Trig check my work please?

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  1. Chem

    A concentrated solution of ammonia is added to a solution of zinc oxide? NH3 + ZnI2 => ?? An excess of nitric acid solution is added to a solution of tetraaminecopper (II) sulfate. HNO3 + ? => ?? Zn forms the Zn(NH3)4^+2 ion. It MAY form some Zn(OH)2 at small amounts of ...
  2. Chem (continuation)

    I am a little confused regarding a question I posted yesterday ("Chem" Tuesday, March 6, 2007 at 9:29pm) I understand the answer to the first question: What would the pH of this solution be after 0.01 mol of HCl was added? I got 6.09 I'm still kind of confused about the second...
  3. English / Grammar

    Please help me word this sentence correctly: At its zenith, the depression saw nearly 25 percent of all workers and 37 percent of all non-farm workers completely out of work. I'm trying to say that at the peak of the depression, that's how many people were out of work. I feel ...
  4. physics

    A box is pulled across a horizontal surface at a constant speed by a horizontal rope with tension T=30N. The coefficient of friction between the box and surface is uk = 0.05. 1. Calculate the work done by friction as the box moves 4 meters to the right. i thought it would be ....
  5. physics

    An 8.00kg package in a mail-sorting room slides 2.00 m down a chute that is inclined at 53.0 degrees below the horizontal. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the package and the chute's surface is 0.400.Calculate the work done on the package by friction. Calculate the...
  6. mathematics

    The basic wage earned by a truck driver for a 40 hr work week is $560.00. A)Calculate his hourly rate. Is the ans $14 per hour 2) For overtime work, the driver is paid one and a half time the basic hourly rate. B)Calculate his overtime wage for 10 hrs of overtime Is the ans...
  7. College Alegebra

    The line through (1, 3) with slope of 1/2 (I used the point slope equation) y-y1 = m(x-x1) y-3 = 1/2(x-1) (work the parenthesis first) Y-3=1/2x-1/2 +3 +3 Y = 1/2x+5/2 LCD of 2 to convert fractions into whole numbers. 2y = x+5 Answer, however I need to place it in standard form...
  8. economics

    You are getting ready for your 1st day of work and realize that you have several options of how to get to bank of Wall Street. you could drive your car and look for street parking , or park in the parking garage. you mighteven take a taxi or subway. you must get to work , so ...
  9. physics help!

    Two springs P and Q both obey Hooke’s law. They have spring constants 2k and k respectively.The springs are stretched, separately, by a force that is gradually increased from zero up to a certain maximum value, the same for each spring. The work done in stretching spring P ...
  10. Physics!

    An out-of-control truck with a mass of 5000kg is travelling at 35.0m/s (about 80mi/h) when it starts descending a steep (15 degrees), downward incline or slope. The incline is icy, so the coefficient of friction is 0.30. Use the work-energy theorem to determine how far the ...
  11. business

    Following is NOT something a group should do when it plans a collaborative project? following is NOT something a group should do when it plans a collaborative writing project? Divide the work ahead of time according to how the leader thinks it will best be done Make your ...
  12. English Check!

    Underline the figurative expression(s) in each sentence. Identify the type of expression by writing S for simile or M for metaphor next to the sentence. Sentences might contain both a simile and a metaphor. Can someone chek my work thanks! 1. The glare of the desert sun seemed...
  13. math

    1. If x people working together make a total of y dollars after an hour of work. how much money will z people make if they work 4 hours at the same rate per person ? 2.Each of the n members of an organization may invite up to 3 guests to a conference. What is the maximum ...
  14. pre - CALCULUS

    Complete the following: (a) Use the Leading Coefficient Test to determine the graph's end behavior. (b) Find the x-intercepts. State whether the graph crosses the x-axis or touches the x-axis and turns around at each intercept. Show your work. (c) Find the y-intercept. Show ...
  15. math

    1. If x people working together make a total of y dollars after an hour of work. how much money will z people make if they work 4 hours at the same rate per person ? 2.Each of the n members of an organization may invite up to 3 guests to a conference. What is the maximum ...
  16. Physics

    Speedboat (A) negotiates a curve whose radius is 115 m. Speedboat (B) negotiates a curve whose radius is 240 m. Each boat experiences the same centripetal acceleration. What is the ratio vA/vB of the speeds of the boats? My physics optional extra work: This would be helpful so...
  17. calculus

