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  1. algebra

    find the L.C.D of each of the following and groups of fractions and then express the fractions of each group in terms of the L.C.D of that group... please show work 1\2,3\4,11\16 2\3,1\8,5\12
  2. physics

    When a force acts on an object from an angle other than either 0° or 180° to the direction of motion: 1) The force is perpendicular to the direction of motion, so no work gets done. 2) The parallel and perpendicular component of the force both do work. 3) The perpendicular ...
  3. 6 grade math

    Please I need help on just the set up using a guess and check table. Karina has some dimes and quarters she has 8 more dimes and quarters and the collection of coins is worth $7.45. How many dimes and quarters does Corona have?
  4. physical science

    what is required for work a force moving something, and movement of that something in the direction of work.
  5. math

    I work 1 and 1/4 hour per day how many hours do I work per week and for five weeks
  6. algebra

    Jared can work 54 math problems in one hour, how many problems can he work in ten minutes
  7. MATH

    Blake earned $199.20 for 24 hours of work. How much would he be paid for 15 hours of work?
  8. Physics

    The work W0 accelerates a car from 0 to 20 km/h. How much work (in terms of W0) is required to accelerate the car from 20 km/h to 100 km/h?
  9. math

    write a system of equations that is not linear and graph. can this work equation work? 3x+2y=12 3x+2y=6 1. 3x+2y=12 y=-3/2x + 6 2. 3x+2y=6 y = =3x/2+3 when i graph it will be parallel.
  10. Physics

    Work Function 1 > Work Function 2 In which case will the Kinetic energy of the emitted electrons be greater ?
  11. Physics

    Q11.The table below shows how the braking distance x for a car depends on its initial speed u. | u / ms-1 | 5 | 10 | 20 | 40 | | X / M | 2 | 8 | 32 | 128 | The relationship between x and u is: doubling speed increases distance by a factor of 4. i)The reaction time of a driver ...
  12. Sorry- Chemistry / Ionic Bonding

    Hello My exams are coming I'm a straight A student .. the problem however is : My textbooks , teacher and every piece of work that he gives us is complicated can someone explain me how Ionic Bonding works . Please I really beg you... I need your help! My teacher sucks in ...
  13. Applied Dog Behavior

    please check my answer thanks Instinctive drift may manifest itself in a A. Poodle chasing a rabbit. B. Border Collie who misses an agility obstacle. C. Beagle who knows how to heel but sniffs instead. D. Terrier that barks at another dog. I think that it is A however C looks ...
  14. BIO please check if i am correct!

    why are some bacteria considered to be "friendly" to our digestive system? is it because they aid in the digestive process by helping digest lactose (milk sugar) and protein and helps to clean the intestinal tract, to purify the colon, and to promote regular bowel movements
  15. English

    Can you please just check the grammar in this for me. Thank you Nella Larsen theme is to teach the readers that sometimes it is best to deny ones racial heritage rather than to accept it or identify with it. When it comes to certain situations when race is an issue, the ending...
  16. grammar

    Could you please check the grammar in these sentences? Thanks. It was clearly her, right from the start. These are they, if I'm not mistaken. It always appeared to be them whenever there was trouble. The penalty against them brought coach Henson and I great satisfaction. This ...
  17. English

    Could you please help me check these few sentences? Thank you. 1) I'm happy our head science teacher is so enthusiastic to carry out a project with your and the French school. 2) I read you both agreed to hold the meeting on 27 January and that you are going to provide for a ...
  18. More spanish to check/please

    Use saber or conocer. 1-Francisco sabe escribir para revistas 2-Jorge y Anita conocen Miami 3-Yo  conozco una reporta famosa 4-Alma conoce cuántas personas viven en Miami 5-Yo se la dirección del canal de televisión THANK YOU...
  19. Art

    Writeacher, could you please check these sentences? Thanks. 3) It takes him half an hour to drive to school. 4)He has called the wrong number. 5) He paid 300 Euros for his wedding’s suit. 6) I phoned Mary yesterday morning. He started reading his new his new book three days ...
  20. Astronomy

