Trig check my work please?

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  1. Trig

    A bridge is built in the shape of a parabolic arch. The bridge has a span of s= 160 feet and a maximum height of h= 25 feet. Choose a suitable rectangular coordinate system and find the height of the arch at distances of 10, 30, and 50 feet from the center. 10= 30= 50=
  2. Trig

    A 7.25 inch circular saw blade rotates at 5200 revolutions per minute. a) Find the angular speed of the saw blade in radians per minute. b) Find the linear speed in feet per minute of one of the 24 cutting teeth as they contact the wood being cut.
  3. Math - Trig

    1. When you look down from the top of a building at an angle of 63degrees, you will see a man reading a newspaper. If the building is 50m high, how far is the man from the building? 2. A plane takes off at an angle of 15deg20'. How high will it have risen after it has flown a ...
  4. trig

    Peter (P) and Jamie(J) have computer factories that are 132 miles apart. They both ship their completed parts to Diane (D). Diane is 72 miles from Peter and 84 miles from Jamie. Using the points D,J,and P to form a triangle, find m<PDJ to the nearest tenth of a degree.
  5. physics/math

    Joe is a former basketball player who is now a work-out junkie, and especially loves to do push-ups. He was a good athlete, but not so good at science in school, especally not good in Physics. He wants you, yes you, to calculate how much work he does, in strict terms of ...
  6. Physics

    Jack rides his 213kg motor cross bike 25.3m up a 30.0 degree slope at a constant speed. what is the energy his bike expends if the frictional force opposing its movement is one-tenth its weight? Are you sure the mass is 213 kg? Shouldn't it be 21.3 kg? Or does that include ...
  7. Educational Technology

    'Scuse me, but I'd just like to check if my answer is right: 2. Which of the following is a true statement?: A. If it is printed or posted on the web, then it is a fact. B. Websites must go through a validity checker before they can be posted on the Internet. C. Experts ...
  8. trig

    How fast is a bicycle traveling in feet per second if a wheel has a 21-in. diameter and the angular speed of the wheel is 33 radians per second? The speed of the bicycle is the same as the linear speed of a wheel.
  9. Improving your writing

    I hope I got it this time...Is the use of my semi colons and colon correct ? For the past three months there seems to be an ever-growing problem at our company of DMD Medical Supplies: The quality of work has been poor; the morale of various employees has been brought down; ...
  10. Punnet Squares- Check my answer please.

    A species of clam shows incomplete dominance in the expression of its shell color. RR is the genotype for red shell, Rr is genotype for an orange shell, and rr is the genotype for the yellow shell. Predict the outcome of a cross between an orange shelled clam and a yellowed ...
  11. trig

    if diameter of the circle is 100 cm. and length of the arc forming the angle is 360 cm. Assume that the earth is a perfect sphere of diameter 8000 miles. Find the distance between: Rome, Italy: latitude 42 degrees north Copenhagen, Denmark: latitude 54.3 degrees north
  12. trig

    Two pilots take off from the same airport. Mason heads due south. Nancy heads 23º west of south. After 400 land miles, how far is Nancy from Mason’s route? Round your answer to the nearest tenth of a mile. (Enter only the number.)(If someone had helped me with the one ...

    I have noticed that in the past three months, a month after Jessica Hilo’s medical leave, there have been problems concerning Ruth and Jack’s workload. To begin with, Jessica’s duties have been temporarily reassigned to Frank and Ralph. Furthermore, Ruth supports the ...
  14. integral calculus

    A cylindrical tank of radius 3 ft length 8 ft is laid out horizontally .The tank is half full of oil that weighs 60 pounds per cubic foot. a.)determine the work done in pumping out oil to the top of the tank. b.)determine the work required to pump out the oil to leave 4 feet ...
  15. art

    Using Internet resources, find one example of installation art. Describe the artwork you have found, including the title, artist, year created, and where it is installed. What is the meaning of the work? How does the meaning relate to what the artist has created? Provide your ...
  16. physics

    a student could either pull or push , at an angle of 30 deg from the horizontal, a 50-kg crate on a horizontal surface, where the coefficient of kinetic friction between the crate and the surface is .20 the crate is to be moved a horizontial distance of 15-m (a) compared to ...
  17. trig

    Give that tan tetha is equal to 3/4 find the values of cos tetha,cos tetha-sin theta,sin tetha.
  18. Trig

