Trig check my work please?

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  1. early childhood language arts

    1. Early childhood program transitions: A. Are all basically the same B. Are private family issues C. Require team collaboration D. Are most important in kindergarten........... I choose A........... Can someone please check my answer
  2. Chemistry(Please check)

    For an experiment on specific heat capacities my data for measured specifi heats was consistently higher than the accepted values. I am not sure why this is. Would it be because my initial temperature that I started the experiment with was higher than it should have been? ...
  3. Grammar

    I am writing an essay and for this sentence, I don't know if I have used the right tenses of "can" and "give". Please check to see if they are right :) "Using the insight gained from her road of life, she has given me the best life she can while instilling lifelong values." ...
  4. Mathematics in science

    Can you check my answers please? 1. A student measures the volume of a liquid and finds it to be 40ML. How many significant figures are in the measurement? 1. 2** 3 4 2.Calculate the area, with the appropriate number of significant figures, of a rectangular room that is 14.10 ...
  5. Math- 2 questions!

    1. To __________ means to cut into 2 congruent parts A. intersect B. bisect** C. construct D. divide I think B 2. Which tool is not needed to construct a perpendicular bisector? A. compass B. pencil C. protractor** D. straightedge I think C Please check!!
  6. Chemistry(please check my answer)

    Among the following, which is an oxidation-reduction reaction? A. Na2S + CaCO3 → CaS + Na2CO3 B. 2HNO3 + Mg(OH)2 → Mg(NO3)2 + 2H2O C. H2 + F2 → 2HF**** D. 3Ba(OH)2 + 2H3PO4 → Ba3(PO4)2 + 6H2O
  7. Msth

    Please check my work: Label the dependent and independent vstiablr. 1. Time spent studying and Score on a test 2. If a scientist conducts an experiment to test the theory that a vitamin could extend a person's life expectancy. What are the dependent and independent variables? ...
  8. Statistics (44)

    The travel-to-work time for residents of the 15 largest cities in the United States is reported in the 2003 Information Please Almanac. Suppose that a preliminary simple random sample of residents of San Francisco is used to develop a planning value of 6.35 minutes for the ...
  9. science

    For a machine with an efficiency of 80%, what is the work output of the machine if its work input is 2,000 joules? would i divide 2000/.80? which gives me 2500? Also, If a machine requires an effort force of 750 newtons applied over a distance of 2 meters, over what resistance...
  10. check math

    Here are my answers. Can you check if I got the right answers? Thank you! solve for x, where x is a real number. x^2+3x-4=14 x=6,3 (x^4-1)/(x^3)=0 x=1 (x-5)^2=9 x=2,8 2x^2+5x=8 x= [-5+/-sqrt(89)]/4 for first one x=-6 or x=3, factors are (x+6)(x-3) second... also x=0 third ... ...
  11. Need help in math

    Janet took a test that contained 328 questions. She answered 75% of the questions. How many questions did she answer. please show your work thanks
  12. college algebra

    For the given functions f and g find the following and state the domain of each. f(x)=sqrt x; g(x)=7x-3 A.what is the domain of f*g? B. What is the domain of f/g? Please show all work.
  13. geometry

    Given m<XWY = 2x+5, m<YWZ = 5x-79, and m<XWZ = 122 degrees, M<XWZ = what (X) (y) (W) (Z) connect letters x to w, w to y, and w to z. Does WY bisect <XWZ. show work please th you
  14. Art

    an environment artist created a piece in protest of trash. Anticipation negative public reaction, the artist decided to display the work anyway. what is the most likely reason? A. The artist believed that the purpose of the work was to stir up awareness B. The artist did not ...
  15. Art

    An environment artist created a piece in protest of trash. Anticipation negative public reaction, the artist decided to display the work anyway. what is the most likely reason? 1. The artist believed that the purpose of the work was to stir up awareness 2. The artist did not ...
  16. Dogs Hunting Training

    Please check my answer thank you :) Is the following statement True or False Field trials are competitive events in which dogs can earn championship titles My answer is True
  17. spanish

    please check this: "Cuando sueles cepillarte los dientes?" "Suelo _____ los dientes despues de comer y antes de acostarme." a. cepillarte b. cepillarme c. cepillarse d. me cepillo C?
  18. Algebra-Please check _i forgot a point last night

