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  1. Art

    7. Which of the following pairs are art movements? A. Impressionism, Victorian B. Renniasance, Expressionism C. Renoir, Classicism D. Art Deco, Cubism My answer is B and you please check @Ms.Sue
  2. Math

    12) 2 1/7 x 3 2/3= 15/7x11/3=165/21=55/7=7 6/7 13)Divide. Write the answer in simplest form 3/7 divided by 2/3=9/14 14)1/8 divided by 3/4=1/6 15)2 1/7 divided by 3 2/3=45/77 Can you please check to see if I got the above answers correct Thank you
  3. math(HELP PLEASE)

    can someone please answer these 2 questions please..with the work and answer,ive been stuck on for a while and just wanna sleep but thanks. Find the unit price for each option shown below. Round to the nearest cent when necessary. Indicate which option is the better buy. ...
  4. Math Check

    The only inequalities where I have to check the values between the points are polynomial and rational inequalities, right? And not any other type of inequalites By Checking I mean to know which way to shade on a graph Just making sure
  5. algebra

    I need someone to check my work not sure if I'm doing this right. The design of a digital box camera maximizes the volume while keeping the sum of the dimensions at 6 inches. If the length must be 1.5 times the height, what should each dimension be? HINT: Let x represent one ...
  6. Honors Chemistry (check answers)

    On a worksheet we got, we have to balance out chemical reaction equations then define what kind of reaction it is (synthesis, decomposition, single/double-replacement). Would someone be willing to check my answers, please? Thanks!! 1. c) BaO + H2O ==> ________ (synthesis...
  7. math

    On any given day, the probability that Megan will be late for work is 0.2.Whether or not she is late to work is independent from day to day. Megan was late to work today. What is the probability that she will NOT be late to work tomorrow?
  8. Game design

    Hey me sue could you help me please?! I would like lesson 3: wrapping up unit 1 Game design A unit 1: game design and gameplay Quiz I would like the answers to check my answers please THANKYOU, and I promise u I’m not cheating like all of the other dishonest people in the ...
  9. Spanish Check

    Hello! Can someone please help me check my answers? I really appreciate it and thanks! Directions: Rewrite the following English sentences in correct Spanish form. The verb you will just is limpiar. 1.) I cleaned the house. 2.) Has Juan cleaned the house? 3.) They cleaned the ...
  10. Math 116

    42/-6=-7 check these problem 3(c-5)= 3c-15= c= 3/15 C=5 Check this answer for me. Find decimal notation for the fraction -1/17. The decimal notation for the-1/17 is round to the nearest hundreth i get 589
  11. Math

    Q. When your doing a multiplication problem, for example 84 times 37 = 3,108, how do you check the answer without a calculator? - A. I'm kinda confused on how to check the answer, do i do 84 times 400??
  12. Mathematics

    if d sum of two numbers is 8 and their product is 15.if the answer of this equation is 3and5 find the number and check let the two numbers be xandy and you must check
  13. ged math

    Using estimating.$195 of erin's $1190 monthly check goes for a car payment. What percent of Erin's check is used for this payment?
  14. Math Check

    Hi! Can someone check my answer for this question? Thanks! Question: List the following circles in order based of their radius. List them from smallest to largest. A.) x^2+y^2-6x+8y-9=0 B.) (x-3)^2=9-(y+4)^2 C.) (y+4)^2=3-(x-3)^2 D.) (x-3)^2+(y+4)^2=1 My answers: d,b,c,a
  15. Language Arts

    1. Which of the following choices best describes the information given in a thesaurus? A. etymologies, or word origins and histories B. synonyms, often suggesting word connotations C. definitions of words with multiple meanings** D. pronunciations and parts of speech of words ...
  16. central academy

    rupesh completes a work in 3 days and sakshi completes it in 1 day only ..if they both complete the work in 15 days then how many days rupesh took in completing the work ??
  17. physics hw

    A 1100-kg elevator is lifted at a constant speed of 1.5 m/s through a height of 20 m. a)How much work is done by the tension in the elevator cable?How much work is done by gravity? b)How much work is done by gravity?
  18. Language Arts...Help please!