    Column 1 Column 2 sec theta - cos theta tan theta sin theta Question: how do you get column 1 to be the same as column 2 ?? using the eight fundamental identities
  19. Physics 2414

    An airplane pilot falls 355 m after jumping from an aircraft without his parachute opening. Fortunately, he lands in a snowbank, creating a crater 1.5 m deep, and survives with only minor injuries. Assuming the pilot's mass is 77 kg and his terminal (maximum) velocity while ...
  20. Algebra

    I'm not quite sure about these problems. I know how to do them, but it seems that I get the wrong answer. Maybe I'm supposed to get 'no solution' but I'm not sure. Could someone please help me with them? 5|6-5x|=15x-35 2|3x-7|=10x-8 1/4|4x+7|=8x+16 Ok for 5|6-5x|=15x-35 first ...
  21. Physics-Please check answer

    Damon helped me with this calc but I think the answer should be -20, not -22, could someone please check the calculation If a ball is thrown into the wall at 14 m/s and comes off at 6 m/s, what is change of velocity of the ball? I think it would be 14-6 = (-8 m/s) Is that ...
  22. Trig

    Should the triangle be solved beginning with Law of Sines of Law of Cosines. Then solve the triangle. Round to the nearest tenth. A=56 degrees, B=38 degrees, a=13. Sines. I get confused on the formula. I know C=86 degrees
  23. trig exact vales

    Find the exact values requested. No decimal approximations. Given that cot θ = 4 for an acute angle θ, A. Find sinθ. B. Find cos(2θ).
  24. Calculus

    Use the identity sin^2x+cos^2x=1 and the fact that sin^2x and cos^2x are mirror images in [0,pi/2], evaluate the integral from (0-pi/2) of sin^2xdx. I know how to calculate the integral using another trig identity, but I'm confused about how to solve this one.
  25. Calculus

    Use the identity sin^2x+cos^2x=1 and the fact that sin^2x and cos^2x are mirror images in [0,pi/2], evaluate the integral from (0-pi/2) of sin^2xdx. I know how to calculate the integral using another trig identity, but I'm confused about how to solve this one.
  26. Trig

    The foot of a ladder is on level ground 1.5m from a wall. The ladder leans agents the wall. The angle formed by the ladder and the ground is 70 degrees. Calculate how high up the wall the ladder reaches.
  27. Physics ~Conservation of Energy~ part 2

    1.) A 500 kg roller coaster is pulled to the top of a hill 45 m high and arrives at the top with a zero speed. a) how much work has done by the vhain to pull the car to the top? b) how much potential energy does it have at the top? c)What is the total energy of the system? d) ...
  28. Math

    Please check my work, thank you If $7,800 is deposited into an account paying 6% interest compounded annually (at the end of each year), how much money is in the account after 2 years? A=$8,268.00 Rewrite the statement, using percent notation. Out of every 100 eligible people...
  29. pre-algebra

    Nicholas is making cranberry relish for Thanksgiving. The recipe requires five pints of cranberries. Nicolas only has four cups of cranberries. How many more cranberries will Nicholas need to make cranberry relish? Show all your work. Please help don't get how to show my work
  30. physics

    A 4.36 × 10−5 kg raindrop falls vertically at constant speed under the influence of gravity and air resistance. After the drop has fallen 88.1 m, what is the work done by gravity? The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s2 . Answer in units of J What is the work done by ...
  31. MATH

    You earn $10.00/hour and work 40 hours/week. You invest $4,000.00 at an interest rate of 5% APR for a year. How much interest did that savings earn in a year in terms of hours of work? 100 hours 20 hours 40 hours 400 hours Explain?
  32. math

    Mr waheed is paid Rs.4420 for a total normal working hours of 170 hours in a month. He is paid twice the rate per hour for overtime work. Mr waheed received Rs.6500 as salary last month. how many hours of overtime did he work?
  33. Algebra1!!!

