Trig check my work please?

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  1. trig

    use a half-angle identity to find the exact value of tan 105 degrees.
  2. Trig

    How do you solve this problem? y = 2sin 3x + 4sin 2x I haven't done these types of problems for awhile and have forgotten how to do them.
  3. trig

    A and B are positive acute angles. if sin A=4/5 and cos B=8/17 find the value of tan (A-B) is the answer =43/100
  4. Math (Trig)

    Rewrite the following expression in terms of tan3x: (sin2x + sin4x)/(cos2x + cos4x)
  5. Pre-Calc/Trig...

    Am i correct? A vertical shift is an example of a non-rigid transformation. True
  6. Pre-Calc/Trig

    I have looked this up, but still cant figure out what it is.. What is the projectile motion function?
  7. Pre-Calc/Trig

    Identify the asymptotes, removable discontinuities, and intercepts for the graph of the function. d(x)=(x^2-12x+20)/3x
  8. Trig

    Find the arc length of a circle that has a central angle of 270 degrees and a radius of 10 yards.
  9. Trig

    Find the length of a chord intercepted by a central angle of 25 degrees in a circle of radius 30 feet
  10. Trig Question

    Find solutions of the following equation which lie in the interval [0,2pi): 6cos(3theta)/(2)+3=0
  11. Trig/PreCalc

    Use an algebraic method to eliminate the parameter and identify the graph of the parametric curve. x=5-3t y=2+t -1<-x-<3
  12. trig

    Suppose that θ is an angle in standard position whose terminal side intersects the unit circle at , −15/17,−8/17
  13. Trig.

    Given sin ∅ 3/5, find a, the other angle in the right triangle The answer is 30,60,90 How is this someone explain?
  14. Math

    Could someone check my work? A 200-foot cliff drops vertically into the ocean. The angle of elevation from a ship to the top of the cliff is 22.3 degrees. How far offshore, to the nearest foot, is the ship? Tan(22.3) = 200ft/x xtan(22.3)=200ft x=200/tan(22.3) x=487.65 Answer: ...
  15. math

    is this correct? 6k-9=15 k=4 I just want to know if i did it right yes you are correct You didn't show your work so I don't know if you did it right or not. Your answer is correct. i did 9=15 which equal 24 and i divided that by 6 which =4 so k must equal 4..........did i do ...
  16. history

    Im having trouble finding about the people of the indus valley, which was in acient india. I need to make up a person, that would have lived there. I need to make up the persons name a job that was acuarate to that time and place there age work or job rights and ...
  17. Stastics

    The UMUC bookstore states the average textbook costs $119. A randomly selected sample of 26 new textbooks at the UMUC bookstore had a mean price of $123.45 and sample standard deviation of $15.23. Use a 0.05 significance level to test the claim that the mean price of textbooks...
  18. college algebra, Please help!!

    use the remainder theorem to find the remainder when f(x) is divided by x-2. then use the factor theorem to divide x-2 is a factor of f(x). f(x)=4x^4-7x^3-5x+2 the remainder is ? is x-2 a remainder of f(x)=4x^4-7x^3-5x+2 please show work
  19. Physics

    For the situation: "A moving crate slides to a halt on a rough surface" Does temperature increase, decrease, or not change? Are work and heat positive, negative, or zero? Does thermal energy increase, decrease, or not change? My answer key says temperature increases, work is ...
  20. physics

    Part 1 A 15.6 kg block is dragged over a rough, hor- izontal surface by a constant force of 72.2 N acting at an angle of angle 34.8 above the horizontal. The block is displaced 24.6 m and the coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.234. Find the work done by the 72.2 N force. ...
  21. Chemistry (please help me!)

    H2(g) + CO2(g)<-> H20(g) + CO(g) When H2(g) is mixed with CO2(g) at 2,000K, equilibrium is achieved according to the equation above. In one experiment, the following equilibrium concentrations were measured: [H2]=0.20 M [CO2]=0.30 M [H2O]=[CO]=0.55M a) What is the mole ...
  22. 5th grade math (word problems)

    Can you explain how to do the following problems? 1. Order these fractions from Greatest to least. 3/12, 5/8, 1/4, 7/8, 4/16 work: find least common denominator 3/12 = 12/48, 5/8 = 30/48, 1/4 = 12/48, 7/8 = 42/48 answer = 7/8, 5/8, since 3/12 and 1/4 are the same, which would ...
  23. DeRidder High

  24. chemistry

    I work in a pathology lab and need to know what happens when formaldehyde is mixed with chlorine bleach...the chemical formula would be: H2C(OH)2 + NaClO Can anybody out there help me, please?
  25. Algebra

    I need help solving the trinomial (x squared minus four x plus seventeen equals twentynine). It has to be in 3 different methods and I have to show work but I don't know how to do it. Please help.
  26. AL

