Trig check my work please?

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  1. Chemistry: check answers

    Please check. Thank you. 2. What is the reduction half-reaction for the following unbalanced redox equation? Cr2O72– + NH4+ Cr2O3 + N2 A.) Cr2O3 -> Cr2O72– B.) Cr2O72– -> Cr2O3 C.) NH4+ -> N2 D.) N2 -> NH4+ 3. Which oxidation-reduction reactions are best ...
  2. trig

    A boat is 23 mi due west of lighthouse A. Lighthouse B is 14 mi due north of lighthousenA. Find the bearing of lighthouse B from the boat and the distance from lighthousenB tho the boat.
  3. trig

    A boat is 23 mi due west of lighthouse A. Lighthouse B is 14 mi due north of lighthousenA. Find the bearing of lighthouse B from the boat and the distance from lighthousenB tho the boat.
  4. Physics

    A skier of mass 110 kg travels down a frictionless ski trial. a.) If the top of the trail is a height 200m above the bottom, what is the work done by gravity on the skier? b.) Find the velocity of the skier when he reaches the bottom of the ski trail. Assume he starts form ...
  5. Trig

    Solve: 3tan^2x-1=0. I got +/- (the sq. root of 3)/3 which is correct according to my study guide. However, I don't know how to use the unit circle to find this. The copy of the unit circle which I have does not have tangent values listed, only sine and cosine. I've tried ...
  6. Physics

    A small first-aid kit is dropped by a rock climber who is descending steadily at 1.9 m/s. After 2.5 s, what is the velocity of the first-aid kit, and how far is the kit below the climber? My question is, how can you determine how fast/far the kit is going???? If the kit is ...
  7. math

    List the ages of two people in your life, one older than you and one younger than you. It would be best if the younger person was 15 years of age or younger. Find the prime factorizations of your age and the other two persons’ ages. Show your work listed by name and age. ...
  8. Health Physics

    A machine is used to either do work or to convert energy. To find the efficiency of a machine, one must compare the power input to the machine to the power output of the machine. What does thepower take into account in addition to the amount of work done or the amount of ...
  9. Health Physics

    A machine is used to either do work or to convert energy. To find the efficiency of a machine, one must compare the power input to the machine to the power output of the machine. What does thepower take into account in addition to the amount of work done or the amount of ...
  10. Spanish

    How exactly will I do this? I seriously need help yet,I can't even attempt this. My teacher hasn't taught me this stuff as yet. So help would be appreciated. This is what I'm working on: Command form(imperative mood)negative familiar/polite. I have to change the following ...
  11. trig

  12. trig

    If tan(A+B) = 2 and tan B =1/3, find tan A
  13. Math

    Five employees at the Wild Fowl Publishing Company each come to work by a different one of five means: car, railroad, subway, and walking. They hold these positions at the company: art director, editor, publisher, receptionist, and secretary. Two of them are men named Finch ...
  14. History.. Please check my answers

    Can someone please check my answers? Thank you! :) 1. Which of these claims produced conflict between religious leaders and Transcendentalist writers? A. the claim that God and nature were the same B. the view that everyone could interpret God's will C. the belief that ...
  15. chemistry(check my work)

    The initial concentration for the compounds involved in the reaction shown were determined to be [CS2(g)] = 1.075 mol/L, [H2(g)] = 1.436 mol/L, [CH4(g)] = 0.6740 mol/L, [H2S(g)] = 0.3120 mol/L. Calculate the value of the equilibrium constant (Kc) at 1175 K if the equilibrium ...
  16. college physics helpasap

    The water skier in the figure is at an angle of 35degree with respect to the center line of the boat, and is being pulled at a constant speed of 15m/s . 1)If the tension in the tow rope is 90.0N, how much work does the rope do on the skier in 30.0s ? 2)How much work does the ...
  17. physics

    A driver of a 7.50 N car passes a sign stating "Bridge Out 30 Meters Ahead." She slams on the brakes, coming to a stop in 10.0 s. How much work must be done by the brakes on the car if it is to stop just in time? Neglect the weight of the driver, and assume that the negative ...
  18. Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards (plz help)

    I need help and I'm a bit confused. How to Submit Your Work Regional Programs Students first submit work to regional programs administered by affiliates of the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers. Students and teachers can connect with their regional programs HERE. Deadlines ...
  19. A.V. M. Sr. sec. school faridabad

