Trig check my work please?

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Calculus - Integrating

Question: ∫(x^2)/sqrt(x^2+1) u=x^2+1 , x^2= u-1, du=2xdx ∫(u-1)/sqrt(u) , expand ∫u/sqrt(u) - 1/sqrt(u) Integrate: 2/3(u^(3/2)) - 2u^(1/2) + c My answer: [ 2/3(x^2+1)^(3/2) - 2(x^2+1) + c ] When I took the derivative of this to check my answer, it was not (x^2)/sqrt(x^2+...

Grammar and Composition

please check: indicate the relationship of each pair by writing S for synonyms, A for antonyms, and H for homonyms. 1. here/hear : H 2. opinioned/unyielding : A? 3. altogether/all together : H 4. misunderstood/misinterpreted : S 5. moderate/excessive : A 6. course/coarse : H 7...

To Reiny

Reiny could you please check my Calculus post below, it says Calculus--Reiny.

bobpursly & countiblis,math

I thought that we can solve anything with equations is it always polynomials. Isn't this the same thing as finding the unknown for an equation. As i said in my previous message or am i wrong. Also what about the rational expressions what are some challenges about working with ...

As physics

Please help and do it step by step all parts of questions and use: T = time(s) I=current (amps) Q=net charge on object (Coulombs) N=no electrons (and write if added or removed from object and how) E=elementary charge Calculate the number of free electrons per metre length of ...


find the points at which the graph of 4x^2 - 4x + 12y^2 -6y = 10 has a vertical and horizontal tangent line. For the vertical only solve for y and for the horizontal only solve for x. I got the deriviative to be: (8x-4)/(-24y + 6). For the horizontal, x = 1/2 For the vertical ...


find the points at which the graph of 4x^2 - 4x + 12y^2 -6y = 10 has a vertical and horizontal tangent line. For the vertical only solve for y and for the horizontal only solve for x. I got the deriviative to be: (8x-4)/(-24y + 6). For the horizontal, x = 1/2 For the vertical ...


Please check my answer thanks:) Bob obtains a judgement against Ned and knows that Ned earns a good salary Bob should.... 1. obtain an order of garnishment 2. obtain a writ of execution I picked #1

Health/ Basic Clinical Procedures

please check my answer thanks true or false Mercury glass thermometers are being repalced by disposable,and digital thermometers mainly because the riskof mercury posoning I said true


can you please check my declensions? socius soci socio socium socii sociorum sociis socios sociis gladius gladi gladio gladium gladio gladii gladiorum gladiis gladios gladiis Thanks for your help


Im going to try another percentage problem. Will you please double check me. Thanks for all your help! 2580/4440=.581081081 Change to percent and round to nearest tenth. .581081081*100=58.108 rounded to nearest tenth is 58.1%


Can you please check these questions, too? Thank you. 1) Answer four of the following six questions. For each question write ten lines only. 2)Do not exceed the space provided. One of your four answer will be evaluated as an oral test.

chemistry(Please Check)

You have a 4.0 L steel tank containing hydrogen gas. You are able to heat or cool the tank, and measure the pressure of the gas. At what temperature, in Celsius, would you read a pressure of 4.5 atm ? 298

Chemistry (Check)

Calculate the DHrxn of C6H12O6 (s) + O2 (g) --> CO2 (g) + H2O (l) with DHf. C6H12O6(s) -1260.04 O2(g) 0 CO2(g) -393.5 H2O(l) -285.840 I balanced the equation: C6H12O6 (s) + 6O2 (g) --> 6CO2 (g) + 6H2O (l) and my work: DHrxn = [12mol(-393.5+(-285.840))] - [7mol(-1260.04+0...


