Trig check my work please?

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16. Let W(ƒá ) be a point in Quadrant I on the unit circle with center O. W(ƒá )B is perpendicular to the x-axis at B, OB = 0.6. and W(ƒá )B ƒ­ 0.8. Find:


Find all angles in degrees that satisfy the equationtan∝ +√3=0


Give the following for the function: y=2+cos(5x+3.14 Amplitude: Period: Phase Shift:


y=sec(2x+1) Find the period and phase shift. Sorry i'm really bad at these.


How do i find the exact value of sin 15 using the half angle formula


Write the log as a single function: logx + 2logy - logz


find the values of x between 0 and 2 pi where the tangent line to the graph of y = sinxcosx is horizontal

Algebra & Trig

calculate the velocity of 10 meters per second with an angle of 30 degrees


Show that the height, h, of the A-frame is equal to the expression 5sinc(1+2cosc). Im not sure what to do.


find the exact value of sinu/2, given that cosu=-4/5 and pi/2less than u less than pi


find the exact solutions over the interval tanx = 1 all real x


How would I solve this problem for t? 720 = 11.895+2.545sin [2pi/366(t-80.5)]


how to solve for the value of sine and cosine function of 0,90,180 and 270 degrees?


Solve exactly over 0 ≤ θ < 2π secx + tanx = 1


Convert this equation so that it could be entered into a calculator in the standard y= format. x^2 - 4xy + 4y^2 - 8y + 2 = 0


Rewrite -2x^2 + sqrt(3)xy - y^2 +2 = 0 with the xy term eliminated. Round terms to nearest hundredth.


Use sum and difference identitites to find the exact value of co 15 degrees


slove the equation exactly over the interval [0, 2pi) sinx=1-2sin^2x


Through how many degrees does the minute hand of a clock moves in 5 minutes? In 1 1/2 hours?


Rewrite the expression (tan A)(cot A) in terms of a single trigonometric ratio.

math - trig

Why cant we solve an oblique triangle with the Law of Sines if we are given SAS?


In ΔABC, a = 19, c = 10, and m∠A = 111. Which statement can be used to find the value of C?


Find the 6th term of the arithmetic sequence with a9=120 and a14=195


y=-x^2+5x+36 converting into intercept form is this the correct answer? y=(x+9)(x-4)


Solve the polynomial equation. 15x^3-119x^2-10x+16=0


solve each equation if 0 < x < 2pi. answer must be in radians 1. 4 cos x - 2 = 0 2. 3 sec^2 - 4 = 0


For each parabola, tell in which direction the graph opens. x= 1/2y^2 y= -1/24x^2

trig help

Find the equation of the hyperbola satisfying the given conditions. Vertices at (5, 1) and (-7, 1); asymptotes (y - 1) = 1/3(x + 1) and (y - 1) = -1/3(x + 1)

trig plz help

Solve, finding all solutions in the interval [0, 2π). tan(3x) = -1


find the equation for the cosine function that has an amplitude of 3/5, a period of 3pi/2 and a y-intercept of 5.


Find the exact value of the trig function below. cos2Ø if sinØ = 2/5


Find the common difference and a formula formula for the nth term of the arithmetic sequence; 6, 2, -2, -6, -10,...a sub n = a)6-4n b)6-2n c)10-2n d)10-4n I think it is c but want to check. Ao is 10, then each term subtracts 4n from it....n=1, ... well if 6 is equal to the ...


Can you check the grammar in the following sentences, please? 1) The most satisfying aspect of her work is that she doesn’t have to sit at a desk all day. 2) Though she has to write reports, she spends most of her time in court. 3) In particular, she has to question ...

Quick chemistry check

Please check each of these mole statements. Correct me if I'm wrong! 1. 59g of hydrochloric acid (HCL)=____moles I got 1.6 moles 2. 4.6 moles of sodium hydroxide (NaOH)=___ grams I got 184 grams 3. 35.0 of sulfuric acid (H2SO4)=__ f.u sulfuric acid I got 2.15x10^25th power ...


Can you please someone check my answer for me? I don't know how to start thses answer. Chemistry is not my things. Please give me answers. :( a)Determine the number of grams in 0.750 moles of the compound Iron(II)phosphate: Fe3(PO4)2. Answer: ? b)How many atoms of iron are in ...


