Trig check my work please?

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  1. Math

    Yvette earned $66.00 for 8 hours of work. Lizbeth earned $68.80 working the same amount of time. How much more per hour did Lizbeth earn than Yvette earned? a. $0.35 b. $0.45 c. $2.80 d. $8.25 Answer-c Please check the above.
  2. math

    how would you solve for x: (3)^.5sin(2x)-2cos(2x)+2sin^2(x)=1 using trig identites. please help
  3. grade 12 trig

    If cos A-1=0, where 0<or= A< 2pi, then A=? The answer I got was pi/3,5pi/3. I don't know where I went wrong can you please help. thanks
  4. trig

    Which basic trigonometric function has the same graph as y= -cot(x+(pi/2)).Please justify your answer.
  5. trig

    evaluate the following without using a calculator and please explain how cos(arctan 3)

    solve the equation 2 sec x- tan x = cot x for the interval 0 to 360 please:)
  7. Trig

    Find the general solution for the equation 4tanx+cotx=5?????? and the steps please? THANYOO!
  8. Trig

    Determine the frequency of y = 2 �� 3 cos 10x. (nearest tenth) Please help!
  9. trig

    I have a couple of these and cannot locate directions I can understand-please help! Draw the graph of y=3cos(2x) for 0< or= x < or = 2 pi
  10. Trig

    Let f and g be two invertible functions such that f^-1(x)=5/x+4 and g(x)=4(x-2). Find f(g(5)). Show your steps please so I can see how to do it. Thank you! :)
  11. Pre-Calc/Trig...

    Help me please. Solve the equation: (x-3)(x+2)=0 Enter the solution with the lowest value.
  12. Trig

    Verify and identify, I am so confused on how to do this? this is an extra credit but I am lost, please help. cot(Ý-ƒÎ/2)=-tan Ý
  13. Economics(Please check, thank you)

    Is leisure time considered an inferior good when the substitution effect dominates? I think that the answer is yes because if you are willing to work more hours in order to make more money than you do not value leisure time that much. Is this correct? Thank you!
  14. MATH: Check my answers | HELP ASAP!!

    What is the diameter of a circle with a circumference of 282.6 m? Round your answer to the nearest meter. 4.5 m 9 m 90 m##### 45 m Check my answer please.
  15. Trig

    2 vectors act on a bolt. vector 1(1200/70 degrees) vector 2(900/205 degrees) then E = ? must show work!
  16. Trig

    2 vectors act on a bolt. vector 1(1200/70 degrees) vector 2(900/205 degrees) then E = ? must show work!
  17. Trig

    Evaluate the following expression: sin(cos^-1(12/13)) tan(sin^-1(3/5)) I do not know what the inverse values would would I work through this?
  18. ms.sue check

    hi ms.sue please check my world history answer :) from a couple of minutes ago
  19. Physics-bobpursleyplease check

    This is the question I posted about two hours ago and I worked it out two ways-could you scroll down and check it, please?If I have a roller coaster, and hill 1 height is 50cm and hill height 2 is 25 cm and the PE is .9 as it approaches the top of hill 2, how do I calculate ...
  20. Calculus

    An airplane flies at an altitude of 5 miles toward a point directly over an observer. The speed of the plane is 600 mi/hr. Find the rate at which the angle of elevation is changing when the angle is 30 degrees. I found the answer to be 60 radians/hr by taking the derivative of...
  21. inverse trig HELP PLEASE!!

    Write the general solution to y = arcsin (0.6428). 40°±360°k 140°±360°k 220°±360°k 320°±360°k How do I find the right answer? I am like seriously stuck. I need help please.
  22. math/trig

    What graph is traced by the equation (x, y) = (5sin 12t , 6−5 cos 12t)?Think of another equation that will produce the same graph. Use your calculator to check.
  23. trig

    hey. show 2sin(pi/14) is a solution to x^3-x^2-2x+1=0 and hint: let x=2sinu and sin(7u)=1 i can't seem to solve when i sub in the x value. how can i relate this to the seventh root of inifinity. i multiplu by sin^4 but they it just doesnt work.
  24. Math estimate with benchmark

    Could you please check ifI have these right? i need to estimate using benchmarks (show work) 1/8 + 3/5 i got: 0 + 1/2 = 1/2 _________________ 4 3/4 - 1 2/3 i got: 4 +1 = 5 - 1 +1 = 2 so 5 - 2 = 3 _____________________ 43 7/8 divide 10 1/3 43 + 1 = 44 10 +0 = 10 so 44 divide by...
  25. Math- fraction equations