Can you please check the following sentences for me, please? Thank you 1) The first inhabitants of Great Britain were the Iberians. They were followed by the Celts. 2)) They were organized in tribes (or used to live in tribes?) and were skilled (a synonym? experienced, ...


a. Which values from the set {1, 2, 3,4} are solutions of (line _ this > )2x +5) Show your work? b. which values from the set {1,2,3,4} are solutions of 11 > 2x + 5? Show your work. How are your answer from parts a and b different? How can I tell the answers are ...

solving for x math

2e^(4x^2)=3 how do i solve for x. do i use the ln methode because i don't know how to do that. by calculator, i got x=.168 but i don't know how to show my work. please help me solve for x. Take natural logs of both sides. ln 2 + 4 x^2 = ln 3 4 x^2 = ln (3/2) = 0.40547 x^2 = 0....


suppose you have a factory that makes pens and the demand for the pens decline, and there are more people willing to work due to a recession. does this result in an increase in supply? please explain

simple chem

a balloon with a volume of 1.375 L is released from earths surface at sea level. what will the balloon occuy at an altitude of 20.0km, where the pressure is 10 kpa? pleasee help!! show work please

General Question

On a home work assignment it gives the page number and the problems to do followed by E3P. Does that mean every 3rd problem.(It shows 1-26 E3P, but I thought it would be 1,3,6,9,12,15,18,21,24,27) Please help. Thanks

7th grade math

Solve by applying the counting principal. When using a four number PIN, how many different PINs are possible? a*b*c=___ I need help.. how do I work this? Step by step please.


i need help with homework which is due tommorow determine algebraically whether the graph of the given equation is symmetric to the y axis the x axis or the origin the equations are 5y=7x^2-2x can u show work please thanks in advance


A 22 kg sphere is at the origin and a 12 kg sphere is at (x, y) = ( 22 cm , 0 cm) At what point or points could you place a small mass such that the net gravitational force on it due to the spheres is zero? please show all of work...i don't get it


Find the solution of the logarithmic equation: ln(x+8)+ln(x–8)=0 Im not sure how to approach this one. I tried moving the ln(x-8) to the other side and solving for x and that did not work. I also tried putting everything as an exponent to e. please help! thanks


I NEED HELP! Already answered on here but does not make sense/work. Please HELP! A 2.7 kg balloon is filled with helium ( density = 0.179 kg/m^3). If the balloon is a sphere with a radius of 5.2m , what is the maximum weight it can lift?


You invest money that pays 6.3% interest/year compounded quarterly. How long should you invest if want to double initial investment? I tried A=P(1+r/n)^nt, but it didn't work, using A=2P. the principle is not given. Please help


a refreshment stand at the fair was open for 3 hours. four people each took turns working at the stand for the same amount of time hoe many minutes did each person work ?? HELP PLEASE !!!

Chem II

Find the mass of sodium formate that must be dissolved in 200.00cm^3 of a 1.0M solution of formic acid to prepare a buffer solution with pH=3.40? I have no clue how to work this out. Please help me.


Suppose. Population of test-scores is normally distributed with mean 65 and standard deviation 13 x~n (65,13) if you select a test at randome what is the probability that the score is below 60 or that it is between 65 and 70 please show work!

AP Calc Help!!

Let f be the function satisfying f'(x)=x√(f(x)) for all real numbers x, where f(3)=25. 1. Find f''(3). 2. Write an expression for y=f(x) by solving the differential equation dy/dx=x√y with the initial condition f(3)=25. Please show work and reasoning.

Economics help please!!!

In a specific industry, two dominant firms work together to set prices. We call this A. competition. B. collusion. C. market dominance. D. market influence. Answer this Question


PLEASE SHOW YOUR WORK.. Marty paid $72 for a jacket that had been marked down 20%. Create a linear model to represent this and use it to calculate the original price of the jacket.

Algebra 2

Find the values of the 30th and 90th percentiles of the data. Please show your work. 129, 113, 200, 100, 105, 132, 100, 176, 146, 152


All students. Please do not post test or quiz answers to Jiskha. It is cheating and doesn't benefit you in any way. If you need help on homework or anything else, be sure to show your work and possible answers. Thanks :)


A solid uniform cylinder of mass 4.6 kg and radius 0.051 m rolls without slipping at a speed of 0.78 m/s. What is the cylinder’s total kinetic energy? please show some work so that I can learn from it.