    1.Six pears and three apples cost $3.90. Two pears and five apples cost $3.30. How much does one pear cost? Hint: You have two unknowns (variables), so you need two equations. Write one equation for each situation and solve the system of equations. 6P + 3A=3.90 2P + 5A=3.30 ...
  34. dwrls,math

    PLEASE LOOK IN THE BOTTOM OF THIS MESSAGE...... solve for x: 3x - 2y = 6 i need help in solving this: the possible answers has to be one of these: A)2y +6 divided by 3 b)3x -6 divided by 2 C) 2 + 2y D) 2/3y + 6 but how i keep trying and i don't get non of these. For Further ...
  35. physics

    1. A man pushes on a box at an angle of 30.0° with a force of 20.0 N and the box moves across the floor. Which of the following component of the force do you use to calculate work? (Points : 1) 0.00 N 10.0 N 17.3 N 20.0 N Question 2.2. A man carries a 10 kg sack of groceries ...
  36. Trig

    Find all solutions in the interval [0,2pi) 4sin(x)cos(x)=1 2(2sinxcosx)=1 2sin2x=1 2x=1/2 x= pi/6, and 5pi/6 Then since its 2x i divided these answers by 2 and got pi/12 and 5pi/12 However, when i checked the answer key there solutions 13pi/12 and 17pi/12 were included ...
  37. Trig

    A small plane takes off from island A and flies in a straight line for 12 kilometers. At the same time, a sailor sitting in a sailboat who is 5 miles from the island measures the angled by from island A to the sailboat and the plane is 37 degrees. How far is the plane from ...
  38. trig

    A spring is attached to the ceiling and pulled 17 cm down from equilibrium and released. After 3 seconds the amplitude has decreased to 16 cm. The spring oscillates 13 times each second. Assume that the amplitude is decreasing exponentially. Find an equation for the distance, ...

    from 25 feet away from the base of a building, the angle of elevation from the ground to the top of a building is measured 38 degrees. how tall is the building. WHat i did was put 25 feet on the base of the triangle the angle measurement oppsite and the longer leg x is this ...
  40. trig

    A freighter leaves on a course of 120 degrees and travels 515 miles. The ship then turns and goes due east 200 miles. What is the bearing and distance from the port to the ship? I calculated 142 miles for distance but couldn't get bearing. Any help is appreciated.
  41. physical geography

    1- A traveler leaves lima, Peru( approximately 12 degrees S Lat. And 90 degrees W. long.) at 8:00 am on Tues. Oct. 3rd and travels for 14hrs before arriving in Sydney, Australia( approx.34 degree S and 150 degrees E). what time and what day would the traveler arrive according ...
  42. French

    Hello, I am taking a French course online and i just want someone to check some of my work from time to time to make sure i am doing it correctly and to give me any tips they may have. What i have copy and pasted below took me awhile to get so i just wanted a second opinion on...
  43. Reading

    As they studied the film they noticed some rules of science at work. rewrite each sentence, adding commas where needed. I rewrote it like > As they studied the film, they noticed some rules of science at work.
  44. physics

    Does increasing the force affect the amount of work done climbing the stairs? Does increasing the distance affect the amount of work done climbing the stairs? How would you describe the mathematical relationship between these two parameters
  45. chem

    a system udergoes a process consisting of the following 2 steps- 1. absorbs 79J of heat while 26J of work is done to it 2. system absorbs 26J of heat while preforming 79J of work what is overall ÄE? is it 52J?
  46. Math

    It takes Jenna 60 min to drive to work in the morning. She drives home using the same route, but it takes 25 min longer, and, averages 20m/hr less than in the morning. How far does Jenna drive to work?
  47. English

    1. The fish I ate upset me. 2. The fish I had eaten upset me. (One more similar question, please. Are both OK? Because of the tense, #2 seems to be better. What about #1? Are both OK? Is there any difference between them?) 3.I had finished the work before my boss came back. 4...
  48. statistics

    Suppose a researcher gathered survey data from 19 employees and asked the employees to rate their job satisfaction on a scale from 0 to 100 (with 100 being perfectly satisfied). Suppose the following data represent the results of this survey. Assume that relationship with ...
  49. Physics

    A box of mass 10.9 kg with an initial velocity of 2.01 m/s slides down a plane, inclined at 38◦ with respect to the horizontal. The coefficient of kinetic friction is 1. The box stops after sliding a distance x. The acceleration due to gravity is 9.8 m/s. a. How far does...
  50. math

    Simplify 36x^2 y^4 a^-2 ____________________ 72a x^-1 y ^ means power Divide both numerator and denominator by 36 which will give you 1/2. Then the a^-2 on top will tranfer to the bottom becoming a^2 and that will combine with the a already there to become a^3. Proceed with ...
  51. Math

    Hi! So this question kind of has two parts to it. If someone could help me with this, that would be great! Thanks! :) Juan lives in a large city and commutes to work daily by subway or taxi. He takes the subway 80% of the time because it costs less and he takes a taxi 20% of ...
  52. English 8R - Essay Check (plzzz read!)