    How would I solve this equation? d-1 = -1 1 ____ ___ 4 2 (d-1) divided by 4 = -1 and 1/2 Thanks, Ok, I'll set up your problem this way: (d-1)/4 = -1 1/2 -1 1/2 is the same as -3/2. Therefore: (d-1)/4 = -3/2 Multiply each fraction by a common denominator, which is 4: 4 [ (d-1)/...
  26. Algebra (Check My Work)

    (7a)^-2 1/(7a^2) 1/49a^2
  27. math

    Plz check my work 8*8=64 9*9=81 7*8=56 7/21=3 8/32=32
  28. English

    Can you please check the grammar in the following sentences? They are all about summer holidays. 1) During my summer holiday I got some work experience as a waitress in a guesthouse in the mountains. I just had to serve food at meals. 2) I worked full time for a month and I ...
  29. english

    A-the dictionary definition of a word B-making assertions about a group that are too broad C-parts of a presentation that augment the words D-rhetorical devices that rely on faulty reasoning E- the emotional associations a work invokes audiovisual(A) connation(E) denotation(D...
  30. Can someone check my answer please

    Can someone check this for me? Suppose that the number of cars, C, on 1st Avenue in a city over a period of time t, in months, is graphed on a rectangular coordinate system where time is on the horizontal axis. Suppose that the number of cars driven on 1st Avenue can be ...
  31. cultural diversity

    1. Young children's functional use of language within a work context is often observed in: A. Mainstream industrialized societies. B. Triadic interactions in Mexican-American groups. C. Rural Appalachian Black communities. D. Native American cultures............ I choose D...
  32. chem/plz/check work studying for a final

    23. A 32.3 L sample of a gas at 305oC and 1.20 atm is to be cooled at constant pressure until its volume becomes 28.4L. What will be the new gas temperature? Tf = Vf*Ti/Vi Tf =28.4L x (305+273)K / 32.3L = (28.4)(578)K / 32.3 = 16415.2/32.3 Tf = 508K I got this one wrong on a ...
  33. accounting/check please

    (hey i asked for help with accounting with a question i saw the same question at this site but when i click it it doesnt work is there anyway you can check it for me then what they posted there you can copy and post it here for me).my question was Tracy Migre, a certified ...
  34. Physics 11

    Can someone explain what work total is? In my lessons it said Work total is the sum of all work & showed an example of different work being added together. An assignment after that however made me think that may not be the case... Do I need to add the work in some cases or is ...
  35. English please check my answer

    Please check my answer thank you. Gastrectomy is listed as the principal procedure on the surgical report. You know that (-ectomy) means excision or surgical removal. What part of the medical word does "ectomy " represent ? A. Root B. Suffix C. Prefix D. Combining form My ...
  36. Algebra2 ( Check)

    Will you please check my work for me. 1)The equation of a parabola is shown. y=1/14X^2. What are the coordinates of the focus? (0,-3.5) <---- (0,-4) (0,7) 2)The equation x2 + (y + 3)2 = 36 models the boundary on a local map for which Darren can hear his friend Tom on his ...
  37. precalculus

    will someone please check my work? find two sets of parametric equations for the given rectangular equation x+y^2=4 x=-y^2+4 y=-t^2 x=-t^2+4 x=-t^3 y=-t^3+4 Find a polar equation of an ellipse with its focus at the pole an eccentricity of e=1/4 and directrix at y=4. answer...
  38. math 115

    could someone check my work please? 1.List the factors of each of the following numbers.66 1,11,6 2.Use the following list of numbers for exercises 13 and 14. 0, 1, 15, 19, 23, 31, 49, 55, 59, 87, 91, 97, 103, 105 15,55,105 answer 3.1,55, 1,57, 1,58,1,59,1,61,
  39. English

    Rewrite the following sentence to make it more concise: The referendum was held by the government in the month of August. The Government held a referendum in the August. Please check my work.
  40. Math (Trig)

    I have a unit circle graph like the one at the top of a website (do a google search for 'unit circle trig functions' and click the second link, since I can't post links). I need to label the sine, cosine, tangent, secant, cosecant, and cotangent. I found several pictures that ...
  41. language please check my work

    In 2000 an experimental robot performed operations on the damaged valves of ten patient's hearts. in this true: -robot is a noun -performed is a verb -damaged is a noun
  42. Science: Please check answer

    2. Once your rocket reaches space, the captain adjusts the speed. Your captain goes from 24,000 km/hr to 17,000 km/hr over 90 seconds. What is your acceleration? Beginning speed= 17,000km/hr Ending speed= 24,000 km/hr Time it took= 90/sec 17000-24000= -7000/90= -77.778km/hr ...
  43. English

