Trig check my work please?

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Economics quick question

Could you check these please thanks. A --------- is a graph showing the quantities supplied at each possible price. A. Supply Schedule B. Law of supply C. Supply Curve D. Market Supply Is the answer C??


Thanks for helping me with al those parts bobpursley. If you have time, can you also check my questions please. Thank you very, very much in return. My post is on the second page.


Could someone please explain this problem to me. I need to factor and check by multiplying. 7x^9y^7+35x^7y^6+35xy= Here is what I got but I don't think that it is right. 7x^9y^7+35x^7y^6+35xy= 7xy(x^8y^6+5x^6y^5+5) Is this correct? Thanks.

TO Ms. Sue

If you have do english tutoring, when you have a chance can you review my "English 10 HELP" posting please? Writeacher helped me but he said to post the answers I chose so someone could check them and help me further.


I have to list the verb or verbs. Could someone please check. 1. The plant Venus seems more like Earth in appearance than any other planet does. seems like

Statistics(Please check)

calculate the probability of the following: A four, three, or spade from a single draw from a 52 card deck. there are 4 4's so 4/52, 4 3's so 4/52 and then 13/52 spades so 21/52 but and one 4 and one 3 are from spades so minus 2 = 19/52 Is this correct?

spanish/check please

Choose the best word Me pongo la ropa ( quinto , quinta )y la ( sexto, sexta ) cosa que hago es desayunar. answer( quinta , sexta)


Write six hundred billion,two hundred thousand, two in expanded firm using exponents Please check 600, 000, 200, 002 (6×10^11)+(2×10^6)+(2×10^1)

trigonometry, check please

A 12 ft. ladder makes a 33o angle with the side of a house. To the nearest tenth of a foot how high up on the house does the ladder come? I set it up 12xcos33 giving me 10.0

Check my math please ASAP

If im not right then can you tell me which are wrong and right thanks 1.B 2.C 3.A 4.C 1.Which inequality is false? A.3 < 7 B.–8 < –5 C.–9 > –4 D.10 > –12 2.What are the integer solutions of the inequality |x| < 2 ? A.2 only B.2 and –2 C.1, 0, and –...

Social Studies

In Chinese society, merchant class ranked below the 1. farmers and aristocrats 2. landowners and traders 3. aristocrats and priests ****** 4. bankers and farmers Please check my answer


Two more I would like to check my work on: Solve using the square root property: (x+6)^2 = 4 x+6 = sqrt4 x+6 = -sqrt4 x+6 = 2 x+6 = -2 x+6-6 = 2-6 x+6-6 = -2-6 x = 4 x = -8 Solve by completing the square: x^2+6x+1=0 x^2+6x+1-1 = 0-1 x^2+6x = -1 x^2+6x+9 = -1+9 (x+3)^2 = -1+9 (...


i posted this earlier, but no one answered. so i'll try again. Can you check my work please? true/false 1.) force is a scalar quantity: *FALSE 2.) the object on which a force acts is called the system: *TRUE 3.)The specific, indentifiable cause of a force is called the system...


Can you please help me do it and understand it? The area of a rectangular piece of land is 280 square meters. If the length of the land was 5 meters less and the width was 1 meter more, the shape of the land would be a square. Part A: Write an equation to find the width (x) of...

French (URGENT)

You are vacationing in Paris. Describe the Hotel and Restaurant. Can someone please check my work? The atmosphere at L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon is so very different from any other French dining experience. You sit around the kitchen on high stools. Can be quite a show. You ...

physics- please respond

A 16kg sled starts up a 28 degree incline with a speed of 2.4m/s . The coefficient of kinetic friction is = 0.27. part a)How far up the incline does the sled travel? part b)What condition must you put on the coefficient of static friction if the sled is not to get stuck at the...

physics- please respond

A 16kg sled starts up a 28 degree incline with a speed of 2.4m/s . The coefficient of kinetic friction is = 0.27. part a)How far up the incline does the sled travel? part b)What condition must you put on the coefficient of static friction if the sled is not to get stuck at the...