    Hey There! Thank you for checking my question! ____ 8. The stars do not appear in the same place every night due to Earth’s (1 point) a) solar day. b) orbital motion around the sun. c) right ascension. d) seasonal change. My Answer: B Could someone please check my answer? ...
  21. math,correction

    is this correct? simplify: ((1+(2)/(3))/((2+(1)/(2)) My answer: (2)/(3) assuming that 2/3 and 1/2 are separate fractions, 8/3 x 5/2 40/6 20/3 hmm.. perhaps you need to check your arithmetic. unless i'm wrong, which wouldn't be surprising It is hard to read because the ()'s are...
  22. Science - Please Check My Written Answer

    Please help me with the following: Briefly explain why experiments having faulty design or inconsistent data are problems for scientists. List several reasons. There are several reasons that experiments with faulty designs or with inconsistent data are problematic for ...
  23. American Government

    Check my answers please 1. Which of the following describe the role of an entrepreneur in a capitalist economic system? (I need to select 2) A. Someone who combines the factors of production into a business B. Someone who decides how much regulation the economy needs C. ...
  24. Psychology

    Individuals who use problem-focused coping will deal with a problem or stressor by: A. making changes in their behavior. B. accepting support through sympathy. C. changing their point of view concerning the stressor. D. attempting to manage their emotions. was going to choose ...
  25. Algebra

    How do you simplify the following and please show all work. (-3x(-4 exponent)y(3 exponent) ______________________________ (2x(5 exponet) y(-2 exponent) then the whole equation is in ()with a -2 exponent
  26. Chemistry

    A gas occupies a volume of 140 mL at 35 degrees celcius and 97 kPa. What is the volume of the gas at STP? Please show the work.
  27. Precalculus(URGENT)

    g(x)=1-5x if the domain of the function of g is {x-3 is less than or equal to x which is less than or equal to 2} what is the smallest value of the range show work please
  28. Algebra

    Please help...Evaluate the logarithmic equation for three values of x that are greater than 1, three values of x that are between 0 and 1, and at x=1. Show your work. y=log7 x
  29. math

    A committee of 4 is chosen from a group of 10 women and 6 men. Determine the probability that at least 2 women are on the committee. Please show your work.
  30. Math

    A watch cost $75.99. If the sales tax rate is 6.25%, what is the amount of sales tax? Please show work or the explanation you used!
  31. Math

    Find the x- and y-intercepts and graph the equation plotting the intercepts. Please show all of your work. Submit your graph to the Dropbox 2x-3y=9
  32. Science

    Na subscript 2SO subscript 4 + CaCl subscript 2 produces CaSO subscript 4 + NaCl Please help me balance this equation and show your work
  33. algebra

    consider the function f(x)=9/x and g(x)=9/x find f(g)x))and any values that may be excluded what is g(f(x)) and any values that may be excluded and functions f and g inverse of eachother please show work
  34. calculus

    find the midpoint of the line segment joining the points P_1 and P_2. P_1=(-2,6); P_2=(5,0) m=(x,y) please show work
  35. calculus

    form a polynomial with real coefficients have given degree and zeros. degree 5, zeros 9, -i; 8+i please show work
  36. math

    solve the equation log lower 6(x+9)-log lower 36 x =1 the 6 and 36 should be dropped down, then (x+9) and the x are higher. Please show work
  37. Math

    Barry is 8 years older than his sister. In 3 years, he will be twice as old as she will be then. How old is each now? Please show work! I don't understand.
  38. Physics

    Does the solar powered calculator work when there is no bright light falling on the solar panel? Explain. I think it does but I don't know why please help explain this. Thank you
  39. Math

    PLEASE SHOW YOUR WORK OR EXPLAIN... Mr. Webb gave his waiter a $5.60 tip on a $40 bill. What percent tip did he give the waiter?
  40. Precalculus...repost.. The tutor didn't quite answ

    Calculate the solution set. x^2+y^2+8x=-15 9x^2+25y^2=225 My work: I did elimination...multiplied -25 to the top equation and got..... -16x^2-200x-600...I then used quadratic formula ... And got -7.5 and -5..... Is -7.5 an EXTRANEOUS SOLUTION because when I plugged -7.5 in for...
  41. 8th-g Science: Need help to check answer!!!