FInd the derivative of each of the following function. f(x)=xcosx+x^4e^2x All I know is the rule with the e^u equation where you would do e^2x times 1. other than that I dont know what to do can someone please help and show all work I will appreciate it greatly


Find the area of the indicated region. We suggest you graph the curves to check whether one is above the other or whether they cross, and that you use technology to check your answer. (Round your answer to four significant digits.) HINT [See Quick Example page 532.] Enclosed ...


Find the area of the indicated region. We suggest you graph the curves to check whether one is above the other or whether they cross, and that you use technology to check your answer. (Round your answer to four significant digits.) HINT [See Quick Example page 1028.] Enclosed ...


Find the area of the indicated region. We suggest you graph the curves to check whether one is above the other or whether they cross, and that you use technology to check your answer. (Round your answer to four significant digits.) HINT [See Quick Example page 1028.] Enclosed ...

Hamlet Check

Please check my answers 6. Hamlet awaits the appearance of the ghost on: a. the moor near the battle ground b. near Birnam Woods c. the ramparts of Elsinor Castle d. the cellar of the castle My answer B 7. Hamlet is denouncing the celebration that the King is partaking in ...


Please check to see if I have this correct. Premises: The desire to incarcerate juveniles with adults is based on public fear. Premises: The public fears that juvenile crime is increasing. Conclusion: However, crimes committed by youth are actually decreasing

dog behavior

please check my answer thanks so much :) For which one of the following situations would you use a high-pitched voice? A. Teaching the emergency down command B. Reprimanding a dog for misbehavior C. Communicating your authority to a dog D. Calling a dog to come to you I picked D

4th grade English

Please check the following, thanks. First Syllable Accented Cancel Chamber Gather Tender Damage action Second Syllable Accented Frosty Mustang Convince Belief Behave Certain Remind Confuse Contain


can please someone check the answer for me Q )if a mobile user is 0.8 km from the antenna calculate the propagation delay suffered by the signal, due to transmission time alone, when it traverses the network from user to antenna. Answe- 0.8km/3000000 km/sec (speed of light)

American Gov't--please check

With the exception of _____ and _____, the candidate who wins the majority of the popular vote automatically receives all of the electoral votes. 1.)Virginia, North Carolina 2.)Minnesota, Vermont My answer3.)Maine, Nebraska 4.)Maine, Florida

Stat Help Please

Yearly stock returns on India's Sensex Index are well described by a Normal model with a mean of 18.36% and a standard deviation of 14.65%. give the stock return cutoff for the middle 30% of all years. I used TI-83 Calc. for these. Can someone check them? Thank you! Q1=InvNorm...


after neglecting to look before diving into the pool, your friend hits his head on a rock and disrupts his __________ causing him to be paralyzed from his waist down A. cardiovascular system*** B. circulatory system C. nervous system D. endocrine system Please check

Social Studies

May you please check if my answer is correct? Why did the system of feudalism arise during the Middle Ages? (1 point) to develop an economic system to determine jobs within a city to defend the countries from attacks to organize the household of noblemen A is my answer

Introduction to Graphic Design

Hello! Thanks for checking my question out! ____ 1. Which of the following are examples of applied art? Select all that apply. (2 points) a) architecture b) drawing c) industrial design d) sculpting My Answers: A and C Could someone please check my answers? Thanks! - Da Fash

History (one question please check)

As towns grew, which group was most likely to take responsibility for making improvements to the town? a. merchant guilds b. artisan guilds c. wealthy cathedral bishops*** d. noblemen on whose land the town was built


1. 619.5 km=__m A, 0.6195 B, 61.95 C, 61,950 D, 619,500*** Write the metric unit that makes the statement true. 2. 5,941 mm= 5.941__ (1point) A, m*** B, km C, cm D, dm Use benchmarks to estimate the sum, difference, or product. 3. 1 7/8+1/9 A, 0 B, 1 C, 2 D, 2 1/2*** 4. 8 8/9...