A force of 3.00N acts through a distance of 12m in the direction of the force.Find the work done. work= force *distance If force is in newtons, distance in meters, the work unit is in joules.


I urgently need you to check this mail, Writeacher. I also included a few other sentences. Thank you very much. 1)I'm Mr. ....., the father of ...,who will be taking a summer course in Oxford from ... to.. 2) I just wanted to know if you have received all the required ...


5x{(24-19)x {(25+23)/12-(9-7)} 48 / 12 4 - (2) 5x (5) x (2) 25 x 2 = 50 Did I work this correctly? Please Help!! It doesn't come across real clear as to what the original equation was. Did you use the Orders of Operations (PEMDAS) when you solved it?


What is the kcalorie value of a meal supplying 110g of carbs, 25g of protein, 20g of fat, and 5g of alcohol? Please help show work


Can someone please work this algebra. verify that y(x) = -ln (x - cx^2) satisfies the ODE x(e^y - y') = 2 where c is constant. I have been working through this and it is way too messy.


How many moles of base are needed to neutralize 2 mol of acid for HNO3 + KOH - KNO3 + H2O?. Can u show your work please:) Thanks a bunch

General Chemistry

Balance the following equations: a. C + O2 CO b. CO + O2 CO2 c. H2 + Br2 HBr d. K + H2O KOH + H2 e. Mg + O2 MgO please explain and show work.

Genera Chemistry

Balance the following equations: a. C + O2 CO b. CO + O2 CO2 c. H2 + Br2 HBr d. K + H2O KOH + H2 e. Mg + O2 MgO please explain and show work.


can you please work this out for me??... your bedroom is 4m (400 cm) long and 3m (300 cm) wide. If you draw a rectangular plan 2cm by 1.5 cm, what is the scale of your drawing?

5 th grade

What is the median fo the following set of numbers? 404,650,585,435,680,342,798 please! show me the work. thank you!

Math- Problem3

Solve the following inequality and write your answer using interval notation. Please show all of your work. (1 / (x+8) ) ≤ ((8-5x)/43)


Rank the following data in increasing order and find the position and value of the 56th percentile. Please show all of your work. 0 1 6 8 9 9 8 6 3 1 0 9


Consider the reaction Mg +2HCl ------>MgCl2 + H2 What is the minimum amount of 1.85M HCl is necessary to produce 28.5L of H2 at STP Please help me work this problem


perform the indicated operation and if possible,simplify please show all of your work. write your answer in lowest terms. 18/35 divided by 22/25

College Pre-Algebra

Solve -14x-7(4-x)< 3(2x-15). Write your solution using set builder notation. Please show all of your work.


Solve the following inequality and write answer using interval notation. Please show all of your work. 2x-5/3x^4-x^3+275x-125>=0


For the triangle shown, find the length AD. (Assume u = 18, v = 18, x = 10°, and y = 10°. Round your answer to two decimal places.) Show work please!!!


A ball its thrown straight up into the air at 50 m/s find the balls velocity after 8 seconds show all work please


Which of the following CANNOT be the average ( arithmetic mean) of four positive even integers? a) 1 b) 2 c) 6 d) 9 e) 17 ( please explain or show work. It will help me understand it better! Thanks)


Rank the following data in increasing order and find the position and value of the 65th percentile. Please show all of your work. 2 1 6 3 4 7 0 0 0 7 5 8

college alg

use the transformations to identify the graph of the function. then determine its domain, range, and horizontal asymptote. f(x)=4+3^X/3 please show work


please explain how to use hundreds chart to answer this queston;WHAT % OF THE NUMBERS ARE MULTIPLES OF BOTH 2 AND 3? i have no idea how to work it out, thanks


solve the following inequality. write your solution in interval notation. x^3+9x^2-108 less than or equal to 0 please show all work

AP Calculus

Show work to determine if the relation is even, odd, or neither. 1. 3x=|y| (|y|=abs. value of y) Simplify the following complex fractions. 2. [(3/x)-(4/y)]/[(4/x)-(3/y)] PLEASE HELP!


If aluminum foil has a density of 2.70 g/ml, then how thick would be a 2.22 g sample of foilif it measures 5.0 cm on each side. PLEASE SHOW WORK THX!


Use factoring and the zero-product property to solve the following problems: z(z - 1)(z + 3) = 0 x^2 - x - 10 = 2 4a^ - 11a + 6 = 0 9r^r - 30r + 21 = -4 Please show work. Thank you so much!

