Trig check my work please?

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A recipe calls for 5M of sucrose (C12H22O11) dissolved in 750mL of H2O. Please calculate the total mass (g) of sucrose needed. Show all work.


In the poem Warren Pryor by Alden Nowlan, it says "his axe-hewn hands upon the paper bills aching with empty strength and throttled rage." I understand that it means that he wanted to work on the farm instead of in the bank, but could someone explain the "aching with empty ...


Here goes. I am NOT an organic chemist so please obtain other sources for information; i.e., don't take my work as gospel. a) I believe the second one you list is more reactive because the first one is sterically hindered due to the isopropyl group. And bromine is a huge ...


1. 3w – 10w (1 point) 13w –7w –7 7w 2. y + 2y +3z (1 point) 2y + 3z 3y + 3z 2y2 + 3z 6yz 3. 6r + r – 5r (1 point) 2r 1r + r 0r 7r – 5r 4. 5x + 2(x + 6) (1 point) 7x + 6 7x2 + 12 7x + 12 7x (x + 6) 5. –3m + 3(m + 6) (1 point) 6 –6m + 6 6m + 18 18 MY ANSWERS: 1)B 2...

infinite discontinuity

How do check the graph of a function has an infinite discontinuity at a point or not? (without the help of a graphing calculator) example: Check whether y = (x^2-9)/(3x-9) has an infinite discontinuity at x = 3 or not CAn you get rid of the denominator? (x+3)(x-3)/3(x-3) in ...

math-please I really need help!!!!!

Consider the functions f(x)=2x+8/x+6; g(x)=6x-8/2-x Find f(g(x)) Find g(f(x)) Deterrmine if f and g are inverses of each other. a. What is f(g(x))? Give any values of x that need to be excluded from f(g(x)) x=? b. what is g(f(x))? ive any values of x that neeedd to be excluded...


Hydrogen peroxide is used as a bleachin agent, a disinfectant and medicinally as a topical antibacterial agent. Hydrogen peroxide decomposes according to the reacton 2H^2O^2(l)-->2H^2O(l)+o^2(g) A. Given the standard free energy of formation values shown below, calculate ...

Physics please check

An electric clock is hanging on the wall in the living room. The clock is unplugged, and the second hand comes to a halt over a brief period of time. During this period, what is the direction of the angular acceleration of the second hand? a. clockwise b. counterclockwise Why...

American Literature

I posted this question twice by mistake and the response was the same. It said there is a response and to check the other post. I did and it had the same answer, telling me to check the other post. This would keep someone busy for hours checking each post back and forth for no...

8th Grade Pre-Algebra

Annabelle and Navene are multiplying (4275)(4372). Annabelle's Work (4275)(4372) = 42 + 375 + 2 = 4577 Navene's Work (4275)(4372) = 42⋅375⋅2 = 46710 Is either of them correct? Explain your reasoning. Those numbers have exponents in them. I've been trying to find ...


A 54.5-kg skateboarder starts out with a speed of 1.95 m/s. He does +80.0 J of work on himself by pushing with his feet against the ground. In addition, friction does -265 J of work on him. In both cases, the forces doing the work are nonconservative. The final speed of the ...

Physics HELP!!!!!!!!

In exercising, a weight lifter loses 0.100 kg of water through evaporation, the heat required to evaporate the water coming from the weight lifter's body. The work done in lifting weights is 1.30 x 10^5 J. (a) Assuming that the latent heat of vaporization of perspiration is 2....

FACS - Reading Assignment (Q2) Check

3. Explain - Why are foods-lab tasks moved from one person to another? Answer - The reason why are foods-lab tasks moved from one person to another is because when team members work together to complete tasks in the school foods lab, the whole group benefits. am i correct?????

aLGEBRA 2 help please would appreciate

X over X+3 subtract X over X-3 = X^2 + 9 over X^2 -9 solve for x. show all work thank you

aLGEBRA 2 help please would appreciate

X over X+3 subtract X over X-3 = X^2 + 9 over X^2 -9 solve for x. show all work thank you


A school hall has 30 rows of seats. Each row has 28 seats.How many seats are there. please show work out.


1. The towns population increased from 80,000 to 90,000 in ten years. What was the percent of increase? I didn't understand this one. 2. A $15 item on sale for $12 is marked down what percent? 20% 3. If Jenna buys and item for 40% off the regular price, will she pay more or ...

Algebra - Can you PLEASE check - I"m stuck!