    Equation of line with slope m = -3 and including point (5,5) is y = - 3x+20 I think its true when I worked it out I figured out the slope and put in the points y-5 = - 3(x-5) y = -3x + 15 y = -3x + 15 + 5 y = -3x + 20
  19. math

    I tried everthing but,I couldn't solve it. Please help me.the answer at the back is 40960.13 question: solve for x and check your solution. logx/log2 + logx/log4 + logx/log8 + logx/log16 = 25 THANK YOU FOR YOUR KIND HELP!!!!
  20. Science 7R - HW Qs. Check (PLZ read!)

    What is the difference between aerobic and anaerobic organisms? My Answer: Aerobic requires oxygen, anaerobic doesn't. Is my answer to this question is correct. Please reply this post! Thank You!
  21. Chemistry(Please check)

    Which 0.10M solution has the lowest pH? NaCl, KCN, LiF, RbClO, all have the same pH. I think that the answer is that they all have the same pH. Would you agree? Thank you!
  22. Language Art (Please Check)

    i think C. Which of these is true of both historical fiction and historical nonfiction? A.the setting is real B.the plot is imaginary C.The time period is true D.the characters are real
  23. Typos, math, physics

    Would everyone who posted math and physics problems this morning please go back and check for typos? It is difficult to guess what you mean and we do not have your text book.
  24. Calculus Please Check my answer

    An object has a constant acceleration of 30 ft/sec2, an initial velocity of −10 ft/sec, and an initial position of 4 ft. Find the position function, s(t), describing the motion of the object. s(t)=4-10t+15^2
  25. physics-speed

    i need help with this one thanks A particle starts from rest and is acted on by a net force that does work at a rate that is proportional to the time t. The speed of the particle is proportional to: a. sq. root t b. t c. t^2 d.1/sq. root t e. 1/t Work done is proportional to ...
  26. Physics

    A luggage handler pulls a 20kg suitcase up a ramp inclined at 25 degrees above the horizontal by a force F of magnigutde 145N that acts parallel to the ramp. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the ramp and the incline is .30. If the suitcase travels 4.6 m along the ...
  27. physics

    A 5.20 package slides 1.57 down a long ramp that is inclined at 13.0 below the horizontal. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the package and the ramp is = 0.305 Calculate the work done on the package by friction. Calculate the work done on the package by gravity. ...
  28. physics

    A 5.20 package slides 1.57 down a long ramp that is inclined at 13.0 below the horizontal. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the package and the ramp is = 0.305 Calculate the work done on the package by friction. Calculate the work done on the package by gravity. ...
  29. Grammar

    Good morning Example: re: word work up The doctor will *work up* the cause of her abnormal hear rhythm. (verb) During his *workup* for this tumor, he was found to have an abdominal aortic aneurysm. (noun) Question: The work up revealed the surface was of no real concern at ...
  30. Spanish: Please check answers

    Please check my answers. The answers are at thebottom. 11. Choose the most logical sentence completion. Yo _______ el libro a la biblioteca. vuelvo devuelvo puedo duermo 12. Choose the most logical sentence completion. Ellos __________ en el café. cuestan cuentan encuentran ...
  31. English

    Could you please check these last sentences, please? 1) He is wearing a grey sleeveless T-shirt and a pair of tracksuit pants. 1) Most penguins at the Blackbrook Zoological Park are swimming actively in the water except for a sad-faced one, who (which?) is standing on a rock. ...
  32. P.E. CHECK

    15. Who should address the needs of a patient with a mental disorder? A. speech therapist B. An internal Medicine Doctor C. A mental health Professional*** D. A medical intern 12. If you've started a lot of hobbies all at once, you should watch out for clinical depression to ...
  33. English

    1. identify the adjective phrase in this sentence. The rice in the pot is not yet completely cooked. **Completely cooked 2. The convertible in the garage has only 20000 miles on it. **only 20000 miles 3. Identify the word that the capitalize adective phrase modifies. The ...
  34. English