    I left out a few sentences. Can you please check them? 1)England turned from an agricultural into an industrialized (not industrial) country. 2)The Indutrial Revolution caused an improvement in life (or in the living conditions). 3) The Luddites organized riots in order to ...
  44. MATH

    A salesperson makes a flat fee of $20 per day plus $8per hour. Which equation or inequality can be used to find h, the number of hours the salesperson will have to work to make more than $60 for a day's work? F. 20h + 8 = 80 G. 8h + 20 < 60 H. 8h + 20 = 60 J. 8h + 20 > ...
  45. Trig

    solve to four decimals places 5.0118 sinx - 3.1105=0 :for all real x values I will be happy to critique your work. Solve for sinx, then arcsinx
  46. Trig

    If sin = 2/3 and is a second quadrant angle, determine the exact value of sec^2 could be a. 5/9 b. root5/3 c. 9/4 d. 9/5 Please help.......
  47. alg2/trig

    what is the smallest value of k that would make the roots of the equation x^2-2x-k imaginary? please help, no idea how to do this.
  48. trig

    (sec^2x-1)(csc^2x-1)=1 prove the following identity ive been stuck on this for hours please help
  49. Pre-Calc/Trig

    Helpp please State the domain and range of each of the following functions: 1. f(x)=1/(x+3) 2. g(x)=√x+6 3. h(x)=x^3+2x+5
  50. Pre-Calculus/Trig...

    Help Please For the function defined by: f(x)= (x^2,x≤1) (2x+1,x>1) Define f(0). and also how would i graph f(x)?
  51. Pre-Calc/Trig

    Help me please. List all possible rational zeros for the polynomial function. p(x)=3x^3-2x^2-5x-2
  52. For Dr.Bob222 (chem work)

    What is the pH of a solution of 120 ml 0.15M acetic acid to which we add 30mL 0.2M NaOH? CAN YOU CHECK MY WORK PLEASE? 0.15 mol/L * 0.12 L = 0.018 mol acetic acid 0.2 mol/L * 0.03 L = 0.006 mol NaOH 0.018 - 0.006 = 0.012 mol of acetic acid in excess pH = pKa + log (acid/base) ...
  53. English

    To cite sources correctly in APA, a research-based paper must contain both in-text citations and a references page that contains full citations of each source mentioned in the paper. True False I say True. Please check my work.
  54. English Grammar check

    Can you please check this for grammar thank you!! Thank you, for all that you have done and continue to do for me.It means the world to me, that you haven't given up on trying to help me. More importantly, thank you for always believing in me.
  55. graphing trig functions

    for graphing basic trig functions such as y=2sinx or y=1/3cosx, how do you know what the points are to graph with out using a calculator?
  56. U.S. History

    please check this answer 1. A major goal of the encomienda system was to a. force Native Americans to work for Spanish colonist b. drive Native Europeans off their land c. help Europeans adapt to Native American culture d. prevent the development of social classes in the ...
  57. math

    how would you simplify this equation: y = (x+3)/[(4-sqrt(16+h))] please help me! you have three variables. I am not certain "simplify" is an appropriate term here. ohhhh it was my mistake. I meant: y = h/[(4-sqrt(16+h))] y = h/[(4-sqrt(16+h))] rationalize the denominator.. y...
  58. History - please check my answers

    Which of the following of protections under the establishment clause of the first amendment? Select 2. -A father objects to his sons school including a daily prayer <<< -an Amish family objects to a law requiring schooling until age 16 -restrictions are placed on the ...
  59. Social Studies

    1. You are a migrant worker from India who has come to Kuwait. In which industry are you most likely to seek work? A. Fishing B. Oil** C. Farming D. Livestock B? 2. Which of the following has the greatest impact on human settlement in Iraq? A. Oil resources** B. Mountain ...
  60. Math - hw check

    The admission fee for student is $8 and the admission fee for Adult is $15. In one hour, 12 adults and students enter the museum and a Total of $131 in admission was paid. Write a linear system to model this problem and solve this problem graphically. Check you answer by ...
  61. 7th grade math please check ASAP please!

