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  1. English

    (mean,means)Fluoridated water.........fewer Americans are toothless today. (visit,visits)Grandparents and children alike..........their dentist for regular check ups. (love,loves)Dentists.......the fact that there is more awareness about dental hygeiene. (is,are)Despite the ...
  2. Global

    made peace with PLO; shot by fellow Jew? who was that Please note that we don't do students' homework for them. Our tutors try to give you the information to help you complete your assignment on your own. If there's not a tutor with this specialty online right now, be sure to ...
  3. math,correction

    simplify: 7sqrt(7x) + 5 sqrt (7x) My work: (7+5)sqrt (7x) My answer: 12sqrt (7x) is this correct? It looks fine. Good work. Thanks for asking.
  4. Physics

    If it requires 7.0 of work to stretch a particular spring by 2.1 from its equilibrium length, how much more work will be required to stretch it an additional 3.7?
  5. Physics

    What force does work on a ball rotating down an inclined plane? Explain why the other forces the ball experiences do not do work.
  6. physics

    If it requires 5.5 J of work to stretch a particular spring by 2.0 cm from its equilibrium length, how much more work will be required to stretch it an additional 4.1 cm?
  7. College Physics

    It takes 164 kJ of work to accelerate a car from 23.7 m/s to 27.8 m/s. What is the car's mass? I tried using this equation but it didn't work KE = 1/2mv^2
  8. Math

    Jenifer works in a flower shop. On Saturday she started work at 8:45 a.m. She finsihed at 4:15 p.m. How many hours did Jenifer work after noon?
  9. science

    a cart was pulled for a distance of 1 kilometer and the amount of work accomplished equal 40.000 joules. with what force was the work accomplished?
  10. science

    a cart was pulled for a distance of 1 kilometer and the amount of work accomplished equal 40.000 joules. with what force was the work accomplished?
  11. math

    Jennifer works in a flower shop. On Saturday she started work at 8:45 a.m. She finished at 4:15 p.m. How many hours did Jennifer work after noon?
  12. Math

    Tiffany’s pay varies directly with the number of hours that she works. If she earned $77.28 for 4 h of work, how much will she earn for 15 hours of work
  13. physics - work

    Imagine you find a 2 kg book on the floor and lift it 0.75 meters and put it on a table. find the work done ?
  14. physics

    what is the efficiency of a pulley that requires a worker to do 250 J of work to lift an object that requires 170 J of work
  15. 8th grade Science

    How do I show work for Si + Cl ?? The answer is SiCl with a little 4 down below the Cl. but I don't know how to show the work.
  16. Maths - IQR

    Hi! How do you work out the Inter Quartile range? WHats the name for xbar and how do you work this out? THanks
  17. fluid power

    a cyclinder must move a 2000lb load 2 ft. how much work must work in perform
  18. math

    'the accountant charged $23 for the hour of work and $23 for each for each hour after that . He earned a total of $127. How many hours did he work'
  19. Math

    What is 50x50 and why pls show work (don't show adult work I'm in 6 grade I'm not going to understand lol)
  20. math check

    Posted by Nora 56 on Sunday, June 2, 2013 at 7:32pm. Sorry to repost but no one answered after I posted on the 2nd,please help, Suppose that you are in a class of 31 students and it is assumed that approximately 13% of the population is left-handed. (Give your answers correct ...
  21. English

    Could you please check these sentences on illnesses, please? Thank you in advance. 1)I’ve got backache as a consequence of my slipped (herniated?) disc. I need to express this when I’m at the chemist’s or at the doctor’s. I need also to express that I need cortisone as...
  22. AIG MATH

    The weight of Meg's dog is 2 1/2 times more than that of her cat. If both animals weight 42 lbs, find the weight of each animal?Please show your work.
  23. Gen Chem II

    A gas-forming reaction produces 1.60 m3 of gas against a constant pressure of 127.0 kPa. Calculate the work done by the gas in joules. Please explain. Thanks!
  24. algebra

    simplify the following expression fully. I can't get some functions to work. Please read in the parenthesis. These are stacked. 1 + 1 (each 1 is underlined)) a b (a to b is underlined) a _ b (a and b is each underlined) b a (the minus sign is correct) Thanks
  25. us history

    which answer best explains the contributions of women during the revolutionary war? a) women were in charge of the horses and artillery during the revolutionary war. b) women often poisoned British troops stationed in their towns during the revolutionary war. c) women served ...
  26. math ( CHECK MY WORK)