    Could you please check the following sentences, please? 1) He kept himself busy by keeping (?) record of how long he had been on the island.He made a mark for each day he had been on the island. 2) He decided to build himself a house in a cave. He found a cave halfway up the ...
  35. Algebra 2

    Can you check my answer and the work? Thank youu~~ (2x-y)7 128x7 -448x6y -672x5y2 -560x4y3 -280x3y4 -84x2y5 -14xy6 -y7 orr 128x7 -448x6y +672x5y2 - 560x4y3 +280x3y4 -84x2y5 +14xy6 -y7 Ps: the 7 in the equation is the exponent and the numbers after the variable are also the ...
  36. body science

    I have to do this for an open ended question on my unit test and i am not sure if i did it right can you please check my answers? It is fill in the blank. And the choices are: Arteries,Artium,Body,Carbon Dioxide,Lungs,Veins,Ventricle. You may youse these words more than once. ...
  37. algebra

    Which of the following are examples of inferential statistics? Check all that apply. A.Finding the average (mean) of a set of numbers B.Testing every lightbulb produced by a company to confirm that each one works C.Testing random samples of lightbulbs produced by a company to ...
  38. Finance

    You and your spouse both have good retirement plans through work,and both receive social security checks based on your own incomes. If your goal is to maximize the size of your annuity check every month, which option should you choose? A. single life annuity B. annuity for ...
  39. Math

    Combine like terms. 7a square root 2 - a square root 2 + 16= My answer would be as follows: 7a square root 2 + 16 Can you please check to see if I got this correct
  40. MATH!!!

    given isosceles triangle ABC, line AB = BC, and BD is the angle bisector of isosceles triangle ABC prove AB x DC = BC x AD Aren't the two halves congruent? (SAS) If so, then DC is equal to AD. Don't the ratios AB:AD=BC:DC by corresponding parts? how do i write that out like on...
  41. Science Please Check

    Please Check 1. How does nanotechnology help engineers make products for the future? a. By changing a materials atomic structure, it can be made from elements that are easier to obtain.*** b. By changing a material's atomic structure, its physical properties can also be ...
  42. Please proofread my Essay

    Could you please check for fragments, pronoun agreement, and tell me if I use first person all the way through. Thanks! Here is the format I am suppose to be following: a. Have an Introduction: Your introduction will tell readers what you knew about the topic before starting ...
  43. art

    1. during which time period were artists keenly interested in using the golden ratio in their paintings a.Baroque period b.oriental period c.futuristic period d.renaissance period 2. what is the best definition for the term visual composition a. a beautiful arrangement b. the ...
  44. Biology

    Needed to transport proteins and lipids throughout cytoplasm. Must be able to work within complicated membrane passages. Some positions involve work with ribosomes
  45. calculus

    A cable that weighs 6 lb/ft is used to lift 750 lb of coal up a mine shaft 500 ft deep. Find the work done. Show how to approximate the required work by a Riemann sum.
  46. Math

    please check my answer thanks :) The sales tax is 7% The purchase including sales tax is $676.24 what was tha total amount of sales tax ? I got $47.34
  47. Social Studies

    One of the main causes of the _____ was the practice of pressing American sailors into service in the British Navy. A. War of 1812 B. Semi War C. Quasi War D. Whiskey Rebellion** Can someone please check my answer, if it’s not D then I think it’s A.
  48. American Government Please Check

    Which of the following are reasons why Madison supported the ratification of the Constitution in the Federalist Papers? Select all that apply. a. power of the executive branch b. competent representation in government*** c. checks and balances d. limited government e. Bill of ...
  49. social studies

    can you help me with confearcay homework? Please repost your question, check your spelling, and be more specific. I have no idea what "confearcay" means. Thanks. =) What did the U.S. government do to the Cherokees and other tribes in the 1830's? This is a great site for ...
  50. Health

    can you please check my answer thanks True or False The purpose of a contrast medium is to allow direct visualization of internal organs and structures. I said true tho to make a particular structure visible on a radiograph crossed my mind my text book is not that clear
  51. Teaching dogs Tricks

