Trig check my work please?

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the mini tent of the clock is 5 cm far is the tip of THE HAND TRAVEL IN 35 MINS.


Find all angles in degrees that satisfy each equation. tan(a)+rad3=0


Solve exactly over the indicated interval: 2sinx+cscx=3, 0<theta<360

math trig

If a ferris wheel has a radius of 20.5meters, how tall would a 45 degree angle be?


for the given angle, name the quadrant in whihc the terminal side lies. -350deg


Find all real numbers in [0, 2π) that satisfy the equation. cos 2x = √(2)/2


Find all values of ¸ in [0°, 360°) that satisfy the equation. 2 sin 2θ - √(3) = 0

Math - Trig

Explain why we cannot solve an oblique triangle with the Law of Sines given SAS.


If $5000 is invested at a rate of 3% interest compounded quarterly, what is the value of the investment in 5 years?


given that sinx=3/4 and cosy=-5/13 and both x and y are in quadrant II, find the exact value of cos(x-y)

Inverse Trig

How do I simplify arcsin (sin 6 pi) given the interval 0 ≤ theta < 2pi


Given that cos A = 5/13 and A and B are both acute angles, calculate the value of Sin2A and Cos2A


am i correct? What is the axis of symmetry for the graph of y=2x^2-4x+2? x=? the line goes through 1? x=1


Find all angles è between 0° and 180° satisfying the given equation. cos è = 1/9


A 84-ft tree casts a shadow that is 130 ft long. What is the angle of elevation of the sun?


Describe the end behavior for function by writing a limit expression. f(x)=2x^5-x+7


prove that the equation 2sin x cos x +4cos^2 x =1 may be written in the form of tan^2 x -2tan x -3=0


write an equation of the conic section: a hyperbola with vertices (0,-6) and (0,6) and asymptotes y=(3/4)x and y=(-3/4)x


find the exact value of each expression. do not use a calculator. Sec 3.14/4 + 2 csc 3.14/3 4 + tan 2*3.14/3

Purdue Trig

A spherical balloon is being inflated so that radius is increasing at a rate of 10 mm/sec.


half angle formula to find exact value cos 112.5 degree

MAth Trig

Find the diameter of a circle with an arc length of 32 cm and a subtended angle of 72 degrees


Find the approximate value of cot θ​, given that csc θequals=3.5891420 and θ is in quadrant I.


In which quadrant would the image of point (5,-3) fall after a dilation using a factor of -3?

soc. stud. --- check my work pls!!!

hi, can someone check my work asap!?? 1. During the election of 1824, which candidate won the popular vote and which candidate won the presidency? (1 point) Andrew Jackson; John Quincy Adams*** Andrew Jackson; Andrew Jackson John Quincy Adams; John Quincy Adams John Quincy ...

Physical Science [repost]

Can someone please check if my answers for these questions are correct? Thanks! 1.Explain in terms of force and distance how using a ramp to load boxes into a truck makes work easier. (Ans-) Less force is applied but the distance is longer. 2.A ball sitting on the top of a ...


A 57.5-kg skateboarder starts out with a speed of 1.80 m/s. He does +80.0 J of work on himself by pushing with his feet against the ground. In addition, friction does -265 J of work on him. In both cases, the forces doing the work are nonconservative. The final speed of the ...


A 57.5-kg skateboarder starts out with a speed of 1.80 m/s. He does +80.0 J of work on himself by pushing with his feet against the ground. In addition, friction does -265 J of work on him. In both cases, the forces doing the work are nonconservative. The final speed of the ...


In terms of given quantities, by what amount of time, , does Tim beat Rick? It will help you check your answer if you simplify it algebraically and check the special case . Express the difference in time, in terms of , , and .


The estimated completion time for a inspection consisting of 100 check points is 3 1/3 hours if u take away 3hours whats the estimated rate of completion per check point


Please take a look at my work below and provide a good critique: Solve the differential equation using the method of undetermined coefficients or variation of parameters. y'' - 3y' + 2y = sin(x) yc(x)= c1*e^2x+c2*e^x y"-3y'+2y=sin(x) r^2-3r+2=0 (r-1)(r-2)=0 r1=1, r2=2 yp(x)=...