    1. on 3 tests, a student scored a total of 258 points. if the student improved his performance on each test by 5 points, what was the score on each test a. 81,86,91 b. 80,85,90 c. 75,80,85 d. 70,75,80 is the correct answer A. 2. an item costs x dollars. the tax rate is 5% of ...
  27. Language Arts

    1. Which of the following sentences has correct subject-verb agreement? A. A scarf or a hat keep you warm in the winter. B. Either Grandma or your brother pick your birthday gifts each year. C. Stacey and her sisters go to the beach every summer.** D. A dog or a cat are a good...
  28. accounting

    Bubba Production Company produces a homogenous product. All materials are added at the beginning of production and other product costs are added evenly over time until the product is complete. Conversion costs were 70% complete with respect to the 2,000 units in process July 1...

    A plumber, electrician and painter were all hired to work on 3 different house. For Adam's house, a plumber worked a total of 35 hours, an electrician worked 42 hours and a painter needed 29 hrs to complete the job. the total cost of the three workers for adam's house was $2,...
  30. physics

    At the end of the semester, you are loading your gear into a van to go home. In loading the van, you can either lift a 45.0-kg crate straight up(method 1) or push it up a 3.00-m-long ramp that is inclined at an angle above the horizontal (method 2).In both methods, the crate ...
  31. English

    which of the following is an example of a fragment? A) When Ted went to work, Bob went home. B) Although Ted went to work and Bob went home. C) Bob went to work although Ted went to work. D) Although Ted went to work, Bob went home. I Think the answer is B.
  32. Chemistry

    24.5 ml of water are added to a 1.20 molar solution of nitric acid. If the concentration decreases to 0.55 molar, what volume of the concentrated solution was used? 1.20 M x mL = (24.5 mL + mL) x 0.55 M Solve for mL. Check my thinking. When you finish the calculation, check it...
  33. Algebra 2

    Can someone please check my answers? A card is randomly drawn from a standard deck of 52 cards. Find the probability of drawing the indicated card. 1.Not an ace. =12/13 2.A face card and a four. =4/13 3.A heart or a diamond. =1/2 4.A six or a seven. = 2/13 5.An ace and a spade...
  34. art

    How does this art convey a message of time being lost? ( there is clocks everywhere in sand ? A. clocks randomly placed on the ground B numbers missing from the bills C. broken hourglasses D. melting clocks My best answer is A can you please check @Ms.Sue
  35. Chemistiy

    Check if im right please. a. oxidation occurs at my anode ____ ** Voltaic Cell b. You can use standard reduction potential table to calculate how much voltage it takes to operate me____ **Both voltaic cell and electrolytic cell
  36. Anatomy and Physiology

    Hello! Thanks for checking my question out! ____ 7. The bones of the extremities are parts of the (1 point) a) appendicular skeleton. b) axial skeleton. c) long bone group. d) medial skeleton. My Answer: A Could someone please check my answer? Thanks! - Da Fash
  37. Physics

    1.when a train pulls a wagon, is the work zero because wagon pulls on the train with equal opposite force(newton's third law)? 2.what is negative net work and when it is done an on object, does it reduce objects kinetic energy? 3.if the work done on an object is zero, does ...
  38. Chemistry

    balloon is filled with 1.35 atm dimethyl ether gas and 5.25 atm of oxygen gas at 27 C degrees. They react: C2H6O (g) + 3O2 (g) --> 2CO2 (g) + 3H2O(g) The system is allowed to cool back down to 27 degrees Celsius following the reaction. assuming external pressure is still ...
  39. math

    this problem seems with too many numbers that i don't know where to start. or even how.I have to answer the problem on top not the one that says number 27. The problem: Geometry. For the floor plans given in exercise 27, determine whether the side through the points (2,3) and...
  40. Math - Algebra 2

    A chemical compound evaporates in a predictable way. In the first hour 1/2 of the amoun in the jar at the beginning of the hour evaporates. In the second hour 1/3 of the amount in the jar at the beginning of the second hour evaporates. In the third hour 1/4 of the amount in ...
  41. Algebra II/Trig

    solve each inequality: 1-2t>-5 and the answer is: t<3 because you subtract one form both sides and get -2t>-6 and that's really positive and divide by 2 and that's where the three comes from ... but why does the > symbol change to < ?!
  42. trig