    Tom takes 3 days to do a piece of work while jerry takes only one day for the same. Together, they both can finish the job in 15 days. In how many days tom will finish the work?
  20. Physics

    A tennis player hits a 58.0 g tennis ball so that it goes straight up and reaches a maximum height of 7.02 m . Part A How much work does gravity do on the ball on the way up? Part B How much work does gravity do on the ball on the way down?
  21. Pr-Cal/Trig

    1)if the graph of f(x)=cotx is transformed by a horizontal shrink of 1/4 and a horizontal shift left pi, the result is the graph of: a) g(x)= cot[1/4(x-pi)] b) g(x)=cot[1/4(x+pi)] c) g(x)=cot[4(x-pi)] d) g(x)=cot[4(x+pi)] e) g(x)=cot[4x+pi] please include how you got the answer
  22. Romeo & Juliet [ Check answers please].

    Here are the vocab words we had to use. Pernicious, adversay, definance, fray, augmenting, posterity, vile, rapier, and mutiny. 1. The ships crew's _____ Against the captain failed. A. Definance 2. '' Because of your good work, I am ___ Your salary'', my boss said. A. ...
  23. university of phoenix

    It has been reported that 40% of children in the United States live in homes where both parents work to make ends meet. A school administrator claimed that more than 40% of children in his school district lived in homes where both parents work to make ends meet. In a sample of...
  24. chemistry

    Which of the following best describes the heat engine? A. A heat engine works through the conversion of energy in the form of heat to mechanical work. B. A heat engine works through the conversion of energy in the form of heat to chemical work. C. A heat engine works through ...
  25. Calculus

    I would like to know if my answers are correct: Disclaimer: We are allowed to keep our answers in formula form 1. Use the washer method to find the volume of the solid that is generated by rotating the plane region bounded by y=x^2 and y = 2-x^2 about the axis y=-1 My Work: [...
  26. Math-- Please check

    A package of 16 tea bags costs $2.29. Find the unit price in cents per tea bag. Round to the nearest tenth of a cent. I get 14.3 cent Will you check to make sure I am correct? How do I round it to the nearest tenth? Or is it already rounded to the nearest tenth? Please help! ...
  27. Technology

    1. What column do you put deposits in when you are balancing your checkbook? A. date B. transaction** C. debit D. credit 2. When creating a formula for balancing a checkbook, what do you subtract from the credits? A. debits B. check numbers** C. transactions D. dates 3. Why is...
  28. Dynamics

    Which one of the following statement is correct Multiple choice question a)Energy and work are scalars b)Force and work are vectors c)Energy, momentum and velocity are vectors d)Force, momentus and velocity are scalars
  29. Chemistry Questions!!

    I was sick for 2 days, and that's really not good in any chemistry class, let alone mine, which is an advanced one. I don't know what I was thinking when I tried to be smart, but I really need help. It's pretty basic, I think, so anyone..? Also, I really have tried these......
  30. Proof math problem help? Please help if you can!

    Let AB be the diameter of a circle, and let point P be a point on AB. Let CD be a chord parallel to AB. Prove that PA^2 + PB^2 = PC^2 + PD^2 It can be solved using geometry methods (no trig). Anyway, I figured out that PA^2 +PB^2 = 2OP^2 + 2OB^2. However, I cannot find right ...

    Mrs Walsh is seeking legal advice. A friend of her recommended two law firms - Legal Eagles, which charges a consultation fee of $100 plus $40 per hour and A-1 Attorneys, which charges a consultation fee of $60 per hour. A) Write an equation for the cost (C) of Legal Eagles in...
  32. algebra

    Annabelle and Navene are multiplying (4275)(4372). Annabelle's Work (4275)(4372) = 4^2 + 375 + 2 = 4577 Navene's Work: (4275)(4372) = 42â‹…375â‹…2 = 46710 Is either of them correct? Explain your reasoning.
  33. Spanish-Please check

    Could some one please check these-I had to answer them in the past tense which is still confusing me-I think most of them are correct-Thank you 1.¿Comó te sentiste ayer? Yo sentí muy bien. 2. ¿Adonde fuiste ayer? Yo fui al cine. 3. ¿Adonde fue tu mama ayer? Mi mama fue a ...
  34. English