    Since I will have a science test next week based on these questions but my teacher won't check all answer with the class. I don't want to make a mistake and study to an incorrect answers. Do you mind to check the answers for me so that I am able to see if I got it correct or ...
  42. Math - Domain of Composite

    Find the domain of the composite function . Please show all of your work. f(x) = sqrt(x); g(x) = 2x + 12
  43. Math

    Find the derivative: y = square root of x(x+14). The square root is only on the x. Please show work and explain. I don't know how to do this. Thanks!
  44. Physics

    A truck carrying a 38 kg crate accelerates uniformly from rest to 87.5 km/hr in 12.1 s. Calculate the work done on the crate by the truck. Please help:/
  45. math/calculus

    solve the equation loga(x-5)- loga (x+9)=loga(x-7)-loga(x+9) all a's are lower please show work
  46. math

    A parallelogram has an area of 8x^2 - 2x -45. The height of the parallelogram is 4x + 9. I know the formula for a parallelogram is A=bh. Please work and explain how I get the length of the base of the parallelogram. Thanks
  47. Physics

    You are carrying a backpack across campus. What is the work done by your verticals carrying force on the backpack? Please explain...
  48. Geometry

    The midpoint of UV is (5,-11). The coordinates of one endpoint are U(3,5). Find the coordinates of endpoint V. (please show work and explain.)
  49. ALG 2/Trig

    A new $12,000 automobile decreases in value every year. What is it's value 7 years from now?
  50. trig

    how can i find all the exact solutions to the equation : 2cos^2x + 3sinx = 3 the solutions have to be between [0,2pi)
  51. Trig.

    Theta is 21 deg. The bottom side is 25, with the side opposite from twenty one being represented by x. How do you find x?
  52. trig

    Verify the trigonometric identity: [(1–sin²x)/sin²x]–[(csc²x–1)/cos²x]= -tan²x I still can't figure this out.
  53. trig

    find the exact value of cos(theta) if the terminal side of angle(theta) contains the point (-3,5)
  54. trig

    I don't understand the question... (This homework question was removed due to a copyright claim submitted by
  55. Trig

    Use identities to find indicated values tan (theta)= (12/5), pi <0<3pi/2 Find sin (2theta)
  56. trig

    Use identities to find indicated values tan (theta)= (12/5), pi <0<3pi/2 Find sin (2theta)
  57. trig

    if P(-4,1) is a point on the terminal side of angle (theta), in standard position, then what is the exact value of csc (theta)?
  58. trig

    For the given equation, solve for all values of (theta) to the nearest tenth of a degree. 2secant(theta)+10=0
  59. trig

    secant theta = square root of seven over two and cosecant theta is less than zero
  60. trig

    Write the equation of the sine function with an amplitude of, a period of, a phase shift of, and a vertical shift of 10 units up.
  61. algebra2/trig

    the length of a rectangle is 2x+4/(x^2-9) and its width is 3/(x-3). express the perimeter of the rectangle as a single fraction in simplest form.
  62. trig

    secx=5 use a graph to solve the following equation in the interval x is greater than -pie but less than pie
  63. trig

    Given that sin (pi/10)=(sqrt(5)-1)/4, use double-angle formulas to find an exact expression for sin(pi/5).
  64. trig

    Given that tan B= 7/24 with B in quadrant III, find sin 2B, cos 2B, and tan 2B, using angle identities.
  65. trig

    A third point C lies on the ground 5.4m from N the angle of depression of C from R is X degrees. Calculate to the nearest degrees the value of X.
  66. trig

    sinx=square root of 3 over 2, cosx=1 over 2 i want to find all six trigonometric functions
  67. algebra-trig help asap

