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  1. english 9!! (hunger games)

    what are the differences between the capitol and other districts looking upon: a.Food b. Shelter c. Work d. Recreation e. Safety i have to make a graphic orgnaizer please help!!
  2. Chemistry

    How much energy is released when 2.50g of NH3 rxs with excess N20 given the following 2NH3+3N2O -> 4N2_3H2O; DELTA(H)=-1010KJ. Please give work and setup :)
  3. physics

    a man pushes a lawnmower 50ft in 5s by exerting a force of 30lb at an angle of 53degrees with the horizon. find the work done and the average power expended in horsepower. Answer Please need help
  4. Health care

    Please check my answer thank you :) Verifying the accuracy of ICD-9-CM and HCPCS codes is an important function in 1.maintenance of charge masters 2.maintenance of the OASIS data set 3.blended payment I think that the answer is 1.
  5. teaching dogs tricks

    please check my answer thanks When you're teaching class, you must be sure to A. keep to your schedule. B. make friends with each of the dogs. C. have room for bystanders to watch. D. observe and praise each student. I say D
  6. Agility Training

    Please check my answer thanks:) During a USDAA agility trial, a dog exits the entrance of a tunnel. What is this type of error called? A. Wrong course B. Fly-off C. Run-out D. Refusal My answer is D
  7. Geometry

    Can someone please kind enough to explain this questions for me. Thank you What are some examples of other important polyhedra? What characteristics help you determine whether a polyhedron is regular or irregular? How can you check for symmetry and rotational symmetry of ...
  8. Probability-Please check

    Consider the experiment of rolling a single die. Find the probability of the event described. What is P(odd or prime? Since this is an "or" problem would the problem consist of 3 chances out of 6 thus my answer = 1/2?
  9. Chemistry: Answers please check

    1. The kinetic-molecular theory states that all particles of matter are always in motion. a.) True b.) False Answer: True 2. Gases have molecules in rapid random motion. a.) T
  10. Biology- Please Check

    Crossing over (genetic recombination) and independent assortment result in A.) genetic variation in the gametes B.) four identical gametes C.) two diploid cells D.) a very large number of mutations
  11. algebra

    16. Solve y = log3243. A. y = 0 C. y = 5 B. y = 3 D. y = 243 3. Which of the equations below describes the graph shown here? A. y = x – 2 C. y = –x + 2 B. y = x + 2 D. y = –x – 2 11. If the triangles in the following figure are proportional, what is the length of side ...
  12. Information Literacy

    can you please check this for me Why do we need information? What sources do you already use to obtain personal information? Information is a resource that has varied definitions according to the format, and media used to package or transfer it, as well as the discipline that ...
  13. Language Arts

    The narrator of stolen day says his family often laughs at him.How does he react when they do? A.He wishes he were an orphan. B.He dislikes everyone he knows. C.He appreciates the attention. D.He dislikes being teased. My answer is D. can you please check my answer?
  14. Anatomy and Physiology

    Hello! Thanks for checking my question out! ____ 6. Appositional growth ends in (1 point) a) infancy. b) adolescence. c) early adulthood. d) late adulthood. My Answer: C Could someone please check my answer? Thanks! - Da Fash
  15. Physics please help

    TIgers pitcher justin throws a basketball staright upward 29.0m/s. Calculate A) the height to which the ball will rise b) the time it takes to reach the highest point c) the speed with which it will return to the same height which it was thrown d) the speed of the ball 2.50s ...
  16. Math Check

    Hi! Can someone check these two answers? Thanks! Directions: Find the correct number of solutions for the following system of equations. 1.) 5x - 3y + 2z = 3 2x + 4y-z = 7 x - 11y + 4z = 3 2.) 2x + y- 3z = 4 4x + 2z = 10 -2x + 3y - 13z = -8 A.) One Solution B.) Infinitely Many...
  17. Math

    Esther drove to work at 45 miles per hour. Returned home at 30 miles per hour. If Esther spent a total of one hour commuting to and from work, how many miles did Ester drive to work in the morning?
  18. English Class (Research Topic)

    Can someone explain this please? Our research paper must not be a general biography of the writer and/or a book report. It should instead focus on controversies or differing interpretations about his/her work, or on questions raised by the writer’s work and critical ...
  19. Language Arts - Romeo and Juliet - Please Check

