  79. Chemistry(Please check)

    1) Where in the phase diagram of a compound do all phases exist together? a) at the sublimation point b) at the boiling point c) at the melting point d) at the critical point e) at the triple point I chose answer E, the triple point. Is this correct?
  80. math (please check answer)

    10. You have six $1 bills, eight $5 bills, two $10 bills , and four $20 bills in your wallet. You select a bill at random. Without replacing the bill, you choose a second bill. What is P($1, then $10)? A. 77/190 B. 3/100 C. 3/95*****? D. 2/5
  81. Chemistry

    I am totally confused. Does my answer make sense or do I need to start over? The more I read it the more I doubt my answer. I am also confused when it states Please be specific. Is it looking for a specific number for the temperature and pressure or just the conditions? Under ...
  82. algebra

    Find an equation of the line having slope and containing the given point. M=4/5, (3, -7) The equation of the line is Y= I have tried to work this problem and could not get the answer. Please help me.
  83. Math

    Which of the following is TRUE about the line through the points (–1, 4) and (–1, 2)? Please EXPLAIN/SHOW WORK. A. The slope is undefined B. The slope is negative C. The slope is 0 D. The slope is positive
  84. math

    If a car has an initial velocity of 103m/s and accelerates at 1m/s for 3 seconds, what will its final velocity be? Can you please show me how to work this question out with math answers and explain it to me. Thank you.
  85. Math - Slopes

    A carpenter is building a stairway. The depth of each stair is 10 inches. The height of each riser is 8 inches. WHat is the steepness (slope) of the stairway? Please show work.
  86. Math

    How do I work this math prob. I always have a B and would like to bring it up. Caan you PLEASE help me with this prob. on unit rates "$2 for 5 cans of tomato soup"
  87. physics PLEASE HELP!

    The coefficient of kinetic friction between a suitcase and the floor is 0.26. If the suitcase has a mass of 70.0 {kg}, how far can it be pushed across the level floor with 680 {J} of work?
  88. math

    There are 6 boys and 8 girls in a group of students. Calculate the number of ways that a committee of 3 students which has at least 1 girl can be selected from the group. Please show your work.
  89. Statistics

    Starting with the data values 70 and 100, add three data values to the sample so that the mean is 96, the median is 97, and the mode is 97. Please show all of your work
  90. math

    John's father works in Franklin. It is 39 miles from Franklin to his home. If he leaves work at 7:20 P.M.and travels an average speed of 43 m/hr., at what time will he get home? Please explain.
  91. Statistics

    Starting with the data values 70 and 100, add three data values to the sample so that the mean is 81, the median is 94, and the mode is 94. Please show all of your work.
  92. Math

    Two railroad tracks cross each other. If the measure of angle 1 is 3 times the measure of angle 2. What are the measures of angles 1,2,3, and 4? Explain and show your work please.
  93. science

    what is the Half-life of strontium 90. Explain your work. Okay well I already know the answer is 28yrs but I just don't know how to explain it on how I got the answer... can you guys help me please! I need this done in 30 seconds..
  94. Math 222

    Please help me solve this Quadratic Formula with steps on how you got the answer. Sorry my addition and equal button doesn't work. -x^2 plus 3x plus 5 equal 0
  95. Math.

    4^4/4^6 (btw these are called polynomials A. -16 B. 16 C. 1/16 D. -1/16 I understand how to work with polynomials, but I've never seen a question like this. I feel like it's A. Can someone please explain how I would do this
  96. math

    Show that the equation z(z¯) + (a¯)z + a(z¯) + b = 0 with (a as element of complex number) and (b as element of real number) represents a circle in C. please help me, hints will work also as i don't know how to start this question :)
  97. math

    a. Express P (x)= 1/6 ; for x = 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, in distribution form. b. Construct a histogram of the probability distribution P(x) =1 over 6 ; for x = 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. c. Describe the shape of the histogram in part (b). (Please show all work) Thank You
  98. Chemistry

    You have 1683.8 g of a bleach solution. The percent by mass of the solute sodium hypochlorite, NaOCl, is 3.62%. How many grams of NaOCl are in the solution? (show work Please)
  99. Math

    Factor: 50 (2x-5)^2 -162 (3y-2)^2 I'm not even sure how to do this. I've tried it for so long and I've been trying multiple ways. I don't know how to factor these. May I get a step to step explanation or work please?
  100. physics!!! Damon?

    The graph at the right is a positive vs. Time graph for the motion of an object moving along a horizontal (x) axis For each of the 8 1-second time intervals, describe the displacement, instantaneous velocity (+/- and whether the velocity is increasing or decreasing) and the ...
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