Trig check my work please?

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  1. Trigonometry/Geometry - Inequalities

    Let a, b, and c be positive real numbers. Prove that sqrt(a^2 - ab + b^2) + sqrt(a^2 - ac + c^2) is greater or equal to sqrt(b^2 + bc + c^2). Under what conditions does equality occur? That is, for what values of a, b, and c are the two sides equal? This looks like a geometry...
  2. Trig

    Find the exact value of cot(-pi/6). I don't have a lot of work for this one all I have is 30 I guess that was suppose to be the reference angle. answer .58
  3. Calculus

    Am I allowed to multiply an entire integral (on the inside AND the outside) by negative 1? I have a potential trig identity in the integral that will only work if it's multiplied by -1...
  4. Science - Please Check my Answer

    My problem: A swimmer travels from the south end to the north end of a 30.0 m pool in 15.0 s and makes the return trip to the starting position in 19.0 s. What is the average velocity for the second half of the swim? My answer: 1.60 m/s to the south Please check! I will really...
  5. Cody

    Write the following with rational, positive exponents. a. sqrt of 8 = 8^1/2 b. seventh root of 5^2 = 5^2/7 c. sqrt sqrt 6 = ??? d. fourth root of sqrt of 5^3 = ??? Can someone please check my work and help with "c and d"? Thanks.
  6. trig

    can you please tell me if the points (8,9) (15,2) (17,4) are the vertices of a right triangle
  7. trig

    can you please tell me if the points (8,9) (15,2) and (17,4) are the vertices of a right triangle
  8. trig

    please simplify sin (7pi/6 -x) + cos (2pi +x)
  9. trig

    Please graph the following function: y = tan (2(theta) + (pi)) + 1
  10. Trig

    Please disregard last question .... wrote it down wrong .. Thanks
  11. trig

    csc^4-cot^4= 1+cos^2/sin^2 i need help! please help me
  12. Pre-Calc/Trig

    Help please State the x and y-intercepts for each function. f(x)= -x^3+4x
  13. Earth Science - Please Check My Answer

    Please help with the following: How does sleet differ from snow? A. It is not a form of precipitation. B. It is liquid and not ice. C. It starts as rain and freezes in the air. D. It starts as water vapor and changes to a solid. I know that answer is not D because I got it ...
  14. Algebra

    Would someone please check these answers? Simplify. 3/x-5+1/1-4/x-5 For this answer I got: x-2/x-9 Divide. x^2-49y^2/6x^2+42y/(x^2-7xy) For this answer I got: (x+7y)/6x(x^2+7y) Add. Express your answer in simplest for. x/6+3x/6 For this answer I got: 2x/3 Please check my ...
  15. trig

    2sin(4x)[(cos(3/2)x)(cos(5x/2)-sin((15/4)x)]+x can someone simplify this using trig identities?
  16. Advance Math

    Find solutions of the equation in the interval [0, 2pie} Cos(x+pie/3)+Cos(x-pie/3)=1 I need to show work without calculator and be able to check in order for it to work Thanks for help
  17. Science

    Please please help this is the second time I have posted this question. Calculate the amount of work it will take to lift a lawn mower with a mass of 8kg onto the back of a truck which is 0.75m off the all conversions in your work.
  18. calc check

    <<y=(1/A)*integral from a to b of: (1/2)[f(x)]^2 dx >> If that is the y value of the center of mass, I don't know why the factor (1/2) is there I also don't agree with your calculation of the x value, which should be 1/(ln 2). I agree with you that the area is ln 2...
  19. physics

    A mover pushes a couch a distance of 4 m to the top of a ramp into the back of a truck using 500 N of force. A) What is the work input of the mover? B) What is the mover’s power if the task takes 10s? C) If the mass of the couch is 100 kg and the back of the truck is 1.5 m ...
  20. Business Law

    Please help. The restaurant provides catering services to local businesses. Corporate clients paid by check or electronic transfers. A new customer paid for a catering order with a check for $575, made payable to the restaurant. Woods took the check to the bank the next ...
  21. English

    Could you please check these statements, please? Thank you very much. 1) When the monster comes to life, Victor is horrified by the monster's physical appearance. 2)His pearly white teeth and shiny black hair contrast with his dull, yellow eyes, shrivelled complexion and ...
  22. Pre-Calc

