Trig check my work please?

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Will someone please check my answers? 1. Multiply. (a^+2ab-b^2)(a^2-7ab+b^2) my answer:a^4-5a^3b-14a^2b^2+8ab^3-b^4 2. Simplify. (p^6)^2 ________ P^8 my answer:p^4 No, you got the first wrong. Recheck . Yes on second.


please check my answer thanks :) In addition to the information you include in a document, the_________ of your writing sends a message to the reader tone method length phase I picked tone

Law and Ethics in Med

please check my answer thanks :) Confidentiality of medical information is protected by...... 1. the US Constitution 2. no laws at all only by custom 3. none of the above My answer... I said #2

History of health care

Please check my answer tahnks :) Capitation is the least type of medical service reimbursement used today True or False I said True

Anatomy and Physiology

Please check my answer thanks True or False The process of breaking a complex substance down into smaller components is called metabolism I said true

Health/ Basic Clinical Procedures

please check my answer thanks True or False the review of systems is a history of the patient's previous diseases, injuries and operation . I said False


please check this: En el invierno, uno debe _____ después de ducharse y antes de salir de la casa. a. ducharse b. secarse el pelo c. levantarse tarde d. despertarse temprano B?


please check: "¿Dóonde está mi chandal azul?" "Creo que está en _____." a. el catálogo b. el vendedor c. el cesto de la ropa sucia d. el suéter de cuello alto C?


Which should be used a permutation or combination? Determine the number of different ways in which a committee of four can be chosen from a group of twelve members? please check my answer = combination


Could you please check these sentences for me? Thank you. 1) She doesn't want me to watch it because she thinks it is a programme with no ideas, in which characters often shout at one another. 2) She gets on well with her younger brother. 3) They don't go out with each other ...


I left out two last sentences, Writeacher. Could you please check them? 1) I have no credit on my phone. I need to top it up. 3) They are trying out a new vaccine against cancer.


When a physician is billing under the RBRVS system, he or she is using A. APCs. B. HCPCS/CPT codes. C. MS-DRGs. D. ICD-9 procedure codes My answer is (B) check this one for me please

science question

please check i think its B or D. Under which conditions are clouds formed from ice crystals? A.strong winds B.high altiude C.low humidity D.high pressure

Can you check my Math answer please?

According to the first derivative test, a differentiable function must have a relative minimum between any two relative maxima. True.


Please check this thesis statement. Thesis: While some college students want to be completely independent by leaving home, it is worthy to note that dependence is necessary at times.


1. Do you want to stop practice? 2. Do you want to stop practicing soccer? 3. He sent a message to Tom about the photos uploaded on the website. ------------------------------- Are the sentences all grammatical? Would you check the please?


beads for sale: 12 cents for 15. Write an equation relating the cost (c) and the number of beads (n0 for the beads. Katie or Halida or whoever, Please note that we don't do students' homework for them. Our tutors try to give you the information to help you complete your ...


1. Use the Mean Value Theorem to find an x-value where the instantaneous slope=average slope over the given interval: f(x)=(9-x^2)^(1/2) on [-3,2] I have done three chapters of Calculus already and I never have had to check for extraneous roots. So, my question is, when ...


please review the questions and table and check my answers. tank you tutors. table planets' orbital velocity planet orbital velocity (mi/s) mercury 29.74 venus 21.76 earth 18.5 mars 14.99 jupiter 8.12 saturn 6.02 uranus 4.23 solve. show your work. express the answer in ...


Could you please check these sentences? I urgently need them. 1) Decadent writers (the Aesthetes is possible?) fostered (??) the ideal of the Wildean dandy, a member of aristocracy who demanded absolute freedom and despised the Victorian values of work and morals. 2) His ...

prefixes please help thax:]

these words wont show the right def. when i type it in the dictonary search bar **but i do no u ladys can not do my work for 4 sure But really need help badly i have 11-30 to do and its 9:30 please help anyone thax:] *prefixes* ante arch bi demi equi extra non omin ortho semi...