    Please check my English essay to see if it's good. I need help with my conclusion. There are similarities and differences of the activities that take place in both urban and rural setting. The activities that take place in both rural and urban setting of these two pieces. ...
  53. American Literature

    I posted this question twice by mistake and the response was the same. It said there is a response and to check the other post. I did and it had the same answer, telling me to check the other post. This would keep someone busy for hours checking each post back and forth for no...
  54. English

    I have two questions I'm working on for home work-could you check my answers and advise me the direction I should go-if they're right or wrong??Thank you In the poem "Rape," Adrienne Rich uses the word "machine" instead "typewriter" whenever she describes the policeman taking ...
  55. check #2

  56. Math

    Hi could you please check my answers? Find the lateral of the square pyramid (I don't have a picture so I'll describe the figure) the square base is 8m around each side of the square and the slant height is 22m, my answer is 352 cm^2. Am I correct? Plz and thx Find the surface...
  57. programming logic

    The Banking e-Teller system allows bank customers to perform ATM transactions from their cell or smart phones. BET will allow customers to check balances, make remote photo capture check deposits, and perform balance transfers to their checking or savings account. It is time ...
  58. Improving your writing Revised

    For the past three months there seems to be an ever-growing problem at our company of DMD Medical Supplies: The quality of work has been poor; the morale of various employees has been brought down; and the workflow has been uneven amongst both teams and the executives. The ...
  59. Environmental Science

    only 10 percent of the energy is passed from one trophic level to the next. Explain where the other 90 percent of the available energy goes. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum BUT we are here to HELP you not to DO the work for you. It is flooding this board ...
  60. physics

    For a particular nonlinear spring the relationship between the magnitude of the applied for F and the resultant displacement x from equilibrium is given by the equation F=kx^2. What is the amount of work done by stretching the spring a distance x_0? a)kx_0^2 b) 1/2 kx_0 c)1/2 ...
  61. Math Check

    Are the equations for these questions right? 1) Erik has 2 part-time summer jobs. For Job 1 he gets $9/hr on weekdays and for Job 2 he gets $12/hr for weekends. Last week he worked 23 hours and he earned a total of $231. How many hours did he work on the weekend? 9x+12y = 231 ...
  62. accouting

    The ledger of Custer Company has the following work in process account. Work in Process—Painting 5/1 Balance 4,820 5/31 Transferred out ? 5/31 Materials 5,710 5/31 Labor 4,800 5/31 Overhead 2,430 5/31 Balance ? Production records show that there were 410 units in the ...
  63. History

    1.)How did New England's textile industry affect women? A.)New technologies required men to work far from their wives & families. B.)The jobs in the this field were considered "men's work<" & women were not hired. C.)The need for unskilled labor provided low-paying factory ...
  64. chemistry (please check/help)

    How would you make a serial dilution if you have a starting value 100mM of X The are the values of X show different dilutions. Volume variables (x) mL 0 1 3 1 10 30 100 We starting out with 100mM of X which would be considered its concentration. In order to describe how to do ...
  65. Physics

    A 4.1 kg block is attached to a spring with a force constant of 550 N/m , as shown in the figure. Find the work done by the spring on the block as the block moves from A to B along paths 1 and 2. W=? How do your results depend on the mass of the block? Specifically, if you ...
  66. Math

    Abia is one of three servers who work at a restaurant that is open from tuesday to sunday. Every week the servers randomly draw slips of paper from a hat to decide which two days they won't have to work, in addition to monday. What is the conditional probability that Abia will...
  67. accounting

    Accounting 103 ScrawnyOcean2290 asked Dominic Hunter, a second-year business student at the University of Utah, will graduate in two years with an accounting major and a Spanish minor. Hunter is trying to decide where to work this summer. He has two choices: work full-time for...
  68. Trig application