    I really need to know if everything is correct in my last post. I hope someone can check it. Thank you very much, Damon. Here are a few more sentences I need to check.In particular, a need to know which word choices are possible. 1) O’Brien even threatens to use rats against...
  35. Math check - Statistics

    Can someone (preferably one of the long-term tutors) check my answers: Researchers trap 23 devils, and find that 18 of them are infected. Provide an estimate of disease prevalence. p-hat = (18/23)=0.783 Part II: assuming the same disease prevalence from above. If they trap 2 ...
  36. science

    i need to rearrange the following equations, to make x the subject . r = sx^2 2t and 6y = 9 – 3x can some 1 help me im realy stuck. i need to work it out step by step. the 2t is meant 2 be under sx^2 meaning dived by r= sx^2/2t multipy both sides by 2t r2t= sx^2 divide both ...
  37. chemistry

    I need help with this question please help, I just don't understand it Fe3+ (aq), Ca2+ (aq) and Ba2+ are all present in the same solution. Fully describe a procedure whereby you could separate these ions from one another Mr Pursley posted this response, but I don't understand ...
  38. Trig

    Given y=2-4cos(3x-pi/4), find each of the following, giving the general representation of the location of all minimums. Also provide the graph of two full cycles, labeling everything. Domain = Range = Amplitude = Period = Ph. Shft. = Interval for one Complete cycle = ...
  39. math/Right triangle trig

    Your favorite team is attempting a field goal. The ball is kicked at an angle of 45 degrees with the field. The ball covers a horizontal distance of 85 inches before the kick is blocked. What is the minimum height the opposing team's player can be to block the kick?
  40. Find the pattern

    Our trip lasted for 12 days we arrived Sunday July 1 and left on Thursday July 12th where we stayed everyday something went wrong the electricity went out the water was shut off sliding patio wouldn't close the gas oven didn't work, and it rained. Out of the 12 days it was ...
  41. trig-reply to Reiny

    RE: (- sin (x/2) /( 2 sin (x/2) + cos (x/2)) is an alternate representation for, 1 / ( 4 tan (x/2) + 2 ) Thanks for your help, sorry I posted 3 times, I thought you didn't understand what I needed. I really do appreciate your time spent. just for your FYI, if you are ...
  42. CHEM!

    Well I almost understand this question but still got stuck, I will show you the question and my answer so I need someone to tell me if I did it correctly or not and how I should fix it. at 55degrees the K for the reaction: 2NO2(g)<=>N2O4 is 1.15 calc the concentration of...
  43. Physics

    A machine is used to either do work or to convert energy. To find the efficiency of a machine, one must compare the power input to the machine to the power output of the machine. What does thepower take into account in addition to the amount of work done or the amount of ...
  44. physic

    If the work required to speed up a car from 13 km/h to 20 km/h is 6.5×103 J, what would be the work required to increase the car’s speed from 20 km/h to 35 km/h?
  45. English

    It's time to take a test. Close your textbooks. I will hand out test papers. Take one and pass the rest to the back. When you receive an exam paper, make sure to write down your name and number on the top. I will give you 5 minutes.....Time is up. I will write down the answers...
  46. English (Check)

    1.Read the sentence below: Your anger at the game's final score is as my despair for my exam scores. What type of figurative language does this sentence use? A.Allusion B.Analogy C.Hyperbole D.Simile**** 2.Read the sentence below: Simplicity is to garden design as symmetry is ...
  47. art 101

    According to the author, a. the interpretation of a work of art is objective. b. a work of art may fall into more than one theme. c. it doesn’t make sense to compare art from different cultures. d. all of these are the case: the interpretation of art is objective; a work of ...
  48. Hamlet Check

    Please check my answers 1. Claudius is going to write a letter to ________, to try and create peace: a. young Fortinbras b. King of France c. King of Denmark d. the bed-ridden Fortinbras My answer is D. 2. Hamlet waited between ______(time) for the ghost to appear: I assume ...
  49. Spanish -Please check 7th grade

    Please check my answers-I have to say where I just came from and what I have done using forms of venir and acabar de The post office Vengo del correo. Acabo de mandar una carta. The museum Vengo del museo de arte. Acabo de mirar el arte. The hospital Vengo del hospital. Acabo ...
  50. English

    Thank you very much for the help. Can you check these two other paragraphs, please? 1) Once, last year, I was (too?) late for school and I had to run to catch the bus. But the day before it had snowed a lot and that morning the road was icy. (While I was running,) I fell over ...
  51. trig--power reducing formulas