Algebra. Please check my answers

Evaluate a/b+c^d for a=6,b=3,c=4 and d=5 A.42*** B.18 C.82 D.360 What is the simplified form of the expression ? -(12x-8y) A.12x+8y B.12x-8y***** C.-12x+8y D.-12x-8y


erosion and weathering are examples of which types of forces? A constructive forces B destructive forces***** C gravitational forces D inertia-related forces please check my answer

Algebra ~ can someone check answers please

If f(x) = 2x^ - 7x +3 find f(2). I got f(2) = (-9) find f(-3). I got f(-3) = (-42)

To: SraJMcGin stay online

Please stay online I have another thing for u to check


Could someone please check me previous before previous Science post, thanks

Calculus Please Check my answer

find d/dx (integral from 2 to x^4) tan(x^2) dx tan(x^4)^2*4x^3 MY ANSWER


I need some help with knowing that work is not a form of heat. I know this but what I need is evidance. Can someone please explain it to me? THANKS A BUNCH!


Find the equation of a line which is perpendicular to 2x + 3y = 4 passing through ( -5, 1) Can you show mw how to work this out step by step please?


How do I work this to get the answer because I am stuck. Help, Help, please anyone. Ihope that you are able to understand what I am asking. 3 SQRT10 over SQRT15 2 over 5+SQRT3

5th math

how many 3,000s in 270,000? and how many 90s in 63,000? please show me the work also , so i can do the rest right. thanks

Physics please help!!

If a woman lifts a 19.3 kg bucket from a well and does 6.10 kJ of work, how deep is the well? Assume that the speed of the bucket remains constant as it is lifted

MATH-so confused!! Please help!!

Given these sets: A = {3, 4, 5, 6, 7} B = {6, 7, 8, 9} C = {2, 4, 6, 8} List the elements of this set A(B∩C) Show your work, step by step.


factor out the greatest common factor. Please show all work. 15wx-20wy-25wz


find all complex zeros for the following polynomial function please show all your work f(x) = x^3 - 125 ????????


The equation V=1/3 Bh gives the volume V of a pyramid, where B is the area of the base and h is the height. Solve this equation for B. Please help me and show your work thanks


Find the New amount. #4.) Increase 35 by 40% #5) Increase 125 by 8% I don't know how to solve this and show work. Please help me kind person


If 3.5 ml of distilled water is added to 1.5 ml of a 0.150M solution of CoCl2 what is the concentration of the resulting solution? please show the work


whats the product of -8x^2y and-2xy^3? use law of exponents to find the product. show your work. please helppp


When you add 100ml of a 0.1M HCl solution to 200 ml of 0.4M NaOH solution what is the pH? can you please show detailed work. o don't understand this

college alg

find the equation of a line that is perpendicular to line y=1/6x+6 and contains point (-7,0) y=? please show work so i can see how its done


how many different four digit numbers can be obtained by using all four of these digits 5,1,1,5 show work please

expository essay

please give me tips and sentences i can use in an essay about:why hard work need to succes ?


The average of two numbers is x. If one of the numbers is 3m-1, then the other number, in terms of x and m, is... Is this how you do it? Please explain how and show work...... (3m-5)+(?)/2=x


Cell Designation : E (measured) = Sn I Sn^2+ II Cu^2+ I Cu Temp= 3 Celsius Temp= 276.15 Kelvin Delta G= ????? Show work please!!!!


Ex 12: The smallest of five consecutive integers is represent by y-3. What is the largest of these integers, in terms of y? please explain and show work.


What is the velocity of a baseball thrown 40m from third base to first base in 1.9s? Show your work, and simplify please.

Help: Social Studies (Please check my answers)

1. In the Middle Ages, ceremonies such as weddings had to be performed by ___. c. a priest 2. Guilds did all of the following EXCEPT c. Set standards for the quality of their goods 3. What is one reason that the Church was so powerful during medieval times? b. It encouraged ...


what is the risk factor for the following situation? You and your friend go to a movie. After the show, your friend’s mom comes and they ask you if you need a ride, but you tell them that your mom was going to pick you up so they leave. You then check your cell phone and ...