    Can anyone help me with this problem? I'm so confused. Please help. A security camera is placed 27 feet from the counter at a store. The counter is 18 feet long and the camera is placed 4 feet from one end. What angle, to the nearest degree, should the camera rotate through so...
  69. Trig

    A. Find simpler, equivalent expressions for the following. Justify your answers. (a) sin(180 + è) (b) cos(180 + è) (c) tan(180 + è) B. Show that there are at least two ways to calculate the angle formed by the vectors [cos 19, sin 19] and [cos 54, sin 54].
  70. Philosophy

    Can someone please check my answers if it is right. Thank you! True/False 1. Rosenstand argues that moral subjectivism is an intuitively sound, "live and let live" kind of moral position that is both appealing and socially cohesive. -FALSE 2. For the members of the Flat Earth ...
  71. Socials

    Did the industrial revolution improve conditions for women? No, the industrial revolution did not improve living conditions for women. The women had to work very hard, for long hours to receive payment. They often had to work in dangerous conditions. Even though, they worked ...

    The Problem: Create a quadratic function to model the height of an object thrown into the air with the following conditions The maximum height is between 90 and 100 m The object is starts on the ground The object takes at least 10 s before returning to the ground 1 mark for ...
  73. Chemistry (please check)

    1)Which of the following compounds has the largest lattice energy: LiF LiCl NaF NaCl 2)Which of the following compounds has the most ionic character in its bonding: CaBr2 GeBr4 KBr GaBr3 3)Using the electronegativity table on page 364 of your text, which end of the B-N bond is...
  74. English

    MEMORANDUM To: Managers of Semper Absum Insurance From: Walter smith Date: October 29, 2008 Re: Increase Employees work efficiency Effective from one week from today, all employees must have their one-hour lunchtime away from their desks. This new policy benefits the employees...
  75. English

    1. When I was young, I was not able to ski. After I took ski/skiing lessons for three months, I became a good skier. Now I am able to ski well. (Will you check this passage? Are the sentences grammatical? Do we have to use 'ski lessons' or 'skiing lessons'?) 2. When I was ...
  76. English

    Why does Douglass state that “education and slavery were incompatible with each other”? There wasn’t time for slaves to go to school; they had too much work to do Being educated meant that slaves might question their existence and try to escape <---? Slaves do not ...

    sqrt2/sqrt10 here is what I got: sqrt (2/10)= sqrt (1/5) sqrt 0.2 * I don't think that it is right but pleasee check it.Thanks Yes, that is one way you could do it, then simplify further by taking the square root of 0.2, but you are probably supposed to simplify like this: &#...
  78. organic chemistry

    which alcohol and carboxylic acid would produce benzyl isobutyrate by Fischer esterification? and which alcohol and carboxylic acid would produce isobutyl benzoate by fischer esterification? I can't find anything about Fischer esterification specifically. But acids + alcohols ...
  79. English

    I need help fixing up this essay so that it flows betters. Thanks Assignment: Compose a brief essay which specifically develops topic including a clear and relevant topic sentence. Provide at least one specific example and detail. 1. Attendance demands punctuality. Give ...
  80. math

    Vanessa typically works 8 hours per day in a normal 5 day work week. Last week however vanessa had to take 90 minutss off on tuesday 45 minutes off on Thursday and she left rwo and a half hours early on friday how many hours did vanessa work last week
  81. English

    Describe and explain 5 rights and/or responsibilities of the worker with regards to safety in the workplace. This is the information I have: Worker's responsibilites: -Cooperate with the joint committee or worker health and safety representative, WorkSafeBC prevention officers...
  82. English

    Please check this for me thanks so much for your time :) Write a letter To Mark Jones regardng your finanical hardships you are facing since you have been out of work due to a car accident. Make sure you give as many details as you can. June 17, 2008 Dear Mr. Jones I am ...
  83. Geometry

    I am having trouble with this question. I do not know where to begin. I am in Trig now and we are doing review but I forgot everything that I learned in Geometry. I want to understand how to do this problem. "a picture measures 20 cm by 25 cm. the width of the matting and ...
  84. physics

    if the pulleys are massless and frictionless and the rope is of negligible mass, and aristotle wanted to raise the 332 newton weight to a height of 6 meters. A-find the magnitude of force F he needed to pull on the rope to move the weight upward with a constant velocity. B-...
  85. Spanish Check