A 800kg , light-weight helicopter ascends from the ground with an acceleration of 3.00m/s2 . Part A Over a 6.50s interval, what is the work done by the lifting force? Part B What is the work done by the gravitational force? Part C What is the work done by the net force on the ...


Could you please check these few sentences for me, please? Thanks 1) He is ambitious and thirsty for power. He turns into a murderous tyrant as a result of his ambition. 2) A vote was taken (do you know a synonym) in the late afternoon. On July 4 (on July fourth) but on the ...


If the result of a case is that the defendent has to go o jail for a year then it was likely a malpractice case true or false I said True please check my answer thanks :)

Anatomy and Physiology

PLease check my answer thanks The burn that involves destruction of the epidermis,dermis and subcutaneous layers. My answer A thrid degree burn

Meicare reimbursement

please check my answer thanks True or False A provisionally accredited hospital gets medicare reimbursement so that it can stay open True


decide whether the graphs of the two equations are parallel lines: 1. 2x+3y=5 9y+6x-1=0 answer: yes 2. 15+3x-10y=0 30x+24=10y answer: yes please check if this is right. thanks

Algebra 1A

could someone please help and check my answer thank you. simplify your answer, type an inequality symbol, then type an integer or a decimal solve 7 x + 2 <30 the solution is {x[< 30}, 0.30 is this correct?


Please help me! Sorry there are 4 questions I need to check my attempts with to see if I am on track. Thanks!! 1. 5-3[2(3x-4)+3] 2. Evaluate when x = -3 and y = 2 3x squared - 4y squared _______________________ 4x - 7y 3. -3/4y = -24 4. m + 1 5 2m - 1 ______ + ___ = ______ 4 6 12

Algebra, Check help please?

42 is 200 percent of what number? So I put 42 over 100 is equal to 200 over x? Is this right? Can someone explain? Thank you -Allyson

3rd math homework

number sense write a subtraction fact using 6 such as 6 - ? = ?. then write an addtion fact you could use to check it. please help! thanks

Chemistry(Please check)

What is molar solubility of Al(OH)3 at 25 degrees C given the solubility product Ksp = 5.0e-33? I set this up as Al^3+ + 3OH^- Ksp=[Al^3+][OH^-]^3 5.0e-33 = (x)(3x)^3 Before I go any further did I do this correctly?


if 7 sheets of paper are made per day, how many are made in 1 week: 49 4 weeks:196 52 weeks:364 2 years:728 please check

Physics -- check answers please

Light travelling in water is incident on air refracts at an angle of 27 degrees. What is the angle of incidence? my answer: 37 degrees

Physics Help Please!!!! Check!

if I weigh N on Earth and 5320 N on the surface of a planet, what is the acceleration due to gravity on that planet? mg=702N m=702/9.8=71.6 kg mg=5320N g=5320/71.6=74.3 m/s^2


Find the derivative of the following questions; ³√2t/(t^2-4) Every thing is under the ³√ and the / is a fraction bar. My answer is y'= t(2t)^3 Can you check my answer please


Each sentence in a paragraph should relate to the idea that the topic sentence introduces. 1. True 2. False I answered true. Please check my answer and Thank you for your help.

Chemistry(please check my answer)

The transuranium elements A. are the elements with atomic numbers above 92. *** B. occur in nature. C. are sometimes radioactive. D. all of the above


The sentence below requires a citation. The United States of America has 50 states. True False I say True. Please check my answer.


One way to stabilize the world population is to reduce ______________________ by improving women's status and educational opportunities. Please check your assigned reading and post your answer. We'll be glad to help you when we see your thoughts about this subject.


How have things changed for African Americans and women since the 1959 first performance of A Raisin in the Sun? My Answer- They are more respected and there is less discrimination against them. Should I add anything else?


Can you please check this for grammar. Edsel and Eleanor Ford commissioned Albert Kahn to build their home and William R. Valentiner, director of the DIA to help lay the basic foundations for the paintings, furniture, and objects that completed each of the rooms.


At the school talent show, Tom is doing voices of the formal President. Don is presenting a pansori, a kind of folk play. David and Tony are singing Oh! Susanna to a piano. (Would you check the passage? Correct errors, please.)

spanish please check!