    I need help with the following: 11. Read these lines from the prologue of Romeo and Juliet. "Two households, both alike in dignity, In fair Verona, where we lay our scene, From ancient grudge break to new mutiny, Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean." What is the best ...
  20. calculus help plz

    a force of 1250 pounds compresses a spring 5 inches from its natural length. find the work done in compressing the spring 8 additional inches. f=kd 1250=k5 k=250 then what do i do. the answer choices are: a.3250 b.21,125 c.18000 d.2000 e. none of these Work = (1/2)* F * ...
  21. Vectors - check calculation

    A box is dragged with a force of 115 N up a ramp a distance of 3 m. If the force makes an angle of 35 degrees with the ramp and the ramp makes an angle of 20 degrees with the ground, how much work is done? This is what I have so far: W = F * D * cos Theta =(115) (3) (cos 55...
  22. computers

    How did this invention or innovation assist in completing work? How was work done previously?  What social, cultural, political, and economic impacts did this event have on society?
  23. computers

    How did this invention or innovation assist in completing work? How was work done previously?  What social, cultural, political, and economic impacts did this event have on society?
  24. DrBob222 my previous question

    You asked me to show my work for one of my questions a few minutes ago and i need you to verify my work because you said my answer was wrong
  25. trig

    find the exact solutions (¦È in degrees) sin^2¦È+2cos¦È=-2 range= 0¡Ü¦È<360¡ã see the other problem, same procedure.

    integrate 1/(x^2sqrt(1+x^2)) i know you have to use trig sub but iono how to cancel out some terms...much help is appreciated
  27. math (advanced alg and trig)

    Solve to the nearest minute: x is greater than or equal to 0 and less than 360. 3sec^2 x-8tan-6=cotx
  28. math-trig

    Use the double angle identities to find sin2x if sinx= 1/square of 17 and cosx<0 . Give exact answer.
  29. trig

    Find the values of the six trigonometric functions of the angle in standard position with the terminal side passing through the point P(-4, 3).
  30. Math/Trig

    Find the length of the intercepted arc with radius 2.5 cm and a central angle of 95degrees. Round your answer to the nearest tenth.
  31. Math/Trig

    Find the area of the sector, given a central angle of 55degrees and a radius of 5.7 in. Round your answer to the nearest tenth.
  32. trig

    "Two points A and B on the circle x^2 + y^2 = 49 form a central angle of 30 degree with the radii draw to them. Find the length of the arc AB in term of pi?"
  33. math - trig

    Given the coordinates of the terminal side of an angle in standard position, find the value of sine, cosine, and tangent: (-4,0)
  34. Trig

    Find the polar coordinates of (8, –8) for r ≥ 0. I am getting 8 square root of 2 as the first coordinate. I am not sure if I am finding the arctan correctly.
  35. Math trig.

    find the length of the arc intercepted by a central angle of 35 degree 28' in a circle of radius 15ft....i cant figure out how to get it ??
  36. trig

    Solve for ¥è in the equation tan ¥è = 2.42 when 180¨¬ < ¥è < 360¨¬. Round your answer to the nearest tenth of a degree. (Enter only the number.)
  37. precalc/trig

    Solve the Logarithmic equation algebraically. Give an Exact Answer and an approximation for x to four decimal places. 20 log(2x+2)=45
  38. trig

    Sketch a unit circle and label the terminal points corresponding to t= pi/4, 3pi/4, 5pi/4, 7pi/4. Include the coordinates of each point
  39. Trig-Algebra help asap

    The adjacent sides of a parallelogram measure 8 cm and 12 cm and one angle measures 60 degrees. Find the area of the parellelogram.
  40. Trig

    A ferris wheel at the fair has a radius of 60 feet. If it takes 24 seconds to make a full revolution, what is the linear speed for the passengers?
  41. Trigonometry

    Simplify the expression using trig identities: 1. (sin4x - cos4x)/(sin2x -cos2x) 2. (sinx(cotx)+cosx)/(2cotx)
  42. Precalculus/Trig 6

    Find the exact value of the following trigonometric functions: sin(13pi), cos(14pi), tan(15pi)
  43. trig

    solve the point given below is on the terminal side of an angle0. find the exact value of the six trigonometric functions of 0. (10,-10)
  44. trig

    If a flywheel 8 ft. in diameter rotates at 80 rpm., what is the linear velocity of a point on the outside edge, in feet per minute in terms of pi?
  45. trig

    a sailor on a boat 580 metres from the base of a vertical cliff sights the top of a lighthouse with an angel of elevation of 31 degrees
  46. trig