    Please check my answer thanks When working out how to teach a new behavior, it's important to A. consider the breed of dog. B. break the behavior down into small parts. C. use clicker training. D. watch where the owner is standing. I say B

    Can someone check my answer please: Magnesium metal(0.100 mol)and a volume of aqueous HCL that contains 0.500 mol are combined to react to completion. how many litres of hydrogen gas (measured at STP) are produced choices: 4.42 11.1 22.7 2.27 5.53 I like 2.27... Is this right...
  53. geography

    Can you check my answers, please? 1. Latitude is measured north and south of what imaginary line? The Equator 2. Which of the following is not a city: Bangladesh, Tokyo, Amsterdam, New Delhi? Bangladesh 3. What is the name given to a point of land extending into a body of ...
  54. U.S History Check Please :)

    What was the "corrupt bargain" of the 1824 election? Split of the Democratic-Republican candidates Description by Andrew Jackson of the election outcome Smear campaign John Quincy Adams used to win**** Difference between the popular and electoral votes
  55. English

    Hello! Thanks for checking my question out! ____ 6. Choose the meaning of the bold word. “I won’t touch it,” he said <strong>sullenly</strong>. (“The Scarlet Ibis") (1 point) a) sulkily b) savagely c) suspiciously d) swiftly My Answer: A Could someone ...
  56. Physical Science

    Hello! Thanks for checking my question out! ____ Fill in the Blank 9. Materials can be classified as solids, liquids, or gases based on whether their shapes and _______________ are definite or variable. (1 point) My Answer: volumes Can someone please check my answer? Thanks...
  57. Geometry check my answer?

    The diameter of a car tire is approximately 0.6meters. The warranty is good for 70,000 km. About how many revolutions will the tire make before the warranty is up? More than a million? a billion? ----------------------- my work c=pi*d c=3.14*0.6 c=1.884 meters 1km=1000 meters ...
  58. all

    I rarely do my homework. No matter how hard I try to focus and actually get things done, I just can't do it unless it's something I really want to/like to do. And even if I actually put my work right in front of me and turn off my phone, computer, tv, etc. and sit in silence ...
  59. Art

    Can you please check these sentences, Writeacher? Thank you very much. 1) “I have been to Greece twice," he said. (He said that he had been to Greece twice) 2) It was the first time I had spent my vacation without my parents. Mary had done all the cleaning before/by 9 am. 3...

    A costume designer made 10 costumes that each used 5.8 yards of fabric. If she had 238.2 yards of fabric to start with, about how much fabric does the costume designer have left? Write an equation and estimate the amount of fabric left. A customer went to a garden shop and ...
  61. reading

    30-day Money Back Guarantee Groom Co. electric shavers come with a 30-day money back guarantee. The only stipulation is that you use your new exclusively for 2 weeks to become accustomed with the product. If you are not satisfied, we will refund the amount on your receipt if ...
  62. spanish my answers

    Hello, could you please check this to see if I am on the right track for the question, Which characters in the playare based on real historic persons? I answered Fernan Gomez de guzman, King ferdinand of Aragan, Princess isabbella, Prince Ferdidnand II of Aragon, and Rogridue ...
  63. math

    IS THERE ANYONE OUT THERE THAT MAY BE ALBE TO HELP ME PLEASE! Place absolute value bars in the proper location on the left side of the expression to make the statement true. Jean deposited a check for $625 wrote two for $68.74 and $29.95 and used her debit card to pay for a ...
  64. math

    please check my answers 1.Write each of the following as a common fraction or mixed number.4.0171=. 4 171/10,000 2.Arrange in order from smallest to largest.2.05,25/10 , 2.0513, 2.059,251/100 , 2.0515, 2.052, 2.051 3. 27.4  213.321  39.38 add=280.101 4.45.6  8.75subtract...
  65. American Gov't--please check

    In _____, the Supreme Court placed limits on gerrymandering by requiring all congressional districts to have roughly the same number of constituents. 1.)Marbury v. Madison 2.)McCulloch v. Maryland 3.)Brown v. The Board of Education of Topeka My answer4.)Wesberry v. Sanders
  66. English