    An isosceles triangle has a base 22 cm long and a base angle of 72 degrees. Find its perimeter.
  68. Math

    sec(alpha) = -4(√(5))/5 find exact values at alpha for the remaining five trig functions
  69. trig

    each wheel of a bicycle is of radius is 1.1 ft. if the wheels are making 4 revoultions per second how fast is the bicycle moving
  70. Trig

    the sine of an angle is 0.6. the constraint is the angle lies in quadrant II. how do I figure out what x is to solve the six functions?
  71. Trig

    Use trigonometric identities to solve the equation csc^2x -(√3+1)cotx+(√3-1)=0 in the interval [0, 2pi]
  72. trig

    A road has a 10% grade (slope). To the nearest degree what is the angle of elevation of the road? should I use sin?
  73. Pre-Calc/Trig...

    Write a function with the following characteristics: A vertical asymptote at x=3 A horizontal asymptote at y=2 An x-intercept at x=-5
  74. trig

    determine a set of parametric equations to represent the line segment that begins at the point(-2,6) and ends at the point (10,-4)
  75. Pre-Calc/Trig...

    Given a geometric sequence with a1 = 6 and r = 2/3, write an explicit formula for An, the nth term of the sequence.
  76. Trig

    What is the period of f(x)=sin4x. I got pi/2 but on my answer list, it is not on there. a.4pi b.2pi c.pi d.1/2pi Which one would i choose?
  77. Math

    Find the exact value of the trig expression given that sin u = -5/13 and cos v = -4/5. u and v are in the second quadrant. cos(v - u)
  78. Trig identities

    Has a negative -5/13 Steve. If angles x and y are in the same quadrant and sin x =3/5 and cos y= -5/13 determine the value of sin (x-y)
  79. Math

    Find the exact value of the trig function below. cos a/2 if cosa = - 31/49 (assume cos a/2 is negative)
  80. calculus

    A Norman window has the shape of a semicircle atop a rectangle so that the diameter of the semicircle is equal to the width of the rectangle. What is the area of the largest possible Norman window with a perimeter of 33 feet? I got h=10.180619625,r=2.458141125 and Area = 59....
  81. English

    Could you please check these phrasal verbs i'm unsure of? thank you. 1) They are cutting off the water/gas supply tomorrow. The chairman cut him out of the discussion. 2) The light went off (out is possible?) all of a sudden. Can you switch off /put out the light, please? 3) ...
  82. education

    Children will generally select equipment based on: a.their prior success with the equipment. B.the size of the equipment c.the brightness and boldness of the equipment's colors d. The opportunity for challenge presented by the equipment. My answer is D. Could someone please ...
  83. Math

    Can you please check my answers for these questions? I'm having a little trouble with my signs, because I sometimes substitute in wrong, so I get these wrong because of that, Thank you! For the following problems, use f(x) = x^2+ 3; g(x) = –3x; h(x) = 8x - 5; a. (f + h)(x...
  84. math

    Please check. (-6m^2n+3mn^2-5mn+2)+(4m^2n+2mn^2-6mn-9) Answer: -2m^2n+5mn^2-11mn-7 (2x^4-3x^2+7x)-(5x^3+2x^2-3x+5) Answer: 2x^4-5x^3-5x^2+10x-5 (a-8)(a-1) Answer: a^2-9a+8 (z+6)^2 Answer: z^2+12z+36 (5x+2y)^2 Answer: 25x^2+20xy+4y^2 Is that order okay? Does it matter? (2x-7)(...
  85. math