Yo fue al dentista la semana pasada Pablo corrio el perro y su por parque ellos leyo periodicos tres cada dia Dona Rita supo la historia de nunca la verdad


I am going to go to Children's Grand Park this weekend. I want to ride a roller coaster and a merry-go-round there. I also want to take as many pictures as possible. I think it'll be a lot of fun. --------------- Would you check this passage and correct any errors, please?


1. Which word group is a complete sentence? A- The exciting end of the baseball game. B- She did not understand what happened. C- Two energetic women walking in the park. D- Started his homework late Saturday night. My guess is B.


Which word group is a sentence fragment? A- Waiting patiently in the lobby was a small boy. B- Construction paper, scissors, and paintbrushes in a pile on the table. C- On the front door was pinned a note. D- Stop! My guess is B.


3 men and 4 boys can do a piece of work in14 days , while 4 men and 6 boys do the same work in 10 days . How long would it take one man to finish the same work?


Find cotangent theta given that cosecant theta equals -3.5891420 and theta is in the third quadrant. I was using the trig identity 1+cot^2theta=csc^2theta I wanted to isolate cotangent so I plugged in 1/sin (-3.5891420) and then squared my answer. I then subtracted one from ...


Prove: (3cosx + 4sinx)^2 + (4cosx - 3sinx)^2=5 ...this is all under the square root sign. this is what i did please check. i multipied both binomials. but i get cos square x..and sincosx do i combine them..please help! In this case, after multiplying binomials, there ...

Calculus 12th grade (double check my work please)

1.)Find dy/dx when y= Ln (sinh 2x) my answer >> 2coth 2x. 2.)Find dy/dx when sinh 3y=cos 2x A.-2 sin 2x B.-2 sin 2x / sinh 3y C.-2/3tan (2x/3y) D.-2sin2x / 3 cosh 3yz...>> my answer. 2).Find the derivative of y=cos(x^2) with respect to x. A.-sin (2x) B.-2x sin (x^2...

L.A. 5th grade

What is the meaning of the prefix -ion in civilization? Also, check my work - Civilization prefix suffix and root Prefix - civ- citizen Suffix- ion - ?? Root- civilization- cultural location Plzzz ASAP!!!!!!


let do some corrctions sqrt9x+81=x+5= answer was x=35+3sqrt61/2,35-3sqrt61/2. please work with me.


The equation of a circle is x^2 + 6x + y^2 - 2y = 15. What are the center and radius of the circle? Please show work.

math. solve for t

1/1024=42*0.5^(t/12.5) Solve for t. Please show work. Much appreciated!


for the following f defined by f(x)=4x^2+3x+2. find the following values. a. f(-2)= b. f(-x)= c. -f(x)= df(x+h)= please show work


for the following f defined by f(x)=4x^2+3x+2. find the following values. a. f(-2)= b. f(-x)= c. -f(x)= df(x+h)= please show work

Please Help work it out! LOGARITHM

log4(3x-7)^2=10. I have no idea in working it out.


Factor the polynomial. Please show all work. x^2+2x-3

math mrs sue help!!!

-4h greater than 7h what can you multiply -4 to be greater than 7 please show your work


How many grams of CH4 are required to produce 43 g of Cu according to the following equation: 4CuO + CH4 --> CO2 + 2H20 + 4Cu? I already tried to work the problem myself, and I may have gotten this right, but I do not have an answer key to compare to. #gCH4 = (43gCu) x (1 ...

Chem Check

Can someone verify my answers please? convert the folowing into a pressure reading expressed in torr A. 1.25atm * 760torr/1.0atm = 950. torr B. 2.48 x 10^-3 atm * 760torr/1.0atm = 1.88 torr C. 4.75 x 10^4 atm* 760torr/1.0atm = 3.61 x 10^7 torr D. 7.60 x 10^6atm * 760torr/1....