    Could someone help me please. Select one of the following three types of organization: -cause-and-effect -chronological -comparison-and-contrast Then, using your selected mode of organization, write a paragraph on a topic you select yourself. Choose a topic that will work well...
  19. Math

    A carpenter agrees to work under the conditions that he is to be paid $5.50 every day he works, but must pay $6.60 every day he does not work. At the end of 30 days he finds he has paid out as much as he has received. How may days did he work?
  20. Algebra-Please check

    y = 2x^2 I am to decide if this is a linear, quadratic or exponential function. I chose that the above function is quadratic. Am I right?
  21. Math(Please check)

    State whether the expression is a polynomial. If it is, state the degree. a) 3x^2 - 7x + 2 = yes;3 b) 3x - 2/x = No c) sqrt2x^2 - 3pi = yes;2 sqrt2x + 5x = yes;1 Am I correct?
  22. chemistry

    Please check this and make sure i did it right.. How many centimeters are in 8534 millimeters? And i got 853 centimeters.. is that right? thanks!
  23. Math - derivative of f(x) (check)

    f(x)= (x^2-1)^3,is its derivative f'(x)= 6x^5 -12x^3 + 6x. Is there an alternative answer, because a computer generated answer is diff then mine. please help.
  24. Algebra-Please check

    y= 6x is written as: Choices y = log(6)x x = log(6)y I chose y = log(6)x, correct?I did the inverse so x = 6^x isolate y so it becomes y = log(6)x
  25. Math(Please check)

    Find the derivative of f(x)=7x-19 at x=2. I think that the derivative would be 7 and theb times 2 so 14. Is this correct or would it just be 7.
  26. Algebra(Check Please?)9nth Grade

    3.) 3x + y = -8 My answer: Y=-8 + -3x 4.)2x - y = 11 My Answer: y=2x + -11 5.) 4x + -8y = 24 My answer: y = 32x + -192 6.) 15x + 10 = -14 - 9x My answer: NEED HELP WITH THIS ONE.
  27. Physics(Please check)

    Which equations are dimensionally correct? F=ma E=max X=(1/2)at^3 V=sqrt(2*fx/m) E=(1/2)mv I think that F=ma , E=(1/2)at^3, V=sqrt(2*fx/m) are correct. Would you agree?
  28. Algebra 1 or 2

    5x/4 + 1/2 = x - 1/2 solve the equation and check your solution I solved the equation and got x = 2 . But I think I got it wrong ): can someone please help?
  29. Algebra

    Could you please check my answers. 1- -6.8² = 13.6 2- (- square root 196) -14 3- Simplify (square root) 100/49 = 10/7 4- Find the quotient of (-7 / 3) = 3/2 Thank you
  30. French

    Could you please check this sentence? J'habite à Paris avec ma grand-mère, mère et mon grand-père.
  31. Algebra

    Please check my answer The domain of the following relation: R: {(−4, 8), (8, 10), (5, 4), (1, 6), (5, −9)} is a. {8,10,4,6,-9} b.{-4,1,5,8) c. {-4, 8, 5,1,5} d. no domain exists I think that it is A, Am I right? Thanks
  32. Math

    How many factors do the number 8 and 9 have in common? I got, 8:1,2,4,8 9:1,3,9 My answer: 1 Can you please check my answer to see if I got it correct?
  33. Educational tech (Please check my answers)

    1. Which of the following is an example of a print medium? A. a blog B. a newspaper C. A magazine's website D. All of the above *** 2. Which of the following is an example of a public service announcement, or PSA? A. a commercial advertising an unscented detergent B. a ...
  34. Language arts

    Always to remember essay Can someone check my answer I need help I’ll post it if any one will help me and i read the book already I just need someone to help me check it
  35. Math Check

    Can someone check to see if I'm right? Thanks! Question: Determine if v and w are equal If v = Ray AB and w = Ray CD, where A (23, 11), B (10, 15), C (13, 15), and D (0, 11. (True or False) My answer: False
  36. inductrial engineering