    Please check. (-6m^2n+3mn^2-5mn+2)+(4m^2n+2mn^2-6mn-9) Answer: -2m^2n+5mn^2-11mn-7 (2x^4-3x^2+7x)-(5x^3+2x^2-3x+5) Answer: 2x^4-5x^3-5x^2+10x-5 (a-8)(a-1) Answer: a^2-9a+8 (z+6)^2 Answer: z^2+12z+36 (5x+2y)^2 Answer: 25x^2+20xy+4y^2 Is that order okay? Does it matter? (2x-7)(...
  86. calculus

    is the function f(x)=x^2 increasing on decreasing at x = -1. can anyone please check my reasoning: the value of the derivative of the function at x=-1 is -2, so that means the slope of the tangent line to the graph at that is a negative value so the function is decreasing at x...
  87. Spanish-Please check my answer

    If I say my mom is younger than my dad do I say it this way? Mi madre es menor de mi padre? or do I say Mi madre es menor? Thank you I'm really confused on this one.
  88. Math - check answer

    Given s = 10 - 10t2 + 45t3, determine the velocity when t = 1 s. velocity in m/s = My Answer S'= 0-20t + 135t^2 S'(1) = -20+135 = 115 velocity in m/s = 115 Can you please confirm this is correct. Thanks!
  89. Chemistry

    Can you balance this equation please? Fe2O3 + CO yeilds Fe + CO2 Fe2O3 + CO ==> Fe + CO2 Rule: balance by changing coefficients. You may not change subscripts. Look at the Fe atoms. There are 2 Fe atoms on the left and only 1 on the right; therefore, we place a 2 in front ...
  90. chemistry

    what is the molecular formula of oxide of arsenic in its gaseous state (also I need to explain how this formula came about )?? There are two arsenic oxides. One is As2O3 and the other is As2O5. How did that come about? Please clarify. I assume you have some data; previous ...
  91. Maths - check answer

    On the May 1 billing date, Mary had a balance due of $970.60 on her credit card. The transactions during the following month were: May 5 Payment $400.00 May 10 Charge: airline tickets $381.00 May 22 Charge: hotel $270.60 May 25 Charge: florist $60.20 The interest rate on the ...
  92. Physical Education

    I have 3 questions and 3 of my answers. Each question needs 2 answers. Please review them all. Thank you. I will post 3 more questions with 3 of my answers later this day, and the answers will just be made up along the way. I changed some of my actual answers I written down, ...
  93. Chemistry(Please check)

    an acid with the equilibrium concentration is listed below: 1) HA + H2O = H3O^+ + A- HA= 10^-1 M, H3O=10^-3M, A=10^-3M Calculate the Ka and pKa for the acid. Ka=[10^-3][10^-3] / [10^-1] = 1.00 X 10^-5 pKa = -log[1.00 X 10^-5] = -1.00 Did I do this correctly for the Ka and pKa?
  94. English

    Which sentence is preferable? A. Everyone did his work quietly. B. Each person did their work quietly. C. Everyone did their work quietly. D. Everyone worked quietly. D
  95. macroeconomics

    Please note that we don't do students' homework for them. Once YOU have come up with a response to YOUR questions, please re-post and let us know what you think. Then someone here will be happy to critique your work. =) Use the circular flow diagram to show how much each of ...
  96. Math (check answers)

    please check these answers and thanks 1.C 2.B 3.B 4.A 5.C the word tha correctly completes the sentence below. To convert from a smaller unit to a larger unit,you ___ by a power of 10. A.add B.subtract C.multiply D.divide 2.A textbook weighs 3 kilograms.How many grams...
  97. Physics A

    how much work is being done a bookshelf being pulled 5 meters at an angle of 37 degrees from the horizontal? The magnitude of the component of the force that does the work is 43 Newtons
  98. math

    show graph how a factory can work its employess no more than 6 and and no less than 2 days per week if the work day is 6.5 hours what is the range in hours
  99. math

    what can ido to my home work, pleas, helme. it is pass by tomorrow and I so nervos, because I didn't now., my home work is about sequences., GIVEN: 1. 3n-5 2.3(2n-1) 3.-5 over are 4.5-n sq
  100. Math

    Problem Page Ali made $255 for 17 hours of work. At the same rate, how many hours would he have to work to make $105 ?
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