Algebra help

Find an equation of the line L, where L is perpendicular to y=3x and passes through the point (1,3) Please help I'm not sure what formula to use or how to work out this problem

Algebra 2

More About Complex Numbers: Solve x and y 4x+5y+13i=7+(6x+5y)i Please show work because I had a hard time finding the answer


Please help me with this question How much work is done by a boy of mass 70kg who ran up a flight of 31steps each15m high. Take g=10m/s^2


∫ x^3 √(16-x^2) dx evaluated between [0, 4] I know this is solved using trigonometric substitution, but I'm not sure how to work it. Please show steps so I will understand.

Social Studies

A system in which a series of workers and machines work to add individual parts to a product is known as a(n)____and it_____. Link please to help me?

Probability & Stats

An experiments consists of tossing 4 coins successively. The number of sample points in this experiment is a. 16 b. 8 c. 4 d. 2 Please show work and why it is the answer! Thank you!


find an equation of the line tangent to the circle (x-1)^2+(y-1)^2=25 at the point (4,-3) Can please someone explain this to me and show all work very confused

Calculus 12th grade (double check my work please)

1.) which of the following represents dy/dx when y=e^-2x Sec(3x)? A.3e^-2x sec(3x) tan (3x)-2e^-2x Sec(3x)<<<< my choice B.)3e^-2x sec(3x)tan (3x)-2xe^-2x sec(3x) C.)3e^-2x sec(3x)tan (x)-2e^-2x Sec(3x) D.)3e^-2x sec(3x)tan (x)-2xe^-2x sec(3x) 2.)calculate dy/dx if...

French check my answers

I had to write 20 sentences , 2 sentences for each answer with 10 verbs in the present form and reprise. Please check my answers and help me to correct them, thanks 1. Je chante. Je peux chanter. 2. Tu dessine. Tu peux dessiner. 3. Il danse. Il peut danser. 4. Elle marche. ...


1) 60 meters of fencing are needed to fence in a square lot. What is the area of the lot? a) 3600 m^2 b) 900 m^2 c) 225 m^2 d) 15 m^2 2) A can do a piece of work in r days and B, who works faster, can do the same work in s days. Which of the following expressions, if any, ...


In a school, 14% of students take drama and computer classes, and 67% take drama Class. What is the probabilty that a students takes computer class given that the student takes drama class? i have no idea how to work this so please show me your work. Thanks!!


A 260 kg piano slides 4.1 m down a 30° incline and is kept from accelerating by a man who is pushing back on it parallel to the incline (Fig. 6-36). The effective coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.40. (a) Calculate the force exerted by the man. (b) Calculate the work done ...


A 255 kg piano slides 4.3 m down a 30° incline and is kept from accelerating by a man who is pushing back on it parallel to the incline (Fig. 6-35). The effective coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.40. (a) Calculate the force exerted by the man. (b) Calculate the work done ...


A 255 kg piano slides 4.3 m down a 30° incline and is kept from accelerating by a man who is pushing back on it parallel to the incline (Fig. 6-35). The effective coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.40. (a) Calculate the force exerted by the man. (b) Calculate the work done ...


A 305 kg piano slides 4.0 m down a 30° incline and is kept from accelerating by a man who is pushing back on it parallel to the incline. The effective coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.40. (a) Calculate the force exerted by the man. (b) Calculate the work done by the man ...


Where did classical liberalism start? I know it started in Europe but was it Britain or France or both? I merely want to check my work. Bob Pursley do not answer this since you are so rude by suggesting that I want you to do my homework for me.

Please check my answers ASAP

I did the work I just want to see if half of my questions are right then ill post my other half after this so please check and thanks very much. ----------------------------------------1.Horses 2.everything 3.Brother 4.shoesand socks 6.event 7.End and table 8.rita 1....


A spring scale being used to measure the weight of an object reads 17.1 N when it is used on earth. The spring stretches 4.40 cm under the load. The same object is weighed on the moon, where gravitational acceleration is 1 /6 g. Find the reading of the spring scale on the moon...


A roller in a sheet-metal processing plant has a diameter of 1.77 m and a mass of 5871 kg. Assume the roller is a solid cylinder. a) What is the moment of inertia of the roller? b) What is the kinetic energy of the roller when it spins at 4.28 rad/s? Please provide all work ...