    The Only Organic (OO) golf complex has a first cost of $55M, annual O&M costs of $10M, salvage value in year 100 of $25M, clubhouse renovation every 10 years costing $19M (but not in year 100), and reseeding every 4 years starting in year 4 costing $8M. Additional ...
  37. Math please check answer

    The simple interest on a $14,500 loan at 9% interest for 5 years my answer is $301.00 per month
  38. Algebra-Please check my answer

    y= 6x is written as: Choices y = log(6)x x = log(6)y I chose y = log(6)x, correct?I did the inverse so x = 6^x isolate y so it becomes y = log(6)x
  39. math(algebra 1)

    how do u answer this? please step by step *graph and check to solve the linear system y=-x+3 y=x+1 Thank you very very much!!! :)
  40. Calculus (please check my answer)

    Find the Avrage value of the function i=15(1-e to the power of -1/2 t) from t=0 and t=4? A.7.5 sqrt 1+4e^-2 -e^-4 <<<<not sure though B.7.5 sqrt 4-2e^-2 + e^-4 C.7.5 sqrt 4+4e^-2 - e^-4 D.7.5 sqrt 5-2e^-2 + e^-4
  41. Calculus-Solved-Please Check?

    estimate cube root of 25 by linear approximation f(x+delta(x))= f(x) + (df(x)/x) * deltax 3 + 1/3x^(-2/3) * -2 3 - 2/3x^(-2/3) 3 - (2/3* ((cube root(9))) is this right? thanks
  42. algebra functions

    can someone please check my answer For each problem, construct two composite functions, . Evaluate each composite function for x=2 f(x)=3x g(x)=1/x f(g)*(x)=3x(1)/x x=2 3x(1)/x=6 g(f)*(x)=(3x)=2*3x=6 x=2 3*(2)=6*6=36
  43. essay

    can anyone help me to check my essays for penn foster ? please!! i wrote it my penn foster returned it. if anyone anyone increase the word and edit my mistake!
  44. algebra math

    Which one of the following is a geometric sequence? A. 2, –3, 9⁄2, −18⁄4 B. 0,1,2,3,... C. 8,4,2,1,1⁄2,1⁄4,... D. –7,10,23,36,.. i think the answer is D Can please check it ?
  45. geometry

    check my answer please!! find the image of o(-2 -1) after two reflections, first across the line y=-5, and then across the line x=1. (-2,-1) (-1,-6)# (4,-9) (1,-5)
  46. please check my math

    2/3 + 1/5= 13/15. Is that right or can it be Reduced? You're good to go. That is correct... and 2nd question: It can't be reduced.... Good Job!
  47. Math-- PLEASE CHECK

    234 - 145 3/4 233 4/4 -145 3/4 ___________ 88 1/4 or am I wrong? How do I solve this if I am wrong? Thank you!! you're correct
  48. math

    [(x-9)/(x^2-9)]-[(1)/(x+3)] I got (6-x)/(x+3) for answer. [(2)/(y-3)]+[£¨4£©/(3-y)] I got (-2)/(y-3) for answer. I'm not sure about the answers, please check them for me and correct me! THANKS A LOT!
  49. math

    [(x-9)/(x^2-9)]-[(1)/(x+3)] I got (6-x)/(x+3) for answer. [(2)/(y-3)]+[£¨4£©/(3-y)] I got (-2)/(y-3) for answer. I'm not sure about the answers, please check them for me and correct me! THANKS A LOT!
  50. Math 116 algebra please check

    Solve the following system of equations x + 6y =4(1) x = 9-6y (2) What is the solution of the system N There is no solution
  51. Math(Please check)

    Find the center (h,k) and radius of the following circle. x^2 + y^2 - 6x - 2y + 1 = 0 My answer is center= (-3,-1) and radius of 1. Am I correct?
  52. 8th grade math

    7z-z can someone please check my answer for the above math question. My answer is 62 is this correct?
  53. Chemistry(Please check answer)

    2NO(g) + Br2(g) -> 2NOBr(g) What is the rate equation? My answer is k[NO]2[Br2] Is this correct? Thank you!!!!
  54. Math: Please check