    Tom buys a shirt for $22.00 plus 7% sales tax. His cousin buys a shirt for $18.00 plus 4% sales tax. a. How much do Tom and his cousin pay for the shirts? Show your work. b. Who spent more on tax? (3 points) Is my answer correct: B: Tom's cousin **I already know A, thanks for ...
  62. math

    Can you check my work? (4+16)- 20+7= The answer is either 7 or -7?
  63. algebra

    can you solve this? I need to check my work. 2(x-1)^2=50
  64. Algebre=Please check

    Could someone check my answers for these two questions, please? What is the equation of the line which includes points (2,6) and (0,0) y = -3x+1 y = -3x y=3x ( my answer) y = 3x+1 Equation of line with slope m = -3 and including point (5,) is y = - 3x+20 I think its true when ...
  65. History

    In ancient times, most slaves were prisoners of war. You may be able to find a part in your Bible that says that the Israelites were marched to Babylon. Please check your Bible, because it may be what your teacher expects. Who were marched to Babylon to work as slaves?
  66. Algebra

    Can someone please check my work for me. Q: Plot the graph of the equations 2x - 3y = 5 and 4x - 6y = 21 and interpret the result. A: 6(2x ¨C 3y = 5) = 12x ¨C 18y = 30 3(4x - 6y = 21) = 12x - 18y = 63 12x ¨C 18y = 30 + 12x - 18y = 63 0 ¡Ù 93
  67. Algebra-Please check-I'm desperate

    Posted by JoniAnne on Wednesday, October 20, 2010 at 11:50am. Please check- Solve 3 > sqrt(3x) 3x >=o x>=0/3 x>=0 square both sides and you have 3x < 3^2 3x,9 x<9/3 x<3 answer is 0<=x<3 correct or not? 3(cube) sqrt(2-5) = 3 cube both sides = 2-5x = ...
  68. alg 1 college

    can you guys please help me wwith a math problem, its asking to solve this equatoion, sqare root5x-4=3x-18. to fkire off first 5x-4= 3x-18 squared. foil thatand you are looking AT 9x squared -54x -54x+324/ add the -54 to 108x.then shoot the 5x to to the 108x and subbtract 5x ...
  69. English

    1. I have a staff who works for me. 2. I have a staff who work for me. 3. I have a staff of one who works for me. 4. I have a staff of ten who work for me. 5. I have ten staff who work for me. 6. I have ten staffs who works for me. 7. I have ten step members who work for me...
  70. math (trig)

    i have some problems doing trig the first one is: Show that cos(x/2) sin(3x/2) = ½(sinx + sin2x) i know that you are supposed to substitute all those trig function things in it but i kind of forgot how to the only that i can see substituting in is the double angle one for ...
  71. Physics

    a skydiver is subject to two forces: gravity and air resistance. Falling vertically, she reaches a constant terminal speed at some time after jumping from the plane. Since she is moving at a constant velocity from that time until her chute opens, we conclude from the work ...
  72. Math

    1. Using the following system of equations : 4x +2x = 6 2x + y= 3 A: Find the solution(s) algebraically showing all work (4 pts) B: State whether it is independent consistent, dependent consistent, or inconsistent. (2pts) C: Demonstrate how to check the systems of solutions, ...
  73. Social Studies (please check Ms. Sue)

    Please check this. Thanks! 1. How did World War 1 benefit South Carolina's economy the most? a. The government improved transportation systems.*** b. The government opened military bases for training. c. The people of South Carolina bought Liberty Bonds. d. The people planted ...
  74. Calculus

    Determine if the Mean Value Theorem for Integrals applies to the function f(x) = x^3 − 16x on the interval [−1, 1]. If so, find the x-coordinates of the point(s) guaranteed to exist by the theorem. f(a)=15 f(b)=-15 f'(x)=3x^2-16 f'(c)=-15 I am now lost from here, I do not ...
  75. Maths

    What is the intergral of: 2x/[(x+1)^3] dx Can someone show me how to work to work it out please? Thanks!!
  76. I need to know how to work this Maths Problem

    -2√62+38, how do I work it, please help asap!!
  77. Precalculus(Please check and help)

    Find the Equation. Please check the answers and help. Thanks! 1.) Ellipse with center (0,0), foci on x-axis; x intercepts; major axis of length 12, minor acis of length 8. I got : x^2/144 + y^2/64 = 1 2.) A parabola with vertex (0, 0) and focus (5, 0). I got : y^2 = 20x 3.) ...
  78. Trig

    Find the exact value of sinx/2 if cosx = 2/3 and 270 < x < 360. A)1/3 B)-1/3 C)sqrt 6/6 D)-sqrt 6/6 C, since I KNOW cosx is always positive but I don't know the work involved. I know the half angle formula
  79. Math

    The value of 12 is obtained by multiplying p% by A.12 B.12/p C.p/12 D.1200/p E.100p/12 Is there any work for this?, if so please show work.
  80. Trig