    Use substitution to determine whether the given x-value is a solution of the equation: sin x = -2sqrt3/3, x=4pi/3 A) Yes B) No C) More information is needed D) The problem is indeterminate
  43. trig

    Use substitution to determine whether the given x-value is a solution of the equation: sinx = -3sqrt/2, x=4pi/3 A) Yes B) No C) More information is needed D) The problem is indeterminate
  44. trig

    how do i evaluate using formulas? i did almost the entire thing, but i can't finish the problem because i don't know how to simplify it: tan(-5/12pi) i can get until this part: = (-6pi/24)+(4pi/24) / 1-(-2pi/24)
  45. trig

    in a circle of radius 26, find the length of the arc spanned by a central angle of pi/4 radians. round your answer to 2 decimal places. use 3.1416 as an approx for pi.
  46. trig

    Write cot(t) in terms of sin(t) if the terminal point determined by t is in the first quadrant. Do not leave a fraction inside a radical or use absolute value.
  47. Math - Trig

    A projectile is fired with an initial velocity of 88 ft/sec at an angle of 35° to the horizontal. Neglecting air resistance, what is the time of impact? I just can't figure it out.
  48. trig

    Use a table of trigonometric values to find the angle è in the right triangle in the following problem. Round to the nearest degree, if necessary. cos è =0.9659 A=? H=20
  49. trig

    using a right triangle with one angle 24 degrees and the opposite side being 57 feet, write an expression to fine the hypotenuse, X? X=57/sin(24) is this correct?
  50. Calculus

    Find the positive value of x which satisfies x = 4.3cos(x). Give the answer to six places of accuracy. Remember to calculate the trig functions in radian mode
  51. trig

    Find all solutions of cos (x) + 1/2 sec (x) = -3/2 in the interval (2pi, 4pi) (Leave your answers in exact form and enter them as a comma-separated list.)
  52. Math (Trig)

    Convert the Cartesian coordinate (-1,2) to polar coordinates, 0≤θ<2π I know r is sqrt(5) but how would I find theta between 0 and 2pi? Thanks in advance!

    If it takes 4.12 J of work to stretch a Hooke's law spring 12.1 cm from its unstressed length, determine the extra work required to stretch it an additional 10.0 cm.
  54. science

    For a machine with an efficiency of 80%, what is the work output of the machine if its work input is 2,000 joules? would i divide 2000/.80? which gives me 2500?
  55. math

    Mr Ahmad starts work at 11.40 on Tuesday.He works for 12h45min.When does Mr Ahmad finish his work?Express your answer usering the 24-hour clock
  56. Physics (2)

    If it takes 4.00 J of work to stretch a Hooke's Law spring 10.0 cm from its unstressed length, determine the extra work required to stretch it an additional 10.0 cm
  57. phyics

    during a process, 21.6 MJ of heat is added to closed system. if the internal energy is increased by 59.6 MJ, how much work in Btu was done? is the work done on ro by the system?
  58. physics

    during a process, 21.6 MJ of heat is added to closed system. if the internal energy is increased by 59.6 MJ, how much work in Btu was done? is the work done on ro by the system?
  59. Physics

    If the gas in a container absorbs 203 J of heat, has 100 J of work done on it, then does 59 J of work, what is the increase in the internal energy of the gas? Answer in units of J
  60. Physics

    A mechanical device requires 420 J of work to do 230 J of work in lifting a crate. What is the efficiency of the device? I keep getting 0.5% am I right?
  61. pre - CALCULUS

    Find the reference angle for the given angle. Show your work. -404° my answer is 44 degree , But i don't know how to put my work together..
  62. Science-y Math-y Stuff

    A machine with 80% efficiency does 4,000 J of work. Using the machine how much work did you do? NEED HELP! PLZ REPLY SOON
  63. physics

    At the end of the semester, you are loading your gear into a van to go home. In loading the van, you can either lift a 45.0-kg crate straight up(method 1) or push it up a 3.00-m-long ramp that is inclined at an angle above the horizontal (method 2).In both methods, the crate ...
  64. Physics