    The instructions to my book work says for the data in each table, tell whether y varies directly with x. If it does write an equation fo rthe direct variations. Well how do you do that exactly. Thanks you for your help.. Please help me.
  27. chemistry

    how would i work out the problem for: a sample of oil has a mass of 65g and a volume of 80.0 ml what is its specific gravity. please show formula. thank you. Mary hornbeck
  28. algebra

    Perform the indicated operation and, if possible, simplify. Please show all of your work. Write your final answer exactly as a fraction in lowest terms. 14/45 / 26/27
  29. calculus

    Find the coordinates of all points on the graph of y=23−x2 at which the tangent line passes through the point (10,26).please show the work i greatly appreciate it :)
  30. pre calculus

    Having a bit of a problem with this for the given functions f, g and h. find f*g*h and state the exact domain of f*g*h Please show all your work f(x) = inx g(x) = x -169 h(x) = 9x^2
  31. 5th Grade Math

    Need to show my work for the following: 646,505,712,103 divded by 72. Am having such a hard time please help.
  32. Chemistry 2

    How many grams of nickel metal are plated out when a constant current of 15.0 A is passed through aqueous NICl2 for 60.0 minutes. Show all work. Please help!
  33. chemistry

    Calculate the molar solubility of silver chloride (AgCl) in: a-deionized water and b-.20M NaCl solution Given Ksp=1.6*10^-10 please show work.
  34. Physics

    William Tell fired an arrow with a velocity of 100 m/s at an angle of 30˚. How long will it take to reach its highest point? Please show work
  35. Algebra 2

    Find the coefficient of the indicated term in the expansion of the given power of a binomial. Identify the missing exponents. (x^7y^2);(x+y)^? Please show work I need to learn how to do it.
  36. math

    How do you convert 0,5444444444 into a common fraction by first writing it as a geometric series...I tried it this way 0,5 (0,004+0,0004...)But it doesn't work out please help
  37. CALC

    can someon help me find the horzontial and verticle asymptotes for x square root 4-x^2. For HA someone told me none but I dont understand how and is the VA -2 and 2. Please help and show all work Thank you
  38. Spanish

    I've looked everywhere and couldn't find the correct information about this, so please help. Thank you! 23. Give two reasons why the work of Maria Nsue Angue is culturally important.
  39. physics

    (a)Calculate the work done by moving a 50 kg mass along each of the legs of the path shown below. What is the total work expended when going along the entire path? Show all work. Don't just state any obvious results, if any. AB= 5m BC= 10m CD= 19.14m DA= 10m Angle between AB= ...
  40. algebra1

    could you walk-through the steps to solving this problem because I am stuck; 3x-5(3x-7)=2(x+9)+45 Let me know if you have a question in any step. 3x-5(3x-7)=2(x+9)+45 3x-15x+35= 2x+18+45 -12x+35 = 2x+63 -35 -35 -12x= 2x +63-35 -12x= 2x +28 -2x -2x -12x-2x = 28 -14x= 28 -14x/-...
  41. medical insurance forms

    please check my answer thanks True or False The information for Blocks 1-9 on the CMS-1500 can be obtained from the medical treatment record I said True
  42. Agility Training

    Please check my answer thanks :) A gamble is a course that's A. determined by a series of colors. B. set out by the judge. C. established by another handler. D. the same from competition to competition My answer is B
  43. chemistry(please check formula)

    how much energy i kj is required to change the temp of 1.00 kg of fe from 25.0 degrees celsius to 1515 degrees celsius? so it would be q= (.449)(1.00)(1490)-correct?
  44. Algebra check+help?

    Write the equation so that y is is a function of x. 1) 5x+4y=10 Would you minus the 5 from the 10 first? and 4y=5-10? Because she only wants us to write the equation, not exactly solve for it. And doesn't want us to overthink. Could I please have someones help? Thank you. -...
  45. Math(Please check)

    Find the slope of the graph at y=sqrt 2x^2 +1 at the point (2,3). First I plugged 2 into the equation and got 3. Then the derivative of the equation is 4x and then I multiplied that by 3 and got 12. Is this correct?
  46. Algebra II-Please check calc

    How many ways can a teacher arrange 10 students in a front row if there are 60 students I think I do 60!/50! = 2.74 *10^17 How many ways can you choose committee of 7 from a total of 20 (20 nCr7) = 77520
  47. calculus

    I am learning derivatives and I despise having to use the definition of the derivative. Please check my answer for this particular one! it is different from the one I get by differentiating. The question: f(x) = 2+x / x^3 my answer: -6x^2-2x^2
  48. math

    would you please check these for me thank you. +6+-5--4= 5 also Sara only has dimes and nichels in her coin jar,they are ina ratio of 3 to 5.If she has 120 coins in the jar,how many are dimes? 45 correct??
  49. Check Fib. Number problem please

    For any prime number p except 2 and 5, either Fp-1 or fp+1 is divisible by p. If I showed that this is true for p=7, the answer should be F8---is this correct because f8 is 21. P=11 would be divisible by 55 which is F10.
  50. Math! Please check!