    A trough has a trapezoidal cross section with a height of 5 m and horizontal sides of width 2.5 m and 5 m. Assume the length of the trough is 14 m. How much work (in joules) is required to pump the water out of the trough (to the level of the top of the trough) when it is full...
  18. Social studies

    How did World War 2 affect life in Georgia? (Choose all that apply.) A. More Georgians were out of work than ever before B. Many people moved to the North or West C. People made sacrifices for the war effort. D. African american Georgians moved to the North looking for work. b...
  19. health care services

    as digital technology continues to influence Health Care and Human Service in the future, what does this mean for those who work and will work in these fields? What will workers in these fields have to do to prepare themselves for this environment? Will prospective workers ...
  20. Math

    Here is the question that I need to answer: Mr.T wanted to remodel his box, He wanted to make it the shape of a perfect regular dimension. A.) How many total degrees would the interior of Mr.T's decagon have? SHOW WORK. B.)How many degrees would each angle be in Mr. T's ...
  21. Repost-Physics 1

    A car is pushed along a long road that is straight, horizontal, and parallel to the x direction. a)The horizontal force on the car varies with x as shown in the figure. What is the work done on the car by this force? (Let a = 100 N.) _____J b)What is the work done by gravity ...
  22. trig

    Your search for A surveyor is trying to determine the width of a river. He forst stands at point A, directly opposite a tree at point B. He then walks 100 feet to point C. He measures the acute angle at point C to be 79 degrees. What is the width of the river?
  23. trig

    a carousel has eight evely spaced seats shaped like animals. During each ride, the carousel makes between 8 and 9 clockwise revolutions. At the end of one ride, the carousel stops so that the lion is in the position where the zebra was when the ride started. through how many ...
  24. Precalc/Trig

    I don't understand how to do these problems: Find two pairs of polar coordinates for each point with the given rectangular coordinates if 0 ≤ θ ≤ 2π. Round to the nearest hundredth, if necessary. 17. (2, -3) Answers: (3.61, 5.30) and (-3.61, 2.16) 19. (a...
  25. trig

    A bird at the top of a tree looks down on a field mouse at an angle of depression of 65°. If the field mouse is 30 meters from the base of the tree, find the vertical distance from the ground to the bird’s eyes. Round the answer to the nearest tenth.
  26. Trig

    An air traffic controller tells the pilot of an airplane flying due east to turn the plane so that it has a heading of 120 degrees east of north. What angle does the airplane turn and which direction is the plane now headed?
  27. Chemistry

    At a particular temperature, K=3.75 for the following reaction. SO2(g) + NO2(g) (reversible arrows) SO3(g) + NO(g) If all four gases had initial concentrations of 0.500 M, calculate the equilibrium concentrations of the gases. K=(.5+x)^2/(.5-x^2) solve for x I will be happy to...
  28. english plzzzzzzzzz helppppp

    1The people i love the best 2jump into work head first 3without dallying in the shadows 4and swim off with sure strokes aost out of sight 5They seem to become natives of that element 6the black sleek heads of seals bouncing like half-submerged balls 7 i love people who harness...
  29. Physics

    An airplane pilot fell 380 m after jumping from an aircraft without his parachute opening. He landed in a snowbank, creating a crater 1.4 m deep, but survived with only minor injuries. Assuming the pilot's mass was 80 kg and his terminal velocity was 50 m/s, estimate the ...
  30. Physics

    Can someone actually ANSWER the question pleas and post numerical answers. Under less than ideal conditions, a student pushes a 6 kg cart holding 2 boxes of books up a ramp to a platform that is 1.8 m high in 42 sec. Each box contains 12 kg of books. The ramp is inclined at an...
  31. chem--need help, please!!!