    I have no idea on how to do either part of these questions please help (part 1 of 2) To move a refrigerator of mass 110 kg into a house, a mover puts it on a dolly and covers the steps leading into the house with a wooden plank acting as a ramp. The plank is 8.8 m long and ...
  65. French

    Can someone please check my work? I have to write 15 sentences. 8 present tense and 7 past tense (passé composé) **1. J'ai apporté un nouveau le livre. 2. Le garçon est très amusant. **3. Ils sont allé a la bibliotheque après l'école. 4. La fille a seize ans. 5. Keri ...
  66. English - The Red Badge of Courage

    1.Why did the youth enlist? (1 point) He was eager to join the war.***** He was drafted. He wanted to avenge the death of his friend. 2. From what point of view is the story told? (1 point) first-person point of view third-person limited point of view***** third-person ...
  67. english

    i need help with a thesis statement by a careful study of the work, the author, and of the time period in which the work was written, show how, in terms of genre, style, and vision, the writer holds up a mirror to his or her age.
  68. physics

    A crane uses a block and tackle to life a 25 kN boulder to a height of 26 m. a. how much work is done on the stone? put your answer in scientific notation. b. if the work is done in 15s, what is the power output in watts and in horsepower?
  69. dog behavior

    please check my answer thanks for your help :) During extinction, an instrumenatl behavior may initially increase as the result of what ? A failure of the dog to obey the new instruction B. an extinction burst C. temorary defiance D. punishment resistance I said A
  70. Math, please check answer

    Consider the experiment of selecting a card from an ordinary deck of 52 playing cards and determine the probability of the stated event. A face card or a 5 is drawn. So there are 12 face cards. Plus 5. So that is 13 options out of 52?
  71. Chemistry (check formula please)

    how much energy (in kJ) is required to change the temp of 1.00 kg of Fe from 25.0 degrees celsius to 1515 degrees celsius? the specific heat capacity of iron is 0.449 J/g*K. this is the answer i got. q=(.449)(1.00)(1490)= 669.01 kJ
  72. business math- check my answers please

    A share of perpetual preferred stock pays an annual dividend of $6 per share. If the investors require a 12% rate of return, what should be the price of this preferred stock? a. $57.25, b. $50.00, c. $62.38, $46.75, e. $41.64. I chose b. $50 because $50 x 12% = $ this ...
  73. geography

    Can you check my answers please? 1. Which country has the largest land area in the world? The U.S.A. 2. Which ocean is larger, the Arctic or the Indian? The Indian Ocean 3. Beijing is to China as Washington D.C. is to the Inited States. We had to fill in Beijing if I am right!
  74. Please check my answers

    Patient motion may create artifact that looks like an atrial arrhythmia? True or False. True The ECG tracing represents a 3 dimensional view of the heart's electric activity? True or False. True
  75. chemistry

    consider the reaction 2HgCl2 + C2O4-2 ---> 2Cl2-1 + 2CO2 + Hg2Cl2 The initial rate of this reaction was determined for several concentrations of HgCl2 and C2O4-2 and the following rate data was obtained. TRIAL (1) [HgCl2](M)= .105 [C2O4-2](M)= .15 RATE= 1.8 x 10^-5 TRIAL (2...
  76. algebra1

    Find to consecutive integers that the sum of 3 times the first integer and 6 times the second integer is 24. Define the variabls you use. If somebody can show me how to work this out, I will be very greatful for the help? consecutive integers, n, n+1 3n + 6(n+1)=24 You need to...
  77. mathematics

    Need help with this math problem please. Work need to be show but I have no idea how to complete the problem. (-4)3 (the 3 is an exponent) Thanks for your help
  78. mat115

    Please help with this math problem. The directions are Add. Must show work. 4 2/7 + 1 5/7 I appreciate your help with this math problem. Thanks so much.
  79. algebra

    find the L.C.D of each of the following and groups of fractions and then express the fractions of each group in terms of the L.C.D of that group... please show work 1\2,3\4,11\16 2\3,1\8,5\12
  80. physics

    When a force acts on an object from an angle other than either 0° or 180° to the direction of motion: 1) The force is perpendicular to the direction of motion, so no work gets done. 2) The parallel and perpendicular component of the force both do work. 3) The perpendicular ...
  81. 6 grade math

    Please I need help on just the set up using a guess and check table. Karina has some dimes and quarters she has 8 more dimes and quarters and the collection of coins is worth $7.45. How many dimes and quarters does Corona have?
  82. Sorry- Chemistry / Ionic Bonding