    Please check answer and help with one of them: 1. check please car in an accident speed of car is the s, d is length of skid=30 feet f is coefficient=0.5 use formula to find s=sqaure root of 30*f*d My answer is 21.21 because I took square root of 30(0.5)(30) 2. this one is ...
  23. Pre-Calc

    Please check answer and help with one of them: 1. check please car in an accident speed of car is the s, d is length of skid=30 feet f is coefficient=0.5 use formula to find s=sqaure root of 30*f*d My answer is 21.21 because I took square root of 30(0.5)(30) 2. this one is ...
  24. Algebra-please check

    Please check these: 1.When the fraction 2/3 is used as exponent, wht role does the denominator 3 play in evaluating expression? I think it indicates cube root of the base,correct? 2.sqrt of (2^4x/4^-2x) is equilvalent to 2^4x, correct? 3.Simplify (2xy^-2z^4/y^-3/z^3)^2 would ...
  25. AP Chemistry

    Could you please check my work and let me know if my answer is correct? I don't have a solutions guide and I want to make sure I'm really comprehending the material. Calculate the # of grams of barium flouride that will dissolve in 2.50 L of pure water at 25 degrees C. Assume ...
  26. English

    Writeacher, could you please check these examples? Thank you. 1) 'm glad you moved into a new house. I'm pleased you moved house. We were having dinner when the lights went off/out. We didn't 2) What kind of approach can a person have to work? He can work at a passion, at a ...
  27. trig

    Determine if the value of each trig function is positive, negative, zero, or undefined. a) tan 310 degrees b) cos 7pi/6 c) sin -245 degrees d) sec( -7/2)
  28. Algebra-help

    Jordan decides to start a garden care service. He plans to charge $20 for the first hour and $10 for each additional hour that he spends working on a garden. He works 5 days a week and takes care of one different garden each day. How many hours will he need to work if he wants...

    Thanks so much for your help on my english question. I posted a reply with another question down below. You're REALLY smart so can you please check my work that i put donw below! thanks again, i really appreciate it:)
  30. math

    can you please check my work. The time in minutes that it took five students to complete the math test was 45, 27, 30, 25, and 48. What is the mean absolute deviation of the times? I did 25+27+30+45+48= 175 then I divided it by the 5 students. 175/5= 35 so now I did the ...
  31. trig

    sin theta/2cos theta/2=1/2 sine theta show the identiy and work
  32. trig

    sin^4 x = (3-4cos 2x + cos4x)/8 prove on one side please!
  33. trig

    Complete the general solution to y = arcsin -. y=____±2k IM lost please help
  34. Trig

    Determine the frequency of y = 2 - 3 cos 10x. (nearest tenth) Please help
  35. Math/Trig

    Convert 2pi/3 radians into degrees please
  36. algebra-trig help ASAP

    Can someone please help me understand how to graph y=3cos(x/4)-5
  37. trig

    Determine whether the vectors are parallel, perpendicular or neither. 1) v = (4,1), w = (1,-4) 2) v = (2,3), w = (4,6) 3) v = (2,3), w = (3,-3) Please and thanks!
  38. Trig

    2+1/3tan(theta)=2 I know that tan=0 0,180 But i don't know how to figure it out. Please help.
  39. Calculus

    Check my work please? Determine if f(x)= (x^2-3x+2)/(1+x^2) has a horizontal asymptotes. If so, give the equation. So I took x^2 and divided everything by it. (x^2/x^2)-(3x/x^2)+(2/x^2) / (1/x^2)+(x^2/x^2) Cancelled out some x's and have -(3/x)+(2/x^2) / (1/x^2) Now as x ...
  40. Physics-Please check calculations

    I posted this earler and you gave me help, could you please check what I did? Thank you If a car drives off a 40 m high cliff with a horizontal velocity of 15 m/s, how far from the base of the cliff will the car strike the ground? Could someone help with the equation, please ...
  41. Spanish-Please check my work

    Please check if I answered these correctly-Thank you ¿Tienes hambre? Si, tengo hambre. ¿Tienes sed? Si, tengo sed. ¿La manzana es una carne? No, la manzana es una verdura. ¿Qué comes para el desayuno? Yo como el cereal con leche. ¿Prefieres el pescado o el pollo? ...
  42. physics- please check

    a. Two sticks are rubbed together to start a fire. b. A firecracker explodes. c. A red-hot iron bar is set aside to cool. In which of the situations listed above is energy being transferred as heat to the system in order for the system to do work? I would say A & B. In which ...
  43. Health care please check answer