    Hello. I will highly appreciate some help. Please check the sentences (whether they are natural and grammatically correct): 1) "His life can justifiably be considered exemplary." 2) "I have always acknowledged his intellect and erudition." 3) "He is no doubt a unique person ...
  67. language arts check answers please(5 Qs)

    please check my answers and thanks so much. Choose the best answer for each question. 1. if a person is given fanfare,which is most likely to happen ? A. he gives his friend a hug. B. he is sent tojail C. he receives a letter D. he is greeted by a cheering crowd. (i picked ...
  68. Middle school digital art and design questions

    So, I need to check these, thx guys!!! When a artist receives royalty It Is A fee for the use of the art*** The right to create your own art Permission to use someone else's art The cost associated with making a product I think A, But that may be wrong, Idk For literature, a ...
  69. C++

    #include <iostream.h> #include <stdlib.h> int main ( ) { int choice; cout << "Computer Repair" << endl; cout << "\n Does your ailing computer beeps multiable times at startup?" << endl; cin >> choice; switch (choice) { case Yes: cout &...

    Consider a country in which capital per hour of work from 1950 to 1973 grew by 3 percent per year and output per hour of work grew by about 3 percent per year. Suppose that from 1973 to 1991, capital per hour of work did not grow at all and output per hour of work grow by ...
  71. PHySics

    A 1.63 nF parallel-plate capacitor is charged to an initial potential difference ΔVi = 100 V and then isolated. The dielectric material between the plates is mica, with a dielectric constant of 5.00. (a) How much work is required to withdraw the mica sheet? Work = .5CV^2 ...
  72. Social studies check answers ***damon***

    please check these answers 1.A 2.C 1. where would you most likely find south americas largest cities? A. Mountains B. rain forests C. coastlines D.deserts 2. how did human migration most contribute to ethnic diversity in south america today? A. people came to south america ...
  73. Calculus

    Use a symbolic differentiation utility to find the derivative of the function g(x)=xã((x^2)+1). Use the utility to graph the function and is derivative on the same set of coordinate axes. Describe the behavior of the function that corresponds to any zeroes of the graph of ...
  74. physics help

    A sphere of unknown mass with a net charge, Q is released from rest in a uniform electric field, E. After it travels a distance,d , it acquires a kinetic energy, K . Find the magnitude of the electric field in terms of K,Q , and .d [Hint: remember the Work/Energy theorem]. The...
  75. Physics -- check answers please

    1. A boy pushes a car to slow it down while the car is rolling horizontally down the road. If the boy pushes backwards on the car with 10N of force as the car rolls forward 3.0m, the amount of work done by the boy is: a)-30 b)0 c)3.3 J d)30 N•m e)300J my answer: a 2. what is...
  76. Health/ Basic Clinical Procedures

    please check my answer thanks True or False The purpose of OSHA Bloodborne pathogens Standards is to prevent exposure of employees to bloodborne pathogens I said True
  77. V A Hospital

    please check my answer thanks so much for your help True of False The V A hospital is most likely to use the Social Security Number as a medical record number in its filing system I said True
  78. Applied Dog Behavior

    please check my answer thanks You're using punishment to get rid of a particular behavior. You should keep using the same punishment for three to five tries I said True
  79. Applied Dog Behavior

    Please check my answer thanks Fearfulness as a trait appears to be A. more common in females. B. hereditary and a dominant trait. C. more common in males. D. random and rare. I picked B

    please check my answer ....plz... the question is: how is the size of the minerals grains affected by the rate at which molten rock materials cools? and i think the answer is : the bigger the grains the faster it cools.
  81. PLease check math

    1)Find an eauation of the line containing the given pair of points. (2,1) and (6,3) MY ANSWEAR: Y=(1/2)X 2)Decide whether the pair of lines is perpendicular, parallel, or neither. --What is the slope of 4x+2y=3 4x+2y=4 MY ANSWEAR: (1/2) AND -2 (PERPENDICULAR)
  82. English

    Can someone please check my answers? 1)Passive voice adds directness to your writing. a)true b)false* 2)You should avoid unnecessary shifts in verb tense when writing. a)true* b)false
  83. Language Art (Please Check)