    Having trouble with this problem: Rewrite the expression as an equivalent expression that does not contain powers greater than 1. Cos³x My answer: cos³x=(cos²x)(cosx) =(1+cos2x/2)(cosx)-->cos+cos³x/2...which is wrong
  52. trig

    as the sun rises it casts a long shadow over a boy who is leaning next to a tree. the tree is 35 feet tall and the sun's rays create an angle of depression of 70 degrees with the top of the tree. how long is the shadow
  53. Trig

    The angle of elevation from a point on the ground to the top of a tower is 37deg5'. The angle of elevation from a point 120 feet farther back from the tower is 29deg5'. Find the height of the tower (to the nearest foot).
  54. Trig

    A straight road slopes upward 14 degrees from the horizontal. A vertical telephone pole beside the road casts a shadow of 60 feet down the road. if the angle of elevation of the sun is 55 degrees, what is the height of the telephone pole?
  55. English

    Shall I replace the word counter with section? For example, "sweets section, pasta section"? Could you please check these sentences? 1) When I go to the supermarket, I get a trolley or a plastic basket first and then I go to the meat and fish section(/to the deli section). 2) ...
  56. Trig

    How come cosine of 225 degrees is a positive number i thought it was negative because it's reference angle would be 45 degrees below the second quadrant and in a unit circle cosine is just the x value so I thought cosine of something in both the second and third were negative ...
  57. trig

    Two tracking stations are on the equator 134 miles apart. A weather balloon is located on a bearing of N 38°E from the western station and on a bearing of N 19°E from the eastern station. How far is the balloon from the western station? Round to the nearest mile.
  58. trig

    An airplane is flying in the direction 148° with an airspeed of u = 920 kilometers per hour. Because of the wind, its groundspeed and direction are v = 820 kilometers per hour and 140°, respectively (see figure). Find the direction and speed of the wind.
  59. calculus

    Assuming that: Definite Integral of e^(-x^2) dx over [0,infinity] = sqrt(pi)/2 Solve for Definite Integral of e^(-ax^2) dx over [-infinity,infinity] I don't know how to approach the new "a" term. I can't use u-substitution, integration by parts, partial fractions, or trig ...
  60. Calculus

    2sin(2theta) + sqrt(3) = 0 interval (0,2pi) How do I solve this? I thought about maybe subtracting the sqrt(3) from both sides, so that i would have 2sin(2theta) = -sqrt(3) Then maybe dividing by two? sin(2theta) = -sqrt(3)/2 Am I doing anything right here? It's been a long ...
  61. Trig

    Find two values of theta that satisfy the equation. give your answers in degrees (0degrees <theta<360degrees ) and radians (0<theta<2pi) a. sin θ= sqrrt3/2 b.sin θ= - sqrrt3/2
  62. Trig

    Two tracking stations are on the equator 161 miles apart. A weather balloon is located on a bearing of N 32°E from the western station and on a bearing of N 16°E from the eastern station. How far is the balloon from the western station? Round to the nearest mile.
  63. English 4

    These webpages on thesis statements should help you write a good one. http://nutsandbolts....
  64. maths

    300 mens were engaged to complete a job in a certain number of days. but due to another assignment 15 men dropped the 2nd day, 15 more men dropped the 3rd day and so takes 15 more days to finish the work now. find the number of days in which the work was completed.
  65. Pre Calculus

    The population P of a culture of bacteria is described by the equation P = 1600e^0.052t where t is time, in hours, relative to the time at which the population was 1600. (a) What was the population at t = 6 hours? Show your work. (b) After how many hours will the population ...
  66. Algebra 2/ trig

    sin theta= 7/25, 0< theta < pi/2 cos beta=8/17, 0, beta, pi/2 Find(theta+ beta)
  67. Math

    A ball is placed on a long inclined ramp. It rolls down the ramp as shown in the diagram. The equation d = 23 · t2 represents the distance in feet, d, the ball travels in t seconds. Part A How far does the ball travel in 5 seconds? Show your work. Part B How many seconds ...
  68. physics conversions check my answers

    can you check my answers. 1. What is the corresponding barometric pressure values in mmHg if the barometric pressure is reported as: 29.7 inHg. = 754.38mmHg 31.8 inHg. = 807.72mmHg 26.4 inHg. = 670.56mmHg 22.1 inHg. = 561.34mmHg 34.8 inHg. = 883.92mmHg 2. What are the ...
  69. Social Studies (please check Ms. Sue)