    What is the simplified form of square root 48n^9? I think the answer is: 3n square root 4n^8. Thank You
  55. physics (please check work)

    A force of 10N holds an ideals spring with 20-N/m spring constant in compression. The potential energy stored in the spring is: I obtained the answer of 10J. I got thatk= -F/x --> the potential energy of the spring = 1/2kx^2. 10J= 1/2(20N/m)(X)^2. Is that right, i'm not ...
  56. Physics please help

    A 195.0-N sign is suspended from a horizontal strut of negligible weight. The force exerted on the strut by the wall is horizontal. Draw an FBD to show the forces acting on the strut. (Do this on paper. Your instructor may ask you to turn in this work.)The angle is 30 degree ...
  57. science

    the oxide formed when selenium burns in air dissolves in water to give a solution of selenious acid,H2SeO3.the solution conducts electricity and turns blue litmus paper identify the positively charged ion present in an aqueous solution of the acid and then using the answer ...
  58. French

    Can someone please check my work? On weekends, people go to different places. Read what the following people like to do. Then say where each one is going by choosing an appropriate place from the list. Use the appropriate forms of aller à. piscine, restaurant, cinéma, musée...
  59. Chemistry/please check

    Calculate the amount of heat in kilojoules reased when 50 of steam at 125 C are converted to 50 grams of ice at -125 C. AHsteam = m * Cp steam * At q1= 50g * 4.184 J/g C * (125-100)C= 5.23 x 10^J q2= m * AH 50g * 5230 J/g = 2.61 x 10^5 J q3= 50g *4.184 J/g C * (100-0)C= 2.10 ...
  60. Science

    In the UK, what is the recommended allowance for: 1) salt in a day 2) water in a day 3) fruit in a day 4) calories in a day men 5) calories in a day women 6) fat in men 7) fat in women my answers are: 1) 6g 2) 6 - 8 glasses 3) 5 4) 2550 5) 1940 6) 7) Please can you check my ...
  61. Technology

    1. What column do you put deposits in when you are balancing your checkbook? A. date B. transaction** C. debit D. credit 2. When creating a formula for balancing a checkbook, what do you subtract from the credits? A. debits B. check numbers** C. transactions D. dates 3. Why is...
  62. Spanish

    I am having troubles translating these sentences. 1.) Were the princesses singing? 2.) Did the queen used to cry? 3.) Do they like to sing? 4.) Doesn't the duchess like to sing? 5.) Which duke likes to sing? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum, BUT, you are ...
  63. Genetics (plz check answer)

    Question: Calculate the frequency of the AA, Aa, and aa genotypes after one generation if the initial population consists of 0.2 AA, 0.6 Aa, and 0.2 aa. What I have done is: P = (0.2)+(0.5)(0.6)= 0.50 q = 1-p = 1 - 0.50 = 0.50 Can someone check my answer plz.
  64. bio (plz check answer)

    Question: Calculate the frequency of the AA, Aa, and aa genotypes after one generation if the initial population consists of 0.2 AA, 0.6 Aa, and 0.2 aa. What I have done is: P = (0.2)+(0.5)(0.6)= 0.50 q = 1-p = 1 - 0.50 = 0.50 Can someone check my answer plz.
  65. Math--I need help!

    I have these two questions on my assignment. Please help me. 80 mi. = _______ km. 9 cm. = _______ m. 9cm (1m/100cm)=??? 80miles (1 km/1600m) one mile = 1.6093 km so 80 times 1.6093 = what? one cm = 1/100 m or .01 m so 9 cm = 9 times .01 = what? 9 cm = 0.09 m. 80mi.= 128.72km. ...
  66. Language Arts - Maniac Magee

    I need help finding Maniac Magee online. I need to be able to highlight parts of it with my mouse, but I can't find any sites that will work. If you don't find a site, please give me some words that I can use in the search bar to find a site. Please help, and I will appreciate...
  67. calculus

    prove that 5x - 7 - sin3x = 0 has at least one zero and prove that it has exactly one real zero. How am I supposed to show my work for this? I don't really understand how to show my work for the IVT. Without that I can't do any work for the MVT.
  68. physics