    Ka for benzoic acid, C6H5COOH, 6.5x10^-5. Calculate the pH of solution after addition of 10.0, 20.0, 30.0, and 40.0 mL of 0.10 M NaOH to 40.0 mL of 0.10 M Benzoic acid. PLEASE CHECK MY ANSWER!!!!! My answer is: Moles acid = 0.040 L x 0.10 M = 0.0040 Moles base = 0.010 L x 0.10...
  32. physics

    I need formula/problem set ups for the following 2 problems: 1)Find The work done by the force in pulling an object on an inclined plane from A to B (ground level to top): Length of incline (like a hypotenuse): 30 m Height of incline (y axis): 10 m Force = 20 N object weight...
  33. Physics

    A 54 kg box is being pushed a distance of 7.0 m across the floor by a force P whose magnitude is 153 N. The force P is parallel to the displacement of the box. The coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.25. Determine the work done on the box by each of the four forces that act ...
  34. Math - gr.11

    Hi, can someone help me figure out how to do this question? A 5m stepladder propped against a classroom wall forms an angel of 30 degrees with the wall. Exactly how far is the top of the ladder from the floor? Express your answer in radical form. This chapter right now that we...
  35. Chemistry

    The glass panels of a sky roof need to be coated in order to screen out ultraviolet radiation (10-400 nm wavelength) but without color distortion in the visible spectrum. Candidate coating materials are gallium nitride (GaN) with a band gap,Eg, of 3.2 eV, or gallium arsenide (...
  36. algebra

    You can work a total of no more than 34 hours per week at your two jobs. House cleaning pays $8 per hour and your sales job pays $6 per hour. You need to earn at least $245 per week to cover your expenses. Write a system of inequalities that shows the various numbers of hours ...
  37. Physics. please help! due tomorrow!

    Let W1 represent the work required to accelerate an object on a frictionless horizontal surface from rest to a speed of v. if W2 represents the work required to accelerate the same object on the same surface from a speed of v to 2v, then which one of the following is the ...
  38. physics (please help)

    Two identical but separate strings, with the same tension, carry sinusoidal waves with the same frequency. Wave A has an amplitude that is twice that of wave B and transmits energy at a rate that is _____ that of wave B. a)half b)twice c) one-fourth d)four times e) eight times...
  39. Trig

    Use the fundamental identities to simplify the expression: cot beta sec beta I used 1+tan^2u=secu since cot is the inverse of tan. I flipped the tangent, then so it was 1+ (1/tan). But the book's answer is the cosecant of beta. Where did this come from??
  40. Trig

    a smokestack is 190 feet high. a guy wire must be fastened to the stack 30.0 feet from the top. the guy wire makes an angle of 39.0deg with the ground. find the length of the guy wire
  41. Chemistry

    Your Open Question Show me another » Chemistry help needed... Confused? The following reaction is first order and the rate constant is 2.35 x 10^-4 s^-1 at 20 degress C. 2 N2O5 -----> 2 N2O4 + O2 A.) What is the rate of reaction if the [N2O5]=.25 M? B. What would the [N2O5...
  42. Algebra

    Job A pays Edith $4 an hour. Job B pays her $8 an hour. She will work both jobs. She is able to work no more than 15 hours a week. She wants to earn at least $80 a week, working a combination of both jobs. Write a system of inequalities that can use used to represent the ...
  43. Science

    A force of 100 newtons was necessary to lift a rock. A total of 150 joules of work was done. how far was the rock lifted? Work=force*distance. solve for distance in meters. plesa help me on my homework come on do it plesa plesa plesa is my last time
  44. Physics 1

    A car is pushed along a long road that is straight, horizontal, and parallel to the x direction. a)The horizontal force on the car varies with x as shown in the figure. What is the work done on the car by this force? (Let a = 100 N.) _____J b)What is the work done by gravity ...
  45. English

    1. The best way to confirm the accuracy of a source is to check it against another source. True****** False 2. An expository essay is research based and completely objective. True False****** 3. Developing research questions is done during the drafting stage of the writing ...
  46. math

    this problem seems with too many numbers that i don't know where to start. or even how.I have to answer the problem on top not the one that says number 27. The problem: Geometry. For the floor plans given in exercise 27, determine whether the side through the points (2,3) and...
  47. Geometry/trig

    A plane is flying due south at a speed of 300 mph. The wind is blowing from the west at a speed of 40 mph. Find the resultant speed of the plane and the direction of the plane
  48. Calculus

    What would an example of a logarithmic function that contains two trig functions within it where you would need to use chain rule and product rule to take derivative look like? How would taking the derivative of the function in its original form look different when using log ...
  49. math

    Can you double check my answer for me. The question is Corinne calculated the area of a paper plate to be 50.27 square inches. If the actual area of the plate is 55.42 square inches , what is the relative error in calculating the area, to the nearest thousandth. I got 0.093 I ...
  50. Math (Trig)

    sorry, another I can't figure out Show that (1-cot^2x)/(tan^2x-1)=cot^2x I started by factoring both as difference of squares. Would I be better served by writing in terms of sine and cosine? Such as: [1-(cos^2x/sin^2x)]/[(sin^2x/cos^2x)-1]=(cos^2x/sin^2x)
  51. Trig