    Please check this. Thanks! 1. After World War II, what type of laws did Congress concentrate on passing? a. civil rights*** b. homeland defense c. international alliances d. taxes 2. Which of the following tactics was NOT used by civil rights groups? a. organizing sit-ins b. ...
  70. chem

    How many grams of CO2 are produced when 11.47 moles hexane combust? My work:I balanced the equation like so C6H14 + 19/2 O2 ==> 6CO2 + 7H2O My teacher taught us the 19/2 was valid My work: 11.47 mol C6H14 * 6 CO2/1 mol C6H14 * 44g/mol/1 mol CO2 = 3, 028 g of CO2
  71. Physics

    A snowmobile does 400J of work in towing a sled to the top of a hill. During th etrip up the hill, it took 50J to overcome the work of friction. What is the potential energy of the motionless sled at the top of the hill? Well I know that the formula for potential energy is ...
  72. Physics

    For launching a satellite into orbit around earth, would the proper conservation of energy formula be: Epi + Eki + O work = Epf + Ekf? Would work = 0 for launching a satellite? And, would Epi = -Gm1m2/radius of earth or would it just equal 0 (because we usually set Ep on earth...
  73. physics

    - A 1600-KG ELEVATOR accelerates downward at 2.00 m/s2 starting from rest. how much work does gravity do on the elevator? b) how much does tention in the elevator cable do on the elevator? c) use the work kinetic energy theorem to find the kenetic energy of the elevator as it ...
  74. trig integration

    s- integral endpoints are 0 and pi/2 i need to find the integral of sin^2 (2x) dx. i know that the answer is pi/4, but im not sure how to get to it. i know: s sin^2(2x)dx= 1/2 [1-cos (4x)] dx, but then i'm confused. The indefinite integral of (1/2) [1-cos (4x)] is (x/2) - (1/2...
  75. Pre-Calculus-Trig

    A pole tilts 12 degrees from the vertical, away from the sun, casts a 34 foot long shadow on level ground. The angle of elevation from the end of the shadow to the top of the pole is 64 degrees. How long is the pole?
  76. trig

    From a point 45 meters above level ground, a surveyor measures the angle of depression of an object on the ground at 68°. Approximate the distance from the object to the point on the ground directly beneath the surveyor. (Round your answer to two decimal places.)
  77. physics urgent!!!

    A canoe of mass 70 kg with a paddler of mass 55 kg are in a river. If the river's current exerts a force of 15 N [E] while the paddler is paddling with an average force of 22 N [N38degreesW], find the acceleration of the canoe and paddler. Use both a component and ...
  78. Math

    Hi i'm having trouble with a question. it states During the Summer you take 2 part time jobs. The first job pays $5 per hour. The 2nd Job pays $8 per hour. You want to earn at least $150 a week and work 25 hours or less a week. Write a system of inequalities that model the ...
  79. chemistry

    A sample of argon of mass 10.4 g occupies 2100 ml at 30 oC . (i) Calculate the work done by the gas when it expands isothermally against a constant external pressure of 31.1kPa until its volume has increased by 483.1ml. (ii) Calculate the work done by the gas if the same ...
  80. Trig

    can I please have help with these 3 questions? 1. Solve this equation graphically on the interval [0, 2ð]. list the solutions. sin(2x)-1=tan x 2. solve sin x cos x= sqrt3/4 3. solve tan^2 x-3tan x+2=0 thank you! show step by step please.
  81. trig

    Olivia has a pool slide that makes an angle of 25º with the water. The top of the slide stands 4.5 feet above the surface of the water. The slide makes a straight line into the water. How long is the slide?
  82. trig

    From two points each on the opposite sides of a river,the angles of elevations of the top of an 80ft. tree are 60 degree & 30 degree.the points & the tree are in the same straight line,which is perpendicular to the wide is the river?
  83. trig

    starting salary for a job is 30,000 with a guaranteed raise of $5,000 each year for the first 5 years. write an explicit formula to represent how much money you would earn each year. how much money would you earn in the fifth year?
  84. Honors Trig

    a plane is flying in the direction of 190 degrees with an air speed of 400 mph. Its course and ground speed are 200 degrees and 350 mph respectively. What is the speed and direction of the wind?
  85. Trig