    Name the intersection of planes ADE and BEA. A- plane BED B- plane ABC C- line BD D- line AE My choice is D. (Sorry that I could not post an image)
  51. Math

    Which is NOT true about the Table? x: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | y: 1 | 4 | 9 | 16 | A. it shows a linear function B. x increases by 1 each time C. the rate of change is not constant D. y increases by a different value each time D please check
  52. Chemistry(please check my answer)

    Which of the following is an oxidation reaction? A. AuCl4- → AuCl 2- **** B. Mn7+ → Mn2+ C. Cl2 → ClO3- D. Co3+ → Co2+
  53. English

    In a research-based paper it is sometimes OK to quote directly from a research source without any attribution. True False I say False. Please check my answer.
  54. physics

    It takes 5.28 J of work to stretch a Hookes Laq spring 9.82 cm from its unstressed length. How much extra work is required to stretch an additional 11.9 cm? anwser in J Figure the Potential energy at 11.9, and at 9.82cm. The difference is the energy that stretched the spring. ...
  55. Language Arts

    Circle the correct form of the pronoun. 7. Both John and Jim said (he, they) were not exercising regularly. Circle they 8. The jury was asked to return to (its, their) seats. Circle their 9. Please remind each student to bring (his or her, their) homework tomorrow. Circle ...
  56. Social Studies

    What agreement set the official border of the Louisiana Territory between Canada and the United States? A. Rush-Bagot B. Monroe Doctrine C. Adams-Onis Treaty D. Convention of 1818 Can you please check this, my answer is C. Am I right?

    In which of the following sentences is the subject understood? A- Slowly taxiing up to the terminal was a huge airplane. B- It was painted with pink stripes and yellow circles. C- Step up to the desk and give the clerk your ticket. D- You are on your way to a special place. I ...
  58. sociology

    All of the following reasons cause a variance in divorce rates among segments of the population in the United States, except: (Points : 3) 1. Age at first marriage 2. Education 3. Race and ethnicity 4. Social class <-------- Please check my answer.
  59. Social Studies

    what was the purpose of the constitutional convention held in philadelphia in 1787? A.To sign the treaty of paris B.To select the nation's new president. C. to revise the Articles of Confederation draft a declaration of independence My answer is c @Ms.Sue can you please ...
  60. Statistics - Central Limit Theorem

    Actually I'm asking this question because I found my answer for the HW question somewhat weird, but I still can't determine where did I make mistakes. Given: A basketball player can score on a particular shot with p = 0.3. Let S be the number of successes out of 25 independent...
  61. English

    Evaluate which of the following is the best example of a summary. A.In Goldilocks and the Three Bears, a character named Goldilocks sneaks into a home owned by bears. She eats a bowl of porridge and falls asleep in the house. When the bears return, Goldilocks awakens. ...
  62. English

    Please please please check my answers and explain to me why they are right or wrong!!! 24.) Choose the correct voice of the underlined verb. (1 point) The pitcher THREW the ball to the catcher. a.) active** b.) passive 25.) Choose the correct voice of the underlined verb. (1 ...
  63. Geometry

    Please Help! How do I work this? The Volume of the box is represented by (x^2+5+6)(x+5). Find the polynomial that represents the area of the bottom of the box.
  64. Geometry

    Please Help! How do I work this? The Volume of the box is represented by (x^2+5x+6)(x+5). Find the polynomial that represents the area of the bottom of the box.
  65. Algebra

    How do I work this correctly? I know the answer is 7 but I am doing something wrong.Here is what I have... x+ã(2x-5)=10 x+ã(2x-5)^2=10^2 x+2x-5=100 3x-5+5=100+5 3x=105 x=35 PLEASE HELP!
  66. Debating

    Using debating terminology can you help me define this please? That there should be compulsory exercise at work thanks a heap Minnie W
  67. math

    A. write (2^3)^3 as a single power of 2. show your work . B.write your answer from part A as a standard number. please help i don't get it.
  68. Chemistry

    How many ml of .050 M NaOH are required to prepare 1500.0 mL of .0020 M NaOH? Please show work, I'm not sure how to do this. Thanks!
  69. Chemistry

    How many ml of .050 M NaOH are required to prepare 1500.0 mL of .0020 M NaOH? Please show work, I'm not sure how to do this. Thanks!
  70. algebra

    perform the operation and simplify the answer. sqrt 12x^3 . sqrt 3xy^2 Please show work.
  71. math