    Four wires support a 40-meter radio tower. Two wires are attached to the top and two are attached to the center of the tower. The wires are anchored to the ground 30-meters from the base of the tower. What is the total length of wire needed?
  52. English

    Can you please help me check these sentences. Thank you for your help 1)Robotic planes are useful because they can fit in small places where humans cannot enter and scan areas to find possible survivors. 2) They are quick and small so they can manage to work in areas with ...
  53. statistics

    A survey for brand recognition is done and it is determined that 68% of consumers have heard of Dull Computer Company. If a survey of 800 randomly selected consumers is to be held would it be unusual for 554 of them to recognize Dull Computer Company? Please show the work so I...
  54. General Chemistry

    The photogenic work function of a metal is the minimum energy needed to eject an electron by irradiating the metal with light. For calcium, this work function equals 4.34 x 10^-19 J. What is the minimum frequency of light for the photoelectric effect in calcium? I'm confused ...
  55. chem

    I titrated a 250mg tablet to see if it really had 250mg of scorbutic acid (H2C6O6) a diuretic acid, in it. I took a 250mg tablet, grounded it up and found it took 35.87ml of .0505 M NaOH to neutralize it 1. How many moles of NaOH is it? 35.87ml NaOh(1L/1000ml) (.0505M/1L)= ....
  56. Science

    The u.s. constitution provides that each of the three branches of the federal government has certain powers that can limit the powers of the other branches. These limitations are known as the system of checks and balances. Which of the following actions is a check by the ...
  57. Algebra/Trig

    To ensure safety, the recommended angle that a ladder leaning against a building makes with the ground is 75 degrees. Will a 12 foot ladder reach a window 10 feet above the ground if it leans against the building with this angle? Use trigonometry to justify your answer.
  58. math - trig

    A submersible traveling at a depth of 250 feet dives at an angle of 15º with respect to a line parallel to the water’s surface. It travels a horizontal distance of 1500 feet during the dive. What is the depth of the submersible after the dive?
  59. Health care please check answer

    Please check my answer thank you :) A patient visits the doctor's office with abdominal pain of two days' duration. Medical history is significant for tonsillectomy and hypertension. The patient denies alcohol and drug abuse. The rectal exam confirms heme-negative stool. ...
  60. Geometry / Trig

    What is the area of a regular hexagon with a distance from its center to a vertex of 1 cm? (Hint: A regular hexagon can be divided into six equilateral triangles.) hex The area of the regular hexagon is _____ ?
  61. science (check new answer)

    please check my answser .A car driver accelerates to a speed of 35 mph and then takes her foot of the gas pedal.Even though she does not press the brake pedal at any time,she eventually rolls to a stop.which of the following most likely causes the car to come to a stop? A....
  62. trig

    Lindsay is out one night and notices that her body casts a shadow that is 1.8m long when she is standing 5mfrom the pole supporting a street light Lindsay is 1.5m tall. 1-what is the angle of elevation to the street light ? 2- how high is the street light
  63. trig

    Lindsay is out one night and notices that her body casts a shadow that is 1.8m long when she is standing 5mfrom the pole supporting a street light Lindsay is 1.5m tall. 1-what is the angle of elevation to the street light ? 2- how high is the street light
  64. math - trig

    1. Find csc A, cos A and tan A of an angle A whose terminal side contains (– 12, – 5). 2. Find sin X, sec X and cot X of an angle X whose terminal side contains (– 3, 5).
  65. Trig

    tan(to the second power) s sin(to second power)=tan(to second power + cos(second power) s - 1...I need the steps on how to get it to equal...problem looks like tan2 s sin2 s=tan2 s + cos2 s - 1...thanks if you can figure it out
  66. Pre-cal/trig

    A dog is attached to a 21​-foot rope fastened to the outside corner of a​ fenced-in garden that measures 18 feet by 22 feet. Assuming that the dog cannot enter the​ garden, compute the exact area that the dog can wander. I'm confused as to how they want me to solve this...
  67. English

    I need help fixing up this essay so that it flows better. Thanks Assignment: Compose a brief essay which specifically develops topic including a clear and relevant topic sentence. Provide at least one specific example and detail. Give examples, details, explanations, ...
  68. art

    Discuss a minimum of two reasons why Jackson Pollock's style of painting, as exemplified by Convergence, is considered an important, innovative development in the history of painting. To see this painting, locate it in the unit’s Resource List. Imagine that you are a defense...