1. He had to help his grandpa get work. 2. He had to help his grandpa get a job. 3. He had to help his grandpa get a work. (Does #1 have the same meaning as #2? What about #3? If we add 'a' before work, is it correct?)

Calculus! Please Help!!

The dollar value of a stock x weeks after a change in management is give by the function: f(x) = x²-14x+30ln(x+1)+32, 0≤x≤7. Find the intervals when the value of the sock was increasing and also determine the maximum value of the stock during this time. PLEEASEE ...

Honors Biology

Can someone check my work please? We had to fill in the blanks of a short paragraph with the correct keywords, but all these acronyms (I think that's what they're called ;P) confuse me. My answers will be in parentheses. " The Calvin Cycle begins when one molecule of carbon ...


If a trip between work and home takes 15 minutes each way how much till will be spent in a 5 day work week traveling back and forth to work? (assume that at no point does the employee have to go home and come back within the same day) Would the proportion be 15/5

college algebra help******

You intercepted the following message from Boris and Natasha. 25 19 19 30 41 17 15 26 27 41 15 28 18 41 18 29 41 34 22 19 41 27 15 34 22 You do not now the encoding or decoding function but from previous work with Boris and Natasha you know their encoding and decoding ...


Can someone please check my work? Which of the four factors affecting reaction rate is most important in each exampel below? Choose from among concentration, temperature, surface area, and catalyst. a. Extra dish soap is added to help cut the grease when washing a frying pan...

Trig Identities

Proving identities: 1) 1+ 1/tan^2x = 1/sin^2x 2) 2sin^2 x-1 = sin^2x - cos^2x 3) 1/cosx - cosx = sin x tan x 4) sin x + tan x =tan x (1+cos x) 5) 1/1-sin^2x= 1+tan^2 x How in the world do I prove this...please help... I appreciateyour time thankyou soo much!!

ap Physics

1. a)A 15.6 kg block is dragged over a rough, horizontal surface by a constant force of 72.2 N acting at an angle of angle 34.8 above the horizontal. The block is displaced 24.6 m and the coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.234.Find the work done by the 72.2 N force.The ...

World Religions

Many people see life on earth as constant worry, physical poverty, spiritual alienation, sickness, hatred, mindless toil, and death. The ultimate goal of nirvana or being one with the Atman seems infinitely better than suffering on earth. For more information, check this site...


A 1100-kg elevator is lifted at a constant speed of 1.5 m/s through a height of 20 m. a)How much work is done by the tension in the elevator cable?How much work is done by gravity? b)How much work is done by gravity?

Math C30 ( trig )

A roof in the shape of an upside down cosine wave is to be buile to cover an arena. The arena is 24m wide, the height of the roof at either side wall is 5m, and the maximum height of the roof is 9m. A) write a function that gives the height of the roof in terms of your ...

Math 20 measurement

Please check to see if I'm even doing this right. A cylinder has a volume of 1000 cm^3 ± 2% and a height of 100cm ± 1%. What is the radius of the cylinder? Report your answer with the appropriate percentage error.Here's my work: volume = [980, 1020] height = [99, 101] volume...


1. You have to feed the baby with water sometimes. 2. You have to feed water for the baby sometimes. 3. The baby must have peed. You have to change the diaper. The diaper is wet. Will you bring a new diaper? 4. The baby gave out dung. Bring me a baby tissue. I will clean that ...


Can you please check these sentences for me? Thank you very much. 1) Storm wants to borrow Rob's bicycle pump because she wants to train for the triathlon. 2) In the beginning she didn't want to race (for the triathlon) but then she changed her mind. She was slow on her bike ...

Leadership-Check #2

Please check: 1. What do you believe are essential qualities a leader must possess? - I believe the essential qualities a leader must possess are to set a vision and to be able to lead. A leader must be able to set a vision to seek for improvement and to change the mistakes. A...

O.Chemistry *****PLEASE CHECK*****!!!!