Bob is studying the growth of a particular species of plant. He writes the following equation to show the height of the plant f(n), in cm, after n days: F(N)=10(1.02)^n 1. Starting from 0 days, plug x-values into our function to find out how many days it takes for the plant to...


A gas absorbs 45 kJ of heat and does 29 kJ of work. Calculate the change in energy. The answer is 16 kJ, but I don't understand why. If a gas absorbs heat and does 29 kJ of work. Wouldn't they both be positive? Change in energy = q + w 45 kJ + 29 kJ = 74 kJ Why is the work ...

english /help

label the subject and the verb of each of each clause. Then write whether the sentence is simple or complex. 1)Every afternoon the baseball team practices. subject: the baseball team verb: practices simple sentence 2)When practice is over, the players are tired. subject:...

Algebra 2

What are the points of discontinuity? Are they all removable? Please show your work.  y=(x-5) / x^2 - 6x +5

socialstudies(CHECK ANSWERS)

ANOTHER UPDATE FOR MY RECENT QUESTIONS I UPDATED ANSWERS....please check them 5. Mexico City was built by the A.Olmecs, when they began to grow maize. B.Maya, after they conquered the Valley of Mexico. C.Spanish, on the ruins of the Aztec capital. (I PICK THIS) D.Mexican ...


A rescue helicopter lifts a 65 kg person straight up by means of a cable. The person has an upward acceleration of 0.70 m/s2 and is lifted from rest through a distance of 13 m. (a) What is the tension in the cable? N (b) How much work is done by the tension in the cable? J (c...


A rescue helicopter lifts a 65 kg person straight up by means of a cable. The person has an upward acceleration of 0.70 m/s2 and is lifted from rest through a distance of 13 m. (a) What is the tension in the cable? N (b) How much work is done by the tension in the cable? J (c...


A rescue helicopter lifts a 65 kg person straight up by means of a cable. The person has an upward acceleration of 0.70 m/s2 and is lifted from rest through a distance of 13 m. (a) What is the tension in the cable? N (b) How much work is done by the tension in the cable? J (c...


What percentagge of £119.25p is £11.04p? Divide: 11.04 by 119.25. This gives you a decimal number. Move the decimal point two places to the right to turn it into a percentage. Please post your answer and we'll be glad to check it.

House/ Crate training (dogs)

please check my answer thanks which one of the following types of dogs would be easiest to train to eliminate in one spot in the yard A Lab B guard dog C Akita D Poodle I said A

medical info mangement

please check my answer thank which of the following is a government- owned,federal facility ? 1. Veteran's Administration Hospital 2. Jones County Hospital 3. Sate medical center 4. City health clinic I picked #1


Please check these- 1.Of the three brothers Jason drives ________. A.more carefuller B.most carefully C.most carefullest D.the carefullest B? 2.Rick is the _______ tennis player of the twins. A.better C.gooder D.goodest A Thanks -MC

Environmental science

please check this for me: 31. Wind can blow soil away very quickly and erode soft rock, while waves erode coastlines and rivers carve deep gorges. True or False? True!

Pre-Cal(please check)

I have to find the width of a river which is represented by a right trianle. The opposite side is labeled w and the adjacent side is 1oo ft. Theta is 54 degrees. Would my equation be opp = adjacent/cos(54)?


17. Which of these World War II battles established overall equality between the U.S. and Japanese naval powers? A. Battle of the Coral Sea B. Battle of Guadalcanal C. Battle of Midway D. Battle of Leyte Gulf I chose A. please check my answers


Generally, any sentence that contains research-based information must include a three-part in-text citation that lets readers know the source of the information. True False I sat True. Please check my answer.

Java Programming I

Hello! Thanks for checking my question out! ____ 2. If x is an int, which of the following statements adds 5 to the current value of x and stores the new value back in x? (1 point) a) x = 5; b) x + 5; c) x =+ 5; d) x += 5; My Answer: D Could someone please check my answer? ...


Hey! Thanks for checking my question out! ____ 5. In an isosceles triangle with two congruent sides, the angles across from the legs are called ________ angles. My Answer: base Could someone please check my answer? Thanks! - Da Fash


A net external force is applied to a 13 kg object that is initially at rest. The graph to the left shows net force component along the displacement of the object as it varies with displacement. 1) What is the work done between 0 m and 4 m? 2. What is the work done between 0 m ...


Can someone please check my work? 1. I like T-shirts. J'aime les tee-shirts. 2. Marc likes wearing shorts. Marc aime porter les shorts. 3. I am wearing a dress. Je porte une robe. 4. We love swimming suits. Nous aimons maillot de bain. 5. You like to wear shoes. Tu aimes ...