The "work function", or the minimum energy needed to eject an electron from the metal, can be expressed in several different ways. As stated on the applet page, sodium has a work function of 2.75 eV. In class, we discussed how to determine what that work function was in terms ...


consider the following balance chemical equation: 2NH3(g)+3CuO(s)=N2(g)+3Cu(s)+3H2O(g) if 18.1grams of ammonia reacts with 90.4 grams of copper(II) oxide, which is the limitting reagent?? what is the theorectical yield of nitrogen gasd? if 8.52 g of N2 are formed, what is the...

U.S. History (Check, Please!)(REED)

1. What did Hitler call the unification of Austria and Germany? Q: The Anschluss is what Hitler called the unification of Austria and Germany. 2. What is appeasement and did it work? A: Appeasement is the policy of giving concessions in exchange for peace. It did not work ...

Math 8R: Homework Check - Part 4

Part 4: Translate and solve: 25. 6 less than twice a number is ten Answer : 2n - 6 = 10 (answer: n = 8) 26. The quotient of a number and 4 plus 3 is 8 Answer: n/4 + 3 = 8 (answer: n = 29) 27. 4 less than three times a number is -28 Answer: 3n - 4 = -28 (answer: n = -8) 28. ...


Could you check these sentences on Oscar Wilde's "The Picture..", please? Thank you. 1) In the first chapter Lord Henry was relaxing on a divan smoking. Basil Hallward sat looking at his work smiling. 2) Lord Henry said that the portrait should be exhibited at the Grosvenor. ...

Spanish: Please check answers

Please check my answers. The nswers are at the bottom. 3. Fill in the blank with the correct form of the verb: yo/dormir. yo _________ 4. Fill in the blank with the correct form of the verb: ella/devolver. ella _________ 5. Fill in the blank with the correct form of the verb: ...


I am suppose to do a funny sonnet poem that has 10 syllables per line and 14 lines .Can you check my syllable or any mistakes. Oh homework! Oh homework! How I hate you! You smell, you stink, and you I don’t admire I want to tell you “go on” “git” and “shoo!” I ...


Q4 What does Ferdinand do when they were in danger because of the storm? A: He jumps into the water and swim away. Q5: He was king of the magic island. Now he must work for Prospero. He is angry with Prospero. He wants his island back again. Who is he? A: He is Caliban. Q6. ...


Both carbon dioxide and water are pure substances. How are they similar to each other? A.) both substances have a set ratio of atoms that cannot be separated by physical means. B.) both substances have a set ratio of atoms that can be separated by physical means. C.) both ...


Solve using the algebraic method. x+5=15 SHOW WORK thanx subtract five from each side. Do you have an allergy to showing work?


I'm having trouble with converting units. My teacher wants us to show work but I can't figure out how to do it. An example is, 35 mL = ____ dL. By showing work, how do you do that?


How much work is done on a bookshelf being pulled 5.00m at an angle of 37.0 degrees from the horizontal? The magnitude of the component of the force that does the work is 43.0N


which ordered pair is the solution of the following system of equations? y=2x-3 x+y=3 1) (1,2) 2)(2,1) 3)(3,0) 4)(3,3) MY work: y=2x-3 x+(2x-3)=3 3x-3=3 +3 +3 3x/3=6/3 x=2 x+y=3 2+y=3 -2 -2 y=1 so I got (2,1) which would be answer 2 Is this correct? Thanks for checking my work


if an ideal gas expands rapidly doing work 450 j of work on its environment, how much heat flowed into or out of it


The merrimack and the monitor changed naal warfare because they engaged in the first battle between A. metal covered ships B. wooden ships C. aircraft carriers D. ships carrying guns I say its B, please check.

Science please check my answer

Which of the following fossil types is best described as forming when minerals replace all or part of an organism's body? A) A mold B) A petrified fossil*** C) A cast D) A trace fossil


please help me with some questions I skipped on a review for our test coming up? solve 5-7 on the interval 0 greater than or equal to x less than or equal to 2pi. 5. sin x=sqrt3/2 6. cos x=-1/2 7. tan x=0 ---------------- 14. what is the exact value of tan[arcsin(.43...