    Find all angles, 0≤A<360, that satisfy the equation below, to the nearest 10th of a degree. 2tanA+6=tanA+3
  47. trig

    Given angle x,where 0 <= x <= 360 (degrees) solve for to the nearest degree. a)cos(2x) = 0.6420 b)sin(x + 20) = 0.2045 c)tan(90 - 2x) = 1.6443
  48. Integrated Trig

    How many years will it take for an initial investment of $5,000 to double if it is invested at a rate of 3% compunded continuously? Compounded annually?
  49. Trig

    Find the coordinates of the point at -10 degrees on a circle of radius 2.7 centered at the origin. Round your answers to three decimal places.
  50. Pre-Calc/Trig...

    I have one way, but cant think of another? Show two ways of finding y if y = log4 64. Explain your thinking. 4^x=64 x=3
  51. Trig

    Use the Law of Cosines to determine the indicated angle θ. (Assume a = 17, b = 10, and c = 20. Round your answer to one decimal place.)
  52. trig

    Solve triangle ABC. (If an answer does not exist, enter DNE. Round your answers to one decimal place.) a = 63, c = 50, ∠C = 53°
  53. physics

    A 5.40 Kg package slides 1.47 meters down a long ramp that is inclined at 11.6 degress below the horizontal. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the package and the ramp is = 0.313. Calculate the work done on the package by friction. Calculate the work done on the ...
  54. Algebra

    Solve S=a/(1-r) for r S = a/(1-r) Multiply both sides by 1-r S*(1-r) = [(1-r)*a]/(1-r) Simplify S*(1-r) = a Multiply terms on the left. S - S*r = a Subtract S from both sides. S-S*r - S = a - S Simplify -S*r = a - S Multiply both sides by -1 S*r = -a+S Divide both sides by S S...
  55. algebra 2

    1.Simplify the difference. n^2 - lOn+24 9 / n^2 - 13n + 42 — 7 A. n-13/n-7 <<< B. n-4/n-7 C. n-13 2.Simplify the complex fraction. y-1/y^2+y-6/y-6/y+3 A.(y-1)(y-6)/(y+3)^2(y-2) B. y-1/(y-6)(y-2) C.(y-1)(y-6)/(y+3)(y-2)<<< 3.Find the least common multiple of...

    17.. In 1916, France and Britain secretly agreed on a partition of six Middle Eastern states. The agreement became known as the A. Sykes-Picot agreement. B. Treaty of Lausanne. C. Balfour Declaration. D. Damascus agreement. I chose D please could you check this
  57. Science 8th grade please check (revised answer

    Mr. Jones went to his doctor because for the past few days he has been having frequent burning uriation. The doctor preformed a urialysis. This was done by have the patient void into a collection container. The urine was cloudy and yellow in color. There was an unusual ammonia...
  58. I need help please - Pre-Calc

    Using the graph of y=cos(x), list all values of x on the interval [-11π/3,11π/6] that satisfy the ordered pair of (x,-1/radical2). - List all the values of (x,-1/radical2) (Type an exact answer using π as needed. Use a comma to separate answers as needed. Use ...
  59. Math

    1) Solve for x and check Radical (x^2-10x)=3i 2) Simplify (5+ Radical 2)/(5-Radical 2) 3)describe the nature of the roots x^2-x-6=0 x^2+4x+29=0 4) Solve for x and check Radical (x^2 +4x +44) +3=2x I got 7 and -5/3 as answers, was not sure though
  60. Art and Architecture

    Choose a contemporary painting, sculpture, or piece of art that captures your interest. This should be a piece created between the end of World War II (about 1945) and today. You may choose one of the illustrations or color inserts in the textbook, opt for an artist featured ...
  61. Math

    Please check these - as we were told they were wrong by a teacher: Find the mean, mode, median and range of the following 2 problems. 1. 70,31,13,12,31,53 mean - 35 median - 31 mode - 31 range - 58 2. 50,47,50,31,37,51,34,72,15 mean- 43 median - 47 mode - 50 range - 57 If I am...
  62. History.. Please check my answers

    Can someone please check my answers? Thank you! :) 1. Which of these claims produced conflict between religious leaders and Transcendentalist writers? A. the claim that God and nature were the same B. the view that everyone could interpret God's will C. the belief that ...
  63. Angle question