    Bob has 4 more dimes than nickels. He has 1.45 in all. How many nickels does he have? Please explain and show your work.
  72. Math

    I can't make this work. Please help? Insert parentheses when necessary to make the number sentence true. 5-3x4/6+4=-9 Thank you!
  73. Chemistry

    Compute the equilibrium constant for the reaction between Ni 2+ (aq) and Co (s). I'm not sure how to work out this problem. Could you please help me out? thanks.
  74. Chemistry

    What is the molarity of a solution that contains 0.30 moles of KBr in 400 mL of solution. Please show all work
  75. Algebra

    I need help solving an equation Solve the following equation for a. Please show all of your work. C = 1/6 (10b-7a)
  76. Math - Solving Logarithms equation

    Solve the equation below. Please show all of your work. Log3((x/2)-9) = 4
  77. Math

    Simplify the radical expression by rationalizing the denominator. 8(radicand)48/(radicand) 112x Please explain how to work this.
  78. college algebra

    solve the logarithmic equation. Please show all work. log5x+log5(x-3)=log5(x+5)
  79. algebra

    Write the slope-intercept form of the equation of the line.Please show work. Show in graph.(-3,-5)(6,1)
  80. math

    Could you please assist me on how to work this problem? A student wrote 5 + 24+6=5 + 25 + 24 + 6 by the associative property. what error did the student make?
  81. math

    Could you please assist me on how to work this problem? A student wrote 5 + 24+6=5 + 25 + 24 + 6 by the associative property. what error did the student make?
  82. math

    Could you please assist me on how to work this problem? A student wrote 5 + 24+6=5 + 25 + 24 + 6 by the associative property. what error did the student make?
  83. geometry

    Algebra BD bisects <ABC. Solve for x and find m<ABC. m<ABD = 4x - 16, m<CBD = 2x + 6 Please teach me how to work this.
  84. calculus

    Find the inverse the following function. Find the domain, range, and asymptotes of each. f(x)=In(x+1)+1 Please show work
  85. math

    find the inverse of the following function. find the domain, range and asymptotes of each. f(x)=In(x+1)+1 please show work.
  86. Calculus

    Find the derivative of the function using the definition of a derivative. F(x)=squareroot(1-3x) Please show work for understanding, thank you! :)
  87. Chemistry

    If Gold sells for $1200.00 an ounce, how many atoms of gold can you buy for a penny? Please, Show work.
  88. algebra 1

    Simplify using long division(please show work so I understand) 1.Divide (72-8x^2+4x^3-36x)by (x-3) 2.Divide (8b^3-6) by (2b-1)
  89. Grd 12 Math

    Can someone please help me work out how to get to the answer of: tanx + tan (pi-x) + cot (pi/2+x) = tan (2pi-x)
  90. Math

    A cube has a surface area of 24 ft2. What is the length of one edge of the cube? Show Work Please.
  91. Algebra 2

    Solving Quadratic Systems 16x^2-9y^2=144 y=9-x^2 Please show work I'm having trouble solving it.
  92. physics

    steven throws a 3.5kg ball at a speed of 25m/s. what is the momentum of the ball? Please show work
  93. Math

    Simplify each expression and state any non-permissible values. (5 marks - show your work) 3x+1/2x^2-2 + 2x+2/2x^2-8x+6 is the expression Can you help please?
  94. Math Word Problems

    If I have 12 brownies and Sue eats 2/3 of them, how many do I have left? Please show me the work.
  95. Math

    Please help me write this as a single fraction? Sorry my addition/equal key does not work - 3a-7b/2a plus 5a-4b/3a plus 3.
  96. Math 222

    Please help me solve this equation? Sorry my addition and equal key does not work. -x^2-3x plus 5 equal 0
  97. physics

    a car rounds a curve with a radius of 45.0 m at a speed of 22.0 m/s. What is the centripetal acceleration of the car? please show work
  98. mathematics

    Let A = (1,2,5) B = {1,2,4,5,6,8} and the relation R is "less than or equal to."Representing the relation BRA in set gives??? Please show me work
  99. math help pleaseee

    One of the zeros of the function f(x)=x^3-28x-48 is x=-4. Factor the function. Show your work. How do I solve this?? Please help??
  100. Math(Please answer)

    This is the same equation as before just with different numbers. y=yo + (vo sin Q) t - 1/2gt^2 This time the numbers are: 0 = 1.005 + (3.021 sin 30)t - 1/2(9.8)t^2 4.9t^2 - 1.5105 - 1.005 = 0 This is the part where I am stuck. Did I do this correctly? sin 30 = 0.50 X 3.021 = 1...
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