Anatomy and Physiology

Hey! Thanks for checking my question out! ____ 4. A fluid-filled sac on the surface of the ovary is called a(n) (1 point) a) ovarian cyst. b) fibroid tumor. c) cystocele. d) ovarian cancer. My Answer: A Could someone please check my answer? Thanks! - Da Fash

PHYSICS answer check

A 25 gram arrow fired from a bow has a speed of 80m/s. The energy in the arrow came from work done by the bow that acted over a 1m "draw" distance. What average force acted on the arrow over this distance mass=0.025kg speed=80m/s avg force 2N

Algebra2(check answers)

Will someone please check my answers? 1)Ping is deciding what to choose for dinner from a menu. He can choose 1 of 4 pasta meals, 1 of 6 chicken meals, or 1 of 3 fish meals. How many ways can Ping choose a dinner meal? a)13<---- b)18 c)27 d)72 2) How many permutations are ...


The ellipse x^2+3y^3=13, has two points when x+-1 . Find the slope of the ellipse at both these points. 2. Thoroughly explain the method you used to find the slope in part 1. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the method you used? 3. Explain whether your method will work...


- Describe the steps involved in making a hamburger. - Think of your favorite food product. Describe the raw materials that make up the food, how it might have been processed, and then manufactured into the food you enjoy. (I don't really care which food product I describe) ...


Can you please check these sentences for me? Thank you. 1)The pilgrims start their pilgrimage at/from Tabard Inn, a place linked with pleasure and go towards the Cathedral of Canterbury, the celestial city of God. 2) You limited yourself to reporting what on the photocopy ...

very hard math question Help

Accoring to the info below, calculate the invoice total please show all your work and explian thanks ________________________________________ Customer Invoice ________________________________________ Stock# Quant Unit Item Uniit Price 24795 150 ea calculator $10.63 32678 150 ...


Half of a pizza was broccoli and half was mushroom. George ate 2/3 of the broccoli and 1/4 of thee mushroom part. How much of the pizza did he eat? I did this problem but I wasn't sure of my answer so I needed someone to see if I am right or not. My answer is 1/6 and I got ...


i am researching a piece of art work by frida kahlo and i need more infomation about he work, any sujestions?

12th grade Project work

How can I prepare a beautifully decorated hand made file on a project work for school?


Jairo ears $256 for 50 hours of work. Write an equation(proportion) to find x his wages for 76 hours of work


Omar made 378 for 78 hours of work at the same rate how much would he make for 12 hours of work?


A 75kg particle is moving to the left at 29m/s . How much work must be done on the particle to cause it to move to the right at 46m/s ?


You randomly choose 28 days for your work in March. Find the probability that you are o work on 8th and 16th and 24th March.

4th grade math

Analee earjs $45 for every 5 hours of work. how much money can she earn for H hours of work


The best preparation for good work tomorrow is to do good work today. i need the subject verb and object


The best preparation for good work tomorrow is to do good work today. i need the subject verb and object


fraction word problem. please advise on how to work the problem Phillip and Jane had a pie each. Phippip ate 1/4 of his and Jane ate more of the pie than Phillip. Which fraction of his pie could Jane have eaten. Possible answers: 2/5 1/6 2/8 or 1/8 Please advise whether or not...

GRAMMAR HELP plz check ;-;

"You have the answers in the back of the book," he said, "so you should check every answer." A.The period belongs outside of the quotation marks. B. (So) should be capitalized. C. Delete the comma after the word book. D. No revision is necessary. Im guessing that my answer ...

social studies

how did Mikhail gorbachev affect the government? What did Boris Yeltsin do and how did he affect the government? Please don't give me any links. Please note that we don't do students' homework for them. Our tutors try to give you the information to help you complete your ...


I have been asked to solve the following system of linear inequalities by graphing. I tried replacing with various numbers but even though the they work in the equations my graphs change from consistent to inconsistent. Please help.


If you take the job of your dreams, your pay will be $48 per hour. The hitch is that you will be paid in ten minute increments. If you begin work at 8:30 am, how much will you have earned by your 1:00 pm lunch break today? ( Please show me the steps. thanks )


I have to go to work this weekend so I'm trying to get my homework finished. Could you please help me figure out this question? Calculate the mass of 1.00 mol of each of these substances: a.) silicon dioxide (SiO2) b.) diatomic nitrogen (N2) c.) iron (|||) hydroxide (Fe(OH)3) ...