    Quadrilateral JKLM is a rhombus. If mangleLMK = 36, find mangleKJM In the right triangle ABC, mangleB = 90, AB = 5, and AC= 12. Find BC. Round to the nearest tenth, if necessary. Help? Is AB a side and AC a side? I can't tell from your description which are sides and which is ...
  64. English-(PLEASE CHECK)

    George lies about the cause of Lennie's mental deficiency. Why does he change the story from the truth? My Answer- He thinks the boss won't give them jobs if he knows the truth. What is the truth? Is it that Lennie was born w/ it?
  65. law Ms Sue please re check my answer

    i have to pick from the following informed consent disclosure substituted consent Regaurding the question a minor needs an operation the parent consent to the operation
  66. Chemistry(Please check)

    1) Which one of the following molecules is the most polarizable? a) H3C – I b) H3C – CH3 c) H3C – F d) H3C – H e) H3C – OH I chose H3C-I as the answer because the mm was the greatest. I added the mm of H, C, and I and got 141.934. Did I do this correctly?
  67. American Gov't--please check

    On election day, each voter is assigned to a special election district, also known as a _____. 1.)polling unit My answer2.)precinct 3.)neighborhood poll 4.)election unit
  68. Psychology -- Check please?

    Studying the effects of mercury on the brain is this type of research Biological Cognitive Behavioral Humanistic Psychoanalytic I'm torn between cognitive and psychoanalytic, but am leaning towards cognitive...
  69. math (please check answer)

    What type of graph does not show the number of times a response was given? box-and-whisker plot****** line plot stem-and-leaf plot bar graph
  70. Math check please

    1. Solve the system of equations y=2x^2-3 y=3x-1 a)no solution b)(-1/2,5),(2,-5/2) c)(-1/2,-5/2),(2,5)**** d)(1/2,5/2),(2,5) 2. How many real number solutions are there to the equation 0=-3x^2+x-4? a)0 ***** b)1 c)2 d)3 3.solve the equation by completing the square. if ...
  71. Math

    I the question is simple but I haven't done fractions in a while. So check my answer please. Are and  equivalent fractions? A. No B. Yes, because both fractions are divisible by 2.**** C. Yes, because the difference between the denominator and numerator in each fraction is ...
  72. Chemistry

    The following thermodynamic data was obtained for an unknown compound. Delta Hvap = 31.3 kj/mol and Delta S Vap= 79.7 kj/mol .Calculate the normal boiling point of this compound in Celcius.. Thank you! Chemistry - DrBob222, Tuesday, April 30, 2013 at 12:31am dG = dHvap - ...
  73. Math - Algebra

    A. Solve the following quadratic equations. Make sure to show all your work. Do not use any method (e.g. factoring, completing the square, quadratic formula, graphing) more than twice. Use the graphing method at least once. 1. 3x+2 + 11x -20 =0 2. x2 + 3x -4 =0 3. 3x2 - x - 1...
  74. Physics-Please check-I've attempted it

    Posted by Matt W on Tuesday, January 4, 2011 at 3:17pm. Calculate amount of energy needed to completely vaporize a 50g piece of 20 degree C silver melting point 1064 C L(f) = 64KJ/Kg Boiling point 2856C L(v) = 1645 KJ/Kg c= 0.13KJ/Kg degrees C I'm thinking I balance each side ...
  75. english

    In the poem Warren Pryor by Alden Nowlan, it says "his axe-hewn hands upon the paper bills aching with empty strength and throttled rage." I understand that it means that he wanted to work on the farm instead of in the bank, but could someone explain the "aching with empty ...
  76. Chemistry

    Here goes. I am NOT an organic chemist so please obtain other sources for information; i.e., don't take my work as gospel. a) I believe the second one you list is more reactive because the first one is sterically hindered due to the isopropyl group. And bromine is a huge ...

    1. 3w – 10w (1 point) 13w –7w –7 7w 2. y + 2y +3z (1 point) 2y + 3z 3y + 3z 2y2 + 3z 6yz 3. 6r + r – 5r (1 point) 2r 1r + r 0r 7r – 5r 4. 5x + 2(x + 6) (1 point) 7x + 6 7x2 + 12 7x + 12 7x (x + 6) 5. –3m + 3(m + 6) (1 point) 6 –6m + 6 6m + 18 18 MY ANSWERS: 1)B 2...
  78. infinite discontinuity