Math ( Can You check my Work?) = 3n - 1 2. an = 2(2n - 3) = 4^n = (2/3)^n 5. an = (-1)^n(n + 5) 6. an = (-1)^n + 1(n + 6) 7. an= n+3/2n-1 8. a1 = -5 and an = an-1 - 3 for n ≥ 2 9. a1 = -6 and an = -2an-1 for n ≥ 2 10.a1 = 4 and an = 3an-1 + 2 for n ≥ 2 11. Find a8 when a1...


Is there any website or any way I can get the science probe 10 check your understanding answers cause I want to check my answers?


for the given functions f and g find the following and state the domain of each result f(x)=3x+1/8x-9; g(x)=5x/8x-9 A) (f+g)(x)=? B)domain of (f+g) c) (f/g)(x)=? d) domain of f/g? please show work


for the given functions f and g find the following and state the domain of each result f(x)=3x+1/8x-9; g(x)=5x/8x-9 A) (f+g)(x)=? B)domain of (f+g) c) (f/g)(x)=? d) domain of f/g? please show work


for the given functions f&g, find the following and state the domain of each result. f(x)=5x+4/7x-8; g(x)=2x/7x-8 a.(f+g)(x)= ? what is the domain? b. (f/g)(x)= ? what is the domain? Please show work

SCIENCE GRADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you had a piece of magnet and you stuck it to an iron nail, and you stuck it to a small washer. How would the washer stick to the iron nail.Please check to see if I'm write! The piece of magnet gets attracted to iron objects the iron nail.the iron nail sticks to the magnet....


3.If you adopt the _______ perspective, you'll reject an emphasis on what goes on in people's minds in favor of focusing on measurable behaviors that can be objectively measured. A. psychodynamic B. neuroscience C. cognitive D. behavioral 4.Agatha maintains that people are ...


Hello this is my first experiment I've ever done before and it was fun but I gotta figure out what NaCl produced and what it yielded in percentage. Can someone double check my work. Na2CO3+2HCl=2NaCl+H2O+CO2 Mass of empty crucible & cover: 33.076g Mass of sodium carbonate used...


Use < or > to make the statement true. -11 > -5 is this right. Solve for the indicated letter. b=2c for c The solution is c=2*c is this right. Solve -0.5<-20 THe solution is (x|4 Check these problem for me please

geo check

the us leadingg exporter is rice products or beef and grain or cranberries and rasberries. my choose is beef and grain if not correct please correct.

geo check

the us leadingg exporter is rice products or beef and grain or cranberries and rasberries. my choose is beef and grain if not correct please correct.

Spanish-Anoher question-Please check my answer for

¿Qué quieres comer hoy? Would I answer this-Quiero comer en el restaurante hoy. Thank you

Pre-Calc-Please check

Is this correct? Using Rational Roots Theorem, list all possible rational root of f(x) = 2x^3 - 3x^2 + 5x+6 Possible roots are p/a = -+1, -+2, +-3, -+6. -+3/2

7th grade math check my answers please quick

11. 17, 200 written in scientific notation is 1.7 x 10^5 21. 0.00105 written in scientific notation is 1.05 x 10^-3 are these correct?

Physics -- check answer please

Light travelling in water is incident on air refracts at an angle of 27 degrees. What is the angle of incidence? my answer: 37 degrees


In the following sentence, what word does the participial phrase modify? Everyone in the annex heard her screaming loudly. A. Everyone B. annex C. heard*** D. her Please check


Please check my answer There was one student still taking the exam when the bell rang. Student is the subject and exam is the simple subject.

Literature [Ms.Sue Please Check]

please check these: 1. In "The Gift of the Magi," Jim's suggestion that he and Della put away the Christmas presents shows that he is a. loving and practical b. unsentimental and cruel c. tired of presents d. unforgiving and resentful A 2. Irony is built upon the basic element...

Algebra function problem, check/help?

Set up a function for the following situation: The output of a function is 8 less than 3 times a number. B) Find the input when the output is 13? Would your equation look like: 8<3=13? Or am I doing this wrong? Please help!


Could you please check this sentence for me? I am interested in student writing exchanges but my students are in first grade. How old are first-grade students? (This is a real question)


Could you please check this? Thank you. 1) My English colleague will be at school this afternoon to welcome the French delegation. As I told you, I have afternoon lessons and then I'll be busy picking up my child from school.