    2. A spring of spring constant 220 N/m is sitting on a table. You pick it up and stretch it so that it is 8.0 cm longer than it was on the table top. How much work did it take you to stretch the spring? (Hint: This work is just negative the work done by the spring on you!)
  69. Trig

    Use the half angle formula to find the exact value of tan 7 pie/8
  70. Trig

    Solve the equation on the interval 0 less than or equal 0 < 2pi. 1. sec 30/2 = -2 2. cos(20 - pi/2) = -1 3. tan(0/2 + pi/3) = 1
  71. trig

    transform the expression on left to one on right csc x-sin x to cot x cos x
  72. Trig

    Hi. Can somebody help me solve this equaton with EXACT answers? ----- sin3x = 0 ----- Thankyou! All help is appreciated.
  73. Trig

    Find the exact value of: sin405. reference angle=225 sin225= -.707106781 = -.71
  74. trig

    Write an expression that gives all solutions to the equation sin x + cos x = - radical 2
  75. trig

    Give an equation of a cosine function of x which has a phase shift along x of 5 units and an amplitude of 4
  76. trig

    Give an equation of a cosine function of x which has a phase shift along x of -1 unit and a wavelength of pi/3
  77. trig

    simplify and write the trigonometric equation in terms of sine and cosine. tan^2x-sec^2x
  78. Algebra2/Trig

    Evaluate the indicated function for f(x)=x2+1 and g(x)=x-4 Note: x2+1 means x squared plus one. (2f)(5)
  79. trig

    Find cosq and sinq if the terminal side of q lies along the line y = - 2 x in quadrant IV.
  80. Trig....

    use specific triangles and the unit circle to geth the values. tan(5pi/6?)
  81. Trig

    Find the distance from pi. 7 pi/6. I subtracted 2 pi from this and got -5pi/6. But the correct answer is pi/6. Whwere did this come from?
  82. trig

    Rewrite cos4x as an equivalent expression that does not contain powers of trigonometric functions greater than 1.
  83. trig

    Rewrite 8 cos2 x as an equivalent expression that does not contain powers of trigonometric functions greater than 1
  84. math

    The terminal side of theta is in Quadrant III and lies on the line y = 2x. What are the 6 trig functions?
  85. Algebra 2/trig

    How would I calculate the following function value? tan = 29degrees 36feet
  86. trig

    Write the following equation in standard form and identify the type of conic: 9y^2 - 4x^2 + 8x + 18y + 41 = 0
  87. trig

    Find the 6 trigonometric function of teta if it's terminal side passes through the point(1,2)
  88. trig

    on the same set of axes sketch the graph of f(x)=sin2x and g(x)=2sin x for x (o,180 degrees)
  89. trig

    Given tan A = .29 find the angle A in degrees. Round your answer to the nearest hundredth.
  90. 12th grade Trig

    What are the period and 2 consecutive asymptotes? 1. y= -3tan pi x 2. y= 2 sec 4 x 3.y= csc x/3 4.y = 3cot pi x/3
  91. trig

    find exact value using sum or differnce equations. tan(19pi/12)
  92. Math/Trig

    Find two exact values of sin(cos­­ˉ¹ √5/6)
  93. Math/Trig

    Find the area of a sector of a circle with a radius of 3 m and a central angle of 125degrees.
  94. Math/Trig

    Find the area of triangleABC with B=47.6degrees, a=3.6, and c= 9.7. Round your answer to the nearest tenth.
  95. Math/Trig

    Find the area of triangleABC with B=47.6degrees, a=3.6, and c= 9.7. Round your answer to the nearest tenth.
  96. trig

    Find the altitude of an isosceles triangle whose base in 30 cm vertex angle is 75 degres
  97. trig

    2 cosine squared pi over 8 minus 1 find exact value of given expression
  98. trig

    use a sum or difference identity to find an exact value cos pie/12
  99. trig identies 5.3 &5.4

    use a sum or difference identity to find an exact value pie/12
  100. identities trig?

    find all solutions to the equation in the interval [0,2pie] cos2x=cosx
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