    1.A 5.The word evacuate comes from the Latin root vac which means to empty. What word that contains this root means not occupied? A. vacuum B. vacation C. vacant D. evacuee
  84. Algebra 1 check answers

    If you were solving a system of equations and you came to a statement like 1 = 3, what do you know about the solution to the system? The solution is (1, 3). The solution is x = 1 and y = 3. There is no solution. There are infinitely many solutions. I think the answer is D or B...
  85. Algebra2

    i was wondering if someone could check the answer i got for this math problem 7+2(5-2*9) = 243 I got -19 I think you're supposed to do the parentheses first...but within that, you're supposed to do the multiplication and THEN the subtraction, and then mult it by 2....then add ...
  86. dog behavior

    please check my answer thanks In Pavlov's experiment with the bell and the food, what is the dependent variable A. Pairing the food and the bell B. giving the food C. ringing of the bell D. salivation I picked B
  87. accounting

    Need advise in how to set up? On, April 1, 2015, Lester Company received a bank statement that showed a balance of $ 8,950. Lester showed a $8,000 checking account balance. The bank did not return check No. 115 for $750 or check No. 118 for $370.00. A $900.00 deposit made on ...
  88. Math.. check answer please

    A restaurant has 11 booths and 12 tables. Write the ratio of booths to tables as a fraction. is the answer 11:12 or 11 to 12 or 11/12?
  89. math please check and help!!!!

    what is the vertex and line symmetry for f(x)=1/2(x+8)^2+4 and what is the max/min value of f(x)? Is the answer for the vertex (8,4) is the min value of f(x) (-8,4)
  90. MATH(please check)

    A newspaper has 80 pages. If 20 of the 80 pages are devoted to advertising. What percent of the newspaper consists of advertising? How do u start this?
  91. math

    What do you do to check whether a number is rational or irrational? In your explanation, use an example of an irrational and a rational number. Please help me I don't know what to do.
  92. Math

    Please check my answer.. Find a point E on segment CD such that the ratio of segment CE is 5/8 C is placed on (-9) and point D is placed on 7. A. -8 B.-1~~~ C. 1 D. -3
  93. math just need someone to check and make sure this

    The Office Jet printer can copy Janet's dissertation in 10 min. The Laser Jet printer can copy the same documents in 8 min. If the two machines work together, how long would they take to copy the dissertation? 10*8=80 80/18= 4.4 so it would take 4 min. is this correct?
  94. Physics Probelms ASAP

    Could you please check my work and help me with a couple. An airplane that flies at 100 km/h with a 10 km/h tailwind travels at 110 km/h relative to the ground. If it instead flies into a 10 km/h headwind, its groundspeed is : 110 km/h /2= 55 km/h The average speed of a horse ...
  95. Math

    Solve the logarithmic equation. Express your solutions in exact form only. Please show all of your work. log3(x+2) + log3(x+8) – 2 = log3(x+3)
  96. chemistry

    Calculate the amount of solute needed to make each of the solution. 225g of a 10% (m/m) K2CO3 solution .50kg of a 18% (m/m) KOH solution please show work thanks
  97. Geometry

    To the nearest meter, find the length of side DE in triangle DEF, given angle F=54 degrees, side DF=70 m, and side EF=50 m. Please show work!
  98. Calc - help needed

    Hi, I'm stuck at this question: List all points on the graph of y=tanx on the interval [-3π/2,2π] that have a y-coordinate of (1/radical3). This is my answer, but I keep getting it wrong. Someone, please explain​ how to go about solving this. I have more of ...
  99. behavior problems (dogs)

    please check my answer thanks An unwanted behavior persists because the A. behavior elicits a reward. B. dog has a temperament fault. C. trainer doesn't use treats as rewards. D. owner doesn't know how to punish the dog effectively. I picked A
  100. Physics

    Could someone please check another one of my answer for me? Thank you! A commuter backs her car out of her garage with an acceleration of 1.40 m/s2. (a) How long does it take her to reach a speed of 2.00 m/s? (b) If she then brakes to a stop in 0.800 s, what is her ...
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