    Please check my answer thank you :) How are children hospitals paid ? (excluded from Medicare acute care PPS) My answer they are paid based on reasonable costs.
  44. Math

    I wanted to double check my work. I am trying to find the domain: 1. f(x)= x+5 Answer: No Domain 2. f(x) = 1 X+5 Work: x+5≠0 X=-5 Answer: (-∞,-5) ᴜ (-5,∞) 3. f(x)= √x+2 Work: x+2 ≥ 0 x ≥ -2 Answer: [-2,∞)
  45. French

    Can someone check my work? I'm trying to say: "He was at the zoo and a lion jumped out of the cage and attacked him." This is my attempt. Could you please fix any mistakes? "Il était au zoo et un lion a sauté de la cage et l'attaqué."
  46. math please check my work

    a license plate has 2 letters followed by 4 many license plates are possible if the digits and letters can be repeated? f-8 g-92 h-676000 i-6760000 i think it is i(the 4th one) am i correct thank you for helping me
  47. Solution Making

    Suppose you start with a 5X solution A, and you want a final volume of 10ul of 1X solution. How much Solution A do you need? Can you please check my work not sure. I need 2 ul of solution A to 8 ul of H2O. 5/1=.2*10=2
  48. English

    1. Check V on the item which Tom is happy with. 2. Check a V on the item which Tom is happy with. 3. Check on the item which Tom is satisfied with. 4. Check the box of the item which Tom is dissatisfied with. --------------- Are they grammatical? Correct them, please.
  49. algebra/trig

    1.Find the domain f(x)=ã(x^(2)-9) 2. Find all six trig functions for (-3,4)
  50. Math (Algebra)

    Could I have someone check my work please? If I did something wrong please explain to me where I went wrong. Thank You. Example of the product rule to solve would be, (5^3)(6^3) Example of the quotient rule to solve would be, (4^2) / (8^2) Example of the power rule to solve ...
  51. ELA Please check my work

    Which of the following sentences contains a pronoun? A•My sister Sarah loves to cook B• She made dinner for the family last night C• When Sarah offered us seconds I was too full. D•Mom and dad make me do the dishes when Sarah cooks My answer is A Am I correct?
  52. DrBob222 please check

    DrBob222 please check my physics question posted at 8:55pm. The subject is drwl please check. I am not getting a response from drwl. Thanks! Mary DrWLS is not on right now. My physics is too poor to trust my answers. Bob Pursley is smarter than I am; he does physics, math, and...
  53. trig

    The average depth of water at the end of a dock is 6 ft. This varies 2 ft in both directions with the ride. Suppose there is a high tide at 4 am. If the tide goes from low to high every 6 hours, write a cosine function describing the depth of the water as a function of time ...
  54. tips.

    Please show your work. Tutors will not do your homework for you. Please show your work for any question that you are posting.
  55. English

    Could you please check these sentences? Thank you very much. 1) Before he went to Celtic Camp, Johnny did some mock exams as a preparation (to prepare) for his A-level exams. 2) Kane suggests he should copy his essays from the net. Johnny refuses (to follow her advice) though ...
  56. accounting

    indicate whether the following items in a bank reconciliation should be: A)Added to the check book blance B) DEDUCTED FROM THE CHECKBOOK C)added to the bank statement balance D) deducted from the bank statement balance 1) outstanding deposit of 1,200 is a,b,c,or,d. i think b ...
  57. accounting

    indicate whether the following items in a bank reconciliation should be: A)Added to the check book blance B) DEDUCTED FROM THE CHECKBOOK C)added to the bank statement balance D) deducted from the bank statement balance 1) outstanding deposit of 1,200 is a,b,c,or,d. i think b ...
  58. please check my answer health insurance

    please check my answer thank you for your help :) Prospective payment system determines payment before services are received True or False My answer is True
  59. Math please check

    Find the unknown value in the percent proportion. 5/ = 4/100 My asnwear please check am I right? 5/x = 4/100 500=4x the unkown value is 125 So 5/125 = 4/100
  60. trig

    hi, I have a placement test coming up tomorrow, and I'm pretty confident about all the stuff that's going to be there except trigonometry. I took trig two years back and I understood it very well. But now it's been so long and I can't even remember the basics. Is there any ...
  61. English