    A box slides down a frictionless, 10-meter, 30o incline. Calculate the gravitational potential energy at both the beginning and end of the motion. Calculate the work done by GRAVITY as the box slides down the incline. Compare this to the overall change in gravitational ...
  70. trig

    Find all solutions of the equation: cot x sec x = 2 cot x. A) x = 2ð/3 + nð or x = 4ð/3 + nð or 0 + nð B) x = 2ð/3 + 2nð or x = 4ð/3 + 2nð or 0 + nð C) x = ð/3 + 2nð or x = 5ð/3 + 2nð or 0 + nð D) x = ð/3 + nð or x = 5ð/3 + nð or 0 + nð
  71. trig

    Draw the graph of f(x) = tan x and g(x) = 2cos x for 180 _< thetha _< 180 {since its a graph I'm sure how to draw it here}
  72. trig

    cotx = -2 and 0 less than or equal to x less than or equal to pi Find sin2x and cos2x How to get the answers of sin2x = -4/5, cos2x = 3/5?
  73. Trig

    Solve the equation 2sin(2x) = cos x. and Solve the equation cos^2(2x)–sin^2(2x)= (√3 / 2).
  74. Calculus 12th grade (double check my work please)

    1.) which of the following represents dy/dx when y=e^-2x Sec(3x)? A.3e^-2x sec(3x) tan (3x)-2e^-2x Sec(3x)<<<< my choice B.)3e^-2x sec(3x)tan (3x)-2xe^-2x sec(3x) C.)3e^-2x sec(3x)tan (x)-2e^-2x Sec(3x) D.)3e^-2x sec(3x)tan (x)-2xe^-2x sec(3x) 2.)calculate dy/dx if...
  75. Math

    when linda and martin work together painting one room, they can complete the work in 5 hours. when linda works alone it takes her 7 hours to paint the same room. how long would it take marvin to paint the room alone?
  76. Math

    a woman drives to work and averages 70 kilometers per hour for the trip. On her trip from work to home she averages 100 kilometers per hour. What is her average speed for the round trip?
  77. English

    Thank you very much for teaching me both the British English and the American English alternative. By the way, do you say "What time do we land?" Is the use of the simple present correct in this sentence? I just want to make sure the following two sentences I need to include ...
  78. physics

    The water skier in the figure is at an angle of 35degree with respect to the center line of the boat, and is being pulled at a constant speed of 15m/s . 1)If the tension in the tow rope is 90.0 , how much work does the rope do on the skier in 30.0 ? 2)How much work does the ...
  79. math

    A tree, in danger of falling , stands 65 feet from the house. The angle of elevation from the bottom of the house to the top of the tree is 50 degrees. If the tree should fall directly towards the house, will it the house? show all work and explain your answer. tan50/1=x/65 x=...
  80. physics

    When 1180 J of heat are added to one mole of an ideal monatomic gas, its temperature increases from 272 to 292 K. Find the work done by the gas during this process. I know the specific heat is Q/delta T, so C = (1180 J)/(20K) = 59. This seems like any easy problem, but now I'm...
  81. 11th grade math

    Suppose you earn $7.21 per hour and plan to work "h" hours per week. write an expression using variables that models the amount of money you will earn each week. Then, suppose you earn $10 in tips per week, regardless of the hours you work. How does this change the equation
  82. art

    Hey guys, i need some ideas for my art work. but firstly i need a phrase or message to work from. im thinking about technology right now so can you guys give me ideas on finishing the following sentence: technology is... if you have any other ideas on phrases or messages feel ...
  83. physics

    A flight attendant pulls her 70 N flight bag a distance of 253 m along a level airport floor at a constant speed. The force she exerts is 40 N at an angle of 53° above the horizontal A) Find the work that she does on the flight bag B) Find the work done by the force of ...
  84. calculus

    I got half of this problem wrong and I DO NOT know where and how to fix. I cannot use my calculator and have to show my work. Question: You have a 500 metre roll of fencing and a large field. You want to construct a rectangular playground area. a.) using optimization ...
  85. calculus help work

    a force of 1250 pounds compresses a spring 5 inches from its natural length. find the work done in compressing the spring 8 additional inches. f=kd 1250=k5 k=250 then what do i do. i have to do this the calculus way, not the physics way. by using integrals the answer choices ...
  86. Radicals and Trig.