3 3/4pt=____c show steps and work please Try the method DrWLS or I showed you FIRST. Repost if you still don't get it but tell us what you don't understand about the procedure.


x=3-3y x+3y=-6 I'm looking for coordinates of where the two lines intercect. If you can, please show your work :) I know it's either (5,-2) or No Solution. But I hate not knowing how something works, and I know that if I don't find out, i'll regret it.


Hey guys, been a long time since I have done this. Please show your work. Thanks a lot! How many grams do 3.6 × 10^20 atoms of sodium weigh? Answer in units of g

algebra 1

what is the y-intercept of the graph of 4x+2y=12? i was giong well on my scratch paper and i mest up and i got stuck and had to erase everything and do it over answers: a -4 b -2 c 6 d 12 please and thank you i need how they do the work i cant decide!


A 1.11 kg block slides down a 15.0 m long 32.0° incline at constant velocity. How much work is done by friction? (please help me show me how to solve using equation and where to plug the numbers)


my daughter studying in 2nd standard this is the project work i don't understand, please show me the answer. make a chart to represent nos 1-15 using small objets

intermediate algebra

solve using the elimination method. show your work. if the system has no solution or an infinte number of solutions, state this. 14x+18y=-54 -4x-14y=42 help me please


suppose x is a uniform random variable with c=30 and d=80 find the probability that a randomly selected observation exceeds 50 this is the direct question, i have no idea how to work this problem, please help


Could someone please help me with this problem I just do not get it. Arrange the numerals 1 to 9 (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9) in a single fraction that equals exactly 1/3 (one third)? Example that doesn't work: 7192/38456 = 0.187


Suppose f(x) is a polynomial of degree of 5 and with leading coefficient 2009. Supposdm further that f(1) = 1, f(2) = 3, f(3) = 5, f(4) = 7, f(5) = 9. What is the value of f(6). The answer given in book is 241091. Please work the complete solution.


stamjps are sold in bookiets of 100,50, and 10.find as many different ways to buy 200 stamps as you can. record your work in the chart. could you give me some examples...please!


CuSO4.xH2O Determine the percent by mass of water in your sample of hydrated copper (II) sulfate. Show your calculations clearly. My work. i got 10% is that correct


CH4+2O2-->CO2+2H2O If 22.75g of carbon dioxide is obtained when 9g of methane is burned in excess oxygen, what is the percent yield? Show work too please


Am I allowed to post 3 related questions? I'll try. Please write these scientific notation answers in standard form showing complete work. 1.764*10^8 3.90625*10^-7 3.0*10^3 Thank you.


What are the molality and mole fraction of solute in a 25.5 percent by mass aqueous solution of formic acid (HCOOH)? work this one out please i didnt understand

cultral diversity

Help! check my answer Emergent literacy skills are significantly enhanced by a. the educational or professional level of one or both parents b. engaging in literacy events with other persons,especially adults. c.the family's socio-economic ststus and aspirations. d.quanlity of...

Science need help

Choose the words or phrases that most accurately complete the sentences below. One of the most effective measures that a government can undertake to reduce cardiovascular disease is to ………………..Individuals can also decrease their own risk of developing CVD by ...


it is a conversation between two friends about their journey to London. John asked Lee what he talked with the travel agent regarding their journey to London. Then, Lee told that the agent informed him that it takes some more time, at least one week. For which, John asked him ...


A 64.4-kg skateboarder starts out with a speed of 2.11 m/s. He does 81.6 J of work on himself by pushing with his feet against the ground. In addition, friction does -289 J of work on him. In both cases, the forces doing the work are non-conservative. The final speed of the ...


A 64.4-kg skateboarder starts out with a speed of 1.95 m/s. He does 119 J of work on himself by pushing with his feet against the ground. In addition, friction does -260 J of work on him. In both cases, the forces doing the work are non-conservative. The final speed of the ...


A 60.8-kg skateboarder starts out with a speed of 1.84 m/s. He does 90.8 J of work on himself by pushing with his feet against the ground. In addition, friction does -278 J of work on him. In both cases, the forces doing the work are non-conservative. The final speed of the ...