    1. She was drying her hair with the hair drier. 2. Dry your body with this big towel. 3. After bath, you need to keep your body dry not to catch a cold. 4. Study hard, and you will get high scores. 5.Practice ping-pong hard, or you will lose the game. 6. Work hard, and you ...
  62. statistics

    The test scores of students in a class test have a mean of 65 and with a standard deviation of 8. What is the probable percentage of students scored more than 70? Please check work 70-65/8 = .625 = .2357 = 1.-.2357 = .7643 ANSWER 76% ????
  63. Math trig

    Hello guys. I am just wondering if tan^2 A (tan squared A) = sin^2 A /cos^2A And 2tan A = 2sin A / 2cos A This has been bothering me when I have to simplify trig. Thanks in advance.
  64. More Rational Exponents!

    1. The optimal height h of the letters of a message printed on pavement is given by the formula . Here, h= (0.00252d^(9/4))/e d is the distance of the driver from the letters and e is the height of the driver’s eye above the pavement. All of the distances are in meters. ...
  65. Language Art (Please Check)

    1.C which of the following is a simple sentence? A.she lit a lantern and raced toward the bridge B.the lantern did not work,so she tossed it aside C.buck and minnie were the first horses out of the barn D.she was startled by a sound,which turned out to be thunder
  66. law please check my answer

    please check my answer thanks :) Dr Bob thinks Sue a minor needs an operation . Sue's parents give their consent to the oeration this is an example of an informed consent True or False I said True
  67. Dot product

    I cant get the correct answer and I can't figure out what I am doing wrong. If a=(2,2k) and b=(4,k) are perpendicular, find k. I have worked it out, and I got -2 but it doesn't work when I check it in the original equation. It should be a.b=0 and then plug in the numbers and ...
  68. Health please check my answer

    Please check my answer thanks Is this statement True or False A 16 -year old patient is having problems with a swollen gland on the left side of her neck, The physican is most likely to use visualization to determine if the gland has any atypical characteristics. My answer is ...
  69. Social Studies - Please Check my Answer

    Please check my answer, I am not sure for this one. In 1784 the British forced American merchants to pay duties on a. trade goods imported from the British West Indies. - (This is my answer.) b. trade goods imported through Canadian ports. c. British goods sold in America. d. ...
  70. Algebra II/Trig

    Simplify: (n/4)/(n/m) As my answer I got: 4m Is this response correct? If not, please let me know what I did wrong.
  71. algebra/trig

    simplify using properties of exponents ? (2y^1/5)^4 ---------- y^3/10 what would that be please hlepp
  72. alg2/trig

    If 4x^2+9=kx, what value of k will produce equal roots? the answer is 12 but i don't understand how you get it, please help!
  73. Trig

    help please!: (sinx + sin2x +sin3x) / (cosx + cos2x + cos3x) = tan2x
  74. math/algebra

    can someone check my answer: 3ã486 my answer is 27ã6 if not show me where I went wrong please you are right. (did you see my post to you earlier on how to create square root sign? Does it not work for you?) 3√486 = 3√81*√6 =27√6
  75. math

    Can someone please check my work? Question~ Find the point-slope form of the equation that goes through these two points. (1, 20) and (8, 4.5) My Answer~ Y= y2-y1/x2-x1 (4.5-20)/(8-1) = -15.5/7 Rewrite -15.5/7 as (-15.5)/7 Rewrite -15.5 as -31/2 = (-31/2) (7/1) Divide: (-31/2...
  76. Physics-bobpursley please check

    This is the question I posted about two hours ago and I worked it out two ways-could you scroll down and check it, please?If I have a roller coaster, and hill 1 height is 50cm and hill height 2 is 25 cm and the PE is .9 as it approaches the top of hill 2, how do I calculate ...
  77. history

    What vital right did the Spanish allow the Western farmers? Answer: It was that Spain allowed Americans to travel on the lower Mississippi to New Orleans and to ship their goods. "cORRECT right??" mmhmm Can you help me out with this one???? Did you ever find my work yet? I ...
  78. Please Check My Math Work

    Hi. - I solved this problem,but I am not sure if it is correct.If you can please tell me if it is right or if it is wrong what is wrong with it.: 6y^2-54= (3y-6)(2y+9) *Many of you may be are wondering why my title is,"[C]razy Baby. - [Iloveyou]"it is becuase of the boy that i...
  79. Check Work (Math)

    1/3 > 6/10
  80. Health insurance please check answer

    please check my answer thank you very much :) Which health insurance program is designed to complement the retirment survivor , and disability insurance enacted under the Title II of the Social Security Act? I think the answer is Medicare
  81. trig

    Find the exact values of the other trig functions of theta given sec theta=7 and sin theta is less than 0.
  82. Trig identity.