    I am catching up over summer on math units that I have to rewrite. In my textbook it asks me to find the base of two triangles and add them together. the smallest angle of the larger triangle is 30 degrees. The opposite side to the angle is 40cm. it gives me Tan 30 = 40/x 1/...
  87. Physics

    When a block slides a certain distance down an incline the work done by gravity is 300 J. What is the work done by gravity if this block slides the same distance up the incline? a) 300 J b) zero c) -300 J d) It cannot be determined without knowing the distance the block ...
  88. math

    Using these integers:-1,+6,-8,+3,-2 a) Which integers have the greatest product? Show your work. b) Which two integers have the least product? Show your work. Please help I don't understand how to figure this out thank you
  89. Physics - drwls?

    A 2000 kg truck traveling north at 38 km/hr turns east and accelerates to 55 km/hr. What is the change in the truck's kinetic energy? What is the magnitude of the change in the linear momentum of the truck? What is the direction of the change in linear momentum of the truck? (...
  90. Math/Physics

    My question is this: The potential at the surface of a sphere (radius R) is given by V_0 = k cos 3theta where k is constant. Find the potential inside and outside the sphere as well as the surface charge density (lower case sigma(theta)) on the sphere. (assume there is no ...
  91. MATH: Pre-Cal/Trig

    The length of a rectangular flower garden is 6 more feet than its width. A walkway 3 feet wide surrounds the outside of the garden. The total area of the walkway itself is 288 square feet. Find the dimensions of the garden.
  92. math(trig)

    1) A 6-ft propeller turns at 1200 revolutions per minute. Compare the angular velocity of the tip with the angular velocity at a point 10 in. from its center. 2) What is the angular velocity of a point on the tread of a 15-in. diameter tire on a car traveling 55 mph?
  93. Physics/trig

    A fire hose ejects a stream of water at an angle of 33.6 ° above the horizontal. The water leaves the nozzle with a speed of 29.6 m/s. Assuming that the water behaves like a projectile, how far from a building should the fire hose be located to hit the highest possible fire?
  94. Physics

    A 250 g block is dropped onto a relaxed veritcal spring that has a spring constant of k=2.5 N/cm. The block becomes attached to the spring and compresses the spring 12 cm befor momentarily stopping. While the spring is being compressed, what work is done on the block by a) the...
  95. physics

    A pendulum of length L=26.0 cm and mass m= 168 g is released from rest when the cord makes an angle of 65.2 degrees with the vertical. (a) How far (m) does the mass fall before reaching its lowest point. (b) How much work (J) is done by gravity as it falls to its lowest point...
  96. physics

    A pendulum of length L = 20.8cm and mass m = 168 g is released from rest when the cord makes an angle of 65.2 with the vertical. (a) How far (m) does the mass fall before reaching its lowest point? (b) How much work (J) is done by gravity as it falls to its lowest point? (c) ...
  97. Chem 20

    Calculate the mass of strontium hydroxide required to make a 450-mL solution with a pOH of 4.00. Step 1: Find pOH. I found that pOH is 10. The next steps is where I'm stuck. Step 2 :Calculate the hydroxide ion concentration. Express your answer in scientific notation. Spell ...
  98. science

    Numbers 1-9 are true and false questions.Check if my answers are right and if I didn't write anything on the blank, I need help with them. Thanks!!!! _____ 1. Velocity could be reported as 50 k/hr. True 2. How far an object travels in a certain period of time is its speed. ...
  99. Physics

    Under what condition can a force act on an object and yet do no work on that object? A. The object moves with no acceleration. B. The object does not move. C. The net force on the object is 0. D. The force operates under constant power. E. None of the above, any force on an ...
  100. check answers pls

    1. 3(y+1) for y=2 A.6 B.9** c.7 D.8 2.d+g/h for d=35 , g=19 , and h=6 A.9** B.2.7 C.7.3 D.8 3. the cost in dollars of a field trip is 64+14n , where n is the number of people attending . what is the cost for 48 people? A. $736** B. $126 C. $896 D. $910 4. write a work phrase ...
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