    Hi! Can someone check these for me? Thanks! Directions: Label each sentence with the correct tense they are in. They translate it into full Spanish. 1.) I will study. (Future) (Translation: Estudiare) 2.) Mom made tacos. (Present) (Translation: Mama hizo tacos) 3.) I’m happy...
  86. Physics/Math

    A force F = (4.0 N)i + cj acts on a particle as the particle goes through displacement d = (3.4 m)i - (2.0 m)j. (Other forces also act on the particle.) What is the value of c if the work done on the particle by force F is each of the following? (a) zero (b) 19 J (c) -17 J ...
  87. physics

    Two springs X and Y have spring constants k and 2k respectively.Spring X is stretched by a force F and spring Y is stretched by a force 2F. Each spring obeysHooke’s law during the extension.The work done in stretching spring X is WX and the work done in stretching spring Y ...
  88. Math

    In my textbook, I was given these directions to follow when doing these problems: **Multiply. Express each result in Scientific Notation** 1. (4 x 10^9)(6 x 10^6) My work: (400,000,000)(600,000)= 240,000,000,000,000 My answer: 2.4 x 10^14 Am I right? 2. (5 x 10^7)(3.6 x 10^3) ...
  89. math

    Allison and Fred both work at the mall., but Allsion make $2 more than Fred. They work equal hours. Let x represent Allison earnings and y to represent Fred earnngs. Draw a graph representing the relationship between Allison and Fred earnings.
  90. Physics

    62kg person in an elevator is moving up at a constant speed of 4.0m/s for 5.0s a) calculate the work done by the normal force on the person. b) calculate the work done by the force of gravity on the person . c) How would your answer change if the elevator were moving down at 4...
  91. psychology

    Questions: 1. What are the design elements (IV, DV) and operational definitions? 2. What are the potential confounds? 3. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the study design? 4. The message written on the back of the check concerned an upcoming special dinner at the ...
  92. History Check Please Reed

    Before the Civil War most cattle were not (1 point) on the open range. on South Texas ranches.* slaughtered for their hides. shipped to cities in the northeast. 6. After the Civil War, (1 point) many plantations were divided into smaller farms.* plantations increased in size. ...
  93. Trig

    Solve in terms of sine and cosine: sec(x) csc(x)- sec(x) sin(x) so far I have: 1/cos(x) 1/sin(x) - 1/cos(x) sin(x) I am not sure where to go to from there. The book says the answer is cot(x) or cos(x)/sin(x) Thank you in advance.
  94. Math ( trig )

    If a person on the Ferris wheel is 45 feet above the ground. The Gris wheel has a radius of 47.f and is 5 feet above the ground. At what degrees had the Ferris wheel rotated counted clockwise?
  95. trig

    Four wires support a 40-meter radio tower. Two wires are attached to the top and two wires are attached to the center of the tower. The wires are anchored to the ground 30-meters from the base of the tower.
  96. English 10 Check

    Below, you will find a list of sentences. After each sentence, select true if the topic of the statement is suitable to form the basis of a single persuasive paragraph. If the topic of the statement in your textbook is unsuitable for a single persuasive paragraph, select false...
  97. Physics

    A cable lifts a 1370 kg elevator at a constant velocity for a distance of 42 m. What is the work done by each of the following? (a) the tension in the cable (J) (b) the elevator's weight (J) work by tension in cable if the car is not accelerating=mgh workweight=-mgh This ...
  98. physics

    A man drags a sack of flour of mass 50 kg at constant speed up an inclined plan to a height of 5m. The plane makes an angle of 30„awith the horizontal and a constant frictional force of 200 N acts on the sack down the plane. 1- How much work does the man do A- against ...
  99. Math - Complex Numbers

    Could someone show me how to get the work for: 3/4 (sqrt)-16/25 ? The answer says 3/5i. Could anybody tell me how to get there and work with complex fractions and simplify them? Thanks! 3/4 SQRT(-16/25) 3/4 SQRT( 16/25*-1) 3/4 *4/5 *SQRT( -1) but the sqrt of -1 is defined as i...
  100. Mathematical methods

    Following completion of your weekly readings, complete the exercises in the “Projects” section on page 397 of Mathematics in Our World. You should be concise in your reasoning. For Project #1, work only equations (a) and (c), but complete all 6 steps (a-f) as shown in the ...
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