    How do check the graph of a function has an infinite discontinuity at a point or not? (without the help of a graphing calculator) example: Check whether y = (x^2-9)/(3x-9) has an infinite discontinuity at x = 3 or not CAn you get rid of the denominator? (x+3)(x-3)/3(x-3) in ...
  79. metals

    Are you see the new work of magnesium metal? (magneisum,com) Magnesium is used in many light weight alloys. I am uncertain of your question. Please rephrase.
  80. DT Textiles

    in dt textiles we have to find a word or term that fits this description - Ensuring that you carry out your work without harming yourself or anyone else please can some1 help
  81. Algebra

    Use synthetic division to divide the polynomial 2x^3 – 12x – 5 by x + 4, and write the quotient polynomial and the remainder. [Be careful – notice that there is no x^2 term.] Please Show work.
  82. computer science

    Please design the ¡§Classes¡¨ that will work together for the implementation of the User Case ¡§Validate User¡¨ in the ATM machine. its just want us o write a diagram..
  83. Math; Pre- Algebra

    I neede help with how to solve equations with variabls on both sides. Can you give me some examples and work them out step by step?? Please!! :D
  84. Math 3

    graphing log functions for y=log12^x I don't have a calculator for this and I would like to know how to work this problem on paper so I can graph it to my chart. Can someone please help me with this problem?
  85. 5th math

    Estimate and solve. 214+182= Estimate___________ Solution____________ 1,532-176= estimate:_____ can you please show the work too thanks!! Solutionz:____
  86. algebra

    the function w(x)=-0.01x^2+0.27x+9.20 can be used to estimate the number of workers in the US, x years after 1980. How many workers were there in 1995? please show work. a. 9.2 M b. 10.4M c. 11M d. 15.5M
  87. chemistry

    Caluclate the total mass of copper needed to react with 100g of iodine to make 512g of copper(ii) iodide. PLEASE work it out for me idk how to do it ?
  88. Calculus!

    For the function y=(e^2x)+(3x)-(10), use Newton's method and the calculator method to find the x value for which y=15. Please show your work so that I can understand the question! Thank you so much!! it means alot!!
  89. algebra

    Find the slope of each of the three line segments in the graph below. Please show all of your work. Between which two points is the slope the smallest?
  90. Math - Graphing Logarithms function

    Graph the function below. Determine the domain, range, and vertical asymptote. Please show all of your work. f(x) = log2(x-4)
  91. Stats.....plz help me.....

    Given the following frequency distribution, find the mean, variance, and standard deviation. Please show all of your work. Errors Frequency 51-53 9 54-56 19 57-59 16 60-62 24 63-65 25
  92. chemistry

    Determine the concentration of a solution of Mg(NO3)2 given the precipitate formed is 2.97 g and there are 50mL of Mg(NO3)2 and 50 mL of NaOH. Please show all work for each step clearly
  93. Physics

    If each tire of an automobile has an area of .026 square meter in contact with the ground, the weight of the automobile is 26,000 N, what is the pressure in the tires? Please show work.
  94. college algebra, Please help!!

    find a bound on the real zeros of the polynomial. f(x)=x^4+2x^3-8x-7 every real zero of f lies between -? and ? *pleasae show all work*

    Carnot engine operates between 170°C and 23°C. How much ice can the engine melt from its exhaust after it has done 4.5 104 J of work?
  96. books

    Hi I need help with a novel illustrated by Wayne Permenter 'The Stray' I need reference to context and question answers on them since it is very difficult for me to work on it. Can you please be of any help.
  97. Calculus

    Use the intermediate value therom to show that there is a root of the given equation in the specified interval. x^5-7=2(25-x); (2,3) Please explain for understanding and show work, Thank you in advance :)
  98. Algebra

    What is the side length of a square with an area of 144x²? A.12 B.12x C.±12x solution I think it is C...? If I am right can you show your work please...I am just starting to understand these..thank you
  99. Analytical Chemistry

    How many milliliters of 0.0560 M EDTA are required to react with 50.0 mL of 0.0170 M Cu^2+? With 50 mL of 0.0170 M Sc^3+? My work so far: (50mL)(0.0170mmol/mL)= 0.85 mmol Cu^2+ I'm not sure how to do the rest. Please help.
  100. college algebra

    I'm stuck on 2 problems I know the answers but need to learn to show the work. X^4+x^3=16-8x-6x^2. Answer: -2,1,+-√8 3x^3+4x^2+6=x. (-2,1/3, i√8/3) Please help so I know how to figure these equations out.A big THANKS
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