Please check these out for me, if I am correct: Match the following statements with SN1 or SN2 reactions: 1) The order of reactivity in alkyl halides is methyl>primary>secondary>tertiary 2) There is an intermediate carbocation 3) The rate-limiting step involves the ...

physics, please help check

A rocket car is traveling on a linear horizontal frictionless track when it suddenly runs out of fuel. The car has achieved a speed of 100 meters per second at the very moment the fuel is completely spent. The track then suddenly changes to a 30-degree incline from the ...

Maths Help !!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello I'm in grade 9 and i still get confused with the expressions and how to make then in maths although i'm queit very bright ! Any tips on this please thanx Practice. We learn by experience. You may want to buy an extra workbook at the bookstore, which has answers so you ...


If you start a project at 5:45pm and you check on the project every 30 minutes for 3 hours, what times will you check on the project


what is another form of: sin (A+B) sin (A-B)/ cos^2 A cos^2 B a) cos^2 A - cos^2 B b) tan^2 A - tan^2 B c) tan^2 A - tan^2 B d) sin^2 A - sin^2 B please show the steps you take to get to the answer! thank you


Find the area of the indicated region. We suggest you graph the curves to check whether one is above the other or whether they cross, and that you use technology to check your answer. HINT [See Example 3.] Enclosed by y = x and y = x^4


I need someone to check my answer on this question in an English quick check. Thanks :) 1. In adventures of huckleberry finn what is unusual about the house Huck and Jim find? A. it is completely empty B. it is floating C. there is no furniture I think A?

Phyics help

I have a few physics questions: 1. How much mechanical work is done by a weightlifter holding a mass of 100 kg, 2.0m above the floor for 3.0 s? Explain ur answer. 2. Calculate the force needed to do 2.0 kJ of work to push a load of bricks 10m? 3. A carpenter applied a force of...

5th math

Nia scored 21 points in the game. If she scored 13 points in the first half of the game, how many points did she score in the second half? I subtract 21 from 13 and got 7? To check my work I added 13+7 and got 20?


solve for x ac+x=xy have all terms with x on one side ac=xy-x take x as common factor ac=x(y-1) now solve for x 25a^2 - 9b^4 can u please help me solve and check these equations

Math 8R - HW Qs. Check

Write the product of (1.7 x 10 to the 9th power) x (1.4 x 10 to the 2nd power) in scientific notation My Answer - 2.38 x 10 to the 11th power am i correct and please reply this post


I would also like to see Nathaniels work solved:P I have a similar question If 1.00 mol each of carbon dioxide and hydrogen is initially injected into a 10.0-L reaction chamber at 986 degrees Celsius, what would be the concentrations of each entity at equilibrium? CO2(g) + H2(...


Can someone please check my work? Mamá: Hoy no voy a la escuela porque me duele mucho la cabeza. Ayer estudié toda la noche y hoy no puedo abrir los ojos. Ya hablé con Susana y ella me trae la tarea en la tarde. Ya preparé el desayuno; está en la mesa de la cocina. Mi pap...

question for Dr.Bob22

The mole fraction of acetic acid (CH3COOH) in an aqueous solution is 0.675. Calculate the molarity of the acetic acid, if the density of the solution is 1.0266 g mL-1. To give a different take on this, here is another way of approaching the problem. I don't claim it is better ...


Determine the height of a tree which casts a shadow of 13.7m when the sun is at an angle of 28 degrees.


Find all angles of a right triangle RST given that r = 18cm and s=20 cm


What is the amplitude of y = (3sinx/2) + 4? Any link of proof would be appreciated if you have one Thank you


Solve without using a calculator or tables cos(5pi/6 + pi/4) Thank you Reiny!:)


Solve for the unknown. Assume that all of the angles are acute. 1. U = 69 A = 75 AN = 56 NU = ______ is this right NU= 92.05


How do you find all the solutions of the equation in the interval [0,2π)? 3tan^3x=tanx


If tan(x)=8/3 and sin(x)<0, then find cos (x) sec(x) csc(x) i don't understand how u do this problem


a student fitted the line l to the data points (0,3), (2,3.6) (3,6), 6,3) find the center of gravity


How do you find the exact value of an inverse function geometrically. ie, tan(cos-1(4/5))


Find all solutions of the equation 2sin^2x-cosx=1 in the interval [0,2pi) x1= ? x2=? x3=?


find: sin 23pi/12 i got totally the wrong answer how do i approach this?


how can you confirm the identity cos^4x = (1/8)(3+ 4cos2x+ cos4x) and sin4x = (4sinxcosx)(2cos^2x-1)

Calculus (trig stuff)

given a angle how do I find it's point P on the unit circle?