Health care

Please check my answer thanks :) Mary needs Medicaid coverage. Where should she start looking for inforamtion to determine her eligibility ? 1. The local hospital social servies dept 2. Where she works 3. The federal government Web site 4. The state in which she lives I am not...


please check Jack Kerouac, author of On the Road, was the a. pediatrician who urged mothers to stay at home with their young children b. spiritual leader of the beatniks c. evangelist who led religious crusades all across the country d. sociologist who first described the "...

SS7R - HW Question Check

What is the Proclamation of 1763???? To control the colonists and prevent wars with Native Americans (such as the Pontiac War) the British passed the Act. Does that define it!!?!??! Please don't ban me, ignore me, and no rude comments thank you! I got this answer from the ...

English 10

1. All of the following define the theme of a story EXCEPT (1 point) a.the central idea of a work b.the underlying message in literature c.the methods of characterization employed by the writer ****** d.the lesson, or moral, of the story which can be inferred by readers 2. ...

physics bobpursly help still having trouble

A satellite in a circular orbit around earth with a radius 1.019 times the mean radius of the earth is hit by an incoming meteorite. A large fragment m=60 kg is ejected in the backwards direction so that it is stationary with respect to the earth and falls directly to the ...

A.R.I.T.S.(please check Ron)

do you know the answer: 1. Does the name Alaiyo fit Beneatha? thanks... brie:'} Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. If you are still referring to "A Raisin in the Sun," Asagai calls Beneatha gAlaiyoh, which in Yoruba means gOne for Whom Bread Is Not ...


please check my answer thanks True or False An elderly man tells you that he's experirncing urinary frequency with scanty urine volume per bathroom vist Hormonal therapy would be part of the diagnostic process for this patient. I said False

Teaching dogs tricks

please check my answer thanks Animal performances for which payment is involved are regulated by the A. Food and Drug Administration. B. Animal Actors' Guild. C. American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. D. United States Department of Agriculture. I say C


A: Hi! I have a referral from my doctor to see the nutritionist. B: Well, you're talking to the right person. What can I do for you? A: I need to know if I'm eating right. B: Please take these forms home and fill out them every day. (Wich one is incorrect? Would you check the ...

English / Grammar Check

Can you please tell me if this sentence is in formal language and the grammar is correct? In the novel Manhattan Transfer, manifestation of the fake social face occurs. The characters use masks, because they have trouble trying to find their real self.


In What ways did Neolitic People Dramatically improve their lives? Please check my answer.. the change over from hunting and gathering to farming and herding took place not once but many times. Neolithic people in many parts of the world independently developed agriculture


Can someone please check if I have written and balanced the reaction properly? 1.In 1774 Joesph Priestley discovered oxygen by decomposing the oxide of mercury. 2HgO = 2 Hg + O2 2. Slaked lime precipitates magnesium ions from hard water. Ca(OH)2 + Mg(HCO3)2 = Ca(HCO3)2 + Mg(OH)2


Please check! 3. What is the effect of the depression of the 1890s on South Carolina? a. Gold was discovered in Alaska. b. Many banks failed and railroads went bankrupt. c. Paper money was no longer backed by gold.*** d. Inflation caused farmers to run large debts.


what is the oxidation number for nitrogen in the following? NH3 NO2 1- N2 NO2Cl N2H4 We will be happy to critique your thinking or work. I don't even have a clue as to how to work it out.


When 1 mol of a gas burns at constant pressure, it produces 2424 J of heat and does 6 kJ of work. How do i calculate delta E for this problem? I tried q+w but that didn't work for me. I got the answer wrong.


what be the relationship between female literacy and reduced birth rates? that be the more education they get the less kids they have because their concentration go towards work so they work to be independent.


What is the efficiency of a block and tackle that lifts a 500N resistance a height of 1m when an effort of 80N moves through a distance of 10m? What is the input work? output work?


What mechanical work must you do to lift a uniform log that is 3.3m long and has a mass of 100kg from the horizontal to a vertical position? [Hint: Use the work-energy principle.]

Economics - PLEASE HELP

Homework Help: Economics PLEASE CHECK MY ANSWERS! 1. The MAIN advantage to a corporation is.. A. Ease of entry B. Limited liability for the owners C. Dividends all go to one person D. Owners share managerial duty E. All of the above (My answer: E) 2. The MAIN advantage to a ...


Could you please check these? The work of which scientist(s) helped to explain light's ability to propagate through a vacuum? ++A. Maxwell B. Davisson and Germer C. Fresnel, Fraunhofer, and Arago D. Newton An object that has a height of 0.4 meter is placed at a distance of 0.7...