    A boat heads S 15 degrees E on a river that flows due west. the boat travels S 11 degrees W with a speed of 25 km per hour. Find the speed of the current and the speed of the still water. This is due tomorrow.
  86. trig

    Robert is standing on a cliff and looks down at an angle of depression of 62 degrees to look at a boat. The cliff is 76 feet high. How far is the boat from the cliff? Round your answer to two decimal places. The boat is _________ feet from the cliff.
  87. college trig word problem

    A Ferris wheel has a radius of 25 feet.The wheel is rotating at two revolutions per minute.Find the linear speed, in feet per minute, of a seat on this ferris wheel.
  88. employment law

    The supervisor comes to your office and wants to see the employee’s file. You provide the supervisor the file. The supervisor asks for the results from the drug test, the medical follow-up for the work-related injury a year ago, and the employee’s legal right to work in ...
  89. chem--please help me check my answer!!

    write an ionic and net ionic equation for the following reaction between Fe3+ and NH4OH. Please check my answer!! Thank you. My answer is: ionic: Fe3+(aq) + NH4OH--> Fe(OH)3 + NH4+ net ionic: Fe3+ +OH- -->Fe(OH)3
  90. legal and ethical issues

    Which element do you think plays the greatest role in influencing employee behavior? Explicit policy or implicit policy. First find out what explicit and implicit mean. Then think about a couple of job situations. Pretend you are the employer, then the employee. What would ...
  91. Ethical and Legal Issues

    Let’s start this discussion by providing examples of an ethical duty or ethical obligations you have encountered in your life. What are some examples of rules at WORK that might cause a conflict with your ethical standards? 1. What was that duty or obligation? 2. How did you...
  92. Math

    I posted this earlier, but got no answer. So I am re-posting. Jean deposited a check for $625, wrote two for $68.74 and $29.95 and used her debit card to pay for a purchase of $57.65. How has her account balance changed? I am a little lost, I understand the deposit BUT from ...
  93. calc check: average value

    Find the average value of the function "f(x) = x^2 sqrt(1+x^3)" on the interval [0,2]. and this is what i did.. please check for mistakes. thanks :D f(x) = x^2 sqrt(1+x^3), [0,2] f ave = (1/(b-a))*inegral of a to b for: f(x) dx f ave = (1/(2-0))*integral of 0 to 2 for: x^2 ...
  94. English

    Can you help me check these sentences on family and hobbies? I need to know if the word choice is correct. Thank you. 1)I’ve got short, curly, blond hair and blue eyes.In my family we are three: my mother, my father and I (not me). Correction: In my family there are three ...
  95. Honors English 11

    Can someone check my answer please? Q: Read and analyze "When I heard the learn'd Astronomer" by Walt Whitman. What romantic ideas does it express, and how does the structure of the poem reinforce the meaning? -When i heard the learn'd astronomer; When the proofs, the figures...
  96. organizational behavior

    Keep in mind the differences that exist between FMC Green River and FMC Aberdeen and continue to think in terms of the differences you see in both facilities for each of these three topics. For example, what are the differences in the work groups, leadership styles, and ...
  97. Math

    please check my work. 1. The number of words (x) Tina can type per minute is at Least 50. write and graph and inequality. (I broke it down to these 2 choices because the A & D was incorrect) B. x is less than or equal to 50 C. x is greater than or equal to 50 ~~~~ 2. Gavin ...
  98. Chemistry

    How many milimetres of 0.114 M sulphuric acid solution provide the sulfuric acid required to react with the sodium hydroxide in 32.3 ml of 0.122 M NaOH according to the following equation? H2SO4 + 2 NAOH ---> Na2SO4 + 2 H20 A millimeter is a unit of length, not volume. I am...
  99. Physics

    A 700 kg car is pulled up a hill at a 10 degree hill with a 1500N force acting parallel with the hill, friction can be neglected. What is the work done by the pulling force? What is the work done by gravity? If the initial speed of the car is 4 m/s, what is the speed after it ...
  100. trig

    I need to state the period and 2 consecutive asymptotes on the graph for the following questions. 1: y = -3 tan pi*x period: pi (?) asymptotes: ? 2: y = 2 sec 4x period: ? asymptotes: ? 3: y = csc (x/3) period: ? asymptotes: ? 4: y = 3 cot (pi*x/2) period: ? asymptotes: ? If ...
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