6. A magician plays a game using a full deck of cards. This includes 4 each of aces, numbers 2-10, jacks,queens, and kings. What is the probability that an even numbered card will not be selected? please explain and show work.


At the end of the course David averaged a 90% on Tests; 80% on Quizzes; 60% on Quick Checks; 90% on Discussions; 100% on Participation and 95% on Sample Work. What would be his final percentage to the nearest tenth and please show how you got your answer! Thank you so much


1. Read the following lines from the poem "Eve to Her Daughters" in which the speaker describes Adam. In the process he had to on reveal everything, because he believed that mechanism was the whole secret- he was always mechanical minded. He got to the very inside of the whole...


1. Don't ask for directions. 2. Don't ask for direction. (Are both grammatical? Which one is correct?) 3. That's the foundation of the success of our work. 4. That's the foundation of the success for our work. (Are both grammatical? Do we have to use 'of' or 'for' before 'our ...


at a certain factory each worker either drives to work or take the bus. the ratio of worker who take the bus to those who drive to work is 2:5. if 120 worker drive to work how many workers are there at the factory?

math help

could some one please explain to me reciprocal how to find the reciprocal my math home work says find the reciprocal of (-1/8)(13/2)(4) reciprocal you change over so is the -1/8 -8/1 or would it be 8/1 13/2 would be 2/13 4 would be 4/1 then 1/4 then i would multiply all ...

Spanish #2 (URGENT)

Can someone check my work? Create a sport skit/presentation using commands and actions. Escuchanos! Vamos a enseñar cómo jugar al futbol. Pon en los zapatos de fútbol. Trae un balón de fútbol. Va al campo. Golfea el balon con el pie. Corre al balon y golfea de nuevo. ...


the points (0,3), (1.8, -.365), (2, -.79) (4.5, -1.923) li on a line. Write the equation of the line in slope intercept form.


Verify the trigonometric identity: [(1–sin²x)/sin²x]–[(csc²x–1)/cos²x]= -tan²x I can't figure this out.


In a right triangle the side opposite the 30 degree angle is 5 meters.Find the adjacent side.

algebra trig honors

x squared minus four thirds x plus four over nine


State the amplitude, period, phase shift, and vertical shift of f(x)=-1/4sin(6x+2pi)+9


80 feet from the base of a tower the angle of elevation to the top is 36 degree find the height of the tower


find the period and amplitude of each sine function.then sketch each function from 0 to 2pi: 1)y=-3.5 sin 5theta


Find the degree measures of 2 angles, one positive and one negative that are co-terminal with 135.


if point P is a point on the terminal side of 0, and 0 is in standard position, find sin 0,cos 0 and tan 0. 1. P(-6,8) 2. P (1,3) 3. P (-2,-40), 4. P (-5, -12)


Use a graph of the cosecant function to find the value of theta for which csc theta equals 1.


Use trigonometric identities to find sec theta, given that tan theta = Radical 5/ 3.


Using tables or a calculator, find tan 16 degrees 15 + cot 32.7 degrees to the nearest hundreths


the basic N of an antenna rests on horizontal ground. the angle of elevation of the top R from a pt H on the ground is 42 degrees


determine the phase shift of y = sin(3x - 2pi). indicate whether the shift is to the right or left.


How do i solve this equation over the interval [0degrees,360) cot(theta)+2csc(theta)=5

Trig-Algebra help asap

A rhombus has sides of 5 cm and one diagonal is 6 cm long. Find the area of the rhombus.

Trig-Algebra help asap

A regular octagon is inscribed in a circle with a radius of 5 cm. Find the area of the octagon.

Algebra-Trig help asap

A rhombus has sides of 5 cm each and one diagonal is 6 cm long. Find the area of the rhombus.


a vector has a magnitude of 16 and direction of 120 degrees. write the vector in terms of unit vecotrs i and j.


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