Can you please check if the following sentences are ok? Thank you in advance. 1) "Express your regret for the following situations using a wish construction". Example: I didn't study for the test. I got a bad mark. I wish I had studied for the test. 2) Comment on each ...


Please check my correction. Punctuation within Sentences—Hyphen You will need to write both short and long- term goals. The president-elect of the Rotary Club had the winning lottery ticket. Please buy three half gallon containers of ice -cream for the party. The ill defined...


Albert Einstein (1879-1955) He is an American physicist. He reported "General Theory of Relativity" in 1916. He won a Novel Prize in 1921. Issac Newton(1642-1727) He discovered "the Law of Universal Gravitation" and "the Three Laws of Motion" - laws of inertia, action and ...


ABGF is a square with half the perimeter of square ACDE. GD = 4in. Find the area of the shaded region. Please help me work this problem out I am stuck. It's a square and in the top right corner there in another square inside it that is 1/4 the size of the big one. From that ...

english.. can u tell me if my answers are right

1)c 2)c 3)c 4)c .. k this looks ridiculous but i think the answers are all C !!! please check!!! 1) At the end of the poem(song of myself number 52), the speaker a.proclaims his love to democracy b. encourages us to read more of his poems c. reaffirms his link to the reader d...

7th grade math Ms. Sue ASAP please

Ms. Sue, sorry to keep bugging you with questions, but can you please check my answers? Sorry, I just want to get my answers correct when i turn it in thanks! 8. Four students work to find an estimate for square root 37. Who is closest to finding the true estimate? (1 point) ...

Physics - Verification

A skier (75 kg) goes down a 15* slope. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the skis and the snow is 0.185. The length of the slope is of 500m. a) What is the work done by gravity? Answer) Wmg = mgd = 75kg(9.8N/kg)500m(sin15) = 354 977 J Is it cos or sin? And is Work ...


The number _____ and _____ sign are assigned to the first nucleotide of a transcriptional unit. a. 0, positive b. 1, negative c. 1, positive d. 0, no sign I would choose "d". Please check.

Math median

please check my answer thanks :) find the median of following numbers 463 582 401 533 457 514 and 438 my answer is 463


please check my answer thanks True or False You spleen helps in blood clotting. If imparied this will affect your blood clotting ablity. I said true


What are the odds against getting three heads in three successive flips of a coin? Odds against A = (1 – 3/6)/ (3/6)= 3/5 = 3::5 Could someone check my answer and correct me if I need it please

Spanish 1-Please check

How do you say the class of economics and the class of anatomy in Spanish. I think it is la clase de economis y la clase anatomis. Accent should be over both (i's)

Chemistry (Check)

How many grams of NaOH are in 500mL of a 0.50 M solution? 500mL=.5L MM NaOH = 39.99711g M x V = n 0.5 x 0.5 = .25moleNaOH .25moleNaOH x (39.99711gNaOH / 1moleNaOH) = 10.gNaOH Is this right? If not, please tell me what I did wrong.


Point E is located at (-2,2) and point F is located at (4, -6). What is the distance between points E and F? A. ã52 B. ã28 C. 10 D. ã20 Please show me how it works! I don't understand this question :(

Medicare Part B

Please check my answer True or False Medicare part B involves supplemental medical insurance I said True

latin bases check please

the latin bases in your text A)***a printed in capital letters B)printed in italics C)underlined D)put in parentheses

math-please check my answer

Translate the following the product of 47% and some number (using q for some number) .47q is my answer correct?

Algebra Please Help/ Check

why does the equation x^2=-9 has no real solution? This I can't figure out. why does the equation x^2 = 9 has two solutions? Is it because it satisfied by both 3 and -3 so it has two solutions.

Language Art (Please Check)

i think its B. if not B. then C. We stayed at sybil house for several hours? Which of these is the verb of the sentence? A.we C.stayed D.several

Math Word Problem

Can someone please check this one, this is a word problem, not a greater than or less question. How much greater than -10.4 is -6.52? -10.4 - -6.52 = -3.88 is this correct?

To butterfly - re business

Your long and complicated assignment post has been removed. Please understand that no one here will do your work for you. However, we will be happy to read over whatever you come up with and make suggestions and/or corrections.


Completely factor the following expressions. Please show work/explain t^2+4tv+4v2 4x^2-8x-12+6x 144-9p^2 5c^2-24cd-5d^2 w^2-17w+42 256z^2-4-192z^2+3 2a^2c^3-14bc^3+32c^3d^2 35g^2+6g-9 3j^3-51j^2+210j


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