    Please explain inverse functions. i.e. find angle if Sin x = 2.3 divided by 8.15. Answer 16.30 degrees. How did they do that??? Tks
  81. trig. identities

    sin2x+sin2y=2sin(x+y)cos(x-y) Please helpp mee!! thank you sooo much really!!
  82. Trig/Precalc

    solve 6=e^0.2t Round your answer to the nearest hundredth Someone please help me - I don't understand this problem at all!
  83. Pre-Calc/Trig

    Go over this with me please, I forgot how to do it. Solve the polynomial equation. 15x^3-119x^2-10x+16=0
  84. trig

    how does this work? (Sin2x+cos2x+2sin²x)/(sinx+cosx) = (sinx+cosx
  85. Intro to Physics

    A sample of an unknown material appears to weigh 295 N in air and 165 N when immersed in alcohol of specific gravity 0.700. (a) What is the volume of the material? ___________m^3 (b) What is the density of the material? ____________ kg/m3 I am getting the wrong answer. Can you...
  86. Ms.Susy Please Help With Time!!!!!!

    My sub teacher today gave us a time problem on our homework. We haven't worked with time yet so I'm not quite sure I got it right: Ed started work at 8:45 AM. He stopped for lunch at 12:00 PM and went back to work at 12:45 PM. He quit for the day at 6:15 PM. How long did Ed ...
  87. Physics

    A spring with a spring constant of 22N/m is initally compressed by 2.3cm. How much work is required to compress the spring an additional 1.7 cm? I can't find information in my book about compression; only work and exertion. Please help and provide all steps for work. Thank you...
  88. Algebra

    Can you please check my work? You have helped other students I know. Thank you:) Multiply -7(2a2 -4) = -14a2 + 28 Multiply 0.5(a + b -5) = 0.5a + 0.5b - 2.5 Factor bx - by + bz = b(x - y + z) Combine like terms (simplify) 12x + 4 - 11y - 6x - 9 - y = 6x - 12y - 5 Evaluate the ...
  89. Chemistry- please check my work

    Question: When 1.97 grams of Pb(OH)2(s) is added to 1.00 liter of pure water at 25 C a saturated solution (some solid is present) is formed that has a pH of 8.97. Compute the Ksp value for Pb(OH)2 using the data. [OH]= 9.334e-6 and the [Pb^+2]= 9.334e-6/2= 4.667e-6. So the ksp...
  90. history

    out of growth of schools, racial discrimination, and education for immigrants, which educational development do you think was most important? Explain. Please remember that we are here to help you learn to do your own work, but not to do it for you. Once you have written your ...
  91. algebra 1

    in the equation 5x+y=-1,m= I will be happy to critique your work on this. Please note that we don't do students' homework for them. Once YOU have come up with attempts to answer YOUR questions, please re-post and let us know what you think. Then someone here will be happy to ...
  92. Mathematics

    Simplify the expression. (6x^-2)^2(0.5x)^4. Show your work. I know that the answer is 9x^2-+4 I just need help showing the work. PLEASE HELP!
  93. math-please check:-)

    three different bags of pretzels are sold at the store which bag of pretzels is the best buy bag a 10 ounces for 1.10 bag b 12 ounces for 1.38 bag c 6 ounces 0.84 My Answer is b please check:-)
  94. Math

    4t+14=6t/5+7 Please help me work out this problem and show your work
  95. third grade math

    how do you check addition problems by adding up? Let's use this addition problem as an example. 21 35 ___ First you add 1 + 5. To check your work, add up, 5 + 1. If you have a column of numbers and you go down each column to add them together, that's normal, right? 36 95 15 ...
  96. English

    Can some one please check my work? Thanks! From the words below supply the words needed to complete the sentences. occult; serene; partisans; fervor; fledgling; blasphemous 1. Even though he was a FLEDGLING writer, his work suggested he was a professional. Once in a FERVOR, he...
  97. Honors Chemistry

    Can someone check my work please? Thanks :)) 2. Write the formulas for the compounds formed between the following: g. Cu+2 and NO3- (the +2 and - are superscripts, while the 3 is a subscript) ===> I got Cu(NO3)2. h. NH4 and SO4(2-) (the two 4's are subscripts, and the (2-) ...
  98. trig

    use trig identities to rewrite: (1/(1-cos4v))-(1/(1+cos4v))
  99. Trig

    Prove the trig identity cos(4x)=2-sec^2(2x)/sec^2(2x)
  100. Trig

    Prove the trig identity cos(4x)=2-sec^2(2x)/sec^2(2x)
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