    I need help with verifying these trig identities: 1) sin4x = 4sinxcos - 8sin^3 x cos x 2) cos3x = cos^3 x - 3sin^2 x cos x
  83. Math

    Please double check Jean deposited a check for $625, wrote two for $68.74 and $29.95 and used her debit card to pay for a purchase of $57.65. How has her account balance changed? Answer: $468.66
  84. English

    Writeacher, could you please check the last two paragraphs I posted. I need to check everything for tomorrow. There is still one more paragraph after those and then we will have finished! Thank you for your invaluable help!
  85. Health care please check my answer

    Please check my answer thank you The lateral ports were removed. Where would these ports be located ? A. Toward the back B. Toward the head C. Farthest form the median D. Toward the front My answer is B

    please check below! patience.
  87. Algebra, please check my answer!

    Simplify. mn^-4/p^0 q^-2 a) mq^2/n^4 b) mp/n^4 c)mn^-4q^2p^0 d)q^2/mm^4 **** ****= my answer. Please check this for me!
  88. math check

    Would some please check these and see if I am doing them right thank you 1. Gasoline is about $2 per gallon. You use about 1 1/2 gallons each day driving to and from work. How much should you budget for gasoline over the next month (about 20 workdays)? Answer 1 1/2 x $2.00 = $...
  89. math,correction please..

    (x)/(x-2) - (x+1)/(x) = (8)/(x^2-2x) I keep getting x = 6 can someone show me how you guys are getting x = -10 The lowest commond denominator is x(x-2) x/x *(x)/(x-2) - (x+1)/(x) *(x-2)/(x-2)=(8)/x(x-2) multiplying both sides by the common denominator.. x^2 -(x^2-1x -2)=8 x+2=...
  90. Asap can someone pplz check these answers

    Please check my answers I have 2 do other things right now
  91. trig

    Prove the following trig identity: 1 + sinx = sinx(1+cscx)
  92. trig

    how do i find six trig functions for cos(pi over 2-x)=3/5, cos x=4/5?
  93. Trig

    HELP!!!! I don't know how to do the trig identity with this problem csc^4 x-cot^4x= Csx^2 x + cot^2x
  94. trig

    how to graph thr trig function f(x)3x-180)+2 and the parent function?
  95. Econ check my work

    Consider the following data: 23 17 20 29 21 14 19 24 Develop and test a hypothesis to determine if the variance is greater than 4. Use the critical value approach and α = 0.05. So I did my work and the variance I calculated is 18.3593 which is greater than 4. The issue is I ...
  96. Algebra

    1. Solve the equation -5y-9=(y-1) A. -1/2 <-----My answer B. -2 1/2 C. -2 D. -2/5 2. Solve the equation 3y+20=3+2y A. -1/17 B. 7 2/3 C. 23 D. -17 <----My answer Can someone please check my work.
  97. Spanish

    Can someone check work? Write three sentences about your weekend. Use the verbs poder, dormir and almorzar. Durante el fin de semana, yo duermo mucho. También comer almuerzo a las doce. Después, puedo ir de compras. Is it correct? If not, please correct. Gracias.
  98. Math - Trig please help!

    State two intervals in which the function y=7sin(1/5x)+2 has an average rate of change that is: a) zero b)a negative value c)a positive value Please explain how to get the intervals! Thanks a lot in advance!
  99. math

    solve and check your answer. Please check this for me to see if I have the right answer. __2__ = __3__ 1-x 1+x x= 1/5
  100. social studies

    explain or give a reason why slaves should have less hours to work.. REMEMBER YOU ARE THINKING LIKE A PERSON FROM 1815. NOTE: Please do not say because they work to hard and need to work less.. Be specific with your writing. Thank you
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