In class we were asked to provide an one example of classical and operant conditioning. We have to identify the stimulus, response and reinforcers in each example. here are my examples: Clasical Conditioning- My cat comes running everytime she hears the can opener. Operant ...

Physics-Please check

I'm trying to find the gravitational force of an electron at earth's surface. I know I say Fg = mass electron * gravity Gravity in this case is 6.673*10-11 m^2/kg^2 correct, not 8.93 * 10^-30N that we used for force of acceleration, right. I use the universal constant of ...


A couple of assignment questions: Assume that the market for annual physical check-ups is in equilibrium, and not everyone gets an annual physical check-up. What is the effect on price and quantity if a government regulation fixes prices at the current level and requires ...


Trace and explain in your own words the literary periods We will be happy to critique your work or thinking, but we do not do the work for you. Do you have a question about this assignment? We will be happy to critique your work or thinking, but we do not do the work for you. ...


During a particular thunderstorm, the elctric potential difference between the clouds and the groud is Vcloud-Vgroud = 10^9 volts with the cloud being at the higher potential. Now, there is a lightning flash in which a charge of -25C is transferred from the ground to the cloud...

Trig - Identies/equation, please help!

2Sin(Θ+47°)=1 ΘЄ[0°, 360°) What I did: Sin(Θ+47°)=1/2 Sin 1/2 = Θ+47° 30°+360 = Θ+47° 343° = Θ Ok, so how do i find the other solutions? In this problem its 103°. I think we were suppose to do something with the graphing calculator ...


Bill has 30 coins, some nickels some dimes. They equal $2.10. How many nickels are there? What is the equasion used to solve this problem? When I solve it, I get 4.3 nickels, but how can there be .3? Please help me solve I posted the two equations for this about an hour ago. ...

Kim what about this one?Can you please help me wit

Thanks,what abou this one? Use the Substitution method to solve the system of equations. x + y = 10 y = x + 8 follow the same principle for the first one and u'll get it u already have y = x + 8 Subst. that in the first eqn and just follow up from there CAn you just help me ...


Please check my answer thsnks :) When preparing a formal business presentaion, the phase that can make or break your report is the _________ phase. 1 2 revision outline 3 4 organization writing I picked 3


Please check my answer thanks You bought 4 chairs for $22.oo each a table for $212 and an umbrella for $85 what is the total bill if your sales tax rate is 6% 22x4=88 then add 88 212 + 85 ___________________ 385 x 6% _________________

Law and Ethics in Med

Please check my answer thanks :) Give an example of paternalism prevailing over autonomy? My answer is ... Requiring a Jehovah's Wittness to receive blood transfusions against her will.

Health/ Basic Clinical Procedures

please check my answer thank you True or Faise I said True Cilia prevent the entrance of pathogens into the body by providing an acidic envioroment

behavior problems (dogs)

Please check my answer thanks When a well-trained dog is placed in a stay and ignores a distraction, the dog is showing A. intelligence. B. sociability. C. dominance. D. impulse control. I picked D


please check this one question: Which interaction of nature binds atoms and molecules by attracting unlike charges and repulsing like charges? a. strong b. weak c. electromagnetic d. gravitational A

Algebra 1B

I can not figure out the answer to this problem. (^6)(-7^6+5) I'm not sure if that sign is correct. It's suppose to be the symbol that looks like a check mark and goes over the 6 on left and over the 6+5 on right. Please help


Can you please check these two sentences? to spend much money to safeguard (or: on the safeguard/on safeguarding?) its water resources. The verbs underlined will be included in your test. The others will be tested orally)


Can you please help check the sentence again. I forgot to include the verb. If you want, you can help me write a short description of your school including the summer courses and the students' mobility opportunities your school offers.

to your reply, please check again

that should of said Zero: 5 - 3 i for the one that stated use the given zero to find the remaining zeros of the function h(x)=x^4-15x^3+60x^2+70x-816

Math: Please check

A playground is shaped like a rectangle with a width 5 times its length (L). What is a simplified expression for the distance between opposite corners of the playground? A.) L square root 26 B.) 5L C.) 26L^2 D.) 6L Thanks

history #4

Check please?~?~ i think its C. or A. 1.Which is an example of place? A. the Pacific Northwest B. a town with a big-box store C. Washington state's Mount Rainier D. the states and parts of states known as Appalachia


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