    Hello My exams are coming I'm a straight A student .. the problem however is : My textbooks , teacher and every piece of work that he gives us is complicated can someone explain me how Ionic Bonding works . Please I really beg you... I need your help! My teacher sucks in ...
  83. Physics

    Q11.The table below shows how the braking distance x for a car depends on its initial speed u. | u / ms-1 | 5 | 10 | 20 | 40 | | X / M | 2 | 8 | 32 | 128 | The relationship between x and u is: doubling speed increases distance by a factor of 4. i)The reaction time of a driver ...
  84. physical science

    what is required for work a force moving something, and movement of that something in the direction of work.
  85. math

    I work 1 and 1/4 hour per day how many hours do I work per week and for five weeks
  86. algebra

    Jared can work 54 math problems in one hour, how many problems can he work in ten minutes
  87. MATH

    Blake earned $199.20 for 24 hours of work. How much would he be paid for 15 hours of work?
  88. Physics

    The work W0 accelerates a car from 0 to 20 km/h. How much work (in terms of W0) is required to accelerate the car from 20 km/h to 100 km/h?
  89. math

    write a system of equations that is not linear and graph. can this work equation work? 3x+2y=12 3x+2y=6 1. 3x+2y=12 y=-3/2x + 6 2. 3x+2y=6 y = =3x/2+3 when i graph it will be parallel.
  90. Physics

    Work Function 1 > Work Function 2 In which case will the Kinetic energy of the emitted electrons be greater ?
  91. Applied Dog Behavior

    please check my answer thanks Instinctive drift may manifest itself in a A. Poodle chasing a rabbit. B. Border Collie who misses an agility obstacle. C. Beagle who knows how to heel but sniffs instead. D. Terrier that barks at another dog. I think that it is A however C looks ...
  92. BIO please check if i am correct!

    why are some bacteria considered to be "friendly" to our digestive system? is it because they aid in the digestive process by helping digest lactose (milk sugar) and protein and helps to clean the intestinal tract, to purify the colon, and to promote regular bowel movements
  93. English

    Can you please just check the grammar in this for me. Thank you Nella Larsen theme is to teach the readers that sometimes it is best to deny ones racial heritage rather than to accept it or identify with it. When it comes to certain situations when race is an issue, the ending...
  94. grammar

    Could you please check the grammar in these sentences? Thanks. It was clearly her, right from the start. These are they, if I'm not mistaken. It always appeared to be them whenever there was trouble. The penalty against them brought coach Henson and I great satisfaction. This ...
  95. English

    Could you please help me check these few sentences? Thank you. 1) I'm happy our head science teacher is so enthusiastic to carry out a project with your and the French school. 2) I read you both agreed to hold the meeting on 27 January and that you are going to provide for a ...
  96. More spanish to check/please

    Use saber or conocer. 1-Francisco sabe escribir para revistas 2-Jorge y Anita conocen Miami 3-Yo  conozco una reporta famosa 4-Alma conoce cuántas personas viven en Miami 5-Yo se la dirección del canal de televisión THANK YOU...
  97. Art

    Writeacher, could you please check these sentences? Thanks. 3) It takes him half an hour to drive to school. 4)He has called the wrong number. 5) He paid 300 Euros for his wedding’s suit. 6) I phoned Mary yesterday morning. He started reading his new his new book three days ...
  98. Astronomy

    Hey There! Thank you for checking my question! ____ 8. The stars do not appear in the same place every night due to Earth’s (1 point) a) solar day. b) orbital motion around the sun. c) right ascension. d) seasonal change. My Answer: B Could someone please check my answer? ...
  99. Science - Please Check My Written Answer

    Please help me with the following: Briefly explain why experiments having faulty design or inconsistent data are problems for scientists. List several reasons. There are several reasons that experiments with faulty designs or with inconsistent data are problematic for ...
  100. math,correction

    is this correct? simplify: ((1+(2)/(3))/((2+(1)/(2)) My answer: (2)/(3) assuming that 2/3 and 1/2 are separate fractions, 8/3 x 5/2 40/6 20/3 hmm.. perhaps you need to check your arithmetic. unless i'm wrong, which wouldn't be surprising It is hard to read because the ()'s are...
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