A 64.2-kg skateboarder starts out with a speed of 2.21 m/s. He does 98.0 J of work on himself by pushing with his feet against the ground. In addition, friction does -276 J of work on him. In both cases, the forces doing the work are non-conservative. The final speed of the ...


A 64.2-kg skateboarder starts out with a speed of 2.21 m/s. He does 98.0 J of work on himself by pushing with his feet against the ground. In addition, friction does -276 J of work on him. In both cases, the forces doing the work are non-conservative. The final speed of the ...


In Vanessa's coin bank there are 4 times as many quarters as nickels, 2 fewer dimes than nickels, and 15 pennies. The total amount in the bank is $5.80. How many of each coin are in the bank? A. Assign a variable to the unknown quantity. B. Write an equation you can use to ...


The new drug proved to be highly efective,it has no side effects. A. PROPERLY CONSTRUCTED SENTENCE B. COMMA SPLICE C. LACKS PARALLEL PARTS D. HAS UNCLEAR PRONOUN Please post your answer, and we'll discuss it. A Please check this site.


I was wondering if someone could double check my work on a test I'm self correcting. Here's the problem, it has to do with Cramer's Rule. 24x + 6y = 11 24x + 60y = -25 I ended up finding the base determinant (D), and then dividing Dx and Dy by D. My answers for Dx and Dy ...


Please check my answer :) Martha the medical assistant is legally compelled to give her testimony in a under oath in a malpractice lawsuit Why must she do this ? I think it might be she got some type of subpoena or She is a key witness in the case

geo check

since the 1970s the united states and canada have reduced _______ around lake erie. A)unregulated boat traffic b)overgrowth of destructive algae c) noise pollution D)illegal immigration. i think it b please help me out.

Grammar and Composition

Please check these: Capitalize the conjunctions in the following sentences. 1. The audience laughed AND clapped. 2. Both you AND I will come to a decision. 3. Aunt Alice called WHEN we were out. 4. Give it to the boy OR his mother. 5. We ate NOT ONLY cake BUT ALSO watermelon. ...

language please check these

ARE THESE CORRECT(do they make sense to u): -he is a columnist -the remedy is working -you will receive a bonous -i don't know a reason -i bought an anniversary gift -the jewel is expensive -may i borrow an almanac -kate wants the checkersthe signature was forged thank you oh ...

Government US

According to Charles Beard, which of these was NOT an economic group that benefited from specific constitutional provisions? a. Those holding public b. slave owners c. Western land speculators d. Farmers and ranchers e. Merchants and manufacturers I would say C Please check.


1. What five countries are landlocked? Nepal, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Mongolia, and Tajikistan. 2.What is the name of the body of water that is part of the Indian Ocean between the east coast of India and the Malay Peninsula? Bay of Bengal Can you check my answers, Please?

Language Art (Please Check)

Im actually confused on this one i think its C. or D. but ill go with D. which of the following would be most likely to cause a commotion? A.A baby sleeping in a stroller B.A library closing for the evening C.A public appearance by a celebrity D.A grandfather clock striking ...


Which example best shows the United States as a mediator? A. Debating human rights with China**** B. Supporting democracy in the Philippines C. Promoting a peace agreement in Bosnia D. Encouraging the end of apartheid in Africa


I did the corrections myself. Can you please check them? I just wanted to know if it is better to say "at Medford Square or in Medford Square, "to leave Turin for Rome", "to leave from Turin and go to Rome", "on" OR "during" our last night in Rome?". I included the sentences ...

Writing Sentences and Paragraphs

Here is my Paragraph 1 , It is my good copy just wanna a final check before I submit it. PARAGRAPH 1 According to the job listing in The Daily News, I understand you are seeking a Medical Administrative Assistant to work in Fletcher Allen Hospital in Burlington, Vermont. This ...


translate to spanish our father's office -la oficina de nuetro padre 2-translate the possesine adjective in parentheses into spanish -su escuela(their) can you check my answer thank you


How do I find 1 positive and 1 negative coterminal angle for: 1) -460 degrees 2) 11pi/4 3) -12pi/5 WERE DO YOU GO TO GOOGLE BECAUSE I TIRED!


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