Express each value as a trigonomic function of an angle in quadrant I: Cot(-660)


If sin^2X=A what is an algebraic expression in A for cos(2X). I have no idea where to even begin with this!

gr 12. advanced functions

Trig identity Prove: cos2x tan(pie/4 - x) ------- = 1 + sin2x


Use a half-angle formula to find the exact value of cos 5ð/12


How do you find csc 163degrees 20minutes? (I didn't know how to insert the degree and minute marks)

Quick Math trig question

Would sin^2x / cos^2x equal tan^2x?


Given that sin = 3/5 and lies in quadrant II, find the following value. cos


Determine a pair of coterminal angles in radian measure to the angle pi over 2


findall exact solutions ( in terms of radians) to the equation 2cos(40)-radical 3 =0


evaluate exactly(without calculator): 1. sec(pi/4) 2.3sin4pi 3. tan240(degrees)


how do you use doubel-angle formulas to find sin, cos, and tan


Rewrite 3pi/25 in degree measure. Round to three decimal places.


Solve the right triangle ABC using the given information: cos A = 2/5 ; c = 15


evaluate the trigonometry function using its period as an aid cos(-7pi/3)


Hi,how do I find both solutions of the equation cos0 = 0.35 between degrees 0 and 360? Many thanks


Calculate the amplitude, period, phase shifts, and 5 points for y=2-sin(2piex/3)

maths trig

if p and q are the solutions of the equation atanx+bsecx,show that tan(A+B)=2ac/(a^2-c^2)


evaluate the expression: cot 270 + 8 cos 180 + 5 sec2-360


3tan(3x) = sqrt(3) Solve the equation for exact solutions of the interval [0,2pi).


Find the value of tangent of angle A, given cos2A = 4/5, and A terminates in quadrant 2


Use the double angle formula to verify the identity cotxsin2x=1+cos2x


Evaluate each value as a trigonometric function of an angle in Quadrant 1. #1 cos (27pi/8)


ABC is an isoscele triangle in which [AB]=[AC]=5cm and [BC]=6cm. Calculate [AM], where M is the mid-point of BC.

Calculus/ trig

Find the area bounded by the curve and the lines y=sinx, y= 1/2, x=5pi/6 and x=pi/6


a clock has a diameter of 1 foot what is the angular size if viewed from a distance of 27 feet


4cot^2x-4/tanx+cosxsecx factorin algenraic single trig function


In Rights Triangle ABC with C=90 degrees if a=4 and c=2square roots of 7, find SinA


In Rights Triangle ABC with C=90 degrees if a=4 and c=2square roots of 7, find SinA


Find all solutions of equation on interval [0,2pi] 1=cot^2x + cscx


Find all solutions of the equation on the interval [0,2pi): Tan^2x=1-secx

pre calculus 2

use the fundamental trig. Identities to simplify tan^4x+2tan^2x+1

trig and cotagent

Evaluate cot(11pi/6) to the nearest hundredth (given in radians).


5sin^2 270degrees -3cos180degrees-tan(-180degrees) i got -2 but I'm not sure if i did it right?


find reference angle 111degrees and -105 does it equal =75? i don't know the first one


A 5.5 ft tall woman casts a 6.2 ft shadow. Find the angle of elevation of the sun.


2sin^2(x) = 2 + cos(x) interval [0,2pi) How do I solve this? Help would be greatly appreciated!


P(2, 9) is a point on the terminal side of è in standard position. What is the exact value of tan è?


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