On November 1,2009, Broom Company received a bank statement that showed a $2,950 balance. Broom showed a $4,010 checking account balance. The bank didn't return check No.124 for $1,080 and check No.138 for $720. A $3,200 deposit made on Oct30 was in transit. the bank charged ...


solve: 4+8 1/2 -:- (1/4) to the third power. solve -11-(x+30)=-41-2 (5x-18) please show your work


How does exponents work? Is it ust multiplication...please help me i am in grade 7 math

Math..solve for u

Solve u-2[2=3 [ is square root. Please show work


(1+tan x)^2= 2 tan x+2 please show all work


You work with the following system: 2X(g) <---> Y(g) At, equilibrium, [Y]=3[X]. If K=10, calculate the [Y] at equilibrium.


Bicyclists in the Tour de France do enormous amounts of work during a race. For example, the average power per kilogram generated by Lance Armstrong (m = 75.0 kg) is 6.50 W per kilogram of his body mass. (a) How much work does he do during a 117-km race in which his average ...


Bicyclists in the Tour de France do enormous amounts of work during a race. For example, the average power per kilogram generated by Lance Armstrong (m = 75.0 kg) is 6.50 W per kilogram of his body mass. (a) How much work does he do during a 123-km race in which his average ...


1. Read the following lines from "Thoughts of Hanoi." Brother, How is all that now? Or is it obsolete? Are you like me, Reliving the past, Imagining the future? Do you count me as a friend or am I the enemy in your eyes? Brother, I am afraid That one day I'll be with the March...

mechanics_ physics

A trolley is use in pushing a book 1.20m along a horizontal table top with a horizonta force of 3.0N. The opposing force of friction is 0.6N. 1. How much work does his 3.0N force 2.what is the work done on the book by the friction? The total work done on the book pls indicate ...

Math Word problems

an office where 8 secretaries work 8 hours a day 5 days a week decided it needs 336 hours a week of secretarial work. How much more or less will each secretary have to work each week to equally share the 336 hours.


An object is shot at 20m/s at an angle theta. The object lands 24m away. What is the angle? Can you check if I am doing this right? I had v(initial) = 20 m/s g = 9.8 m/s^2 x = 24m 1st I solved for time: x = v(initial) t x = v(initial) cos(theta) t 24 = 20 cos(theta) t 24 / [20...


If you lift a bag that weighs 15 N a distance of 2 m, how much work have you done? work=weight*distanceupward


^=exponents /= divide So I am not sure how to do this. It is an example in my book but I still don't get it. Can you work through ti so I can do my real work. (-1^2+-1^-2)^-1 [(-1)^2+(-1)^-2)]^-1 = [1 + 1/(-1)^2]^-1 = (1 + 1)^-1 = 1/2

Science (8th grade)

How do cell phones work? I know they use radio waves, but how do they actually work??? Thanks :)


solve the equation for x using the quadratic formula: 3x^2 + 8x + 1 = 0 Work: I tried factoring it, but I can't do it. (3x + ?)(x + ?) I'm thinking the ? = 1 but that won't work.


I need work the answer is 5 but i keep getting 4.5 if anyone can help me on the rest i got a page of work! 2y=20-4x*0


X^2-4x+3/x^2+3x-18-X62-1/x^2+10x+24 can someone work this problem for me. I have tried it does seem to work right.


it takes dan 25 min. to walk to work. if he arrived at work at 6:40a.m when did he leave his house?


Why bother using a machine if it cannot multiply work input to achieve greater work output?


Show that 90 J of work is needed to increase the speed of a 20-kg cart by 3 m/s. Power = work done time interval= W t


IAm doing grade 10 and my subject are;history ,geography and economics so I want to know what kind of work am I going to work


1. I have just finished the work. 2. I just finished the work. 3. I finished the work just now. (What about the use of 'just'? Are the sentences all grammatical and the same?)


Need help with problem -4x=8 Please show me how to work problem Well divide over the -4 so you can find x -4x=8 x= -2

question mistake

it's supposed to have the 2 under the b-6 can you show your work please thank you sorry for the mistake


What displacemtn at 70 degrees has an x-component of 450m? What is its y-component? I know the answers are 1.3 and 1.2... but don't know how to work it out?? PLEASE HELP!!

hum 103

How does Sonata (complete work differ from Sonata form, how are they related. Any help please


the product of three consecutive numbers is 4080. what are the numbers? please show work.


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